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Recently Posted Private Classes

Spanish classes for foreigners at home, any level
The classes are customized to the needs and the level of the students, designed by a professional teacher trained specifically in the subject. Focused for exams, conversation or specifically on the skill that needs to be improved. All this from an entertaining perspective and at the pace of the student from a negotiation of time, content, activities, etc. I hope you try a class and start learning Spanish.

Violin and viola classes for all ages and levels
I am a violin teacher at the Musikene Conservatory of Music, with a master's degree at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Brussels. I have work experience in several countries, and I teach violin for students of all ages, from children to adults, adapting to the level of the student with personal monitoring. If you are interested in learning violin in a didactic and fun way, do not hesitate, discover this wonderful instrument!

Musical Language, Musical Composition, Musical Theory and preparation for entrance exams.
Musical language classes (Harmony, Literacy, Rhythm, Auditory Training) for school reinforcement or self-interest. Classes will focus on each student's preferred areas of musical language, and practical exercises will be continuously performed on the student's instrument. Additionally, Music Composition classes are offered, in genres such as classical music, jazz and music for audiovisuals and computer-assisted music.

English; school reinforcement, preparation for Cambridge exams or for adults
Any type of need you may have: Count on it! From English for children and adolescents, to courses or classes for adults within a specific subject. Preparation of official exams. More than 10 years of experience with a wide field of knowledge. Also online classes

I am a musician, artist and teacher with experience in the sector. Graduated from the Conservatory of Music of the Balearic Islands, currently studying for a Master's degree in contemporary music in Madrid, (percussion specialty). -I love teaching and teaching classes! I adapt to the needs and characteristics of each student, regardless of age. I carry out personalized monitoring, we analyze where we start, we focus on the objectives to be achieved and above all, we develop CREATIVITY !!

Vocal coach, guitar teacher, music teacher, organ teacher
Learn all the secrets to sing in an accurated way... Improved your voice and became a Great singer... If you want I can teach you how to play the guitar while you sing and perfom your own songs... Learn to play the electric organ and record your own productos...

Private English Classes for Students of All Levels
I specialize in tutoring English to non-native speakers and have experience working with children of all ages as well as adults. I personalize each of my classes depending on the needs and preferences of the student and in the past have given classes focused on grammar and vocabulary acquisition, conversation, and writing. Classes in person or online.

Ingeniera da clases particulares desde primaria a bachillerato
Estudiante de Grado de Ingeniería de Tecnologías Ambientales en la Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. Con certificado de Bachillerato Internacional Científico especializado en Tecnologías. Con estudios certificados de nivel C1. Puedo dar clases tanto a domicilio como online, sin problema de desplazamiento. Se pueden realizar clases en grupo. Me baso en una metodología de enseñanza basada en el alumno, personalizada a cada caso y estructurada en la materia aunque siempre hay concurrencias entre distintas asignaturas. se llevará una clase dinámica, basada en la enseñanza y aprendizaje y no en la memoria y repetición lo largo de una vida académica sino en aprender los distintos conocimientos.

Cursos de francés con una nativa para todas las edades según VUESTRAS necesidades.
Durante el primer encuentro, conozco a mi alumno para adaptarme lo mejor posible a sus necesidades lingüísticas. Empezamos las clases con los temas deseados y yo parto de los errores de mis alumnos para reforzar su aprendizaje. En cuanto a la pronunciación, tengo un buen conocimiento de la fonética francesa y española (tema de mi tesis). Puedo ayudarle a regular su acento para perfeccionar su francés.

English lessons from a creative native speaker based in the center of Barcelona
In my lessons, I spare no effort in trying to encourage a sense of personal meaning and value in the material used to help each student achieve more clarity and confidence in the language. I feel confidence is key in overcoming any kind of fear, so I make sure that students get through this, step by step, with practice and communication both inside and outside the classroom. I’m very laid back, but I’m also a perfectionist in the sense that I don’t like to do things ‘half way’; I would rather complete a small task and build things up step by step to produce quality results, rather than do a large and overwhelming task which will only give poor results. The way I tailor each lesson according to the specific student's needs is by beginning to establish the level in which they are at, and then ask them what it is they want to achieve: whether they want me to help them polish up their level of communication at work, within social environments, or even prepare for a specific exam or a performance. Once this is clear, I prepare the lessons in a way that I find is suitable for their objectives, always paying close attention to their performance in order to keep shaping each class in a way that a steady sense of progress is achieved. The classes will always be interactive because I believe this is the best way to ensure continuous interest, and therefore motivation, and that it will help me understand which areas are most difficult for each student so that I can keep shaping the lessons in their favour.

Javier Tobal
Individual Violin and Viola classes, for all levels
Individualized private classes for students of all ages and levels. Graduate professor at the Salamanca Conservatory, Master in UAX and Postgraduate at the Rimski-Korsakov State Conservatory in Saint Petersburg (Russia). 1-hour classes, with the possibility of extending to an hour and a half.

Certified Tutor IB, IGCSE, BAC for people with Autism/ADHD
National Autistic Society (UK) Certified Tutor with 3 years of experience. Classes taught in English, French, and Spanish. Subjects: English, French, Literature, Maths, Physics, History, Geography, Social Sciences, Cultural Education. Specialized in IGCSE, IB, and French Baccalaureate exams. I also provide help and support for people on the Autistic Spectrum and their families (general care, specialized toddler education, life skills, etc).

English Lessons for all levels with a certified teacher
Hello! My name is Berfu, I am a qualified English teacher with CELTA certificate from International House Madrid. I am a patient and organized ESL teacher fluent in Spanish and Turkish and with a passion for teaching. My lessons are personalized to the level and needs of each student with relevant and up-to-date material. I have a strong talent to empathize with students, to prepare and adapt lessons and materials that reach every individual’s necessities and purposes in language learning. I am open-minded, supportive and trustworthy teacher towards students from different cultural and linguistic backgrounds.

Italian & english class/conversation- Maths, Biomedical engineering subjects class
Hi! I am a native Italian speaker and a doctoral researcher in biomedical engineer in England, so I am mothertongue in English. I would love to teach/ have conversation in Italian to whoever wants to learn or improve its Italian skills :) ! I am happy to share my english knowledge as well! My idea is also to take lessons or help with exams, anyone needing help with biomedical engineering related subjects (maths,biology, electronics, thermodynamics, physics, chemistry exams). Of course, my class could be both in italian or english! I either have a knowledge of spanish as I am actually working here for few months, if needed!

Guitar, Bass and piano Lessons for children and adolescent
Enfoco mis clases a que el alumno adquiera la independencia de poder sacar las canciones que le gusten solo, transmitiendole pasion por el instrumento. Amplia experiencia en clases para niños y adolescentes Ademas tambien cuento con grado de psicologo, el cual es de me es de gran ayuda para que los alumnos puedan sentirse a gusto y comodos en la clase. I specialize in teaching lessons to kids and adolescent, my focus is to transmit the passion for music i have and to give the student the possibility to achieve independence regarding songs he wishes to play

Tailor made English classes! For children and adults, all levels!
Hello! My name is Anthony and I am an English teacher! I have a lot of experience learning and teaching languages and I love to share my knowledge with others. My methodology is to incorporate the new language into your day to day with simple, interesting and fun tasks. It relies heavily on conversation so that students lose their fear of speaking and can express themselves confidently and effortlessly. I try to find what my students are most passionate about and interested in, so that classes are as easy and easy as possible. I try to make my students learn English and at the same time interesting topics about the world, other cultures, geography, travel, history etc and current issues. During my life I was also more self-taught and learned more on my own than within the system we already know. I have developed very effective learning methods and I am very happy to be able to share it with my students. These methods can help you learn any skill, new disciplines, and new languages. The fact of learning a new language is an incredible experience since it opens your mind and the opportunities in life on a personal and professional level. I have been studying languages for a lifetime, it is my great passion. My classes are nothing like the conventional learning system and I try to make learning a pleasant and fun process. Because for me that is the best way to learn - Language coaching - Business English - Roleplaying - Work-related English

School support, help with homework. Help for study motivation.
I help children with their homework, as well as helping them study the subjects that cost them the most. I believe that education must be close and children must be encouraged to learn and motivated in order to achieve their goals and be eager for learning.

Mónica Villalpando
English courses: conversation, writing and reading.
Hello, my name is Monica and I'm 24 years old. I am currently an auxiliary English teacher in Barcelona. I am Mexican and American, with studies in the United States. I have a degree in psychopedagogy and experience in teaching young children, adolescents and adults. I am looking to give English classes and tutoring to anyone who is interested. I can go to your house or we can meet at a cafe or wherever you prefer. I can also teach the class virtually. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

French or English classes for children and adults, conversational or structured
I'm offering French or English classes for children and adults where they would learn through games and conversations, according to their age and language level. I have a lot of experience teaching foreign languages to children, as I have been a teacher assistant and an international au pair before. I have been giving private classes regularly for the past 3 years. I can also help out with homework. For adults, I can do conversational French or English lessons where the subjects vary depending on the person's interests and language level as well. I can also help choose and work from a book, if the person wishes a more structured learning environment. About me, I'm a French native currently studying at the University of Maastricht, I speak English and French fluently and I'm always willing to practice my Spanish with people! I am on Erasmus in Madrid from February 2020 onwards.

Rebeca Jabonero
School reinforcement, based on letters and English subjects
I am a graduate professor in History but I can give reinforcement classes in letter subjects up to Bachillerato level. Regarding science, I can give these subjects until ESO. And I also teach English, basically grammar, at all levels (children, adolescents, adults ...). MY objective is to advance the student without overloading it and in a pleasant way.

José Luis
Classes of cello and electric bass (classic - modern)
In these music classes, a course or method is not specifically taught, but rather all the aspects that the student has most weakened (harmony, musical language, history of music, interpretation) will be reinforced. To do this we will try different methods ranging from the early Baroque to the most contemporary styles (jazz, rock, pop, funky ...) These classes are aimed at students with an initial level as well as students who are at the end of their degree. The schedules will be flexible and the classes will be conducted via telematics, or in person. Anything you are curious to ask or discover about music is the time to do it, try and call to get your first free class.