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English and Russian Language Tutor. International Baccalaureate Tutor in History, ESS, Business, English and Extended Essay.
My focus is teaching conversational English and Russian. I will make a personalised lesson plan depending on your knowledge of the language. It will mostly consist of conversational speaking. I can also prepare students for any specific tests and help with school related work.

French, English and math lessons for any level (test prep tutoring or just learning new languages)
I'm a french student from Paris. I have 4 degrees in Finance (in the best universities and business school of Europe) and actually doing my 6th year of superior studies in East China Normal University. I'm a french native then i can provide quality french, English and math lessons for any level. i adapt my course according to the student needs. I'm flexible and patient to allow my students to learn quickly with deep learning and strong basis in French, English or Math. For language lessons you will be teached the main common words to use with the logic behind sentences. For math lessons i will give you some tips to help you understanding the main aspect of the lessons which will allow you to improve yourself greatly.

English, Math and/or Croatian Tutoring in Shanghai
I'm billingual in English and Croatian, and a student of electrotechnics and computing. I can tutor English, math and/or Croatian - help with homework or grammar, prepare for tests of practise conversation - at my location or travel to another location.

Private lessons in French and English at all levels
I am a student, currently in exchange in Shanghai until mid-December, in the last year of a Master's degree at the emlyon business school after two years of Preparatory Class. I offer my help in French from primary to high school, as well as English classes up to and including post-baccalaureate. French is my mother tongue, and I am bilingual English (TOEIC: 990/990). Do not hesitate to call me! :)

Learn French and French culture with an experienced teacher
Experienced teacher, native French, I accompany you in the learning of French and the discovery of French culture because an action-based pedagogy based on the needs of learners. -Preparation to DELF and other French diploma -Preparation for further studies in France

Learn and\or improve English or Italian language tutoring
I provide support material to learn and\or improve English or Italian language. Each lesson includes grammar, writing and pronunciation teaching, as well as conversation practice, extremely important to fully understand and assimilate a language. I'm a university student majoring in Language Mediation for International Communication so I can teach you some tricks to speed up your language apprehension process!

English Language Course For Beginners and Intermediate Students
Hi there! I'm Dona and I specialize in teaching English as a second and foreign language. I'm here to help you if you are studying English, and if you are motivated, to help you progress faster with extra lessons and homework. I also teach Dutch!

David (Xiao)
Learn English and Business Management Concepts at the same time (min-MBA)
Professionals of all ages pursue various forms of an MBA with the intent of developing a robust understanding of management science and the overall business world. I am a recently graduate from the full-time MBA program at UCLA's Anderson School of Management. Having gone through this process myself, I believe this type of education is paramount for young adults and should be delivered at an earlier juncture prior to college (such that they can make the most informed degree/career decision). I intend to condense the core elements of an MBA degree into concepts that will resonate with students at a high school level. I will communicate this material to students through English such that they not only learn the language, but how to articulate their thoughts on all business matters.

Xavi Lopez
Spanish Teacher for Conversations, Grammar, DELE and One-to-One classes
Hello everybody, This is Xavi from Spain, currently living in Barcelona. I am 26 years old and I can teach you Spanish, Catalan and English (to B2 level) (IELTS 8). Furthermore, I am studying Chinese aswell HSK3. I think that enthusiasm for what you do is fundamental, since that enthusiasm is key and spreads to those around you. Language learning and linguistics in general have been for me a hobby that over time has become a professional activity. Adaptation to the student is the great advantage of the individual class and enhance all linguistic skills, especially oral expression and comprehension during class. Moreover, I have got some volunteering experiences with teaching English and Spanish in South Korea, Guatemala and Uganda.

Shixin (Carol)
Exploring China: Language, History, Culture & Politics
How to make the place where you live in China now feel more like home? The answer is to be both linguistically and culturally closer to the Chinese people! This course will offer you an immersing experience in Chinese language and culture, history, and even politics. Seperated into three different sections, the class material includes Mandarin tutoring and cultural practices in China, Chinese history, and an introduction to Chinese political system. Mandarin tutoring and Chinese culture (English and Chinese): Jump into the mandarin-speaking world with native speakers. You will learn about the inner workings of the "unfathomable" characters and the correct use of slangs and daily phrases. You will also attend special activity classes after every three normal lectures, in which you will be brought to a down-to-earth Chinese cultural experience: the best restaurant in town, the most trendy make-up workshop, or even a conversation with a Chinese grandma in the morning market! Chinese history (Mainly lectured in English. Technical terms are in Chinese): As the sole survivor of the four ancient civilizations, China has a splendid story to offer. The deceased dynasties, the epic wars, the revolutionary inventions, the great philosophies... You will explore the past of China chapter by chapter, diving into the love and hate hidden behind the ashes. However, our course is not limited to the past, but also makes connections with the contemporary events and issues. What happened in the past promotes what is happening now. Chinese politics (Mainly lectured in English. Technical terms are in Chinese): It is not as forbidden as it seems. Aren't you curious about the voting system? What are the autonomous regions, special regions, and their specialized policies and their relationships with the central government? What are the major policies the Chinese government is adopting at the moment?... Don't let those questions remain mysterious. We combine accurate information from the Chinese politics textbooks and latest news from the Western media to show you an unbiased full picture of the politics in China. Start understanding the Communist party from now.

Physics for igcse and A level and college level or university
I have designed an easy way to reach the highest score in physics for my students . I have a master degree in physics plus ten years experience in teaching physics in Dubai, Moscow, Almaty and China. If you are struggling with mathematics I can support math class in the same time

Private English Tutor: Female Tutor in SZ avail now
Friendly teacher. I hold a Linguistics degree from King’s College London. I have great ideas about different ways to approach learning a second language that are child friendly and fun. I have one year’s teaching experience at a training center, and am learning Mandarin! I enjoy teaching younger children but I’m open to teaching any age.

Extensive English - Grammar, tenses, vocabulary and much more
Personally crafted English lessons for you or your kids. English is the main language used in the western world and kids in China are learning it to help boost them for their future. I have been teaching English in Beijing for over 2 years in a private 1 on 1 basis and have seen great results in all of my students ranging from the ages of 5 all the way to 60 years old.

Ufa State University- teacher bachelor degree-2020. US- New York- 2018.
Hi! I’m Russian student and here for 2 months. I’ll be glad to become your tutor. I have an experience teaching kids and adults. I love kids very much! Also I travel a lot and got degree in US last year. Contact me and I’ll help you to reach your porpoise!

Fun and easy Korean lesson with Native Korean speaker
Let's learn Korean easy and fun way, no stress, mainly focus on speaking and necessary sentences! I am a native Korean with excellent level of English and Chinese. so can totally cover all the area as students want to learn. I have an experience of teaching adult mainly for speaking Korean for 2months.

Spanish tuitition with Native! (speaking, listening, grammar)
Hello! My name is Roberto, I am from Spain and I can speak English, Spanish and some Chinese. I can give classes to introduce you to this language, improve your level of Spanish, prepare you for Spanish official test or teach you specific vocabulary. I teach Spanish: language, oral and written communication with an effective pedagogy, written and oral so that everyone can speak fluently avoiding grammatical gaps. I can give one-to-one classes or groups. If you are interested in studying Spanish contact me!

Mathematics at a beginner or intermediate stage (level)
I am offering Mathematics on a beginner and intermediate level. In case there is a specific part of mathematics that needs to be covered eg. algebra, sequences and series, functions or beginner mathematics please let me know. I can prepare worksheets for students to take home no matter what age or skill level. We will learn together in a fun and interesting way in a relaxed environment. If you are an absolute beginner in any of these subjects it's absolutely no problem. We all need to start somewhere.

Mathematics and Stats for all levels, including AP Stats
I specialize in teaching Math for all levels I have a bachelor’s degree in Statistics, Economics and Finance from University College London. I achieved perfect scores on SAT math, AP calculus BC, and the SAT math level 2 subject test. During my gap year, I tutored math and AP Statistics to children of different ages, ranging from ages 8 to 18. I have also been a freelance tutor in Shanghai, tutoring oral English, Math, and AP Statistics to children of different ages. My lessons are very interactive and I teach in a very fun way. I prefer that students bring their own textbooks but it's fine if they don't. I tailor my teaching style to the needs and expectations of students and parents, and focus on the concepts rather than rote memorization.

German tutoring for school children with a native German speaker
This class is for any child wanting to learn German. I am a native German speaker and also recived the IB (International Baccalaureat) where German was one of my high level subjects. In this class I will be teaching you how to read, write and speak gramatically correct German and we will also improve your German vocabulary.

Piano lessons for everyone! Any level, Preparation for exams, ABRSM
Music in all its forms has always been a passion that I carry inside me since I was a child. I graduated in piano performance with highest honors in 2009 in Russia and my studies also includes the courses of music theory, harmony, music history, choir and chamber music. I also did my masters and the Artist Diploma at Royal College of Music in London,under the guidance of Professor Norma Fisher. I attended masterclasses with internationally recognized teachers and soloists like Sergei Babayan, Bella Davidovich, Nikolay Petrov, John Lill among others. Beside classical music studies, I have always cultivated interests in different music styles like pop, blues and jazz and I attended many courses. I love teaching because solving problems of other students helps me to improve myself. I also enjoy to give my experience and my knowledge encouraging students to be curios to music of various styles. I can prepare for ABRSM and TRINITY exams at any level. I practice different sports including swimming and boxing and I'm interested in different disciplines such as core energetics, meditation, Alexander technique and NLP that helps me to study deeply the techniques for a better performance in public and manage the energy of my body.

James Arthur
British Tutor. Masters in Film from Kings College London
Hello! My name is James. I am from London, Uk I can help the student get ready for studying abroad in the UK. Essentially a good Teacher is someone who cares about the students and what they are learning, giving them the confidence to practice the language in their spare time

Our students in China say it best about our teachers

Italian language and culture
Excellent, very polite, very organized and methodical. The course is very pleasant and fruitful.
Review by IOULIA T.
Cécile is a professional teacher with a personal approach. Besides being a very friendly person, her teaching is absolutely worth recommending.
Review by TIMON R.
French tuitions for expats
Laureline is well organized, experienced tutor. I like her teaching style. I would recommend her highly !
Review by KIHONG J.

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