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English classes with individual approach; TEFL certified teacher
I've got 2+3 years of teaching experience, the last 3 years I stayed in China, Shanghai, I've been tutoring: * Very young students, who are getting ready for bilingual or international kindergartens/primary schools. * Primary and Secondary students, who attend both public and international schools. * Adults, who would like to improve their knowledge for work or business. During the course, I follow CEF (Common European Framework). It lets you know your current level of English and gradually broaden your vocabulary, improve your speaking ability, grammar fluency, listening, and writing. During the course, I use and follow Internationally recognized materials such as SCHOLASTIC, WONDERS, LANGUAGE ARTS, INTELLIGENT BUSINESS + own authentic materials

Private classical piano tutor by concert classical pianist Igor
Private classical piano lessons preferably for 15-20 year old children, preparation for joining University or competitions... Igor- pianist, conductor, composer, sound designer, sound engineer (St. Petersburg, 35 years old)


Musical school of the Nevsky district of St. Petersburg - Choral School. M.I. Glinka at the State Chapel of St. Petersburg (https://en-academic.com) between 1993-2000,
Conservatory after Rimsky-Korsakov St. Petersburg (https://www.conservatory.ru/about-conservatory) between 2006-2011.

He started his music education at the music school of the Nevsky district of St. Petersburg, at the same time studied in the pop vocal studio "Little Stars" (Petrogradsky district of St. Petersburg). Noticing talent at a music school and an interest in music and playing the piano, he was recommended to enter the Choir School after M.I. Glinka. His piano teacher at the Choir School was Sergey Germanovich Nikolaev, who was the chairman of the piano committee and teacher of many famous musicians of our time such as Nikolai Alekseev (the conductor of the Honored Collective of the Republic of the Academic Symphony Orchestra of the St. Petersburg Philharmonic, Alexander Titov (Artistic Director and Chief Conductor of the State Academic Symphony Orchestra of St. Petersburg), and pianist Arkady Volodos...

He was educated at the Choral School as a choir conductor and teacher where he has gained a great enthusiasm for music, which was instilled by the best teachers and artists of St. Petersburg: Sergey Germanovich Nikolaev (piano), Vladimir Evgenievich Begletsov (conducting)...

 He continued his education as a conductor and pianist at the St. Petersburg Conservatory. N.A. Rimsky-Korsakov between 2006 - 2011. During the years of study at the Conservatory, his interest in piano music became more and more obvious, and after 2 years of studying conducting, he also entered the piano department.

Such pianists as Sergei Vasilyevich Rachmaninov, Vladimir Horowitz, Alfred Cortot, Vladimir Vladimirovich Sofronitsky, Sergio Fiorentino, Mikhail Pletnev, Arkady Volodos had a huge influence on his performing style...

He practiced as an accompanist and pianist at the Scottish Royal Academy of Music and Drama in 2013. (Glasgow, Scotland)

He is the owner of the Grand Prix of many regional, city and international competitions as a performer, composer.

 His solo concerts and acquaintance with the culture of Turkey are now a priority for him. Among his plans, active interaction with representatives of Turkish culture, developing cultural ties and the exchange of experience in the field of performing arts are currently at the heart of his works 

Interested in sports: billiard, yachting, paragliding…

Professional French teacher- FLE (Alliance française)
I am a private professional french teacher for almost eight years now. I got my diploma from Alliance française, so I follow their program. I offer French tutoring, using materials that have to fit the purpose of learning. So it will depends if you are studying french for business, your degree, or just because you really like the language. I focus on making you speak from day one, I have a lot of experience, and I am dedicated to my job so I will reply to all your questions off class. I can send you a recap of the new vocabulary used during the lesson if you want to :)

English Conversations , TOEFL , IELTS , preparation for all international exams
I am a professional English trainer,having experience of well over 10 years . I am delighted to assist you on your way to get international certificates such as IELTS and TOFEL and gaining good command in daily conversations and using colloquial expressions which help you speak like a native

French for beginners, all ages are welcome to start.
Hello! welcome to your french journey. During this journey, I am inspiring anyone who wants to begin their journey of learning French from the beginning, as well as anyone who wants to continue with their French education. Since this is a general learning session, we will be studying a variety of topics, such as vocabulary, grammar, dialogues, etc. According to the course schedule, the following materials will be provided: PowerPoint presentations, PDF files, Word documents, etc. Bonjour! Bienvenu a tous Au cours de ce voyage, j'inspire tous ceux qui souhaitent commencer leur parcours d'apprentissage du français depuis le début, ainsi que tous ceux qui souhaitent poursuivre leurs études en français. Puisqu'il s'agit d'une session d'apprentissage général, nous étudierons une variété de sujets, tels que le vocabulaire, la grammaire, les dialogues, etc. selon l'horaire du cours, les matériaux suivants seront fournis : présentations PowerPoint, fichiers PDF, documents Word, etc. .

ESL teaching, Business English, Intensive Conversational Course
There's a wise saying “You live a new life for every language you speak. So the more languages you know the more lives you will live.” Besides, with the new language you will open many new doors in the corridor of life. I'm Andrew and I offer to make learning of English not only efficient but also exciting and extremely informative. Being equally fluent in English, Spanish and Russian I have vast experience in teaching languages with due regard for specific requirements of students of any English level, their desired progress and areas of particular interest including preparation for IELTS and TOEFL exams. For two years I was an organizing host of English amateur speak-up club aimed at mastering English through entertainment including arranging quizzes, intelectual competitions, debating and playing English table games. Having degree in management/ economics as well as the relevant working background I have competences in teaching Business English enhancing skills of trade negotiations, product promotion, logistics as well comprehending financial and economic formation. I give particular emphasis to proper accent/pronouncation training, auditioning skills and ability to maintain fluent and confident conversations. I prepare and review essential complimentary home assignments aimed at strengthening the best results.

-Practical, inspiring and fun ; Open-minded and versatile teaching approaches. -Different strokes for different folks; Every course is tailor-made for the individual according to his/her character and needs. -Covering ANY music styles ranging from Classic rock, Metal, Indie Rock, Pop, Folk, Jazz, Hip Hop, Blues etc. -Happy to do HOUSE LESSONS at student's home / ONLINE LESSONS also welcomed! ABOUT THE INSTRUCTOR: -We offer Electric Guitar/ Acoustic Guitar lessons, PIANO LESSON (Classical or Pop) , Ukulele lessons, Bass, ABRSM or POP Music theory... all being taught over very practical, fun and inspiring approaches. -The lessons are being offered in private or in groups (if you have friends to join in) -The music instructor has 10+ years of music teaching experience, been playing in original bands of huge variety or different music styles, and has been working as a full time music arranger/composer/guitarist in the local pop music industry. -Very good dealing with little kids. -Would love to do house calls SOME HIGHLIGHTS ABOUT THE LESSONS: 1) IT IS THE KEY, TO COVER A WIDE RANGE OF MUSIC STYLES. We're capable and willing to delivering the playin skills and knowledge from ANY MUSIC STYLE and from ANY SONG, you name it, as the student wishes. We really do care about what the student’s needs. This approach of learning music is VERY RARE in general. 2) DIFFERENT STROKES FOR DIFFERENT FOLKS. We do not apply the same teaching method to every student; Every music course is tailor made for the individual student, according to his/her character and needs. 3) UNIQUE AND PRACTICAL METHODS OF TEACHING MUSIC. Every time we teach a new song, you will learn not just the techniques, but also the theory and concepts underlying the techniques. Understanding these concepts is the key to applying techniques and ideas you have learned to a different environment. We focus on encouraging our students to explore a wider music world through inspiring and practical methods. 4) IMPROVISING TRAINING. Learn how to jam freely with music/ your music mates, the cool and proper way!

Translators and interpreters for companies in Arabic countries
You will learn how to speak in formal Arabic and you will be learning how to speak the different dialects … and what benefits you is i speak chinese and English as well. I have experience for 5 years in teaching Chinese people Arabic and English

Piano lessons. Professional teacher. Extensive experience
Professional pianist from Russia. Winner of international competitions. I have experience teaching children 5 and adults. Laureate of international competitions in France, Russia. Scholarship holder of the special Fund of the President for support of talented youth. Have concerts both solo and as part of chamber ensembles. Was a musician of the state Philharmonic.Teaching for 3 years at the children's music school.

English and Science Tutor in Shenzhen for a wide range of ages and abilities
Tutoring English and Science to students of all ages and abilities. I currently work at a public school in Shenzhen, and have ample experience teaching English and Science in both the public school and private school sectors in China. Classes are individually tailored to suit the needs of the student. Please message for any questions and more details.

General English Class, Public Speaking and Creative Writing
I aim to bring an interactive, creative, and imaginative environment for children and adult students to ensure that their interest in the language grows. My one to one classes are tailored for each individual student with regard to their personality. This helps them to be more interested in the teaching material and the class in general. . After my classes, my students have gained much confidence in expressing themselves in English, whether it comes to their writing or oral abilities. I have experience with preparing lesson plans, class tests (spelling tests, quizzes etc.) as well as providing feedback to the parents. I also have plenty of personal experience with public speaking which enables me to help my students better with being able to speak with more confidence

Computer Networking Basic level to Advanced level (Bachelor's level, Master's Level, Certifications: Cisco, Huawei, VMWare, Juniper etc)
I'm a Senior Network Engineer with 10 years Experience. I also have a PhD in Computer Science and Various industry certifications (CCNA, CCNP, HCIE, VCA etc) I can Computer Networking concepts from the Basic level to the advanced level both from academic and Industry Perpective. My course outline is flexible according to the requirements and academic level of the students.

Professional tutor with 6 years of experience (✅HSK, ✅daily conversation, ✅Chinese culture and history)
WHY CHOOSE ME AS YOUR CHINESE TEACHER? ✅Native Chinese speaker ( Mandarin and Cantonese) ✅Chinese teacher with 6+ years of experience ✅3000+ hours online teaching Chinese experience ✅tailor made lesson, with accompanying homework (optional) ✅Teaching Certificate and TESOL ✅Multiple teaching methods: chants, songs, videos, TPR etc. I am looking forward to meeting you. Feel free to reach out.

Rod Serginhio Correia Semedo
• Conducted home language surveys to determine the needs of a student. • Placed students in programs that best suited their needs. • Planned
Passionate and effective French Teacher with experience of teaching kids age of 3-12 yea old helping students to improve their French language vocabulary, reading comprehension and writing. Adept in all aspects of activities in the four areas of language learning: Speaking, Writing, Reading, and Listening. Bringing several years of experience, combined with a passion for serving as an effective educator and helping students to achieve proficiency in the French Language.

Fun English for kids with writing, reading and a lot of speaking
I am ready to improve writing, reading as well as speaking English for your kids. Depends of the age, I am ready and loving to create a great and playful classes for them, using speaking, music and drawing with a lot of fun and enjoying. Depends of your whishes, I am willing to discuss with you about the class and what do you want to achieve, also, I can provide all the materials as well as books that we are going to use.

Raquel - 白凤
HI ALL! Nice to meet you! :) *I have experienced that learning through NEWSPAPER NEWS, AUDIOS and VIDEOS can be fun and enjoyable, so depending on the level this could be a good and non-painful way to improve your language skills: summarizing the content, discussing it, using different ways of giving your opinion etc. Not only Spanish accent from Spain will be used in order to make you become familiar with ALL KIND OF ACCENTS. * In case the level is not so high we will start with the most basic elements of the Spanish language, and we will integrate the content with GAMES and SONGS, in order to make you enjoy the learning path. ***IT IS NOT ABOUT BECOMING THE NEXT CERVANTES IN TOWN***, but about being able to properly communicate, understand, write and have fun while learning.

Traveling to Swahili speaking countries, for the beginners
This class is for both young and adult, for the adults most of the are traveling abroad to the Swahili speaking countries and this class will make they stay in those countries more easy. also to to the student who needs more review vocabularies and essays

English (conversation, business, kids, adults, soft skills: interview coaching, writing, presentations ...)
I'm a native New Yorker with a standard, native, neutral accent. I've been teaching English in Shanghai for over 10 years. I have TEFL, Teaching Business English, and Teaching Young Learners certificates :) I'm patient, encouraging, humorous, and careful. Thank you :)

French teaching and tutoring for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced level
I specialize in French teaching at the youngest age, and based on the level of the learner, my lessons are elementary and straightforward to learn. I provide some books for references and keep my students always motivated and interested with the surprises and the suspense of each one of my lessons.

English learning for young students of all ages from China!
Hi. My name is Charlotte. I’m a 21-year old based in China, majoring in Pharmacy. During my free time, I like to teach English to young kids in China. The idea of Chinese students learning English will help them in their future, make international friends, and many more.

English (ESL, Adults, Kids ) special classes for CET test preparation!
This course emphasizes the fundamental language skills of reading, writing, speaking, listening, thinking, viewing, and presenting. An emphasis on vocabulary and composition skills will be an ongoing part of the program. The course includes studies of various literary genres: short story, poetry, novel, drama, and non-fiction. The development of critical reading and writing skills is a major emphasis of the course. I have been teaching English in China for the last 4 years.

Our students in China say it best about our teachers

Italian language and culture
Excellent, very polite, very organized and methodical. The course is very pleasant and fruitful.
Review by IOULIA T.
Cécile is a professional teacher with a personal approach. Besides being a very friendly person, her teaching is absolutely worth recommending.
Review by TIMON R.
French tuitions for expats
Laureline is well organized, experienced tutor. I like her teaching style. I would recommend her highly !
Review by KIHONG J.

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