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Cello, music theory and chamber music lessons
Cello and chamber music lessons. By professor graduated from the Tchaikovsky Conservatory in Moscow, master's degree in pedagogy and interpretation and from the Geneva University of Music. I like to share my teaching of music with enthusiasm, dynamism, rigor and humor. I have played with great musicians such as Steven Iserlis, Gauthier Capuçon, Charles Dutoit, Mikhail Pletnev, Martha Argerich, Joshua Bell in many concert halls around the world. For fifteen years, I have been offering specific and differentiated cello pedagogy for children and adults. This teaching aims at a regular progression and adapted to the needs and levels of each pupil while respecting their learning rhythm. My work offers tools that allow each cellist to be more and more comfortable and autonomous in his journey and approach to music. I also teach music theory in connection with the score (rhythm, intonation, understanding of the musical phrase) and I pay particular attention to musical interpretation through feelings and sensations. I would be delighted to meet you and accompany you in your discoveries of the cello. Teaching languages: French, English and Russian I'm heading home.

Transverse flute lessons with building your own instrument
course description My students particularly appreciate me for the large repertoire and techniques with which I can help them feel comfortable on the instrument and make music. Playing the flute is much more than just making music. You'll learn to breathe properly, learn something with a positive mindset, and maybe you'll also find out the quickest and easiest way to learn. I look forward to your registrations! 🤩 Further information at: www.dominiquebircher.com

Private lessons in Mathematics & Physics for all levels
Student at EPFL in 3rd year of Microtechnology, I am also assistant professor in Physics and Mathematics. I am willing to spend the time you need to understand these two subjects. My years as an assistant teacher have proven their worth and it has always gone very well for the students. Do not hesitate to contact me :)

Cello lessons for all ages and levels
Develop your physical and cognitive abilities, strengthen your memory, your concentration or even consolidate your self-confidence... The benefits of learning an instrument are numerous. Cellist in Master's degree at the Haute École de Musique de Genève, in pedagogy course, and holder of a Diploma of Musical Studies in musical training, I invite you to share my experience and my enthusiasm during private lessons or in small groups. My experiences as a teacher in music schools, in private lessons and within the Démos project coordinated by the Philharmonie de Paris, have allowed me to develop a pedagogy adapted to the needs and demands of students: installation of the bases of instrument, solidification of technique, discovery of the repertoire, stress management, keys to improvisation...The objective of the course is to develop one's freedom and autonomy on the instrument to have fun and share one's music! Music theory, music history or music theory can accompany the lessons if necessary. Whether you are just discovering the instrument or an already experienced cellist, we build the course together, according to your expectations. Also, whatever the age, whatever the route, with a little will, everyone can achieve it! Hope to meet you, Juliette

Violin, baroque violin and/or medieval bowed instruments classes
Classes of modern or baroque violin for beginners and intermediates levels, as well as medieval music/medieval bowed instruments classes given by an experienced young musician holder of two masters (baroque violin and medieval bowed instruments)

Violin lessons for beginners and advanced players of all ages
• Would you or your child like to play the violin? • I am a freelance violinist and give violin lessons in Zurich and Winterthur. I have free places from October. Feel free to arrange a lesson to get to know each other. My focus: violin, baroque violin, ensemble. Teaching languages: German, English, Polish.

French lessons from a native currently on exchange at EMPA
IN Hi, I am a French student in mechanical engineering. Currently in university exchange for a stay of six months, I am offering French classes for every level to help people learn and love this beautiful language. I am easily available, so feel free to send me a text. EN Hello, I am a French mechanical engineering student. Currently on a university exchange at EMPA for a period of six months, I offer French courses at all levels to allow everyone to improve, learn French and discover this beautiful language! I am easily available and flexible.

sports coaching for all audiences, specialization in physical preparation
My private sports class is a unique experience that adapts to everyone. My patience, attentiveness, humor and positivity create a pleasant learning environment. My master's degree in sports science allowed me to know a wide range of disciplines as well as pedagogy. I was able to put this into practice for 2 years in personalized coaching, which allows me to offer high quality coaching. I also gained experience helping my friends with personalized and motivating training programs. I adapt to your objectives: mass gain, weight loss, fitness, sporting objective or other In addition, I offer you different visions of physical activity: mastery of movement, respect for your body. I look forward to working with you and helping you progress.

Flute lessons from classical to pop to improvisation for all ages
Together we will explore the flute instrument in more detail and set out to achieve your wish or goal - be it learning a song by Billie Eilish, playing her favorite piece at grandma's birthday party, working on your technique and your fingers to train them so that they can play very fast passages, to discover new music with me in class and have fun, or, or, or! Beginners as well as advanced or returnees of all ages are welcome. I myself come from Aargau, but live and study in Bern at the University of the Arts. I am currently pursuing a master's degree in education. In addition to great chamber music and improvisation projects, I play and organize in the Bern student orchestra. I also have many years of experience with wind orchestras and enjoy leading register rehearsals. In addition to music, I really enjoy being in nature, for example in the mountains or the refreshing Aare. I also enjoy reading and am interested in psychological topics. I look forward to making music with you!

Clarinet lessons in Bern for all levels (children, adults, beginners, experienced, advanced, professional)
After many years of teaching clarinet, I would like to pass on my knowledge and awaken enthusiasm and interest in music in everyone, regardless of age or ability. In my lessons, I pay attention to which genre students would like to learn and which genre is suitable for our lessons. I assume that having fun while learning is very important. I have many methods for every level (beginner, experienced, advanced, professional, children, adults). I can also play the piano, which makes the lessons much more interesting and helps to go deeper into music, because music is more fun to live with!

French courses given by a graduate of university, author and speaker
Do you have gaps in conjugation or spelling? Or do you simply need an upgrade in French? I offer private French lessons adapted to all levels, tailor-made and at home, to allow you to make rapid progress in French. Whether in grammar, conjugation or spelling, I will put my pedagogical skills at your service to guarantee you a complete, personalized and pedogical school support.

Do you want to play flute, recorder or piano? Do you need some help in musical theory? Lessons for all ages and levels. Professional flute player and performer, laureate of international competitions and graduated from Special Musical College in Saint Petersburg (Russia) in teaching specialisation as well as from la Haute Ecole de Musique in Lausanne (Master of performance), and from Hochschule fur Musik in Basel (Master in contemporary music) proposes flute, recorder, piano and musical theory lessons. I have 10 years of teaching experience in Switzerland and France. During our lessons you will learn how to play music of different genres, from baroque to contemporary and pop, depending on your wishes. The lessons are suitable for all ages and levels and can be given in English, German, French or Russian. Tatiana

Drum Course (Beginner, Intermediate) (private lesson)
Whether you want to start music or already have some basic knowledge, I will be happy to deepen your knowledge of rhythm. Starting with some basic rhythms played in tempo for beginners, or for intermediate levels, the discovery of various styles of music (Rock, Reggae, Jazz, Metal, ...) I offer different approaches to the instrument: reading sheet music for people interested in moving quickly in the musical world, or learning by listening and reproducing already existing music (ideal if the idea is to acquire some notions for jamming with friends) In any case, I will adapt to the student's expectations to make the course as enjoyable as possible. Regarding the teacher: +10 years of drums, experience in the field of the stage, in the studio, 9 years of music in brass band type BrassBand and harmony, a little jack-of-all-trades (percussion, ukulele, piano, ...), and delighted to be able to share his knowledge ;) NB: Travel costs: CHF 10.00

Piano lessons / music theory / rhythm / accompaniment / composition etc..
Regardless of your age or your professional background, you are welcome to take piano lessons ranging from classical to jazz, including current and traditional world music and even film music! I also teach notions of music theory, improvisation and composition as a bonus. Let your creative imagination run free! Music brings a lot. Whether it's emotions, personal satisfaction, moments of grace, whether you're a spectator or on stage, encounters and exchanges that are so interesting with other musicians... My goal is to send you enough motivation and pleasure so that you never give up on this inexhaustible source of joy and discovery.

Tutoring in Mathematics / Physics / Computer Science by a Master student from ETH Zurich
I will be glad to transmit the content in maths, physics or computer science teached from middle school to Bachelor's degree. I always first use a high-level description of the concept to develop the intuition and to show to what extent it is useful. Then, I focus on practical exercises to challenge my students. I have a strong science background. After high school, I did two years of intense preparatory classes in Mathematics / Physics to enter the "Grandes Ecoles d'Ingénieur" in France. I got admitted to Centrale Paris, a top-2 engineering school in France after national exams and pursued there a Mathematical / Computer Science oriented curriculum. I then went to ETH Zürich for a MSc in Data Science, where I currently am in my second year. I would be really motivated to teach all the wonderful concepts I learned :)

Private lessons (primary level to gymnasium)
Currently, in the first year of Bachelor in Psychology at the University of Lausanne, I offer private lessons or tutoring from compulsory school to gymnasium. It comes naturally to me to pass on my knowledge with kindness and patience, to listen to the needs of children and to encourage their learning. I already have several experiences of homework help. I live in Fontanivent a few minutes from Montreux. I am available during the week, but also on weekends. I try to give support lessons for the pleasure of being in the company of children and to obtain more experience. I am at your disposal for more information, see you soon. Inès

Summer support courses specially designed to help young schoolchildren strengthen their skills in key subjects
Each subject is taught interactively and adapted to the age and level of each child, creating a learning environment favorable to their academic development. Course objectives: Improved French skills: Students will develop their understanding of the French language, including reading, writing, grammar and spelling. Building Math Skills: Students will be guided to solve math problems, understand fundamental concepts, and develop mental math skills.

Desarrolla tus Habilidades Lingüísticas: Clases de Español y Catalán
My name is Mireia, and I'm thrilled to offer Spanish classes in St. Gallen. As a teacher with over 5 years of experience in language education, I'm here to help you improve your Spanish or Catalan skills in a fun and effective way. What I offer: - Spanish classes tailored to your needs and proficiency level. - Strong experience in language teaching, with a focus on effective communication. - A friendly and motivating learning environment.

Certified Personal trainer and Boxing Trainer available
Certified Personal Trainer (UK) Former Pro Boxer (US) Strength and Conditioning I train from professional athletes to beginners Workout and boxing classes Individual and group classes Adults and childrens Boxing Bootcamp (outdoor) Work out Bootcamp

Préparation personnalisée pour Bachelor et/ou Master en Économie en Anglais ou Français!
Hello to every type of student seeking success further than school classrooms or university amphitheaters! My name is Oliver, I am candidating for a master's degree of Science in Economics at the University of Geneva. This year is my last year being a student and I would gladly help you meet the same success I encountered until today. Before focusing on this fascinating topic, I obtained my Bachelor's degree in International Relations and my Swiss maturity ( baccalaureate) with a specialization in mathematics and physics. I've also won two prizes, one for accomplishing the highest average in my city and the second one coming from the Swiss Rotary Club for my student life and other accomplishments. I’ve been tutoring for five years multiple students struggling with mathematics. My method and approach to the topic allowed them to unlock their potential and become more confident in their courses. I believe that with my experience and your determination, we could together accomplish significant progress and prepare you for your next exam session assiduously! Contact me as soon as possible to better your study routine! :))) Topics : French, Mathematics, Physics, English, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Econometrics, Statistics, Oliver Je suis candidat à l’université de Genève en Master de Sciences Économiques. Auparavant j'ai accompli un Bachelor en Relations Internationales suite à l'obtention de ma maturité avec l'Option Physique et application des Mathématiques ainsi que deux prix ; Meilleure moyenne de la ville du Grand-Saconnex ainsi que prix du Rotary Club. Je cherche à donner des cours pour subvenir à mes besoins d'étudiant et divers frais universitaires. Ce que vous traversez en ce moment, mathématiquement parlant, je l'ai traversé une fois à l'ECG et lors de l’obtention de ma maturité gymnasiale ainsi qu’à l’université. Je pense donc vraiment pouvoir vous guider à bon port, et surtout, à votre réussite scolaire !!

Support/Support/Repeater for scientific subjects
I offer support courses in various subjects to help you see or review concepts that you can tackle during your studies. Support can be provided in the following subjects mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology and includes all levels from secondary school to the first year of university. With one-on-one support, I allow you to understand in depth the concepts you discover during your courses and to clarify points of misunderstanding. It is also an opportunity to practice by carrying out exercises to internalize new methodologies and prepare for exams.

Our students in Switzerland say it best about our teachers

Italian language and culture
Excellent, very polite, very organized and methodical. The course is very pleasant and fruitful.
Review by IOULIA T.
Cécile is a professional teacher with a personal approach. Besides being a very friendly person, her teaching is absolutely worth recommending.
Review by TIMON R.
French tuitions for expats
Laureline is well organized, experienced tutor. I like her teaching style. I would recommend her highly !
Review by KIHONG J.

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