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Cello lessons for all levels and ages, music, art.
Hey everyone, I am Katerina. I am a bachelor graduate of HKU Utrechts Conservatorium and I am offering cello lessons to pupils of all ages and levels. Music could be a valuable tool to express your musicality and explore the beautiful world of classical music or it could be a precious way to develop your kid’s skills and talents. In my lessons we could focus on learning how to play the cello from scratch, how to develop our technique and how to express our musicality. I also offer lessons to people that used to play cello and want to start again, any level is welcome!

Composition and Music Theory/Music History Lessons
I have dedicated most of my life to the study of music and composition. In our lessons, no matter what the level of proficiency, we will study the works of great masters of this art. Alongside the technical skills for composition and analysis of works from all eras (from Baroque to 21st Century), there will be a portion of each lesson dedicated to the history of music composition. Please let me know if you have any questions and I'll be more than happy to answer them.

Hoi! My name is Diego and I am a Spanish tutor from Perú. Currently, I am a student at the Universiteit van Amsterdam. Additionally, I have a special interest in Latin American culture – which I would be happy to share with students I design a specific learning plan for my students based on their goals and preferences. 1. Review of movies, music, and TV series. 2. Assistance with student's homework 3. Development of oral skills through conversation, presentation, and debate 4. Expansion of vocabulary and grammar skills 5. Discussion of Hispanic and Latin American politics, culture, and society I have experience tutoring teenagers in Middle School and High School at different levels in Perú. The lessons focused on writing, pronunciation, and presentation skills in English and Spanish. I have also tutored adults who wanted to improve their fluency in Spanish.

IB Maths, Economics, Physics and Chemistry Prep Tutoring
I specialize in IBDP Economics HL/SL, Maths HL, Chemistry HL/SL and Physics HL/SL. I got my IB Diploma in May 2019. I can help with exam preparation, learning content, assignments, organization and time management skills. My tutoring aims to challenge the student, but not overwhelm them, and to first make sure their concepts are clear and that they understand the material. I can help them get rid of any misconceptions and doubts they may have. I feel like I would make a great tutor as I know my subject very well and am part of the latest IBDP graduating class as well, making my knowledge of the system very reliable and fresh. I can provide perdiodic progress reports.

German- and Russian Teacher in Amsterdam (Conversational)
Have you ever had the wish to learn Russian or refresh your German and have a native speaker to practice with? Or are you struggeling with these languages in school and need someone to help? Since I grew up in boths cultures, I can teach you conversational standarts and more personal talk in one of those languages. I have been teaching students to become more fluent and confident in their pronounciation and have a more vivid talking flow. I am enthusiastic and adore languages! Furthermore I am quite flexible with my lessons and very adaptable to any levels. Feel free to contact me!

Spanish lessons for all levels, Test Prep Tutoring
Hola amigos! My name is Kevin and I am a Business Administration professional with first-hand experience in tutoring foreign students from different nationalities. My linguistic spectrum consists of English, French and Spanish, which I master both orally and written. As a native Spanish speaker, I possess significant experience in the construction of argumentative texts and academic essays in Spanish. On the personal side, one of my greatest passions are philosophy and literature. As such, I am constantly reading and translating texts in order to increase and develop my language skills. Consequently, my work methodology is mostly focused on motivating the student to speak freely and to learn by acknowledging his/her mistakes. From the beginning, I will try to address the lessons 100% in Spanish, with the aim of familiarizing the ear to the pronunciation. In terms of written exercises, it is important to know what are the student’s learning priorities. When starting with the written part, it is important to know the student is dedicated to practicing and that he will also benefit from this in his future experiences. This is why the exercises will address current social problems that allow him to be fluent when he meets other Spanish speakers. In order for the student to learn as easily and efficiently as possible, homework exercises will be given after each lesson, drafted according to the parts that the students wishes to master best (speaking, reading, listening, writing). This way, the student will benefit from a fluid learning process and, with dedication, will be able to excel in Spanish in a short period of time.

Arabic Alphabet, reading, writing and making a daily conversation in MSA or Levantine
I am specialised in teaching Arabic Language (MSA and Levantine) for non native speakers. Learn all about the Levantine culture and how it affects the way of speaking while using the language. Have a cup of Arabic coffee with me and learn all about the Arabic traditions related to coffee. Learn reading and writing and create you own Arabic handwriting within 8 sessions only, using my own book learn Alphabet with Nour. Wide range of vocabulary, expressions and proverbs from the Middle East.

Electric/Acoustic Guitar, Solfege and Music theory lessons
I'm a guitar player and composer with a degree in jazz guitar performance. I have experience in a lot of styles including jazz, blues, classical, rock, pop, metal, funk and others. Teaching both electric and acoustic/classical guitar. Solfege and music theory lessons are also available. Five years of teaching experience throughout all ages. Lessons are in English or Bulgarian.

Math private lesson in Leiden - cours particulier de math a Leiden
Math issues are most of the time due to miscomprehension and to lack of methodology. My lessons are oriented accordingly to that in order to give the student the capacity to succeed in exercise by himself. Les problèmes en math sont souvent du à de l'incompréhension et des manques de méthodologie. Mes cours sont donc orientés sur ces points afin de favoriser l'autonomie de l'élève et de lui permette de réaliser ses exercices par lui-même.

Spanish or German Tutoring with a native spanish/german
Spanish and German are two languages you will probably be willing to learn. As a native spanish/german, I have been tutoring both for the last five years, helping mostly students to get a basic/high level. My goal is to keep students challenged and motivated, providing insights regarding vocabulary, grammar, reading, writing and speaking. I am flexible and easy going, to make the study of your language as enjoyable as possible.

English Class to improve your Conversational skills
I am an expat in the Netherlands, with a bachelor’s degree from Honours College in University College Utrecht in Psychology and Neuroscience as well as Linguistics and now doing my Master’s in Artificial Intelligence! I have lived in many different places while growing up, thus it helped me master my English skills to a native level. I would love to help you improve your language skills - by improving your reading and conversational as well as written English.

Help for physics, math and programming (e.g. matlab)? I will solve it!
I am a 27-years old engineer with a bachelor and a master in biomedical engineering (both summa cum laude) and a PhD in information technology (grade ‘excellent’). Needing help with scientific and programming matter? Give me a shout! I can help you with all physic problems and math, form easy systems to limits and integral. Also I can get you pro in programming matlab or any other language.

Ignacio Fernández
Mathematics and physics classes, focusing on highschool level
My name is Ignacio and I am a 4th year physics student. I aim to help children in highschool or anyone who needs some tutoring in maths and physics. The classes will be taught in english, and the timetable of the classes can be decided between me and the student.

Math,English and Test Prep Tutoring;The ability to take an exam without any fear.
-I tutor kids between 7 and 12 with patience, explaining carefully all they do not understand by giving them proper examples and helping them practice a lot. -The kid will have a homework, that i will check during the following week and explain them if is necessary, what they did wrong in the next session -After every chapter they will learn, I will give the a test to verify all the information they gained, and if it is needed to study more certain modules. -The point of the test is helping the kid to get used with the environment of a class test and helping them not to have emotions before an exam.

Psychology and English Tutoring and Essay Revising
This class is to help anyone currently taking an English or Psychology course at school who might need some assistance with either of those subjects. I graduated with honors from the University of Massachusetts Amherst with a bachelors degree in Psychology. I am currently in the pre-master's program at the University of Groningen for Clinical Psychology. I have also worked with younger students in middle and high school as an English teacher intern. In this course, I can help you strengthen your learning of a wide variety of psychological concepts such as developmental psychology, cognitive psychology, personality, and many more. Furthermore, I can help revise and formulate essays or any other writing assignments you may have, as English is my native language. If you're stuck with a seemingly overwhelming essay prompt, I'm here to walk you through it, and come up with a great piece of writing that you'll be proud of! My teaching is based around positive feedback, strong encouragement and stress-free learning experience.

International medical student teaching Human Biology
Are you in need of tutoring or you just want to expand your knowledge? I am an international student of medicine at Vrije University and I am offering tutoring in: • HUMAN BIOLOGY (cell biology, anatomy, histology, biochemistry, physiology, possibly pathophysiology and pathology) • CHEMISTRY (both organic and anorganic chemistry, chemistry principles) • MATH (graduated in basic and advanced math)

Viola and Violin lessons and music theory lessons!
The lesson will be adapted to each students needs and interests. We can focuse on technique or play more pieces. Music styles can be chosen by the student as well. My main field is the classical music, but Jazz would be fine too or folk or children songs. I can teach in english, german and french. If you have questions, feel free to ask me anything. Please note that you need to have your own instrument already. If you need one, there are many possibilites to rent one from a luthier.

Math Tutoring for Elementary, Middle and High School!
A lot of school students struggle with mathematics. My goal is to explain various mathematical concepts in an approachable way, so that you'll see you don't need to be a genius to understand it. I'll talk you through the theory and teach you all the tricks you need to know for solving a problem, so that any question will become a breeze! I am a Mathematics student at the University of Groningen. Previously I was a scholarship student at Danube International School Vienna. Hence, I am in particular familiar with the IB curriculum and question style.

Tutoring lessons for students and adults (German, English, French & various other subjects)
I am a student, doing my Bachelor of Education for Primary Schools at the moment. I give private tutoring lessons. Feel free to contact me, I have tutored children in primary school for all subjects and students form Grade 5-10 in the subjects English, German and French.

Italian Conversation, culture and grammar if necessary
I specialize in teaching everyday Italian; maybe you master the grammar, if not we have to tackle this. Most important that you will learn immediately everyday phrases and expressions. I will also teach you what to do and what not to do in Italy.

Yuen Yan
Private Music Lessons for Piano, Violin and Erhu (Chinese violin)
As a Cambridge University graduate in the Faculty of Education, I am delighted to have settled down in the Netherlands since September 2019. I started piano at the age of 5, and music has been an important part of my life ever since. Classically trained as a pianist and violinist, I picked up another instrument named Erhu (Chinese violin) and became a professional performer. I am experienced in teaching both children and adults, from different cultural backgrounds. Also, I have been actively involved in both Western and Chinese orchestra since high school. Thanks to my years of experience in being an orchestra member and soloist, I am familiar with orchestral music. As a humble music therapist, I am passionate about music and believe in the power of music. I trust that music is in everybody and I respect every student's individuality and thus tailor my teaching methods to develop my students' full potential. I started teaching in 2009 and most students put their trust in me when they first decided to learn an instrument. I also enjoy exploring the world of music with students with learning disabilities. I am proud to say, my students, aged from 5 to 60, are enthusiastic in playing the instrument they have chosen and keen to improve their skills following my advice. I adopt a flexible approach in teaching - I believe every student is unique and my job is to develop the strengths and improve the weaknesses. I put a lot of emphasis on a solid foundation in my teaching. For young children, I tend to use a more interactive approach to explain complicated music theories, yet strict in the fundamentals such as posture and rhythm. For adults, I am always happy to discuss with them my lesson plan and choose the best exercises and songs that suit their music interests and needs. For my students who would like to take exams, I am happy to tailor the lessons based on their progress. I believe in the quality of learning and understanding rather than the number of pieces that they learn. Many beginners and their parents have put their trusts in me and achieved distinction in their first ABRSM exam. I am fluent in English and Mandarin Chinese, and a native speaker of Cantonese Chinese. I am happy to travel and travel costs will be added on the top of the standard tuition fee. *Proof of qualifications avaliable upon requests.

Our students in The Netherlands say it best about our teachers

Italian language and culture
Excellent, very polite, very organized and methodical. The course is very pleasant and fruitful.
Review by IOULIA T.
Cécile is a professional teacher with a personal approach. Besides being a very friendly person, her teaching is absolutely worth recommending.
Review by TIMON R.
French tuitions for expats
Laureline is well organized, experienced tutor. I like her teaching style. I would recommend her highly !
Review by KIHONG J.

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