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Art lessons (ALSO ONLINE): drawing, painting, composition, sketching.
I am Julia, master of the Visual Arts since 2000, artist of painting and graphics. My course is intended for both novice art lovers and advanced students. I prepare an individual program for each student depending on the level of education, creative ambitions and time. In my studio in Sint-Niklaas in a relaxed creative atmosphere you can learn: - The basis of artistic literacy: laws of perspective, composition of composition, volume and color theory. - Perception drawing and painting (still life, landscape, model ..) - Sketches with different materials: pencil, charcoal, sanguine, sepia, pen, etc. - Discover different painting techniques and textures. - Create your own artwork and much more.

Cours particuliers en mathématiques, algebres , trigonométrie
Les mathématiques sont les bases de tout apprentissage. En fonction de vos difficultés nous établirons un plan pour comprendre beaucoup plus facilement. Donne cours aux élèves du secondaire et du primaire. Je vous apprendrai les règles fondamentales de l'algèbre et en fonction de l'endroit de vos difficultés, nous pratiquerons des exercices de tous niveaux afin que vous ayez votre propre approche de la résolution de problèmes.

Student in 2nd year AESI modern languages, I give private lessons in English and Dutch
Student in 2nd year AESI modern languages (English - Dutch), I offer to give private lessons. My methodology is based on active pedagogy, self-confidence, listening, sharing and autonomy. I start from the needs of the student, I make a point with him so that we can together set goals and do everything possible to achieve them. Not being a big fan of textbooks, I prefer to build my own lessons, specific to each student and according to their needs.

Learn French with a friendly and patient teacher
Hey! My name is Tolia and I come from the region around Wavre. I currently live in Antwerp for two years and I speak and understand Dutch very well. Since corona is a very difficult time for many students financially and I can no longer perform my job in the hospitality industry, I think it would be nice to be able to teach French. Can you use my help? Feel free to send me a message! I like to help. Tolia.

Private Japanese lessons in English by native Japanese speaker in Brussels
My name is Masami. I'm from Japan. My native language is Japanese. I also speak English. I'll teach you Japanese in English. I teach Japanese to all ages. My lessons will be writting, reading, listning, speaking or pronunciation, anything as you need. Including Hiragana, Katakana, Kanji. We can discuss about what you need and decide what kind of lessons I'll do for you! We can have lessons at my place or your place. FLEXIBLE SCHEDULE!! Please feel free to contact me.

Andy Luis Escandón
Cours de salsa cubaine available seulement pendant un mois
J'enseigne the sauce depuis sept ans, principally aux débutants. Les cours sont dispensés de manière personnelle pour assurer a quick apprenticeship of l'élève. It will be in Brussels from 20 April to 20 May. Pendant ce temps, je proposerai trois cours par leveau: initiation, intermediaire et avancé. Ce n'est qu'avec le cours d'initiation that you pourrez danser the sauce. Les cours peuvent être reçus seuls ou en couple.

Vocal lessons for beginner, intermediate and advanced
The singing lesson is structured in three parts: 1. Breathing: training with exercises for the development of the diaphragm. Some of the exercises come from yoga. Frequency 4-5 lessons, until the student learns to use them correctly and to work on them alone at home. 2. Vocalization: Using a piano, specific training for the parts of the body which participate in the resonance of the song: The diaphragm, the vocal cords, the resonance mask, the mouth, as well as the articulation, the intonation, body behavior, etc. 3. The repertoire: Training with a computer program, The program allows you to work on and perfect each musical phrase. 4. Microphone technique

Piano, Composition, Music Theory, Harmony and counterpoint
Learning music, is directly connected to the cognition system of our mind, and our cognition is the first step to perceive the music, so it is important to understand music and perform it. I am proposing class of Piano, Composition and Music Theory and writings. In the class of Piano depending on the student's wishes, we work on different methods, from learning music just as an activity to students who are wishing to continue their profession as a musician. Class of composition has the same algorithm as the piano class, the method selection is based on student's wishes. Music Theory is proposed in both classes of composition and piano on the side but for the students who wish to learn music theory separately with more concentration, I propose this class as a separated class too. Class of Harmony and writings actually has the same situation as music theory classes but students in the class of composition will be more specialized in harmony and counterpoint than piano students and of course, this course is proposed as a separated class too.

clarinet lessons for all levels and for all ages
Are you looking for a teacher to take clarinet lessons? You can contact me for this. I teach all ages, children, young people and adults. The lesson is completely tailored to the student, and is mainly practically oriented. I already have experience in teaching clarinet. Nut leather is - if necessary - integrated during the clarinet lesson. With younger children who are not (yet) following music theory, I work with the ukulila method, among other things. We work playfully and creatively here. If you already have a clarinet, you can bring it with you for the first lesson. If you don't have a clarinet yet, we will look together for a suitable clarinet to play on. Never buy an instrument without a teacher. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me.

SOCIAL MEDIA CONTENT in English - Workshop or Creation
Need a stronger presence on the web and in English? I can teach you how to generate effective social media and web content through a multi-session workshop. OR Help you generate content via online session, and we will create: - A profile and protocol of your preferences and related creation details (dimensions, logos, etc.) - Aggregate necessary media to be included in the social media content - Discuss various formats and layouts - Discuss your do-and-don’t’s relating to the content - Plan a content finalization meeting so that the contact can be approved before final delivery. Note: I don’t contract plans nor roll-out of your content. That is a different service that requires a different kind of expertise! If for the workshop the class piece is as you see it! If for content, you would simply book a ‘first-time’ consultation session, to discuss preliminary needs through, for your web content and its creation. After preliminary needs have been discussed and agreed upon, you’d make a ‘second-time’ booking specific to the content unit-package you select and the urgency category that you require. Ex: Categories: -Very Urgent (done within 3-days), -Urgent (done within 7-days, -Normal (done within 14-days) Unit Packages 25 units of hand-tailored content 50 units of hand-tailored content 100 units of hand-tailored content I look forward to hearing from you. Let’s get busy!

Math & Physics for elementary, secondary and university students
As a graduated engineer I would like to help other students familiarize themselves with the sometimes complex world of mathematics and physics. During my studies I gave tutoring for 3 years in secondary schools, Antwerp region, as part of the Tutoraat project of the University of Antwerp. I try to go through the subject matter interactively with the student and to link theoretical concepts as much as possible to examples from our daily life. Learning by means of tangible examples is the easiest way, I have noticed myself. So if you would like tutoring on one or more subjects in mathematics or physics, you can contact me. Background: Industrial engineer electromechanics

Language teaching (French, English, Spanish, German, ...) for all levels!
I specialize in teaching in different languages: mainly French, but also English, Spanish, German, Dutch, ... are among the possibilities. We will work together to master the language or the specific difficulties you encounter as quickly as possible. If required, I provide extra exercises. For pupils who are still at school, I make an overview of the progress, so that the parents and specialist teachers remain informed about the work that has been done.

Bilingual passionate offers you to progress in English in a good mood!
I adapt to your pace and your way of learning. I can explain things in a very theoretical way or I can work with songs or conversations. I try to make the lessons as lively as possible and in line with your interests. I have lived in London and the United States. I am very immersed in the English speaking culture. I have used English many times during my professional experiences with English speakers from different parts of the world. I am very interested in languages in general, their grammar, their phonology, their history, etc. I therefore understand well how English is constructed and what the difficulties encountered by a French speaker in his learning. I have given many private lessons in the past as well as some training for groups of adults. I also made replacements in high school. I adapt easily to all audiences and I always try to explain things as clearly as possible.

Laser cut model (Protocol) AutoCAD or ArchiCAD file
Are you ready to start your laser cutting project? To make the best use of the laser cutter, it is important to process digital files whether for engraving or cutting. This training allows you to better understand the different stages related to conception.

Germanic language teacher (English / Dutch) for private lessons at your place or at my place
Hello, I am a teacher in Germanic languages English and Dutch. My courses are aimed at primary and secondary students (from 1st to 6th year) and an adult audience to reach levels A1 A2 B1 B2 C1 / C2 I try to get the student to think about the subject independently and effectively. I apply rebranding and induction techniques so that the student can understand by himself and reuse the learning seen. He must be the actor of it. I do all this with my good humor and my savoir vivre. I also use digital technology like Quizlet, Genially, etc. to teach the student. I also give as many tips as possible to master the lexicon and grammar. ("Mnemonic" phrases, etc.). I give personal summaries etc. Please do not hesitate to contact me if any problems arise. We must not wait until the last minute before taking action.

Private lessons in primary (math, french and awakening)
I am a student in psychology and I give tutoring and homework help. I offer my skills for the following subjects: French, mathematics and awakening. I adapt my teaching to each student, learning must be fun and interesting so that the student wants to understand and progress.

Yoga Teacher (Hatha and Vinyasa) incl. Meditation and Breathing control technique
Yoga is not a work out, it is a work in. Therefore, my class is available for each and every level, each and every body. Depending on you willingness and feeling on a particular day, I can guide you through a more intense Vinyasa class or through traditional Hatha class. I obtained Hatha and Vinyasa RYS 200 certification in Gayatri Yoga school. Our class will include Pranayama (breathing control technique). Without proper breathing yoga postures are nothing more than calisthenics. 'Regulate the breathing, and thereby control your mind'. I would be happy to share my energy, attitude and passion with you.

Language courses (French, English, German, Spanish)
Master 1 student in translation, I offer French, English, German and Spanish lessons for students of all ages. My goal is above all to allow the student to reach his goal. I am very patient and I adapt to the level of each student to offer him the best possible course. I prepare exercises if necessary to improve understanding of the language.

Ableton Live Production Class (Beginner to intermediate)
Hello, my name is Jens (30). I have been producing music for the last seven years with Ableton 9 & 10. I can help out beginner producers in the proces. We can start all the way from the beginning or focus on specific topics that you would have questions about. We will learn how to find a work flow that fits you best so you can start finishing tracks in an effective way. The following aspects will be covered in Ableton Live: 1. The essentials (efficiënt browsing, favorites, overview of the menu buttons...) 2. Arrangement, session and clip view 3. Audio clips and warping (the part which helps you understand how to remix songs and how to make new songs with existing samples) 4. How to work with MIDI 5. Recording and routing 6. Audio and MIDI effects 7. How to work with the built-in instruments in Live 8. How to arrange your song from start to finish 9. Mixing and mastering of your project If you would have any question, don't hesitate to message me!

Proba - Stat pour débutant / ou - et Économétrie pour niveau intermédiaire
Donne cours de probabilité et statistiques aux élèves qui ont des difficultés avec la matière de bachelier. Je donne des cours pour débutant sur base de la matière que votre professeur vous a fourni. Il est donc préférable de m'envoyer à l'avance votre matériel que je puisse le parcourir ainsi que de me décrire vos difficultés pour que je puisse au mieux vous aider.

Bianca Derauw
Modern and hip hop private dance lessons for children from 5 years old
I am a young 18 year old student, I have been dancing for 10 years, I am currently already giving dance lessons to a 5 year old girl, I like to teach children to dance while having fun. Make them move and progress little by little and build a climate of confidence so that they enjoy the dance. I did 2 years of hip hop, 4 years of modern and 4 years of classical

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French tuitions for expats
Laureline is well organized, experienced tutor. I like her teaching style. I would recommend her highly !
Review by KIHONG J.
Violin lessons and tutorials Online! Learn without any risk! ☺️🎻🎉
Gabriele Filiberto
Gabriele is a good violin teacher who can explain the concepts very precisely and do demonstrations, and he also gave me some useful tips for practice.
Review by XIN G.
Italian language and culture
Excellent, very polite, very organized and methodical. The course is very pleasant and fruitful.
Review by IOULIA T.

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