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Professional Jazz Singer gives Jazz Singing Classes
My classes are tailored to meet the needs of each student. With sepcific exercices we will work on: -Technique -Improvisation (with my innovative mithod based on musical Imagery) -Repertoire -Style -Rhythm I am specialized in singing and playing(Piano & Guitar) Jazz music. I've had several experiences in TV and International venues: X-Factor De, Rai uno Mattina (It), Umbria Jazz Festival, A-Trane Jazz Club (Berlin), Amsterdam, Paris and many more.

Farsi Persian Persan with native Farsi Book,music,film, conversation
Farsi est facile! Vous pouvez apprendre Farsi très rapide. je vous enseigne Farsi avec la nouvelle méthode en regardant le film, en écoutant de la musique,et en parlant.. et bien sur en lisant des poèmes (Khayyam, Moulana, Hafez, Attar) parce que je suis un chanteur de poèmes farsi. You could learn Farsi with me very soon. Because I learn you with my new method with conversation, watching movie, read the poem, ....

Private Tutoring in English & Conversation Classes
Hi! I'm a Cambridge languages graduate with experience teaching English in France to students of all ages (from 5 to 75!). I have taught a range of abilities, from beginners to those who already have an advanced level of English, and I am very used to tailoring my classes to fit the needs of each individual student - we can find the right balance for you!

Histoire de l'Art (toutes périodes confondues) + Préparation au concours de l'Ecole du Louvre
Diplômé de l'Ecole de Louvre et de Paris Sorbonne IV en Histoire de l'Art, je propose des cours en Histoire de l'Art (toutes périodes confondues), d'Histoire, d'Anglais et de Français (pour personne anglophone). Je peux compléter ces cours avec des cours de culture générale, préparation au concours de l'Ecole du Louvre.

Développement Web / WebDesign - HTML / CSS / JS / SQL
Grace à cette formation, vous apprendrez à coder et designer un site internet. Au programme : - Les bases du HTML - Designer un site avec SASS (css) - Apprendre à programmer avec JavaScript - Gérer une base de donnée SQL et MongoDB - Créer un site E-commerce avec REACT Je m'adapte également a demande de l'étudiant et si possible, je peux modifier ou adapter mes cours.

Elementary and middle school geo history and English courses
Hello, Tiffenn 19 years old Final year student in History, Political Sciences and English. I propose to give private history-geography and English lessons to your child in primary and college level. The lessons will be adapted to the age of your child. I have the will to transmit knowledge, but with pedagogy, patience and the consideration of possible difficulties. Classes take place at your home or at a distance.

English trainer for tutoring, lessons and discussions for children and adults
Are you looking for tutoring lessons for your child, a teacher to discuss English with you or to help you progress or even singing lessons in English to improve your pronunciation? My name is Mihanta and I was previously a microbiology engineer. English has always been a passion, which convinced me to reconvert myself as an English trainer, for children and adults. Certified by the CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults) training and having traveled a lot (most of the time alone!), I am committed to allowing my students to progress in English but above all to use it easily for their projects and objectives. By speaking, listening or reading, without forgetting grammar (making it as unpleasant as possible!), I would be very happy to accompany you in your progress in English, by adapting to your needs but also your interests and desires. TOEIC score: 935/990 CAE Advanced Score: 197/210 BAFA holder. Home tutoring.

Double bass lessons (classical, jazz ...) and / or music theory, musical culture
Hello ! I graduated from the conservatory in classical double bass (DEM) and I have a master's degree in musicology. I have participated in many concerts in very different formations and styles, from classical to jazz, through tango, pop-rock ... In Strasbourg, I offer double bass lessons where we can discuss together different styles and playing techniques, for all ages and levels, in order to progress or discover the most pleasant of instruments! See you soon !

Romance Language Courses (Portuguese, Spanish, French)
The aim of the Romance language courses is to allow the pupil to deepen himself either in Portuguese or in Spanish. The FLE option is also available. Passionate about Latin languages, my primary objective is to make language learning a space for exchange and sharing not only linguistic but also cultural, offering a course that values linguistic (grammar, syntax) and cultural (music) structures. , cinematography, literature) of the language. Being a language student myself, I advocate a methodology that adapts to the individual needs of the student and that understands their way of learning and making connections to a foreign language.

Course / Help / Support in Music (FM, piano, history of music ...)
I offer lessons for children and adults in FM (musical training), piano or singing, and if you wish, music history lessons. I can help students for their music lessons in middle school / high school but just as well provide discovery or support in musical practice, composition or arrangement for example, and this for any profile! I agree with your desires and your learning methods, it's up to you! For info, I'm 20 years old, I graduated from cycle II of the conservatory and license of musicology in Tours in Jazz and Current Music course. I am entering a MEEF master's degree next year.

Tutoring and homework help - Primary / Secondary student support
Bac ES - Bac +5 in Maritime Transport and Logistics - Written, spoken and fluent English (English lessons given in English) - Towards a retraining in speech therapy - Hello, thank you for stopping on my profile! I am 30 years old, in professional retraining to become a speech therapist! I suggest accompanying your child in his homework throughout the year, or more particularly in a subject requiring more support. From learning to read to college years. Structure, psychology, patience, adaptability and good humor! I can receive at my home, or move around Marseille only - Hope to meet you, Married

Mathematics for Middle school which includes year 8 up to year 11 of the British IGCSE MATHEMATICS course.
I am a middle school or secondary school Mathematics teacher with about 10 years of teaching experience. I have taught Cambridge syllabus of mathematics. My students are those who want to understand secondary school Mathematics. Some of the topics covered include coordinate geometry, angles, numeration, transformations, trigonometry, matrices, statistics and vectors. To ensure that the student understands the concept, I start by assessing the prerequisite knowledge and emphasize on the building blocks of the topic in a logical manner.

English lessons for middle and high school students, possibility of tandem or private lessons for professionals
Master student in International Management at IAE Toulouse (Toulouse School of Management). I offer support courses in English or upgrades for professionals in the center of Toulouse. Possibility of Tandem, course on specific lessons.

Michael Leslie
Piano lessons + Solfeggio (Beginner + Intermediate) All Styles
This course is intended for the following people: - Children and adolescents (5 to 18 years old) - From beginner to intermediate level We will cover all aspects of the piano as well as music theory from beginner to intermediate level. Here are the essential elements that we will work on: - Discovery of the piano - Hand positioning and posture - Small exercises to familiarize yourself with the instrument - Work your musical ear - Music theory - Preferably work on your favorite tracks Regarding the level of music theory of certain pieces, I would adapt it to your level in order to avoid any demotivation. Above all, there is the pleasure of playing and learning! Let's not be too technical!

Private lessons English / Spanish / French at home or remotely
First of all, I suggest a meeting to identify the students and their needs. The objective is to get to know each other, to build confidence and to analyze the expectations, the weak points and the strong points of the pupils. While chatting, I try to learn more about the student's personality. It's very important because I try to create exercises around his passions because languages must be fun! I then orient my courses according to the linguistic aspects to be worked on: oral / written / comprehension / reading ... Great passionate, I try to share my passion!

HISTORY all levels, courses, methodology, corrected exercises
With my lessons, History will hold no secrets for you, you will understand the challenges of the world and you will be able to shine in society as well as at school level! I am a young man graduated in law, with a scientific background and passionate about History, it is with pleasure that I share the knowledge of it, at all levels, that is to say from primary to high school, see more. The typical course is divided into several parts: - a part on the background: we will deal with the chosen theme, this one using media (photos, graphics, tables ...) to bring a playful side; we will linger as much as necessary on your difficulties, your incomprehension, because it is necessary to understand to learn! - a part on the form: if you are a student or a pupil, a simple knowledge of History is not enough, you must know how to restore it according to the requested methodology, I will give you all the cards in hand to fully understand an exercise, do not go off topic and move on! - training: increasing tests and exercises, ranging from multiple choice questions, short answers to essays will be produced by myself, corrected and explained in detail. - a summary: a practical sheet will be given with the essentials of the course to review the topic treated. This is a typical course, but it is possible to take a course only on some of the points. I recommend a course lasting 2 hours to have the time to properly deal with the theme, methodology, exercises, corrections; and also to allow the student to take light breaks if necessary. I don't travel for less than 1 hour. I can go to your home where you can take lessons by screen, it's up to you!

Give French lessons either at home or by skype
Holder of a DEA with honors, I have been giving private lessons for many years. Whatever your level, I can help you feel more comfortable with the rules of grammar and the subtleties of the French language. I follow your progress with patience and kindness, without judgment ... I give lessons to both school and foreign adults (FLE). For any questions, do not hesitate to contact me ! Hope to meet you.

Learn French communication through practical conversation
Personalised sessions based on communication *Increase your speaking confidence while learning how to sound more natural *You are the center of my class: you'll speak a lot *Friendly atmosphere to practice conversation in situations closed to real-life *A visual support comes along with each class to help you with tips and content to improve your speaking About me: I am a very friendly and relaxed teacher. I love to speak, to help, and contribute to my students learning. I try my best to make you feel at ease. Principle of my method: By giving you the means to speak, I will allow and encourage you to express yourself on various subjects. That way, you will increase your speaking abilities and confidence. This will also allow me to spot your weaknesses, correct you and to offer you personalised classes to bring your language competence to the next level.

Private lessons in English and French as a foreign language from A1 to C2
I offer English and French lessons based on exchange and relationships, as well as a good dose of fun. I taught in bilingual schools in London and Los Angeles (International High School). Back in France, I continue to teach and share my passion for languages. I hold a Master's degree in linguistics and didactics of FLE (French as a Foreign Language). Academic support, oral expression (conversation), written expression, written comprehension, oral comprehension, interpretation and translation. We can examine and / or study all the subjects necessary for your needs (business English, for traveling, etc ...) Through various exercises and activities, I give the student the opportunity to express themselves in order to be more confident. I meet the student and identify their English goals (business, conversation, exam preparation, vocabulary isolation). I assess their learning style and create unique lesson plans. My goal is to keep students energized, but never overwhelmed. I assign homework (student's choice) after each lesson and periodically report progress. Regarding FLE / French, I can help you prepare for the DELF / DALF from level A1 to C2 and help you with general or specific French (tourism, business, medical, etc.). I am also able to give tutoring lessons for all levels (from elementary school to high school). For more information do not hesitate to contact me, I would be happy to help you. Regards, Elodie

Singing lessons - Beginner - Intermediate - Advanced -
Would you like to know how to use a handy musical instrument for you or your child? So make your voice your instrument, and learn to sing! Specialized and graduated in current music, I will be there to teach you to sing or improve your skills, accompanying you on the piano. My goal is for you to have fun while learning things, and I build my course around you, your needs, or just your desires.

English lessons for all ages and levels at home
Hello, I have dual French and English nationality. I have lived in England for 16 years and English is my mother tongue. I offer English lessons for all ages and levels. I am able to adapt according to the choice and the desire of the student. I'm all for fun and educational lessons, games are important! But at the same time the conversation for those who want to progress in English and to master a perfect accent!

Our students in France say it best about our teachers

Cécile is a professional teacher with a personal approach. Besides being a very friendly person, her teaching is absolutely worth recommending.
Review by TIMON R.
Italian language and culture
Excellent, very polite, very organized and methodical. The course is very pleasant and fruitful.
Review by IOULIA T.
French tuitions for expats
Laureline is well organized, experienced tutor. I like her teaching style. I would recommend her highly !
Review by KIHONG J.

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