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General English from PreK to university level , conversational English
Passionate English teacher with over 6 years''s experience , I'm motivated and ambitious and I would like my students to appreciate and understand the importance of English in our daily lives. I believe in a strong communication between a teacher and his students and encourage students to express their ideas verbally 我是一名充满激情的英语教师,有超过6年的教学经验,我有上进心和雄心壮志,我希望我的学生能够理解英语在我们日常生活中的重要性。 我相信老师和学生之间的交流是很重要的,我鼓励学生用语言表达自己的想法。

English, German, Spanish Lessons For Your Kid - Native and Advanced Level
Hi there! Our names are Adriana and Marcel. We are from Germany and want to discover one of China's beautiful cities in 2021. Therefore, we want also to teach English, German or Spanish to your child. Just contact us and we can have a chat... :-) Hope to see you soon!

Drum lessons for beginners or intermediate!
I give drum lessons for beginner or intermediate level, funk rock pop salsa reggea rhythms african blues hip-hop technique. I teach you how to play some classic, how to stand on the battery, fix his tempo problem. Looking forward to reading you. Musically,

Raquel - 白凤
HI ALL! Nice to meet you! :) *I have experienced that learning through NEWSPAPER NEWS, AUDIOS and VIDEOS can be fun and enjoyable, so depending on the level this could be a good and non-painful way to improve your language skills: summarizing the content, discussing it, using different ways of giving your opinion etc. Not only Spanish accent from Spain will be used in order to make you become familiar with ALL KIND OF ACCENTS. * In case the level is not so high we will start with the most basic elements of the Spanish language, and we will integrate the content with GAMES and SONGS, in order to make you enjoy the learning path. ***IT IS NOT ABOUT BECOMING THE NEXT CERVANTES IN TOWN***, but about being able to properly communicate, understand, write and have fun while learning.

Classical piano lessons - beginner to undergraduate level students
Graduate of The Juilliard School and New York University. Native New Yorker from New York City 8 years of teaching experience, both 1-to-1 and classroom. Past students have won piano competitions in New York and Vienna. Began learning piano at the age of 3 Studied with Eduardus Halim, Marilyn Nonken, Matti Raekallio, Jose Ramos-Santana, Yoheved Kaplinsky

Professional French teacher - French as Second language and soutien pour francophones.
Serious and inspiring, French teacher having worked for 9 years at WAB, a recognized international school in Beijing, I have taught to various audiences such as elementary pupils, college students, high school students, and adults and am now available for private French lessons and tutoring. If you are interested in learning French but also in discovering French culture, please contact me.

How to learn quickly italian with a native speaker
This class is mainly for the following purposes: - Start to learn Italian ( maybe you want to prepare yourself before an experience for study or travel in Italy) - Practice you fluency with the language - Increase your vocabulary - Have fun and exercise your italian with a Italian native speaker

Experienced Native English Speaker. Aged 0-12 years.
I have a range of materials and curriculums available to suit your child's needs such as; Doodle town, Big English, Big Fun, Big Science. Oxford Phonics, Oxford Reading Tree, Lets Go, Wonders, please let me know your child’s requirements. Teaching is my passion! It is important that I am doing the best to help these young learners develop and enjoy education, by creating a friendly fun, and enjoyable experience for them. I will implement creative, meaningful, and relevant lessons to enhance growth for all of my students in and outside the classroom environment. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you!

English classes with individual approach; TEFL certified teacher
I've got 2+3 years of teaching experience, the last 3 years I stayed in China, Shanghai, I've been tutoring: * Very young students, who are getting ready for bilingual or international kindergartens/primary schools. * Primary and Secondary students, who attend both public and international schools. * Adults, who would like to improve their knowledge for work or business. During the course, I follow CEF (Common European Framework). It lets you know your current level of English and gradually broaden your vocabulary, improve your speaking ability, grammar fluency, listening, and writing. During the course, I use and follow Internationally recognized materials such as SCHOLASTIC, WONDERS, LANGUAGE ARTS, INTELLIGENT BUSINESS + own authentic materials

Learn to speak like a native English speaker. Learn to speak clearly with correct grammar and pronunciation.
If you want to speak like a native and really improve your pronunciation. In my class, you will learn how to actually have a practical conversation in English. You will learn English idioms like "once in a blue moon" and best of all, you will be doing all of this in a few short months.

English and Italian tutoring for adults and children either in person or on-line
I can describe my lessons as funny and enthusiastic. I am an enthusiastic teacher because i want my students to feel that i am higly spirited and faithful that i can teach them well, they can adopt it and they will become better when it comes to verbal, written and comprehension of the language. I am friendly because i want to make my students feel that speaking Italian or English can empower them to share ideas and do business outside their nation and throught it, the opportunities that they can get are limitless.

ENGLISH Tutor to get the BEST results! Speaking - Reading - Writing
I am in Shenzhen and specialize as an English tutor for home, school or online. I am happy to travel to your location and help all members of the family. I am fully qualified and try to make the sessions as fun as possible. I look forward to helping you with your English.

ENGLISH, Listening, Reading, Speaking, Vocabulary, IELTS, Other Science Subjects
I am an experienced tutor. By background, I am an engineer and currently, I got a full scholarship for my master's degree so I moved to Beijing. I am IELTS certified. I can teach personally as well as in a group. the student can be of any age I keep using innovative learning ways and keep tracking the progress of the learner. A home tutor option is also available.

Speaking, Writing, Listening and Reading Mandarin Chinese
The best way to learn Chinese is through practicing and reviewing. When learning Chinese, you not only have to deal with another writing, but also with multiple tones. Through informal conversations and simple texts, you could get a solid basic understanding of the language. After that, learning Chinese is a matter of reading, writing and memorizing characters. Chinese sentence structure and grammar are very easy by the way! However, they are different from those of any other language. My name is Neve, I am a full-time visual merchandiser based in Beijing. My native language is Chinese, so if you need any help, leave me a message!

Javier Lòpez
Professor of ELE, Preparation for DELE exams, SIELE, Business courses, Tourism courses. Spanish for Master and Doctorate.
I am Professor with Master in ELE and with 19 years of experience in Spain, Japan and China (10 years). I taught at University, University schools, Instituto Cervantes, Language schools, Secondary, Primary and Nursery schools. DELE examiner of the Cervantes Institute and almost 100% success in preparing students for DELE and SIELE exams. This class for students who want to take the DELE Y SIELE exam and foreign students who want to improve or learn Spanish for specific purposes.

IB(HL, SL)/A Level, IGCSE Physics & Math, any Level Science & Math
I have been teaching IGCSE, IB & A-level’s Physics for the last 15 years. I have been lucky enough that I got this experience by teaching in educational institutions of prestige and centre of multicultural learning. This cross-cultural exposure enriched my teaching experience to a considerable extent. These years of progressive, challenging and ever-evolving teaching has taken me to a position where I find myself well equipped to meet the challenges of present-day international education. I have comprehensive experience in dealing with students of wide age range and different nationalities with different abilities level. In my present capacity. Currently, my students are studying in world top rank universities like Cambridge, Oxford, UCL Imperial College London, MIT, University of Chicago, Yale University and California Institute of Technology etc.,

Teaching English or French languages at home
If you want to learn French or English, I would be happy to give you the basics. I can also accompany any student who wants to improve or improve their bases. Language learning, whatever it is, in addition to being indispensable today, is a real opening to others and to the world .....

Become Fluent in English and Spanish using your own passions!
I can help you reach fluency and native-level English and Spanish through a comprehensive approach based on linguistic theory. We will learn how to study without textbooks, instead learning usable English through the use of media, art, literature, and your own interests! To learn a language, you must be interested in the material we will cover, so the lesson planning will revolve around your hobbies and passions, and you will learn from slang to academic language skills. If you enjoy politics, philosophy, or literature, I am the teacher for you. My kids in Yangshuo loved my energy, and I can promise you that you will enjoy a teacher that is always joyous to teach, and that can help you improve rapidly.

Physics, science and maths tuition from British teacher working at a top international school.
I am a British physics teacher currently working at a top international school here in Shanghai. I previously taught at one of the highest ranked schools in the UK and also work as an exam marker for UK exam boards. I have been helping students to attain top grades in GCSE, A Level and IB for the last four years in the classroom and through one to one tuition. All of this means I can bring the very best expertise to help your child excel in their exams. My qualifications include a PGCE in secondary science teaching, a Masters degree in Physics and a TEFL certificate.

English classes for all ages from the Native Speaker
You will study how to use English grammar correspondingly to the time of speech; develop your speaking skills and overcome shy barrier with the help of a certificated native tutor with 8 years + experience. Additionally I will make your pronunciation better

Learn to speak English fluently with a Native English Speaker
Hello, I an English Teacher with over 6 years teaching experience and now currently living in Beijing, I have taught, Kids, teenagers and Adults I am British, from England and like to help my students develop their English Skills as part of their ongoing personnel career development. I mainly focus on Practice conversation, Listening and Speaking, Grammar and Pronunciation. If you want to learn English to improve your Speaking Skills, then please contact me.

Our students in China say it best about our teachers

Italian language and culture
Excellent, very polite, very organized and methodical. The course is very pleasant and fruitful.
Review by IOULIA T.
Cécile is a professional teacher with a personal approach. Besides being a very friendly person, her teaching is absolutely worth recommending.
Review by TIMON R.
French tuitions for expats
Laureline is well organized, experienced tutor. I like her teaching style. I would recommend her highly !
Review by KIHONG J.

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