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Dulce Hernandez
Transverse flute lessons in Montpellier. All levels.
Transverse Flute lessons for all ages and levels. Given by Dulce Hernández Straffon (Master in Classical Music at the Royal Conservatory of Ghent and Aggregation of Upper Secondary Education at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels) Level: From beginner to professional. Age: 5 to 95 years old. Lessons for children are given in a fun way based on games, images, drawings and stories in order to develop creativity linked to music. This approach can also be adapted for adults. Type of course possible: Instrument technique, learning pieces on demand, preparation for entrance exams, auditions and competitions. Course language: French, English or Spanish.

Trumpet lessons for 1,2 and 3 cycle 🎺 🎺🎺🎺🎺🎺
Italian trumpeter graduated from the Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus, Denmark specializing in trumpet pedagogy and teaching (1,2 and 3 cycle). After studying at the Florence Conservatory and the Paris Conservatory of Music and Dance, he collaborated with many European orchestras.

Professeur de Mathématiques, Physique et Italien (Adultes, Collège, Lycée)
I am italian mother tongue, English advanced and French intermediaire. I have years of experience as teacher both as a private tutor and in school, high school level. I will be helping students in needs, for each student I look for the best approach based on his/her specific assets. As I live in France I have been gaining experience as Italian Teacher, I can help with the grammar and the pronunciation based on the specific need of the student. Je suis italien de langue maternelle, anglais avancé et français intermédiaire. J'ai des années d'expérience en tant qu'enseignante, soit comme professeur particulier et soit professeur à l'école, au niveau du Collège et Lycée. Je vais aider les étudiants qui ont des besoins, pour chaque étudiant je cherche la meilleure approche basée sur ses atouts spécifiques. Comme je vis en France, j'ai acquis de l'expérience en tant que professeur d'italien, je peux aider avec la grammaire et la prononciation en fonction des besoins spécifiques de l'étudiant.

Celia Saval
Do you want to learn music but you don't have time to go to an academy? Now I teach online!
Music is an art and a discipline that has been with me in my life since I can remember, that's why for 7 years I have been giving private lessons or in small groups to be able to teach my students everything I I learned. My classes are aimed at beginners, intermediate and advanced, from children to adults, whatever their age. Maybe 30 min, 45 min or 1 full hour. Thank you and see you soon!

HEC student / Maths degree - Mathematics tutoring
🌟 HEC / Bachelor of Maths Student - Qualified Tutor in Mathematics, French and English 📚 About Me - Second year student of the Grande École Master Program at HEC (BAC+5) - Bachelor of Mathematics from the London School of Economics (LSE) with honors - Bac S Honors Very Good (18/20) - Experience tutoring in mathematics, French and English for primary and secondary students 💼 Tutoring Services - Mathematics: All levels, from elementary to high school - French: Grammar, writing, comprehension - English: Grammar, conversation, writing skills 👂 Personalized Approach I adopt a personalized approach for each student: - Initial Assessment: I identify the specific needs of each student. - Individualized Planning: I create a tailor-made tutoring plan for each student. - Interactive Methods: I use interactive methods, concrete examples and practical exercises to reinforce understanding. - Continuous Monitoring: I monitor progress and adjust the plan accordingly. 👂 Respectful and Committed Approach I am respectful, attentive, and committed to the success of each student. My goal is to help them develop their confidence and excel in the subjects taught.

Mathematics support courses: Primary, middle and high school
Do you want to improve your level in Maths, prepare for exams or simply have a unique experience with numbers? Register without delay for your first course and discover a passionate, benevolent and pedagogue professor who graduated from graduate studies at Paul Sabatier University. Indeed, I start with an interview with the student and the parents eventually, in order to get to know them better as well as their expectations with regard to my lessons. Then comes the stage of evaluating the student's level to offer him the course formula that corresponds to him. My classes are based on the national education program while adapting it to the student's concentration and monitoring abilities. My method revolves primarily around respecting the expectations and intellectual means of each student. There is a standard methodology for each student, so come along!

Spanish classes with a native Spanish teacher. Take your Spanish to the next level!
Hello! I am Sheila, I come from the Canary Islands and I am passionate about teaching Spanish. I have a solid background in translation and interpretation and a master's degree in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language (ELE). In addition to my native language, I also speak fluent German and English and can communicate effectively in French. I currently reside in the city of Nantes because I am working as a Spanish assistant in an institute, where I accompany students of different ages and levels (from school to Terminale). I now have more than 5 years of experience in teaching languages to children, adolescents and adults, which allows me to offer high-quality, effective and enriching Spanish classes, adapted to the needs of my students (grammar, conversation, exam preparation, culture...). Do not hesitate to contact me if you have questions or want to know more about my way of teaching. See you soon! sheila

Private music lessons, guitar all styles, clarinet, musical writing and reading
Professional musician and experienced teacher, I offer you the opportunity to learn your instrument in private lessons whose common thread is pleasure. Whatever your level, the sessions will be adapted to bring you rapid progress thanks to targeted, interesting exercises adapted to your objectives. Classes are given in my rehearsal studio equipped with the possibility of audio recording.

Effective piano lessons for adults (in English, French, German)
Do you want to be able to play the piano confidently, relaxed and ultimately independent of a teacher? Then you are in the right place. What makes me different from other piano teachers? • My teaching method is specialized for working adults • Fifteen years of teaching experience - more than 7,000 hours of lessons, including more than 800 online • Determination of your hand and learning type in order to develop the learning method best suited to your needs • Learn to practice with a professional method to save time and succeed in playing the piano in complete relaxation without a teacher • Rapid and comprehensive development of the repertoire - no repetition of the same pieces for months, but constantly interesting playing With me, you learn: • the game according to the notes • the technical and theoretical bases of music, in order to be able to approach new pieces independently • training techniques to achieve maximum success at home • free improvisation, and how to develop a personal approach to the piano No prior knowledge is necessary - I teach pianists of all skill levels, from complete beginner to virtuoso. Flexible appointments in the afternoon + evening (3 to 8 p.m.). Languages: English, French, German About me: I am a composer/pianist from Vienna, Austria, and I now live in Paris. You don't need expensive learning books; all equipment is included in the price and is chosen according to your needs and prepared thoroughly. References of many happy piano students are available and can be passed on upon request. Simply write to me briefly and without formality via the form. I look forward to meeting you!

Cour des soutiens de math et physique à domicile pour les lycéens et les universitaires
Je donne des cours de soutien à domicile math : analyse algèbre proba stat Physique et chimie Pour tout les lycéens bac ou terminal et pour tout les filières et les étudiants universitaires J’ai plus de 7ans d’expérience sur l’enseignement

Discover the culture and learn SPANISH. native teacher
Spanish is my mother tongue. Lessons for beginners, intermediate and advanced. Adapted to the specific needs of each student. Conversation, school reinforcement, grammar, business, reading, listening, oral performance, to prepare for your holidays or your retirement :)

Vocal coach graduated from the conservatory offers classical, variety and rock singing lessons for beginners, advanced and professionals.
I am a lyric singer with a Singing Prize/DEM and a License in Musicology, with extensive stage experience. I have been giving classical, pop and rock singing lessons between Munich and Paris for over 15 years. I coach professionals in their vocal technique but I also really enjoy teaching singing to beginners as well as intermediate students. my classes combine technique and humor. the playful approach to singing while remaining rigorous quickly leads us towards the pleasure of expressing ourselves fully and freely, without judgment. we quickly forget apprehension and inhibition! I teach in good humor and kindness, and I adapt to your personality and your expectations. each lesson begins with awareness of your body and its posture, coordination and freedom of movements. we then work on our breathing in order to establish a low and deep breathing, and finally to feel the resonators in our rib cage and our face. vocal work begins with phonation exercises to connect breathing and vocal production and vocalizations to place your voice. The second part of the lesson is devoted to singing a piece chosen together. I also support you in your projects requiring preparation of the spoken voice, public speaking, actor's or teacher's voice, which I associate with work on self-confidence and physical presence. I give my lessons in French, English and German.

English teacher academic support, learning assistance
I can help the child with academic support, help prepare for an exam. The course will be based on the school's curriculum. Often the student learns English but does not practice it and therefore does not assimilate it. Together the conversations will take place in English and will be interactive with the practice of the language.

English, maths or French at your home
A graduate in educational sciences with significant professional experience in teaching, I offer personalized support at home to help you progress in the main subjects. I can also provide homework help to help you gain independence.

Classes de Español, Inglés y Alléman with Director of Cine Mexicano/Spanish, English and German courses
Well, my greatest passion is to tell stories through films. Now we have the opportunity to present my documentary "Mamacita" in various cinemas in Paris, Grenoble and other cities. Ahora estoy trabajando en la posproducción de mi nueva película y el destinino quiso que acabara en Lille. I am happy to learn how to learn new languages and understand how difficult it is to learn a new language, you can learn a variety of languages (French, Italian, Spanish, German, Spanish and English). ¡Estaré encantado de compañarte en tu viaje de aprendizaje! Hola, my greatest passion is telling stories through my films. A few years ago, I had the chance to present my documentary "Mamacita" in several cinemas in Paris, Grenoble and other cities. Today, I am working on the post-production of my new film and fate wanted me to end up in Lille. I love talking to new people. I understand how difficult it is to learn a new language, as I had to learn several languages myself (French, Italian, Slovak, German, Czech and English). So, I will be happy to accompany you on your learning journey!

Fun, effective English classes for everyone, online or in person
Unlock the world of English with fun and effective language classes! Whether you're a child, a teenager, or an adult, I offer tailored programs designed for you. Join me for engaging one-on-one sessions or become part of group classes with other learners. I am an experienced instructor who uses innovative teaching methods to make learning English fun, with a focus on interactive activities, games, and real-world scenarios. Choose between online or in-person classes to suit your preferences and schedule. Don't miss the opportunity to expand your horizons and connect with the global community through language.

Academic support, homework help, educational and methodological monitoring
Coach having completed a Geneva high school diploma and holding a bachelor's degree from the University of Geneva in Social Sciences. Donation of lessons for academic support of students wishing to progress and wanting to obtain autonomy. Courses taught: mathematics, French, English, German, history, geography, sociology.

School Support (Primary, College, High School)
I am a PPE (Philosophy, Politics and Economics) degree student at ESPOL. I offer academic support for students from CP to High School. These courses can follow a particular approach to the student's profile and I will adapt to them. This can be done in the form of discussions, games, cultural outings, written exercises...the aim being to support the student and help them progress at their own pace.

French class with a native French teacher - individualized approach, classes tailored to your needs.
Hi there ! I am Candice, a native French teacher based in the beautiful South of France ! I'm 32 and I am currently a French teacher at the university and I also give private lessons. I have been teaching for more than 7 years now, after I got my diploma in language teaching at the University of Lyon. I look forward to hearing your goals so that we could work on them!

♪piano lesson in bordeaux All levels from beginners to adults ♪
Whether you're a beginner, want to learn for professional levels, or just want to be able to play a variety of pieces as a hobby, let's have fun learning together! All levels are welcome. Children will receive lessons based on textbooks at a pace that suits them, so that they can acquire solid skills. The lessons include both performance and solfege, so you can learn in a well-balanced manner. We are also very particular about the selection of teaching materials. Having fun is the best source of growth, so I try to use a variety of techniques in my lessons. Those who have played the piano before, those who want to continue playing the piano as a hobby, those who want to start playing, and those who are a little weak at reading music are also welcome. I'll teach you tips to play the songs you want to play and read music faster! I think it would be a great opportunity to experience classical music again, so I would be happy if we could study together. If you want to learn for enter the concervatoir or professional levels, try approaching songs from various angles, such as analyzing sheet music and how to produce sounds! I think it will be a lesson that will bring you some discoveries. If you are busy ,irregular lessons are also available. We are also flexible in rescheduling lessons.

English lessons and homework help, individual or group (2/3)
Hello, French giving English lessons or/and homework help in English I was an au pair in England where I gave French lessons to the children I looked after, I now want to do the opposite! C1 level after a year spent abroad studying and working in English I am a pedagogue and orient my classes on things that children like, English must become a pleasant subject if it is not so far I also give lessons to adults I accept homework help individually or in groups of 2 or 3 people. Please note that the prices will be revised if there is more than one person See you soon !

Our students in France say it best about our teachers

Cécile is a professional teacher with a personal approach. Besides being a very friendly person, her teaching is absolutely worth recommending.
Review by TIMON R.
Italian language and culture
Excellent, very polite, very organized and methodical. The course is very pleasant and fruitful.
Review by IOULIA T.
French tuitions for expats
Laureline is well organized, experienced tutor. I like her teaching style. I would recommend her highly !
Review by KIHONG J.

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