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Want to improve your french skills with a qualified and friendly teacher?
My name is Albine and I'm a qualified french teacher (french as a foreign Language). Based in Paris, I teach french to individuals and small groups. My teaching methods explore every aspect of the french language and put communication in the center of your leaning experience. Course are always tailor-made, based on your specific needs and wishes. Further info on www.learnfrenchinparis.org

Learn how to play guitar, write your own songs, or both!
I provide guitar lessons that mainly focus on bringing out your style and expressing your sound. I can teach you a lot to do with the acoustic, in regards to fingerpicking, open chords, alternate tunings, etc. We'll identify which exercises you'll need to practice to get to the spot you want, and I'll provide you with many things to take home and practice on your own. I can also teach you any of your favourite songs that you want to learn. I also provide songwriting/composition lessons. With songwriting, there are so many aspects, like constantly changing melodies, harmonies, lyrics, mood, theme, instrument arrangements, and so forth. For beginners, I can teach you how to get started with songwriting in a way that you'd soon be able to go home and easily write songs by yourself. For more advanced songwriters, I can critique your writing process in a way that ensures you get the best song possible. Especially for native French speakers, I can help you write better English lyrics, and work alongside you in your own songs that you want to put out.

Biology and Maths tutoring at Student's place or mine
I am an international student studying here in Montpellier. Currently I am doing my Masters in Cancer Biology and I have strong inclination towards teaching as I have experience of 4 years in this field when I was in India. I love to teach, as much as, I love to learn. And I think that, I can get friendly with the students very easily so that they can discuss their problems with me, and sort them out, as fast as possible. If a student wants me to be his/her tutor, I would like to meet him in person, so that he/she can also understand me as a person, and check our compatibility, which I think is very much required.

Native English Tutor For All Ages, Adults, and/or Children
I am a qualified elementary teacher from Canada. I am used to teaching primary grades but have done some conversational English tutoring for international university students. I am available to tutor and help students in English for all ages. I was born and raised in Toronto and came to Paris recently.

Private Tutoring from a Native English Speaker (all ages)
Hello, how do you do! My name is Steve, and I'm an Expat from England now living in Paris. As a native English speaker (and intermediate French speaker), I can offer fun and constructive tutoring of the English Language at all levels and ages! I have experience in teaching absolute beginners, coaching students at a college level, up to advanced linguists who require more help writing specialist documents such as academic articles. I can help with homework, school tests, college exams, university coursework as well as preparing work documents, drafting messages and proof reading. I have a master's degree in engineering, and so am happy to additionally offer more specific language training for science and math related subjects. I look forward to hearing from you :)

English as a Second Language and Spanish for beginners Teacher
I have a Bachelor's Degree in English Teaching and Linguistics. 6 years of experience giving classes in companies, adults, in elementary school, tutoring and private classes at all levels. I have given some Spanish tutoring as well since it is my mother language. I offer dynamic and entertaining classes, I plan depending on your needs. I am available from 9:30-15:30 in Rouen and surroundings. Phone number: 06 20 92 95 31 E-mail: pau.delateja@gmail.com

Real English through Film, TV, Music and Comic books
I'm a film and TV director (Arte, Canal +, etc) born in New York City, based in Paris, and over the past few years have been developing a system of teaching English primarily using film scripts, popular songs, comic books and video recordings. I've taught groups of children and one-on-one sessions with adults to very good results. Years ago I myself learned to speak fluent Czech in Prague while working on a feature-film set, using the script as a guide and then I repeated the experience when I started working here professionally in France. I believe using popular culture such as movies, TV, music and comic books can speed up the process of learning by making it fun and by providing examples of the way native speakers really speak, write and express themselves in a variety of situations. I'm interested in teaching students or adults with some previous foundation in English, but the system is adaptable to most people's needs, even business. Preferably at my office in the 11th. Thanks!

Fun English Language Classes from Native English Speaker
My aim is to help bring the English language to life for students. As an experienced tutor I have a real passion for teaching. I want to support students who have difficulty learning English in class, through helping them with their homework and clarifying issues they may have. Learning English is fun and it can be simpler than you think! I have experience in teaching English to French students in 6eme up to terminale but I am happy to help adults too. I can help beginners and young students as well as I have some command of French.

English for beginners, grammar, vocabulary reading comprehension and oral exercises.
I specialize in teaching english for beginners as a second language primarly for children between 7-14 years old. I focus on keeping a good balance between teaching grammar and everyday casual language. Depending on preference within the subject im open to adjust the focus of the teaching.

Italian and English Language: Conversation and Grammar
I am a graduate student, coming from Università Bocconi (Milano) and currently studying at Sciences Po for the Spring Semester. I offer language classes, teaching both Italian (mother tongue) and English (C1). I believe that practice is of paramount importance in every learning process, thus my lessons will focus on developing conversations with the student, in order to improve his/her level. Nevertheless, I am flexible to adjust to the student's needs (e.g. focusing more on grammar, if needed).

English for all levels, test prep turoring, Russian for begginers
Learning languages is one of the best ways to discover the world, to explore different cultures and to enrich yourself with new experiences. It can be fun and challenging at the same time, but all the efforts applied will make you better. I specialize in ESL tutoring for all those who want to embark that ship of English world. My goal is to keep students interested, to make them enjoy the process of learning and make their knowledge as profound as possible.

Professional English Conversation and Writing Lessons
Hi! Do you want to speak and write professional level English? I can help you achieve a professional finish to your documents and presentations including reports, CVs etc. I'm an Engineer and Project Manager on a career break (I'm here to learn French) in Rennes between the 20th Jan and the 18th March before starting a new role in Arbitration. I'm hoping to help a few people with English during this time. Cheers Jon

English Tutoring, Learn to speak "American English" from a native speaker.
Hello, I am a university lecturer in Canada who is spending time in France while writing a book. As a native English speaker, I can help adults with improving their speaking and writing skills. Each class will be tailored to the needs of the student, depending on the goals and desired outcomes. The first meeting will be 30 minutes long, free, and together we can determine what you want to achieve from the lessons and then I can tailor it specifically to you.

English, Russian, Czech, Piano (if you have an instrument)
I am a student from the Czech Republic, who loves traveling and learning languages. The limits of my language are the limits of my world, that is why I decided to move from Ukraine (Russian: bilingual) to the Czech Republic and further by Erasmus+ to France. The goal of the course is to improve your English (Russian, Czech) communication skills. Make yourself more competitive by improving your language skills with me.

Extra English tuition, and test preparation tutoring
I am a native speaking English primary school teacher - ages 7 - 13 years old. I specialise in teaching children with learning difficulties and ADHD, but enjoy teaching children of any ability. I am creative in my approach, giving relevant homework and regular feedback to parents - oral and written.

Biology, Math , Chemistry , Physics , English , Arabic
I am 23 years old and i have done 2 scientific baccalaureates and I have done one year of medicine now I am doing engineering in Lyon in French. I have given private lessons in all the sciences in both Arabic and English, I have also taught English and Arabic as languages. I have taught international educational systems like the IBDP and IGCSE, in higher level subjects and standard level. Luckily I am young which makes me able to bring links that students can relate to and by that help them learn how to study and what to focus on.

Rose M
Private English Classes with a Native British Tutor / Teacher
I'm a native English speaker who has just moved to compiégne .I can teach adults or children how to become fluent English speakers with perfect pronunciation. I have previous experience teaching children in the UK but i'm also happy to take classes with all ages . My aim is for my students to not only learn English but to become bilingual. I speak very little french so all classes will be completely in English, students learn very quickly with a native British speaker like myself and it is of the utmost importance that my students learn quickly and to the highest standard.

I offer English classes to children and adults during the month of January
I am a French/American student living in Paris. I am bilingual. I offer English classes to children and adults for the month of January. I can help children who are starting English as well as children and adults who have a more advanced level in English.

English/Turkish/Romanian lessons for second language learners
English is a worldwide language that is very important to know. We will learn together! Not only with theory but also with a lot of practice! Learning the language consists of 3 important elements: reading, speaking, and listening. Wihout having all of them, learning will never be completed fully. In my lessons, I will use the International Cambridge system of teaching English as a second language.

Cours de Batterie sur Batteries acoustiques à Paris Montparnasse.
Batteur professionnel diplômé du Berklee College of Music et après 12 ans passés à Boston et New York, donne des cours de batterie sur Paris Montparnasse. Studio à lumière du jour équipé de 2 batteries acoustiques. 
J’enseigne tous les styles avec spécialisation en Jazz et Funk. 
Méthodes américaines (Stick Control, Syncopation, Patterns de Gary Chaffee…). N’hésitez pas à me contacter pour tout renseignement
. Dominique

Willing to take up English, GRE/GMAT and Economics and Finance Tutoring. CAT- 99.26%ile, GRE GMAT equivalent Graduate in Finance and Economics I have a strategic approach with regards to exam preparation, especially statically competitive study plan. Class would lay emphasis on core concepts meanwhile sufficient time will be spent on preparing for an exam point of view.

Our students in France say it best about our teachers

Cécile is a professional teacher with a personal approach. Besides being a very friendly person, her teaching is absolutely worth recommending.
Review by TIMON R.
Italian language and culture
Excellent, very polite, very organized and methodical. The course is very pleasant and fruitful.
Review by IOULIA T.
French tuitions for expats
Laureline is well organized, experienced tutor. I like her teaching style. I would recommend her highly !
Review by KIHONG J.

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