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The methodology to use during our classes will depend to a great extent on your learning style. From a 100% conversational environment to the use of office tools or more traditional resources that allow us to connect in English. A methodology PPP (Present, practice and produce) during classes that helps consolidate knowledge from the minute 1 of our meeting, which will help you make use of what you learned in a verbal and real way, while receiving feedback from your points strong and those that we must improve. Personalized attention and that covers your needs to communicate effectively.

General Italian, communicative approach and grammar
Italian classes at all levels emphasizing the communicative approach but acquiring a good grammatical base. My goal is to establish the level of the student and once you set go forward so that you can communicate.

Matilde Carbajo
Clases de Español - cours d'espagnol - Spanish courses
Si eres un hablante nativo de inglés o francés y estás buscando aprender o mejorar tu español estas clases son para ti. Soy profesora particular de español para extranjeros con años experiencia. La clases abordan todos los campos de la lengua (conversación, gramática, expresión oral y escrita...) a todos los niveles de forma dinámica y lúdica, siempre buscando la progresión y motivación del alumno. Are you an english native speaker keen on learning or improving your spanish? This class is for you. Native spanish teacher with experience teaches spanish for non-native-speakers. Conversation, grammar, culture... are teached in all levels in a fun dynamic way, keeping students chalenged and motivated. Si vous êtes francophone et vous cherchez commencer ou améliorer votre espagnol, ces cours sont pour vous. Je suis une professeure d'espagnol pour des passionnés de l'espagnol. Dans mes cours, je touche tous les piliers de la langue (conversation, grammaire, expression orale et écrite...) d'une façon ludique et dynamique, J¡je cherche la motivation et progression des élèves.

Learn French and discover French culture!
I share my experience and knowledge of France. Through typical themes of France, I teach them the basic or advanced rules to be able to read, understand, write and speak like the French people of today. During a class, the student receives the file with the grammar rules of the day, reads sentences in French related to the subject, creates sentences from the list of vocabulary and writes the answers to my questions. My goal is that the student can have a discussion in French, then I will give assignments according to their availability.

Adela Sánchez
Clases particulares de piano y solfeo en domicilio
Soy organista y pianista desde hace 21 años hasta el momento. Tengo un nivel de grado medio de piano y órgano, y una experiencia para impartir clases particulares desde hace 9 años hasta la actualidad. Enseño solfeo y armonía para tocar partituras y acompañar con acordes empleando los métodos más actuales como Kodály, Dalcroze y Suzuky, haciendo que mis clases sean prácticas y motivadoras.

English conversation lessons with dialogues and games.
You will start speaking English, and learn about the daily situations in life and how to express yourself confidently in English. I prefer using fun methods for example: games, daily talks, enjoyable topics that the learner want to speak about and to completely immerse in the language.

Mathematics, physics and chemistry ESO, baccalaureate and university
Biologist with more than 10 years teaching private classes offers personalized and efficient science classes for all levels. With my own methodology applied according to the needs of the student the results will be better than expected

English, Science, Singing, Piano - FUN, INTERACTIVE and PROFESSIONAL
I am a native English speaker with conversational Spanish and have taught English in the past. I have a degree in Medical Science and so can tutor in science up to degree level. I am advanced in both singing and piano and have taught both in the past and have a passion for them both. So if you need a tutor in any of these things, PLEASE contact me as I would love to teach you!

Sheila Maria Saybe
English, exam preparation, strategies to do homework
I am a teacher of early childhood education. Specialized in early care, educational speech therapy and autism. I work with children from 1-12 years of age who have learning problems, poor school performance, speak English as a second language, have speech problems or suffer from autism spectrum disorders. The objective of this class is to learn to speak English fluently, with good pronunciation and especially that it is a fun class. Also, another goal is to acquire different study strategies for children who have learning problems or poor school performance, feeling confident and able to achieve their maximum potential.

English classes and Spanish classes and exam preparation for foreigners
Professor licensed in Psychology in Human Resources proposes individualized pedagogy in English for primary and child children and for adults Spanish classes with certificate by the Cervantes Institute in Utrecht and also examiner of the Spanish titles DELES. I have lived in Paris for two years and in Amsterdam for 5 years.

Ana Hernaiz
English and Spanish for children and adults at home or Skype.
English has become the world language and most useful for traveling and for working life. With experience in academies, schools and institutes, it will be a pleasure to help you. I was living in the United Kingdom and I already had experience teaching Spanish in Spain to foreigners. The classes will be practical and I will adapt to the level of each one. Classes at home or by Skype.

Mathematics, language, English and French reinforcement classes
I am a student of professional training, with experience in private classes from primary to ESO, willing to help you with those more difficult subjects and remember everything you learned during the summer. I also help with English and French reinforcement.

Apollo and school reinforcement for Infant and Primary Education
I am a technical girl in Early Childhood Education and graduated in Primary Education and I offer support and reinforcement to students of Infant and Primary, whether students with or without Special Educational Needs. Something that characterizes me is the passion for children, for the world of education and everything that surrounds it. I offer support based on meaningful learning, a teaching totally adapted to the needs of each one; my students are the true protagonists of their own learning. Likewise, my classes will start from a base formed by responsibility, organization and discipline, factors that will be complemented with the learning of contents and their corresponding good results in each course. Finally, I leave my motto: "The teaching that leaves its mark is not the one made from head to head, but from heart to heart"

Learn English with a qualified English teacher - all ages/levels
FROM OCTOBER 2019 - Achieve your potential in a fun and interactive way! I specialise in tutoring English as a second language, and strongly believe that motivation is the key to effective learning. Therefore, my lessons are engaging and tailored to the individual student.

School support French lessons for children in Madrid
Hola! Native French currently in Madrid as part of an internship, I offer tutoring for French classes at home. I am available every afternoon. Feel free to contact me for more information! Lucia

Private classes of school support in any field, preferably in English, language, music and natural. Classes for primary.
University student offers private classes, individually so that learning is progressive as well as effective. Each individual is unique and therefore, each one needs a different form of teaching. My goal is to help the student build their learning while enjoying the process.

The best Spanish classes for foreigners at all levels
Bachelor in Psychopedagogy with more than 20 years of experience offers Spanish classes for foreigners adjusted and fully adapted to the interest and requirements of the student and their channel and pace of learning. Practical classes, useful, animated, dynamic, stimulating and of the highest quality. From basic to advanced level, for children, youth, adults and the elderly; in group or individuals.

French and English clases for all levels and all purposes
I am an experience English and French teacher. I teach all levels, from beginner to intermediate, different ages, teenagers and adult learners, and class types, conversational English/French, exam preparation class and English/French for specific purposes. I adapt my class to my students´need and make sure they have fun while learning.

Spanish classes for foreigners at home, any level
The classes are customized to the needs and the level of the students, designed by a professional teacher trained specifically in the subject. Focused for exams, conversation or specifically on the skill that needs to be improved. All this from an entertaining perspective and at the pace of the student from a negotiation of time, content, activities, etc. I hope you try a class and start learning Spanish.

Irene Garcia
Certified Spanish tutor with 8 years of experience
I have a vast experience with very different students, schools and methods so I know how to adapt my classes to what you want and need. I think it is very important for the students to feel comfortable and safe. I like learning about my students′ personal interests so we can use them in the learning process. This way what we do and talk about make sense and is important for you. I also speak English, French, German and Russian. I can explain in your mother tongue if necessary although my goal will be to speak Spanish from the very beginning. And it works! I can use my expertise with languages and students to help you learn Spanish. We can do this together! Vamos!

Maths in english, guiding you from what you already know to grasp the topic at hand. (Castillano básico)
Hi I tutor maths in English. From high school to university level, including engineering. I completed a engineering degree and excel in mathematics. My approach is to simplify or break down the particular maths section to the level that you are comfortable with.

Our students in Spain say it best about our teachers

Italian language and culture
Excellent, very polite, very organized and methodical. The course is very pleasant and fruitful.
Review by IOULIA T.
Cécile is a professional teacher with a personal approach. Besides being a very friendly person, her teaching is absolutely worth recommending.
Review by TIMON R.
French tuitions for expats
Laureline is well organized, experienced tutor. I like her teaching style. I would recommend her highly !
Review by KIHONG J.

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