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Native Spanish teacher, private classes with total flexibility and for all ages.
Private Spanish classes at all levels. I am Beatriz and I will be on Erasmus in Rotterdam from September. I am 21 years old and I have been teaching Spanish, among other things, for five years. I adapt to schedules and I prepare fun and entertaining classes.

Clarinet lessons available, all ages and all levels welcome
I am a professional clarinettist from the UK with extensive experience teaching to all ages and all levels, and I particularly enjoy helping young and adult beginners to discover this beautiful instrument! I offer clarinet lessons in English, French and Dutch. Want to learn classical music? I will give you all the tips and tricks you need to play any piece! Prefer to play your favourite pop songs, or learn to improvise jazz or Klezmer? Also possible, and I’ll make sure you do it in a way that helps you get better at your instrument all while having fun! If you want to find out more, or arrange a trial lesson so that we can get to know each other, then don’t hesitate to get in touch! A little about me, I grew up in the UK, before completing my higher music studies in France, where I also obtained a diploma in music education. I recently moved to the Hague where I am studying for a masters degree at the Koninklijk Conservatorium. I have taught privately, in music schools and in wind bands for over 7 years both in France and in the UK.

Arduino/PCB/electronics/mechanical project mentoring
Do you wish you could build things with electronics and mechanical components? Maybe your house needs a web-connected doorbell, or you want to publish your air quality measurements to the web. Or maybe you're already experienced and you have an automatic cat flap opener or motion-triggered foam dart shooter? Whatever your home electronics/mechatronics project, I can help you get started, improve, or complete it. I have extensive professional experience designing electronic circuits, PCBs, and the software to control them, and I've tutored privately for years as well. The way I work is to help you solve your most pressing and confusing issues during our class, then give you a short lesson to help you understand better what to do next time, and then leave you with some homework tasks you can do in your own time to progress your project - this saves you money and gives you a better competency result! I have a 3D printer, a metalworking shop, and all the benchtop tools we might need to develop your projects, as well as some generic arduinos, breadboards, and passive components - all you need to provide is (some of) the specific materials for your project.

Violin lessons lessons for students of all levels and ages
Hello everyone, I am a professional violinist based in Amsterdam. I have been teaching for 5 years in Italy, Belgium, and now the Netherlands! I can teach in English, Italian, and French to students of all levels and ages. Teaching method and lessons: I like to have a flexible method, shaping my approach so that each of my students grows in confidence with their instrument. To ensure that my students are committed to this process, we will set specific short-term goals, depending on the technical needs of each of you, and adequate to your level. In addition to this, we will also focus our attention on some interpretative challenges behind the repertoire we will approach.

Learn to code - apps, web development, game development
The world is becoming more and more dependent on computer technology. With a broad knowledge of the different programming languages and techniques, you can look at which aspects of programming you would most like to focus on. Feel free to send a message if you want to know more.

Korean tutoring for any levels - Listening, speaking, reading, vocabulary
Ranging from speaking, vocabulary, listening and speaking. Depending on your level, I would determine how to proceed with the class. I usually teach my students by utilizing online resources, and entertainment platforms to keep the students motivated. You are recommended to watch K dramas or listen to Korean music.

Spanish lessons with a focus on culture for all levels
Would you like to learn Spanish or just practice the language again? Then you've come to the right place. My passion for Spain and the Spanish, mainly Andalusian, culture ensures that I am happy to help you on your way and ensure that you reach the level you want to achieve. In the past I have lived in Seville and Granada and obtained the DELE C2 diploma at Instituto Cervantes so I know what it is like to learn the language and immerse yourself in the culture. I like to pay attention not only to the language, but also to my experiences with the Spanish culture.

Physics / Science / Mathematics tutor - IGCSE / IB MYP and DP
I am an interactive teacher of 5 years experience in schools. I have been a tutor for 13 years. I have taught physics and astronomy / astrophysics at university and have studied in science, education and science communication. My way of teaching is friendly and open, but clear and direct. I use lots of materials and interactive simulations and conceptual learning where possible. My abilities in education are incredibly strong and online getting better everytime I tutor. Given the previous situation with Covid. Online teaching has become second nature and I am happy to help your learning online. Teaching methodology: In order to teach a student effectively, it cannot simply be a matter of taking notes or going over the same material again and again. Students need time to connect concepts by approaching subjects from many angles. It takes practice and skill to make learning in a classroom interesting. I have been developing those skills over many years and continue to try and do so as I teach and learn myself!

Learn Guitar and Music Theory step by step, from 6 to 99 years old !
You decided you want to learn a universal language and a new way to express yourself? As a professional music teacher, I would love to guide you on this amazing adventure. I have a Master of Art in Music Pedagogy, specialized in the Dalcroze Eurhythmics approach for children. I am from the French part of Switzerland but I've been teaching mostly in Barcelona after my degree; I can, therefore, teach you in French, in Spanish or in English! My private guitar or music theory lessons can be taught at your location, and are suitable to any motivated learner!

Electronic Music Workshop: composing, recording, editing and mixing with your laptop!
Working with just a laptop, students are going to be able to produce their own tracks, based on sound libraries and recordings. Students will learn how to use a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) for recording, editing, mixing mastering purposes. The course can be adapted both for teenagers and adults. CONTENTS: - DAW The student will learn how to work with a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW), being able to set up a session and manipulate audio tracks. - Composing with virtual instruments Different composition techniques will be presented using virtual instruments, depending on the interests of the students. - Recording The student will learn the basics of recording acoustic sources. - Mixing A series of creative ways of processing audio tracks and mixing them will be presented and applied to the student projects. WORKSHOP ASSIGNMENTS: - A study on given sound materials A series of sound materials will be given to the students in order to create a track using a Digital Audio Workstation. The aim of this assignment is to practice at using a DAW and editing+manipulating sound tracks. - Composition project 1.1 Depending on the interests of the student, some composition techniques will be presented and the students should make a plan and experiment with different virtual instruments and recorded tracks. - Composition project 1.2 Once the idea, structure, and sound materials of the track are ensured and arranged, the students will be able to process, mix and finish their music. COURSES DURATION: - First approach: 6 sessions (1.5 month) - Course 1.1 (inc. first approach): 18 sessions (4.5 month) - Course 1.2: 18 sessions (4.5 month) Lessons can be individual (60 min) or in groups (90 min). ABOUT: Guzmán is currently a Research Associate at Sonology Institute and an Assistant Professor at University (Uruguay). He holds a master's degree in Sonology (Royal Conservatoire of The Hague - University of the Arts The Hague) and bachelor's in Music Composition at the School of Music of the University (Uruguay). He has been the sound designer of The Hy Project by Toyota Uruguay and The Electric Factory, which has been awarded with a silver Cannes Lion in the category of Radio and Audio and gold award ath New York Festivals. He has worked as a composer, music producer, arranger and guitarist of many latin/folk albums until now. As a sound artist, he has presented his work in The Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Argentina and Uruguay.

Computer programming in various languages (C, Java, Python), computer architecture and software engineering
Computer programming is becoming increasingly more important and relevant in the job market. As a Computer Engineer with a master degree and professional and teaching experience, I can help you with your university courses about C, Java and Python programming, adapting to your needs, or even computer science or computer architecture basics. I have a C2 English IELTS certificate. Don’t hesitate to contact me for any question!

Private tutor in Math, English, Polish, Russian, Biology
Helping with homework, giving private lessons and revisions. 18 years of experience in teaching in Poland. Polish language, English language, maths, biology. Teacher is speaking Polish, English and Russian (communicating also in Ukrainian).

HAVO/VWO bijles
Ik geef bijles in biologie voor huiswerk, toetsen en examens op HAVO en VWO niveaus

- Singing lessons in English/Polish - Song writing
Hi! I am Iga, a second-year student of Jazz&Pop music. Singing is my passion but I also studied classical guitar at the national music school in Poland. I use to be a guitar tutor but now when the vocal is my specialization I would love to work with kids and teenagers who share my hobby. I am writing my music and schooling at recording it. I'd be happy to work with you on your style and creativity if you want! My goal is to develop your skills and keep your voice healthy. I am inviting you to the first lesson!

Classes in Business and management in Dutch and English
I could help people acquire business management knowledge both in English and Dutch. The lessons may have different purposes: - just acquiring business and management knowledge useful in a special job setting - learning to translate business and management knowledge in the Dutch language - Learning to speak Dutch in a job setting

Guitar Teacher for basic level guitarist.All age groups are welcome.
Teaching varies depending on your desired style, level and what you want to achieve. We will go through chords, both basic and advanced. Memorizing freatboard through very efficient method. Also learning all the scales and arpeggios, writing and reading the music. I can also help with songwriting and singing while playing. One of the objective is of course as well to learn how to improvise and play along with the band. Main focus is on learning as much as possible through fun and games.

Francesca Romana
Classical guitar music lesson - private or in group
If you are willing to try to play some music with a friend or alone, the best moment to start learning is now! This class is meant for for children and adults, in groups or private with any type of previous experience in music, from absolute beginners to more advanced players. The approach is tailored on what are your personal goals and expectations. Learning the basic of classical guitar is the perfect beginning before approaching more complex acoustic or electric guitar.

Fractional Clalculus, Pure Mathematics, Fractional Schrodinger Equals, Caputo Theorem
Completed my masters degree in theoritcal physics at Mugla University and am experienced in teaching as well. I'm always open for a conversation during sessions and you can ask me anything! I'll be strict when exams are coming up but social. I'm excited to help further my students education and maybe even learn something new myself!

Violin/Viola lessons for children and adults of all levels (English/Polish/Russian)
Hello! I'm a graduating classical viola student at the Conservatory van Amsterdam. My goal is to help my students to express themselves through the instrument while developing their own musical creativity. In my teaching method, I like to find a personal approach for every new student of mine. I'm very friendly and open-minded in my teaching. I like to have a peaceful atmosphere during my lessons, so every student feels confident and relaxed. I'll be happy to introduce you to new compositions and musicians of your interest. I want my students to enjoy music and have fun with it rather than treat it as a science! I can teach classical and pop music, improvisation and help you practising orchestra and chamber music excerpts. I welcome everyone to have lessons with me, no matter what age or level you have. If you have any questions about my lessons, I'll be happy to answer them!

Italian language course by a native Italian student (grammar and conversation)
Hi, I’m Alessandra and I’m a native Italian student in Maastricht. This class is aimed for any person who would like to learn Italian both through speaking and conversation, and through grammar lessons. I am open to help (homework, beginners, people who already speak Italian and would like to perfection it…)

Singing - piano - music theory lessons, given in Ede (in English or Dutch)
Hallo! My name's Emi - I'm a British musician living in the Netherlands. I have been incredibly lucky to have had some incredible musical experiences... Some highlights including performing for the BBC/Ronnie Scott's TV Nights/O2 VIP Lounge/support for acts such as JP Cooper, and founding the Limelight Sessions (international monthly music nights, with acts such as Nick Wilson/Joe Buck/Hannah Grace, and many more).... But my biggest passion is teaching. I have 7 years of teaching experience (singing/piano/theory/English language), and a 100% pass rate in students' exams - from classical to pop music. I teach all ages/levels, and will tailor lessons to your own goals and musical visions. If you'd like to know more, or want to set up a taster lesson, then I'd love to hear from you! Hopelijk tot snel, Emi :)

Our students in The Netherlands say it best about our teachers

Leer Duits van een echte Duitse leraar! Grammatica, spelling, gesprek en cultuur, zoals jij het wilt.
Goede eerste indruk van Rafael. Hij geeft ons veel en nuttig huiswerk (dat vinden we prettig). Kijkt het goed en duidelijk na. Investeert veel tijd in de voorbereiding. Is heel toegankelijk. En we hopen dat dankzij Rafael grote stappen kunnen zetten om de Duitse taal snel eigen te maken!
Review by ANNEMIEKE W.
Italian language and culture
Excellent, very polite, very organized and methodical. The course is very pleasant and fruitful.
Review by IOULIA T.
Cécile is a professional teacher with a personal approach. Besides being a very friendly person, her teaching is absolutely worth recommending.
Review by TIMON R.

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