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PIANO, COMPOSITION, SOLFEGGIO and EAR TRAINING lessons for beginners, lovers and musician!
In these lessons you will learn how to study and play the piano. You can ask for specific pieces that you really want to play, or we can start togheter a training with exercises and pieces. I also teach sightreading (how to read a score!), how to play with singers or other musicians and solfeggio. Regarding composition, I can give you the first base and teach how to approach, how to analyse a piece, and how to train the ear, and a bit of harmony and contrapoint.

French conversation for all levels/ages - focus on daily use
Bonjour à tous et à toutes, Je vous offre la possibilité d’améliorer votre français oral, de fluidifier vos discours et d'ajouter l’usage de l'argot à travers une conversation agréable. Le but étant de passer un bon moment ensemble tout en soulignant les points d'amélioration possibles et en travaillant sur votre prononciation. Ich freu mich auf euch! (und eure Fragen) I am looking forward to hearing from you! À bientôt!

English for all: Preparation for exams and travelling
English is required in many moments of our lifes, when we travel, when we study, when we watch something online. Why don't we make it easy, fun and useful for the rest of our lifes. It does not matter how old or where you are, let's do it together!

Adrian Torrijos
Learn or improve your spanish with a native teacher !
¿HOLA QUÉ TAL? You want to learn Spanish or improve your existing level? I like to help people who wants to start to learn spanish and also students who wants to improve their spanish level. I am really useful to ameliorate your speaking level. A little information about myself: My name is Adrián I'm a half french/half spanish student originally from Valencia (Spain), currently living in Vienna. I love to teach and share the culture of my home country.

Mathematics Physics and technology for dummies and those who no longer want to be
I am a former math and physics teacher and I want to help you. My lessons are based on understanding and not bluntly memorizing formulas. You won't learn to cry handkerchiefs with me without a calculator. I also like to offer crash courses before exams, where we repeat everything that is necessary. I offer all tips and tricks and can also be reached via WhatsApp in addition to the lessons. I also teach via webcam. See it like a sport. Let me be your coach. Your coach Cem

Cello lessons made fun and exciting with Stephanie
I am a young and passionate cellist from Australia who has performed all over the world. I have a Bachelor and Master's degree from the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester. Native english speaker but can also speak a little German and Greek too. Currently based in Melbourne, Australia.

Competent tuition in mathematics, German, English & natural sciences, gladly ONLINE too!
Do you need support / motivation for learning or do you want to deepen and understand the material you have learned? I would like to support you in reaching your goal! I offer English, German & natural sciences up to the Matura level and mathematics up to and including the 7th form! I myself have a scientific education and can also teach you in the fields of chemistry and biology (as well as their numerous disciplines such as: stoichiometry, analytics, inorganic and organic chemistry, micro / molecular biology, process engineering, biotechnology, ...) during your studies grab your arms! I look forward to your message and will respond to your request as soon as possible!

Mathematics, Mathematura preparation for HLT, HUM and HBLA
This course is for everyone who has difficulties in math, especially when there are mistakes in understanding, I am happy to help Separately, I also offer preparation for the math school, for the school types HLT, HUM and, if applicable, HBLA in general. Depending on the arrangement, hours can also be arranged with the student. Appointments are somewhat situation-related due to work.

Mathematics, English and other exam preparations
A certified business economist offers teaching methods that are adapted to the student. I have lived in Australia for the past 5 years and am fluent in English. My goal is to recognize strengths and weaknesses immediately and to make learning fun.

Learn to play the violin or the viola in a pleasant and welcoming way
Lilia teaches viola and violin both children and adults. She has experience already 4 years. The goal of the lessons is to provide high-quality education in a pleasant and welcoming way and to help students of any age to learn about, play and enjoy music. Lilia is a Bulgarian born musician educated in Germany, Austria and Bulgaria. She has performed in plenty of concerts, orchestral tours and masterclasses in countries such as Austria, Germany, Bulgaria, Romania, Denmark, Sweden, China and others.

Cello Studio Vienna: Quality cello and music lessons (online & live)
Hi there, I am a graduate, award-winning cello soloist and music educator specializing in working with children. With me you have unique opportunities to learn quickly and efficiently with fun. Take your game to a new level: learn to play your favorite pieces, learn about modern game techniques, be inspired, motivated and confident. Nice to meet you!

Trumpet lessons for beginners and children plus basics such as reading music
In addition to the trumpet lessons for children and beginners, the students also receive the basics in theory, more precisely in sheet music reading and explanations of bars, accidental (scale) and the like. Ä. The student can choose to take lessons once or twice a week

Learn to speak Persian through practice. Speaking, speaking, speaking is the message!
I can teach beginner Persian to children and adults. I have experience teaching Persian as a second language to children in Austria, and as a teacher of English and Political Science at the high school and university levels. With my class, you or your child will be able to speak in Persian from the first class, and will quickly be able to hold basic conversations at social events and gatherings.

Mandarin, Chinese calligraphy, Chinese traditional costume
Chinese Mandarin is one of the hardest and most beautiful languages in the world. As a Chinese girl who grew up in Beijing, I'd like to share with you the beauty of Chinese characters not only with the meanings, but also the art of writing them with a special brush pen. This course will be adjusted flexibly according to the students language level.

Since I am very musical, I like to learn German and English in a playful way with your children.
I am Kathi and 16 years old and I love working with children, so I offer myself as a tutoring for elementary schools. Up to the 6th school level (high school) I only had 1 and 2. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. I'm already looking forward to your message :).

English, German, French, Italian exam preparation
Hello my Name Is Micheal. For years I have been helping my nieces and nephews with tutoring in English, German, French and Italian. It was so much fun that I want to continue teaching. I could always convey one thing: the joy of foreign languages. I am happy to help you individually with difficult exams. As a translator and interpreter, I have worked in all of these languages and can analyze very well where and how I can help you succeed. Conversation and understanding of language are my strengths, examinations and preparatory for high school are my specialty.

Flute Lessons for Beginners and Advanced Students!
Anastasiia is a classical flute player and a teacher with many years of experience in classical flute, offers lessons for beginners and advanced students. Lessons in RU/Engl/German language are available. Anastasiia is a flute player and teacher with many years of experience offers lessons for all ages from beginners to professionals who just want to optimize their flute playing. Anastasiia received the first Matser's Degree of Music in the USA in 2017 and a year later she completed the second Matser's Degree of Music in Russia. As the daughter of a family of musicians, she started playing the flute at an early age and over the years has performed in the great range of the productions of the different orchestras all over the world. Among them are Mariinsky Theater Orchestra, "Nordic Symphony", Russia Volks Orchestra "Metelitsa", "South Florida Symphony Orchestra", etc.). The lessons are held in German, but on request lessons in English or Russian are also possible. My teaching methods are adapted to the needs of the students in order to pick up the students where their current level is. Pleasure in learning is a big concern for me. I am looking forward to work with you!

Private Piano, Music Theory Lessons in English, German, French, Turkish.
Teaching piano and music theory to conservatory students to grades 1 thru 12, as well as accompanying wind intruments and string instruments students, and also to students at the Singing and Opera Department of the Conservatory. Teaching piano and music theory to students who would like to be involved in classical music as amateurs as well as professional performers; including those who would like to enter music schools, colleges, universities and conservatories nationawide and worldwide. Working with singers privately and voluntarily from the State Opera of Istanbul and performing chamber music concerts with professional musicians nationwide. I possess more than 13 years of progressive experience in the piano teaching field as well as a chamber music pianist and an accompanist and a music theory teacher at the State Conservatory of Istanbul University where I have been working for more than 13 years and at Halic University for 2 years and since October 2019 at Oper im Berg Festival in Salzburg. Most recently, my responsibilities as a performing artist, a piano teacher and an accompanist and music theory teacher at the State Conservatory of Istanbul University, at Halic University and at Oper im Berg Festival in Salzburg match the qualifications you are seeking. My responsibilities include teaching to piano students of all levels includling college level and above as well as ear training, teaching music theory and accompanying to voice students, helping them in diction in Italian, German, French and English and interpretation of German Lieder repertoire at our singing and opera department. I have also been working with professional singers at “Oper im Berg Festival” as an accompanist as well as a study conductor. I have also been working at Istanbul State Opera and Ballet both voluntarily and privately for over 13 years. Unterrichten von Klavier- und Musiktheorie für Studenten des Konservatoriums in den Klassen 1 bis 12 sowie begleitende Schüler von Blasinstrumenten und Streichinstrumenten sowie Studenten der Abteilung für Gesang und Oper des Konservatoriums. Unterrichten von Klavier- und Musiktheorie für Schüler, die sich sowohl als Amateure als auch als professionelle Künstler mit klassischer Musik beschäftigen möchten; einschließlich derer, die landesweit und weltweit Musikschulen, Colleges, Universitäten und Konservatorien besuchen möchten. Privat und freiwillig mit Sängern der Istanbuler Staatsoper zusammenarbeiten und landesweit Kammermusikkonzerte mit professionellen Musikern geben. Ich besitze mehr als 13 Jahre Erfahrung im Bereich des Klavierunterrichts sowie einen Kammermusikpianisten, einen Korrepetitor und einen Musiktheorie-Lehrer am Staatlichen Konservatorium der Universität Istanbul, an dem ich seit mehr als 13 Jahren gearbeitet habe und an der Halic Universität seit 2 Jahren arbeite und seit Oktober 2019 bei den Oper im Berg Festspielen in Salzburg arbeite. Meine Aufgaben entsprachen als darstellender Künstler, Klavierlehrer und Lehrer für Korrepetition und Musiktheorie am Staatlichen Konservatorium der Universität Istanbul, an der Halic-Universität und an den Salzburger Festspielen Oper im Berg den von Ihnen gewünschten Qualifikationen. Zu meinen Aufgaben gehören der Unterricht für Klavierstudenten aller Niveaus, einschließlich des College-Niveaus und darüber, sowie das Gehörtraining, der Unterricht für Musiktheorie und die Begleitung von Sängern die Hilfe brauchen bei der Diktion in Italienisch, Deutsch, Französisch und Englisch und bei der Interpretation des deutschen Liedrepertoires. Ich arbeite auch mit professionellen Sängern zusammen beim „Oper im Berg Festival“ als Korrepetitor und Studienleiter und als Studiendirigent. Ich habe auch seit über 13 Jahren ehrenamtlich und privat an der Istanbuler Staatsoper und am Ballett gearbeitet.

Jazz-, Blues-, Boogie-, Rock-Piano; Music-Theory - dynamic learning
Do you want to learn the first steps to playing jazz-piano? Are you a singer who wants to accompany him/herself? Do you already play piano very well and want to dive deeper into the net of harmonic structures and music theory? I have been teaching piano for many years now, and my student`s ample success is based on my ability to tailor each lesson to the needs of the student. You bring motivation, I bring my teaching- and live-gig experience and together we will advance your piano-skills to the next level! (Both my english and german are on a C2-level)

French courses for those interested! Learn Franco-Maghreb culture and culture.
Private French Tutors, Micro-Group French Lessons, French Classes for Kids. Lessons for professionals. Lessons for expats. Flexible Courses. Learn French fast. Lessons for tourists. Flexible Schedules. Private & semi-private. Lessons for students. Services: Private French Lessons, Micro-Group French Lessons, French and Activities, Children's French Classes, Online French Lessons.

English for Beginner learners and Intermediate English
I specialise in Tutoring English for both Intermediate and Beginner learners for after school development, English as a second language and adult learners. My general goals are keeping students interested, challenged and fascinated with learning English. I assign work for outside of class to further develop learning away from lessons and can provide assessment throughout the progression of lessons. These lessons are tailored for the learner and will focus on what the student needs the most through their learning. During lessons lessons will cover grammar, spelling, oral development and writing. If you are worried about lessons being too hard, do not worry, we can start right from the beginning of basic English lessons.

Our students in Austria say it best about our teachers

Italian language and culture
Excellent, very polite, very organized and methodical. The course is very pleasant and fruitful.
Review by IOULIA T.
Cécile is a professional teacher with a personal approach. Besides being a very friendly person, her teaching is absolutely worth recommending.
Review by TIMON R.
French tuitions for expats
Laureline is well organized, experienced tutor. I like her teaching style. I would recommend her highly !
Review by KIHONG J.

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