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Sciences, Biology, Chemisty, Physics, Learn How To Work
Science is not very popular with students. I am here to help them. I have good contact with teenagers and I can easily understand their way of working and help them to succeed. My goal is to keep students challenged, but not overwherlmed. I assign homework after every lesson and provide periodic reports.

intermediate level lessons French, English and Spanish
I have a long multi-lingual practical experience as a diplomat. Now that I am retired I can share my experience by teaching the practical side of the languages: how to become proficient in the shortest time in using the languages in a day to day situation.

Science tuition for high school students
Passionate about science, I made my job. After obtaining my master's degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, I completed a PhD and spent a few years in the field of biomedical research. I then converted to teaching, I teach chemistry, biology and physics in lower and upper secondary.

Does your child want to learn the piano, clarinet or flute?
Does your child want or do you know someone who wants to learn to play the piano, flute or clarinet? I'm ready for you! 🎼🎼 - I have more than 20 years of experience in various instruments and I was a member of various orchestras. I have been teaching piano, clarinet and flute for several years now (both in Belgium and in the Seychelles, where I taught clarinet and flute at the National Conservatory of Performing Arts). - I give private lessons from the age of 7, once a week (30 minutes), individually or in pairs, in Gaasbeek (Donkerstraat, Lennik) - Both classical pieces and pop and sing-alongs - Nut theory is learned gradually, so no prior knowledge is required

Spanish lessons for English and French speakers :) (Apprentus made me add the smiley face)
I will patiently clear out doubts, teach you about Latin American culture and provide a space for you to learn and practice as much Spanish as we can fit within our time together. Learning or practicing doesn’t have to be nerve wrecking or tough, let’s make it a good experience!

Private lessons in math-french-english 1st, 2nd and 3rd
I am in 5th year general and I have always had facilities at school. I very often helped friends who had difficulties and apparently I'm pretty good at it. I can teach courses up to 3rd in Math, French and English.

Math and Physics course (individual or group rates)
I adapt to everyone's needs; whether it's a problem of comprehension, a difficulty in interpreting problems, or a need to pick up a material from scratch, I can help you. I know that mathematics and physics are all too often perceived as difficult branches, but I am convinced that there is a simple way to understand them that varies according to the type of operation of each. It is, after all, only logic! That's why I adapt to each person to rediscover the subject in a way that is intuitive for the student. The material I can cover stops at the level of BA2 mathematics and BA2 physics. I also offer discounted rates for groups, feel free to send me a message for more information.

The students could learn Music rules and the also rules about Early Music Century with this beautiful instrument, Flute a bec (Recorder).
I'm doing 2nd Master in Flute a bec (Recorder) at the Kininklijk Conservatorium in Brussels. I had already an Italian Master. I like teaching music and Recorder. I think I could teach music with really funny methods,starting to read music with nice books, to do general exercises for everybody. So, I'm also ready to teach music to the students who already know something, or who already play an instrument, but as well to the student who doesn't know and want to start :)

Help with success, methodology and various private lessons
Philosophy teacher, accustomed to young people and their difficulties in school requirements I will help you find your way of working! I can give you in all levels of French, English, Dutch and Philosophy and up to the third level for other subjects.

Teacher of French, English or Spanish. Foreign Languages Graduate
Teacher with a degree in Foreign Languages, I offer private lessons in English, Spanish or French for any type of student and level, from beginner to bilingual. My work method is based on active learning and adapts to each student.

Private Cello Lessons - personalized cello instruction
I accept students of all ages and backgrounds, from a beginner level to a collegiate-preparatory level. I have been developing my teaching method for over nine years. My primary goal is to help my students understand the deep connections in themselves and between others that music can build. With the understanding that musical motivations are highly personalized, I work with each student to precisely define their goals and create a straightforward path towards achievement. My program is clear and concise, but highly adjusted for each individual. Starting with a strong foundation of technical work including scales, exercises, theoretical and note reading work, I ensure the optimal set up for each student to be able to play with confidence and comfort. I teach a variety of repertoire that is primarily classical, but I often supplement this with pieces from many other genres, which are personalized to excite each student. I encourage all of my students to participate in group-learning environments, and keep them and their parents apprised of camps, competitions, and other performance opportunities available in their area.

Private lessons in Russian - English - French (FLE)
Translator specialized in the field of international organizations (EN-RU-> FR), I propose private lessons of language (English-Russian-French) and translation. I have already had the opportunity to give language courses in a private setting as well as at the university as a student assistant. My teaching is for any type of profile. I propose : - Support courses for schoolchildren and students - General courses for children and adults from beginner to advanced level (A1-C1) - Conversation sessions - Translation course (written or in-sight) My classes are based on the communicative method currently recommended. However, I try to precisely target the objectives of each learner to meet his needs.

Tuition in math / physics / chemistry high school / university level
I graduated with a degree in engineering sciences, civil engineering orientation at the polytechnic school of Louvain and I also do a master in electro-mechanics. During the first class, I often review the accumulated shortcomings and draw up a work plan with the student. Then, I see again with the student from bottom to bottom the theoretical part of the subjects where he meets difficulties. Once the theory is acquired, I repeat with the student several exercises to apply the theory seen before until he has assimilated the material.

Targeted private English lessons for all levels
I am an interpreter by training and have decided to provide private language lessons in addition to translation and interpretation. Whoever wants to improve her or his command of English quickly and in a focused way has come to the right place. At the start of a new series of lessons, I first test the level of the student, so that I know where I am and what the way forward is. I ask my student what his or her ultimate goal is and try to adjust my lessons accordingly. Does she or he want to have a better command of the grammar rules? Does she or he want to be able to speak more confidently in front of an audience? Does she or he want to communicate with international friends or colleagues? In general, I organize my language lessons according to three pillars: Language proficiency, which mainly consists of vocabulary and expressions and can be considered as the building blocks; Grammar, which includes the rules of the language and is the mortar or binder of the language; and Culture, which includes knowledge about the countries in which a language is spoken and can be seen as the architectural style.

School Coach - Summer Programs and Intensive Personalized Courses from the First Elementary to the Retho
Math can scare some people. I myself went through a great deal of misunderstanding until I found the method and approach necessary to fully master this dreaded class of students. I offer private lessons to students with specific shortcomings, but also to those with more general needs. My classes are tailor-made for each student. I teach from the first primary to the retho. My method is simple and effective. As a school coach, my goal is above all to understand where the difficulties come from. Each student is different, so it is important to create an effective and tailor-made work methodology. Over the years, I have developed structured and fun keys for everyone. I learned about all the school programs in Namur, but also gained experience in other countries around the world. The purpose of the first meeting is to get to know the student and determine his current level of mathematics, what are his strengths and weaknesses, and what are the goals to be achieved. That is why, during the first session I do with the student a thorough work on the methodology to adopt to facilitate the understanding of the concepts and optimize their return. On the basis of this observation, I define with the pupil and his parents an educational strategy (notions to be reviewed as a priority, working method, duration and frequency of classes) designed to best meet the student's objectives. Then I adapt and base my course on the student program while customizing it according to the student and his needs. Even though theory is very often the least appreciated part, I make sure that my student understands its usefulness in different exercises and problems. To ensure good understanding, I organize exercise sessions and tests. The duration of the course is 2 hours. I always advise 2 hours because it's the perfect time to have the time to: - Identify and fill persistent gaps - Establish effective learning methods - Incorporate reasoning mechanisms - Learn how to restore your knowledge My students greatly appreciate the organization and the clarity of my explanations. Once followed and mastered, this is assured success. - Success rate: 90% - General rating (7 reviews): 4.7 / 5 (Old account SuperProf inaccessible)

Horse discovery and approach / adapted riding
Passionate about horse therapy and horse riding, I am a student in 1st year of veterinary medicine and I am lucky to own a lovely 9 year old horse. The horses have brought me a lot in my personal development, I wish to transmit this passion and all that it can bring us, at any age. I do not offer advanced courses to riders with a level already advanced because my riding level (correct but not exceptional) does not allow me: to be honest, I think I know horses better than riding. However, I propose, for example, initiations (discovery of the horse, restoring confidence), walking and / or mounted approach sessions, walks in hand ... This is for people of all ages. I did 8 months of volunteering on a farm and an equestrian center practicing animal therapy, with children (schools, crèches, individuals) and people with disabilities (epilepsy, motor and / or mental disability) ). I am convinced that the animal can have a real beneficial effect, or at least be an excellent hobby.

Rodolfo Ferreira
Would like to play the trumpet or learn to improvise? Trumpet and jazz improvisation lessons for everyone.
I am a professional trumpet player with vast experience in the jazz and commercial fields. I hold a Bachelor's and a Master's degree from Codarts (University of Arts in Rotterdam). I also studied classical trumpet for three years at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels. I teach students of all ages and levels. I have experience teaching at the conservatory (Codarts), music school (BplusC Muziekschool Leiden) and privately in the Netherlands and Belgium. I have played with some of the Netherlands most prestigious big bands and jazz groups.

Italian as a second language, for beginners, middle or advanced level
Repetitions, conversation of Italian: mother tongue. Preferably individual if requested also in small groups. Also specific grammar or vocabulary upon request. For all ages and all levels. No prior knowledge or teaching material is required. During the first lesson an oral assessment of the knowledge of the language will be carried out and a basic study path will be planned.

Spanish and French Tutoring for adults and children
I specialize in tutoring French (i'm completely fluent C2) and Spanish (I'm native in this language) for school and adults. Indeed, I can also prepare for DALF and DELE official exams. I based my lessons on interactive and practical methods in order to allow students to improve their oral and writing skills.

Private Course in Math-Physics secondary and higher level
I offer tutoring in math-physics for students: -Secondary level: school support, preparation for entrance exams at the polytechnic school, ... - At the beginning of the university cycle: in particular the courses of analysis I and II, linear algebra and general physics. My approach is to target both the needs and aptitudes of the student and to adapt my teaching method. I place particular emphasis on: -The practice of exercises and knowledge of their various methods of resolution. - An in-depth understanding of theory - which itself often involves the resolution of exercises.

English lessons for children and adults by a law student perfectly bilingual French / English
Law student at a university in English offers private English lessons for children and adults. I am available the week. I can help with preparation for passing exams, homework, or just for someone who wants to learn the language and speak it fluently. I can give classes for all levels. I speak English fluently since I was 9 years old.

Our students in Belgium say it best about our teachers

French tuitions for expats
Laureline is well organized, experienced tutor. I like her teaching style. I would recommend her highly !
Review by KIHONG J.
Italian language and culture
Excellent, very polite, very organized and methodical. The course is very pleasant and fruitful.
Review by IOULIA T.
Cécile is a professional teacher with a personal approach. Besides being a very friendly person, her teaching is absolutely worth recommending.
Review by TIMON R.

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The Private Teachers of Apprentus help you tackle your weaker subjects. Is beta boring or tricky? Do you have problems with the grammar of German, English or French? With the one-on-one tutoring lessons of our professional teachers, your weaknesses are addressed in a fun and interactive way. Together you work towards your goals in a personal way. This way we ensure that your knowledge and enthusiasm are thoroughly updated!

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Math lessons, English lessons, Science lessons, Geography lessons, French lessons     

Language lessons

Learning a new language offers benefits on both a professional and personal level.
In addition to promoting professional opportunities, languages allow you to discover new cultures, facilitating integration abroad and even stimulating the brain. Discover, without waiting, our language lessons for beginners or advanced students and also as a preparation for exams or competitions.

Discover our wide range of private language lessons:

French lessons, English lessons, Italian lessons, Chinese lessons, Spanish lessons, Dutch lessons      

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Do you dream of learning to play a musical instrument, perfecting your vocal techniques or improving your musical knowledge?
Discover our competent and passionate music teachers for personalized private music lessons for children and adults.

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