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Davide Guido
Music Production, Music Theory, Composition, Cello, Sound Engineering
My name is Davide and my music experience started when I was 10 years old during my middle school in Italy. I started playing cello and I kept on studying classical music for 8 years, performing as a soloist and in many orchestras and ensambles. In the meanwhile I started being interested in electronic music and composition for soundtracks. When I turned 17 I realized that music would have been my passion and my job. I graduated in “Contemporary Writing and Production” at Pescara Conservatory in Italy. During these studies I dove deeper into Pop and Experimental Electronic Music, orchestration and orchestral composition. I also had the opportunity to play in different bands and discover different genres such as Post Rock, Progressive Metal and Heavy Metal. After my bachelor degree, I finished my studies following a Master program at Codarts (Rotterdam) in Creative Production. During those two years I had the opportunity to collaborate with many people and explore different kind of music (Turkish, Flamenco, Jazz etc.). I wrote an Artistic Research about electronic unquantized music by analyzing the sound of producers such as Flume, Burial and Arca. Now that my studies are finished I feel that I want to spread my knowledge and my passion to many people as possible. My class subjects are: - Music Production (from beginners to expert level, mainly Ableton Live and Pro Tools classes) - Cello Lessons (from beginners to intermediate level) - Music Theory (from beginners to expert level) - Composition and Orchestration (explore the world and joy of composing for an orchestra and how to use your DAW as a real symphonic orchestra). As a Producer I want to let the student feel completely free to ask me whatever he / she wants. I have had many experiences as a producer and I know how to handle many different genres. My first teaching experience was at 17 years old and from that moment on I did not change my teaching set-up. I want the lesson to be an interactive moment in which the teacher and the student are sharing ideas and opinions. Feel free to apply for a trial lesson with a 50% discount. I look forward to meeting you!

Playing Double Bass & Electric Bass in a Band Context
Interested in being the backbone of a band? I'm Jonathan Ho, and I am here to help you! In our lessons, we focus on: - Bass Techniques - Establishing Rhythm and Groove - Understanding Harmonic Progressions - Creating Your Own Basslines I prefer a more interactive flow of lesson where we share openly about issues and ideas. I am not limited by preference of style, and any level of experience or knowledge is welcomed. I teach mostly online, or at my place. I am also able to travel anywhere within Rotterdam. Feel free to drop me any questions, or contact me for a lesson :)

Sarah Miñoza
Learn, Study and Have Fun with English for Beginners
A beginner English student is focused on learning essential vocabulary, such as family names, household objects, basic adjectives, and place names. Beginners are also becoming familiar with subject pronouns, frequently used verbs, and modal expressions. In other words, I'll highlight the Eight Part of Speech in English. They may study some grammar and syntax, but these lessons will mostly focus on basic concepts, such as asking questions, reading or constructing simple sentences.

Learn How To Design Applications & Website with Sketch Figma
Sketch and Figma are design toolkits used to build applications and websites. These softwares are used by major companies and are a great solution to handoff your work to developers. I will show you the basics of web designing in a couple of lessons. For more advanced users, I will teach how to reuse elements on an interface while ensuring consistency. More about myself: I am an experienced UX Designer who uses Sketch on a daily basis. I have a couple of teaching experiences that I absolutely loved! I am really happy to share my knowledge and help others discover the unknown possibilities of digital tools.

Private Singing Lessons - Songwriting, Technique & Performing
I have been singing all my life and I have many different experiences with receiving and giving singing lessons. If you want to become better in singing technique, performing and / or songwriting, I can help you with that. I give private lessons to give you as a singer more knowledge about the profession, so that you feel comfortable singing and can get more out of your own voice. We choose some songs to practice with or work on our own songs. During the singing I analyze what happens and give this back to you so that we can work on the skills that you would like to improve!

English, Maths, Test Preparation tutoring, Fun learning
I specialise in tutoring English and Mathematics. My goal is to keep students engaged and at the same time challenged. I would like to keep the class fun as possible so as to make learning interesting. This class is for students ranging from pre school to adults who wish to learn.

English and German Tutor Class - Beginner to Intermediate Level
I specialize in tutoring English and German grammar as well as pronunciation. I keep track of a level of progress and make sure my students get their personalized material as well as the support they need from me. I assign homework if needed / requested and will make sure my students get a fitting program to increase their language level as efficiently as possible. I am a very talkative and open-minded person and enjoy tutoring, challenging and guiding people along their journey.

Violin and music theory lessons from beginners to advance musicians.
Do you want to learn violin or improve your skills on it? So you're more than welcome to my class! With me you can learn from the basics of this instrument to the advanced technique in a helpful and efficient way. Even I can help you with orchestral auditions or auditions to enter in a music school. I have my bachelor's diploma from Spain and now I'm doing the violin master degree in Utrecht Conservatorium. If you need help with music theory I can help you too so don't hesitate to contact me!

Piano lessons for students of any age and any level! (also prep for ABRSM)
I have a Master's degree in classical piano, diploma in education and almost 10 years of teaching experience. I work with all age groups and all levels, from beginners to advanced. I can help you develop your musical skills, improve your piano technique, sight-reading, present you with a wide range of repertoire, explain music theory, help you prepare for entrance exams, or ABRSM / Trinity exams.

Osman Mahmud
Mathematics, Economics or Accounting for VWO/VMBO or HBO
I am a second-year student of BSc Economics and Business Economics at the University of Amsterdam. My goal is to be a private tutor and provide 1to1 support for students (at their house if necessary). I have very high scores in my A-Level (UK curriculum) exams in Mathematics, Accounting and Economics backed up by good first-year grades at the University of Amsterdam. I can teach any topic of the mentioned subjects for students undertaking VMBO, VWO, or HBO level education. I have a flexible schedule so I can allocate many different time slot options for you. I can help you prepare for your VMBO/VWO exams. I have past experience of working as a Teaching Assistant and also as a private tutor.

Drum Lessons in a Boathouse in English, Hungarian, German & Serbian
My name is Ben (26), and I'm a certified drum teacher with about 15 years of experience behind the kit. Previously I have studied jazz drums at Kunstuniversitat of Graz. Currently I'm teaching at multiple institutions in Amsterdam such as: Lucky Beat Music Club, United Pop, British School of Amsterdam. My classes take place on my boathouse at Weesperzijde, however if you wish I can also come to your place. I can guarantee you that after your first lesson you already will be able to play a simple rock beat! I can teach you the following: - Groove - Speed & Stamina - Technique - Music Theory - Music Production (Beat making) in Ableton - Controlling dynamics - DJing - Body Percussion - Reading music - Composition And much more... When it comes to teaching, creative lessons and positive energy are my pillars. I do approach every student differently, making sure I am able to show them what is possible on the instrument. I certainly believe that everyone is capable of learning to play the very basics after a short period of time. I do think that since drumming goes back all the way to the primal ages, we all have the drummer inside us, it just hasn't awakened yet. I want to be that person who will awake the drummer inside of who is wanting to learn. I feel fortunate that I'm able to do what I've studied and get to live my passion. There is nothing better than to see a student improve, develop and see when they finally start to "get it".

Healthy singing technique and how to express your emotion in your music
Hallo guys!! I am Yuh-ichi from Japan. I love to be help for your learning and very happy to inform you the contents of my class!!!! I’m offering vocal training for singing. In the lesson, we will focus on learning healthy technique and how to express an emotion in your singing with amplifying rich resonance in your natural voice. You will learn proper Singing pronunciation in each language and it makes your expression more convincing. I would like to help you to find out that singing must be easy physically because a lot of people are misunderstanding high resister is very hard to sing and has to be squeezed a larynx. But it is not true!!!! Let’s open the door to new world of singing!! When you start?? Right now!!!

French and/or English (literature, grammar and syntax)
I specialize in tutoring English and French as they are both my native languages. I have extensively studied French and English literature for more than 10 years and would wish to convey what I've learnt to other students. My goal is to keep students at a high level with their foreign language courses and to maximize their interest for both of these beautiful languages. I assign homework after every class in order to keep the student captivated but mainly to make him/her improve.

Guitar and bass guitar lessons and music theory from conservatory student
The most important thing about making music, in my opinion, is that you enjoy it. That's why I don't work with books, but I look at what you want to learn and how I can best teach you. Learning an instrument is different for everyone, so I adapt to the student.

Custom Saxophone Lessons from all styles for everyone
Do you play the saxophone? or Are you looking for a new hobby? You're in the right place! Depending on your current experience you will get: • Saxophone Lessons (with freedom to choose which styles you want to play) • Basic Music Theory Lessons Based in Maastricht, NL

Programming in Python: High School & University Level
Python is one of the most easy, robust and widely used programming languages, suitable for a wide range of tasks; from development of graphical user interfaces to building web applications. Its versatility as a programming language is why I love it, and also love to teach it. To help you unlock your potential in programming, my focus will be on keeping you motivated and challenged, yet not overwhelmed. The sessions will provide you with a practical approach to programming, where you will be introduced to a toolset, and then given exercises, tailored to your needs, to deepen and sharpen your skill set. After a lesson, I assign homework, provide feedback, and discuss different approaches that could have been taken to tackle the assignment.

Learn and speak Mandarin Chinese easily and happily
Mandarin is not as complicated as you think, and it could be funny and interesting! The expected outcome from the courses : During the conversation with native speakers, your mandarin expression of speaking will be sharpened and level up increasingly. By the practice, you could tell the difference between nuance and intonation based on the various situations. Personal background: I am from Taiwan and have an educational background in teaching Chinese and English for primary school pupils. I have studied in Japan and the UK, currently, located in Amsterdam :).

Anne LI
Organizing homework, Help students become more confident about what they can (especially during exams) Math, Physics, Chemistry and History
In this class i help students to organize their homework and help they get good prepared for exams. I find it very important to help a student with understanding the course but also to help them gain more confidence about what they can. Math, Physics and Chemistry are all Beta subjects. I focus on really understanding the courses instead of learning you a trick. It’s also about a lot of practicing with those subjects. I also give History. It’s important to understanding connections between events and why people choose to act in a certain way.

German, English tutor for kids, teenagers, adults!
Effective & Fun Classes With a C2 level diploma I will: - tutor different subjects in German and English - help develop general study skills - provide help with the oral and written aspects of the language(s) - preparation for exams I have 5 years of experience in tutoring while living In London, United Kingdom & Cologne, Germany. I'm looking forward to hearing from You!:)

Lucia Cañellas
Spanish, English and Catalán tutor, available to help you progress in any of the languages!
I have tutored many students at my school in Mallorca, in all 3 languages. Am also experienced with helping school kids with homework and extra support for tests. I can help with both Spanish and English grammar, reading skills, vocabulary and proper speaking. I have been a student at an english international school my whole life, so I have a good knowledge on how to teach languages.

Singing lessons for all levels & all ages are welcome!
Hello everyone who is interested in singing. (The lessons can also be done via an online Skype / Zoom call) Every level is welcome! singing is for young and old, with experience or without. During the singing lesson you are central and all time is taken for the development and growth of the voice. In the lesson we work on a song of your choice. Tips and techniques are used to work on the desired voice control.

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Italian language and culture
Excellent, very polite, very organized and methodical. The course is very pleasant and fruitful.
Review by IOULIA T.
Cécile is a professional teacher with a personal approach. Besides being a very friendly person, her teaching is absolutely worth recommending.
Review by TIMON R.
French tuitions for expats
Laureline is well organized, experienced tutor. I like her teaching style. I would recommend her highly !
Review by KIHONG J.

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