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Singing lessons - Vocal technique sung and spoken, all levels and styles. Vocal coach: Interpretation, rehabilitation and musical training.
Share a vocal technique based on the organic functioning of the body and its possibilities of producing a free and healthy sound. Each session is adapted to the specific needs of the student, to respond to technical problems of emission or interpretation and always keeping our relationship between body and voice. The objective is to acquire effective vocal flexibility in order to achieve the envisaged sung voice quality. Through a multidisciplinary methodology, we will be able to discover and stimulate the possibilities of your voice applied to the style of your desire (Pop, lyric / classical, Broadway or musical, variety, jazz, current song, etc.). These courses are aimed at all levels (From beginners to confirmed) and from 10 years old. The session is divided into 3 parts: -Warming up and work of the breath: We will work starting from exercises of bodily technique to reach a physical availability and a concentration centered on oneself and the present moment. The goal is also to release our daily tensions and resume an active posture by linking the pleasure of freedom and muscle relaxation to the work of singing. To this work we will add different breathing and breathing exercises, to start activating and mastering the way in which we accompany the release of our raw material when singing: air. The work of abdominal breathing is encouraged throughout the session. -Vocalize and affirmation of a healthy vocal technique: Through different vocal exercises, the student will work consciously to learn to recognize his bodily sensations, for the acquisition of a vocal technique based on pronunciation, breath as well as '' a work of resonance to allow a natural amplification. Listening to the teacher is important to guide a healthy program in order to avoid taking bad habits and to develop a solid technique that leads to student autonomy. - Musical piece and practice: Taking into account the musical and artistic desires of the student, we will work on songs and songs (in accordance with his level) to put into practice all the work undertaken during the session. The purpose of this work is to constitute a repertoire which is specific to the student and which guarantees him a free and comfortable vocal practice between the different musical works. Thus, we will work on the interpretation of the pieces, with the different nuances of styles, accompanied by a work of the lyrics in the phonetics of different languages (English, Spanish, French, Italian, German) while keeping a voice that is clean to the student. The most important thing is that the student acquires the technical tools and means to achieve his musical ideals, while retaining his bodily freedom and the joy of singing. Voice Coach and Spoken Voice. Work of the spoken vocal technique for the professionals of the voice: Teachers, actors / actors, business leaders, presenters on radio or TV, elected officials, speakers and all other professionals who use their voice at work, as well as those who s 'are interested in deepening the relationship and understanding their voice and its potential. Authorized by the Center for the Study of the Use of the Voice (CEUVOZ), I will offer you the Linklater Method- "Freeing the Natural Voice" as a means of technical work for the study of the spoken voice . This method aims to make participants aware of their own postural, muscular and respiratory habits, in order to discover other physical, vocal and expressive possibilities. The body-based work aims at emotional freedom, fine impulses and clarity of thought, fundamental elements of effective communication. Through a series of exercises, the participants will go through the following stages: awareness of the body, breath, vibrations in the body and relaxation of the tensions of the phonatory channel to then restore free access to the resonators, develop respiratory capacity, widen the vocal extension until reaching the articulation of the voice in speech. The objective is to free your own Natural Voice from restrictive tensions and communicative habits, in order to find your voice with all its content (emotions, thoughts, sensations).

Private English lessons (written and / or speaking)
Student in second year of English license (LLCE) at Paris Diderot University, I offer English lessons for all levels. I can help students improve their English so that they can improve their academic results. I also give lessons to adults who would like to start learning English, who want to progress, or who quite simply, would like to improve their use of this language (both oral and written). I will know how to adapt to the level and needs of each.

Native Arabic Speaker from Lebanon with 4 years experience. I teach English, Modern Standard Arabic and Lebanese dialect.
Hello! My name is Thery, I am from Lebanon and I currently hold a MA in the psychology of music from the University of Sheffield. As I love teaching English and my native language (Arabic) , I have developed easy and fun ways to help you improve the understanding of the Arabic and English language and boost your confidence in your speaking and writing experiences. My teaching approach is student-centered. I will do my best to understand your needs and study your background in order to help you achieve your language targets. During the lessons you will have the chance to learn English, the Modern Standard Arabic and the Lebanese Dialect with a native speaker. So if you want to integrate into the Middle Eastern or an English-speaking community, these sessions are well designed for you! You will be challenged to: - Speak a lot - Complete tasks with your language resources - Improve your language through homework This will help you improve: - Your grammar skills - Your vocabulary skills - Your writing skills - Your speaking skills - Your communication skills I learned French and English at a very young age. Consequently, I understand the challenges of learning a foreign language and the importance of simplified teaching methods.

Creative workshop for children aged 5-15 in English
Private class for creative children aged 5-15 years. Practicing English language whilst being creative. Drawing, painting, moulding, crafting and a little insight of big art masters. It's a one to one tutoring in your house. Materials supplied by myself.

General Russian course (A1-C1) / Business Russian course
Hello! Здравствуйте! A lover of languages and open-minded, I am a multilingual translator (Russian / English / French / German) with a BA in Linguistics and a Master in Translation (Université Paris Diderot). During my stays in Germany, France and the United States, I taught Russian to a very diverse audience in terms of age and occupation, which allowed me to acquire a solid educational experience and to develop my own method which favors the communicative aspect (written and oral expression) and promotes the authenticity of educational materials (Златоуст, films, press articles, podcasts). I propose : General Russian course (A1-C1) 28 € / h Business Russian course 30 € / h Very attentive to the passions and objectives of my students, I will guide you throughout your learning to overcome this famous language barrier. Take the first step towards cultural enrichment and new opportunities! See you soon ! До скорой встречи! :)

Américaine bilingue résidant en France propose de donner des cours d'anglais sur Lyon
Je peux enseigner tous niveaux puisque je parle l'anglais couramment. L'idéal est de se rencontrer une première fois pour pouvoir discuter des attentes de l'élève (conversationnel, vocabulaire, grammaire, compréhension ou expression écrite, compréhension ou expression orale, etc) et discuter de son niveau. Ensuite, je pourrais m'adapter pour proposer un programme personnalisé et répondre au mieux à vos envies et vos besoins !

French course (in English for foreigners) - French class (in English for foreigners)
Gives French courses in English for students (home or coffee) Teach french using english for foreigners I lived 1 year in Australia, then 1 year in Japan and 1 year in South Korea (where I taught French and English) I lived 1 year in Australia, and then 1 year in Japan and 1 year in South Korea (where I taught French and English) Grammar course or oral conversation. For all levels. Grammar Class Or Oral Conversation. For all levels. I am a student to become a teacher (primary school). I am studying to become a teacher (elementary school). I adapt my classes at the request of the student. I adapt my classes to the request of the student. I am a patient teacher, who takes time to explain. Let's start now! I am a patient teacher, who takes time to explain. Let's start now!

English with Fun (An interactive way to learn English)
Dear Readers, I offer you an interactive way to learn English while having fun. During the course, I will guide you in reading, writing, listening and speaking. Why English? - It can increase your chances of getting a job in a multinational company. - Travelling is much easier. -Help you get in touch with new people. -Widely spoken around the world. About Me: I am a Research Engineer who has worked with top level companies across the globe. I am a mixed child of American and Indian parent and have spend many years living in USA , India and many other English speaking countries.

Private lessons in English in the morning or afternoon
Do you want to improve your English? Do you have availability in the morning or afternoon? Can I help you ! I am Canadian who offer private lessons at home in Paris and Sartrouville. I have one year of experience, a TEFL certificate, and several letters of recommendation. I have enough space for 2 other customers from February, but I am NOT available in the evening (no exceptions). If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact me !

Private lessons in mathematics and English.
English and / or mathematics lessons personalized according to the student's needs. Currently in Reims, I live for 5 years in the United States where I received two Bachelors. The first in Math and the second in Science. I was also a Math tutor at my University.

Activities, daycare, homework help in English, French, Italian
Born in France, of French father and English mother, I have a real attraction for languages. In an agricultural engineering school, I was able to live three months in England and complete a semester in Italy. My goal is to share these languages and cultures with enthusiasm. They can be tackled on a daily basis, during an activity at home or outside during which the desired language is spoken. I can also give lessons on a theme or prepare someone for a specific purpose (travel planning, mastery of the language required at work). Homework help is also possible.

Dynamic and Private English/Spanish lessons and / or Homework
Learning new languages might not be that easy for some people, but with a good methodology and dynamic classes, everything is way more simple and possible. My classes are based on learning the language from the basics, learning about grammar, speaking, listening, writing, and reading. The intention is that you can learn the language completely. In addition, I only give customized classes that can be adapted to your needs. If you need to learn the language for any particular reason, let me know and I can adapt my classes so that you learn as perfect as possible and fulfill your purpose!

Learn to speack Persian, Learn about Iranians culture and literature
The aim of this course is to learn Persian(Farsi) language. All four skills will be covered and for more advanced students I have also included Poetry. It was always my passion to show the beauty of Persian literature to those who have not experienced it.

Learn music, music theory or playing the saxophone
Graduate student offering pedagogy acquired during 11 years at the Conservatoire à Rayonnement Régional de Nice. My goal is to help a student in need to progress or prepare for an exam / competition. I give my lessons following a method with homework at the end of each lesson for the next lesson. In music, work is the key.

English Course- FLUENT IN ENGLISH- ALL AGES- Business English
I am a native English tutor, certified to teach English by Oxford with a teaching degree as well. I have a degree in English Literature and Business Administration. I have taught in international schools in Moscow, Kuala Lumpur, New Delhi, London, Paris. I have taught more than 1000 students and worked with the United Nations to teach Refuge children. I teach students of all ages, from Beginners to Advanced, Business English, TOEIC, TOEFL, IELTS. Je suis un tuteur anglophone, certifié pour enseigner l'anglais par Oxford avec un diplôme d'enseignement. J'ai un diplôme en littérature anglaise et en administration des affaires. J'ai enseigné dans des écoles internationales à Moscou, Kuala Lumpur, New Delhi, Londres et Paris. J'ai enseigné à plus de 1000 étudiants et travaillé avec les Nations Unies pour enseigner aux enfants de réfugiés. J'enseigne des étudiants de tous âges, des débutants aux avancés, en anglais des affaires, en passant par le TOEIC, le TOEFL, l'IELTS. I teach beginners to advanced level students, I prepare my lessons according to student's age, level, goals and weaknesses. I try to make my lessons fun with serious learning, focusing on improving accents, not just grammar but speaking level. I have public speaking curriculum, business English, preparing for exams etc.J'enseigne les débutants aux étudiants avancés, je prépare mes cours en fonction de l'âge, du niveau, des objectifs et des faiblesses de l'élève. J'essaie de rendre mes cours amusants avec un apprentissage sérieux, en mettant l'accent sur l'amélioration des accents, pas seulement sur la grammaire, mais sur le niveau parlé. J'ai un programme d'études en anglais, l'anglais des affaires, la préparation aux examens, etc.

Master graduate offers English Language tutoring and help with homeworks
I am originally from Italy but I have spent these last years abroad for studying and working reasons. I obtained a master's degree in International at the University of Bristol, in the United Kingdom in February 2019 and prior to that I am graduated in foreign languages: English and French with a bachelor degree. I have lived in London, Bristol, New Delhi and I am currently an intern at the United Nations in Geneva. I live in Ferney-Voltaire, France.

Régalons nous en Chantant nos morceaux favorites ! pour BIEN CHANTER avec une QUALITE de SON Techniques Vocales + Exercices uniques de Respiration Gérez votre souffle et trouver votre Voix !! Bien Articuler et prendre du plaisir à chanter !! Apprenez à Canaliser vos Emotions Construisez un repertoire de Chansons dans votre tonalité Plusieurs années d'experience (Londres, Paris, le Var, et la Cote d'Azur) Chansons Tous Styles: Jazz, Folk, Variété, Originales... Professeur expérimenté (de Langue Maternelle Anglaise) TECHNIQUE VOCALE + 'FEELING' INTERPRETATION BIEN ARTICULER et Mieux Respirer ! (AIDE à CONSTRUCTION de REPERTOIRE) (et/ou AMELIORER LES TEXTES DE VOS CHANSONS ORIGINALES)

Learn a new language in an easy and fun way
Learning languages is an important tool when facing the world of work, knowing how to speak another foreign language gives you an advantage, helps your professional and intellectual training. Discover new cultural, traditions, customs, gastronomy and history. You can practice and improve your pronunciation a lot with linguistic tricks to sound more natural.

French teacher or Italian teacher via Skype/ facetoface
My first language is French but can also teach Italian because I lived for unless 20 years in Rome ITALY. Now I am living in Côte d’Azur, Nice. So if you want I can teach you the quiche lorraine’s Receipt or the pasta alla Carbornara. We can speak about Channel or Valentino. We can explore the most beautiful cities in the World like Paris or Rome

Learn English language and culture with English.
Holder of a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certificate, I can teach business English but also English to children and adolescents. I am English with 25 years experience as a “policeman” in England and 15 years as a mountain guide. My mother tongue being English I do not offer a classic method. I teach grammar and vocabulary but with a technique called immersive. I recreate an English environment using simulations, sketches, study of songs, newspaper articles, “typical” TV programs etc… I of course adapt my teaching to respond specifically to the needs of each. Do not hesitate to contact me if you would like more information. I will be happy to answer you!

Russian course in Lyon, native teacher of Russia
Hello, I am Russian and I live in France since 2007, I am 33 years old. I propose Russian lessons adapted to your motivations and your pace. I studied the methodology of teaching foreign languages in Russia, Tula city. In addition to Russian and French, I speak English, Spanish and German. I did 5 years of studies in France and I worked as a commercial in Lyon. I teach at home in Lyon Ferrandière, in the week or the weekend, according to your availability.

Our students in France say it best about our teachers

Cécile is a professional teacher with a personal approach. Besides being a very friendly person, her teaching is absolutely worth recommending.
Review by TIMON R.
Italian language and culture
Excellent, very polite, very organized and methodical. The course is very pleasant and fruitful.
Review by IOULIA T.
French tuitions for expats
Laureline is well organized, experienced tutor. I like her teaching style. I would recommend her highly !
Review by KIHONG J.

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