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María Paula
Conversational and Grammatical English Lessons for Children all Ages
Learning a new language at a young age provides children with countless opportunities for development and enrichment of the learning experience. As a teacher of young kids my goal is to pave the way for future learning experiences in wich the child is an active participant in it's own learning, therefore building confidence and beeing motivated towards a fun and interactive way of learning.

Dynamic and interactive French classes with a native teacher
I've been teaching French to foreign students this past year. I give French classes to students from all levels. My priority is for the class to be interactive and for the student to talk and be as active as possible. I give classes online and in Barcelona when I am there. I adapt to the special needs of each student and can focus my class on the reading, understanding, writing, or expressing sides. I give classes to young kids as well as to adults and people who need french in a professional context. Teaching in a nice atmosphere is always important to me :)

Javi Navas
Violin and piaNo lessons with innovative, fun and effective techniques. Incorporating the musical language to the learning of the instrument.
The pedagogical techniques used to learn the instrument focus on fun, psychomotor skills and enhancement of the senses. Carrying out a personalized strategy for each student and combining the musical language with the learning of the instrument Classes are offered from 3 years with the presence of the father using easy, intuitive and effective techniques that will awaken his love for music. Later, the main objective is the optimization of the study trying to develop skills such as concentration, fun and efficiency, with great importance in the use of arm weight and relaxation.

Spanish lessons- 20 years teaching experience at international schools
Spanish is not an easy language to learn, however, it all depends on who is teaching you to make it love it or hate it. I have been teaching at international schools for almost 20 years, all grades up to adult level and I have experience teaching different curricula (Common Core, British Curriculum, IB, Cambridge, etc). During my professional journey as a teacher in Qatar, UK, Italy, USA, Egypt, China and Vietnam, I realised that the best way for my students to learn is designing classes with a student centered approach, therefore, my classes are focused on the student's level and abilities, then we will start building from there. I assign homework after each lesson, but nothing too overwhelming. I am even on call, if you need any help to complete it. If you really want to learn or improve your Spanish Language Skills, do not hesitate to contact me. I hope to hear from you soon!

All the basis : introducing, leading a conversation and more in French
Hello! My name is Camélia. I'm French, and I will be happy to teach you some french, thought classes or also just by talking/conversing each others to help you to get the most vocabulary. I'm a final year bachelor's student of foreign languages (english and spanish) applies to international affairs in the north of France. Also, I'm actually in Spain for an Erasmus of 6 months. Looking forward to meet you ^^ À bientôt !

English, French and Spanish classes online and face-to-face
TEACHER WITH MORE THAN 3 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE AND PASSION FOR TEACHING I have taught Classes of: ENGLISH and FRENCH At home, Companies, Academies Preparation for official exams (good results) school support etc. Lessons; individual / group Face-to-face / online, intensive, extensive, immersion, etc. DYNAMIC CLASSES METHODOLOGY Personalized attention focused on the conversation to exercise the brain to think in the language thus gaining fluency and security when expressing oneself Grammar activity to speak correctly Auditory test for telephone attention Preparation of emails, letters, request, invitation and business texts Simulation based on customer service, commercial negotiations, etc. I offer online and face-to-face classes at a competitive price

Native English tutor from United Kingdom - language lessons
I'm a native English tutor who is also fluent in Russian and French. I have previously worked as a translation lecturer at University College London and as a private English tutor. In recent years I have been a freelance translator and proofreader for texts translated into English. I want to make your learning experience as comfortable as possible so please let me know if there is anything I can do to help!

Juan Pablo
Guitar lessons customized to your level and interests
My classes are aimed at all kinds of students, both those who only want to learn songs and those who want to go much deeper into learning the guitar. The methodology is totally personalized depending on the interests of the students so that learning is fun and as efficient as possible. I am a professional musician, graduated in Jazz and Contemporary Music Performance from Dublin City University (Ireland). I also studied the medium degree of modern music in Creative Music in Madrid, and I obtained the Rockschool certificate grade 8 in the School of Modern Music of Ciudad Real. I have been teaching guitar for 10 years while combining my studies at the conservatory and my own musical projects -Contact me without obligation, I will be happy to assist you!

Private classes and school support for all subjects (Primary and ESO)
Nursing final year student offers to give private classes and school support of all subjects from primary to 4ESO. I am a formal and responsible girl who is interested in the academic development of her students, trying to get them all the necessary knowledge to pass their studies with satisfactory results. I have several years of experience teaching private classes at all levels with very good results. My teaching method is adapted to the needs of each student, trying to understand all the concepts of the subject, and checking their learning with proposed exercises and resolution of doubts. For more information, do not hesitate to contact me.

Support classes in English and Spanish for children and adults
Dear, I offer private English classes at various levels: school, university and professional. They are didactic classes and easy to understand for the student. Dear, I offer private English and Spanish classes at school, university and professional level. They are didactic classes and easy to understand for the student.

Reinforcement and improvement of Biology and science subjects
Support classes, reinforcement of Biology, Natural Sciences and Chemistry, from primary to high school. Also for university level: Genetics, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Cell and tissue biology ... I am a graduate in Biotechnology, currently doing a related PhD. I have extensive knowledge in these subjects. The classes would be adjusted to your level and needs, and we would adapt the activities according to how we progress. Classes will be online, or at home in Madrid. Contact me and I will solve any doubts you have!

English classes -conversation, grammar, vocabulary building and business English
I am a qualified teacher holding a master's degree in English philology with a specialization in teaching English as a foreign language. Also, I have over 8 years' experience teaching students at various levels, as well as working in an international environment. I have a native-like command of the language, and more importantly, I have a passion for teaching combined with a sound theoretical background and years of teaching in a variety of contexts. I use communicative approach and in my classes I focus mainly on speaking. My students are of different ages, levels, backgrounds, and nationalities. I always adopt a personalized approach and a teaching method that will help you achieve your language learning goals. With my classes you can improve communication skills, pronunciation and grammatical accuracy. You will be able to pass popular English language exams (TOEFL, TOEIC, Cambridge, etc.) and feel more confident using the language in both personal and professional contexts.

Mathematics Teacher : High School, A-level, IB levels
Mathematics tutoring for all levels including A-level, IB and High school in English. Classes can be done online or in a home environment. I am a fully qualified Mathematics teacher (BSc, PGCE) with many years of experience. I can tailor the lessons to suit your needs.

Music Lessons, Clases de Música. Guitarra, Contrabajo, Bajo Eléctrico, Percusión, Leguaje musical, Technología musical
Soy Profesor con Licenciatura en Música/ Etnomusicología y Certificado de Posgrado en pedagogia musical (Reino Unido). Tengo 18 años de experiencia de enseñanza en escuelas (colegios e institutos), formación de profesorado, hospitales, escuelas de verano, con grupos comunitarios y centros para niños excluídos. Estaba jefe de estudios de música en dos institutos secundarios y recientemente en el escuela de Great Ormond Street Hospital School- unos de los hospitales infantiles mas grandes del Reino Unido. También tengo experiencia en gestión de proyectos educativos musicales con una variedad de organizaciones culturales en Londres (por ejemplo, Royal Opera House, Serious Productions, Brit School). He tocado con grupos en Korea, Costa Rica, Burkina Faso, Ghana y por supuesto en muchos lugares en el Reino Unido y Europa. Doy clases en inglés y/o español - para ayudar a los estudiantes a acceder a aspectos culturales del inglés y para apoyar sus estudios actuales o futuros. Ofrezco clases en: - Contrabajo (jazz e imrov) - Bajo Electrico (afrobeat, rock, pop, funk, soul, jazz) - Guitarra (afrobeat, rock, pop, funk, soul, jazz) - Percusion (África occidental, Brasileña) - Teoría Musical (esto es parte de todas de las clases o un clase especializada) - Técnica y lenguaje de Jazz (todos instrumentos) - Composición (canción popular, harmonia moderna) - Tecnología musical y ciencia del sonido - Pronuciación inglesa para cantantes Todas las clases son prácticas con recursos adicionales online. Presenciales (en sala de ensayo del profesor)/ a domicilio (depende el tema de clase)/ online

Spanish, flamenco and classical guitar, technique to overcome the guitarist's focal dystonia
According to the level of the student, the technique of flamenco guitar interpretation will be perfected so that the student advances in their knowledge of flamenco music. My technique for overcoming the guitarist's focal dystonia will also be taught.

For several years I have given private classes to students of different levels in their respective homes, making their academic performance significantly improve and reinforcing the learning acquired in school. In addition, throughout my professional career I continually train to have useful and dynamic materials and resources to teach students fruitfully in different subjects. Currently, as a passionate about education, I continue to offer tutoring / support or reinforcement at different levels to try to improve the school performance of the students. The adults responsible for the education of the student will be informed periodically of the results that are obtained throughout the classes and in the school or institute.

School support and reinforcement of all subjects. Primary and secondary levels.
I am a student of Biotechnology. I offer classes in all subjects to elementary and middle school students. I give school support, help with study techniques, preparation and reinforcement for exams and assignments ... I adapt to the needs of the student!

Clases de inglés, niños o adultos de un hablante nativo de inglés (Aguadulce)
El inglés es cada vez más importante para el comercio, el turismo y los viajes. Soy un hombre de Irlanda, inglés es mi lengua materna. Tengo una licenciatura en Ciencias y un certificado TEFL. Ofrezco clases individuales o en grupo en el hogar del estudiante. Hago hincapié en todos los aspectos del lenguaje (escritura, escucha, lectura y habla) y trato de aumentar el nivel linguístico del estudiante tanto con medios audiovisuales como escritos. Además, trataré de personalizar la clase tanto como sea posible para que sea divertida. Los precios en este son para 1 o 2 estudiantes pero hago clases para 3 or 4 estudiantes para 12€ por hora y 5 o 6 estudiantes para 15€ por hora (precios total)

I am an English/Spanish translator and teacher. I enjoy to see my students make progress and reach their goals. I prepare students for school exams, international exams, carrer goals, etc. We can do online classes or we do classes at my place in Marbella, as you prefer.

Private classes for school reinforcement and help with homework
I give private classes for school reinforcement and / or help with homework. I adapt the classes to any age and subject in which they need to deepen. In the event that the student has an important job or task, I always offer to help him. I try to plan the classes so that they are not too heavy, since staying focused is always difficult for some students. That is why I like to plan the class a bit before starting and set affordable goals to finish satisfied with the work done. I also like to work with dynamics and activities. In the event that the student needs any help outside of the agreed schedule, we can always agree on a time and find a way for them to feel accompanied and safe during the learning process.

Pablo Fernández
Primary Education Teacher: Classes of all subjects. Also available music classes (ukulele, guitar, drums, composition)
I have a degree in Primary Education Teaching and I have been giving private classes for more than 7 years, both at home and in the academy and, more recently, also online. During the last year I was responsible for extracurricular activities in a center in Cantabria at the same time that I gave private classes to ESO students. In addition to having a degree in Primary Education, I have the A1 certificate in Spanish Sign Language. I am currently preparing the exam to obtain the CAE (C1 Advance) certification in English. In addition, I am a professional musician with 20 years of experience and I offer classes in Ukulele, Guitar, Composition and Drums / Percussion I offer individual face-to-face classes and small groups. However, and given the situation caused by COVID-19, I also offer online classes, in which, in addition to offering individualized support, I promote the use of information and communication technologies as a tool for self-learning.

Our students in Spain say it best about our teachers

Italian language and culture
Excellent, very polite, very organized and methodical. The course is very pleasant and fruitful.
Review by IOULIA T.
Cécile is a professional teacher with a personal approach. Besides being a very friendly person, her teaching is absolutely worth recommending.
Review by TIMON R.
French tuitions for expats
Laureline is well organized, experienced tutor. I like her teaching style. I would recommend her highly !
Review by KIHONG J.

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