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MAO recording - production - arrangement. . .
Everyone makes music at home today. I propose to explain the processes from the beginning, by composition, arrangement, recording and post production. At home I have a studio based on Logic on a Macintosh. Is it something else for you on a PC? No problem, the procedures are the same. I can play guitar and keyboards. I understand music theory, harmony and audio, MIDI and electronic techniques.

Give class for Help for homeworks, english, literature, french
I'm learning English at the university. I'd love to sharemy knowledges to help you! It will be easier for me in French but I'm able to do it in English! I'm doing it to earn money for my studies, but also to become a teacher and then it will be a great experience for me to do it!

Become fluent in French or start learning it with a native speaker
This class is the opportunity for you to learn french with a native french speaker. My goal is to keep my students motivated and create a good learning atmosphere. I want to teach you my language via webcam because of the current restrictions.

Clarinet/music theory/music introduction classes, any level
Clarinet classes are made of two main parts : - one part to warm up (scales, games, breathing...) - another part about instrumental technicality (mouthpiece position, fingering, rightness...) The first part is dedicated to one particular technique at a time (legato, pizzicato, rhythm...). The second one consists of studying one piece from classical, jazz or klezmer repertory. Student and teacher will be able to play duets together. You are free to submit any piece/score you would like to play.

Professional drummer and percussionist gives individual lessons at all levels in a soundproof and fully equipped studio
The lessons take place in my small soundproofed studio equipped with a modular professional acoustic drum kit and a percussion panel that I make available to each student during their sessions. This is not the conservatory, learning music theory is not compulsory! The emphasis will be on playing and groove first, no one learns to read before speaking :) I adapt my lessons according to the desires and objectives of the student, based on practice, the development of listening and coordination of gestures. The objective is to develop the musical ear, a musico-rhythmic memory and the sense of rhythm. In any case, it will be about having fun because for a rapid progression, the pleasure must be there! examples of topics covered in class: -posture, breathing and holding chopsticks -work of rudiments and patterns -working of the groove on all styles pieces -independence of members and coordination -endurance and velocity (with and without metronome) -play with effects (flanger, delay, reverb, overdrive etc ...) -emphasis and attenuation -subdivision and time signature -homorhythmia and polyrhythmia (with and without double pedal) -phraseology and dynamics

CV - Job Interview - Job interview English / French Anglais / Français
A time to identify your assets in order to gain confidence, Know how to promote them on your CV and during the job interview in English and French. 40 years of proven experience and many tools will be made available to you. optimization of your communication

French conversation and grammar as well as vocabulary
Native French speaker eager to help you to learn French. I come from France. I have worked for French primary schools as an English teacher (certified from Cambridge and academics assessment) for over 12 years. I give private French and English lessons to kids and to adults. This experience develops my general conversational skil I can tailor my lessons to your needs, whether it be academical, professional or to simply improve your skills in speaking and understanding French. My teaching is interactive and encouraging and I promote a lot of oral practicing (vocabulary and pronunciation), based on various activities. I am patient. My methodology is focused on the four main skills that you will need for a foreign language - Speaking, Listening, Writing and Reading.

Homework help course for all subjects from 1st to 3rd grade
I am a student in Language Sciences. With the aim of becoming a speech therapist. I graduated from an Economic & Social Baccalaureate with honors. During my school career I have always helped students who encountered some difficulties or who simply needed help and I would like to keep this. In addition to this, I can help write an internship letter, cover letter, ...

Private English lesson with a student in English teaching
My classes are aimed at all types of levels and ages, from the youngest to the most experienced. They are also aimed at adults wishing to discover or consolidate their base in English. I balance the use of the mother tongue and the language of learning as part of an explanation in order to facilitate the understanding of the learner. I use different media depending on the audience that addresses me to best meet their needs.

Private English lessons for children and adults
Hello, I offer English lessons for children and adults. I have a bachelor's degree in Applied Foreign Languages English-Spanish and I have a C1 level in English. I can teach you whatever you want and you will always choose how you want to learn. I live in Brest and Plabennec and I can come to your home because I have the permit. Feel free to send me a message to ask me questions!

Modern / Contemporary Philosophy and Critical Theory : a Class in the Continental Tradition
The continental tradition of philosophy and critical theory is marked by its distinct interdisciplinarity. In this class, you will encounter ontology, epistemology, aesthetics, political philosophy, psychoanalysis, and social critique. It can be difficult to navigate these different domains, but my expertise (MA and current PhD) can help you understand the fruitful encounters between these different strands of knowledge. Existence has a habit of breaking barriers, and we should to develop a form of thinking that does the same. My particular area of expertise is contemporary French philosophy, but I am more than capable of leading you through the labyrinths of Enlightenment rationalism, German Idealism, or phenomenology that came before and the speculative realism and new materialism that have emerged after. Whether you are an initiate who is taking their first steps into the foggy arena of critical thinking or an adept who is looking to deepen their understanding regarding a particular epoch or theme, this course will offer a friendly, relaxed, and conversation-based way to enrich what we call "the life of the mind."

Mobile Montessori Classroom - Montessori education in your home
With over 20 years teaching experience in international schools and a passion for the Montessori method of teaching, following all that has happened in education worldwide, I created a Mobile Montessori Classroom. In addition to a Bachelor of Arts from Parsons School of Design, I have the International Montessori Teaching Diploma & Certification for Early Childhood. This class I am proposing is designed for groups of 2-5 children aged 3-6 years old. I design and create curriculum and materials based on the Montessori method that are prepared and tailored to each child. I set up a mini Montessori environment in your home for small groups of no more than 5 children. Parents and children are involved in the selection of materials and activities uniquely prepared for them.

Private lessons, tutoring, homework help in all subjects
Hello ! Young man of 22 years old, I offer private lessons or time for academic support or homework help for your children (or even less academic support that goes towards discovery, development and reinforcement) , whatever age he (s) have (in) t for all disciplines up to the 3rd grade, and in French, English and philosophy for high school. I have a literary baccalaureate with very good and European English honors, the Cambridge certification, and I completed a second year of double-bachelor's degree in modern letters and philosophy, after having gone through the Hypokhâgne of Lycée Pierre- de-Fermat in Toulouse. I have had the opportunity to carry out many experiments in recent years, in terms of academic assistance: homework help with a secondary school student and a second-grader, preparation of the French baccalaureate exams for four students. general or technological first, etc. I see the pedagogy as requiring a strong sense of adaptation, in order to know how to put oneself at the level of the student and to offer him an approach which suits him best, very "scholar" or more liberating, playful or original, dynamic . The learning concerns both methodology and content, while being accompanied by a human relationship, a moment of sharing filled with respect and potentially humor. I am, for the moment, extremely available, and remain at your disposal for any request from you. I can receive at home (Montpellier city center) and move around using public transport. I remain at your disposal, Sincerely, MB

Private lessons of mathematics and Russian languages
I propose you to try the Russian course on Skype. I will help you to start speaking Russian correctly from the very beginning as I have a decent experience teaching foreigners of different levels my native Russian language for academic, leisure and business purposes. - from A1 to C1 level - for adults, teenagers and children - one-to-one or in mini-groups - study materials are included I adopt my classes in accordance with your needs in different directions: -general Russian, -business Russian (with the focus on your domain), -Russian for family communication, -Russian for children In addition, If you are interested in the cultural aspects, our programs will include reference to Russia’s rich cultural heritage, covering its history, literature, music and traditions.

Language teacher (Spanish, Catalan or English) on the French Riviera
Teacher of Spanish and Catalan (mother tongues) and English based in Nice, I offer group lessons (in small groups) and private lessons for all levels and all ages at home (I have a vehicle) or online . With a long international experience as a language teacher for individuals at home, but also in language schools like Berlitz or for the CNED, I will be able to meet your needs through individualized strategies. Through audio, video or written media, students will be able to develop their written and oral comprehension skills in a modern and fun way. You understood ! If you want to read Don Quixote in its original version, to sing well “Vamos a la playa” and “Me gustas tú”, to know how to do las patatas bravas or to understand telenovelas and La Casa de Papel, do not hesitate to contact me!

Private lessons in Maths - French - History / Geography
Hello ! I am a young student in preparatory class who offers support courses and homework help for all levels up to the second. Throughout my schooling and until now, I love to learn and I want to transmit this love of knowledge to my students :) Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, I am at your entire disposal!

Engineer student teaches math, physics and English.
My teaching method is as follows: I base my classes on the official government curriculum. Before the first session, I see with the student the difficulties he may encounter and I prepare before each session the course and the exercises that I will carry out with the student. I try, during my lessons, to be as pedagogue as possible. I privilege the practice (the exercises) it is for me the most effective method to make understand the course and to develop the autonomy of the pupil when he finds himself alone in front of his copy of examination.

Kiranjit Kaur
Experienced English Teacher and Bilingual Primary School Teacher with Special Needs Experience
- Learn with a native English speaker: MA in Special Needs, PGCE, CELTA - Advance essential skills: speaking, reading, listening comprehension, writing - Prepare for TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS, exam with confidence - Homework assistance for primary students in bilingual track (French / English) - Well-prepared lessons with abundant teaching resources - Personalized strategy and structured lessons - Helpful suggestions for practicing at home

Come and conquer your fear of speaking in English
Do you finally have time to get back to English for your personal pleasure? Does your job involve using English on a daily basis, both written and spoken? Do you want to speak "like the English"? Are you preparing for a job interview or an oral interview and want to practice? You've come to the right place! Training, introduction to the language, improvement, academic support, I support you in your approach and practice of English. Trained as a translator, I lived in England for 11 years. Bilingual English-French, I give English lessons in order to transmit my love of the English language and culture to you. Our individual lessons will preferably be face-to-face with a mask and hydro-alcoholic gel, but also by video. I travel to Paris and its inner suburbs by bike within a radius of 10km. Do not hesitate to contact me for further information. Speak to you very soon! Marlyse

Beginner and intermediate piano lessons and support
Student at the National Music School of Villeurbanne I am preparing a Diploma of Musical Studies in electroacoustic composition. I was trained in classical piano for 12 years and in current music / jazz for 2 years at the Conservatoire du Pays Roussillonnais. This course is dedicated to beginners or to people who wish to relearn the piano in a fun way in all musical styles. For example in this course you will learn how to accompany yourself by singing or how to improvise themes or how to manage the independence of both hands. I can also provide you with support for those preparing for exams or for deepening your work.

Learn Real British English - lessons for any level and any purpose.
I will help you improve your English. I teach realistic British English and I make each class individual, specific to each student's needs. All ages and all levels welcome. The teaching style is relaxed and friendly and I encourage you to do the work with lots of support. In addition I can help you with your CV, business plan, help you prepare for an English Exam, especially a Cambridge exam, I can check your essays or any other work.

Our students in France say it best about our teachers

Cécile is a professional teacher with a personal approach. Besides being a very friendly person, her teaching is absolutely worth recommending.
Review by TIMON R.
Italian language and culture
Excellent, very polite, very organized and methodical. The course is very pleasant and fruitful.
Review by IOULIA T.
French tuitions for expats
Laureline is well organized, experienced tutor. I like her teaching style. I would recommend her highly !
Review by KIHONG J.

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