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Student Engineer offers tutoring of mathematics
My math classes are for all student and student profiles. You will learn to understand in depth the concepts discussed in class and you will put them into practice using exercises that I choose carefully. I will help you prepare for your tests, exams and competitions and I will monitor your progress with regular progress reports.

Evelyn Gonzalez
Spanish and French - Languages, Cultures and History -
Argentine student in France for two years, from a diverse background: Languages and Literature, Visual Art and Performing Arts, Music and Psychology (University of Buenos Aires - National Conservatory of Music of Buenos Aires - Paul Valéry University) I offer private lessons and original adaptable to the needs of my students (usually they are children ^ ^) Artistic expression, and how it is imprinted by ethnolinguistic contexts can approach students, more effectively, to good communication and learning techniques of lexical and etymological derivation, enriched by cultural knowledge. Socio-constructive approach to learning Spanish and the use of French: - Analysis of texts (lyric, narrative, philosophical poetry) - Bibliography - Dissertation - ~ I like to complement my lessons with a musical approach, student musicians are more than welcome! ~ "When words fail, music speaks. "

Teaching English to Children (from 7 to 17), communication, grammar, preparing for exams and more..
Morocco is changing and the world's main language is English, English is the language of science, of aviation, computers, diplomacy, and tourism. Therefore, knowing English increases your chances of getting a good job and overall understand the world. I will be offering my services anywhere in Marrakech City, and the focus will be you practicing English during the class.

Spanish (GCSE, A level, for own knowledge or improvement and maths GCSE or As level)
Spanish is a language which now a days is really recognised in todays society and also on a loats of qualified jobs. As a native speaker and also qualified student I feel that my teachings on spanish could increase someone's level even higher or help to improve their spanish wether it's at GCSE, A level or own knowledge. As with Maths I have a strong background on maths GCSE which makes me a great candidate to get your children to get the top marks on their maths GCSE or even prepare your kids for their SATs.

Privé Pianolessen voor alle leftijden (ook begeleider voor andere instrumenten.
Over Ik ben geboren in een muzikale familie. Muziek is mijn passie.Ik begon vanaf 6 jaar piano te leren. Ik heb mijn eerste muzikale stappen gezet in een speciale muziekschool voor getalenterde kinderen (totaal 10 jaar). Daarna heb ik 5 jaar aan het Conservatorium van Jerevan gestudeerd. Na het Conservatorium heb ik nog 2 jaar masterclassen gevolgd. Tijdens mijn studie begon ik met verschillende solisten concerten te spelen en in muziekscholen als pianolerares en als begeleider te werken. Ik heb aan verschillende wedstrijden deelgenomen en gewonnen in Armenië en in het buitenland. Ik musiceer heel graag met andere solisten. Ik heb vele jaren met klarinettisten, fluitisten, violistenviolisten, zangeressen, xylophonisten, saxofonisten gespeeld. Ik heb de Russische methode gevolgd. In Belgie heb ik ook als . pianolerares gewerkt. Ik heb ervaring met leeftijden van 7 tot 65 Ervaring: 9 jaar ervaring met lesgeven en 11 jaar ervaring als begeleider:

Spanish language lessons for beginners and daily use
With me you will learn Spanish from Spain, (not Latin America), oral and written. I will give my lessons in the English language. The lessons will be flexible, according to your skills, insterests and learning ways. The frequency and time will be discussed privately.

Italian and English Lesson in Basel! Best way to improve your language skills! I am here to help you
Italian language is wonderful, but it need time and commitment to learn it! I am here to help you in this journey! I am Benedetta, from Milano! 26 years old, graduated in Economy! I can also teach you some business words ;) I teach also English for children and teenagers til level B1. I spent lot of time in England and I became fluent .

Coach Néerlandais, province Luxembourg tous niveaux de 9 à 99 ans
Ayant tioujours été en Néerlandais à l'école, je suis parfaite bilingue, je parlais Françaisc à la maison et je suis aussi Courtier en Assurances en Néerlandais et j'ai suivi tous mes cours de formation le soir à Anvers et j'ai étudié la théorie en Français chez moi à la maison. Je donne cours depuiS plusde 30 anss à des élèves de tous niveaux . Une de mes dernières élèves était interprète aux CE pour mieux comprendre le Hollandais de Mr RUTTE. Premier ministre des Pays Bas

Cours individuel pour élèves de section primaire et secondaire (français uniquement)
Etudiante à Leuze en institutrice primaire, je propose mes services dans le but d'accompagner vos enfants dans leurs difficultés... Les cours sont individuel, afin d'aider aux mieux les élèves. Des exercices supplémentaires sont donnés au cours pour que l'enfant s'entraîne lorsque la matière sera assimilée.

cours de langues (anglais-français), de littérature
cours de français et d'anglais, pour des élèves de niveau primaire, et d'autres disciplines : maths, sciences, etc. l'objectif est d'apprendre aux élèves les matières dont ils rencontrent des déficits, et des lacunes. Proposer des cours et exercices pour résoudre ces difficultés chez les apprenants.

Acoustic Guitar, Ukulele and Cavaquinho (Home Teaching)
This class for beginners/intermediate level. For people who just like me, enjoy music, but take this activity as a personal hobby. From Brazilian Bossa Nova, Rock to current music! 10 years experience on Acoustic Guitar and Cavaquinho. Some notions on Piano and Ukulele as well.

Native Spanish classes, learn Spanish with a Spanish native. I also offer English classes.
I am an Erasmus student, I come from Spain and I teach Spanish at all levels, and from English to B2. I teach language, oral and written communication, so that the student can speak fluently and in a natural way. I explain my classes in English at the beginning, and in Spanish when the level is more advanced.

Spanish French Russian English and Portuguese classes + GCSE / IGCSE/ DELE exams
Hola !!! Hi everyone! Bonjour!My name is Natalie. I teach French, Spanish, Russian, and Portuguese! I am an enthusiastic tutor who can make learning fun and relevant. I aim to make ideas clear to the student, in order that they can use them fluidly and flexibly, and to encourage genuine understanding. I enjoy teaching and believe learning starts with the learner, adapting ideas and course content to meet their interests and needs. I have been teaching these languages for 11 years. I have a Master's degree in English language and literature, a Master's degree with honours in Tourism, Hotel and Restaurant Business and a Master's degree in International Law. I also earned diplomas from the Ministry of Education of France : DELF; Spanish diplomas DELE from Cervantes Institute (Madrid), German diploma from Goethe Institute and Japanese - Language Profiency diploma (Tokyo). I am experienced both with teaching children and adults for business, pleasure or exams. I prepare students for their GCSE/iGCSE, leading them to enter leading prep schools and universities We practise speaking, reading and writing with my students. I teach from scratch and to a desirable result! I am very friendly and the atmosphere is always nice during the lesson! If you have any questions , don’t hesitate to ask, I will be glad to answer!

Maths/Physics/Basic science lessons for Primary, Secondary school Students and A-level students.
-I prefer maximum flexibility to enable my students to fully grasp each new concept before moving on. I take a step by step approach where I do not move on until my student is able to apply new knowledge in various types of example problems. I also use stories and audio-visuals when teaching for best possible understanding. this isn't very easy to do with some of the subjects I teach but I still find a way to do so to the best of my ability. -I had been teaching a lot of my colleagues back in secondary school and college in my main subjects of expertise, all of which went on to graduate with above average results. I also have experience as a teaching assistant with primary school pupils all of which with my help and the teachers displayed consistent performances in their homework and tests -I give regular test and homework which I review in the following session and are designed to be challenging yet motivating.

Improve your reading and speaking skills.
Do you need to improve your level of conversation and reading in English or Russian? I am an Anglophone (English American) and a Russophone, I can help you with these needs. I also speak fluently German and a very good level of French. Do you need to improve your level of conversational English or Russian? Do you need help in improving your reading level of English or Russian? As a native speaker of English, I can help you with your needs. I also speak fluent German and a very good level of French.

Improve your reading and speaking skills.
Do you need to improve your level of conversation and reading in English or Russian? I am an Anglophone (English American) and a Russophone, I can help you with these needs. I also speak fluently German and a very good level of French. Do you need to improve your level of conversational English or Russian? Do you need help in improving your reading level of English or Russian? As a native speaker of English, I can help you with your needs. I also speak fluent German and a very good level of French.

English and Test Preparation Tutoring; Primary Maths Tutoring
I specialise in tutoring English for school, Transfer Test, IELTS, TOEFL tests and writing. My goal is to help students to master grammar, pronunciation, comprehension as well as writing in an exciting environment. I have been teaching children and adults, business and TEST preparation at various levels. I'm a qualified TEFL teacher. Currently, I'm a Journalism student in Northern Ireland and understand how assignment works.

Learn and improve your knowledge of Italian
Young graduate in foreign languages with a basic knowledge of teaching Italian and English as second or third language, gives private lessons to learn or improve your level of Italian. In particular, I have already had experiences with teaching English to secondary school students. I offer courses that adapt to the requirements of the students to help them pass the tests. I favor the use of the conversation during the course to accustom the student to actively practice the language. The activities can be based on the school texts or on other arguments of deepening, according to the needs of the pupils.

Cours particuliers en maths et en allemand - pour une amélioration rapide
Etudiante propose des cours en maths et allemand. Le but en maths est avant tout de reprendre les cours pour s'assurer que toute la leçon a été compris et de faire des exercices d'application. Pour l'allemand, on apprendra du vocabulaire tout en s'assurant que les règles de grammaire sont acquises.

English, Business Studies and Social Studies Tutoring
I am studying my Bachelor of Business Administration at KU Leuven and alongside this, I will be offering tutoring services. I will be specializing in the English Language. However, I am also able to tutor in Social Sciences (History, Politics, etc) and Business (Economics, Management, etc). Upon request, I may also be able to tutor in other classes. All my sessions will be taught in English, either, at my home, the student's home or another decided area such as, in a library. If you're interested in more information or would like to book a session then please feel free to message me.

Greek Speaking and Practice with Costumed Teaching
I am a native Greek speaker and have a passion to provide my knowledge to anyone who would want to practice the Greek language. I believe that learning a new language is achieved by finding fun ways of learning vocabulary or practicing the language orally. I believe that each individual has their own way of learning so I am open to discuss ways of teaching and learning.

Our students in Luxembourg say it best about our teachers

Italian language and culture
Excellent, very polite, very organized and methodical. The course is very pleasant and fruitful.
Review by IOULIA T.
Cécile is a professional teacher with a personal approach. Besides being a very friendly person, her teaching is absolutely worth recommending.
Review by TIMON R.
French tuitions for expats
Laureline is well organized, experienced tutor. I like her teaching style. I would recommend her highly !
Review by KIHONG J.

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