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Chinese, Mandarin, HSK, a Chinese tutor with lots of tutoring experience!
你好( ni hao), hey, here! If u have interest on Chinese, just follow me! my mother tongue is Chinese, and I am a Chinese tutor for two years. I tutored lots of foreigners Chinese quite well when i was in China, now i am living in Geneva and still wanting to help people learning Chinese! If u are a beginner, dont worry! i helped one European guy learned Chinese from beginning to HSK 4( he also speak very well) in 8 months! and another student of mine passed HSK 4 in 2 months! If u already have learned some basic Chinese, and u wanna improve , also choose me! I tutored some Korean students from the intermediate to advanced level, two of my students passed HSK5, and one girl passed HSK 6! Let me help u make a huge progress! I am a very patient tutor, always give courage to my students to speak Chinese and i deeply understand lots of foreign chinese accent😂; I had lots of experience on how to teach foreigners, and I truly know what are problems and challenges for foreigners learning Chinese, and I know how to deal it! My tutoring contents: face to face free talk; speaking practice; HSK;grammar, and i also can adjust contents according your situation ! Teaching language : Chinese -English

Support course in French, English and Latin and homework help
With this course, you can improve your knowledge of English, French or Latin, to better understand the theory (grammar, rules, ...), the exercises given and prepare your exams. I want to start a tutoring experience for its human side: I will start studies at the High School of Social Work in September 2020. Thus, I will strive to install motivation and a relaxed atmosphere with the schoolboy / student to make it progress.

The method I developed for beginners focuses first on the pleasure and quick learning of essential concepts of the guitar. Not necessarily music theory! The basics of guitar and musical technique can be taught on a mix of intuitive and didactical. The idea is to have fun playing your favorite songs but also discovering the main concepts that will allow you to be autonomous quickly. For those who already have some experience but feel "stuck", my approach will be more focused on identifying difficulties and developing both theoretical and practical knowledge that will allow you to quickly fill your gaps. I will accompany you in studying pieces of increasing difficulty so that you can surpass yourself quickly! I also give advice in case of purchase of instrument, and I am also available in case of questions.

Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science course in Lausanne by EPFL graduate engineer
I teach physics, computer science (C ++, Python, Matlab) and mathematics in Lausanne for students from universities, gymnasium or secondary schools. One of my main goals is to inspire motivation and interest in the subject matter. The branches I teach are those I have always loved, and I try to pass on my passion to the student. I try to find the nature of the difficulty on which the student blocks to bring him a fresh and refined vision of the subject. The points identified as delicate for the student will be regularly repeated so as to develop an intuition for the subject. I emphasize good problem-solving practices as they were taught to me during my studies. Do not hesitate to contact me, I would be happy to answer you.

Student Engineer offers tutoring of mathematics
My math classes are for all student and student profiles. You will learn to understand in depth the concepts discussed in class and you will put them into practice using exercises that I choose carefully. I will help you prepare for your tests, exams and competitions and I will monitor your progress with regular progress reports.

Italian and English Lesson in Basel! Best way to improve your language skills! I am here to help you
Italian language is wonderful, but it need time and commitment to learn it! I am here to help you in this journey! I am Benedetta, from Milano! 26 years old, graduated in Economy! I can also teach you some business words ;) I teach also English for children and teenagers til level B1. I spent lot of time in England and I became fluent .

Improve your reading and speaking skills.
Do you need to improve your level of conversation and reading in English or Russian? I am an Anglophone (English American) and a Russophone, I can help you with these needs. I also speak fluently German and a very good level of French. Do you need to improve your level of conversational English or Russian? Do you need help in improving your reading level of English or Russian? As a native speaker of English, I can help you with your needs. I also speak fluent German and a very good level of French.

French Italian English for college students, gymnasians and adults
I am available to give courses in French, Italian and English for college students and gymnasians. I can help you better understand these languages. I move to your home or the libraries. Lausanne and region

Private lessons in Mathematics, Physics, Primary Chemistry / Gymnasium
Student in 3rd year of Bachelor's degree at EPFL with a French scientific degree. I can accompany a student for admission to EPFL, the success of its maturity or its first year in higher education in the field of engineering; or support a student who is having difficulty in the gym. If you need help, do not hesitate to contact me.

Student at the HEMU gives lessons in singing and solfeggio!
Graduated from the CRR of Paris in jazz vocals and a CEM in classical violin I am currently a student at the HEMU. I leave the student and his level and help him gain confidence to progress. Whether it's a beginner or confirmed level I adapt to everyone's goals (entrance contest or hobby) and try to share and transmit my love of music :) I master both classical language and jazz

Certificated Mandarin Chinese Teacher - HSK, Business, Kids, customised course in Geneva
Why Ai is the great teacher candidate for you? 1. Qualified International Chinese Teacher certificated by Confucius Institue Headquarters (Hanban) 2. Professional knowledge of basics of Chinese Language Teaching, Chinese Language Teaching Methodology, Instructional Design and Classroom Management, Chinese Culture and Cross-cultural Communication, Professional Ethics and Disciplinary Development. 3. Customerized course plan and study materials to meet your need and language level. 4. Cherish and maximise every second of the class time 5. Responsible and professional teaching attitude + outgoing and sincere personality. Chinese, is more than a highly competitive language, but also full of beauty and wisdom. Along with assisting my students to achieve the study goal, it is also important to know the Chinese culture and mindset.

Private lessons and support in mathematics, physics, biology
Third-year student in biological engineering at EPFL, graduated with a French baccalaureate with honors, he offers private lessons in science (maths, physics, biology) to help students progress and develop their scientific skills.

Help the student learn by himself (All branches!)
I am studying in the 3rd year of gymnasium, I have just returned from a year in Australia and I am very motivated to teach. I have a lot of ease in Math. I speak English fluently, and am bilingual French - German. I am in a good mood and educational! If my profile suits you, do not hesitate to contact me. :)

Math, Computer Science and GRE/SAT tutoring for school level
I have a Master's degree in Computer Science from ETH Zurich. I have previous experience teaching school level mathematics (for GCSE). I can teach Math and Computer Science till grade 10 level. I like to stress on showing lots of examples and using real life scenarios to explain concepts. Classes can be in French or English. I can also help prepare for SAT/GRE examination mathematics part.

English, Dutch, French language tutoring in Geneva
Je suis une étudiante à l'université de Genève dans ma dernière année du bachelor en relations internationales. Je suis parfaitement bilingue ayant fait mes études secondaires à l’école internationale de Genève en anglais et français. En complément, je suis néerlandophone et pourrais aussi donner des cours dans cette langue. I am a student at the university of Geneva in my final year of the bachelor in International Relations. I am perfectly bilingual in english and french having attended the international school of Geneva and graduated with the international baccalauréat. Furthermore, I am a native dutch speaker and would also be suited to be a tutor in dutch.

Fernando R
Child Development & Self Defense for Adults and Kids
Spend some time learning to defend yourself from possible attackers to the greatest enemy of all, one’s self. Here you will learn to practice focus, endurance, flexibility, timing and strength. Lessons for babies include balance training and early locomotive skills enhancement. Toddlers will learn light acrobatics for dealing with falls and develop spatial awareness. Kids will learn about bullying and how to deal with it at school without having to throw any kicks or punches. Teens and adults will learn how to deal with armed attackers and also learn about how philosophy is at the root of martial arts and what philosophies gave root to which martial art.

Professional singer gives singing lessons for all levels. (2nd Master in Pedagogy)
Singing not only allows you to discover your voice, but also to apprehend your bodily sensations. Singing is my passion, that's why after my engineering degree, I devoted myself to it. I am currently doing a 2nd Master's degree in Pedagogy at the Lausanne School of Music. I obtained a Master's Degree in Opera at the Biel Opera Studio of the Bern University of the Arts. I also obtained a diploma of music studies in singing and old music. I have strong experience in teaching. I have indeed given many private lessons for several years. My availability may change, contact me to schedule a first appointment! I propose you to structure our courses according to the following themes: -Vocalises and vocal technique -Work of the body -Work of breathing -Work of the melody -Working the text -Work of interpretation

Grammar, literature, writing and conversation in Italian
German and Irish basic, I spent all my childhood (from 3 years until the end of high school) in Italy and Ticino. So I speak Italian fluently, but not only, I also benefited from an education in relation to grammar and Italian literature. Thanks to the fact that I grew up there, I feel even more Italian than anything else! I can, however, teach you this wonderful language also if you are not French speaking, because I also speak German and English fluently. If you speak Italian already as your mother tongue, I would be happy to help you with everything related to writing essays and literature. Spero di vedervi presto!

Training and assistance in physics and electricity.
I teach Physics and Electricity, The courses I propose will be done in cooperation with the participants according to their specific needs. We are all different from learning and the important thing is to find together the right method and the right learning plan leading to understanding and success.

Support Math / Physics-Chemistry courses all levels
Pedagogical speaker and individual coach, I help children and teenagers to set goals and reach them during their schooling. My approach does not stop to explain a mathematics lesson to my student but aims above all to find the most appropriate work strategy according to his rhythm, his desires and his needs. Graduate of an engineering school in Paris. I am committed each year for more than 8 years to accompany a dozen students of all ages in their personal and academic achievements. I teach science subjects (Maths, Physics-Chemistry, Natural Sciences) and computer science for all grade levels. (Primary - high school - high school). Passionate about education and personal development, my goal is to impact young people and contribute to their personal and academic successes. I can move in the canton of Geneva, at your place or in a place at our convenience.

Courses / Special home support - homework help
Need help with lessons? At the end of my apprenticeship as a commercial employee, I make myself available to help with homework! Of a smiling and motivated nature, I would help you to accomplish your goal! We will work at your own pace, and I will customize your learning method.

Our students in Switzerland say it best about our teachers

Italian language and culture
Excellent, very polite, very organized and methodical. The course is very pleasant and fruitful.
Review by IOULIA T.
Cécile is a professional teacher with a personal approach. Besides being a very friendly person, her teaching is absolutely worth recommending.
Review by TIMON R.
French tuitions for expats
Laureline is well organized, experienced tutor. I like her teaching style. I would recommend her highly !
Review by KIHONG J.

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