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Private lessons in mathematics, physics-chemistry and science and life of the earth
I obtained a scientific baccalaureate, so I have very good foundations in these 3 scientific subjects. My goal is to convey my methods of work and revision. But also to help students with their homework and revisions.

Pilates Course & Functional Movement - Collective or Private -
Pilates increases strength, flexibility and improves posture, stability and body alignment. Small groups or individual sessions allow you to work on your own goals in a caring environment. At each session I pay particular attention to the quality of the movement. Sedentary or high level athlete this method is accessible to all. It is effective for wound recovery, athletic performance, good posture and optimal health. Teacher graduated by Polestar Pilates Studio, specialized in rehabilitation. I teach for almost two years in studios dedicated to the practice of Pilates and physiotherapy practices.

Mathematical tutoring of Mathematics all levels
Engineer EPFL section Microtechnique (option Robotics & minor in Management), I offer my help for any support course in math or physics, whether gymnasium or 1-2 academic year. Holder of the Bac S spe math mention TB, with 19 in math and 18 in physics-chemistry. Lived two years in the USA, level of English C1. I am at ease with any student and looking above all else how to better understand the course according to the person.

Science tutoring: mathematics, physics and chemistry
I’m tutoring at the university of Geneva as regular tutor assistant during the exercises’ classes and for ECUS exams in a private school. Any class is based on the needs of the students. The motto “ practice makes perfect “ describes how I work. The focus is to understand the subject and to be able to use it in practice (such exercices). I’d like discussion during the work. In this way, it’s possible build an intuition of the subject.

speaking chinese and ordering the food that you want
We can learn Chinese speaking and writing in a relaxed way. I will use books, CDs and youtube to make Chinese learning easier and with fun. I am flexible to adjust your needs, time and goal... I can teach Chinese online or at my place. If you want we can also cook Chinese food together.

School Support for Transition Cycle and Secondary I (10-15 years)
Aged 18, my name is Arthur and I got my gymnasiale maturity in June 2019 at the La Cité Gymnasium in Lausanne. I am currently studying international relations at the University of Geneva. Passionate about history, interested in languages and the world around us, I also like to transmit my interests and my knowledge, it is with pleasure that I would be available to help a child in his school career. Having a German-speaking father and having obtained the C1 certificate of German last year, I could be useful to the students of the transition cycle and secondary I in this matter. English, history, geography, French as well as mathematics (compulsory subject and non-OS) are all subjects for which I can be useful to you, from the point of view of orientation in VP or VG or in the context of examinations of end of schooling for example. Having done all my schooling in the Lavaux, at EPSCL, I am familiar with the Vaud school system and could especially be useful to students studying in this institution. With patience, perseverance and motivation, I hope I can help you become familiar with a language you have trouble in, as well as give you methods of learning in other subjects.

Tuition in french, history / geography, maths, english
Former student, my French and math classes are mainly for basic levels and I will try my best with my student experience, to explain my best and with my young vision these topics. For history / geography and English, these are two subjects I have always loved, so I would like to share and exchange my knowledge on them.

Learn singing from an Opera Singer at Theater Basel
Voice lessons are based on classical technique and human physiology. We will learn songs in different languages and how to use the voice in a healthy, harmonious way. I am a soprano in the Opera Chorus in Theater Basel and have a Master of Music Pedagogy from the Konservatorium (Hochschule) in Luzern. I am also offering American English lessons. I took a TEFL race and have tutored English.

Simplify your personal paperwork - personalized coaching
Learn how to organize yourself in a simple and mobile way. - Organize your files digitally to eliminate paper (almost) completely from your interior - You free the mind by introducing intuitive reflexes when collecting your mail, or receiving your e-mails - Start a new simplified administrative life that can be managed alone This course is for people who do not like to handle their paperwork. The objective of this course is to find a serenity, a peace of mind related to your papers.

Math Tutoring - math love starts with understanding
Math Tutoring - never fear Math again.... With more than 10 years of experience and a degree in Mathematics, I focus in pre University studies. Private ou small groups. New exercises, clarifying your doubts or simply refreshing the content. I will help identifying your math concerns and fears and we will work it through together. Avoid negativity with f(x)=|x|

The English and DIY course for children, at home.
1) Adapted to the aspirations of the child. The lesson plan not only responds to an assessment of needs and expectations, but also includes the child's favorite topics, hobbies, and favorite cartoon characters. I make sure I get as much information as possible from the parent (s) and the child from the beginning. It is important for me to create a relationship of trust and transparency with the parent (s) and understand what makes my future student happy and interested. So, are they pirates or cars? 2) In total immersion. As English is the only language spoken and heard, the child is naturally encouraged to speak English. I speak several languages and can without further discussions with parents in a language other than English. However, in front of the children, I will speak only English. They may know that I speak their mother tongue, but it is important that they only hear English from me and get used to speaking English with me. 3) Creative learning. Lessons are taught around themes, tinkering and playing. I plan lessons around popular events of the moment. It could be World Health Day, for example, or whatever. The lesson takes place organically, around crafts and games, where the child does not feel the pressure to learn as he might feel in school. 4) In the comfort of the house. Children learn in an environment they know, where they feel comfortable and comfortable. I come to you. Usually, the course takes place in the kitchen or in the living room. I also come with DIY materials, but encourage the parent (s) and children to keep everything that can be recycled for DIY!

3D video games and cinema // explained simply and calmly
Zbrush, maya, keyshot and so on are very powerful tools to create all kinds of creatures and monsters, but not that; also buildings, factories, environments, landscapes, etc. This course is for video game and movie enthusiasts, if you want to one day break into the world of VFX, CGI, this course is for you! The goal will be to learn, small step by step, the basics of digital 3D, then to advance more deeply. Always in a relaxed and calm atmosphere.

Mathematics support course (secondary to bachelor)
I was assistant doctoral student in mathematics at the University of Geneva for 3 years. During this time, I took courses in pedagogy, gave much-appreciated exercises, and even replaced a professor of general mathematics education with non-mathematical scientists. For me, mathematics is a universal language that can describe the world with incredible precision, and also a very interesting toy in itself. I was assistant doctoral student in mathematics at the University of Geneva for 3 years. I love teaching, and I currently teach (in addition to mathematics) dance and martial arts, and my main job as a massage therapist is to teach a lot of things to my clients. I am therefore continuously training at all levels.

Private tuition / Secondary level language support
Student with ease in languages (speaking German and English at home) and having completed her maturity offers help for homework, test preparation or other. Explanation of texts, reading, pronunciation and comprehension.

Individual oral and written French courses - all levels
I give French lessons for all levels and all ages, for those who wish to improve their level of language both orally and in writing. The work plan will be based on the needs and level of the student after a first debriefing session. Activities to strengthen the practical use of the language can be envisaged. A la carte instruction according to the needs, pace and objectives of each student.

Mathematics - from 7 years and up to 11P, School Supports
Mathematics often uses logic for some, but for others it is a completely abstract concept. My method is to put myself in the student's place, which allows me to orient his way of thinking to make maths to a logical and deductible concept. I am essentially based on the student's understanding of a mathematical problem or a simple calculation. A technique that has allowed young students to finally be comfortable in mathematics :)

Travel English, Preparation for IELTS, Conversational
My lessons are different from the usual English classes as we find real and interesting ways to use English ! For example, in Business or when traveling abroad to English-speaking countries. I will focus on conversation and use grammar you have already learned. I will also teach common phrases used by native speakers I also teach preparation for IELTS exam. IELTS can be a difficult exam to pass, but I will show you the tricks needed to get above 7.0 in each part.

Singing lessons: vocal technique, repertoire, interpretation
Student singing at the Schola Cantorum Basel (medieval song until the twentieth century), I propose a general singing course: basic vocal technique (posture, work of the breath, sound work), discovery of different directories (in according to the tastes of the student), work on interpretation. I can accompany the student on the keyboard. I work with people of all ages, beginners or not. The goal is to move forward in a climate of trust. You can also contact me for music theory lessons only (reading notes and rhythm, deciphering, notions of music theory, ear work). I finally give piano lessons to beginners. I can give the course in a good French or a more approximate English :-) I prefer to move to the student's home but if it is not possible, I can propose solutions.

English language support course - mainly for beginners and intermediate-.
This course is intended for beginners and intermediates requiring support, so mainly young students still at school and having difficulties, or adults wishing to improve their English - either with practice or by clarifying grammar points. The goal is to best help identify gaps and achieve student goals (eg, improve spoken / written English, have a better understanding of English grammar, better understand nuances, learn relevant vocabulary , etc.). The type of learning, the needs, the preferences, the interests and the difficulties will be taken into account in order to create a personalized program adapted to the student without overburdening him / her.

French private lesson (dialogue, exercise, writing)
Language learning of the French language. Help in the preparation of exams and all other professional ambitions. By evaluating your level, I will be able to develop an appropriate program. My pedagogy is based more on oral practice. - Favor dialogue, oral exchanges. -Proposal of exercise series: grammar, conjugation and list of vocabularies (according to your expectations) - Summary of our lessons for monitoring your progress. I am Léa, 23 years old, native of France. I just moved to Zurich. I studied at the Beaux-Arts in Valence, obtaining my DNAP led me to pursue a Master in Visual Art at Ecal. Currently assistant in film editing, post-production, and visual creation, I offer my services.

English Course per Student in British University!
Former student at King's College London, I offer effective English courses tailored to your ambitions and focused on speaking. I am perfectly bilingual in English. I lived 3 years in London, studied and worked in the language. I have two years of experience in university level coaching in London and I am entrusted with PhD translations. I will be happy to help you wait for your goals! * King's College London graduate offers English classes tailored to your needs and centered around oral exercises. Previous experience coaching university level students in London. Trusted for PhD translations. Happy to help you reach your goals!

Our students in Switzerland say it best about our teachers

Italian language and culture
Excellent, very polite, very organized and methodical. The course is very pleasant and fruitful.
Review by IOULIA T.
Cécile is a professional teacher with a personal approach. Besides being a very friendly person, her teaching is absolutely worth recommending.
Review by TIMON R.
French tuitions for expats
Laureline is well organized, experienced tutor. I like her teaching style. I would recommend her highly !
Review by KIHONG J.

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