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Guitar lessons (electric/acoustic) all levels/ages
Private guitar lessons of half an hour or an hour that take place at the Lemmens Institute in Leuven, the rehearsal rooms of the conservatory. During the lesson, we generally divide the lesson time between half technique and chords/scale learning and the other half learning songs. All genres and levels/ages are welcome and the songs are chosen based on personal preference.

- Cours de Piano - débutant - enfants et adultes -
Je propose des cours débutants de piano classique ou autre, avec ou sans partitions auprès d'enfants ou adultes L'idee est de pouvoir jouer des morceaux qui vous plaisent et vous font envie (à trouver ensemble donc :-) ) Je propose également de dédier une partie du cours à l'improvisation si cela est désiré

Abraham Hernández
Pianist and composer Graduate of the Royal Conservatory of Brussels with more than 10 years of experience in music education.
Guaranteed experience with children and adults of all levels, passionate about improvisation and composition, I teach students to find their identity with the repertoire. I try to adapt to the needs of each student and to personalize piano learning.

Basic rules of drawing: perspective, color science. Academic level of drawing. Preparation for the exam. Sketching. Drawing for any level
Do you want to improve your skills or gain new experience? Do you want to learn to express what you see more accurately on paper? Welcome to my class. Academic drawing or sketching techniques. Drawing is work on yourself, learn and you will be a professional. I offer a variety of classes: indoor and outdoor painting. I will help you master various art make! ❤️

Piano lessons in Kortessem. For everyone from 4 to 99 years old.
Piano lessons for young and old, for everyone from 4 to 99 years old. Piano lessons take place in Kortessem. These lessons are given by a qualified music pedagogue Hanne. You can go there for all genres. From pop to jazz to classical. Something for everyone. For more questions, don't hesitate to get in touch.

courses of piano, guitar, solfège, harmonie et composition. Learn your favorite songs
Courses of music tous niveaux, les courses peuvent être theoriques, pratiques ou mixtes au choix de l'élève. Vous apprendrez à maîtriser la technique d'un instrumento particulier, et éventuellement à comprendre le solfège et l'écriture musicale. Courses dynamics and games

French horn lessons, learn how to play this amazing instrument
If you are interested to join the wonderful world of music with a brass instrument, you will learn all the techniques and theories but always having fun and enjoying the musical language. Master’s degree student of the Royal conservatory of Mons. Orchestral experience as: Opera Ballet Vlaanderen, Orchestre Philarmonie Royal de Liege, Pilsen Philarmonic Orchestra, Odessa Philarmonic Orchestra, Orchestra Royal de chambre de Wallonie. Also from Colombia if you are interested to learn some Latino rhythms :)

English and French Tutoring. I offer help to students of all levels!
I am currently pursuing a bachelors degree at the University of St Andrews and offer language classes of French and English language for school and university students. Coming from a bilingual background in the two languages, I am comfortable with both the grammar aspect and the more conversational and literary ways of teaching. I hope to adapt my method to my students depending on their goals, methods of learning and areas of interests. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me

Math&Physics for School and University Students: IB SL/HL, EB,IGCSE, GCSE, ICSE, CBSE, SPM, AP, A-levels, Cambridge
I'm a Math&Physics tutor for school students of all ages, Mostly help graduate students in SAT, IB, A levels Math&physics. My classes consist of only one student because every student needs a different approach. I believe that the best way to teach someone sth is to understand how his/her mind works and after that find the most effective and convenient method for the individual. Teaching is one of my hobbies and I do this to help students by sharing my knowledge and skills, so if you think you are motivated enough to do your best then I will be more than happy to teach you! And if you aren't motivated enough, then I will do all I can to help you find that motivation that you need for success. Currently, I'm doing online classes with a virtual board, which makes classes the most efficient. If you have any questions feel free to text me, will reply to you as soon as possible ;))

Pilates REFORMER, Private lesson (languages: FR or EN)
EN Hello, I suggest you introduce yourself to pilates reformer and thus share my passion. I discovered pilates reformer five years ago when I moved to Australia. After several years of practice, I decided in 2020 to train myself and teach it. A few words about pilates reformer .. Pilates allows you to work harmoniously on the body as a whole and to know how to make the best use of it. We move better, we live better. Beneath its air of an instrument of torture, the reformer works our deep muscles in a playful way and strengthens the body. Are you already a follower of mat pilates and wondering what more reforming can do for you? What the Reformer brings is above all the work of resistance of the springs which will make it possible to guide the movement, to correct any imbalances of the body and, according to the exercises, to reinforce the difficulty (by creating movement and instability for example ) or on the contrary to help (by supporting the movement). We can therefore modulate the intensity more easily. Classes take place in Brussels. Several options possible, going from private 1:1 lessons, duo lessons or even lessons in small groups (5 people maximum) Do not hesitate to contact me. —————————— IN

Learn and discover your own unique voice with an English speaking voice teacher
My motto is: "To cultivate a love for your instrument and music by holistic means." This means that I pay special attention to the mind, body, and spirit connection without losing the solid foundation of technique. Singing is not only about technique. It's a psychological process of understanding how your voice can achieve its own unique way of expression. I teach students of all ages and levels. - Vocal scales - Breathing exercise - Learning music - Positive Reinforcement - Music Learning - Music Répertoire Construction

Music theory lessons, percussion or drums all styles
Drummer/percussionist for more than 15 years, graduated from the Conservatories of Brussels and Mons, I teach drums, percussion and music theory. My course is based first on you. Whether on drums, marimba or percussion, I am attentive to your expectations and develop with you a program adapted to your facilities, your difficulties as well as your objectives. It is aimed at everyone, children and adults, complete beginners and more experienced musicians looking for advice, a method or outside advice. I attach crucial importance to autonomy, creativity, curiosity and listening, the latter being the pillar of my method. We progress gradually, paying attention to technique as well as position, musicality and ear. I teach: - drums in many styles (rock, funk, jazz, shuffle, pop, linear, world music, songs on demand) and in its many forms (Moeller technique, speed, application of paradiddles, syncopation, breaks, solos, musicality, double pedal, etc.) - percussion (marimba and vibraphone with 4 sticks, xylophone, timpani, small percussion), in contemporary but also more classical styles (classical music, baroque, etc.) - music theory, which can be integrated into the course if necessary, but also be the subject of a private lesson for students who wish support for their courses in an academy or at the Conservatory -techniques for reading scores, as well as sight reading - absolute pitch and relative pitch (experimental)

Begeleiding Frans Juli/Augustus (leeftijd: 15-23 years)
My name is Melanie and I have been living in Antwerp for 10 years. I also studied here and have been a French teacher at Hibernia Secondary School (2nd and 3rd grade) for several years. For the months of July and August, I am looking for students who would like to take French lessons with me: - Supervision of holiday work - Putting skills into practice - Help with the integration of French into daily life - Tutoring in the grammatical subjects of the language and literature course (UA) Target group: 15-23 years old Areas of expertise: learning phonemes (sound-sign connection), French grammar, French linguistics, cognitive metaphors. My teaching style focuses on experiential learning with a supportive and organizing framework behind it (courses/summaries can be customized). At least half an hour of homework is required for each class hour. I do not tutor students attending Hibernia.

Programming music with Max and electronic music with Ableton
Max is a visual programming language to create audio (and video) art. Almost like with LEGO, you connect different building blocks with each other and create an audio (or video) circuit. I have years of experience in making programs in Max and want to share this knowledge. I start from the basics and make sure that the programming is also theoretically substantiated: I want you not only to put something in, but also to understand why something works. That extra knowledge helps you work faster as you move forward. For a program that focuses more on audio, I use Ableton. I have been using this program for my own music production for about ten years and know the program inside out.

English & French language courses with native speaker
Hello, Bonjour! My name is Alexandra and languages are my biggest passion. I am bilingual British English-French and a translator by trade. I offer language courses in English and French for all levels. I adapt the lessons to your needs and wants by combining theory, conversation & culture. My experience: - Freelance translator - Master's in Translation Studies, University of Birmingham, UK - Bachelor's in Translation & Interpreting, ISTI-ULB, Brussels - European School of Brussels III I am looking forward to meeting you!

Data Analysis and Statistics using (Python or R ) Language
Welcome! I recently completed a Data Science and Artificial Intelligence coding school following the successful completion of my master's degree from the esteemed University of Ghent in Belgium. With over 2 years of experience as a private Python tutor, I am well-equipped to assist you. My mission is to help you with statistics and data analysis for your projects. My courses are designed to cater to a diverse range of students, including teenagers, those in higher education or pursuing doctoral studies in sciences, as well as anyone interested in understanding statistics. I offer a flexible teaching approach that can be tailored to your specific needs. To ensure an effective learning experience, I kindly request a brief description of your objectives for the course. This will enable me to customize the content and adapt my teaching methods accordingly. Based on your requirements, my courses can cover the following topics: - Fundamental principles of descriptive and inferential statistics. - Various inference tests, including commonly used ones such as Chi-square, T-test, ANOVA, and linear regression, as well as more advanced techniques like multi-level analyses, structural equations, and data organization tools such as factor analysis and cluster analysis. - Practical application using statistical software such as SPSS, R language, and Python. - Engaging in practical exercises using provided data or your own dataset. - Regardless of your current level of understanding, I will focus on the specific areas that meet your needs and interests. I am committed to providing clear and comprehensible explanations to ensure your effective comprehension of the concepts.

Introduction to sewing with a sewing machine at my atelier (EN/FR/ES)
Come and learn how to sew with a sewing machine in my beginner sewing class. We will cover the basics including safety and machine functions so you can learn sewing techniques to create garments and accessories. DESCRIPTION AND OBJECTIVES: By the end of this course (of at least 5 lessons) you will - know the basic elements of a sewing machine - understand how the machine creates a stitch and adjust its tension - thread and unload/load a bobbin and adjust its tension - move the needle manually using the handwheel - thread the machine and needle and know the needles for each type of fabric - loading the fabric into the machine - create a stitch using the handwheel and pedal - finish your stitch

Singing Classes in English for all ages and genres
Voice Lessons will focus on five major areas of study: register balance, breathing, range building, body posture, and repertoire. During your lessons you will learn exercises designed to balance the registers of chest, middle and head voice. These exercises and the knowledge of music theory will help you accomplish any music goal you set for yourself.

Tutoring in math, physics, secondary/higher level programming
Personalized teaching according to the needs and requests of the student. During the first contact, we will establish together the objectives of the course, and will review the material already covered in order to identify the points to be deepened. My teaching method includes a lot of metaphors and real life examples in order to give the student some intuition of the material, which allows to put the theory in its context and therefore to understand it more easily. My courses are aimed at all secondary or higher education students, with a preference for subjects ranging from secondary 4 to the end of the bachelor's degree.

Guitar lessons in the region of Gent Nevele, all levels / ages.
You can contact me for classical guitar lessons starting from every level. First and foremost I try to focus on good posture, sound and technique (fast fingers, precision, rhythm, ..) The intention is to first give you as many tools / insight as possible so that I can measure your ambition / motivation. Some books I work with: - "The little guitar starter" (until 10 years old) - Guitar Horizon I. - Julio Sagreras I-III - Pumping Nylon - Scott tenant

Con Ele de Paula
Bonjour, je m'appelle Paula et je viens d'Espagne. Non seulement je suis native, mais je suis également enseignant et j'ai une formation universitaire dans l'enseignement de l'espagnol. J'ai de l'expérience avec des personnes de tous âges, avec des langues très différentes, avec des intérêts aussi différents... En groupe et individuellement. Vous apprendrez tout ce que vous voulez et vous intéresse. Vous perdrez la peur de parler. Vous vous sentirez prêt à converser avec un hispanophone. Vous apprendrez la grammaire avec des explications très simples. Vous allez tomber amoureux de la langue espagnole!!

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French tuitions for expats
Laureline is well organized, experienced tutor. I like her teaching style. I would recommend her highly !
Review by KIHONG J.
Violin lessons and tutorials Online! Learn without any risk! ☺️🎻🎉
Gabriele Filiberto
Gabriele is a good violin teacher who can explain the concepts very precisely and do demonstrations, and he also gave me some useful tips for practice.
Review by XIN G.
Italian language and culture
Excellent, very polite, very organized and methodical. The course is very pleasant and fruitful.
Review by IOULIA T.

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Learning a new language offers benefits on both a professional and personal level.
In addition to promoting professional opportunities, languages allow you to explore new cultures, facilitates integration abroad and also stimulates cognitive development. Available immediately, our language lessons are accessible to beginners through to advanced linguists, and they can be a key element in preparation for exams or competitions.

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