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Private lessons - tutoring - homework help
Pupil in Terminale ES, I offer varied courses in all disciplines ranging from primary to Seconde, and focused on the subjects of the ES stream for First and Terminals. The formats are diverse: it can be homework help, like resuming a school lesson, or donating lessons. I can, depending on the needs, carry out a more or less advanced monitoring, by correcting certain productions for example.

Optional courses: History / English / German / French / Geography / Philosophy
After a literary preparation (khâgne), I propose to give private lessons in literary subjects. School support, help in the preparation of competitions or exams, desire to progress and discover. In languages, I suggest to review the basics, grammar, conjugation, spelling and syntax, to this we must necessarily add the practice of the language, so we will talk! Some technical basics are necessary but the course will focus mainly on conversation. It is both more fun, and it allows good memorization of sounds, words, and learning takes place naturally. For subjects such as French, philosophy, history (subject of which I am a specialist) and geography: I will start by assessing your level then we will move forward together, always communicating. I am for a real conversation between the one who learns and the one who teaches. It is with a natural conversation that we come to highlight the interest of the discipline and thus arouse curiosity.

Private lessons maths - physics - please - Techno (possible via skype)
Young engineer graduated in finance and holder of a baccalaureate S. I provide tutoring and I give private lessons to college and high school students since 2015. I offer tailor-made pedagogy according to different profiles. The objective is to put the student in confidence, so that he feels able to progress; ideal conditions for efficiency and good results. My lessons are intended for students with difficulties and delays in scientific subjects (math, physics, please). You will develop your capacities of analysis, interpretation and understanding. You will gain in methodology which will save you a lot of time during the evaluations. Thanks to the regular exercises and the follow-up that I offer, you will progress efficiently and surely.

Étudiante en troisième année médecine donne cours d'aide à la réussite de la PACES, cours de sciences lycée/collège
Dans mon travail, j'essaie de transmettre à mes élèves les acquis que j'ai intégrés au cours de mon cursus. Je place l'organisation au centre du travail scolaire, tant au niveau temporel (en faisant des plannings par exemple, si ça peut aider l'élève) que pour l'apprentissage en lui même. Je fais aussi en sorte que l'élève trouve sa propre méthode de travail, en essayant différents moyens d'apprendre (surligner, faire des fiches, répéter a haute voix, apprendre le cours puis s'exercer ou en s'exerçant...) Enfin, j'essaye de faire en sorte de montrer à mes élèves l'intérêt de ce qu'ils apprennent, parce qu'il est extrêmement difficile de s'investir quand on ne voit pas pourquoi on travaille.

Ableton Live - BEGINNERS are welcome! :) Montparnasse
I have been working with Ableton since years, this This workshop will give an overview of some of the most simple tool combinations for using Ableton Live. Tool for live performances. One important concept into live performing is to control the tension and the scene transitions; with this technique we are going to reach progressive and smooth transitions between instruments, FX and live process.

Teaching English , Teaching Persian/farsi, teach cooking
Hello. My name is Banafsheh. I am a 30 years old Biotechnologist from Iran. I do love to teach english abroad . I work as a translator. I like to teach you in any way which you are more comfortable with so I have a very flexible way of teaching .

Learn Russian or Ukrainian language with native teacher
I am a native of the Russian language who comes from Ukraine. I will be happy to help everyone to improve the knowledge of Russian! Being a student at the faculty of French-Russian translation and having experience of French teacher in my native country, I am sure that I will find an approach to each apprentice!

Arabic lessons (all levels) possible by Skype.
Graduate and experienced teacher offers personalized courses following modern teaching methods and above all compatible with current requirements in terms of learning the Arabic language. I travel to the towers of Mouans Sartoux, also receive and give online lessons (skype).

Private tuition / Academic support all subjects from primary to third (preparation for the Brevet)
Hello ! :) My name is Inès and I am a 3rd year undergraduate student in Sciences and Technologies at the Villebon Georges Charpak Institute which advocates innovative pedagogy to teach students other than with lectures. I suggest that my students benefit from this pedagogy. Used to taking care of children, fond of teaching and experienced for 2 years (a pupil of 3rd and a pupil of 1st), I offer tutoring / homework help courses in all subjects. :) I propose to test teaching methods adapted to my students in order to give them more pleasure in learning and provide them with a background in working methods so that they can become autonomous and create their own way of learning. If you want to get started, contact me and we can discuss it! :) I made the choice to provide only one-to-one lessons in order to better personalize the supervision of each student.

Art for inquisitive people in english and/or french.
Nicola provides a fun, informal and lively two hours of self expression through art. As a Creative Consultant in business and a former Head of Art for teens, Nicola believes in "learning through doing". Great things happen when you are encouraged to play, take risks and get lost in the moment! Classes take place regularly on Saturday mornings in Nicola's studio in Vieil Antibes. One to one bespoke courses available on demand.

Violin, Viola, Piano lessons in 4 languages: French, English, Russian, Armenian
The purpose of my courses is to prepare students for their auditions, exams or competitions in a short time, so I work with beginners and amateurs. I work on the holding of the violin / viola and the position of the body on the piano to facilitate the work of the students and what is most important, that they can play without fatigue and pain. Also, I am very vigilant for respecting speed and rhythm. My decryption method is accessible to everyone and promotes speed of reading and hearing. I also show tips for obtaining a result without additional effort. Classes can be given immediately from this day and can be continued during the holidays. For more details, do not hesitate to contact me.

Cello Lessons with a friendly Pro in English or French
I am a professional musician and graduated from the Royal Welsh Colege of Music and Drama with Honours in 2016. I specialise in adult beginner and intermediate students whose dream it is to learn to play the cello. I am a professional musician who has over 5 years experience teaching the cello in both French and English. I am a versatile teacher who is able to adapt to each individual's needs. I am also a professional conductor, and I bring this experience and knowledge into my lessons. I love to see people progress, and I am always looking for ways to help facilitate a constructive and enriching learning environment. Music is soul-enriching, and I love to share this with amateur musicians.

Guitarist graduate of Crr de Paris, with 10 years of teaching experience, gives guitar lessons.
I studied classical guitar, chamber music, early music and musical writing at Crr de Paris. Since then, I have given private lessons in guitar and music theory. Also, I perform with several formations of current music and I compose music in the image. My lessons adapt to everyone's needs. Starting from a deep understanding of the work we want to interpret, we focus on the set of techniques that must be mastered to achieve it correctly. The choice of works being guided by the needs and desires of the student. This will allow us to develop the guitar and musical level of it. Musically,

Schooleasy: innovative and caring online tutoring!
Young couple of teachers, we are developing our educational support structure in Saint-Cyprien (66) and its surroundings. => Given the health context, we offer ALL OUR ONLINE COURSES. Our approach is based on individualized assistance according to the needs of our students (help with work organization, learning lessons, deepening, preparation for a specific exam, etc.) We offer a school follow-up in accordance with the programs of the National Education while bringing an innovative and fun approach. The course lasts one hour and can cover several subjects (French, HG, English and Spanish). Our services remain tax deductible up to 50%. We are passionate about pedagogy, innovation and new technologies that we integrate into our teaching. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information !

Lisa JJ
English Spanish and French language support (FLE)
Hi ! I am a former language student, who offers language support courses in English and Spanish. Practicing these languages since my adolescence by family context, I master them at levels respectively equivalent to C1 and B2. I also offer the teaching of the grammatical bases of the French language to beginners (FLE). I will make you work on the themes that interest you the most, with the possibility of evaluations if you need to motivate yourself or prepare for an exam. See you soon, I hope !

French courses for foreigners whether adults, students or even children
I am currently a student in history master. French is my mother tongue, I speak English and German. I can teach foreign students or adults who want to learn French. I go to the person's home.

French (certification, bac, or consolidation of academic knowledge)
My name is Anaïs, I am 23 years old. After 3 years of preparatory class, I am currently studying for a master 2 French literature at the Sorbonne. I used to give private lessons to students from elementary to high school. I can therefore help your children for the preparation of the patent, the French bac or simply to try to solve some difficulties. I am patient and will adapt to each case. Do not hesitate to contact me

Homework help, tutoring and private lessons at first grade CP
Currently graduated clinical psychologist, is having obtained a bac S mathematical specialty (mention very good) + one year math sup math spé level 1 I offer varied and educational courses, ranging from a CP level to a first S level. As well as tutoring / homework help in all subjects.

Soutien scolaire et aide aux devoirs niveau Terminale S
Bonjour à toi ! Je m'appelle Thibaud, j'ai 22 ans et je suis actuellement en Master de Génie Mécanique à l'École Polytechnique Fédérale de Zürich après avoir obtenu mon Bachelor dans le même domaine l'année dernière. J'ai effectué avant cela toute ma scolarité à Strasbourg dans un cursus bilingue franco-allemand, ce qui m'a ensuite permis d'obtenir mon Abitur et de partir étudier en Suisse alémanique, où j'ai d'ailleurs été chargé de TD en Thermodynamique et Automatique des Systèmes. En plus de mes cours, je m'intéresse à de nombreux domaines, qu'ils soient artistiques comme la photographie et la musique, sportifs comme la boxe ou le tennis, ou encore plus généralement aux voyages et à la plongée. Ce serait donc avec plaisir que je donnerais des cours de tous niveaux dans les matières scientifiques, ainsi qu'en allemand et anglais !

Native English Teacher offering English lessons for reading, writing, vocabulary, listening and speaking
I am a Native English Teacher with 8 years of experience teaching both Cambridge and Oxford English programs to young learners until university level. Coming from a multicultural background with influences of American, British, and Australian education, I specialise in teaching English as a second language. Our lesson will focus on five key language skills of reading, writing, vocabulary, listening and speaking. I offer a personalised learning plan tailored to your needs for: - Baccalauréat preparation - University English - Early childhood English - Converstation - Reading, Writing, Grammar - US/UK/AU School preparation You may also opt to follow a suggested Oxford/Cambridge English program using their textbook and workbook, this gives you an option to prepare for certification in their different levels. This is good for building a portfolio for school applications. I assign homework after every lesson and provide periodic progress reports. My goal is to provide a fun learning path to keep my students challenged.

Learn English language in an easy and fun way and get a help in English assignments and grammar.
English language is commonly used all over the world. It indeed has a lot of professional and social benefits. I am a 18 years Nepali, currently studying bachelors. I have always been loving the idea of teaching and learning new languages. I have quite a few experiences of teaching teenagers and kids. Mostly, I believe in having practical lessons like- verbal communication.

Our students in France say it best about our teachers

Cécile is a professional teacher with a personal approach. Besides being a very friendly person, her teaching is absolutely worth recommending.
Review by TIMON R.
Italian language and culture
Excellent, very polite, very organized and methodical. The course is very pleasant and fruitful.
Review by IOULIA T.
French tuitions for expats
Laureline is well organized, experienced tutor. I like her teaching style. I would recommend her highly !
Review by KIHONG J.

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