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Recently Posted Private Classes

Rosa Aguilar
Geography, History, Philosophy, Language and exam preparation, EBAU and works
Teacher of Geography and History, Philosophy and Spanish language, she offers to give private reinforcement classes, preparation of assignments and preparation for the EBAU for Compulsory Secondary Education students. Private classes are intended to reinforce curricular content and enhance students' critical thinking skills so that they can successfully address the challenges of academic life.

Esperanza Macarena
Private classes from Infant to High School level
I am an Early Childhood Education Technician, currently studying the University Degree in Early Childhood Education at UNED. I have been giving private classes for years and, regarding the ESO and Baccalaureate levels, I am specialized in studies in the Scientific branch. I am also an extracurricular dance and soccer instructor (Children and Primary level).

DJ, drums, guitar, percussions, Latin music.
Knowing how to play an instrument releases stress and expands your mind to be able to create very interesting things. Now what I do is combine instruments with digital consoles such as DJ consoles. I have to teach you how to produce electronic music, only for a beginner level.

Native English Tutor Barcelona/Profe de Inglés Nativo Barcelona
Whether you are just beginning or already have experience with English, having a tutor is an extremely useful resource. From beginning to learn the language to studying for school and tests, conversation, and even working towards an English certificate (A1-C2), having a tutor will help you bridge the gap from where you are and where you want to be. I am from the United States, have a TEFL certificate and three years of experience teaching English in Barcelona, having taught in preschools, academies, and online, to an age range of preschoolers to adults. All ages and levels welcome!

Isabel Rodríguez
I teach school reinforcement classes for primary level and first cycle of secondary school (1 and 2 ESO). The classes are supportive in any subject. In turn, if required, time will be allocated for learning and using different study techniques (outlines, summaries, memorization.) In the same way, the student will be taught to organize himself in carrying out tasks, economizing the time used in carrying out tasks.

Matilde Lombardía
Hello! I am Matilde, a former international high school and LOMCE high school student at IES Ramiro de Maeztu. I just graduated in Biology, and right now I teach International Baccalaureate classes for: - English HL/SL - Mathematics SL - Biology SL/HL About me, I have three years of teaching experience, both academic and non-formal. In my classes I communicate concepts in a clear and motivating way and I am committed to the academic and personal success of my students, fostering a positive and participatory learning environment. The highest priority in my classes are the needs of the student, so I adapt to their learning style. I consider it very important to develop study techniques and track student progress to help them achieve their goals effectively. I also offer help with the IAs and EEs of the subjects I dedicate myself to, and in general a little advice that was useful to me at the time. I also work a lot on the IB program exam models and their methodology. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me!!

Electric/Acoustic Guitar Classes & Musical Theory
Certified teacher in Rockschool Level 4 Performance Diploma and Grade 8. I have studied musical language and harmony at the Creative Music School. I have taken many Courses on genres such as Blues, Country, Rock'n'Roll, Metal or Funk, Guitar Techniques as well as Masterclasses with great guitarists such as Paul Gilbert or Tomatito. Grim Comet guitarist. National and international tours. Enjoyable electric guitar classes, learning with songs, dealing with harmony, improvisation, riffs, rhythmic patterns, technique and much more. Everything we see in class I will always relate to songs, which is how you really see the usefulness and practical application of what you are studying. I believe that learning should be fun, enjoyable and without pressure to achieve good results. Having specific short, medium and long-term objectives but enjoying the journey. That's why you set the pace and decide what area or style you would like to delve more or less into, and the duration and frequency of the classes. If you are interested in having an official qualification, I can prepare and present you for any Rockschool degree. Availability and flexibility of schedules. During the pandemic, I renewed my entire team to offer an online experience that does not differ from in-person classes. This has allowed me to have students from outside Madrid and Spain. If you have any reluctance, I encourage you to try online and you will see that with my system there is no difference between the two modalities. Find out without obligation! See you!

Hatha yoga, preparation classes, yoga for beginners and intermediate
Physical preparation to start yoga, hatha yoga, pranayamas... The class will be prepared according to the needs of the participant, classes can be given outdoors or at home. The class will consist of pranayamas, warm-ups and guided asana practices

Carmen Lucía
Piano classes at home/online. Basic and intermediate level.
Playing the piano stimulates and shapes the brain, increases productivity and concentration, helps overcome stress and depression, improves posture, encourages perseverance and discipline, in addition to developing greater sensitivity by expressing our deepest emotions. With this course, you will learn to get started or develop your skills as a pianist, also working on the bases of musical theory, in a dynamic and fun way. As a teacher, I adapt to the student's musical tastes to work on their favorite genres on the instrument and I also guide them, if they wish, in the composition of their own songs. Classes suitable for all ages, basic and intermediate level.

Yaiza Alonso
Master's student in Bilingual Education and graduate of the Degree in Primary Education with a major in English offers private classes
Grammar and vocabulary classes Conversation Oral and written comprehension classes Oral and written expression classes reinforcement and support Content review creative writing workshop Reading workshop exam preparation Childcare Leisure activities and storytelling

Prepping English Excellence: Tutoring for All Ages
Hello! I'm Sofia, a passionate and experienced student with a knack for languages. As a native English and Spanish speaker, I understand the nuances of language learning and am thrilled to guide you on your English language journey. Drawing from my own educational experiences, I've developed effective teaching methods that make learning English enjoyable and accessible. Whether you're a beginner or looking to refine your language skills, each session is customised to meet your specific needs and goals. - Dive into English through real-world scenarios and cultural contexts, making language acquisition both practical and enjoyable. -Grammar Made Fun: I simplify complex grammar rules, making them easy to understand and apply in everyday conversation. -Flexible Scheduling: As a student myself, I understand the importance of flexibility. Sessions can be tailored to suit your busy lifestyle. With a proven track record in teaching, I create a supportive and encouraging learning environment where mistakes are celebrated as stepping stones to success. Join me in making language learning an exciting and enriching experience!

School reinforcement classes for primary, secondary and high school.
I have been an experienced teacher since 2013. I am currently working and have some free spaces. Support classes are taught for primary, secondary and high school levels. I also work as a therapeutic pedagogy teacher for NEAE students. Primary: all subjects and abn method Secondary: all subjects (language, biology, applied and academic mathematics, geography and history, physics and chemistry, English, French) Baccalaureate: high school subjects humanities and social sciences (language and literature, social mathematics, economics, geography, history of Spain...) Extension for the 2nd quarter. Available Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Classes of 1 hour and a half or 2 hours. Ask without obligation

English, Accounts, Economics, Business and Maths
I specialize in tutoring English , Economic, Accounts, Business and Maths for school and I am an English assistant Teacher at Murcia. My goal is to keep students challenged, but not overwhelmed. I assign homework after every lesson and provide periodic progress reports. I also have 5 yeas teaching experience and I scored C1 in Cambridge English Language exam.

Isabel Andreu
I give private classes in Latin, Language, Economics, English, French, Philosophy and History
I am a 30-year-old girl. Graduated in Journalism (2015). I offer private classes in Latin, Language and Literature, Economics, Mathematics, Philosophy, History, English and French. Levels: ESO, Baccalaureate and Selectivity. The classes are private and in my house located in the center of Zaragoza. There are several tram stops nearby. Discounts for groups and in packs of 5 or 10 classes (consult). 12 years of experience with excellent results.

English Conversational classes to improve your english
La conversación es determinante para desarrollar tu aprendizaje y sostenerlo en el tiempo, te ofrezco un espacio de practica, con material de apoyo para complementar vocabulario, mejorar ortografía y gramática, afinar tu oído y sentirte en confianza al hablar, con lecturas y ensayos, que estarás repasando en la comodidad de tu preferencia, Conversation is decisive to develop your learning and sustain it over time, I offer you a practice space with support material to complement vocabulary, improve spelling and grammar, refine your hearing and feel confident when speaking with readings and essays which you will be reviewing in the comfort of your preference.

Private teacher of Spanish guitar and modern guitar.
I am a guitarist with professional training in modern guitar (jazz, bossa, blues, country). I always teach music through the heart. It's not just about practicing like a robot and getting your fingers to remember but about FEELING the music and how to flow with it. For me music is as simple as rhythm and passion.

Yoga and Pilates Online or at your home! In Spanish and English!
I offer dynamic Yoga and Pilates classes personalized and adapted to your needs! I work on styles such as Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, relaxation, breathing and/or meditation. With Pilates we work from the base, knowing our body and applying it to everyday life by correcting body posture. I teach in Spanish, Catalan and English!

School support and private classes in several languages.
I offer private classes in English, Spanish, school support or even Portuguese. I have experience teaching children so I would like to help them learn any language. I have studied English philology, so I have a sufficient level of English to teach any student. The objective of these classes is for you to learn English, Spanish or Portuguese better, as well as to be able to help you in your day-to-day life with the course. If what you are looking for is school support, I am very aware of my time as a student so I could help in any subject.

Spanish classes (literature and grammar) and English classes.
As a final-year Hispanic Philology student, I offer Spanish classes (literature and grammar) for children and adolescents. I also offer English classes, I have a C1 level certified by Cambridge. I have about two years of experience teaching. The location of the classes can be in Mairena del Aljarafe, San Juan, Bormujos and Seville for face-to-face classes, but also online classes.

English classes from a native speaker.
English is one of the most spoken languages in the world and will continue to become more so. New work and social environments emerge every day in which English is the primary language or one of the primary languages. I offer this course to give you the opportunity to learn from a native-level speaker. My experience with English comes from 7 years of residence and study in London where in 2 years I was already beginning to communicate fluently with native speakers.

English classes for children and adolescents (primary, ESO and Baccalaureate)
My teaching method is based on theoretical reinforcement of what is seen in class and anticipating what will come later. According to the student, I implement a study method so that they can consolidate their knowledge before the exam, this usually consists of; A specific calendar to study key points. Outline the contents. Exercises seen in class and also provided by me to achieve excellence. Everyone can pass the exams if they prepare well. I don't rush or put pressure, everyone has their own rhythms of understanding and if it has to be explained several times, it is explained without problems. I always have a methodology established in advance, although it is not completely set in stone and I adapt it according to the objectives, expectations and needs of the student. Strengths: I create a good work environment. Motivation and patience. I help plan the study. I analyze and adjust classes based on the student.