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Private lessons in law, general, civil, criminal, family ...
Graduated from ULB, I occupy my free time by helping students to advance and achieve their goals. My goal is to reassure the student, help him to face his difficulties and thus lead him towards a happy learning of a subject. Do not hesitate :)

Learn to cook Authentic Indian food from a native person
Interested in learning authentic Indian cooking in a friendly environment, The intention of these cooking sessions is to introduce you to the rich and diverse culture of Indian cooking. The class is best suitable for a group of 4. The menu will be decided before hand, All the ingredients for the session will be provided by us. All that you have to do is come in as a group learn the recipes and sit and enjoy the meal. Everything cooked by you on the day can be packed back. In the end we will provide you detailed recipe notes of the items cooked during the session. Also point you towards the local stores in your neighborhood where you can purchase them from.

German lessons for all ages and levels (Native German Speaker!)
Would you like to learn German from the beginning? Or just revise your already existing skills? I would like to do that with YOU! Tailor-made lessons and conversation classes adapted to each student or company's interests and goals. With a focus on speaking and listening, we use a wide range of activities and exercises. News articles and textbooks, as well as audiovisual materials and a friendly, professional environment, provide the basis for effective, authentic and interactive expression and communication. I am a native German speaker from Weimar, with a lot of experience in teaching. So don't be shy, contact me :)

Programming Languages Classes in Python, Java, C++ and Matlab
I specialize in applied computer science to artificial intelligence and machine learning. If you wish to learn a programming language from beginner level to advanced, then I can help you reach that goal in any of the languages: Python, Java or C++. In addition, once we've tackled advanced levels of the language, we can proceed to topics on artificial intelligence and machine learning that are essential skills in the market today.

Oral English practice, IELTS, Intermediate and Beginners
Objective of the lesson 🎯 You will be able to speak about daily topics in English fluently. You will be able to express yourself in a conversation with others. Suitable students This course is for everyone who would like to speak English fluently in a British neutral accent 🔊🇬🇧 Introduction of the lesson Below are the topics that I will cover in detail to start of with and then we can move onto the next unit when you feel confident. 🎯 I will use numerous speaking activities to help you use vocabularies in sentences correctly. 🎯 You will be able to ask and answer simple questions and relate the questions to your daily life.

Tutoring Economic subjects, accounting, mathematics, etc.
As a graduate master Commercial Engineer with work experience in audit, I would like to give guidance for economics, accounting, mathematics, etc. I prefer to organize an introductory meeting first to better understand the expectations / goals and to adapt the lessons to the requirements.

Contemporary Visual Arts: Andy Goldsworthy and Time
Understanding contemporary visual art is often not self-evident. In this lesson you will learn through the work of Andy Goldsworthy to reflect on the philosophical concepts that engage and drive the artist. You will learn a number of universal principles of looking and understanding, which you can also apply to other works of art.

Online Spanish lessons during lockdown :) Colombian student in Belgium, I offer private Spanish lessons for all levels!
Colombian native I am in Europe since 2011 (England, France and Belgium). I offer dynamic lessons where we will work on the development of expression and comprehension skills through activities on different themes according to the interest of the student. I have always been interested in learning languages, education and working with people, I have worked with the "Academy de Lyon" and the "Rectorat de Paris" as an Spanish assistant and then in a Steiner school as an English teacher. I also also gave private lessons in Spanish and English since my arrival in Europe. See you soon :)

Russian for foreigners! Funny, easy and entertaining
Learning a new language is always an adventure and I know you have been aways curious about Russian culture ... so mysterious ... and local people seem to be so serious ... Why? :) Let's discover the Russian culture together so you can easily get the basic knowledge of the language, be fluent, travel, communicate or whatever goal you have! Or maybe you need Russian to passe the exam? No problem ... we will find the way to manage it! I did my studies in Russia and basically I'm English and German tutor. For almost 6 years I live in Belgium.Russian cours teaching is a super intriguing challenge for me! So don't hesitate and contact me and we will discuss all questions you are interested in, for every person the approach is individual, cause we are all different and unique :) See you! Mila

History of cinema: discover the historical evolution of cinema!
Is your hobby watching movies? Are you addicted to Netflix? What if you chose to study them outright? Trained in cinematographic analysis and aggregated in visual arts, I offer a course in the history of cinema. We will approach the main trends of cinematographic history compared with art history.

violin lessons for beginners, average and advanced musicians
I am a violin student at the Luca School of Arts in Leuven. Beginning from the each of five, I was already very passionate by playing the violin. Are you taking your first steps in the world of music? Do you want to develope your technical or musical skills? Then I am the teacher you are looking for! My teaching method does not only exist of teacher - student, but we search together to find your right way of developing your musical talent. I share with you my experiences of orchestral, ensemble and solistic pieces. I give lessons in english, dutch, french and have an average knowledge of swedish and german.

Spanish conversation, grammar and and our well known culture
The class will focus on improving oral expression, get to know formal talking but also Spanish slang. The purpose is talk as soon as possible. There will be time dedicated to grammar but practice is expected to be done individually. I will correct exercises outside lessons hours. All these to make the most of ours lessons together !

French and English language courses
The English / French lessons will allow you to acquire a solid fluency in your daily language. I draw attention to the ability to communicate and write in the language. Beginner level from A to Z => OK I work with motivated students who pursue a goal :) See you soon !

Learn the Piano - The Solfège - The Musical Theory
Graduate teacher, passionate about sharing knowledge and know-how, my lessons are designed to familiarize you with the musical language and instrumental practice of the piano. Whether you are a beginner, or already with an advanced level, my goal is to show you that music, the piano, are quite affordable practices, and that can have it very quickly, having the right methods.

Tutoring, university methodology and art history
I have a university degree in Art History and Archeology, I am also a graduate in teaching. I can help you to set up a methodology and a rigor of work to help you to study throughout the year in order to succeed at best your exams. I specialize in the history of prehistory, in the analysis of works of art, and in the philosophy of art. During the first lesson, you will have to assess the workload and the major problems you encounter (around 30 minutes). We will establish a study schedule, and we can immediately continue on the subject if you wish.

Dutch / Dutch
I specialize in teaching Dutch at all levels of both children and adults

Tutoring Scientific Subjects: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology
With more than 5 years of experience in giving private lessons to over 40 students, I can easily understand the student's situation and how I can help improve his qualities. This mainly concerns the science subjects: mathematics, chemistry, physics and biology. All levels possible: primary school - high school - college.

Digital marketing
You will be armed with the know-how, the experience and the insights to be able to work and speak with authority in this fast-paced industry. In short, you’ll be a skilled digital marketing professional, capable of building a strategic digital campaign from scratch. We also expect our graduates to be able to build on their skills after graduation, as they’ll have the fundamentals of digital marketing.

English for all - courses for beginners or intermediates
English for everyone! Whether you are a student looking for tutoring or an adult wishing to learn a new language, I offer a course adapted to your needs, completely personalized according to your situation and your specific needs. Reading, writing, listening comprehension, lessons can be given in French, in English for more immersion, or in both languages without problem. Do not hesitate to contact me, we will discuss first to establish your profile and the best way to meet your expectations.

Homework help and help study methods primary and secondary education
I like to help children who are in primary or secondary education and who have some problems with English, French or mathematics! I can help you with homework, also for other subjects, I can also learn different study methods. Craft and music lessons can also be given.

Mandarine(basic,intermediate or Advanced)&practical Chinese for business and travel
With a background as a novelist and over 20 years of teaching experience, Lingjie brings both her passion and her expertise to the classroom, helping you to achieve fluency in reading, speaking and writing Mandarin Chinese. course Contain: A, basic classes, Pinyin and its system elements, methods and rules, Character structure and source, vocabulary, grammar, basic reading and writing, Beginner Conversational 。 B, intermediate conversational ,listening and talking training,reading and writing, C, Advanced Business and Tourism Chinese conversational ,Business Letters writing 。 Lingjie moved to Belgium in 2009. Before that she grew up in China in the south-west province of Guangxi. As a young girl, she lived her life during the cultural revolution, as a young woman she witnessed the incredible pace at which China became the world power that it is today. She has currently published four books in Chinese, the last one being a long novel called "Brigantine" that received overwhelmingly positive reactions in China. The fifth one is underway. Attention: languages used during lessons are English and Chinese.

Our students in Belgium say it best about our teachers

French tuitions for expats
Laureline is well organized, experienced tutor. I like her teaching style. I would recommend her highly !
Review by KIHONG J.
Italian language and culture
Excellent, very polite, very organized and methodical. The course is very pleasant and fruitful.
Review by IOULIA T.
Cécile is a professional teacher with a personal approach. Besides being a very friendly person, her teaching is absolutely worth recommending.
Review by TIMON R.

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The Private Teachers of Apprentus help you tackle your weaker subjects. Is beta boring or tricky? Do you have problems with the grammar of German, English or French? With the one-on-one tutoring lessons of our professional teachers, your weaknesses are addressed in a fun and interactive way. Together you work towards your goals in a personal way. This way we ensure that your knowledge and enthusiasm are thoroughly updated!

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Language lessons

Learning a new language offers benefits on both a professional and personal level.
In addition to promoting professional opportunities, languages allow you to discover new cultures, facilitating integration abroad and even stimulating the brain. Discover, without waiting, our language lessons for beginners or advanced students and also as a preparation for exams or competitions.

Discover our wide range of private language lessons:

French lessons, English lessons, Italian lessons, Chinese lessons, Spanish lessons, Dutch lessons      

Music lessons

Do you dream of learning to play a musical instrument, perfecting your vocal techniques or improving your musical knowledge?
Discover our competent and passionate music teachers for personalized private music lessons for children and adults.

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