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Mandarin Chinese and English Tutoring to Expats in Brussels
I have studied Chinese since the age of 11, and lived for two years in China. There I studied intensive Mandarin Chinese courses at Chinese Universities in Beijing and Wuhan. Therefore, I am well aware of the struggles of learning Chinese. Not only am I now fluent in Chinese (HSK level 5), but I have also learnt how to most effectively learn Mandarin. I will make an individual plan with the student, teach pinyin, pronunciation, tones, characters, phrases, grammar, idioms, everyday language and much more. I will also share my best tips when studying Mandarin. I have extensive experience in teaching English to Chinese children ages 5-17. I was both a private tutor and teacher at local Chinese high schools when living in China. Therefore, I can assist in teaching English to expats living in Brussels

English, German tutoring. Learn in a creative way.
I tutor in English and German. My classes are perfect for beginners who have little to no knowledge, and who would like to raise their language skills to a conversational level, as well as students who struggle keeping up with their school assignments. Every class is tailored to the individual needs and interests of every student, you can decide what you would like to learn, and be in charge of your own pace. Additionally I keep every class interesting and creative depending on the individual interest of the student (For example, we can learn with movies and books you like) Language learning is only fun when it is done without pressure.

Farsi/Persian Lessons to all ages and all levels by a native teacher
Hi there! I am a Persian teacher and a native Persian-speaker. I have taught Persian to adults for 2 years in Finland. I have a wide range of experience in teaching grammar and introducing culture to the different groups. I believe the most important thing in learning a language is the ability to use it, so I focus on the practical communications. That being said, I also teach relevant grammar and vocabulary as needed. Persian is a beautiful language and I am happy to help you with this joyful learning process.

Learn to Cook Delicious Indian Food using local produce
This class is for your inner cook and foodie to get involved with your food before it hits the palette. It is not always easy to find exotic ingredients for your fantasy cooking within easy reach. In this class we use minimum ingredients and easily available in your local grocery shops. Learn to cook Starters, Main course and Deserts with help of native. Classes will be held if there are minimum 4 registrations. You will eat/bring home the food you have prepared. :)

Individual cello lessons for everyone in Brussels!
I give lessons to cello players of all levels. If you are just thinking of starting I can help you with the basics, like music theory or even finding a cello! Furthermore we can create a custom plan in order to achieve your desired goals. About me: I am a concert cellist from Barcelona currently pursuing a master in the Royal Conservatory of Brussels, I have performed and participated in festivals across Europe. Looking forward to meet you!

Learn about Speaking Korean and culture in Antwerpen
This class is for learning Korean. The focus is to learn how to read, write, pronounce Korean. You'll talk with me like a friend very friendly so that you will feel more comfortable and confident to speak in Korean. And definitely I'm a Korean native speaker.

Chinese, Mathematics and Chemistry or tutoring for students
I am a native Mandarin Chinese speaker and a patient, easy-going and flexible tutor. I have 2 years of experience working for a Chinese magazine as an editor. I set up this course basically is to help beginners how to learn Chinese quickly and to help someone who wants to travel to China or work in China how to have a conversation in Chinese and quickly learn Chinese written grammar. I also help students with chemistry, math and thesis writing. Contact me for any further information, I'm ready to discuss your goals and my teaching method with you so that you can make up your mind.

English Language Trainer: Exams, Presentations, Thesis preparation
English language trainer with more than 25 years’ experience working in various fields: Market research, neuroscience, psychology, legal and general academic preparation I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and Marketing and further qualifications in language education. My approach is to get people to a level of competence where they feel comfortable in the daily use of the English language: overcoming all those difficulties and anxieties connected to language learning, I make sure my students attain the level they feel necessary for their professional and social environments. I offer: • One-to-one tuition • Small group lessons (max 4 students) • Exam preparation (IELTS, TOEFL, Cambridge) • Revision and editing of articles, papers, theses • Interview preparation Courses are tailor-made and can be of short or long duration. I can provide courses in-house, on Skype or at my studio in central Brussels

NATIVE ENGLISH TUTORING - Speaking and Writing Practice
I offer tailored lessons based on your goals, level and interests. I will prepare fun and dynamic lessons where you'll get to practise what you need: speaking only or in depth practise of your Writing, Reading and Listening skills. However, I believe that the hardest part about learning a language is having a conversation, this is why I put a lot of focus on getting you to speak throughout the lesson. I want my students to feel more confident using the language both in a social and work situation. Since moving to Belgium I have been teaching as a Berlitz language instructor in Antwerp, in which time I have taught expats, pharmacists, engineers and students. My availability changes on a weekly basis but I am flexible. The best way to check my availability is by sending me an email.

Economics, Business Management, Statistics, Econometrics and Accounting
I have experience in teaching classes in Micro and Macroeconomics, Econometrics, Statistics for business as well as Management. My goal is to engage the student so that he will develop his own approach to the understanding of the subject matter. I have learnt this approach, known as Problem Based Learning, while tutoring at the University of Maastricht, a leading European university.

Spaanse les: reach the level you are looking for. .
Learn: Spanish for beginners. (A1/A2) Get better: Spanish for B1 or B2 Practice: Conversation and perfection. Expert: In need of learning the vocabulary for an specific subject? There's a test for no beginners so we can test your level and focus on your weaknesses. Spaans is mijn moedertal.

Spanish courses with Spanish native speaker teacher
My name is Maria, I have been living in Antwerpen since October 2017. I’m Venezuelan and I speak four languages, Spanish, French, English and Italian. I studied a Master of International Management. I’m search to give Spanish courses in a Basic or Intermediary level (From A1 to B2). I have two years of experience as Language Teacher, specifically in France and in Venezuela where I gave classes to children. This opportunity helps me to learn how to develop the Spanish courses to create an efficient learning. During the courses we will practice the grammar rules, enriching the vocabulary and in improving the conversation abilities.

Basic concepts of Physics and Math (Bachelor level)
Understanding a concept is the fastest and surest way to learn something. Instead of blindly following formulae, I believe it's important to question why a step is being done, at every step. I encourage students to explore and think for themselves, while also sticking to short and long-term goals. I have experience in tutoring high school and bachelor students and welcome the challenge to teach the same concept in a novel way, something that you can relate to!

French to English (vice versa) and methodology for students any age
French is my mother language and as a journalist I master it perfectly. As for my english I have been studying it, speaking it for more than 15 years. I love teaching and I have experience in it. Methodology is something very important and though neglected by many. It is the key to success and I offer you lessons that combine both. See you soon ! Catherine

Improve English speaking writing and reading with native English tutor
I am: I can: -A native English speaker -Offer customized lesson plans -TEFL Certified -Work around your time/budget -Experienced in all levels -Make learning English fun! Build your skills! -Learn the basics, never too young or old to start -Strengthen vocabulary, grammar, and fluidity -Gain confidence in reading and writing Prepare for the Professional world! -Develop CVs and applications that will get you noticed -Practice interviewing for that dream job -Improve essay writing and editing performance

Private & group Dance classes, Zumba Fitness classes, choreography, for kids & adults
If you like to dance and you wanna learn cool new moves to dance at the parties or wherever you want, you're at the right place! If you wanna learn a specific dance style like salsa, bachata, hip hop, reggaeton, twerk, jazz,... I can teach you! If you like to dance and you wanna have a fun yet effective workout at the same time, i can help you burn calories and sculpt your body with dance fitness or Zumba! I will create a personalized course just for you according to your goals ! I'm a certified fitness instructor since 2010 and a dance teacher since i'm 17 years old, i started to take dance classes at the age of 6. Dancing is my passion and my goal is to bring joy to others thanks to dance :-) Kind Regards, Nastasia

Italian language - grammar, conversation and cultural perspectives
I got a PhD in Linguistics from the universities of Pisa and Leiden, and I've been doing a postdoc on Dutch and Italian dialectology till a few months ago. During this period I've also been teaching Italian language, linguistics and culture at several levels, including NGOs and several universities. This experience provided me with the cultural and methodological tools necessary to teach Italian to various categories of students and to develop classes tailored on the student's need. Beside the study of grammar and the development of conversation skills, thematic sessions can be arranged dealing with cinema, music and other cultural perspectives on Italy.

international music teacher from London in Belgium
Teacher with education background in Amsterdam and Istanbul conservatoire's returning back to Belgium after 9 years in London. Lots of experience in teaching UK grade systems. All ages well come. Still teaching to some 3-6 year olds in London. Also father of 3-lingual children, so clearly experienced on multilingualism. Vocal students well come and world music styles very welcome. Thanks a lot, Adam

YOGA for everybody, learning to know your alignment and conscience of your body and mind with technical, timer and sequence. It combines postures (asanas), breath control (pranayama) and the use of props (blankets, chairs, blocks and straps). It aims to develop strength, mobility and stability.

Private & Group Dance Classes and Choreography for Kids & Adults
There is never a dull moment in class! Each specific class and lesson plan are catered to specific age groups from Pre-K to adults. They consist of engaging movement activities, warm-up, and complex movement combinations. I am an energetic and patient teacher who seriously takes into account the needs and skill level of the student in preparing the lesson plans and material. My use of dance vocabulary and physical demonstrations allow me to teach the material accurately and effectively. My positive attitude and constant words of encouragement keep students motivated and engaged in the lesson. Students will increase their knowledge and physical vocabulary of the movement style and leave each lesson a better dancer, performer and person. I encourage students to bring writing materials to each lesson to take notes for any learned vocabulary and each lesson will follow with a recorded video of the movement for the students to refer to until the next lesson. All Private Sessions Include/Cover: -1-on-1 lesson including a warm-up, body conditioning, stretching, & cool down -Recordings of Movement Material -Music Playlist Listing -Copy of the Teacher Lesson Plans -Written Log of Corrections and Improvements​​

Spanish native teacher- Professeur natif d'espagnol
¡Hola! Do you want to learn Spanish while having fun, talking about interesting topics and with flexibility?I am a Spanish girl based in Brussels, speaking fluently French, English and Portuguese. I am specialized in human rights but I have also experience teaching languages since many years ago to people with different language levels. In my clases you will have the opportunity to improve your vocabulary, grammar, or just practicing your Spanish through informal conversations, choosing your favourite topics!

Our students in Belgium say it best about our teachers

French tuitions for expats
Laureline is well organized, experienced tutor. I like her teaching style. I would recommend her highly !
Review by KIHONG J.
Italian language and culture
Excellent, very polite, very organized and methodical. The course is very pleasant and fruitful.
Review by IOULIA T.
Cécile is a professional teacher with a personal approach. Besides being a very friendly person, her teaching is absolutely worth recommending.
Review by TIMON R.

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