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private lessons in languages (English or Italian)
This course can be adapted as well to students (from primary to high school) needing tutoring in modern language, as to people who simply wish to improve or learn a new language. I'm here to help you learn things, help you improve your skills (written, oral) and your comprehension (written, oral), as well as give you tips for continuing to learn in a fun way.

Classical guitar lessons and musical training
Student at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique de Paris offers classical guitar lessons and musical training at all levels in Saint Maur des Fossés. My teaching method is based on the work of the ear, notably through singing, improvisation and mutual listening to develop instrumental reflexes. I also insist on the working method to develop autonomy in the student and to witness rapid progress. In a course, I like to work on the deciphering so that the student gradually becomes familiar with the different partitions with which he can be confronted, then a specific technical point before working on a piece in detail.

Private lessons up to high school level of English, French and mathematics mainly
Law student, I offer my help to complete the learning of many subjects taught at all levels before the bac. I try to teach in an educational way in order to allow everyone to prepare the questions in class as well as possible. In addition, the goal is not overloaded the student, the work is light and efficient. It is a question of taking the time necessary for the pupil so that he understands the taught subject as well as possible and to fill the gaps as best as possible

PACES level chemistry and biology course, or language course for all levels
I can send different files made by me during my PACES, being able to answer your questions, and even create training exercises (glues) if necessary. English or French lessons for all levels, from beginners to experts, and Spanish lessons up to the intermediate level.

German language and culture, Basic English course, Theater
Franco-German by birth, I have always spoken German daily. I also took my Franco-German bac. And having a parent teaching German, I would be able to provide you with courses tailored to your needs. I could also help you to gain in ease for presentations for example.

Elisabeth Tenzapa
Practice English in good shape: workshop, song, debate, theater, podcast
Hello everyone, My name is Elisabeth, I am 25 years old and I live in St Michel-sur-orge (91). Passionate about Anglo-American culture since always and bilingual in English, I offer practical, tailor-made courses in English through different learning channels: "Learn English by debating", "Learn English by singing", " Learn English by acting "," Learn English by radio presenting "and" Learn English through workshops " This can translate into learning English with: debates, singing, theater, podcasts and workshops. I start from the principle "Learning is acting" If you are a pupil or student, employed or unemployed, adolescent or adult and you like American culture whether it is films or series, debates, music, radio broadcasts or workshops and you would like to learn English by practicing it with the channels mentioned above. Do not wait any longer, contact me I will offer you a tailor-made program.

Spanish tutoring and homework help / tutoring
Franco-Chilean student at Sciences Po Strasbourg, I offer Spanish lessons for all levels. I can offer you academic Spanish lessons (grammar, professional jargon), "practical" Spanish lessons, with useful phrases and expressions in a Spanish-speaking country, or both! :) The course is personalized and adapts to your interests and objectives.

Private lessons in English with a Londoner - Graduate in translation.
Currently, I am an English reader at Sophia Antipolis University in Nice. I have given lessons to students of LEA and LCCE for three years, and previously I taught at two colleges in Lille. I approach all my lessons with a topical theme or not, in order to start with a common reflection, and a pleasant start. I then build each class according to the level, age and personal objective of the student. I adapt to the rhythm of life of each student and I try to build effective and pleasant courses. I will ask the students to reread the previous lesson and I will suggest short short videos which will then allow us to discuss them. I offer private lessons either online via Skype or at your home or workplace. The 30 and 45 minute lessons take place only via Skype, unless you are based in the center of Nice :) Feel free to contact me for more information.

Mateo Garcia
My name is Mateo, I am Colombian and I am in second year of economics and management at the University of Bordeaux. I master French, English and in particular my mother tongue, Spanish. I offer courses in Spanish and tutoring for all audiences and all levels, I also offer French / Spanish translations and vice versa. I adapt to the needs of students by adapting a fun methodology. I really like doing dynamic lessons and with a lot of interaction (I like to work on the oral part and improve pronunciation), you have to try to speak as much as possible and express yourself, I will be there to help and motivate you. :) I move to your home in the Bordeaux metropolis but you can also find yourself in a library or in a cafe (obviously with the necessary distance measures) or otherwise online courses also for those who prefer. Do not hesitate to contact me Hasta pronto;)

Italian Conversation Practicing with native speaker
I am an International Business Master Student, Italian by nationally and native. I have been working drafting and reviewing legal Italian papers and documents. My current job is in sales with Italian customers therefor my vocabulary and conversation skills are fairly trained. This class, which can be adjusted from beginner level to more skilled Italian learners, will allow you to test your conversation skills, acquire new vocabulary and expression that will make you more fluent in Italian and make you sound like you are mastering the language. The class is run in Italian and English.

private lessons general subjects - from primary to second
I pay great attention to adapt my educational activities to the person in front of me, and like to use my creativity to combine learning and play and make education a pleasant moment to which we wish to give time. Passionate about events, I fully invest myself in everything I do. I am very creative and manual, I studied design while volunteering in events and animation in parallel. I love to bring joy and good vibes wherever I go!

Teacher, Translator ITALIAN FRENCH and ENGLISH
I carry out courses in Italian language: assessment of the levels, preparation of the educational progressions, animation of the course sessions in written and oral. I also offer language workshops that take other formats. By relying for example, on your own texts (I am a writer of poetic texts and short stories). My lessons can just as well revolve around dance (20 years of practice), swimming (certificate of lifeguard), around horticulture (6 years of practice in organic), or during hikes (passionate about mountain running). The idea is to create an environment favorable to your learning by anchoring it in a practice that reveals and unites you!

Private lessons in math and English.
Not everyone does very well in math and English, which is why I offer lessons or simply homework help for these two subjects which are my strong points. Regarding math lessons, I can teach until the second general and then the technological first. For English, I can teach any level. If my students are in school at the time of the course request, I will base myself as a priority on what is not included in the program of the year, in priority its current lessons.

private lessons in French, math and English
I offer courses in French and Maths from kindergarten to Economic and Social terminal. I obtained my ES bac in 2019 and I have already given many private lessons in these subjects. I offer English courses following my year-long trip to Ireland, the courses are accessible even to those who are starting to practice this language. The courses are adapted according to the level of the person whether in language or in math and French. The method is also adapted to each person to stick better and allow easier and less restrictive learning. For the youngest I try to teach them things in the form of games so that they learn while having fun which facilitates learning.

Private lessons all subjects from primary to terminal
Hello, In these confinement suites, I offer lessons at home (or outside, in a park for example, if that reassures some) for your children, from primary to high school. From mathematics to French, including languages (English, Spanish), SVT, history, etc., I am able to provide courses in each of these subjects up to the terminal level. I am a second-year student in biology-ecology (major of promotion) and have a scientific baccalaureate with mention Very good (obtained in 2018). I have already given lessons in many contexts: home help (preparation of the certificate, annual support in mathematics and French), to high school students of lower classes than mine at the request of my CPE, and obviously to my comrades in a very regular. I really enjoy sharing my knowledge, and helping your children would be a pleasure for me! I know how to listen to each individual's difficulties, and will set the objectives according to the level of departure and your requirements. I live in Saintes and travel by bike in any area of the city. My academic year is over, I am available from June 1 on all days of the week, according to your schedules. See you soon !

private lesson in mathematics - physics - chemistry
Graduate student (Paris VII basic math license) and currently in general math master (aggregation preparation) gives math lessons at any level up to BAC + 1. Feel free to contact me for more information! I can move.

TEFL certified English teacher gives lessons for all levels
TEFL (Teaching English as a foreign language) certified English teacher in London, university graduate in English Language and Literature offers tailor-made courses. Having an experience in public and private education of 5 years, I use a methodology adapted to each student, according to his age, his centers of interest and his personal / academic / professional objectives. I also offer business English courses, preparation for official exams and support during the school year and holidays. For beginners, I can speak in French if necessary, but for intermediates and more advanced, we will speak in English as much as possible. Do not hesitate to contact me for further information.

Private lesson in French - grammar - spelling
Hello ! My name is Noémie I am 19 years old and I am the eldest of a family of four girls I always liked the contact with the children. I want to become a school teacher and for that I am in Bachelor of Education Sciences. I have been giving private lessons to families since September and I want to extend this experience and offer it to other people. My method is based on a positive pedagogy and autonomy, my goal is that my students manage to understand their lessons and for this I apply a different method with each, I adapt to each difficulty.

Piano lessons (and / or singing) for beginners in Montmartre
Hello everyone ! It is never too late to start the piano :) I teach you how to read American notes, learn chords, rhythm (work with a metronome), pedal, all in order to play with sensitivity the song of your choice. I start the first lessons with arpeggios, which promotes finger mobility and learning notes. Subsequently, we can work with Yann Tiersen (such as "La dispute", "nursery rhyme from another summer" or even "Porz Goret"). From the first lesson you will leave knowing how to play a song! The key is not to rush, work on the metronome and read the notes well. Possibility to sing at the same time. Thereafter, once the major / minor, flat chords are known and you start to familiarize yourself with the piano, I start each session with 20min of music theory (extremely important for reading classical notes). Little by little, we will move towards more complex composers such as Chopin or Mozart (such as Fantasia in D minor by Mozart, Nocturne in C minor by Chopin).

Private lessons - Sciences for all levels up to BTS
Sciences for all levels up to BTS CNRS engineer for 20 years. Hello through my work I usually supervise internships, bring skills, explain. I taught several times at Masters (in English ...) and gave many conferences. But I also know how to put myself at the level of my interlocutors since I have been practicing scientific popularization for a long time (science festivals, various events in middle and high schools, in primary). I will therefore gladly bring you my skills in mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology for all levels up to BTS. As a student, I provided tutoring regularly. And today mother of 3 children from 11 to 16 years old, I can effectively help a young person to start on a good foundation in any subject from primary to second. During Containment, the Home Class had no secrets for me!

Cours de Mathématiques pour le collège et le lycée
Si vous êtes un élève au collège ou au lycée, et que vous trouvez du mal à comprendre vos cours de mathématiques. Je suis prêt à vous aider à comprendre vos cours et de vous entraîner jusqu'à ce que vous maîtrisiez vos cours et d'obtenir de très bonnes notes aux examens.

Our students in France say it best about our teachers

Cécile is a professional teacher with a personal approach. Besides being a very friendly person, her teaching is absolutely worth recommending.
Review by TIMON R.
Italian language and culture
Excellent, very polite, very organized and methodical. The course is very pleasant and fruitful.
Review by IOULIA T.
French tuitions for expats
Laureline is well organized, experienced tutor. I like her teaching style. I would recommend her highly !
Review by KIHONG J.

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