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Learn how to speak Chinese Mandarin and get to know Chinese culture
This course provides a native insight into the Chinese language Mandarin. We will go through some common phrases and sentences used in Mandarin for basic tourism purposes. We will focus on pronunciation and expression. We will also get to know some interesting cultural facts in Mandarin. You will be able to communicate in Mandarin for basic tourism purposes, without creating misunderstandings caused by imprecise pronunciation. You will also gain a preliminary knowledge of Chinese culture. P.S. Customize welcome.

Speak spanish do not wait anymore!! Habla español ahora mismo!! method based on universal grammar!!
Based on Noam Chomsky Generative's grammar studies, I developed a method to master Spanish, as English and Spanish share some linguistic roots I can guide you to finally learn that difficult language, for passion, for culture, for business spanish is the second largest tongue in the world, so accept this invitation to open your world and introduce this language to your life. the class can be taught in English or Spanish it depends of you Spanish skills, the limit is your daily time for studying, learning a new language is not like learning math or any other colleague field, language is a human cultural manifestation thus learning a language is more a matter to get involved with the culture and daily live of the language..

Spanish for Students -- from beginner-friendly to advanced grammar
With a degree from the University of Washington in Spanish, classes range from beginner-friendly to advanced grammar. Inquire within if seeking a Spanish tutor, are preparing for a stay in a Spanish-speaking country, or are wanting to not let your Spanish get rusty.

Highly Experienced Math Tutor for K-12 including Test Prep, Calculus AB/BC, IB Math SL/HL
I specialized in tutoring math and the SAT/ACT exams. With appropriate explanation and guidance based on over 15 years of tutoring along with homework for practice and/or preview, my student can master any challenging concepts or topics in math up-to Calculus. There will be periodic review to confirm if students retain what they learned properly, and I will provide periodic progress report. Education: Master's in Engineering Experience: 1000+ students tutored over 15+ years Average tutoring years for each student: 4+ years Testimonials: The SAT score from June came out. Scored 1570 (770 for the Reading and 800 for the Math). I sincerely thank for all of your support and guidance for my daughter to achieve this score! ------ (S. L. July, 2021) Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication for my son's accomplishments, for more than five years of experience with your service and support. We as a family want to sincerely express our appreciation for you all! ------ (J.H. June, 2021) Thank you, so much, for helping me grow into the person I am now. ------ (J. L. June, 2021) Thank you so much for your help and guidance for many years in the past. He has been accepted and decided to go to USC Business school. ------ (M. L. April, 2021) Your efforts, guidance and encouragement to my son for many years helped us to this point, we are grateful for your support ------- (Y.H. December, 2020) Thank you both for your work over the course of multiple years to get me to this point, with countless standardized tests that were a big part of my application. I appreciate all the time and effort it took from your part! ----- (H.H. December, 2020) I have loved immersing myself in mathematics with you. Thank you so much for all of your advice on math, high school, and testing among other things! ----- (D. M. December, 2018) Thank you for everything. This (getting high score on the SAT Subject Physics test) would not be possible without your guidance! ----- (S.H. November, 2018) Thank you so much for everything! It has been such a great blessing and experience for the two months. You have been such a inspiration to me, thank you! ----- (B.L. 2017) Thank you for helping me prepare for the SAT. I wouldn't have been able to get a score like this if it wasn't this program. I appreciate all the support I received from your staff. Thank you again! ----- (J.K. 2017) I got my ACT April scores back and I am very happy with them! I reached my goal. Thank you and the rest of staff members for helping me through the arduous process and coming out successful. ----- (S. Z. 2017)

Linda Peña
Dance classes in Miami. Have you always wanted to learn to dance? Do you think you have two left feet? Come and check!
Have you always wanted to learn to dance? Do you think you have two left feet? Come and let's dance in the comfort of your home! Learn with a bilingual teacher (English-Spanish) with 12 years of experience! We have personalized classes at home of: - Sauce. - Bachata. - Reggaeton. - Meringue. -Tango. -Jazz. - Contemporary dance. - Ballet. Stretching and relaxation. Schedules: Monday to Friday 7am to 12pm. Saturdays 8am-6pm. Sun 10am-3pm. All ages and levels, don't wait any longer! In Miami Doral.

Piano Lessons for Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Learn piano in a fun and relaxing environment ! Learn the basics such as note reading and counting or learn how to become a better player with new technique training Class is custom tailored to your needs and learning level Students will learn how to perform and how to play their favorite songs along with the classics

Beginner/Starter Drum Lessons With Stephen.
Have you been wanting to learn a new instrument, specifically the drums? Well you've come to the right place! During my beginner level drum lessons, students will be taught a variety of things that will be useful for building a good foundation in drumming. This will allow them to then progress to being an intermediate drummer and also a professional. Students will be taught the different types of drums, how to set up a kit with maximum comfortability, hand stretching to prevent cramps, the awareness of a steady beat, good posture/technique, tempo, a few beginner drum fills, and much more. But most of all, these students will have fun while doing it! I am eager to work with you all!

Learn and improve in French while having fun
It depends on your level, we can see vocabulary, conjugation, grammar, reading, writing, speaking, write a CV and cover letter in French and pass an interview in French. It depends on your level, you can see vocabulary, conjugation, grammar, reading, writing, speaking, writing a CV and cover letter in French, and passing an interview in French.

Private lessons in French and mathematics in NYC
I graduated from Ecole Centrale Paris and UC Berkeley University. I gave lessons in France to high school students, undergraduate students and preparatory students. I like to give lessons and accompany my students as best as I can. I am therefore willing to give French lessons for the preparation of the French baccalaureate as well as the lower levels and math lessons for all levels.

STOMP Musician teaching Drums & Percussion Lessons!
From drum set, to body percussion, to congas, to djembe; my percussion classes are tailored to your goals and genre of your choice! My approach to teaching is to first assess my students current interests and abilities and then design a personalized curriculum for them which will combine both music theory and notation reading with play by ear skills. The main focus is help students reach their goals while also developing into a well rounded musician. I'm comfortable with students of any age and with any special needs! At my studio I have an array of percussion including (drum sets, djembes, congas, bongos, Middle Eastern percussion, hand pan, Brazilian percussion, mallet percussion etc.) and should you decide to study online I have professional audio equipment to make your lessons as close to in person quality as possible! So what are you waiting for? Lets make your rhythmic dreams a reality!

Private lessons in math, physics, chemistry - college level to scientific preparation
I just finished my second year at CentraleSupélec. This year, I am doing a double degree with Columbia University in New York for 18 months. Former student of Ginette (Lycée Sainte-Geneviève in Versailles) in PCSI then PC *, I was selected to ensure the physics colles in this same high school with a PCSI class throughout the year. I offer private lessons in different scientific subjects: physics, chemistry, mathematics, etc. Addressing students who may go from college to scientific preparatory classes in grandes écoles. I can also provide training glues in these different materials. I rely heavily on the student's request. My pedagogy focuses on the development of a methodology adapted to the student. Indeed, I am convinced from my school and teaching experiences that each student can achieve their goals by appropriating the most effective ways of working. I adapt my prices according to the level and the demand of the students. We will determine together what is right for you after making contact and agreeing on your request.

Diego Martínez
Spanish Native Teacher. Private Spanish lessons for all ages.
First of all, I always like to have a first lesson to determine both the level and the needs of the student. In this way, I can gradually develop a flexible lesson plan, subject to possible changes according to the different needs that may arise. My lessons, in general, tend to be dynamic and entertaining, so that my students are engaged from beginning to end, even though I know that all learning has fun moments and moments that require more effort from both the student and the teacher. I have specialized in intercultural language teaching. In this way, I use cultural materials during my classes and make my cultural background available to the students, thus encouraging s their curiosity and thirst for knowledge, so that they learn both a language and a new culture.

Singing Lessons and Basic Music Theory for All Ages and Level
Exploring Your Singing Voice!!! It is my belief that anyone can sing as the body is built to speak and sing. So if you or your child loves to sing, it is never too late nor too early to learn one's self-expression through singing. I work with people of all ages from beginners, hobbyists, the curious, and to everyone in between who yearns to explore their singing voices. Lessons are tailored for each individual depending on their level and goals for singing. My lessons cover Vocal Function/Technique, Basic Music Theory, and learning and performing a song. The Vocal Technique I teach is grounded in the principles of Functional Singing and Somatic Voicework ™ The LoVetri Method. Vocal technique which covers Posture, Breathing, Body and Vocal Warm-ups, and Vocal Exercises prepares the body to sing freely, effortlessly, and powerfully. It facilitates awareness of mind, body, and breath connection which promotes freedom of expression and brings forth the joy of singing

New York Violin Lessons Available in Person and Online
Ms. is an award-winning concert violinist with in-depth experience in training students at beginning, intermediate and advanced levels. She utilizes different methods that are tailored to the needs and abilities of her students. Dr. Augustyn received her training from The Juilliard School, and Manhattan School of Music. Having studied with world’s most recognized teachers and musicians such as Anat Malkin-Almani, Isaac Malkin, Sherry Kloss and Joseph Silverstein, among others, she enjoys passing on the body of knowledge she has gained herself. Currently Ms. teaches both in person and online. Please feel free to contact her if you would like more information.

Learn French! Personalized Lessons for All Ages Given by an Experienced French Teacher & Francophone Traveler!
I specialize in teaching and tutoring French for students of all ages and all levels from beginning to intermediate to advanced. I personalize instruction for all of my students, depending on their needs and on how they learn best, using a variety of teaching methods and learning styles, according to your style. The focus is to learn how to speak, listen, read, and write in French. I can help you with homework, help you to understand difficult concepts, help your conversation skills, etc. I have taught French for 10+ years (elementary school, middle school, high school, and university levels), and I have also taught private lessons in peoples' homes since 2013. I have taught in Omaha, NE, Harrisburg, PA, and Dakar, Senegal. Currently, I am teaching an online class on Zoom for the Alliance Française of Omaha.

Spanish clases with a native engineering student from Barcelona, Spain
My name is Javier, I am 23 year old and my field of study is Structural engineering. Currently I am Masters student at Illinos Tech (IIT). I have experience in teaching Spanish, English, Catalan, and Science subjects from a wide range of levels. My learning methods are based on conversational clases about many topics to improve in fluency and being able to put in practice all the acquired knowledge learnt in theory clases. I offer well structured classes in which the student learns to read, write, listen and speak, always in a real context. I combine different types of activities and materials to make the class enjoyable and make the student feel comfortable. I believe that each student has their own learning pace and it must be respected. With a good teacher everyone can achieve their goal.

Ballroom dance and choreography Bachata, merengue, salsa.
Choreographies for all kinds of events (weddings, fifteen years, graduations, etc.) Ballroom dancing sauce Bachata Meringue Urban rhythms Surprise dances Opening Classes for beginners We speak english and spanish We adapt to your learning pace Private and group classes

Clases de español de España (Native Spanish) Learn how to speak and use your Spanish with me.
Native Spanish classes (Spain). I have been teaching Spanish to different people from many countries when I was in Spain as an extra job. Being my student you will learn many ways to express many ways to express yourself. We will have a great time!

Offering Jazz Guitar Instruction from a current Professor.
Professor of Jazz Guitar also offering Guitar lessons for many styles and any level. Whether you're a novice interested in beginner Guitar lessons, an intermediate player looking to expand your horizons, or an advanced musician seeking a deeper plunge into Jazz and/or Guitar techniques, I want to help!

Juan Luis
Spanish Lessons in Washinton DC. Clases de Español
Spanish is a rich and interesting laguage to learn, spoken by millions of people all around the globe. I come from Madrid (Spain) and would gladly help you reach your goals regarding this beautiful language. Spanish is my native language and I have been teaching different subjects such as languages, music and piano for several years, so don´t doubt to contact me for anything you might be interested in!

Piano lessons, Music Theory, Creative Performance.
Piano For Beginners is a class designed for students that want to learn to play the piano having no prior experience. In this class you will learn the basics of music notation, theory, and technique. By the end of this class each student will receive a certificate of completion.

Our students in The USA say it best about our teachers

Italian language and culture
Excellent, very polite, very organized and methodical. The course is very pleasant and fruitful.
Review by IOULIA T.
Cécile is a professional teacher with a personal approach. Besides being a very friendly person, her teaching is absolutely worth recommending.
Review by TIMON R.
French tuitions for expats
Laureline is well organized, experienced tutor. I like her teaching style. I would recommend her highly !
Review by KIHONG J.

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