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English classes for Intermediate/Advanced students.
5 years private tutoring experience and I still love to do it! The best way to learn English is by using it - speaking, reading, writing - and failing, making mistakes, laughing about them and learning from them. I will work with you through it all. Tell me your goal and we’ll meet it. Not sure exactly what your goal is?Let’s set one. Need to pass an upcoming next exam? We’ll put together a plan that addresses your area of weakness and we’ll attack them. Be unafraid! You’ll soon be blathering like a native speaker. And you’re going to have fun doing it. I’m a American from Pennsylvania. I’ve lived in North Carolina, Washington DC, and New York. I graduated from Duke University in 2015. I spent 3 years in the commercial real estate industry and then one year in the classroom teaching history in Brooklyn. Currently, I’m a masters student at UW in Vergleichende Literaturwissenschaft. I completed a degree in Romance Languages at Duke University (currently ranked 10th in the US and 25th in the world, depending on which ranking you adhere to). I still speak Spanish and French and previously tutored in those languages, so if you have an interest in learning those, feel free to reach out as well. Cheers, Brandt

Private violin lessons for all music lovers in Vienna
I am a professional violinist. I graduated from the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna Solo Violin. I offer violin lessons for all ages from beginners to advanced violinists. I look forward to meeting you.

Attention, piano enthusiasts, beginners - piano course for young pianists
This course is intended for piano enthusiasts, curious and slightly advanced pianists. The goal is to learn a basic understanding and feeling for playing the piano in order to ultimately be able to master simple to moderately difficult pieces without problems. I myself already enjoyed a twelve-year classical education at the music school and therefore have a comprehensive understanding of my instrument and the associated music theory. In past years I also played percussion instruments such as drums and am currently practicing playing the violin. I'm happy for you!

Native English speaker in Graz available for Tutoring at your convenience
I am a native English speaker from Cornwall in the UK, now living in Graz and available to help you improve your language skills! Whatever your focus is, be it education, career, social, or just for fun; we can tailor your learning experience to fit.

Mathematics tutoring for pupils from 1st class VS onwards
I have technical math, as well as a few semesters of teaching have been studying and giving tuition since 2013 - initially part-time in tutoring institutes and since 2019 on an independent basis. It is important to me that the individual student is not neglected, so I limit myself to individual or group tuition with max. 3 participants. During my tutoring classes I also deal with common SA exams and prepare so well for the upcoming SA / exam. Of course, the fun of learning must not be neglected. ;-) It always gives me great pleasure to observe the development and performance improvement of my students - this confirms again and again that I am on the right path with my approach. My goal is not to provide permanent tuition, but to support the student in such a way that he becomes more and more independent over time and does not need support or only needs support in individual cases. :-) I look forward to helping you and I look forward to a message. :-)

Tutoring in French, German and English
My name is Anita and I graduated from high school two years ago with the German Abitur and the French Bacalauréat (equivalent to the Matura). In English I got the level C1 certified. I would like to help other people with my language skills and would be very happy to work with them.

Biology, chemistry, English tutoring and exam preparation
Science is not always easy, so it is very important to me to adapt the lessons to the student. Biology and chemistry can also be fun and I always try to give my students an interesting and playful approach and to share my passion! I study biology (specializing in microbiology and genetics) and molecular biotechnology and have had tutoring students since my school days ... so far only with success: D

Button and Piano Accordion Lessons for beginners and advanced
Button B Griff (Bayan) and Piano accordion techer for students all ages. Also a Piano teacher and Music theory teacher. Over a 15 years off an experience in teaching. Master degree. Classical, Jazz, Pop, Folk music... All levels of playing are included.

English: Speed Up Your English Learning, Customized For You
Hello! I am a native english speaker from America living in Vienna for about a year now. I can teach students of all levels but specialize in intermediate to advanced students. I have worked with a variety of students, from intermediate children up to graduate students enrolled in academic courses taught in English. Aside from teaching, I am a writer and musician. I customize my curriculum according to the desires and needs of each student. Excited to meet you!

English tuition incl. Exam preparation and vocabulary training
If you either 1. Get a 1 in English 2. Travel abroad 3. Understand English language literature 4. Watch your favorite films and series in original 5. etc don't worry. My goal is to help you make progress and have fun doing it. Please contact me for further information.

English, German, Russian lessons (+ Test Daf preparation)
Hello, I offer private lessons in English, German and Russian (also preparation for test DaF). I have a lot of experience in the field of English / German as a foreign language and I can even offer Russian lessons as a native speaker. The level and type of teaching as well as the focus of the course (grammar, reading comprehension, oral expression, etc.) are individually coordinated. I can adapt perfectly to every student and his / her needs. I am also flexible in terms of time. In general, lessons take place online via Skype or similar platform, but in Vienna I can also go to the student's house.

Spanish as a foreign language (exam preparation and tutoring)
With my courses you learn and practice vocabulary and expression repertoire of the Spanish language as well as the most important grammar. You will practice speaking intensively with different learning methods. Communication, dialogue, fun and joy are very important to me during class. I am a Spanish and literature science teacher and originally come from Ecuador or Quito, where I completed my studies in Hispanic literature and linguistics as well as education. I look forward to teaching you.

Guitar and Music Lessons for all levels in Graz and Online
I use to teach in my hometown (Buenos Aires, Argentina) for the last 12 years and I continue now in Graz. Depending on the student interests and previous level I make custom lessons. Some of the topics can be: - Accompaniment for songs. - Playing Solos (Rock/Pop/Jazz) - Classical music - Improvisation - Harmony, counterpoint and music theory. Composition. I have a previous meeting with the student, where we know each other, talk about music and other interests so then I can create a custom study plan for the first lessons.

Modern violin / viola playing: looking for your own artistic voice.
You love your violin or viola and know that your path is different from the traditional one. Your soul tries to express itself through your own art, so you want to deal with technology and theory. That was my path and I offer you to share everything I have learned over the years! Focus: - Jazz and popular music - improvisation - band composition - songwriting - computers and music

Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced English language tutoring.
Hello! My name is Karl and I am an American who has been living and studying in Vienna for the past 5 years. During this time I have also been active in tutoring English and translating and correcting English documents, such as Bachelors and Masters thesis, English job applications, and various other documents. I speak German fluently as I had to learn it in order to be able to study in Vienna, and I also have a B1 level in Spanish and Slovak. Languages are a passion and hobby for me and due to the fact that I have spent a lot of time learning them, I understand the proper way to approach a language and how to overcome different stumbling blocks a student may have. I am especially aware of the difficulties German speakers have with the English language and understand the best way to address these issues. Every Student is different and it takes an understanding a patient teacher to really help each person reach their potential. I am looking forward to hearing and working with some of you, please feel free to contact me!

Standard and colloquial Arabic..Arabisch als Profi sprechen
I'm Heidi, a native Arabic speaker teaching you standard and colloquial Egyptian Arabic. Ich bin eine muttersprachliche Arabischsprecherin, die Sie bedarfsorientiert in Hocharabisch oder umgangssprachlichen ägyptischen Arabisch unterrichtet. Probieren Sie die erste Lektion 45 Minuten lang kostenlos aus.

Violin, viola and piano lessons for children and adults
I have more than five years of experience in teaching violin, viola, music theory and complementary piano, so no matter what level you are, I can teach you from the ground up. I specialized in classical music but I can also help you to play and learn your favorite songs. I find it very important to connect mind and body with the instrument, so I like to emphasize from the beginning on relaxation and proper postures to avoid pain or contractions later on. I like to develop a series of relaxation and stretching exercises before and at the end of each class. I believe that music should be a source of joy and enjoyment before anything else. I don’t have a definite method, as I think I have to adapt to the needs and aptitudes of each student. I can give individual and group lessons (no more than 4 people), so I can also work with small chamber formats.

Learn English with an "Outstanding" qualified teacher and published author
Qualified teacher, rated "Outstanding" by the University of Mancester. I am also TEFL certified. I will first ask, "Why are you learning English?" I will then structure my lessons and resources to suit YOUR needs. I have taught hundreds of students across the world. I understand that students learn best when they are having fun and when they are challenged. This is my teaching philosophy. I looking forward to helping you master English! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to message me.

Exam preparation and homework support for musicians
You can't keep up with music theory and music history and ask yourself who explains the complicated tasks to you? Based on many years of experience as a tutor (students and siblings), I would like to help you find individual and creative ways to help as best as possible. It is important to me that you understand relationships and learn to think independently. I want you to fall in love with music like I used to.

English Tutoring and Preparation for English exams
I am offering active preparation for different English exams such as IELTS, IB, with different mock exams - from beginner level until high level. Besides this also for adults and children to practice and learn english. It is important not only to speak, but learn to write, therefore I provide homework and weekly takeaways from each lesson. If you would like to prepare for a certain exam I recommend you to have the appointment before starting in order to prepare yourself for deadlines.

PIANO, COMPOSITION, SOLFEGGIO and EAR TRAINING lessons for beginners, lovers and musician!
In these lessons you will learn how to study and play the piano. You can ask for specific pieces that you really want to play, or we can start togheter a training with exercises and pieces. I also teach sightreading (how to read a score!), how to play with singers or other musicians and solfeggio. Regarding composition, I can give you the first base and teach how to approach, how to analyse a piece, and how to train the ear, and a bit of harmony and contrapoint.

Our students in Austria say it best about our teachers

Italian language and culture
Excellent, very polite, very organized and methodical. The course is very pleasant and fruitful.
Review by IOULIA T.
Cécile is a professional teacher with a personal approach. Besides being a very friendly person, her teaching is absolutely worth recommending.
Review by TIMON R.
French tuitions for expats
Laureline is well organized, experienced tutor. I like her teaching style. I would recommend her highly !
Review by KIHONG J.

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