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Apprendre à faire des bracelets brésiliens -Tous les niveaux-
Pour offrir, pour vendre, ou pour soi-même, savoir faire des bracelets tissés peut-être utile. Cependant, apprendre à les faire peut parfois être complexe. Activité ludique pour les enfants, ou vrai loisir pour les plus grands, confectionner des bijoux permet aussi d'améliorer sa précision, sa patience et son sens du style. Ce cours d'artisanat plaira sans aucun doute à tous le monde et ce peu importe son âge.

Specialize in Vocal Technique / Take your voice to the fullest
I am Dayan, graduated in music, specializing in lyrical and popular technique. I have more than 7 years of experience as a vocal coach. Specialized in didactic, dynamic and association methodologies. Been in charge of several student musical projects. I teach classes for all levels. The classes are mainly established in a personal curriculum of each student which is developed according to their needs, weaknesses and strengths. They will be able to correct Tuning, Resistance, Support, Power (Volume), Agility in the voice, also according to their tastes, they will learn to develop singing styles and techniques according to their genre in the process. Gradually they will know how to study their voice at home, because my passion is for students to be confident in their voice and know how to take care of it and maintain the study at home. Classes can be group or individual. Groups of 1h:45 min Individuals 1:00 hour !I'll see you in class

Supports all ages for: Math, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, English, French
Hello, I have a Master's degree from EPFL, currently unemployed as an engineer, I am looking for extra work. I am very pedagogue, having spent my studies helping my friends, teaching is something I enjoy. I have a lot of knowledge in Math and Physics, but also in biology, physiology and chemistry. Bilingual English-French, some German. Nice to meet you, Quentin ------ Hi, I have an EPFL master, currently not employed as an engineer, I'm looking for filler work. I'm a very pedagogic person, having done my studies explaining a lot of things to my friends, teaching is something that I enjoy. I know a lot of Maths and physics, but also Biology, Physiology and Chemistry. I'm bilingual English-French, and a bit of German. Until we meet, greetings, Quentin

Take Your Guitar Playing to the Next Level • Electric and Acoustic Guitar Lessons
Do you feel like your guitar playing has plateaued or your progression has become stagnant? Are you feeling frustrated with trawling through guitar tab websites and watching instructional Youtube videos that lack a personal touch? Do you want your guitar playing ability to reach levels you never even thought you could achieve? If this is the case, I would love to help you. My name's Dave and I've been a full-time professional musician for the past 15 years. I work predominantly as a performing and recording session musician and also as a private guitar tutor. I'm sure it will come as no surprise when I say that I absolutely love the guitar. My biggest goal in teaching guitar is to share with you my passion for this instrument and to help you gain as much enjoyment from it as I have for most of my life. My lessons have a highly tailored approach as I believe all students to be individuals and as such, they will always have different goals and ambitions, different ways of learning and varying rates of progression. I specialise in all popular contemporary musical styles on both electric and acoustic guitar as well as having a highly in-depth knowledge of musical theory, songwriting and composition. If you're interested in developing your skills in any of these areas, please don't hesitate to get in touch. Please note: I am happy to take on beginner guitarists however I believe that you will get the most out of what I can offer as a teacher if you are already towards the intermediate/advanced level of playing.

Cours de Oud Oriental à domicile horaires flexibles.
Cours de oud Oriental à domicile Méthode simplifiée adaptée à chaque niveau, avec ou sans solfège vous pouvez apprendre à jouer vos chansons et musiques préférés. Étude des maqames et gammes Orientales ,travail main et droite .Horaires flexibles possible.

Private lessons of French Dutch and English
I can teach French to people who do not speak it and I can also learn the basics of Dutch or English. I learn the basics (form a sentence, the conjugation) If you have a specific request notify me before to know if I am able to teach you the subject 100%

Mathematics courses for all levels (secondary and university)
This announcement concerns all levels from secondary to university. My name is Elio and I am a final year student at the polytechnic school at ULB in electromechanical specialization (aeronautics) and I have been teaching math for several years. My goal is to make the student understand the material and not to have anything retained.

Erik Zum
Taking a private lesson is the best way to learn, and quickly. as long as teachers' advice is followed. if we are a professional dance couple. * We have been in this exciting world for a long time. With us you will learn Latin dances correctly. * We are choreographers, available for weddings or birthdays. * We also have a show from us for private events. * We do group animation of simple steps as an intermediary of any event. * We have a Latin American music DJ available for any event.

Cristina Sanchez
Clases de español, con profesora nativa. Desde niños a adultos
Spanish classes, for people who want to learn Spanish for their own pleasure, or Spanish reinforcement classes for the school year. The main thing about a language is being able to speak, in class we will have conversations since it is the fastest way to learn a language.

Native French tutor with international experience.
Bonjour ! I’m a native French tutor with international experience, offering French lessons for adults and children. Individuals or small groups. My French lessons can be designed to prepare students for IB French exams and GCSE/A-level or HSC exams, as well as DELF and DALF exams. I also specialize in teaching business French to professionals.

Cours de soutien scolaire pour enfant, adolescents ou adultes
Professeur des écoles depuis 13 ans, enseignante de français langue étrangère depuis 2 ans, je vous propose de vous aider à combler vos lacunes et à progresser rapidement. J'ai passé le CRPE (concours de recrutement de professeur des écoles) et je prépare actuellement un Master de français langue étrangère option didactique des langues. J'enseigne aux élèves de 3 à 15 ans pour le soutien scolaire et je m'adresse également aux adultes qui souhaitent apprendre le français langue étrangère. J'adapte mes méthodes à vos besoins et à votre personnalité. J'utilise différents supports afin de faire en sorte que chaque séance soit un plaisir. N'hésitez pas à me contacter pour davantage d'informations. A bientôt!

English, Custom-made English, English practice, grammar, speaking, writing, reading
Have you had English in school but don't feel comfortable speaking? Do you know some English, but don't have enough opportunity to practice? Do you need help writing papers or creating presentations in English? I can help you. Join me for a personalised English lesson that will have you feeling more confident using your English. Lessons are tailored to your needs and interests. Immerse yourself in an English speaking world for a little while with me. It^s the next best thing to spending time in an English speaking country. with over 20 years of English teaching experience I've seen it all. Practice makes perfect....or at least moves you toward fluency.

Herramientas digitales: Google y Canva desde cero.
Conocer y aprender a utilizar las herramientas de Google y Canva te permitirá desarrollar tu productividad e incrementar el valor de tu marca. Contar con el conocimiento adecuado te permitirá aprovechar al máximo el potencial de estas herramientas, ahorrándote tiempo y dinero.

Spanish classes for everybody with a native girl from Madrid
Have you ever wanted to learn or improve your Spanish? Hi! My name is Yaiza and I'm a 21 year old Spanish girl. Currently, I'm studying Modern Languages and Translation and this is my last year. I have been a teacher for more than 4 years, teaching from primary to high school of type of subjects (Maths, Biology, English, Spanish...) We can practice whatever you want, my methods vary depending on the person. If you have any question do not hesitate in contacting me.

Cours de chant et de maîtrise de la voix. Conseils d'après mon expérience de haut niveau.
En qualité de professionnel, je donne des cours de maîtrise de la voix avec possibilité d'enregistrement PRO dans mon studio avec table numérique 32 pistes et micro Neumann. Mixage compris. Se présenter et chanter devant une scène avant même de pouvoir contrôler la justesse et surtout l'expression de ce que l'on chante. Mieux vaut continuer de chanter dans votre salle de bain.

Juan Andrés
Violin Lessons by International player and teacher
Professional violinist, MMus, Orchestra and chamber player. Twenty years of experience teaching from beginner to advanced level, all ages are welcome. Flexible teaching method and schedule. Don’t hesitated to contact me if you have any questions!

Physics and Mathematics tutorials: A-level and GCSE
Physics and Maths are tricky yet fascinating subjects. To understand them you need to “connect all the dots” which can be done by recalling your knowledge frequently and answering questions to apply the knowledge. In my classes we will do exactly that. I will make sure that you deeply understand the topics we will cover, we will use many websites for physics and maths questions and will potentially change the way you view these subjects(“If you don’t get it you hate it and if you get it you love it” - kind of basis) The level I teach is GCSE and A-level(but I know a bit more from physics specifically)

Cours de Maths-Physique-Electricité-Electronique-Automatique
Ingénieur industriel en génie mécanique et aéronautique, propose des cours particuliers en mathématiques, physique, électricité, électronique et automatique. Mon but est d'aider l'élève à maitriser sa matière en partant de la théorie que je lui explique minutieusement et avec des exemples concrets pour passer ensuite aux exercices qui permettent d'appliquer la théorie vue ensemble.

Spanish classes for everybody with a native girl from Madrid
Have you ever wanted to learn or improve your Spanish? Hi! My name is Yaiza and I'm a 21 year old Spanish girl. Currently, I'm studying Modern Languages and Translation and this is my last year. I have been a teacher for more than 4 years, teaching from primary to high school of type of subjects (Maths, Biology, English, Spanish...) We can practice whatever you want, my methods vary depending on the person. If you have any question do not hesitate in contacting me.

German and English tutoring with a native speaker
I speak German and English at C2 level and am happy to share my knowledge with others. I have lived in both Germany and the USA, studied in both German and English and have a master's degree in international business. I work professionally as an e-merchandiser and am responsible for maintaining the content of an e-commerce platform in English and German.

Career coaching from Credit Analyst at top investment bank
Friendly Analyst wanting to help students work through their career plans and ambitions, and help with CV writing or interview prep. Successfully converted a spring week to a summer internship to a graduate role at the same bank. Over 4 years experience of teaching and working with young people (A Level Economics, civic skills, TEFL, GCSE Maths).

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Italian language and culture
Excellent, very polite, very organized and methodical. The course is very pleasant and fruitful.
Review by IOULIA T.
Cécile is a professional teacher with a personal approach. Besides being a very friendly person, her teaching is absolutely worth recommending.
Review by TIMON R.
French tuitions for expats
Laureline is well organized, experienced tutor. I like her teaching style. I would recommend her highly !
Review by KIHONG J.

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