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Biology (IB Biology SL & HL, University Level Biology)
My name is Lise and I offer Biology tutoring. I first evaluate the level of the student and their strengths and how they best learn. I tailor my course around this and make a plan of how to help them. In addition I help with making study plans to review for exams. My tuition includes personal tutoring, questions outside tutoring and scheduling for exam time.

Bass guitar lessons for every level and age by an experienced teacher
My bass lessons are for people of all levels from beginners to pre-conservatory level. In the lessons we talk about essential sides of bass playing - so technique, timing, awareness of rhythm and harmony. And that in connection with different music styles: pop, rock, funk, jazz, hip-hop, electronica. For anyone who has ambitions to continue, I also treat: solfège, music theory, auditory theory, polyrhythms. What exactly we are going to do in class will therefore differ per student, depending on his / her needs and wishes.

"Piano lessons, organ lessons and music theory for everyone"
I teach piano for 8 years. I am very enthusiastic and passionate teacher. I try to adapt different methods to everyone that is most suitable according to previous experiences, skills, interest and needs. I give piano lessons for 8 years. As a piano teacher, I am an enthusiast and passionate teacher. According to the needs, previous experiences, skills and own interest, I apply different kinds of methods with my students.

Violin / viola lessons for begginers and intermediate
I am from Spain, and I studied classical viola in the HfMT Köln (Germany). I’m currently studying baroque viola and violin in the Koninklijk Conservatorium in The Hague. I’m looking forward to teach people from begginer to intermediate level, as long as you enjoy and have fun! I can also teach music theory in case you need it.

Spanish lessons in Leiden with a native Spanish speaker
Hola (: I am Eva, a 20-year-old psychology student from Spain. The lessons are suitable for children, teenagers or adults who want to start learning Spanish or improve it. We will practice reading and oral comprehension, as well as speaking and writing skills. Online classes are also possible! I, unfortunately, do not speak Dutch but you can contact me in Spanish, English or French.

Software engineering, programmeren en automatisering
Teaching in a wholesome approach what it takes to develop and write good software. We can work on your own projects together or work towards your goals. I have a bachelors in information and communication management and I have experience as a software engineer. Languages and frameworks I’m proficient in: - c# / asp.net - python - Java in android studio - JavaScript / NodeJS - dart and the flutter framework - Uipath - solidity

Language English, German, French, Spanish and Dutch and Geography and History.
I successfully completed 6 VWO and completed an English Cambridge exam. At the moment I am a law student with a passion for languages, geology and history and I like to share - at rest and with all understanding for the student - the knowledge about and together I look for the best method to make this work! I have been working as a tutor for primary and secondary school students for more than 5 years and have experience with people / children who have difficult learning, have little motivation or where the penny has just not yet fallen.

Georgian Language - Reading, Writing and - History.
Georgian Language is one of the oldest languages in the world. I want to share my language with people around the world because it is one of the most beautiful writing you will encounter during lifetime. I can help you easily learn alphabet and read anything you like! In Georgian, we write everything as we hear it so knowing alphabet is the key to everything.

Maths and English tutoring for 7-11 years from Qualified Primary Teacher
I am a qualified Primary school teacher from the UK, offering tutoring in Primary Maths and Primary English for 7-11 year olds. I have 6 years experience working with Primary School children. We will work together to identify gaps in knowledge, support your child and of course I will monitor and inform you of your child's progress. Classes are in English, my Dutch is conversational at best! I can tutor at your house or online.

Violin lessons for everyone!
Hi my name is Anne. I play the violin and the viola and this summer I'll graduate at the conservatory at ArtEZ Jazz & Pop. During my studies I started to build by violin teacher practice. Apart from my private students I taught at the music school "Muziekdorp" in Wijchen and coached a band of high school students for a year. Next to teaching I play concerts with the "Metropole Academy", I have a string quartet "The Four Frogs in te Woods", and I'm playing in a Folk string duo. Students of all ages and categories are welcome in my lesson. Classical, Folk, Rock, Pop, Jazz, and free improvisation are some of the genres you can discover in our lessons. I did a Teacher Training with the American Violinist Mark O'Connor and finished this training with a diploma. His method is a very beautiful and comprehensive way to learn the variety of the violinistic possibilities. We will play a lot of music together. Starting with a correct violin posture you will develop a brought variety of techniques to find your own style. Being able to play an instrument is an enrichment for everyone! I would be happy to meet you. Anne

Cello & composition lessons in Zaandam and Amsterdam
I am a professional cellist and have loved this instrument from up close for most of my life. I have a lot of experience teaching cellists of all levels between the ages of 5 and 75, and enjoy sharing my enthusiasm for this gorgeous instrument with others. In my lessons, I look for an approach that suits each student individually and has lots of attention for the wishes and needs of my students. From the very first lesson, we make music together, and explore ways of allowing the naturally beautiful sound of the cello to emerge. Whether you'd like to learn the cello, polish up your skills, or further develop yourself as a musician, I would be delighted to accompany you on this journey. I teach in a spacious studio in Zaandam (Wednesdays and Thursdays), and in an atmospheric studio in Amsterdam (Mondays). Are you curious, or would you like to know more? Feel free to get in touch.

Learn Academic, Conversational and Business English; Review for HAVO exams, IELTS, TOEFL or Cambridge Exam
I can help you improve your English skills in speaking, writing and grammar. The design of the class can be tailored according to your needs and goals. I am specialized in teaching English for personal development, for passing academic exams or for business requirements.

Math Tutoring: Calculus 1, Calculus 2, Probability, Vector Calculus, Algebra, Statistics, Trigonometry and many more....!
My name is Anmol and I help students to develop a deep understanding of the core topics of calculus, algebra, trigonometry, statistics, linear programming, etc., from the primary to the college level. Through 7+ years of teaching, I have developed a sense of understanding the students' needs and accordingly devised strategies to help them through. I also specialize in elucidating dyscalculia and help students to overcome the 'fear of math'. Feel free to contact me to discuss further!

English Lessons or/and Dutch Lessons or/and French Lessons for children, teenagers and adults
Learning languages is like opening windows on the world. And not only it is very enriching, but it is MUCH EASIER than one can imagine. With the right teacher-student relation, the right amount of interest and a useful and interactive method, any language can become very familiar to the learner in only a few sessions. It then builds up by practicing and applying the acquired knowledge to everyday-life, until the learners find themselves thinking in that language in some contexts. No ons speaks any language in absolute perfection. But there is a start to learning, and then developing the skills and understanding the language in question, in order to develop and carry on with a solid progression. It is a life time process that only gets more and more interesting. It ripes like a fruit. Plant the seed today! I will help you water it to a beautiful fruitful tree! Learning a language is one of the most altruistic and humanistic gymnastic you can initiate your brain to.

Maria Albors
Spanish lessons! Learn how be able to comunicate in Spanish like a native!
Are you interested in speaking and writing Spanish like a native person? If so, you have found the perfect teacher! With me you will learn Spanish in a fun and dynamic way. You will be able to speak some Spanish from the beginning. Paying attention to your own interests and needs, with adapted classes and a flexible teaching methodology. Spanish is my native language and I have a lot of experience teaching languages and other subjects (Spanish, English, Catalan and Music). I’m currently doing a master about teaching Spanish to foreigners so I’m very motivated to put into practice everything I am learning. In my classes you will learn all about Spanish language: vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, conversations... And in addition, I will teach you everything you would like to know about Spanish culture. You could even learn while cooking Spanish food!

Tutoring / homework support for primary and pre-vocational students
I have experience in tutoring VMBO students. In addition to Dutch Geography and History, I can also offer support in other courses. I have a lot of experience teaching primary school students. This is because I myself have been working in primary education for almost 30 years I have the opportunity to provide tutoring / homework support at my home. In addition, I can also come home to the pupil / student. However, within a radius of 20 kilometers.

Double bass, Electric bass, Acoustic Guitar, Music theory, Advanced harmonic concepts and improvisation, band coaching.
Would you like to learn the double bass, electric bass or improve your bass chops if you are a beginner or advanced? This is the right place for you. My classes are flexible with various topics to cover such as - African music, groves and polyrhythms - Jazz bass basic to advanced concepts - Blues and Rock & Roll - Rock groves - Latin and Afro Caribbean groves - Classical double bass techniques. Feel free to PM me for more info and details. During the lessons we will work on a multitude of ways to improve your performance whether you just like to play in your practice room or whether playing with other mates, we explore all the possibilities I will take into account your level of proficiency, so whether you are a beginner or advanced there's always enough materials to explore to further your development. LEARNING GOALS - Instrument setup - Basic and how to begin - We'll look at the necessary tools for achieving a good sound on your instrument, - Using the Piano as a tool for insight into structures of harmony on the bass; and to your advantage on the gig, or at jams. - Using the Drums as a tool for insight into structures of rhythm on bass - Learning and retaining jazz standards or pop songs. - Understanding the use of harmonic and rhythmic choices while accompanying a soloist. The duration of the lessons vary between 30, 45, and 60min each. Please feel free to contact me for lesson inquiries.

Piano and/or vocal lesson for beginners; Basic Music Theory
I'm a vocal jazz student at Conservatory and I can teach basics of piano and vocal skills for beginners :) My lessons focus on developing basic skills on piano and singing but also having fun and exploring the world of music. I also try to touch some ground with music theory if that's what interests you! Maybe you're already in music school, so I can always help you with homework etc. :)

Guitar / Songwriting / Composition / Music Theory Lessons
I am a graduate of the Conservatorium van Amsterdam, with several years of experience as a teacher as well as a performer, and professional composer and arranger. I am passionate about music education and can offer tuition in guitar, music theory, songwriting and composition for all ages and abilities. In guitar lessons, I want to be able to give students the tools they need to be able to express themselves fluently on the instrument. We will work on technique and essential theory, but there will also be a big focus on playing songs and learning tunes, which I believe is essential to understanding the instrument. I am also able to offer lessons in music theory, from beginner level to advanced jazz and classical theory. If you need assistance preparing for an entrance exam or theory exam, or if you just want to expand your general knowledge, then I am able to help. Through the study and analysis of theory in the context of musical compositions, I am able to give you a solid understanding of how music works on a theoretical level, widening your understanding of music as a whole. If you want you expand your creative instincts, I can also offer composition and songwriting lessons. Whether you want to perform as a singer songwriter, arrange for big band, or write music for symphony orchestra, I can offer tuition which will give you the tools necessary to improve in these areas. I teach from home and I am also able to teach about Skype / Zoom. Feel free to get in touch if you are interested. Thanks!

Italian Tutor for Grammar, Vocabulary and Speaking Proficiency
Italian private lessons for everyone who wants to understand for real the essence of the Italian language: - Learn the basis of Italian grammar and rules - Consolidate their bases in grammar, spelling - Improve their language skills - Improve their speaking skills - Learn Italian typical ways of saying - work on argumentative texts - work on Italian literature (upon request) - fill gaps - improve the spelling and pronunciation The course will provide material and weekly homework to work on, which will be corrected before the class to optimize the live interaction. It will be focused to a dynamic exchange of sentences and opinions, based on the current level of the student, with the introduction of new words. Apart from my presence with the student, any course involves a preparation time before and after the lesson, revising the work that I correct, making homeworks and practicing. My goal is to design an individualized course, so I take the time to write detailed comments on corrected work or tips to ensure maximum success for everyone. Of a general nature, a concrete situation that responds to the learner's needs is the starting point. From this situation, I address the essential grammatical points and the parts where the student should/want improve.

Trombone or trumpet lessons in Krimpen / Capelle aan den IJssel
Trombone lessons Learning to master the trombone is no easy task. It is an infinitely variable instrument, it has no valves or valves, which means that the hearing in particular must be well trained. Solfège is an important part of my lessons. If you can sing something, you can also play it, is my vision. Besides trombone lessons I also give trumpet lessons for beginners. Even then I use the ear training method. At music schools I teach according to the AMV principle. With that you can get your diplomas, A to D. The latter is, as it were, the audition for the conservatory. In my studio close to Rotterdam, I give music lessons according to your needs. This can be technique, or being able to present an etude or concert beautifully. But also learning to play over a chord progression, improvising, being able to play freely. COVID-19 update 2021: Due to the corona crisis, I am currently also teaching online via Skype. However, my studio is so big that the 1.5 meters can be maintained for the 1 on 1 lessons.

Our students in The Netherlands say it best about our teachers

Leer Duits van een echte Duitse leraar! Grammatica, spelling, gesprek en cultuur, zoals jij het wilt.
Goede eerste indruk van Rafael. Hij geeft ons veel en nuttig huiswerk (dat vinden we prettig). Kijkt het goed en duidelijk na. Investeert veel tijd in de voorbereiding. Is heel toegankelijk. En we hopen dat dankzij Rafael grote stappen kunnen zetten om de Duitse taal snel eigen te maken!
Review by ANNEMIEKE W.
Italian language and culture
Excellent, very polite, very organized and methodical. The course is very pleasant and fruitful.
Review by IOULIA T.
Cécile is a professional teacher with a personal approach. Besides being a very friendly person, her teaching is absolutely worth recommending.
Review by TIMON R.

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