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School support in English or Italian for children or teenagers
The course is intended for students of primary and secondary schools who encounter difficulties during their studies in English or Italian. The goal will be to help the student in his learning so that he can obtain good results in the branches mentioned. The student will be able to bring his classes and his school duties in order to focus on the problems encountered and try to surpass them to make the student evolve.

Academic drawing course for beginners and intermediate
My course is dedicated to the practice of academic drawing, which will give you an opportunity to make any type of art later on as if you know how to draw in the academic way you are fully prepared for making any kind of art you are into. But without such skill, it will be hard to realize your artistic intentions in the way you want it. I will teach you how to work with perspective, volume, light and shadow, composition, proportions, sketching using graphic material. In order to learn how to draw you need a lot of practice, so I will assign some homework as well. The course is suitable for people of all ages and with different aims, it is always possible to change the learning program for individual purposes. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

Private lessons in social sciences, history-geography, English or French in Brussels, up to secondary level
After obtaining my Master degree in applied communication, specialization in advertising and commercial communication at IHECS (2016), I worked two years in communication (fields: culture, e-learning and literature) and I then spent Aggregation of Higher Secondary Education in Information and Communication while working as an extra-curricular facilitator for kindergarten and primary school students (2018-2019). I gave classes in Media Education, Social Sciences, French and History-Geography in various schools in Brussels. I was an animator at the Patro for 9 years and trainer animators for 5 years. I am very enthusiastic and ready to go further to help others. I observe students to adapt my teaching method to their needs and I do extensive research, both on the subject and methods of learning to answer all their questions.

Husam M. Abed
Best classic Arabic(alfousha), Test prep tutoring.
I own a basic knowledge that I was able to learn new things and acquire brilliantly to adapt to new situations as well as to my ability to solve problems and initiative in solving it next to my ability to decision-making and creativity in communication and the transfer of knowledge and skills required Next to the characteristic of my knowledge to perform measurements and calculations and evaluation and in my ability to deal with regulations and mandatory standards and better able to work in a multilingual and multi disciplinary environment and understanding Digital competence Adore dealing with technology devices

Support course: German, English, homework help
I speak Luxembourgish, French, Spanish, English and German. I teach German and English. (oral, written expression, listening, etc.) I explain my courses in French, German or English, according to your choice. In addition, I can help children / teenagers do their homework.

Singing and Flute Lessons for beginners to advanced pupils, any age!
Callie is a passionate teacher with over more than 10 years’ of experience in teaching music and singing both in the UK and across the world. I have a suitcase full of tools and tricks to help my students develop in their vocal and musical abilities. I promise that lessons with her will be uplifting, challenging, inspiring, with a bunch of humor, enthusiasm and passion. I am an opera singer, and have a masters in Vocal Performance, but enjoy teaching all singing styles. I have experience in teaching students from the age of 9 to 72, from beginners to advanced and professional singers. I have helped prepare students for Conservatoires and Drama Schools, as well as graded examinations, and stage shows. My second discipline is the Flute, and I am delighted to share this wonderful instrument with my students. I teach beginners, intermediate and advanced pupils. Teaching in Singing Lessons singing for ages 9 - 99 and from beginners to advanced and professional singers.Lessons include: - Singing Technique - Breath Management - Building up Vocal Confidence and Capability - Musical Expression - Performing / Stagefright - Vocal Health FLUTE LESSONS Lessons singing for ages 9 - 99 and from beginners to advanced - Flute Technique - Breath Management - Building up Confidence and Capability - Musical Expression - Performing / Stagefright I can teach at my house or come to you if you live in and around Ghent.

Math and Physics Support Course in the Mons Region
I offer math and physics support courses based on an individual assessment of the difficulties encountered and the objectives to be achieved. We go step by step to a fine understanding of the subject and a mastery of different skills to acquire.

Spanish teacher, Portuguese, artistic photography.
Native Spanish and Portuguese teacher I propose an individualized pedagogy, help with the preparation of questions or exams. My goal is to advance the student without surcharge. I give homework after each lesson and periodically provide progress reports.

French tutoring - help with homework, preparation assessments, essay correction
As a graduate in French and Romance languages and letters, I am qualified to help students who have difficulties in French classes, whatever their level. I will be flexible according to the needs of the student: dissertations, grammar, French and European literature, preparation for interrogations / exams ... Come with your course, and we will work all that is problematic in order to prepare you best for the evaluations .

Spanish Courses / Curso de Español for any level
Spanish is the official language in twenty-one countries. It is spoken in Europe, North America and Latin America, learning Spanish will open the door to a multitude of rich and diverse cultures. In addition to being a very beautiful language, it is an essential language in the professional world. I am very happy to be able to share my language and make it known to all concerned. In a very long time we will talk about it as great friends. Hasta pronto!

Ableton Live sessions, the basics to advanced concepts
Learn the basics of Ableton. Learn advanced concepts using plugins. Ableton Live is packed with a ton of stock plugins that can be used to increase the quality of your mixdowns. Thorough understanding of everything that Ableton Live offers, however, is required to fully utilize these plugins and push them to their limits.

English School Support (language learning, improvement ...)
I have just finished my university studies and I wish to be able to resume my activity of private teacher that I exercised during 1 year and a half and that I interrupted to be able to finish my studies in Belgium. I offer English classes to help the student in difficulty or wishing to deepen the concepts learned in class or improve his fluency orally. The goal is to help the student to improve and gain self-confidence by preparing not only future questions but also by finding a work method that suits him best.

Anh Phuong
Teaching Thai language and Vietnamese for Beginners
I am Vietnamese but I'm also master in Thai language. I can teach you about the language and culture of Vietnam or Thailand in English. I also can help translate English - Vietnam, Vietnam - Thai, Thai - Vietnam. The class will focus on speaking skills. As a language learner, I know what you have to face when you are starting to learn a new language. For my experience in learning language, you have to talk and talk. When you speak, you will easily remember the vocabulary. The more you remember the vocabulary, the more quickly you to learn grammar and converse like a native. So I will help you to talk a lot and give you as many new words as I can.

Chemistry and Chemical Engineering courses in English
I am a Dr. Chemical Engineer with over 10 years of professional experience in teaching (and coaching). I enjoy teaching by adjusting to the personality and needs of every student. I hold an MSc in Chemical Engineering, an MSc in Materials Science & Technology and a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering. I also hold the Proficiency in English certificate from the University of Michigan and the University of Cambridge.

Adobe Photoshop,Design development,Photography, MS word, Text Maker, PowerPoint, Basic English and Urdu.(Private lessons).
Photoshop is a powerful app for photographers as it helps them to retouch the photos and edit them in a fine way like can improve portraits, landscapes etc and also remove unwanted objects in photos. Along with that for designing, Photoshop is very useful like line drawing, abstract, calligraphy, design repeats, pattern designs, mood boards designs and so on.

Private bass guitar lesson in Ghent, for all levels. Jazz, Pop, Rock, ...
I am Felix, a master student at the KASK / Conservatory in Ghent. Here I follow Jazz Bass, but I am active in many different bands and genres. I can complete my study material myself, or if you have questions or documents to work on, that is certainly possible! I give private lessons at different levels, and also look forward to the lesson with you.

Individual private lessons in biology for secondary school students
I am an experienced Biology teacher with a PhD in Molecular biology. I am currently employed in one of the European Schools in Brussels. I can help students to master their European Baccalaureate preparation. I am highly motivated to help those who want to master their knowledge of biology. My priority is to make sure that the students understand, apply and integrate theoretical knowledge but also to link this knowledge to various experimental approaches/real life situations. Moreover, I stimulate their curiosity and development of their problem-solving skills. Finally, I use different methodological approaches during the lessons to achieve student's goals.

Spanish Tutoring, Learn how to speak fluently Spanish.
Spanish, the official language in twenty-one countries, is the third most widely-spoken language in the world, after English and Mandarin. More than 400 million people speak Spanish worldwide and experts predict that by the year 2050, there will be 530 million Spanish speakers. I have been teaching for 5 months and we can see a big growth in Spanish knowledge. With just 1 hour a day reading, listening and speaking in a short period of time you will see a big change. This class is for aspiring people to learn a new language where you will learn a lot of new words, grammar, etc. I want to take the opportunity to teach people who want to learn a new language and due to the fact I am a native, it is a great advantage and I am fancy teaching Spanish.

Private Saxophone / Piano lessons with theory of music and rhythm.
TRUSTED TEACHER with experience (15 years of experience in public Music Schools) offers saxophone lessons for every level and age (beginners to professionals), and piano lessons (beginners and middle levels in kids from 6 ages to 15). Music style can vary from classical to modern (jazz, funk, soul, Latin, etc), as well as jazz and free-improvisation. Moreover, during the lessons music theory and harmony as well as musical analysis aspects are discussed. Lessons last from 45 - to 90 minutes according to your needs and take place at your place, in English. Graduated Ionian University (saxophone-piano). Graduated Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (music composition). Master at Royal conservatory of Brussels.

Biology, Ecology and Genetics lessons for all levs
I have been a tutor for the past five years helping high school and university students on several topics with semestral or yearly programmes. Being a biologist with a master in environmental science and a bachelor in biotechnology my classes will focus on multiple thematics of each category listed above depending on the student's request. I can support the learning of cellular processes from a molecular to a physiological point of view; moreover having a solid background of genetics I can help students to find their way into molecular genetics and genomics. Finally, I can provide lessons of Ecology being the major of my Master and having worked as an ecologist at University for the past two years. My lessons will be in English.

Violin lessons for improving your technique, musicality and creativity
My lessons are adapted to the students, so it doesn't matter the level or the capacities of each one. I believe that each student is unique and special and that therefore the same method cannot be applied to everyone. In addition, I always try to encourage the student's creativity and transmit to them my passion for music.

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French tuitions for expats
Laureline is well organized, experienced tutor. I like her teaching style. I would recommend her highly !
Review by KIHONG J.
Italian language and culture
Excellent, very polite, very organized and methodical. The course is very pleasant and fruitful.
Review by IOULIA T.
Cécile is a professional teacher with a personal approach. Besides being a very friendly person, her teaching is absolutely worth recommending.
Review by TIMON R.

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Learning a new language offers benefits on both a professional and personal level.
In addition to promoting professional opportunities, languages allow you to discover new cultures, facilitating integration abroad and even stimulating the brain. Discover, without waiting, our language lessons for beginners or advanced students and also as a preparation for exams or competitions.

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Do you dream of learning to play a musical instrument, perfecting your vocal techniques or improving your musical knowledge?
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