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Daniel Bossio
Learn Spanish and Catalan through your favorite topic
Learning a new language can be bored and disappointing. What I do is an interactive and stimulating Spanish or Catalan class using music, cinema, Spanish History, Barcelona, Catalunya, football or basketball as a vehicle of knowledge. I prepare the classes in particular to each student, according to the level, the hobbies, and the age, of course. The first class is a kind of interview, with the parents or the student, or both, and it's for knowing ourselves in order to see the options and clarify the purposes and the goals. I offer the chance to study a language through the subjects I mentioned before (Music History, Cinema History, Spanish History, Barcelona, Catalunya, Football or Basketball). Nevertheless, in our first meeting, we will be able to see and concrete how we prepare the classes.

Mathematics private tutorials especially for students of FEB at RUG
Hi everyone! I'm a student of FEB at RUG. I'm open to help other students to survive math course :) I love to teach and share the knowledge I have gained. I know how difficult math for FEB students is but I trully believe everyone can pass it! Especially with a little bit of help! :)

Private spanish classes ! Learn or improve your Spanish !
Classes available in Haarlem or via online! I am a native of the Spanish language. If you want to learn or improve your Spanish this is the opportunity! Fully customized classes focused on your needs. The classes will be fun, didactic and of course with a cup of coffee or tea to accompany the lesson! If you have a question, do not hesitate to write to me, I will be happy to answer!

Dutch Lessons For Foreiners Of All Ages With Different Methods
Hello! I'm Ndeye I am now studying International Studies at Leiden University in The Hague. I am french and always looking to learn new languages, I am currently Learning spanish wich is very exciting! I also speak French so if you need help in any of those as an extra I'm more than welcome to help! There is no age limit, I have given lessons to children who where 4, 5, 11 years old but also adults, I adapt my teaching methods according to specific needs. Do you want to learn Dutch for work? to be able to blend in the Netherlands? or because you are really interested in the language? All good! You can always contact me for any questions, I'm happy to help.

Mandarin Chinese Tutoring by the Native Speaker with fun
I am a native Chinese speaker. I am also good at Chinese calligraphy. I grew up in Shanghai, I also speak really good Shanghainese which is a Shanghai local language. I could teach in both language about the daily conversation, Chinese ancient poetry, ancient knowledge, music, modern literature, history, and food. I teach both adults and kids. From basic knowledge about Chinese history and culture to the wisdom of ancient Chinese. I like teaching while different daily scene, for example, I cook really good Chinese food, so I enjoy teaching Chinese while cooking, so we can have many daily dialogues and get to know the vocabulary and the culture and the food.

English or Spanish tutoring, all ages and abilities; Grammar, Conversation, Practice
Tutor in both English and Spanish. As a native English speaker, I am competent to teach any level from Grammar and written English, to causal conversation to improve practical skills. As a near-native Spanish speaker (C1/C2), I am competent to teach any age and ability. Having learnt the language myself, I have an advantage in teaching it to others, as I understand where common mistakes are made and student are confused. I specialize in teaching Spanish to English speakers or English to Spanish speakers, as I can communicate effectively in both languages and appreciate where common difficulties lie. I have experience teaching a huge range of students, from pre-school children to adults. I use a variety of fun, effective learning tools and methods, which will be suited to each individual student. The student controls the content and the set-up of the lessons alongside constant, informal review to ensure we are always working together to meet their goals. We work at the student's pace, ability and preferred method of learning, tailoring our sessions to meet their desired outcomes. I operate in a completely honest, open environment, where there are no such things as a stupid mistake or question!

Drums and music notaion/solfège for all levels in Amsterdam
I have a background of 7 years of classical piano and I also have been studing and playing Jazz (drums) for the past 8 years of my life (currently finishing my studies in the Conservatorium van Amsterdam. My goal is to teach people with no experience in music or drums and want to learn the basics of music theory, solfège and drums but also to more experienced students who want to improve their technique, coordination, sound, groove, etc. I can also teach different musical genres on the drums, depending on the taste of the student

Fluent Turkish Lessons for Everyday Use From a Native Speaker
This class is for those who would like to be comfortable at the everyday use of the Turkish language. From the basic and appropriate ways of introduction to more complex discussions, I will focus on grammar and pronunciation, as well as the cultural aspect of the language. In the process of learning and using a language, it is fundamental to get deeper in the traditional sayings, proverbs and natural assimilations of the expressions, both to be more comprehensible and familiar in the conversation and to understand the essence of that culture and its people. And this is a very convenient skill for building strong relationships both in personal life and in professional life. Therefore I will go beyond the technical, towards a more culture-oriented approach in my teaching and I believe it is the most efficient in the long term familiarization of a language.

Marcel Jorquera
Spanish and Catalan for people of all ages and levels
This class is aimed for anyone who is interested in learning Spanish or Catalan. For all the people, being young or adult, just beginning or already having some knowledge of the language, this is your class. If you would like to on a trip to a Spanish-speaking country or you are planning to go to study or work there, if you are interested in Catalan culture and its language... you are more than welcomed! Learning a foreign language is always a challenge, but an exciting one, and together we can enjoy it! I'm a bilingual native speaker of Spanish and Catalan, with some experience teaching the language to foreigners when I was living in Barcelona (before I moved to The Hague), and also giving private lessons to high school students.

Russian, Ukrainian, English language for children, teenagers and adults
Russian language is widely-spread across the world, since all the post-soviet countries operate this language. Also, it may be useful for the purposes of understanding other eastern-European language, like Belarusian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian or Polish. I can teach Russian or Ukrainian to the children and teenagers. Also, we will discuss literature and culture of music.

Alkmaar: Frans, hulp bij leren en / of huiswerk, conversatie, ...
Hallo, Ik stel voor om je helpen je Je Frans te leren. Ik pas me aan iedereen aan, aan elke situatie. Ik kan verschillende media gebruiken: games, liedjes, lessen, boeken .. Ik spreek niet veel Nederlands, de cursus is alleen in het Frans. Tot binnenkort

Conversation with a native Italian speaker in Groningen
Hello! I am Chiara, and I am an Italian native speaker living in The Netherlands (Groningen). I am here because I want to help you to feel comfortable speaking Italian, so that you can relax and find the Italian-speaking version of yourself. Therefore, if you have a basic knowledge of Italian ( up to A2 - B1) and feel like you need more practice to be more comfortable speaking it in all kind of situations (holiday, trip, business), informal conversation session with me will be a great opportunity to practice your Italian. My main “Italian conversation days” are Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 14:00 – 19:00. I look forward to hearing from you!

Dutch-Turkish / English-Turkish / Dutch-English. HIGH QUALITY LESSONS
If you want to learn more about the Turkish language and are looking for a course for this, then you have come to the right place, our lessons are very efficient and effective. We offer lessons for beginners and advanced students. Lesson packages: - Basic Turkish language. - Advanced Turkish. - Turkish language is accelerating. The lessons are normally in class but are also privately available at a specified location available at the client.

Speaking lessons for French, Italian, Spanish and English
Hello! My name is Alice. Learning a language can be hard, therefore it is necessary to practice it as much as possible. Thanks to my background I can help you acquire good speaking skills in languages such as French, Italian, Spanish and English. I am a university student from Italy in Amsterdam. I went to a French school in Rome until I was 18, I currently study in an International university and just did an exchange in Argentina. If you book a class with me you'll be able to speak and acquire fluency in the language you're learning. Through a casual conversation, I'll help you correct mistakes, teach you vocabulary and useful communication skills.

Spanish, English, French, and Japanese lessons for everyone!
Tutoring lessons for anyone! For Spanish I can teach any level required. I believe speaking is the most effective way of learning so I will be speaking in the language all the time. Of course we can also do reading and writing. As for English i can tutor anything that you may require/ want. French, conversational beginner and basic level can be taught. Japanese would be mainly conversational to practice with a native speaker. Conversations include daily life activities.

Violin lessons for children, begginers and intermediates and initiation in music theory
This class is for anyone looking to learn the violin and music in general. The focus is to develop a good technique and also have lots of fun with the instrument. We can discuss the goals of the student in the lesson, and the lessons will be given around what the student wishes. You'll learn a variety of violin pieces and also all the needed music theory to play them, so total begginers are more then welcome. I just want to share my passion for music with you and have an amazing time doing it!

Violin lessons, Music theory, Musical language for any age or level!
I teach violin for all age categories and levels. The lessons could be in english or in hungarian language. How often the lessons would be, when, and what we would play, is according to the wishes of the students. It's about learning and enjoying music.

Nice English, Dutch teacher in Zeeland Netherlands
Are you looking to improve your English or Dutch language with an experienced teacher? Well, I am the teacher for you! I am a British native speaker with more than 10 years of teaching experience. I have two university degrees and two professional education certificates. My lessons are fun, practical and improve your self-confidence to use English and Dutch for work and pleasure! I teach via Face to face conversation, webcam, WhatsApp video call, skype and via my social media platforms English: Are you looking for a Dutch or for an English teacher with an experienced teacher? I am a Dutch and English teacher. I am Dutch and Nigerian. The English language is the mother language in Nigeria. I have two bachelor's degrees and a master's degree in Marketing and Management. My lessons are very nice, interactive and can enable you to achieve self-confidence when speaking English / Dutch language

Violin and viola lessons for all leveled and ages!
Making music is incredible. You can have fun, express your feelings, develop your brain, share moments playing in an ensemble, and other countless benefits... Violin and viola are beautiful string instruments, that can be challenging but also very fun to learn, and you do need a good teacher to help you with that! Besides being a professional viola player, I am also studying teaching and music education, in order to be a better teacher and adequate the approach according to the individual needs of each student. I have lots of experience teaching children and adults in my country and in teaching children here in the Netherlands! I’ll give you all the support to find the right instrument for yourself!

Guitar, Music Theory and Basic Piano from 6 to 99 years old!
Did you decide to learn a universal language and a new way to express yourself? As a professional music teacher, I would love to guide you on this amazing adventure. I have a Master degree in Music Pedagogy from the HEM of Geneva, specialized in the Dalcroze Eurhythmics approach for children. I am from Switzerland but I've been teaching mostly in Barcelona after my degree; this is why I can teach in French, in Spanish or in English :) My private guitar, piano or music theory lessons can be taught at your location, and are suitable to any motivated learner!

Italian, English and Spanish Tutoring for those interested in starting or improving one of these beautiful languages
I am Paola, Italian girl of 23 years old, currently studying as a Master's student at RUG. I am very willing to help those interested in learning or improving their Italian, English, or Spanish, through targeted lessons that can fit every individual starting or continuing one of these two languages. The focus of the classes will be on the grammar, vocabulary, but also on the speaking and writing abilities of the student in the taught language.

Our students in The Netherlands say it best about our teachers

Italian language and culture
Excellent, very polite, very organized and methodical. The course is very pleasant and fruitful.
Review by IOULIA T.
Cécile is a professional teacher with a personal approach. Besides being a very friendly person, her teaching is absolutely worth recommending.
Review by TIMON R.
French tuitions for expats
Laureline is well organized, experienced tutor. I like her teaching style. I would recommend her highly !
Review by KIHONG J.

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