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Recently Posted Private Classes

Private English tutoring from a Native English speaker
Hi there! My name is Flo and I am currently working in Valencia on my year abroad as an auxiliare de conversación in a Primary school. I am a 20 year old student from the University of Bristol in England doing a Spanish BA degree and I absolutely love my teaching job which is why I thought I'd begin private tutoring alongside it! I have access to a wide range of teaching resources through my job post for a selection of ages and abilities. I am a very patient and encouraging individual and I look forward to being able to assist people with learning English to the very best of my ability.

Maria Medina
TRUMPET and musical language classes - in Valencia or online
I teach trumpet classes for beginner and intermediate levels. I am currently studying at the Higher Conservatory of Music in Valencia. My classes are aimed at all ages and are adapted to the interests and needs of each student (online, face-to-face, preparation for entrance exams, support in music theory, classes adapted for children from 4 to 6 years old ...)

Violin lessons for beginners for any age
Playing a musical instrument is quite a challenge for a person. The violin is a very beautiful instrument and, at the same time, difficult to learn. I am a student whose passion is the violin, I offer private lessons and I move to the house myself, so there is no excuse for not wanting to learn!

Modern Guitar/Music lessons - Learn to play this beautiful instrument.
I have been an English teacher for many years and now decided to spend it teaching something I have a passion for - Modern guitar (electric and acoustic). The classes will be based on the students aims but I will make suggestions. I think that just playing guitar is limited without learning some theory. Musicians need to play with each other in a common language.

Primary and secondary English. Learn the study of a culture just by learning its language
I can use satisfactory methods, recreating the teacher / student figure, to carry out English homework. The classes would be face-to-face. My availability is in the afternoons. Let me know if you are interested, and we look at affordable prices for elementary school students and that.

Cello classes for all levels and ages
I am a professional cellist, with higher studies in Germany and Belgium, and with experience both on stage and in teaching for all levels and ages. For me, the most important thing is that the student can learn to play the instrument while enjoying making music. I can adapt to the needs of each student and what is best for their evolution with the instrument.

Professor with a degree in teaching from the University of the Balearic Islands. 20 years of experience in pedagogy and school reinforcement for children. C1 English certificate from the British Council. It includes all subjects from primary to 2nd of ESO.

Persian class (Farsi), a guided trip to an ancient and valuable culture
I am a very experienced Persian teacher, I also do interpretations. I teach children and adults. The classes are adapted to the level and objectives of each student. I am a mathematician and a philosopher, in classes I not only teach the language but also the spirit of Iran and the sweetness of the language through Iranian literature, art and cuisine. If you want to take a virtual trip to a country whose culture is very old, call me. I will guide you with pleasure.

Alejandro Fernández
Private classes - Primary - ESO - Mathematics-English-Language
It seeks to adapt to the needs of the student, either preparing classes for the resolution of homework or classes focused on the preparation of an exam. Subjects could be Language Arts, English, or Mathematics. But you could study giving other subjects that are different from those offered. Once a student has reserved an hour, that hour will always be for him, until he decides to stop having classes, that is, the hours are saved for each student. The number of classes could be increased without increasing the cost, in case of need of more classes due to an exam.

Learn how to play the best solos in rock history on the guitar
Do you want to learn the best solos in rock history in a simple and intuitive way? I am the right teacher for you! I teach you to play the electric guitar starting from your favorite songs with a practical and fun method. My proposed course of study is based on the educational program at the Berklee Institute in Boston. To engage students, the performance of famous songs is explained in each lesson, taking from these ideas to expand technical and musical knowledge. During the course, rhythmic and accompaniment skills are developed, as well as the bases for improvising, addressing the languages of different genres: blues, rock, jazz, fusion, Latin.

International cuisine at home. Traditional cuisine, bakery, pastry, pastry, Asian and exotic cuisine.
My classes are dynamic and practical, the idea is that we all cook together and my students learn first-hand. I like to explain all the ingredients and the tradition behind each dish or cooking technique. The most important thing is that it does not have to be a previously established course, the student can choose what they want to cook day after day, depending on their interests. I can teach a cooking class as part of any event, such as birthdays, team building, family reunions, etc. I love working with children and teenagers. At the end of the course we will all participate in tasting what we have prepared. During the course, all the issues inherent to the dishes we are preparing or the type of cuisine will be addressed, but any doubts from the students will also be solved. Each student will take home the recipes with which we have worked. I also organize children's birthdays with 2 dishes to cook, they can be sweet or savory. Classes and all events can also be taught in English.

Francés para principiantes :niños; jóvenes o adultos
Tengo experiencia dando clases de francés en mi país, he ayudado a muchos niños a lograr sus resultados. Seguiría un método educativo para que aprender francés sea un curso divertido y muy rico a través de ejercicios de gramática, conjugación, ortografía, pronunciación ... Además, a través de mi experiencia he adquirido técnicas de comunicación que me ayudan a asegurar que todo tipo de personas reciban la información correcta.

Laura García
Classes for girls and boys in primary and secondary school
Private classes of the most common subjects taught in primary and secondary school. These are: language, mathematics and English. The correct learning of the students will be sought so that in this way they can get their best performance in the school environment.

Clases particulares de inglés para niños y adolescentes en Madrid
SOBRE MÍ ¡Hola! Me llamo Celia y soy de los Estados Unidos. Tengo un grado en empresa internacional de cuatros años, y ahora estoy haciendo un máster de educación internacional en la universidad de Alcalá de Henares aquí en Madrid. Tengo cuatro años de experiencia en la enseñanza de inglés a niños/jóvenes en colegios públicos y concertados. Aparte de eso, he dado clases particulares por cuatro años a estudiantes de todos los niveles aquí en Madrid. ¡Tengo un vocabulario expansivo y puedo enseñar a todas las edades! Yo incorporo actividades divertidas con clases de conversación, gramática, y vocabulario. Además, hago clases para profesionales, como inglés de negocios y preparación de entrevistas. Tengo experiencia en la preparación de los exámenes de Cambridge y LanguageCERT/CEFR, también. Si estáis interesados, no dudéis en contactar conmigo . ¡Muchas gracias y un saludo! MÁS DETALLES DE LAS CLASES DISBONIBILIDAD HORARIA: lunes, martes, miércoles, jueves a las 18:00-20:00 sábado a las 12:00-15:00 Doy todas las clases en mi casa u online. CLASES BÁSICAS Las actividades incluidas en las clases básicas son refuerzo de los deberes en cualquier asignatura, "study buddy" para los exámenes del cole, y juegos (de mis propias creaciones o juegos online con pantalla compartida). CLASES BÁSICAS + EXTRAS Las siguientes actividades se pueden incluir en nuestras clases según mi criterio como profesora: -Preparación de los exámenes de inglés oficiales (más abajo) -Fonética -Conversación extensa -Lectura de literatura en inglés -Discusión guiada sobre películas y series vistas fuera de clase -Escritura sobre distintos temas -Ejercicios de escucha TIPOS DE EXÁMENES DE INGLÉS OFICIALES PARA LOS QUE OFREZCO PREPARACIÓN PARA NIÑOS Y ADOLESCENTES: Cambridge -A1 (Starters, Movers) -A2 (Flyers, Key/KET) -B1 (Preliminary/PET) -B2 (First/FCE) LanguageCERT International ESOL -A1 Preliminary -A2 Access -B1 Achiever -B2 Communicator

Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga teacher (seeking connection with oneself)
I am a yoga teacher (for children, adolescents, adults and pregnant women), I want to inspire anyone who wants to immerse themselves in the practice, to connect with their own wisdom, healing abilities and expansive potential. My goal is to emphasize the connection of the body, spirit and mind, focusing on breathing, body alignment and balance. (asanas, pranayamas, meditations, mantras, mudras, mindfulness, ayurveda and enjoyment). I give private or group yoga classes, online or in person. I have international certifications: 200 hours of multiple styles of yoga (India) and 300 hours in Kundalini specialization (India). Specialization in pre and post natal (US) and Specialization in children and adolescents (UK) In addition to certification in Ayurveda (Argentina), in Family Constellations (UK) and International Coaching focused on BioNeuroCoaching (American School of BioNeuroCoaching and European Academy of Neurosciences, Economics and Humanities) - Emotional BioDecoding.

English tutoring classes from a native English speaker
As a native English speaker from the UK, I will provide fun and interesting classes to improve your English, whether from a beginner, intermediate or advanced level. I will teach you a range of new vocabulary and essential grammar skills through playing games, conversation, and written exercises.

Learn French at any level: conjugation, syntax, writing style ...
You will learn vocabulary; to combine at different times such as the present, the past, the future, the imperfect but also syntax, poetry if you wish and much more! I can also help in math, school level because I obtained a scientific baccalaureate. A1 - Basic user Can understand and use familiar and everyday expressions as well as very simple statements aimed at meeting concrete needs. Can introduce himself or herself or someone and ask a person questions about them - for example, where they live, relationships, what belongs to them, etc. - and can answer the same type of questions. Can communicate in a simple manner if the interlocutor speaks slowly and clearly and is cooperative. A2 - Basic user Can understand isolated sentences and frequently used expressions related to immediate areas of priority (eg, simple personal and family information, shopping, immediate environment, work). Can communicate in simple, routine tasks requiring a simple and direct exchange of information on familiar and routine matters. Can describe with simple means his training, his immediate environment and evoke subjects which correspond to immediate needs. B1 - Independent User Can understand the essentials when plain, standard language is used and if these are familiar things at work, at school, at leisure, etc. Can cope with most situations encountered while traveling in an area where the target language is spoken. Can produce simple, coherent speech on familiar topics and in areas of interest. Can relate an event, experience or dream, describe a hope or goal, and briefly state reasons or explanations for a project or idea. B2 - Independent User Can understand the essential content of concrete or abstract topics in a complex text, including technical discussion in their specialty. Can communicate with a degree of spontaneity and fluency such as conversation with a native speaker without stress on either side. Can express himself clearly and in detail on a wide range of subjects, give an opinion on a topical subject and explain the advantages and disadvantages of different possibilities. C1 - Experienced User Can understand a wide range of demanding, long texts and recognize implicit meanings. Can express himself spontaneously and fluently without apparently having to search for words. Can use the language efficiently and flexibly in social, professional or academic life. Can express himself on complex subjects in a clear and well-structured manner and demonstrate control of the tools of organization, articulation and cohesion of speech. C2 - Experienced User Can effortlessly understand virtually everything he / she reads or hears. Can reproduce facts and arguments from a variety of written and oral sources, summarizing them in a coherent fashion. Can express himself spontaneously, very fluently and precisely, and can distinguish fine nuances of meaning in relation to complex matters.

Music Lessons Guitar/Bass , Production , Composition , Music Theory
Hi my Name is Francesco Emery and I recently graduated from Salford University where I specialised in Guitar/Bass , Music Production and Composition . I have 5 years teaching experience and I strive to make the lessons fun and as simple as possible so that you can understand and easily apply what we learn to your own creative project.

Private Spanish classes for foreigners taught by a native teacher.
Hello, my name is Leica. I have several years of experience as a private Spanish teacher Contact me and let me show you how easy and fast you can learn Spanish with me I teach classes for all levels from A1 to the most advanced.

Maria Paulina
Acting and Dramatic Arts Classes - Language, Body Skills, and Character Creation.
acting and dramatic arts course for people who wish to develop their language skills, body movement and at the same time achieve being in the shoes of a character, character creation and acting skills and creation of artistic works.

English as a Second Language, Oxford/Cambridge exam preparation, conversational classes
I’m an experienced ESL teacher originally from Northern Ireland. I offer fun classes in a relaxed environment, from kids to adults and conversational to exam preparation (B1-B2 level). I’ve been living and working in Spain for almost 3 years now and teaching is my passion!