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English - (Native English Teacher) IELTs, Cambridge Exam Preparation, Business & General English.
Hello, My name is Dylan and I am from Ireland. I have a MASTERs TESOL, a Cambridge English Teacher Certification and over 6 years of experience. I have taught English in Ireland, England, France & Spain working with students of all ages and proficiency levels. I specialise in exam preparation for both IELTs and Cambridge, improving students speaking, reading, listening and writing skills. I also have experience teaching Business English, General English, English to Young Learners, and also teaching English through football (a concept created by our team in conjunction with Chelsea FC Summer Camps). I am happy to customise classes to your specific needs, whether that be improving your writing abilities for an exam, acquiring new and useful vocabulary for work, or to improve your speaking abilities in a conversation style. I look forward to hearing from you. Dylan

Teaching Arabic standard language Teaching spoken Arabic as it is in the Middle East (Syria, Lebanon) Teaching grammar and pronunciation
My native language is Arabic and I speak spoken language as in the Middle East countries (Syria and Lebanon). I have learned the Arabic language for those who want to go to work, residence or work in the countries of the Middle East, I learned Arabic in Azerbaijan, Georgia & Africa. These courses will be for those who want to learn Arabic for work or study

Rachel Sia Jane
Teaching English as a Foreign Language - Classes for All
I am a Masters educated, qualified EFL teacher. I enjoy being creative and I look forward to using this creativity to create stimulating lessons to inspire individuals or classes. I have a variety of outside interests and remain committed to improving my teaching skills further and contributing to the success of each student I work with. Each class will be created and inspired by the individual needs of the student(s). No one class will be the same and I am happy to work with current school materials. Classes can be for absolute beginners to those more advanced and needing general fluency/conversational practice. Classes can also be for children of all ages and adults.

Improve your English with a general conversation class!
Je voudrais aider les élèves avec la conversation générale pour pouvoir bien parler en anglais dans la vraie vie; au travail, avec des amis où pour les voyages. Cela convient à n'important quel niveau d'anglais. Je démande des questions générales, et je laisse les élèves répondre et je les corrigent. Le but c'est d'améliorer la confiance et la fluidité à l'orale. En tant que'australienne qui voyage pour améliorer le français, je comprend la difficulté d'apprendre une langue, alors je suis patiente et encouragente :)

Learn English through Immersive Courses with an Experienced Teacher (Native Speaker)
This class is for students and professionals looking to improve their English through well-structured and engaging classes with a native English speaker. I hold a degree in public relations with a minor in theater and am currently in Paris completing a Master of Communication at Sciences Po. I have experience working with students of all ages and have tutored courses in the past that included English, mathematics, research in mass communications, and creative writing. My courses are multi-media focused and will help you to quickly improve your comprehension, grammar, and speaking skills in English. I have a C1 level of French, so while English will be used to teach the class, I will also be able to communicate with you in French if necessary. Ce cours est pour des étudiants et professionnels qui veulent améliorer leur anglais, aussi bien à l'oral qu'à l'écrit. Diplômée en relations publiques et étudiante en Master de communications à Sciences Po Paris, je suis une enseignante expérimentée puisque j'ai donné des cours d'anglais, d'écriture, de mathématiques et de communications pendant toutes mes études. Mes cours, divertissants et utilisant des ressources sur différents médias, visent à faire progresser rapidement votre compréhension, votre grammaire, et votre capacité à vous exprimer avec assurance en anglais. Je possède un niveau de français C1 ce qui permet de communiquer avec vous en français, si nécessaire.

English Language Tutoring for all levels, IELTS Preparation Tutoring, English Speaking Classes
I specialize in English, as well as preparation for IELTS exam. You will study in a nice friendly environment and will get the best results as soon as possible. I have an experience in teaching all ages. I have studied in USA and Europe in English. At the moment I am pursuing Master's degree in the University of Bourgogne.

English, Etiquette or Entrepreneurship .Learn how to be a kidpreneur, speak English, and good manners in a fun way
I specialize in teaching children English, Etiquette and Entrepreneurship. With over 10 years working with children and with my expertise as a business consultant, and a certified children etiquette trainer; children will learn any of these topics in a fun and engaging way. *This class is for children who want to learn how to be entrepreneurs, or who want to learn good etiquette for dining or general manners. the classes are also for children who want to learn how to speak English. Children learn more by doing so learning method will mainly be by performance and in a fun way that your child will love. Worried that your child doesn't understand any word in English? no worries!! children have the ability to learn and pick up new languages at a tender age.

Photography through English through Photography conversation classes
These classes are for aspiring photographers at also want to improve their english conversation. I am a native english speaker. The objective of these classes is to teach photography through english and english through photography I combine my 50 years of photography expertise, which includes 15 years as a teacher, with english conversation. The classes work on a couple of levels: Demystifying how cameras work so you can achieve your own unique vision. Whether a smartphone, point and shoot, mirrorless camera to sophisticated DSLR. The aim of the class is to visually express your ideas and concepts and explain in english.

Math, English and Test Prep Tutoring. I provide English Classes for Adults as well.
I specialize in tutoring Math and English for School and the SAT. I also provide English Language Lessons for Adults. Classes are also provided in history, geography and science. Finance courses are also taught. I have been teaching students for past 10 years.

English Tutoring from a Qualified and Experienced English Teacher
I am an experienced and qualified English teacher from Canada. I bring tools and resources used in an English as a Second Language classroom into a one-on-one environment that is catered specifically to a students needs and abilities. Grammar, verb tenses and vocabulary will be combined with conversational skills to develop a well-rounded English language speaker.

English Speaking Guitar Lessons- Fun and Relaxed environment - Learn to play Pop, Rock, Blues, Folk etc
English speaking guitar lessons in Paris. I aim to create a relaxed and fun atmosphere for beginner and intermediate guitar players wanting to learn contemporary music such as pop, rock and blues. I want to help you learn the music you love and make sure every lesson is uniquely tailored for each individual student. This won't be steeped in intimidating music theory or classical pieces. I have 14 years of experience playing the guitar as well as multiple other instruments. I am an accomplished player and a member of a touring band. My main goal is for you to enjoy yourself!

Spanish and English for Students, and Test Prep for future US Undergraduates
I specialize in helping students with their second language courses in school. I also aid students to prepare for US university exams, like the TOEFL and the SATs. I assign exercises during class in order for the student to become better with practice.

Arabic and English teacher, native Arabic speaker, Egyptian
l'Arabe est ma langue maternelle. Je suis égyptienne. Je peux enseigner à toute personne qui s'intéressée à apprendre l'arabe ou dialecte égyptien ou l'anglais. Je ne suis pas toute l'année à Lille, mais quand je suis là, j'aime partager ma langue avec les gens qui veulent l'apprendre. Il me plait aussi enseigner des spécialités culturelles égyptiennes. Arabic is my native language. I am from Egypt. I am willing to teach anyone interested to learn Arabic, Egyptian dialect or English. I am not all year at Lille but when i am there, i like to share my language with people want to learn it. It will be also my pleasure to teach some Egyptian cultural specialties.

Concert Pianist offers Classical Piano lessons in english, german, french
GRADUATE FROM THE ROYAL ACADEMY OF MUSIC IN LONDON AND THE CONSERVATOIRE NATIONAL SUPERIEUR DE PARIS What I offer: - Piano lessons adapted to the individual's needs and personality - Concert opportunities at least once a year for all my pupils to perform - Preparation for ABRSM exams, competitions, auditions - Specialized in the classical genre but mixing in Pop, Filmmusic, and Jazz - lessons in English, French, and German (or all 3 at the same time) - lessons in the pupils home, in a piano studio or in my home on my piano Teaching philosophy: Through my experiences, I have gained extensive knowledge of how to motivate my pupils and inspire them to work, all based on communication and mutual respect. My lessons are exciting and fun as well as focused and professional. Through my studies of several different teaching techniques and methods, I am very flexible and always find the ways to bring out the best in my pupils. About me: I am a piano teacher at * American Conservatory of Paris * Piano Teachers Connect * Conservatory of Massillon in Paris Graduated from * Royal Academy of Music in London - BMus Hons. * Conservatoire National Superieur de Paris - MA together with a teaching diploma from the Royal Academy of Music (LRAM) and a diploma for specialised teaching of children on the autistic spectrum. I have been teaching all levels and ages on the piano since more than 5 years through private tuition and for schools and have given Masterclasses in the UK, Austria, Switzerland, India and Madagascar.

Learn to Speak Write Reas English Faster in a Simplest way
Hello, English have always been my second language and I have been very interested to teach English for any in need. English has never been and hard language it only needs improvement in speaking reading etc, I teach English for Students and Adults Spoken English (Speaking, Writing and Reading) *Classes will only be held in English* No matter the student speak a little bit of english... it is accepted, since it would be a perfect foundation to speak fluent english sooner. I guarantee that student will improve faster in English. Inbox to check availabilty for an appoinment.

English Tutor (Native English Speaker) - General Lessons and TOEIC, BULATS, TEFL
Hello, My name is Mary and I'm from Vancouver, Canada. I currently teach English at a private institution, where I specialize in exam preparation (i.e. TOEIC, BULATS, TEFL) and provide general English lessons. I incorporate oral, written, and reading and comprehension exercises in each class, in addition to assigning homework. Whether you are an absolute beginner or more advanced, I can help improve your English skills (in conversational speaking, writing or reading). I can customize classes specific to your needs. I will provide all of the materials, you just need to be present and try your best! I look forward to meeting you! Mary

Learn how to speak English or French without being bored!
Teaching languages is what I love the most. I am about to start my second year of master's degree in Languages and International Marketing. I studied economics in Sweden, all classes were taught in English. This class is for people who want to study while having fun. My goal is that students keep desire and passion to learn what they want to. I learnt these techniques last year with English and French professors when I was a French teacher at university.

Friendly English Tutor (Bilingual French & English) - Paris
Hello! My name is Nathalie, I am a soon to be TEFL certified English tutor. I am offering tutoring in English starting in September. My goal is to keep students focused and interested by adapting to their learning style. I will plan the lessons around their needs. I will give them homework after every lesson and will provide progress reports. I am able to provide support with written and spoken English for all ages, with an emphasis on pronunciation and sentence structure. I take one on one lessons that can also be delivered via Skype.

Join me! Learn English in a fun and educated way!!
Hi everyone! I'm an English teacher who specializes in teaching English as a Second Language. I'm from the United States and can help you with anything you want to know and learn to improve your English. English is a very helpful tool to have since it is the language that is spoken the most in the world! I will make your English learning experience fun and knowledgeable. I can assist you with: - Vocabulary - Pronunciation - Listening - Conversation Practice - Informal English If you want to practice conversational English we don't have to be inside, we can go for walks or cafes if that is what you would like/prefer (I'm open to anything)! For those of you that want a structured class, I have lessons to give you while making it fun and homework. Contact me if you are interested! Have a beautiful day :)

Improve your English in Nimes with an experienced British teacher
I have taught English for many years and will be in Nimes between the 18th and 28th of September. I can offer hourly classes or longer, immersive-style tuition in English. I would be delighted to invite students of all ages and abilities to my residence, in the heart of the historic city, to help with the following: * Everyday, conversational English * Improve or help shape business presentations, delivered in English * Preparation for English exams: oral/grammar/set literature texts etc * Help with translation from French into English of papers/documents/advertising materials Discount can be offered for blocks of lessons booked in advance. For business projects I am happy to travel to the client's city address. Should students/businessmen or women wish to come to England for residential courses at a later date, details can be provided. These include accommodation plus meals, in a beautiful house plus gardens, one-to-one English teaching plus tours of the scenic region of Devon. We offer these courses in the historic and vibrant, university city of Exeter, within easy reach of London by fast train services plus buses.

Learning Korean with fun, Test prep tutoring free
Bonjour 안녕하세요 :D I'm Hyejin originally from Seoul, Korea. I've been here France for over 4 years now. I recently moved in Paris, Puteaux. I've got lots of experiences teaching Korean for foreigners so that can help you to improving your Korean quickly. Also I have Seoul National University Korean practice books (Beginner's to High level learner's) so you could come as simply as you comfy ;) No matters even you can't speak English well, coz I can speak French a bit so we can work out!

Our students in France say it best about our teachers

Cécile is a professional teacher with a personal approach. Besides being a very friendly person, her teaching is absolutely worth recommending.
Review by TIMON R.
Italian language and culture
Excellent, very polite, very organized and methodical. The course is very pleasant and fruitful.
Review by IOULIA T.
French tuitions for expats
Laureline is well organized, experienced tutor. I like her teaching style. I would recommend her highly !
Review by KIHONG J.

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