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Sue English
ENGLISH TEACHER from ENGLAND excellent quality lessons
Hello, are you looking for an English teacher, qualified from the UK? Do you wish to improve your pronunciation, your grammar and get ready for your job/school? The English lessons here are especially designed to meet your needs. Do you wish to have your work corrected, to work on literature/ business subjects/ linguistics or prepare yourself for an exam? Don’t wait and send me a message. The teacher can prepare you as well for specific examinations like IETLS or specific English programs (A-Levels, GCSE…). Why learning English? English is a worldwide language and you will need to have solid basis in English for your job or for leisure when travelling. Did you know? Knowing an extra language is extremely appreciated by recruiters because not only you are familiar with a foreign language but also you will be open-minded, knowing various cultures. 😊 You have the possibility to have the lessons via Skype (the majority of my students prefer having their lessons online, technology is fun!). If you have further inquiries, don’t hesitate to let me know, it will be a pleasure to help you and present you to your teacher.

Chinese course (Mandarin)/ You are the best in learning Mandarin
Are you interested in learning Chinese (mandarin)? Why you wanna learning a foreign language? Do you think it is difficult to learn a foreign language? Chinese is not that hard, but it is not really easy. I cannot help you become an expert in Chinese, but I can help you have a base in Chinese. Then learning Chinese will be easier, and it will be fun as time goes by. There is no fixed course instruction in my course. We will try the best together to solve the question you have in Chinese or to satisfy your need in learning Chinese.

Develop and improve your English skills to reach your goals.
Private English class for all levels. Small groups can be arranged (max 5). Children classes: homework, private tutoring and coaching. Adult classes: Private tutoring for beginner, low-intermediate, upper-intermediate and advanced. Business English: Formal email forms, cover letters, professional english usage for all sorts of purposes such as advertisements, product descriptions, outlines, presentations etc.

Learn mandarin in a fun way; Chinese, Mandarin tutoring, Chinese teacher, Mandarin teacher
Hello, everyone, This is Teacher Feifei, you could call me Sophie. Many people think Chinese is hard to learn. Pronunciation, Chinese character, grammar, all of them are very hard? So is Chinese really so hard? Pronunciation Mā má mǎ mà, is it one word, or four words. Many people are confused. The most important thing is to listen and speak more when learning a language. Keep listening and imitating the pronunciation of native Chinese speakers, I’m sure the pronunciation will gradually become more and more standard. In my class, for students of intermediate and advanced level, I will adopt an immersive Chinese teaching method, give you as much Chinese input as possible, and encourage you to do Chinese output. This not only exercises your listening skills but also improves your speaking skills. Chinese character people say that Chinese characters are just like pictures, and they don’t know where to start. In fact, there are only 8 basic strokes of Chinese characters, and all Chinese characters are composed of these eight strokes. There are basic rules for writing Chinese characters. As long as you master the rules, Chinese characters are easy to write. In my class, I have a special section to teach how to write Chinese characters. Grammar Some grammars in Chinese do not exist in English, such as bazi sentences and so on. Chinese, like any language in the world, has grammatical rules. In my class, I will show the basic structure of grammar, use simple and practical scenes in life to guide students to make sentences. For Chinese grammar, as long as you master the rules, it is not difficult too. Whether you are a child or an adult, a short-term learner or a long-term learner, preparing for the HSK test or studying business Chinese, you could book lessons with me. I will make a special study plan for you according to your special needs and Chinese level, and adopt different teaching methods. For children learners, I will mainly use interesting cards, animations, or music to stimulate children's interest in learning Chinese. For junior-level adult learners, I will use a combination of Chinese and English to explain and guide learners to imitate and practice Chinese. For intermediate and advanced level learners, I will use immersive Chinese teaching methods, which will provide learners with good listening and speaking opportunities. After class, whether you are a student who has booked my course or a former student of mine if you have any questions about Chinese learning, you can leave a message on the Verbling platform and I will provide a reply in time. If you are interested in learning Chinese with me, please book my course. I will accompany you to improve Chinese proficiency together and look forward to seeing you in my class.

French class in Shanghai with a 2 year+ experienced teacher
Bonjour à tous! My name is Stephane, from Marseille, France. I am currently based in Shanghai China and give classes both online and face to face. I can teach one on one or in small groups, up to your preferences. With over two years of teaching experience, I can easily adapt to all levels and all ages. - I can teach in my location (Zhongshan park area, Shanghai) - I can travel to the student's location to teach (within 30 minutes from my location) - I can teach via webcam

French Tutoring, Conversation & Classes French native teacher .
Salut! Hi everyone~ My name is Salma, I have been teaching French for 5 years to all ages from 4 to 36 years old and I'm currently working for a French Institut. I can successfully prepare you for TCF and DELF tests for all levels. I teach all levels from A1 to C1. I love to teach my students in good atmospheres so they can enjoy my classes. I teach them Grammar, Phonetics, and French culture. So they can easily be introduced into French society. 亲亲

English grammar, Oral English, Expression and Math
I enjoy teaching English to my students and colleagues struggling with spoken English and grammar. Creating a conducive atmosphere and relationship with my student to enjoy learning is my most desiring priority. This class is meant for a student wanting to learn or better his/her English.

Oral English Classes; Conversational/ Business/ IELTS & TOEFL - Speaking
Oral English classes enabling students to improve their spoken and written English whilst practicing their listening skills. Working with students to enable them to pass tests and therefore enter foreign universities; mainly in the US and UK. I have specialised in teaching TOEFL, IELTS, A Level Classes, G.C.S.E and SAT Writing as well as other general entrance exams/ tests.

English lessons for beginners . All lessons are curated to make improvements each day
I’m a native English speaker from South Africa. I have been teaching in China for 2 years, I enjoy teaching and being around kids. It’s also very satisfying to meet a child who can’t utter a single English word but a year later seeing how much each lesson made a difference. My lessons include a lot of educational activities so kids don’t have a chance to fall asleep during a lesson.

Mathematics, chemistry, physics classes in your own home
Get ahead in mathematics, chemistry or physics - or catch up to where you should be! Too many people struggle with these subjects and don’t ask for help. Gain confidence and actually start enjoying these subjects with regular comprehensible lessons at your own pace. Learn lower and upper secondary levels, including IGCSE, A-level, IB and SAT.

Professional piano tuning/regulation/repair service in Shanghai Профессиональная офортепианная настройка / регулировка / ремонт в Шанхае
Professional piano tuning/regulation/repair service in Shanghai, 20 years of experience. Balance piano touch and tone, improve playing feeling. Профессиональная офортепианная настройка / регулировка / ремонт в Шанхае, опыт 20 лет. Уравновешиваю прикосновение и тон, улучшаю ощущение игры.

Chinese Lesson/Mandarin Lesson/ After school tutoring
Hello, Ni men hao !!! I have been teaching Chinese for 8 years now. Graduated from teaching Chinese as a second language , I have taught in language school for two years. Now I am a freelance teacher in Hangzhou, China. I am teaching international students in university as a group lesson and also teaching private one on one lesson. I really enjoy my job . I am learning Spanish currently, this help me to understand my students better. I think it‘s worth having a lesson with me ! I offer all kinds of Chinese lessons for different age .

French tutor : grammar, reading, speaking, math, geography....
French is one of the six official languages as well as one of the two working languages (along with English) of the United Nations. It is also the official or working language of several international or regional organizations, including the European Union. After having been, under the Ancien Régime, the language of royal and princely courts, from the tsars of Russia to the kings of Spain and England, including the princes of Germany, it remains an important language of diplomacy international, alongside English. you will learning how to reading, and speak perfectly well in french. come on join us.

English learning for English learners who want to become fluent.
To teach English as a language spoken and writing for learners to become fluent. English is quite easy and my major aim will be on grammar, punctuation, and much other. It will be more of an interaction since we are looking at a language here.

Piano/Voice/Music Theory Lesson for Beginners/intermediate/Advanced Level
Xirui has about 10 years of experience teaching piano/voice and music theory lessons. She is very good at working with different levels of students, from beginners to advanced students. She is bilingual and she just earned her Doctoral Degree major in Music at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. She graduated from the California State University Northridge with a degree of Master of Music with the major of vocal performance. Xirui earned her bachelor's degree with the major of Music Education at the Shanghai Normal University. She has performed in various opera productions including Dialogues des Carmélites, Don Giovanni, No guarantee, Hansel and Gretel, L’incoronazione di Poppea and Cosi fan Tutte. She has also performed in the chorus in various productions as Mass in B minor, Messiah, Petite Messe solennelle, and many of these. She was also in Master Classes with Dr. Rachel Joselson, Angela Meade, and the famous conductor, Gregory Buchalter. She was a Graduate Assistant at the UNLV vocal department. Her duties are teaching private voice lessons to undergrad students, teaching non-major vocal pedagogy, and organizing vocal department affairs. She is experienced with taking care of students' voices and she studied a series of courses about "release your voice", which aims at rediscovering ones' voices and curing vocal disorders. Apart from her teaching and performance career, she also has rich experience in running summer music camps and music festivals for elementary, middle, and high school students. She also works as a coordinator, chorus director, voice faculty, and as a music theory teacher.

English teacher in Tianjin for Private lessons with guaranteed results!
Producing output is what improves a learner's chance to speak English . The learning process will be achieved through different teaching methods depending on the age and level of the learner . Songs , Role-plays , drama classes , Miming will be frequently used during classes . through speaking , phonics , listening , reading and writing classes , learners will be able to describe pictures , situations using diverse vocabulary words and correct grammatical structures.

General English from PreK to university level , conversational English
Passionate English teacher with over 6 years''s experience , I'm motivated and ambitious and I would like my students to appreciate and understand the importance of English in our daily lives. I believe in a strong communication between a teacher and his students and encourage students to express their ideas verbally 我是一名充满激情的英语教师,有超过6年的教学经验,我有上进心和雄心壮志,我希望我的学生能够理解英语在我们日常生活中的重要性。 我相信老师和学生之间的交流是很重要的,我鼓励学生用语言表达自己的想法。

English, German, Spanish Lessons For Your Kid - Native and Advanced Level
Hi there! Our names are Adriana and Marcel. We are from Germany and want to discover one of China's beautiful cities in 2021. Therefore, we want also to teach English, German or Spanish to your child. Just contact us and we can have a chat... :-) Hope to see you soon!

Drum lessons for beginners or intermediate!
I give drum lessons for beginner or intermediate level, funk rock pop salsa reggea rhythms african blues hip-hop technique. I teach you how to play some classic, how to stand on the battery, fix his tempo problem. Looking forward to reading you. Musically,

Raquel - 白凤
HI ALL! Nice to meet you! :) *I have experienced that learning through NEWSPAPER NEWS, AUDIOS and VIDEOS can be fun and enjoyable, so depending on the level this could be a good and non-painful way to improve your language skills: summarizing the content, discussing it, using different ways of giving your opinion etc. Not only Spanish accent from Spain will be used in order to make you become familiar with ALL KIND OF ACCENTS. * In case the level is not so high we will start with the most basic elements of the Spanish language, and we will integrate the content with GAMES and SONGS, in order to make you enjoy the learning path. ***IT IS NOT ABOUT BECOMING THE NEXT CERVANTES IN TOWN***, but about being able to properly communicate, understand, write and have fun while learning.

Classical piano lessons - beginner to undergraduate level students
Graduate of The Juilliard School and New York University. Native New Yorker from New York City 8 years of teaching experience, both 1-to-1 and classroom. Past students have won piano competitions in New York and Vienna. Began learning piano at the age of 3 Studied with Eduardus Halim, Marilyn Nonken, Matti Raekallio, Jose Ramos-Santana, Yoheved Kaplinsky

Our students in China say it best about our teachers

Italian language and culture
Excellent, very polite, very organized and methodical. The course is very pleasant and fruitful.
Review by IOULIA T.
Cécile is a professional teacher with a personal approach. Besides being a very friendly person, her teaching is absolutely worth recommending.
Review by TIMON R.
French tuitions for expats
Laureline is well organized, experienced tutor. I like her teaching style. I would recommend her highly !
Review by KIHONG J.

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