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private lessons for piano and solfège (if necessary), lessons that contribute to optimal piano playing pleasure
Young Pianist from Maldegem. This year he is completing his second master's degree at the Royal Conservatory in Mons. teaching is my number one priority! I would like to contribute to the fun and the ultimate ease of play for the little ones, people who are preparing to go to a conservatory and the motivated amateur. background Aaron born in Ghent on May 3, 1996. At the age of 8 he started at the music academy in Gentbrugge with solfège and piano with Mrs. Katrien Mazijn and private lessons with Mrs. Flora Vanmarcke. At the age of 14 he started at the Lemmens Institute in Leuven with the first instrument piano with Mrs. Alicia Mennes and the second instrument organ with Mr. Bart Naessens. He graduated from Lemmens as a laureate for piano and organ. During his art studies at Lemmens he followed master classes with Messrs Jan Vermeulen, Alessandro Cervino and Daniel Blumenthal. During the Easter holidays of the 2015-2014 school year, he followed 10 days of masterclasses at the Antwerp Conservatory with both Nicolaas and Levente Kende. During the summer holidays, a 10-day masterclass took place at the Theodor Leschetizky Institute in Vienna with Timur Sergeyenia. After that he went to Germany to take lessons for 8 days in Görlitz with Nicolaas Kende and he performed at the classical festival in Zgorzelec / Görlitz. At the end of August, he followed masterclasses with Hans Ryckelynck for another week. It is with Hans Ryckelynck that he now continues to study piano at the Conservatoire Royale de Mons. At this conservatory he also followed a masterclass with Burkhard Spinnler in 2016. He now regularly performs as a soloist and together with other musicians. He has given a piano recital in Leuven, Ghent, Maldegem, Brussels, Mons, Hasselt and Antwerp. Also in Germany, Poland and Austria.

Leren piano spelen, muziek theorie, noten lezen, ritmisch lezen. klassieke muziek, film muziek,...
Hey, Ik speel het grootste deel van mijn leven piano en zoals de meeste wel beginnen is mijn piano avontuur gestart in de muziekschool. Bij mij was dit de muziekschool van Borgerhout. 25 jaar later ben ik nog steeds actief. Mijn kleine buffet piano heeft ruimte moeten maken voor een Yamaha vleugel en om tijdens de late uurtjes nog te spelen staat de Kawai MP11 stage piano altijd klaar. Ik kan les geven liefst aan starters en semi gevorderden, zowel in praktisch piano spelen als in theorie, ritme en zicht lezen. Naast mijn eigen assortiment aan piano boeken maak ook gebruik van PIano Marvel om les materiaal te voorzien en de student de keuze te geven uit verschillende piano stukken. Geef zeker een seintje als je verdere vragen hebt en ik hoop snel van jou piano spel te kunnen genieten. Tot dan !

Violin classes in De Pinte (close to Ghent) for all ages!
Hello fellow violin lovers! My name is Margot, I'm a student (third bachelor) at the conservatory of Ghent, 20 years old, already playing the violin for 14 years and I can't wait to share my passion for music with the rest of the world! Are you looking for someone who can enthusiastically teach you how to master the violin in an enjoyable environment? That's me you're looking for! Specifically: - All ages are welcome. - Experience isn't required, plus I can also teach solfège while playing. - I love improvising as well, so if you're open to that I can include this in the lessons!

Classical guitar lessons in Schaerbeek, Brussels and its area
Hello everyone, I am teaching the classical guitar, sometimes called Spanish or acoustic guitar. The repertoire is very large, it goes from the baroque period to nowadays, going through Spanish or South American music. The music is read with a score and not a tablature. I use a progressive method to begin, it brings a playful approach to solfeggio in order to develop the basics of music reading . We will be also able to approach stronger pieces from the repertoire for the most advanced players. I give lessons in French or English. En ik leer en spreek een beetje Nederland. I travel all over the Brussels area.

Classical guitar lessons for all ages and all levels
Does music appeal to you that way? Can the sounds of the guitar completely enchant you? Would you like to learn to interpret those sounds yourself? Together with my students I look for what they want to be able to do on their instrument. We discover the instrument with its music in its full glory: its warm sounds, the percussive attack and countless colorful chords. I myself have been playing guitar for 10 years and have currently completed my bachelor's degree in classical guitar at the Lemmens Institute in Leuven. I am very passionate about music and love to pass on that passion. No prior knowledge of music is required. Lessons can be held at my home, while traveling, or online!

Piano Lessons for Levels Beginner-Advanced, Classical and Contemporary styles
I am a professional pianist offering private piano and theory lessons to students of all levels. Having 12 years of teaching experience, I enjoy motivating my students with music of their own preferred style and interest, whether that be classical or contemporary. My main goal is to promote a positive experience and love for music-making during the course of learning piano. If the student is interested in a more serious approach, I can also guide preparation for grades 1-8 of the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) exams. I am currently pursuing my third degree (Postgraduate Concertsoloist) at the Royal Conservatoire Antwerp, and have obtained my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Piano Performance/Music from University of Minnesota and TCU-Fort Worth, TX, USA. My experience includes collaboration with many different instrumentalists and singers, performing as soloist with orchestra (also as harpist), and receiving top prizes in several competitions.

Piano, music theory, musical awakening: beginner / intermediate or advanced course
I give piano lessons at all levels and at all ages (from 5 years old) with or without reading notes. I move for you or you can also come to my place (electric piano in Brussels) place Sainte Catherine. I always plan a small project in the year to play for an audience (concert / video / ...)

PAT, MAT, STEP: entrance exams and interview practice in Mathematics and Physics for top UK universities (Oxford, Cambridge etc.)
This class will provide you with the tools you will need to tackle the entrance exams in Mathematics, Physics and Engineering for top UK universities. Depending on the ambitions of the student I can offer help in the STEP papers (Cambridge Mathematics,) the MAT (Oxford Mathematics) and PAT (Oxford Physics) papers and others. I can also assist in helping the student with interview preparation for Oxford, Cambridge and other top UK universities. I am an Oxford Physics graduate with two years experience as a private tutor in the UK, teaching students Mathematics and Physics.

Private lessons in Classical Arabic and/or Palestinian dialect in Brussels
I offer Arabic Language classes. For all ages and all levels. I have experience with teaching it for people from different background. The courses are adjusted to your own need and wishes. Options are: Standard Arabic: Writing , Speaking, Reading. Standard Arabic: only speaking. Dialect Arabic: Writing, Speaking, Reading Dialect Arabic: Speaking only. Material of teaching is decided regarding to the topics of your interest. A discount is available for long term commitment. My teaching method is very interactive, includes games, songs, news, etc.

English courses by qualified teacher: (beginners, CE1D, CESS and beyond ...). Learn with Confidence.
Do you want to learn but talking scares you? Grammar is incomprehensible gibberish? You only know how to say "Hello" and "Goodbye" with a passable accent? Everything can be worked. As a young teacher, I want to put my skills at the service of students who want to improve themselves, allow them to gain self-confidence and pass their exams, travel, without fear of having to speak. My methodology is very adaptive, it depends on the requests of the students. Private lessons with oral reinforcement, "on the table" lessons with rote learning, play pedagogy, walk with discussion in English to make speaking more fluid and natural, listening to texts in English, preparation for secondary exams, etc ... I'm motivated. And you ?

Native Spanish teacher at all levels in the city of Namur
Hello ! I am Ainara, and I offer Spanish courses at all levels! I graduated in Translation and Interpreting and have experience as a private teacher in Spain. In addition, I have had BAFA for two years. I offer courses of all types: conversation, writing, grammar, etc. and adapted to the student's needs and schedule. Contact me to find out more. We will start from September. See you soon :)

Piano lessons from 6 years old, singing lessons from 9 years old in Petegem aan de Schelde
Hey, I'm Marina. I am Russian. I live in Belgium for 12 years and I give singing and piano lessons. Piano lessons are for everyone from 6 years old. Knowledge of solfège is not mandatory. All lessons are individual. Everyone can take singing lessons (pop or classical) from the age of 9.

ENGLISH - from a qualified and experienced teacher
Hi! If you are struggling to get to the next level with your English I can help, whether you are a beginner or fluent, young child or happily retired. I am a qualified and experienced English teacher with several years' of private tutoring as well as language school teaching. One of the things I have found important with teaching at any level has been to make sure that passive vocabulary becomes active through speaking (and writing). Therefore I tend to ask my pupils to learn vocabulary between classes so that we can put them to use together. I can teach online as well as in person in my home. I am happy to teach people in small groups.

private lessons in math - physics - chemistry - computer science
-this course is to help students in math, physics and chemistry which are often very dreaded subjects. Being a student in computer science with several years where I gave courses in these subjects, it will be better assimilated by my future students. With a lot of work we can do everything :)

I teach guitar in different music genres including African rumba r & b soukous salsa reggae jazz
Salut, Je m'appelle Jonathan, je joue de la guitare depuis que j'ai 11 ans, je suis spécialisé dans la musique congolaise (soukous) a par ça je fait d'autres genres de musique comme le jazz, le blues, le funk etc Avec moi nous travaillerons davantage sur l'audition et le ressenti, vous pouvez même choisir la chanson que vous souhaitez apprendre. A très bientôt Day, My name is Jonathan, I have been playing the guitar since I was 11 years old, I specialize in Congolese music (soukous) and therefore I do other types of music such as jazz, blues, funk etc. With me we work more on hearing and feeling, you can even choose the song you want to learn. See you soon

Celia Cruz
Cello and theoretical lessons for all ages and levels.
I am a cellist currently finishing my master in music at Royal Conservatory in Ghent. I started playing the cello at the age of 11 years old, and studying with several teachers made me realize how important a personalized pedagogical approach is for a good develpment. My aim is to motivate students to be creative and enjoy playing music, helping them express their own ideas. Gaining self confidence and feeling confotable and relaxed while playing are my main focusses.

Beginner, amateur and professional drummers: I give lessons in 6/8 compound rhythms from Benin and Africa (Polyrythmie)
Africa is the center of the rhythms of the 6/8 register. Benin's musical identity comes from the many sources of our cultures and general traditions. This course is initiated in order to allow drummers to discover and access all the rhythmic potential for their performance through the learning and practice of Benin Polyrythmie. You will learn among others: - the basics of 6/8. - basic rhythms. - the different combinations on the battery. - Grooves and improvisation trials. - How to discover the key of 6/8 without needing to be Africans or Beninese.

Sara Greet
Drawing: model and anatomy study, perspective and perception
I am a visual artist and have been giving drawing lessons at the Sint Lucas art college in Antwerp for several years. I specialize in drawing from a living (nude) model and perception drawing. I guide both beginners and advanced, artists and hobbyists. These lessons are intended for anyone who is looking for support in his artistic or creative activity: learning to draw hands and feet, portrait, a full body, a building, ... The drawings can be supportive for eg a painting or sculpture, but can also be used as aim to learn how to draw. My lesson goal is always to improve the individual ability and achieve the drawing goal of the person, regardless of style or taste.

Italian for beginners, tailored to the level and purpose of the student
In my lessons, several things are discussed: vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, ... We can tailor the curriculum to your level and purpose. I grew up in an Italian family, born in Belgium. A combination that made me grow up trilingual at home. My conversations flow smoothly from Dutch to Italian, to French. I am often told that I am lucky enough to have mastered these languages so well. My goal is to spread my knowledge to those who want it. Many dream to speak Italian, or to feel like a local when traveling to Italy. I will give you the basics so that you can easily have a conversation after our series.

Beginner English Course - Intermediate - ratrappage
English course in a friendly way for students with language difficulties or who wish to learn more about it. I propose a course entirely created by myself in order to better adapt to the needs of the student.

Mathematics, Physics and / or Chemistry, all levels
Hello, I offer private lessons at home in Mathematics, Physics and / or Chemistry to students of all levels. I have more than 4 years of experience in this field. The result is guaranteed! I come to your home and we can also, if necessary, consider sessions at my home in Mont-Saint-Guibert 1435. Do not hesitate to contact me for more information or to plan a first session. Regards, Ahmed

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French tuitions for expats
Laureline is well organized, experienced tutor. I like her teaching style. I would recommend her highly !
Review by KIHONG J.
Violin lessons and tutorials Online! Learn without any risk! ☺️🎻🎉
Gabriele Filiberto
Gabriele is a good violin teacher who can explain the concepts very precisely and do demonstrations, and he also gave me some useful tips for practice.
Review by XIN G.
Italian language and culture
Excellent, very polite, very organized and methodical. The course is very pleasant and fruitful.
Review by IOULIA T.

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