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Private lessons of French as a Foreign Language and conversation in French
Teacher with a Master's degree in French as a Foreign Language / French as a Second Language / French for a Specific Purpose in Schools and Entrepreneurship, I taught French for 7 years in Italy at colleges, high schools, language schools and the Alliance French from Padua. I offer private lessons of French as a Foreign Language whatever your level and whatever your age. I adapt my courses according to your needs and make sure to make you work on the different skills required to learn the French language (oral and written expression, oral and written comprehension), by offering you varied teaching material . I can also help you with the preparation of DELF, DALF or TCF.

Diego Morán
Spanish Language Tutoring with Native Speaker from Spain
I am an undergraduate exchange student from Spain currently studying English and Linguistics at the University of Edinburgh. Don't hesitate to cantact me if you are struggling with Spanish classes and need some extra help, if you seek to start learning this language for the first time or if you want to be able to have conversations with a native speaker and dive into Spain's culture! I can offer first-hand experiences of how it is to live in Spain and what is the culture like while learning about the language. We can also touch upon more advanced topics like regional differences, idioms and linguistics.

Cello lessons for all levels and ages, music, art.
Hey everyone, I am Katerina. I am a bachelor graduate of HKU Utrechts Conservatorium and I am offering cello lessons to pupils of all ages and levels. Music could be a valuable tool to express your musicality and explore the beautiful world of classical music or it could be a precious way to develop your kid’s skills and talents. In my lessons we could focus on learning how to play the cello from scratch, how to develop our technique and how to express our musicality. I also offer lessons to people that used to play cello and want to start again, any level is welcome!

Cours de français, d'histoire, de philosophie, de relaxation de bien-être et gestion du stress
Pour apprendre à s’organiser, à trouver sa voie, voire même à améliorer ses performances scolaires ou d'apprentissage, je propose des cours de Reiki pour enfant selon la méthode de Rosette Poletti et de Reiki pour adultes, du 1er niveau jusqu'à la maîtrise. 60 minutes d'apprentissage 60 minutes de Reiki Objectifs : - Augmenter sa confiance en soie - Améliorer ses notes - Faire disparaître le stress. - Organiser son emploi du Temps - Retrouver la joie et le bonheur d’apprendre. - Découvrir ses forces et ses faiblesses - Découvrir ses dons et ses talents innés - Apprendre à donner des soins Reiki-débutant pour soi-même et pour les autres



Friendly Korean class with native speaker in praha
반가워요! 우리 같이 한국어 공부해요! Hello :) are you interested in K-pop or K- drama? or Do you want to speak like Korean? Let's go step by step. From beginner to anyone. English and Korean will be used. Center of Prague, cafe will be good :)) See you!

English tutor for students preparing competitive exams
What you need to speak better English, is better methods. My lessons focus not so much on grammar and vocabulary, but on structuring your thoughts better. Do more with what you already know, understand the spirit of the language better, and impress your teachers with your confidence.

Mario Peiró
Cours de Guitare/ Guitar lessons in English or Spanish
Hi! I have been playing guitar since I am 14 years old through specialized courses and music theory alongside with my piano lessons. I can help you to learn the basic - intermediate guitar technique together with music theory and composition.


Private lessons in math physics - chemistry and english
Having obtained a baccalaureate S mention very well and currently in the third year of engineering school, I offer help with homework and understanding of maths, physics-chemistry and English. I can also help them adopt a methodology for learning and reviewing effectively. I listen to my students and adapt to the way they work.

24 year old drum and percussion teacher based in Leeds
I’m a drummer with grade 8 Rockschool drums and grade 5 theory. 1st Class Honours graduate in Music Production & Performance living in Leeds. Combing my vast gigging experience across a range of styles from rock to Latin, orchestral groups and percussion ensembles, I know how to gear a lesson to each student. Each lesson will be tailored to each student’s requirements and preferences. I will ensure that each drummer has the accompanying level of music theory to compliment their drumming as this is an area often overlooked by perspective drummers and teachers. As a multi-instrumentalist I will also give you, the drummer, a wider approach to learning music, ensuring that you know how to complement each aspect of the music and ensemble playing. Lessons need to be and will be fun to ensure each student can develop the skills and techniques to give them the strong foundations of learning the drums.

Psychology A Level Tutoring covering multiple exam boards
As a psychology graduate, I aim to make psychology exciting for A Level students. Psychology is vast subject, with so many different areas and approaches. This can make the subject daunting, but I think this is what makes psychology exciting; to understand how different approaches interlink to explain what makes us, us. We can help understand and consolidate content. We will work on skills to revise A Level Psychology and reinforce strong study habits. We'll explore different methods to find out what works for you. We'll set small manageable deadlines, to turn a vast subject into small digestable chunks!

Maddie St
Biology Tutoring for primary, secondary, GCSE, A level, and IB
I specialise in tutoring for the international baccalaureate, though can teach anything up to A-levels. My classes work to support your school classes but can also help alongside exam prep for GCSEs, A-levels or IB. Classes can be tailored to suit how you learn and what areas you need to focus on and where you're struggling.

English pronunciation coach for actor / professional
Dear all, I am an associate professor of English. I just finished a thesis in English in sociophonetics: "talk to me and I'll tell you which social profile you belong to". Do you want to speak more clearly in English or French in order to erase your foreign accent for job interviews? Do you want to communicate more easily in English? Or just better understand English movies? You are an actor and wish to improve your diction in English or French. I am passionate and can accompany you in your / your projects!

Composition and Music Theory/Music History Lessons
I have dedicated most of my life to the study of music and composition. In our lessons, no matter what the level of proficiency, we will study the works of great masters of this art. Alongside the technical skills for composition and analysis of works from all eras (from Baroque to 21st Century), there will be a portion of each lesson dedicated to the history of music composition. Please let me know if you have any questions and I'll be more than happy to answer them.

Hoi! My name is Diego and I am a Spanish tutor from Perú. Currently, I am a student at the Universiteit van Amsterdam. Additionally, I have a special interest in Latin American culture – which I would be happy to share with students I design a specific learning plan for my students based on their goals and preferences. 1. Review of movies, music, and TV series. 2. Assistance with student's homework 3. Development of oral skills through conversation, presentation, and debate 4. Expansion of vocabulary and grammar skills 5. Discussion of Hispanic and Latin American politics, culture, and society I have experience tutoring teenagers in Middle School and High School at different levels in Perú. The lessons focused on writing, pronunciation, and presentation skills in English and Spanish. I have also tutored adults who wanted to improve their fluency in Spanish.

Private lessons in English - Spanish - French
Nowadays, knowing how to speak English has become indispensable. This language is that which is spoken everywhere around the world, that one hears in the songs on the radio, in the series in original version, but also in the big companies. That is why, student in rhetoric languages, I propose to share my passion with you. I promise an entertaining learning and visible progression, both in written and spoken language.

English, Exam Preparation, Grammar enhancement and public speaking.
I specialize in tutoring English for people who encounter challenges in speaking and communicating with a correct grammar and updated vocabulary. my mission is to take the needs of students and strengthen them in an underwhelming fun and relaxed climate. I constantly provide feedback about the students progress and assign homework to keep up the practical and theoretical aspects of the language. This class is all about making English accessible and easy to learn to all through a variety of social and educational activities.

Life Coaching - specific to overcoming traumas and rewiring thought process
Life Coaching is key to help us overcome our traumas and to operate from our highest-self. Join me to teach you how to heal, grow and function as the best version of yourself. You can book me for a one-off session or for a month... In this time, I will teach you how to deal with triggers and overcome them. I will assist you in changing your thought patterns so we believe and behave from a healthier place for overall better mental health.

Private lessons in English - Spanish - French
Nowadays, knowing how to speak English has become indispensable. This language is that which is spoken everywhere around the world, that one hears in the songs on the radio, in the series in original version, but also in the big companies. That is why, student in rhetoric languages, I propose to share my passion with you. I promise an entertaining learning and visible progression, both in written and spoken language.

Our students in Estonia say it best about our teachers

Italian language and culture
Excellent, very polite, very organized and methodical. The course is very pleasant and fruitful.
Review by IOULIA T.
Cécile is a professional teacher with a personal approach. Besides being a very friendly person, her teaching is absolutely worth recommending.
Review by TIMON R.
French tuitions for expats
Laureline is well organized, experienced tutor. I like her teaching style. I would recommend her highly !
Review by KIHONG J.

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