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Recently Posted Private Classes

Primary and ESO school support and languages (Spanish, English)
I can give reinforcement classes for all Primary courses and for the arts subjects (language, English, French, history, geography, philosophy ...) of ESO and Baccalaureate. In addition, I could give Spanish classes at all levels. I also speak native Catalan and intermediate English and French.

Violin Private Classes in Madrid, Initiation and improvement
My teaching method is based on the experience and knowledge acquired throughout my musical career extracted from great violin masters, always helping each student in a personalized and independent way from another according to the characteristics of each one. I emphasize technique (scales and studies) "to be able to do an excellent job, you need the right tools." Always mixing it with enjoying music and always playing songs / works that the student likes and from which they can learn. The classes will be aimed at children and adults, elementary school students, professionals, music school students or who want to learn from scratch. The Galamian method will be a base pillar in the technique taught.

Clarinet classes for all ages in Madrid
I teach clarinet for all ages. I have been playing the clarinet for 9 years, I have no experience teaching but I believe that I am ready to do so. He could also teach music theory classes to read sheet music. Any questions you can ask me

English Classes For All Levels, Tailored To Your Needs!
This class is designed for anyone who is looking to learn or improve their English ! My goal is to go at my students pace and ensure that no student is ever overwhelmed. Classes can be tailored to your needs, so the content is always relevant ! I have a particular interest in poetry, literature and history, and would be more than happy to include these as topics in classes.

Classical and flamenco guitar for beginner-intermediate level (Option to study in English as well!)
(SPANISH) Learn the basics of flamenco guitar, technique, repertoire, language. Beginner and intermediate level. These classes are personalized and the educational program will be created depending on the student's goals. Professional flamenco guitarist with a degree in classical guitar from Northern Illinois University, United States. With several years of experience as a guitar teacher in private and group classes. My greatest wish is to spread my love for music with my students, and to make this process of learning the guitar as enjoyable as possible. (ENGLISH) Learn the flamenco guitar basics, technique, repertoire, and language. For beginner and intermediate students. These are personalized classes and the program will be created to fit the student's goals. Professional flamenco and classical guitarist with a Bachelor's in Music Performance from Northern Illinois University, United States. I have experience teaching for many years with both private and group classes as well as master classes in various parts of the world. My biggest goal is to share my love for music with my students and to make their guitar learning journey the best possible.

School reinforcement teacher (various subjects): Geography, Tourism, Cartography and Spanish
My classes are personalized, we will work with effective study methods aligned by objectives, student age and subject. I offer my services as a geography teacher at all levels, tourism teacher, cartography and Spanish. I correct end of course, career or master's projects. Also, I can guide you during the development of the document, preparation of the presentation (Power Point, Prezi, Genially, among other platforms) and oral presentation. I am passionate about teaching and Information and Communication Technologies. I apply digital tools in the classroom to consolidate the curricular content of the subjects I teach, in this way learning is enjoyable, fluid, pleasant and knowledge is internalized and fixed more easily. As for languages, I have C1 for Catalan (certificate from the Consortium for linguistic normalization), B2 for English (UNIR) and my mother tongue is Spanish. The classes can be done in person (I will use a mask) or online. If you contact me, your knowledge and notes will improve in a surprising way.

Private English Lessons to improve your Conversation skills for business and everyday living.
I offer Native English Conversation for University students and professional adults. I provide one on one lessons of English in a fun and challenging environment. I cover topics and areas to improve your speaking, reading and writing skills. Students will provide the tutorial book for English Beginners. I currently tutor 3 adult students twice a week with great results.

School support for Primary and Secondary students
I am a qualified Spanish language teacher with extensive experience giving private classes and school reinforcement to Primary and Secondary students in public institutes in Madrid. The pedagogical that I carry out in my classes is personalized adapted to the needs or learning difficulties of the students. It is, for this reason, that in the first class I am very interested in identifying the previous knowledge that the student has about those subjects in which he has more problems. I also emphasize study techniques, a fundamental learning tool for daily study; which will help the student to acquire a key habit during the duration of their academic training. In short, I try to make sure that the student understands what he learns with more visual, practical and dynamic exercises, thus avoiding a lack of motivation and lack of interest in learning.

Spanish Language as we Spanish people speak, write too
Hi all my new students: I'm a Journalist experienced and loving my native language so much that from 10 years decided, and study for, share with the world, no matter age or level, I promise you will enjoy learning. Used to teach on line through Skype. Got references

English and / or support for other subjects at all levels
Hello! I am Natalia, a university student from Madrid. I teach private English classes and support other subjects for primary, ESO, high school students, etc. With dynamic methodology (games, song learning, grammar, conversation, etc). Experience as an after-school English teacher in a bilingual school and giving private classes at different levels. Greetings.

German lessons - German practice - German tutoring
Learn German: Grammar with book, exercises and examples, dictation. Repetition of the material for each subsequent lesson Practicing German: text work, reading and understanding contexts, answering questions Use German: discuss current topics, expand vocabulary

Vicente Cepeda
Hi, I'm Vicente. Guitar teacher with years of experience with children and adults. If you already know how to play something, we can continue along the trails that appeal to you the most. If you are new, calm down, you will see that starting is not as difficult as it seems, I will help you!

Cours de francais, anglais histoire géographie, économie
I am a native French speaker living in Barcelona, I'd be happy to be your tutor and spend time strolling teaching you French. Bonjour je m'apelle Skander je serai ravi de vous donner des cours de francais, anglais, histoire-géo, économie, SES et specialité

English/Irish Lessons for all ages, levels and budgets
Hello All, Do you need to learn the basics of English? I can teach you at your own pace with a mixture of conversational lessons and take home exercises I am confident that I can teach you the fundamentals of the English language. Thanks for looking! Alan

Learn to play Piano and express yourself with Music!
Learn to play the piano in a fun and healthy way! Classical, jazz, rock, pop, and much more! Learn to understand the music and even improvise and compose your own! Either if you are a total beginner or already have the experience, I have a program for you! Come and start your first class!

Alma Valentina Decinti
Music language, harmony and music theory classes, quality classes for all levels
It guarantees good results from the beginning! I help students to motivate themselves and solve all their doubts. Teacher with experience in students of all ages: - Support and reinforcement for students of the conservatory. - Preparation for entrance exams and exams. - Are you a beginner? I help you get started in music I offer classes in theory, musical language, harmony, piano and flute. My classes are based on: Patience in solving your problems. Each topic needs its time. Creativity in teaching. Learning can and should be fun too. Various exercises and materials that will improve your understanding. Contact me and start enjoying the music. About me: I am a fourth year student at the conservatory, I have more than 3 years of experience in teaching music classes, specializing in transverse flute, music theory, theory, harmony and initiation. Thanks to an Erasmus scholarship I have studied third year of superior at the "Estonian Academy of Music and Theater". I have also played at the Slovenian music festival (as a sextet), as well as participated in various events and concerts as a chamber group, orchestra or band.

Learn the BASICS in French / English / Mandarin for CHILDREN.
Being fluent in French and English, and in Mandarin Chinese, I teach in one of the three languages for beginners and intermediates. To get the basics, prepare for language exams or improve your level, contact me!

Private classes Spanish language and other subjects
I have a degree in Hispanic Philology and I enjoy extensive theoretical and practical training giving extracurricular classes, including students with learning difficulties. I offer my service to give school support classes helping the student to carry out homework, prepare exams, facilitate study tricks and create study habits; reading and organization. Primary, secondary and high school students.

More than 20 years of experience in teaching: coordination, technique, rudiments, independence, musical styles, ergonomics, etc. TECHNIQUE: how to hold the drumsticks correctly, how to strike correctly, different techniques to use the feet ... etc. -BASIC RUDIMENTS: single, double, buzz roll, five, six, seven rolls, accents, paradiddles, flams, drags, progressions, etc. -COORDINATION: coordination of the different parts of the battery with each other (the importance of HH, posture, balance, volumes) etc. -RITHMS: Study of the different rhythms in music: Blues, jazz, Rock, Pop, Funk, Fussion, Bossa, Latin, etc. -STYLES: We will focus on the style or styles that students want to play by playing on top of themes or play alongs. -PREPARATION TO PLAY IN ORCHESTS: how to face this job, studying the different styles that are needed, such as cumbia, pasodoble, chacha, rock, waltz, etc. SOME OF THE BOOKS I USE FOR TEACHING: -Technique: Sincopation, Stick control, etc. -Pop: exercises for the pop drums (Elias Gil) -Funk: advanced funk studies (Rick lathan) -Fussion: new breed (Gary Chester) -Jazz: Alan Dawson, John Riley, etc. Edgar Martinez has played at the Lomonosov Theater in Moscow, The Beatles Show, Crow Jane, Canal Party Hall, Valencia Orchestra, Home to Bill Evans jazz trio, Basement jazz Quartet, etc. He has accompanied musicians such as Alejo Stivel (TEQUILA), Tennessee, Carlos Segarra (LOS REBELDES), among others.

Celia Duce
English up to level b2 and reinforcement of different subjects
Hello! I am Celia, Journalist and Documentalist. I offer private English classes, both to children, youth or adults up to level B2. I have Cambridge C1 level and I have experience giving private English classes to children and teenagers. I was also living in Germany for a season for my Erasmus and there I had to speak in English and give classes in English. Therefore, I am very familiar with the language. Likewise, I offer classes other than English, especially arts subjects or revision up to ESO level. Among them, language and literature is the subject in which I have the most knowledge, since I am a journalist and I am passionate about the field. I try to make my classes fruitful and fun at the same time, doing some dynamic activity or some game.

English Reinforcement Classes for Primary, Secondary and Baccalaureate students.
I offer English reinforcement classes to Primary, Secondary and Baccalaureate students. I am 100% bilingual, in addition to being a teacher I have worked as a simultaneous translator and interpreter. I am passionate about teaching the language in an enjoyable way according to the needs of each student. I focus on making the lessons practical and interesting, with various emphasis on the areas of: reading, writing, listening, and speaking. It will be a pleasure to meet you and help you achieve your goals while having fun in the process.