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Piano lessons for children, teenagers and adults and piano-lovers
Hello, my name is Zongxi and I am a piano teacher. I teach students of all levels: beginners, intermediate, advanced and amateurs. I was a musical child and began playing the piano at four years old. I also picked up the violin and the flute, and sang in choirs and as a soloist. At the age of 13, I received my first diploma in piano performance from the exam board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) in England, and received my second two years later. I have participated and received awards in piano competitions all over the world in Poland, Austria, Singapore and Japan. I am currently finishing my Bachelor's degree in piano at the Mozarteum University in Salzburg, Austria. I speak both English and German. If you are interested in having a lesson, please drop me a message. I look forward to hearing from you. :)

English help in listening, grammar, speaking and vocabulary!
English is one of the most powerful languages in the world! Almost every emplyer around the world these days requires a level of English - spoken and written. With me, your confidence in my native lanuage can grow immensely with a relaxed atmosphere and friendly attitude. I will personalise our time together to suit you and your needs! I can help with homework, prepare you for an exam, prepare you for a speech or presentation at work, help you with a CV, prepare you for a holiday to an english speaking country or simply help you grow within your english knowledge.

IB Maths Chemistry HL SL, Cambridge STEP Tutoring.
I graduated with International Baccalaureate in Berlin in 2016. I achieved Math HL 7 and Chemistry HL 7. I have been tutoring more than 20 students with those two subjects for last 4 years. After taking gap years, I am a current student at a UK university, reading Computing. Thank you.

E- & ContraBASS lessons | Band coaching | Preparation for music university entrance exams (theory)
Music Theory & Ear Training | Songwriting, Arrangement & (Home) Recording | Individual or duo lessons with group discount | Band coaching for popular music | Music University Theory Exam Preparation | On the bass, you accomplish heroic things in the background: Since the human ear organizes music from low to high, ... the bass determines how chords are heard. He is also the link between rhythm and harmonies in the ensemble. From this great power comes great responsibility! With me you will learn to deal with this responsibility. We play your favorite music and expand your musical horizons by promoting your expression, hearing and creativity. In addition, we work on your technique, rhythm, coordination, imagination and your musical knowledge, so that you can develop your musical skills more and more independently and more freely (with or without notes) step by step.

Fun and detailed piano teacher for beginners/intermediate!
Hello! I am a student in Vienna taking a gap year. I have been teaching piano for 5 years to beginner/intermediate players. I am very flexible, and can work at all times of the week. I can come to you, or you to me. I have experience with people of every age, and will help you reach your full potential in piano. I know how hard it seems to start learning piano, but I promise you it becomes so much fun! I finished Grade 8 ABRSM Music theory, and can also teach separate lessons for that. I speak English, French, and German, so languages aren't a problem :) Text me if you are interested!

Gitarre, Musiktheorie, Komposition Unterrichten. English & Deutsch
Hallo, Ich komme aus Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, und spiele Gitarre sehr gern! Deutsch: Von Anfänger bis University student, Ich kann dir E-Gitarre, Akustische Gitarre, oder Ukulele beibringen. Entweder ein paar Akkorde um deine Lieblingslieder zu spielen oder durch komplexerer Themen wie Jazz harmony. Ich lehre gern auch Musiktheorie/Komposition, also wenn du Theorie Nachhilfe oder Vorbereitung auf Universitätsprüfungen brauchst, dann kann ich dir damit auch helfen! Englisch ist natürlich meine Muttersprache, aber ich würde gern auch auf Deutsch unterrichten! English: From beginner to university student, I can teach you electric guitar, acoustic guitar, or ukulele. Whether it's just a few chords to play your favourite songs or through more complex topics like jazz harmony. I also like to teach music theory / composition, so if you need theory tutoring or preparation for university exams, I can help you with that too! With 16 years of guitar playing experience and Bachelors Degree in Jazz & Contemporary Popular music, I've had the opportunity to play Jazz, RnB, Folk/Singersongwriter, Bluegrass, Funk, Heavy Metal, Rock. From Jazz Bigbands and Musical Pitbands, to accompanying singer songwriters, to playing solo guitar concerts. I know how the guitar fits into many different types of ensembles and with many styles of music. I'm now studying a Master of Jazz Composition and Arranging at KUG in Graz and I love to help others understanding complex musical theory and how it can be used to write new music! I love writing music for Bigband, Classical Chamber ensembles, and small jazz ensembles as well as for singer-songwriters. English is of course my mother tongue but I would be happy to teach in German as well!

Accordion lesson for all level and ages. Learn to play all kind of music on accordion very fast.
In depending of which kind of music wants to play and level of students knowledge I writing arangment adjusted for each student. The focus is to learn to read music scores in short time and later to make progress together and enjoy in paying accordion.

Singing lessons in Vienna / Gesangsunterricht in Wien 🎤🎵🎶
SINGING LESSONS FOR BEGINNERS & INTERMEDIATE 🎤🎵🎶 You always wanted to sing but you couldn't because you think you have a bad voice? Never had the opportunity or talents for the singing or motivation for the lessons? I am here to change it all. I am here to destroy your fears, show you the undiscovered talent (sound) that you have, make your vocal range bigger than ever and all of that I am going to do it faster than every vocal coach in the whole Vienna. 😏👌 If you are interested better decide fast and write me a private message about yourself and your singing goals before all slots are taken! (Limited slots due to the coronavirus situation) Cheers Taha :)

Violin lessons: learn to play the violin and make music together
Learning to play the violin not only requires passion and will, but also motivation and fun. My method is based on making music together and having fun, learning and playing new pieces together to create a creative and inspiring atmosphere. The right violin technique is always taught in the background. I think anyone can play the violin. That's why I like to teach children as well as adults, beginners and advanced learners. Possibility to teach either in the first district or at the student's home. I am happy to meet you in the trial lesson!

Guitar lessons /// bass lessons /// rhythm, scales and chord work-outs
Guided improvisations /// music theory /// songwriting and arrangement /// home recording Individual lessons /// partner lessons /// group lessons (max. 4 people) Group discount by arrangement /// social tariff by arrangement Do you feel like, ... ... to accompany yourself on the guitar and play well-known pop and folk songs? ... to get a taste of music styles such as jazz, blues and folk? ... to learn something about music theory or maybe reading sheet music? ... take part in rhythmic workouts and sometimes groove in odd time signatures? ... just to improvise and sometimes to make music with effects? Then just write me a message and tell me briefly what you would most like to learn. We will surely find a way how we can organize the lessons together and make music with a lot of joy and serenity. I see the educational work as a constant learning process that takes place on both sides. In my opinion, with pure knowledge transfer you only get to a very clearly defined and unfortunately rigid point. Understanding is the exciting thing and not the fact. And for a clear understanding you need patience and a lot of joy in development processes. Maintaining long-term motivation for precisely such processes is probably the most difficult, but for me also the most exciting and most satisfying aspect of teaching. This is particularly important for making music together. Often you practice alone and it can happen that your head hangs down or you stare at the fingerboard or at the sheet music. However, we not only need open ears, but also an open attitude to make music together. Every drummer will play “tighter” when the bass player gives him / her a smile. The whole band will “pop” the stop at the end if they are looking forward to it at the beginning of the song, are relaxed and anticipate the stop together. It is therefore important to me to promote internal communication within the band. The development of a sound technique based on selected exercises is part of my teaching from the start. Precision as well as good posture and the sensitization and development of a good body feeling are very important to me. Feeling free and stable and gaining a multitude of possibilities for movement and expression guarantees fun and varied making music together. Above all, my wealth of experience in a wide variety of warm-up exercises, which I have learned through many sports in sports clubs since my childhood and later expanded in yoga as well as strength and fitness courses, helps me. I see improvisation as a natural way to explore new things and enable learning processes that are based on trusting one's own intuition. She is there from the first music lesson and helps to strengthen self-confidence and belief in one's own abilities by making everyone involved an active part of creative processes. The extensive knowledge that I have acquired in numerous musical projects during my time at Porgy and Bess and also in areas unrelated to the music industry (community service, social and learning care, childcare) are a priceless treasure that helps me cool in any educational situation Keeping your head, dealing flexibly and improvisationally with unforeseen challenges and always maintaining a respectful and appreciative approach. Keeping an eye on the needs of everyone involved is very important to me and nothing gives me greater pleasure than the success of my fellow human beings.

Violin lessons for begginers. More than 30 award winning violinist of national and international competitions for violin and music theory.
Music is one of the most intense, passionate and beautiful forms of art that exists, combining the musical theory and the techniques of playing an instrument. If you are interested in learning all about the basis for violin- this is exactly the place to look for.

Piano classes for children and adults/Klavierunterricht für Kinder und Erwachsene/
I AM ON VACATION FROM 19.03-09.04.- I AM HAPPY TO SEE YOU AND CONTINUE WITH OUR WORK AS SOON AS I COME BACK! WISH YOU ALL THE BEST! Master of Music Arts- piano performer and piano professor. I give piano classes for children and adults- beginners or advanced. I have more than 9 years of experience as a piano professor in Music Schools. I prepare my students for competitions, entrance exams, help with choosing the program for different occasions. My students won many first awards and Laureats on various competitions. Also I provide piano accompaniment for singer or any other instruments. Master of Music Arts - Performer und Klavierprofessorin. Ich gebe Klavierunterricht für Kinder und Erwachsene - Anfänger und Fortgeschrittene. Ich habe mehr als 9 Jahre Erfahrung als Klavierprofessorin an Musikschulen. Ich bereite meine Studentinnen auf Wettbewerbe und Aufnahmeprüfungen vor, helfe bei der Auswahl des Programms für verschiedene Anlässe. Meine Studenten haben viele erste Preise und Laureats bei verschiedenen Wettbewerben gewonnen. Außerdem biete ich Klavierbegleitung für Sänger oder andere Instrumente an

Russian and English classes (can teach both General and Business language)
Certified English teacher. Hold CELTA certification that obtained in British Council. Can teach both General and Business English. Also, I am a native speaker of Russian, so will be able to teach you a thing or two about it. During my classes I remain energetic, supportive and make my very best to make you feel at ease.

Mathematics for English learners - from school to university-level
Everyone always loves to speak about how mathematics and music are related. During my undergraduate degree, I took mathematics as an elective, completing the second year of undergraduate pure mathematics at the University of Stellenbosch and gaining significant experience as a tutor for the university’s first year mathematics course for four years, working alongside lecturers and giving weekly tutorial sessions. Though I am currently enrolled in a music masters degree at the Kunstuniversität, I also have a passion for mathematics, and would like to one day pursue further study in the field. The enjoyment that I find in the subject is, along with the thorough understanding that has formed over four years of tutoring at a university level, my greatest asset and what I hope to pass on to my students.

Chinese Mandarin; Speaking, Listening & Pronunciation (Mandarin-Chinesisch, Sprechen, Zuhören & Aussprache)
Learning Chinese Mandarin is hard. As a Chinese girl who grew up in China and spent most of her adulthood in Europe, I'd like to share with you the beauty of the language. This course will be adjusted flexibly according to the students' language level.

Individual violin lessons for children and adults
In my lessons you will learn to develop your potential on the instrument - with a playful, individual approach to music and great joy in making music. From easy melodies to works by famous masters, there is a lot to discover! :) I offer: - Highly qualified violin lessons by a qualified violinist for beginners, advanced and professionals of all ages in a central location in Vienna's center - Preparation for the entrance examination at music universities - Competition and exam preparation / performance coaching Free introductory lesson!

Violin and Viola Lessons / Geige und Bratsche Unterricht
Hallo und Willkommen! Ich unterrichte Geige und Bratsche seit 2008, an Universitäten, Schulen, und in mein Privaten Studio, und spiele in Orchestern und Ensemble sowie Haydn Philharmonie, Bach Werk Vocal, und Salzburg Chamber Soloists. Ich lege Wert auf gute Grundlagen, die eine gesunde Benützung des Körpers ermöglichen, und somit die eigene Kreativität zum Ausdruck zu bringen. Musikenthusiasten von jedem Alter und Niveau sind für eine gratis Kennenlernstunde herzlich willkommen! Meine Qualifikationen auf einen Blick (Lebenslauf auf Anfrage): - Bachelor in Advanced Performance and Pedagogy - Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University (Australien), 2009. - Masters und Postgraduate in Konzertfach an der Universität Mozarteum Salzburg, 2019 Mit Freundlichen Grüßen, Hana

Violin Lessons for Everyone - Geigenunterricht für alle (every level, every age - alle Stufen, jedes Alter)
Are you a music lover? Do you want to challenge yourself and start to play violin? No matter at which age do you start, playing violin requires dedication, passion but also fun! Let's learn to practice together and start this amazing journey in the violin world!

Maria Victoria
Flute and Recorder Lessons for All Ages and Levels
You always wanted to start learning flute or you need inspiration to start again? My name is Maria Victoria, I am a flutist and flute instructor based in Vienna. I teach flute and recorder to both children and adults, beginners or more advanced students with main focus on developing a stable breath flow, healthy and balanced position for playing exercises and songs. In my individual lessons I will also help you learn fundaments of music theory and read the music notation. Contact me to start your musical journey - I am looking very much forward to meet you!

French tutor for beginners or advanced students in Graz
As a native French speaker person, I would love to teach you the language of Molière. I have a baccalaureate in literature so I know very well how to speak French. I can teach for a group or one person and for children as well as adults. I am bilingual in English so feel free to ask me to speak English too.

Singing, music and ear training for children and adults
Singing and making music is a lot of fun, but it's not that easy ... no matter what level you are at. For this you need energy, concentration and, above all, patience. But if you manage to improve, it's twice as fun. That’s why I’m here. You sing a lot but want to improve your technique? Or are you a beginner and want to get a taste of the music world? Are you a passionate member of a band but still need a little help with ear training? Then I can definitely help you, regardless of whether you are younger or older than me. My goal is that after a few weeks you will find your hobby much easier and funnier. I completed a bachelor's degree in classical singing in Montréal (Uni McGill) and am currently doing a master's degree in opera at the Music and Art University of the City of Vienna. My experiences with children and as a temporary teacher have shown me how I can teach you my greatest passion.

Our students in Austria say it best about our teachers

Italian language and culture
Excellent, very polite, very organized and methodical. The course is very pleasant and fruitful.
Review by IOULIA T.
Cécile is a professional teacher with a personal approach. Besides being a very friendly person, her teaching is absolutely worth recommending.
Review by TIMON R.
French tuitions for expats
Laureline is well organized, experienced tutor. I like her teaching style. I would recommend her highly !
Review by KIHONG J.

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