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High school chemistry (physical/organic/inorganic ) chemistry
I am open to teaching chemistry of all levels to high school students.I have done a British curriculum and obtained an A*( maximum grade obtainable) and so I have a strong understanding of chemistry and I am open to helping students currently struggling with it! :)

Violin lessons for beginners or advanced players 🎻
I provide private violin lessons. If preferred there is an option also to learn violin in the music school where I teach. Welcome, all students, children or adults, beginners or advanced players. On my lessons I can provide you the following way of teaching/learning: - violin basics - advanced technique - playing in a small group of students (possibility) - playing different songs in polyphony with me - playing different styles (classical, pop, rock, folk, etc.) - preparing for violin exams/performances...

Violin / Viola & Music Theory lessons for all levels and ages
My lessons are addressed to both beginners and more experienced students who want to improve their playing and eventually apply to a conservatory. A solid technique and a constant search for musicality are the two main ingredients for music making. If you are interested in applying to a conservatory and you think that you need to strengthen your solfège and music theory skills, this is also the class for you. As a graduated music theorist, I have worked with students with different levels and musical backgrounds. We will dessign a personalized plan depending on your necessities.

Learn English conversation, fluency and business communication
English is an important language to have knowledge of these days - even better if you can speak and writer fluently. Let me help you learn English from beginners, to more advanced speakers, to communicating effectively in business. The focus will be on your goal, whether to have a conversation or to speak like a native English-speaker or to write a top-notch business brief. I am a native of the US and hold a Master's degree in English Business Communication. Some knowledge of English is helpful, but not necessary.

Rhythm through Voice - An analytic view on rhythmical training [open to all instrumentalists]
Employing the voice in a rhythmical sense is not a granted or obvious approach for singers and is sometimes overlooked by instrumentalists. However, a rhythmical foundation developed through the voice is a core element of strong musicianship for everyone in the music sector. In these lessons, we will practice rhythm through the understanding and utilization of Konnakol (South Indian Carnatic rhythmical solfege) alongside other techniques and approach different ways to conceive of rhythm and integrate it into performance. We will work on rhythmical freedom, phrasing, grouping and moving patterns, cross-rhythms, odd measures and different 'feels'. You will acquire new ideas, improve your timing, gain independence in your lines and obtain a set of tools to practice self-sufficiently. "Rhythm through Voice" is designed for both singers and instrumentalists who want to enlarge their spectrum of techniques, and improve their rhythmical awareness. [For instrumentalists: I will support you to translate and apply these techniques into your instrument] The lessons will be custom made for each student. I will work to adapt to your learning rhythm while keeping you challenged at the same time. You will receive regular feedback, advice, and guidance. Don't hesitate to contact me for more details! Whatsapp: +31 6 44 17 1331

French classes and conversation for all levels and ages!
Learning French will be through spelling, grammar and literature exercises as well as pronunciation exercises during verbal exchanges between the student and me. I am passionate about languages and I want to share my passion.

Spanish classes for all: learn to listen, understand and speak fluently
Learning languages at any level are always enriching in some way; whether you need it for your job, your long-distance lover or for pure enjoyment, studying a language is a window into a culture's way of thinking and communicating. Whether you just popped out of the womb, are looking back on a long life or you're somewhere in between, I'm willing to help you out learning Spanish. My name is Marta, I was born and raised in Barcelona (Spain), moved to Groningen about 3 years ago, and although I'm primarily a student/teaching assistant (Artificial Intelligence at the University of Groningen), I've always loved helping people learn; especially two of the languages I speak. Learning any language is hard enough as it is, and of course all the facts are out there on the big web; however, if you want to make sure you stay engaged and actually enjoy the learning process (which will keep you wanting to learn more), hiring a private teacher like me for personalized lessons is really your best option. Depending on your style of learning I will adapt to your needs, but generally, I prefer to make classes a bit dynamic involving listening, reading (aloud), conversational practice and creative writing among others. These are also areas where you'll need to be trained if you choose to take official language exams in the future. Homework is optional; it does help, but if you lead a busy life we can still learn a lot during class. Location to be discussed, the price per person listed below, with a small discount if you come in pairs.

Mathematics Tutoring for primary/middle/high School
Tutoring sessions for primary/middle/high school students to improve on their math skills, regardless of their current level. I am a third year aerospace engineering bachelor student, and have a lot of experience teaching kids. I am open to help those who are struggling, as well as those who have interest in learning more! We can go over subjects you struggle with or those you are curious to learn more about. I have experience working with both scenarios. Exam preparation sessions also possible.

IB, A Level and GCSE Economics for students of all levels
I am an experienced Economics teacher and tutor, with a proven track record of achieving excellent results for my students. I have taught and tutored IB and A Level Economics, as well as being a qualified Economics examiner. I make Economic theory engaging and accessible for all students. I am flexible with timing, day and location.

maths,english,science,Exam preparation techniques.
basic principles of maths,english,science. Exam preparation principles. I would deal with any present school home work problems first,encourage pupils to ask questions whenever unsure. I would test the pupil on various topics in an hours lesson to avoid boredom.

Ableton Live Tutoring / Techno Artist / Experienced Tutor
This class is most suitable for you: -If you are willing to get into Electronic Music Production. -You are interested in Techno, Tech House, Melodic Techno. -You have the basic knowledge about electronic music (going parties, dj'ing, creating playlists...) -Or you already are making sound on Ableton Live, but you haven't actually finished a track yet. -You already produce on different DAW's but want to learn how Ableton Live Works.

Learn Cello, how to read music, and get to know more music
For anyone who wants to learn the cello, get better at it, and have fun with it! We will work on the fundamental things (how to hold, how to read), training of muscles and the brain with exercises, the mindset, and the sound, so that you (or your child) can play with confidence, and most importantly, have fun. I will happily help you find your instrument.

English classes for children and adults. Social Studies classes for primary and secondary level students.
Hello Everyone! It’s a pleasure to offer my services as a tutor in the Eindhoven area. My areas of expertise are the primary level (all subjects) and the secondary level (English and History). Besides, I am also happy to help anyone eager to improve their skills in the English language in general. Both individuals and groups of students are welcome! I am a trained teacher with several years of teaching experience at the school and college levels. Currently, I am working as a teacher in Eindhoven on a part-time basis. As an enthusiastic and passionate teacher as well as a life-long learner, I look forward to my teaching-learning endeavour in Eindhoven.

Music lesson piano, keyboard, guitar, ukulele, recorder
I give lessons on different instruments. Fun in playing is very important. Progress too, at what level it doesn't matter. My goal is that you can save yourself independently (by reading notes, or reading without notes by You tube). I also encourage playing together in, for example, a band. You get homework every week to practice. (No hours in a row but almost every day.

Learn French - Private lessons
French expatriate in the Netherlands (The Hague) and student in design. Graduated with a law degree from Paris 2. Dynamic and enthusiastic, I propose to give private lessons of French and school support. Open to all levels and to anyone wishing to start, improve or continue to practice in French.

Mandarin and Cantonese Chinese Lesson with Native Tutor (for All Levels)
I am a Mandarin and Cantonese native speaker. The lessons will be taught in English and you will receive a tailor-made lesson based on your level and age. I have 5 years of private language tutoring experience and I enjoy helping my students improve and gain more knowledge. I want to be my students' inspiration and let my students enjoy learning this beautiful language. If you are finding a teacher for your children, I will make learning Chinese fun for your kids and increase their interest and motivation in learning Chinese. You can have comprehensive classes including Pinyin (Mandarin), Phonetic (Cantonese), reading, speaking, writing, listening and even a class with a specific theme.

Statistics course for research and media, market and more
Statistics class is especially for research and Spss program use. You will learn about the basics of research statistics and types, you will learn about characteristics of the methods and research methods of communication science and marketing and more

Mathematics, English, social studies, public speaking
It is always nice to boost the knowledge. Whether you are in school or working! I would like to lend a hand. Let us share our knowledge. I also have many tips and tricks for making presentations easier and smoother.

English language lessons in spoken and written English
I am a native English language speaker and can provide lessons in spoken and written English, I am also an experienced public speaker and am able to provide lessons in this as well correcting grammatical mistakes in written English. I am passionate about helping others master the English language and have a lot of experience in tutoring other people in this area.

Learn how to speak English and Spanish the fun way!!
I specialize in tutoring English and Spanish language for mostly adult students but also experienced in teaching kids. My goal is to make a student feel like learning languages can be also fun and not just hard work with loads of exercises. I like to custom every class to a special need of every particular student to make sure we focus on the aspects they find important or are needed to be improved. You can learn Spanish or English from the very beginning: reading listening, speaking, grammar or we can have long conversations about anything you like while improving your speaking skills.

Mathematics, Chemistry, M&O, Dutch, English, thesis and homework supervision.
My name is Nanne and I provide tutoring and homework support for primary and secondary education. In primary education I supervise all subjects and for secondary education (VMBO, HAVO and VWO) I teach Mathematics B, Chemistry (substructure), M&O, English and Dutch. I also help with thesis supervision for bachelor and master studies My goal is to give pupils confidence again so that they can really understand the subject and thus get more pleasure from going to class and taking tests. My approach is flexible and I approach each student differently, because it differs per person what he / she needs. In addition, I like a positive atmosphere and a healthy dose of humor, because the pressure to perform is already big enough!

Our students in The Netherlands say it best about our teachers

Italian language and culture
Excellent, very polite, very organized and methodical. The course is very pleasant and fruitful.
Review by IOULIA T.
Cécile is a professional teacher with a personal approach. Besides being a very friendly person, her teaching is absolutely worth recommending.
Review by TIMON R.
French tuitions for expats
Laureline is well organized, experienced tutor. I like her teaching style. I would recommend her highly !
Review by KIHONG J.

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