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Marcela Rivera
Spanish and English lessons. You will have fun learning languages.
I remember when I was a student. I used to get bored at school, and I don't want my students to feel the same. So prepare to have during the lessons either in Spanish or English. One of my teaching strategies is to make the students like their classes and languages. And also show them in what way this is important for their futures. I like to create a friendly environment, where students can feel confident and relaxed when the time comes for them to produce. In my opinion, this environment that I create is the most important in the learning process.

Spanish, French, English class. Learn a new language!
Knowing another language is an advantage in the labor market. The goal is that you learn to speak the language you selected. You will be able to have conversations in French, Spanish or English. To do so: you will learn grammar and vocabulary.

*Private English lessons from qualified native speaker*
I am a qualified teacher of teaching Cambridge English (CELTA) to speakers of other languages. If you need extra tuition in English language skills: reading, listening, speaking or writing I am willing to assist. If you have difficulites with English grammar I am also available to help. Please specify your needs in advance. Yours sincerely, Shirley

Deborah Giusy Londono
¿Quieres aprender italiano? Vuoi imparare spagnolo?
Do you want to learn italian or spanish? Are you looking for an interesting and interactive way of learning? I have a long experience in teaching kids and adults and what I know is that everybody enjoys different ways of learning. Your class will be customized based on your needs (academic,professional or personal interests)

French classes for any level, given by a French student !
Hi !! I am a French student, doing an internship in Amsterdam. I am studying Business and Management I also speak Spanish as I spent a year in Madrid for my studies. During this year I gave French classes to Spanish students and children 3 times a week. I loved this experience and I would like to do it again in Amsterdam! My method to give classes is to push the student to learn by doing fun exercises, games etc. The most important part of a language is the speaking so I would mainly focus on that but I can of course adapt to the needs of the student. I would adapt my teaching method according to the age and the needs of the student and I am willing to give my best to make him/her enjoy French classes as much as possible !! If you are interested, you can contact me via Apprentus

Japanese tutoring from experienced teacher for Everyone
I am a Japanologist, with over 3 years of experience of teaching Japanese. I worked as a high school teacher, and university tutor as well. Learning Japanese comes with knowledge of the culture of the country, and vice versa. If You are looking to take the JLPT, or need help with your Japanese, or just want to learn from zero, please don't hesitate to message me! I provide language books and other learning materials. I lived and studied in Japan, and as a former student, I know the struggle of memorising kanji and the usual difficulties. The classes are always tailored to the client's preferences and needs, making it very personal and friendly. You can always choose what you want to focus on: grammar, speaking, writing, a specific test or exam. I hope to hear from You! :) よろしくお願いします。 エニコキシュバン

Vietnamese language for speaking, working, studying and etc.
I am originally from Vietnam, but I currently live in The Netherlands where I recently completed a Masters degree. I would like to help those who want to learn Vietnamese. I have experience as a Vietnamese tutor, and I understand the challenges of learning a foreign language through my own experience learning English and Dutch. Through my extensive experience training and mentoring student interns and employees at Asia Commercial Bank, I have developed strong communication skills and effective motivation strategies. Most importantly, I am patient and able to develop trusting relationships with students and colleagues.

US University Admissions Prep: SAT tutoring, essay writing, interviewing
I specialize in tutoring and consulting related to the US university admissions process. This includes SAT and SAT II prep, essay writing, interviewing tips, and helping you create a compelling narrative to send to US universities. I was admitted into Harvard, Yale, MIT, Dartmouth, UC Berkeley, UCLA, and a few others, and have been tutoring people of all ages. I know this process can be daunting, but I truly believe every student has a unique and amazing story to share. I am committed to helping the applicant shine in all areas of the admissions process, and to help them feel more at ease during it.

Latin - learn how to read and understand one of Europe's most important languages
Latin was and remains one of the most historically important languages in Europe. This class will teach you the fundamentals of an ancient and difficult tongue. Classes are flexible depending on the needs and availability of the students. While it may be a challenge, it's also highly rewarding as you can gain a sense of connection to the world with a language with so much history and influence.

English Language Tutoring from an international student
Dear English learners, I'm Elly (Elif) and I'm an Erasmus student in Leeuwarden. I study English Language Teaching in the best university of Turkey and I'm very enthusiastic about teaching English! I hava a minor degree on psychology as well because I think psychology field is very important for teachers. I love teaching languages as well as learning them and meet people from different cultures, and that is what I do here. I have worked at a nursery school and I taught English to children from 2 to 6 years. I get on well with children and love teaching them in a very fun way! I am also very good and enthusiastic at tutoring people from primary school, secondary school, college level and adults. I can also help your Aptis test preparation.

With a few well-aimed strokes I teach you to play drums in ten lessons!
I give drum lessons to beginning drummers (m / f). You can come to me from 6 years. I give individual lessons so that you can learn at your own pace. You will only become a good drummer once you have mastered the basic technique. That is why technique exercises are discussed a lot, which we apply when playing real songs that you like.

French, Dutch, English, Geography, History, Integration in the Netherlands and Dutch culture
I'm an experienced, enthusiastic and patient teacher. Since 2000 I have been working as a French teacher. Since 2008 I'm the owner of an institute that specializes in coaching and assisting secondary school students. website: cncoachingenhuiswerkbegeleiding.nl Besides that, I teach young students and adults privately. Having lived expatriate work- and family life for 15 years in several countries, I'm experienced in assisting and coaching expats and their children in the course of their educational, psychological and practical integration process in the Netherlands.

ELA English Lessons - a fun way of learning English.
ELA is here to provide a productive environment where learning takes place in a pleasant manner. We respect and promote the individual needs and goals of our students, whether their goal is to learn English for personal, business, or academic reasons.

Do you want do learn how to play the piano? Jazz or classical? Piano, harpsichord and keyboard lessons!
I started playing the piano when I was 8 years old. By that time I already could feel I would become a professional musician and teacher. I got my first bachelor in piano in 2007. When I was 13 years old, I started having harpsichord lessons and expanding my knowledge of classical and early music. In 2012 I got my bachelor degree in harpsichord and in 2014 my master degree at the Royal Conservatoire of The Hague. Currently, I’m working with my ensemble, teaching piano and harpsichord, and am now doing my Ph.D. in Performative Arts at Leiden University I absolutely love to teach and pass my experience as a musician to my students on both instruments. I like to see them improving and have fun while playing. I work with several ways of teaching, depending on the student level and music background. Normally I work with piano methods with kids from 9 -12 years old. I can teach music theory if necessary and if it will improve the student’s needs to progress and reach their goals, I do that with pleasure. Harmony and a bit of keyboard improvisation are also very welcome to the class. My specialty is classical music, more specifically, baroque music, although I have notions of pop, jazz, and improvisation. Because I have sporting and personal training backgrounds, I’m specialized also on correcting postures and eventually avoid or solve pain issues when regarding playing.

Spanish for Begginers - How to learn Spanish in an easy and fun way
Spanish is a beautiful, and dare to say, easy language to learn, with a rich and amazing culture beneath it. Speaking different languages gives you the possibility to open new opportunities. Spanish, is one of the most spoken languages in the world, so speaking Spanish gives you hundreds of new possibilities. Either you need a foreign language to enrich your professional agenda, or you simply are just intrested in learning all about a different civilization, then Spanish is the language for you. During our classes, my goal will be to educate you in the most fun way possible. Keep you challenged and motivated, but not overwhelmed. I do assign homework after every class, and I provide periodic progress reports, when asked. I believe in the great teacher-student relationship and I like giving the lesson a fun and intresting essence, introducing new technological methods and games in the teaching process. Most of all, I like to really know my students, in order to adjust my methonds according to the student's needs and preferences. As for myself, I have been teaching Spanish to individuals or small groups of all ages (from 8 years old to 40+) for about five years, with great results. All of my students are able to communicate perfectly in Spanish and they have all succedded in their examinations. Are you ready for your next big step? Vamos!

Learn,Dance and have fun in the world of Bollywood!
Bollywood dance is the most common and fun form of dancing done in India. This dance is an amalgamation of the various traditional Indian classical dances adapted to the music currently used in the Hindi film industry. The class would be developed on a personal level to learn , grow and build the basics of this dance . And not to forget this dance is about having fun while you do it as well !

French lessons at students' location, by Skype or Whatsapp
I teach French using the communicative-activity approach. Classes focus on five language skills development: comprehension and oral expression understanding (CO), writing understanding (CE), writing (EE), speaking (EO) and communication (interaction) in accordance with the CECR directives. I help students prepare for DELF/DALF, TEF/TEFàQ. I teach French using authentic documents, audio, and video materials. I apply an individual approach depending on my student's needs.

Russian language and culture for beginners and advanced
My name is Liza Hage and I am a professional and certified language trainer in the Russian language. Russia and the Russian language are my greatest passion. Because I was born and raised in Moscow, I know how the country works and will tell you all about it during the lessons. If you want to know more about Russia, the language and culture, I will help you with this in an efficient and personal way. During the lessons I will give you the tools to continue to develop your knowledge in the Russian language and culture. These are information sources that you can continue to consult after your course to stay up-to-date.

Verbeter je onderhandelingsvaardigheden met de Harvard-methode
Er wordt weleens gezegd dat alles onderhandelbaar is. Misschien heb je dat vroeg in je leven al ervaren, bijvoorbeeld toen je ontdekte dat je bedtijd niet in beton gegoten was. De kans is groot dat je onderhandelingsvaardigheden in de tussentijd steeds belangrijker voor je zijn geworden. Ze zijn dan ook essentieel voor iedereen die iets wil bereiken. Ook als professional moet je veel onderhandelen. Het is bijvoorbeeld goed voor te stellen dat je in een conflictsituatie moet bemiddelen tussen cliënten or dat je moet onderhandelen over bepalingen en clausules in een contract. Daarnaast zul je waarschijnlijk gesprekken voeren met je werkgever over salaris, vakantiedagen en andere (secundaire) arbeidsvoorwaarden. Om je voor te bereiden op dergelijke situaties maken we gebruik van de Harvard-methode. Stapsgewijs doorlopen we deze befaamde methode, die er niet zozeer op gericht is om de wederpartij te verslaan maar om waar mogelijk win-winsituaties te creëren. Het doel van deze cursus is tweeledig: 1. Je bent in staat om de theorie over onderhandelingsvaardigheden te reproduceren en om die kennis toe te passen op specifieke casussen ter voorbereiding van de onderhandeling. 2. Je bent in staat om te onderhandelen in een professionele omgeving, waarbij je gebruik maakt van onderhandelingstechnieken en communicatievaardigheden die passend zijn in die context. Met andere woorden, we bespreken de theorie en brengen die in de praktijk met behulp van casussen die speciaal voor deze cursus zijn ontwikkeld.

Mathematics and Physics high school (English or Dutch)
Do you need help with homework or do you need to prepare for your exams? I teach secondary school for mathematics and physics. My goal is to motivate the student and build a foundation by understanding the basic principles and building from that. I myself am an Aerospace Engineering student at TU Delft, which means that I am familiar with the knowledge of mathematics and physics. My approach is to answer exam questions so that higher grades are achieved.

Chemistry, English, and Maths Tutor: Beginner, IB, and Advanced
Hi! My name is Aaron and I've recently graduated from the University of Edinburgh with a first class masters in medicinal chemistry. I took the International Baccalaureate myself right here in Den Haag, and know personally how difficult it can be. In fact my worst IB result was in chemistry, mainly due to poor teaching and a lack of effective learning resources. Precisely because I overcame this deficit to go on to excel at university level chemistry, I know I can help any student achieve their desired results. Alongside my studies I spent over two years working as a primarily online IB chemistry tutor through Elite IB Tutors. I have conducted both online and face-to-face lessons, and guided many students for months. Through this work I have experience in lesson planning, tailoring content, working to learning outcomes, and have comprehensive knowledge of the current SL and HL syllabuses. I can also teach English and mathematics at an intermediate level, as both of these subjects were central to my work in university. As a tutor I prioritize the relationship with the student, and understand that everyone learns most effectively in a trusting environment. I am highly flexible in my teaching methods, according to a student's individual needs and strengths. I also value transparency, and am eager to include the student and their family in any decision making regarding the lessons. From my students I expect only an eagerness to learn and a confidence in their own ability. Please feel free to get in touch with any additional questions.

Our students in The Netherlands say it best about our teachers

Italian language and culture
Excellent, very polite, very organized and methodical. The course is very pleasant and fruitful.
Review by IOULIA T.
Cécile is a professional teacher with a personal approach. Besides being a very friendly person, her teaching is absolutely worth recommending.
Review by TIMON R.
French tuitions for expats
Laureline is well organized, experienced tutor. I like her teaching style. I would recommend her highly !
Review by KIHONG J.

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