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Financial accounting / managerial accounting / financial management / corporate finance / economics tutor
I have a background in the field of accounting & finance and have experience of over 5 years in the corporate world (3+ years as a Consultant at PwC and also as a financial reporting officer) and as freelancer (UpWork). I can provide tutoring for financial and managerial accounting, financial management, corporate finance as well as economics.

Impara l'italiano con Ruben. Laten we samen Italiaans leren! A passionate teaching experience for Italian language learners.
Italian is a fascinating and sweet language. Would you like to learn it or to improve your prior knowledge about it? I offer you the chance to do it in a friendly and relaxed way, using some of the best professional teaching methods though. I'm a 30 years old Italian teacher, triggered by the desire of travelling the world. I dedicated my academic career to the study of foreign languages. What are you waiting for? Ciao, e a presto.

Italian classes for all ages with Italian speaker, experienced teacher. Also available for conversation and test preparation tutoring.
I am an Italian international law graduate based in Leiden. I have a DILIT diploma to teach Italian to foreigners, meaning that I prefer to use a non-academic approach to teach the Italian language. I have over 5 years experience in teaching and tutoring. I usually teach my classes in Italian, but I can also speak English and Spanish. We will discuss the goals to achieve during the course, based on your wishes and interests, and we will decide together what kind of methodology is the best suited for you!

Guitar Lessons - Gitaarles - Classical, Pop, Rock, Folk, and More - In English or Nederlands
I am a Canadian classical guitarist and guitar instructor offering lessons in either English or Dutch. I am primarily educated and professionally active in classical guitar, but I teach in a variety of styles and genres. Every student has different goals, backgrounds, and abilities, so I teach each student with a custom-made approach. I work to help students develop strong guitar technique, musical knowledge, and literacy, and to be able to achieve their own goals with whatever music they want to learn and play. I have years of teaching experience, both in Canada and the Netherlands, so I am comfortable working with students of different ages and levels. I hold a bachelor of music degree and a master of music degree from the University of British Columbia. I am currently pursuing a second master's in guitar performance at Conservatorium Maastricht. I can teach in-home lessons or lessons at my studio, the price will vary depending on location, please contact me for exact pricing. Ik ben een Canadese klassieke gitarist en gitaarleraar die lessen in het Engels of Nederlands biedt. Ik ben voornamelijk opgeleid en professioneel actief in klassieke gitaar, maar ik geef les in verschillende stijlen en genres. Elke student heeft verschillende doelen, achtergrond en vaardigheden, dus ik geef elke student een op maat gemaakte aanpak. Ik werk om studenten te helpen een sterke gitaartechniek, muzikale kennis en geletterdheid te ontwikkelen en hun eigen doelen te bereiken met welke muziek dan ook die ze willen leren en spelen. Ik heb jarenlange ervaring met lesgeven, zowel in Canada als in Nederland, dus ik vind het prettig om met studenten van verschillende leeftijden en niveaus te werken. Ik heb een bachelorgraad en een master in muziek aan de University of British Columbia. Momenteel volg ik een tweede master in gitaarperformance aan het Conservatorium van Maastricht. Ik kan thuislessen of lessen geven in mijn studio, de prijs is afhankelijk van de locatie. Neem contact met me op voor de exacte prijzen.

Chemistry tutor by Graduate Bachelor student / Tutoring Chemistry by Graduated Bachelor student
Many people find chemistry difficult whether it has to do with molar calculations or redox comparisons, while that is not necessary at all with the right basis! This year I completed my bachelor in chemistry / chemical engineering at the RUG and in the meantime also helped many senior secondary school students with chemistry. In my tutoring I mainly ask a lot of questions to test your knowledge and I also let you explain a lot, because often you only fully understand the concepts when it can be explained to others. Many people struggle with chemistry be it with "mol" calculations or oxidations reactions, even though with the right footing This year I finalized my Bachelor Chemical Engineering at the RUG. Meanwhile, in those years I also assisted many high level secondary school students in a variety of subjects, such as chemistry and mathematics. I will generally ask you about the material during my classes to test your knowledge. At the same time I'd like to challenge you to explain these concepts to me, since I believe that true mastery starts with the ability to explain it!

Alaa A.
Learn English in the easiest and most interesting ways with Alaa :)
I am a former English teacher, I offer this class for beginner and intermediate student who want to develop their English. My goal is to keep student motivated and love their skills in the English language without being overwhelmed. I offer periodic progress report and would go to English activities with my student to learn English in better fun and amusing way :)

English Writing & Composition: For University and Work
Learning the fundamentals of writing and composing English text can help you advance in your studies and professional career, especially if you deal with international communication, academic research, or public speaking. The principles taught here apply to any modern language. This class is designed to develop students' understanding of professional writing, academic language, essays, proposals, critical analysis, and stylistic structures. The focus is primarily on grammar, structures, arguments, audiences, purpose, context, and formatting (where necessary). In addition, you will have the chance to explore the basics of literary analysis. I live in the Netherlands and study in the USA (by distance-learning methods). I also work as a writer and editor for several American and British corporations, which helps me stay up to date with the evolution of the English language. Usually, my students are university students, but I am willing to help anyone who wants to improve their linguistic skills.

UX Design - Root cause analysis, Research, Data Analysis, Designer's mindset, Prototyping, Testing, Defending your design choices.
For anyone interested in developing skills that will enable them to create valuable and useful experiences, products and services. You will learn the latest methods in the technological, psychological and design world. You'll gain practical knowledge and experience in various small projects that are part of the course, but most of all, you will develop a mindset with which you can solve any service/product problems in an efficient, valuable and professional manner. This course is intended for people, actively looking to gain knowledge and skills on all levels. All course resources (books, articles, digital resources) are provided for free.

Physics and Mathematics for Anyone: From Basic to Advanced
This class is for anyone who wants to learn or better understand physics and/or mathematics. I can help you with the specific problems that you are trying to solve, help you better understand a subject, or teach you a new subject that you want to learn: physics/math for school, general (classical and modern) physics, calculus, linear algebra, differential equations, complex analysis, classical mechanics, electromagnetism, thermodynamics, statistical mechanics, quantum mechanics, relativity, etc. You can message me to check for tutorial on a subject that is not listed here.

French lesson for all delivery times, test preparations
I can help with the former of French for all life times. French and Dutch are both native languages. the lessons are also available in english. I can easily work with children as much as with adults. The lessons depend on the wishes of the student.

🇨🇳Professional Chinese course for students of all levels and ages- 🔑open the door to the Chinese world for you!
1. Who am I? My name is Xiaolin(小林) which means little forest. I'm not only a native Chinese speaker but also my major is Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language. I worked as a university lecturer in China and was depatured by the Ministry of Education of China to Europe to teach Chinese in the university. So far, I've been teaching Chinese to foreigners of all ages for around 12 years both at the school or as a tutor. 2. What kind of course do I offer? As Confucius said "因材施教” which means " teaching students in accordance of their aptitude". I'll customize the courses and according to your learning target and your nature. Besides the time spent on the course, I could also answer your questions about Chinese learning or give you some inspiring tips to help you get to know the authentic China. I'm also good at cooking Chinese cuisine. If you're interested in that, I could cook you some real Chinese food or teach you how to cook your favourite Chinese dish:) 3. What about my former students? I still keep in touch with most of my former students. Some work for Chinese companies or Chinese related organizations, some work as interpreters and a student openned an English school in China to teach Chinese kids English. A young boy I started to tutor him when he was 2, now can comunicate with Chinese people spontaneously after 2 years learning. An adult student moved to Shanghai to live with his Chinese girlfriend( they got married last year in Otc.) and another 22 years old boy got to Chengdu to study in Sichuan university majoring in international trade. Too many stories to tell...

Mathematics: Calculus, Algebra, Geometry, Physics, Programming
I am a student of Applied physics at TU Eindhoven. I have good experience with teaching advanced and intermediate mathematics to High school kids. I am very passionate about mathematics myself and love making people understand and apply the subject.

English-communication, grammar, preparing for tests
This class is for anybody that wants to practice their English skills, but also for absolute beginners. I would love to hear about your motivation to learn English and adapt the classes so they fit your needs. I have experience in teaching English to Finnish teenagers. I spent 10 months in Finland on a project that was focused on mental support, but also English teaching. I’m a patient teacher and I believe that everything can be learned with the right motivation and methods.

Italian Class: Grammar, Basics, Conversations and Test Prep Tutoring
I am an Italian mother tongue law graduate and I studied at the so-called "classico" high school in Italy, therefore my Italian knowledge has pretty strong basics! I am willing to tutor whoever wants to practice her/his already acquired Italian skills or is willing to start learning from scratch. The classes will be adjusted to the specific needs of each student to achieve the best outcome possible.

Madarin Chinese; Taditional Mongolian language and script and Crylic script
I am a doctoral student majoring Chinese language and literature. I speak Mandarin Chinese and Mongolian. My goal is to keep student intrested in learning languages and cultures and showed the diversities in China. The focus of each class is to learn vocabulary, grammar and practice listening and speaking based on different topics with different culture tips.

Chih Hua
Mandarin Chinese (Traditional Chinese): Speaking/ Writing/ Reading/ Calligraphy
This class is for people who are interested in learning Traditional Chinese Characters, Bopomofo (Zhuyin注音) and Taiwanese Culture. The course can be designed based on the student's need. I will provide the learning materials which are suitable for each student after the discussion. I held a Bachelor degree in Architecture in Taiwan. After my graduation, I have experience working as a math tutor for junior high school students and a teaching assistant at the university. I am always happy and patient to help students with their learning. In addition, I have experiences in learning foreign languages (English, French, Japanese) and know the difficulties. However, there is always an efficient and interesting way of learning.

Private Tutoring with Native English Teacher for Students and Adults
I am an American and native-English speaker with experience teaching high school students (13-18) various subjects. With English, I can assist with more formal forms of speaking and writing, as well as colloquial and idiomatic aspects of the language. Lessons can focus on grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation, depending on a student's needs. I can help whether you need to improve informal (conversational) or formal (business and academic) English skills. As someone who has studied other languages, I understand both the challenges and joys of approaching a new language. I also know that learning a language requires figuring out what a student's individual needs are, since everyone learns slightly differently. Therefore, whether you are focused more on test prep, improving conversational English, working on academic writing, or English in professional settings, we will work together to establish goals so you get what you want out of the lessons.

Italian classes (from beginner to advanced level) with native Italian speaker
Ciao a tutti! I am Elena (Italian, 24) and I can help you to start learning or improve your Italian! In case you are a beginner, we would start from grammar basics, reading and listening skills and then, we will focus more on conversation skills. In case, you have already a higher level of Italian, we would focus mostly on the speaking, going deeper into the Italian culture. Feel free to contact me if you want more information and/or specific requests! I am very flexible and willing to adapt to students' requests. Do not hesitate to ask if you want to take the class with a friend/ partner or you want to focus on specific things :)

Mathematics tutoring, all topics secondary or tertiary level
I am an experienced mathematics tutor with a PhD in maths and a lot of experience at both the secondary and tertiary level. I can help with all topics that are part of the high-school curriculum or any standard undergraduate maths course. My teaching style focuses on keeping the student engaged and encouraging them to develop their own problem-solving skills. I assign homework after every lesson and provide periodic progress reports.

Learn How To Use Mandarin Chinese in Daily Conversation
Hi! Nihao! I am Jiacheng, currently a university student and my study programme is in English, which really helped me to improve my ablility in handling this language! Therefore, I am able to teach Chinese in fluent English. Compared to being a serious teacher, I would like to help everyone as a friend for language practice. I think it is very useful to structure the courses in a setting of daily conversation, which will benefit students when they need to apply the language skill into real life. The courses will be about daily topics with a form of conversation. At the same time, I also have interests in literature works. I am also willing/prepared to read and appreciate the Chinese novels or poems together with students, which will provide everyone a better understanding of the beauty of Chinese.

Spanish, from the basics (key hints for a trip) to the advanced (become fluent)
Do you want to learn spanish really fast? Are you planning some holidays in South America? or maybe just improve your actual spanish habilities. I am the teacher that you need. I could teach you all this things in personalized lessons, where you are going to learn the exact things that you need. And as a native speaker you could get a really nice neutral accent.

Our students in The Netherlands say it best about our teachers

Italian language and culture
Excellent, very polite, very organized and methodical. The course is very pleasant and fruitful.
Review by IOULIA T.
Cécile is a professional teacher with a personal approach. Besides being a very friendly person, her teaching is absolutely worth recommending.
Review by TIMON R.
French tuitions for expats
Laureline is well organized, experienced tutor. I like her teaching style. I would recommend her highly !
Review by KIHONG J.

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