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Harp lessons with Mathilde / Harfenunterricht mit Mathilde
Have you always dreamed of playing the harp? Mathilde gives harp lessons for all ages in Bern and the surrounding area. Haben Sie schon immer davon geträumt, Harfe zu spielen? Mathilde gibt Harfenunterricht für alle Altersgruppen in Bern und Umgebung.

Private Spanish lessons - face-to-face or online -
Teacher of Spanish ELE (Teaching Spanish as a foreign language) certified by the Instituto Cervantes, I set up courses for children and adults of all levels, beginners, intermediate and advanced (reading, grammar, vocabulary, writing, oral expression). The content of my lessons adapts to the needs of each student and their learning pace, through the role-playing through role plays, thematic conversations, various examples, music, news and exercise manuals, I shape my classes so that learning is dynamic, motivating, and speaking. During my professional experiences, Executive in hotel management (my basic job), and in the other fields where I worked, I worked a lot in French, Spanish and English. With a few years of experience in teaching private lessons and in language institutes, I suggest moving to the student's home, or doing the courses online. I remain of course at your disposal for any further information, do not hesitate to contact me Regards, Graciela

Support in Maths, Physics, Chemistry of educational quality
Experienced professor, Doctor of Sciences of the University, I help my students in Maths Physics Chemistry to pass their exams and competitions and also to make the best decisions concerning their exams, choice of university and professional career. The course is aimed at people who want to make a success of their year at the gymnasium, university or Haute Ecole: I give success to students who need a "boost", to those who are actively preparing for an exam or competition and to those who wish to significantly broaden their skills. So, everyone who worked with me achieved their science goals. I am a pedagogue, professional, and pleasant coach in Maths, Physics and Chemistry, passionate about helping students to obtain the best possible results. With more than 15 years of tutoring experience, I have prepared many students who have received their specialized or gymnastic or federal maturity and students accepted at the best universities and Hautes Écoles: MATURITY PREPARATION UNIVERSITY PREPARATION SUPPORT BACHELOR EPFL UNIL UNIGE HEC LAUSANNE ... Preparation for exams IB, MATU, ECUS, ADMISSION EPFL Support for upgrading (MAN) EPFL, for students who did not obtain sufficient marks during the first semester. Support for students whatever their level: - Secondary (MATU - IB ...) - EPFL, UNIL, HES, EHL, HEC, UNIGE, other universities.

Harvard educated native Chinese helps you to achieve your goal!
I am a Harvard graduate with a master's degree in management. I am a culturally seasoned native Chinese and with rich experience living and learning in Europe and North America. I am excited to explore the journey of learning Chinese with people of all levels, and I am especially eager to facilitate interested people to master the Chinese language at a deeper level. Your course is tailored to meet your specific needs, for example, for essential daily interaction, academic or business purposes with different emphasis on speaking, reading, or writing. I will enrich your learning experience with the understanding of the Chinese culture from both contemporary and historical perspectives, specifically, language evolution, values and general perceptions, social structural, and folk art, etc. To ensure the maximum value of your time, I will continuously monitor and adjust the teaching method and content based on your feedback. The teaching language will be in Chinese and English. Thank you, and happy learning!

Singing lessons (contemporary music and jazz) Lausanne and surroundings
The singing lessons allow to develop the voice pose, the development of the artistic personality, the vocal technique and the development of the voice through various styles. Learn to master the head voice, chest voice and mixed voice as well as the various types of voice: belting, saturated voice, falsetto,… in order to be comfortable in the different styles! The body plays a central role in the singing technique. Thus, bodily and sensory work in space, as well as, for some, the development of bodily presence on stage, are themes addressed during the lessons. We will also work on the ear, the accuracy and the improvement of the rhythm, as well as the improvisation and the creation of songs for advanced students who want it.

Elena Guingand
Kundalini Yoga classes in Geneva at your place or outdoor
I am a Kundalini Yoga Teacher Certified I teach Kundalini Yoga in Geneva In the following languages: _ English _ Ukrainian _ Russian I can meet you either at a yoga studio (indoor) or at your place or outdoor to be in contact with nature… (for example in the magnificent setting of the Parc des Eaux-Vives). > At a yoga studio Studios setting their own rates Please consult the rates directly on the websites of the referenced studios. or contact me (I will soon add the list of yoga studios where I give classes…). > At your place or outdoor Private and Semi-Private Classes - 90 min Course Kundalini Yoga class at your place or outdoor classes Private Class Semi-Private Class 2-3 Semi-Private Class 4-5 Each yoga class lasts about 1h30 and is composed as follows: * 10 to 15 minutes of warm-up, * 50 to 60 minutes of exercises (postures or asanas), * 10 to 15 minutes of relaxation.

Private lessons in mathematics - physics - chemistry
Student in scientific preparatory class at the lycée du Parc, for several years giving private lessons in math, physics and chemistry, I realized how nice helping students in the field of education was. This is why I offer you my help in these subjects throughout the summer at flexible hours. From small classes to high school, I will be able to adapt specifically to the needs of each student, in particular by writing myself exercise subjects that best correspond to the skills of each student as well as those expected from the program. I apply myself during each course to establish a rigor necessary for the success of the students as well as to develop a scientific curiosity so as to allow the students to progress autonomously thereafter. In this particular situation of health crisis, many students were unable to work in conditions as pleasant as desired. I will of course adapt to everyone's situations (face-to-face or by videoconference / virtual board) during this summer so that each student can find a level corresponding to the expectations of the program for next year. Remaining at your disposal for further information.

Painting & Drawing private lessons. Art classes for begginers or intermediate
I specialize in tutoring drawing and painting for people interested in art. You can attend my private classes even if you are just a begginer in painting or drawing, or if you are at an intermediate level and want to learn more technniques. My goal is to keep my students challenged, in a relaxed atmosphere. I will help you create your own personal and original artworks.

Songwriting & composition lessons! For music enthusiasts!
It is important to me to respond to the specific wishes of the student. That means you can show me what you are musically up to. This can be, for example, a song that you are writing. I look at your compositions together with you and give feedback and tips. I will also show you different approaches to composing that can bring you new ideas or are helpful when the writing process is stalling. In examples from music we look for inspiration and try to explain our theories. I am very open in style and have experience from string quartet to pop songs (with preproduction on garage tape etc.) to big band (notation on Sibelius). I just love the music and am happy to be able to share my knowledge.

Math student at EPFL gives private math lesson around Lausanne
My lessons will allow you to consolidate your long-term skills in mathematics, and increase your results visibly in the short term. I adapt to your objectives, with a personalized balance between theory and practice. Concretely, it is a question of ensuring that you have acquired all the theoretical bases, then of applying your knowledge by practicing a lot, so that you manage to resolve the exercises in evaluation. --- After obtaining my French BAC S with honors (20/20 in math, 18.36 / 20 on the general average), I did a first year of MPSI prep at Lycée Henri IV in Paris. I am returning this year to a bachelor 1 in math at EPFL. I always liked to explain the course points that my class colleagues did not understand. My passion for math drives me to pass on my knowledge, and I find myself particularly satisfied when I manage to make my students understand concepts and methods.

Support Course for High School / Gymnasium / College Option Economics and Law / CFC Business Employee / CFC Retail
This course is available to all students of the optional economy and law school but also apprentices in CFC of commercial employee. The course may be general or specific by focusing on specific points that the student does not master. Support course for students from the gymnasium / high school or CFC. Available in Neuchâtel or Broye (Estavayer-Payerne).

English, Social Studies, and General Homework Help
Native English speaker – I am a qualified Australian secondary school teacher, specialising in English, History, Geography, Economics & Business. I have a passion for working with and supporting children of all ages to learn, and have experience supporting those with learning difficulties.

Homework help as well as language and history / geo lessons
Being in distance maturity, I manage my schedule at my convenience which gives me a fair amount of freedom to come and give lessons at any time of the day. I am happy to travel to the student's home, but I can also give distance lessons with the zoom application in particular. I am passionate about languages, French and English, with which I am at ease both oral and written (bilateral notions) German with notions B1 oral and also writes. I therefore offer homework help courses in French, German, English, but also history and geography. Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. Hope to meet you! Victoria

Learn Korean with a qualified and experienced teacher.
BA qualified Korean language teacher offers private lessons for all levels. - Courses built to the needs and abilities of students from Korean Alphabet (한글) to TOPIK (Test of Proficiency in Korean), from Sejong textbook to K-Pop lyrics. - Lessons in English for beginners and in Korean for intermediate & advanced. - Assignment given and expected to be fulfilled. Will be returned with corrections.

English and Italian private lessons for children and adults
This course is for everyone that wants to improve their language skills in Italian or English. With more than 7 years of experience teaching (both children and adults) and a bachelor in economics I can help you reach your goal. Whether you have to prepare for an exam or simply want to feel more confident with the language do not hesitate to start!

Clarinet and Music Theory Lessons for all Levels and Ages
Since I was a walking baby, my mom said I was a musician. As the years passed, this path drew itself almost alone. Was just right before coming abroad alone when I knew this passion was bigger than anything else I have in life. It was also since then, that I realized that more than all the performance musicians that I admired I should admire my teachers that allowed me to grow and discover my full potential. So, I perceived I want do be the creator of someone else's path and growth, both human and musically as I believe it is impossible to disconnect them, being music the ultimate form of expression. I don't have a lot of experience but I'm young, fast at adapting to new environments, and especially willing to grow and to be my best at every moment with every particular person. "Music can change the world because it can change people."

Homework help in math, physics and languages
I can provide your children with help with homework, reviews, etc. I am in second year of gymnasium, optional specific application of mathematics and physics. I can create exercises, tests, etc. so that your child can fill in the gaps.

Clarinet lessons for everyone! Live and discover music through learning an instrument.
Hello! Holder of the Master in Pedagogy at the HEMU as well as in training within the international federation Willems, I offer clarinet lessons for all levels. Having already worked in conservatories and music schools, I also give private lessons, but also musical awakening in a center for children in difficulty, Willems musical initiation courses as well as educational follow-up during internships for harmony orchestras. Member of the association Ensemble Eole, I am involved in various solidarity and educational projects. I like to work at the rhythm of each one and to value a learning in a positive spirit! Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, Hope to meet you, Eva

Become familiar with stylistic writing, literature and the French language
Knowing how to write is, more than ever, an essential quality: between internet articles, motivation letters, management of social networks, we don't find ourselves there anymore! And then, beyond the utilitarian dimension of language, do we know only the beneficial impact that well-structured sentences, a broad vocabulary and a subtlety in the choice of register have on the structure of our thoughts? Finally, who has never, when hearing a speaker, wished to use a language with such ease and beauty? Holder of a French bac with honors, a diploma in English-French literary translation from McGill University, student in European Studies at the University of Geneva and in charge of the cultural department of the Swiss Diplomacy Student Association, the language French and I have been longtime companions. Having taught French several times, I enjoy sharing and learning in return. Do not hesitate to tell me about your doubts, difficulties and questions and I will try to target your needs as well as possible. For more information, I will gladly provide my CV. Thank you!

Tutoring in German and English - Great experience!
Graduate student in biology, I give support courses in German, English and science (biology and chemistry), for students until high school. My goal is to help the student in his homework, to help him prepare for an exam, or simply to help him deepen a subject. I have 4 years of experience in tutoring, and have followed students for several years. I obtained my maturity in a bilingual German course, so it is a language that I master well and that I am used to teaching.

Chinese Speaking/ Listening comprehension at all level
I like to communicate with everyone, make friends and exchange cultures. I think learning a language is fun when you also understand the culture. The lesson program is entirely up to you and at any level. I will do my best to make learning languages fun and enjoyable. You will learn how to communicate in the most effective and polite way to any Chinese speakers.

Our students in Switzerland say it best about our teachers

Italian language and culture
Excellent, very polite, very organized and methodical. The course is very pleasant and fruitful.
Review by IOULIA T.
Cécile is a professional teacher with a personal approach. Besides being a very friendly person, her teaching is absolutely worth recommending.
Review by TIMON R.
French tuitions for expats
Laureline is well organized, experienced tutor. I like her teaching style. I would recommend her highly !
Review by KIHONG J.

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