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My name is Jordi L. Jové, classical pianist and I offer piano lessons for beginners, intermediate and advanced students, in English or Spanish. I believe that anyone can learn music and piano in different stages of life with different goals and that this requires a commited, passionate, adaptable and akwnoledged teacher. In my years of education, since I began playing the piano, and later followed the professional path; I’ve seen and encountered uncountable situations being both student and teacher that made me highly value the teacher’s role and aimed to incorporate it in my career development. My previous experiences in the field include regular private teaching, individual and in music academies during two-three years in Barcelona to students either kids, teenagers or adults (presential and online). I have also prepared music entrance examinations to public schools and conservatòries in Catalonia, covering piano lessons and music theory lessons. The added values that I can bring are experience in reinforcement teaching in high school subjects, coaching solo musicians when accompanying them and accompanying and leading choirs. I have the skills of good communication, commitement, patience and adaptability which I think they make me a good candidate for the job. Moreover I can communicate in German and French too, in case needed. Usually, I am refered as a passionate hard-working, curious and dedicated musician, which makes me suitable and versatile in many different situations. Looking very forward to hearing from you,
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Mes leçon de guitare commence généralement par un exercice d'échauffement pour aider l'élève à détendre ses doigts et à se préparer pour la leçon à venir. Je vais demander à mes élève de jouer une simple progression d'accords ou un exercice de gamme, selon le niveau de l'élève. Ensuite, je vais revoir le cours de la leçon précédente pour s'assurer que l'élève comprend les concepts et les a suffisamment pratiqués. Si l'élève a la bien maîtrisé , je vais passer à un nouveau concept. Je vais présentée ensuite un nouveau sujet ou une nouvelle technique, comme un nouvel accord ou une nouvelle gamme ou une technique de fingerstyle. Et je vais montré la technique et je l’explique comment la jouer correctement, puis l'élève l'essayera lui-même. Tout au long de la leçon, je fournirais des commentaires sur la technique, la posture et le jeu général de l'élève. Ils peuvent également suggérer des exercices ou des chansons à pratiquer pour renforcer le nouveau concept. Vers la fin de la leçon, je donnerais des devoirs à l'élève pour qu'il s'exerce avant la prochaine leçon. Cela peut inclure des exercices ou des chansons qui se concentrent sur la nouvelle technique, ainsi qu'une révision du matériel des leçons précédentes. Enfin, la leçon se terminera par un récapitulatif de ce qui a été couvert et des questions que l'étudiant pourrait avoir. Dans l'ensemble, mes leçons de guitare est conçue pour fournir un environnement structuré et favorable permettant aux étudiants d'apprendre et d'améliorer leurs compétences en guitare, avec mes conseils. Je vous attends mes héros 😉
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I have been taking private lessons from Joao for more than 6 months and I am completely thrilled with it! Although I am a beginner in piano, I can see that Joao is very knowledgeable in his field. What I like most is that he utilizes technology very effectively to help me understand tricky theoretical concepts. He also prepares tailored exercises for me, which makes me feel very valued. He really puts his time in preparing homeworks and supplementary documents even before and after the class to be sure that I understand what he is teaching. Joao is also quite responsive. He is very flexible in terms of the course content and willing to adapt to my changing needs over time. Still, as a teacher, he keeps in mind what foundations I need to build and he does not lose track of what I want as an ultimate goal, so he comes with a structured curriculum that I realize over time. I can only recommend Joao if you are looking for a dedicated piano teacher who loves what he does.
Review by MURAT
Piano Lessons with the Best Colombian Young Pianist! (Santiago de Cali)
Juan is as much experienced in playing piano than teaching it, what makes him the kind of teacher that help you learn fast and in a very pleasant way. Piano lesson with him aren't just about moving finger and repeating things over and over, it's also about understanding things through music theory and music history, which is very important to me. He has perfectly adapted the lesson according to my taste and level and also the way I like to learn things. If you're looking for a comprehensive, experiment and pleasant piano teacher, then I highly recommend you to book a lesson with Juan!
Review by JEREMY
Piano or Theory Teacher for Beginners or Professionals (Amsterdam)
It's a joy to work with Katie, she has a lovely personality and a very flexible teaching style. Apart from being a good pianist I value the fact that she is able to put music into context. She has the ability to comprehend and clearly explain the underlying musical dynamics of a piece, which allows her students to not only become better pianist but also better listeners and interpreters of music. Katie is the perfect guide for those wanting to gain a deeper understanding of music altogether.