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Pianoforte, Italiano per bambini ed adulti individuali e di gruppo
Klavierlehrerin Italienischlelehrerin 1994-2019 Italian support Teacher at secondary Schools in Italy. Music and Piano teacher History of Music teacher Sveb certificate Pedagogy Master Piano Degree Language: Italian( mother tongue) English ( very good) Deutsch (B1) Available from July 2019

Cynthia Jouvrot
French tutoring and DELF preparation
I am a young graduate teacher to teach French and literature at higher levels. But I still work with children for 3 years. I also taught in a French second language school for 2 years and gave private lessons many times. I discovered a passion for private education and with me you will progress in an environment of trust. I am a playful and smiling pedagogue. We will of course be able to discuss the best approach to ensure constant progress or even complete training. But know that I have the necessary equipment for your learning. Not to mention that I can prepare you for the DELF! With pleasure! :)

Independent developer gives courses in computer / office / productivity
I am an independent Full-Stack developer specialized in Javascript ES6 and Python, but I decided to temporarily suspend my activities to focus on training. Before I wanted to become a freelancer, I was part of a robotics club, took an internship at Astron Associates and much more. I am rated 4'055 / 1'430'831 on the Codingame platform. You tell me what you want to learn, I offer support for our courses and we start to follow the book / tutorial together. Regularly we take breaks and I give you exercises to do. I also tell you some activities to do at home. I can share many tips to improve your productivity and save time.

French course, writing, proofreading and general knowledge
Graduated in French literature and journalism, I teach at all levels, from small classes to the University. Pre-exam revisions, text analysis, grammar, argumentation, I also help with the drafting of application files and I am at your disposal to help you become French pros.

Argentine Tango private lessons with a professional dance couple
We are a couple of tango dancers with more than 15 years of experience in teaching in Europe, Buenos Aires in Argentina and Montevideo in Uruguay. Our teaching combines elements of traditions and culture from the Rio de la Plata area together with biomechanics and analysis of movement. Our private classes are for couples and/or individuals, and the lessons will be tailored according to your needs and interests. Our pedagogy is encouraging, fun, and efficient. We also teach very popular group classes in the center of Geneva, let us know if you are interested in them! :)

Special course in economics (microeconomics, macroeconomics)
I can help the student In accounting or economics (micro-economy, macroeconomics etc.). I am patient, smiling and very motivated to help students in need. I can adapt easily to needs and propose work techniques to help the student to work more efficiently.

Rebeca Leite
Student at the Vocational School provides support classes and homework help
Graduate of the Nyon Gymnasium and holder of a specialized health Maturity, I propose to help your child / help you with homework, support courses for all branches except mathematics, physics and chemistry, revisions for tests. Help for students at compulsory school and ECG Gymnasium level

Violin, piano, conducting and choral pedagogy lessons
Music is an amazing way of expressing you emotions and feelings, connec your mind and soul while developing mental and motor skills. Keeping it fun and motivated is key to ensure a proper engagement and success for many years. Learn how to play a song in the first lesson or just improve you musicianship skills.

Student at the engineering school of Friborg in Mechanics, I am available to give courses of support in maths and physics
Student at the Freiburg engineering school in mechanics, I am available to give courses in maths and physics from primary to secondary 2. I can go to give these courses of support, I can also give lessons via webcam

English Teacher in Geneva: Let me help you learn the finest English!
I teach only English, I speak only English. It will be a full immersion from the start! My goal is for you to learn as much as possible, and therefore I always make it a point to adapt my teaching method and pace to my student. I am ready to meet your needs: conversation, grammar, business, everyday, small and big talk, anything you can think of, I will be happy to teach you. I prefer working one on one, but I want to accommodate two students if you want to bring along a classmate, provided you both more than the same level. I only teach one-hour classes, unless your need is for high-level conversation. In that case, we can talk as long as you want! I work only within the city of Geneva, and I will travel to your preferred place at no extra fee. If you have any questions, please contact me, I will be happy to help.

Private Course in Biology and Earth Science
Doctor in Neurosciences, a graduate of the University of Geneva, offers assistance in the preparation of exams or questions but also a personalized long-term follow-up. My curriculum includes a lot of teaching, I adapt to the size of the group and its level. I wish to be able to advance my students, to bring them to realize their full potential and to give them effective and applicable working methods for all their course. Without overburdening them homework is given after each lesson in order to track progress and progress reports provided regularly.

Biology and / or Chemistry Support Course for Gymnastics
I offer support courses to students who are struggling to understand their biochemistry courses either at the gymnasial level or in the first year of a bachelor's degree in a scientific program. I teach for 3 years and I adapt to the needs of the student.

Philosophie/Psychologie/Travail social : leçons privées
Leçons privées de Français, d'Anglais, de philosophie, de psychologie et de matières liées au travail social. Corrections de travaux d'études et de dossiers de postulation. En tant qu'éducatrice indépendante diplômée de la HES-SO, l'idée est de vous accompagner à atteindre vos propres objectifs de manière dynamique et personnalisée !

School support - learning French as a foreign language - video editing
I have been a school teacher for 10 years, passionate about cinema. My classes can range from tutoring in French or mathematics to other subjects, learning French as a foreign language, and video language on Apple's iMovie software.

English tutoring,Beginner, Pre Intermediate, Intermediate. Upper Intermediate. Advanced. Proficiency
Easy, well organized classes to help you learn and or improve your ability with the English language. First we will decide what you need and or want to learn. We will focus on grammar, spelling, reading, and pronunciation, conversations. Additionally, I can assist with homework, interview prep, and resume writing.

Learn guitar for beginners (acoustic or electric)
My teaching method is very practice-based, without neglecting the essential theoretical foundations. It is not uncommon to see new guitarists get discouraged, so I propose fun and interactive lessons, adapted to the musical tastes of each, which will allow the student to quickly take pleasure while progressing. :)

Mentoring in English; grammar, reading, vocabulary
The goal is to make you evolve in English according to your current level. I like this subject and I take a lot of pleasure to help if necessary, I try as much as possible to explain and to make simple and understandable some "theme" in English whether it is at the level of grammar, reading, vocabulary etc ... For grammar for example, the books we have are sometimes hard to understand because everything is written in English.

Daniela Dinis
School support: help with homework or difficulties in some school subjects
With a degree in General Culture, I offer help to your children who need support to do homework, or who have trouble with certain subjects and who would need private lessons. Quiet, patient and attentive.

School support courses in English, French and maths for 7 to 9th harmos
Currently a student at the Beaulieu gymnasium, second year in option health. I would like to give tutoring courses in French, English and math (also German and science if necessary) for students from 7 to 9th harmos.

English, Graphic Design, Test Prep, Tutoring - Enthusiastic, Empathetic, Humorous but Strict (when needed :) ) - young teacher!
I specialize in tutoring English for Swiss-German and German people. Any age, from Beginner to Intermediate. I have experience in teaching young children, teenagers, and have helped Swiss young Apprentices to study/prepare for their business exams (KV - BEC examination). I am open to help anyone at any time! My students always enjoy my tutoring and have always scored with top marks when preparing for tests and examinations.

General English, Business English, Exam preparation
More than 10 years' experience I can teach: general English, business English, academic English, preparation for Cambridge Exams, IELTS or TOEFL. I teach ages 16+ I pay attention to balance my teaching between grammar and vocabulary (including pronunciation), fluency and accuracy, and the four skills: reading, writing, speaking and listening. I am a CELTA certified teacher and have an MA in TESOL (teaching English to speakers of other languages) I can prepare you for specific tasks / events: work presentations, email / report writing, job interviews etc. I speak Italian, German and French and use my this knowledge to help students who have these languages as their mother-tongue. For example, a German-speaker will make specific mistakes that will be different from those of a French-speaker.

Our students in Switzerland say it best about our teachers

Italian language and culture
Excellent, very polite, very organized and methodical. The course is very pleasant and fruitful.
Review by IOULIA T.
Cécile is a professional teacher with a personal approach. Besides being a very friendly person, her teaching is absolutely worth recommending.
Review by TIMON R.
French tuitions for expats
Laureline is well organized, experienced tutor. I like her teaching style. I would recommend her highly !
Review by KIHONG J.

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