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CLAY - Creative Learning and You (English for everyone and Maths for children upto the age of 11)
Creative Learning and You offers English classes for all age groups and Maths classes for children upto 11 years of age. These are personalized lessons designed according to the needs of the students. Learning through gamification and using sensory methods which helps the learner retain and understand better. I have 8 years of experience working in an international school in India and have worked with students from over 20 different countries. I am from India and have recently moved to Switzerland. I am a qualified primary teacher and have a TESOL certification from London.

German - English - French: Summer Revisions / Success Reviews
University student in Master of Law in Lausanne and Zurich, I am very motivated to teach German, like English and their sometimes barbaric grammar rules in the eyes of college and gymnasian ... I am a positive person, smiling, and who takes the time to explain not so complicated grammar rules when they are well taught! :) Feel free to contact me for more information!!

Math, Physics, Coding, Data Structures and Algorithms
You'll expand your knowledge in subjects such as math, physics, coding and data structures/algorithms. This is for students who need further assistance or would like to deepen their knowledge in the areas mentioned above. If you are an absolute beginner thats okay too, I've dealt with many beginners in secondary and at a higher level. If you happen to be a bit more advanced I'm keen to help you further achieve at your highest potential.

Gives private lessons, math, physics, prepares for French bac
Rather interested in science courses, from CO I can work in punctual support, ongoing over a year. I am mainly where there are difficulties Classes can be done in groups. This year, I was a private teacher for someone who wanted to pass the French scientific baccalaureate. I like bein also philosophy. I am dual culture. I move on the Lake Geneva, or in the French speaking cantons, according to the established program. I am available during the school holidays to catch up, if need be.

Help Duty for any grade level and knowledge of the sports field.
Bachelor's degree in education and motor skills in the field of education with experience with students of all ages in the field of physical education. The purpose of the course is to take back what is not understood by the student in order to identify the difficulties and make him resolve thanks to the reflection and help that I can bring him

Ancient and Greek Language and Latin for all levels
Do you like Greece? Art, culture, travel destination, philosophy, sciences, history and language. Ancient Greeks established themselves in the world, spread their knowledge and expertises, and left us with the treasure of philosophy above all. Even if your goal is to travel to a Greek island and want to have the confidence of the basic communication or even if you really want to learn and study Greek, modern or ancient, and Latin, or give exams for school, I can help you develop your language skills. Our lessons will include grammar, syntax, conversation, history and culture, personalized exercises and notes.

Foreign language course (German English and Spanish) as well as French and history.
I go through playful and visual methods to explain grammar and vocabulary. I also like to work oral so according to the level of the student I try to express myself as often as possible in the foreign language of the course.

Flute lessons / Flute lessons
I offer flute lessons in and around Geneva. (ENGLISH BELOW) Flutist of Finnish origin, I spent the last three years in Switzerland where I perfected my instrumental mastery as part of a Master. Thanks to regular work with individual students and several replacements at the Conservatoire Popular de Musique in Geneva (among others) and in several music schools in Finland, I gained a lot of teaching experience. In Finland I studied instrumental pedagogy and I am currently pursuing it at the Haute Ecole de Musique in Geneva. For me, the goal of teaching is to always work with a smile without forgetting the objectives, adapted to each student individually. I'm offering flute lessons in the Geneva area. Originally coming from Finland, I've spent my last three years in Switzerland while doing my master studies of flute. Teaching a teacher as a teacher in a private school. When studying in Finland I already started my instrument pedagogic studies and I'm filling in the High School of Music in Geneva. For me as a teacher, the most important thing is to always study in a good and encouraging atmosphere while still heading towards the waypoints of the instrumental learning.

French Classes for all levels (A1 to B2/C1). Grammar, Vocabulary, Oral Comprehension, Conversation skills by Native French Speaker
I have been teaching French (A1 to B2/C1) for several years. Students include: - Secondary School - High School students who want to improve their French skills/prep for exams - College and University students - PhD students and company employees Skills include : - Grammar (theory, exercises) - Vocabulary - Conversation skills (daily skills to survive in a French speaking region/country) - Listening/reading/writing Exercises and topics are chosen depending on the student's goals and level.

Josep Mas
Saxophon, Musik Theorie, Spanisch oder Catalanisch
SAXOPHONE LESSONS- 60 minutes lesson or according to the level 45 minutes lesson. Basics of the saxophone, different repertoires ( classic, jazz, improvisation...) use of multimedia. MUSIC THEORY- completely adapted to the student, musical examples, analysis, history of music, eartraining... SPANISH AND CATALAN LESSONS- focused on the speaking and to improve grammatic and vocabulary skills

Private lessons of Accounting- Finance- Hospitality Management
Professor of Accounting, Finance, Hospitality and Management. I give private lessons in (Accounting, Finance, Hospitality and Management) in French and English. These courses are aimed at the BBA and MBA levels of international universities and hotel management schools. Feel free to contact me for more information.

German Lessons: Learn German with these easy tricks!
German might seem like a very complicated language. If you are having trouble finding your way with problematic grammar or strange pronunciation, don't worry. I'm a native speaker who studied literature and I'm now working as a professional writer. I can teach you tricks to hack the german language and learn it with ease, both written and spoken, from Levels A1 to B2.

Guitar and Singing Lessons, from a Creative, Young Semi-Professional Song-Writer
I offer both lessons in guitar and singing and I could assist aspiring song-writers as well. I have been exposed to, and personally played, a variety of genres of rock, blues, and metal over the years and pride myself as being quite diverse in my compositions. Within the lessons, I would be focusing on the needs of the student (be it intermediate, beginner, or advanced) and tailor the sessions specifically. I will help identify strengths and weaknesses and will discuss a good approach for personal development. I implement a learning-by-doing approach, so the sessions will be focused around learning through song-playing and putting new techniques into practice. Have I caught your attention? Then please don't hesitate to reach out to me so we can discuss in further details! May music be your guide! Tony

Yoga for Broken Backs :) - Private yoga therapy classes
Long hours spent on a chair slowly sum up and sooner or later our mistreated bodies fire back with a back pain that can lead to even less activity, which leads to even more back pain, which leads to even less activity and so on. These classes will give you the tools to get out of this vicious circle. During the class you will learn how to stand, how to sit, how to relieve your back, how to align your body, how to breath and much more.You will also learn how the body alignment affects the state of the mind, thus how to release tensions not only from the body but also from the mind. Whether you have never tried yoga before (nor any other activity) or you are already an experienced yoga practitioner, all can benefit from learning and deepening this particular approach.

All levels tutoring courses in the Lake Geneva region
Graduate teacher offers an individualized pedagogy, assistance with the preparation of questions or exams. My goal is to advance the student without overburdening him and especially that he understands what he is doing. I regularly make replacements in public schools but I have a much more pragmatic approach to learning. If needed, I can provide progress reports periodically, but I am sure you will see the difference in your child for yourself

Edwin Valdez
Andean Music Native instrument Flute, pan flute ,Guitare ,Charango et chant
Instruments andean Flute des andes(quena) ,Pan flute (zampoña - sicus),guitare et charango.Répertoire latino américaine notamment Bolivien aussi Chant espagnol quechua et aymara théorie musical possibilité de répertoire classique ou universel avec arrangements pour les instruments.

French classes for non-French speakers
I obtained a Bachelor of Science in education mention education and training and since 2015, I replace the primary school for the DIP of Geneva. If you are not French speaking, I am motivated to offer French lessons adapted to your level and that meet your expectations in order to achieve your goals.

Personalised English Speaking and Writing or Poetry
Anyone can learn English at and age. I have a lot or ressources aswell so there isnt and need to go to a language centre if you are not that type of learner. I can advise you regarding taking steps towards fluency. YES! I do have experience. I have taught English for 7 years in Private Schools and Adult Training and Education Centres.

Tuition, tutoring on Lausanne Math, Physics,
Hello, My name is Nacer, I am a third-year Bachelor student at EPFL in Mechanical Engineering. I offer courses in Maths, Physics, at a weekly frequency (flexible days, to discuss) in the Lausanne region. I have already done various assistantships for basic science courses for freshmen at EPFL. Hope to meet you,

Homework help for primary or secondary level (cycle and secondary 2)
I offer my help for children and teenagers having trouble doing their homework alone. I can help them in all subjects of the classical school. However I could not help for professional schools such as the cfpt.

Cello Class for ALL | Lausanne (and surroundings)
Cellist with a Master's degree from the University of Music Lausanne, I offer cello lessons for young and old music lovers, beginners or advanced. Whether you want to familiarize yourself with the cello, prepare an exam, discover new works or musical styles, join a group or try improvisation, I will be happy to accompany you in this journey. I have been teaching cello for many years, in music school, college, or private lessons, and combines a great experience of the stage with a patience and rigor foolproof, all in an extremely good mood! Musically yours ;-)

Our students in Switzerland say it best about our teachers

Italian language and culture
Excellent, very polite, very organized and methodical. The course is very pleasant and fruitful.
Review by IOULIA T.
Cécile is a professional teacher with a personal approach. Besides being a very friendly person, her teaching is absolutely worth recommending.
Review by TIMON R.
French tuitions for expats
Laureline is well organized, experienced tutor. I like her teaching style. I would recommend her highly !
Review by KIHONG J.

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