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Classical piano Lessons Europen Method AMEB /VCE Tuition
Qualified piano teacher with more than 10 years teaching experience. Formal Master qualification, AMEB registration teacher, able to teaching all levels students AMEB exam 100% past rates.Ability to relate to children, parents and students of all ages. High level of standard in playing enjoy the wonderful music time with students.Victoria music teacher association member(VMTA) , provide music concert and competition for students.Currently have working with children WCC.

Violin lessons for children and adults wth patient and care
Wonderful violin teacher with patient and care will teach you how to play the violin. Playing nice tunes . Learning theory. Practicing memory. Aproach to each student, focus in sound, bow tecnique, position, teaching how to keep good entonation, posture.

Piano, clarinet and singing for all ages at home
I am a music teacher, graduated in conservatories in Brazil and Cuba in the specialty of piano and classical clarinet. I teach piano, clarinet and singing lessons at home, for all ages, in which it is not necessary to have previous knowledge of music. I am also a certified musician-therapist so I can work with groups of young children from 3 to 5 years in musical initiation programs or in programs for older adults who understand music therapy activities. My pedagogical method is personalized: it will depend on each student, going at their own pace, with their own schedules, without overloading it. The idea is to learn in a fun way.

Piano, Music Theory, Technique, Performance, and Composition
Hi! I'm Mona, and I'm an experienced music instructor of over 10 years with a high focus in piano and music theory. I'm incredibly passionate in teaching piano while incorporating proper music theory education, competition, performance, and technique. I tailor my lessons based on your needs to make sure you are enjoying your studies while becoming a well-rounded musician. I also can score almost any song (regardless of the instrument) so you can learn how to play your favorite pieces on the piano! I am qualified through completion of Certificate of Merit, obtaining a Bachelor's Degree from UC Irvine in Cognitive Psychology and Music Research & Development.

I teach Spanish with grammar
I teach Spanish with grammar, interactive classes, student participation, Spanish for beginner, middle and advanced level. Spanish for travelers and tourists. I teach according to your need. Area Grapevine, South Lake, Euless, Colleyvile, Bedford

Private lessons in mathematics - economics - French - physics-chemistry
Student at Columbia University in major Economics-Mathematics, I am in double degree with Sciences Po Paris. I offer private lessons to help your children of all ages and all sections. Holder of a scientific baccalaureate obtained with a general average of 19.07, rest assured that I will be able to help your child on all the subjects taught in middle school / high school at the same time by working on the methodology to have but also on the reflexes and tips that he / she will have to acquire. I master 4 languages: French, English, Spanish and Arabic. In addition, if you have a child wishing to join Sciences Po or Columbia University, I would be happy to help him in his preparation (preparation of the dossier, simulation of white oral…). Having been part of a charity helping homework for disadvantaged children, I was able to acquire certain educational skills, which can only be useful for your child. I can move all over Manhattan. Pending a positive response if you judge me worthy, Very cordially,

Learning Spanish Was Never This Easy! Try these Fun & Interactive classes with Spanish mother tongue & certified language tutor.
¡Hola! My name is Teresa and I am from Spain. I hold a Master Degree in Teaching Spanish as a Second Language from the University of Barcelona, and I have 10 years of experience as a language tutor. Whether it is for your next trip, to pass an exam, or just for fun, I will be happy to help you improve your español! What is the main ingredient in my classes? Communicative Teaching. I carefully select activities that simulate real life scenarios and that adapt to your needs. Learning Spanish was never that easy!! I look forward to meeting you soon! Hasta pronto!

Spanish for beginners, you will learn how to have a conversation with a native speaker.
You will learn spanish por beginners, it will be easy for you, and you will be Able to have a conversation. I will teach teach you in a short time. Abcd. Colors. Numbers. Greatings. Body parts. Clothes. Fruits. Forniture. Family. Grammar. Address.

Noel Garcia
Native Spanish, I offer Spanish classes for children and adults of any level, learn the richness of Spanish speech, the third most spoken language in the world. We will work through practical exercises, speaking, games .... totally at your own pace from the comfort of your home or in the place you prefer, totally flexible and available to help you in your learning

Learn to Play Old-Time Fiddle (Appalachian and more)
I teach Old-Time fiddle, beginning and intermediate level. I prefer students who have some experience with fiddle, violin, or bowed string instruments, but I will accept students with no experience, too. To make the most of your learning experience, weekly, one-hour lessons are highly encouraged. I will teach you fiddle bowing techniques, cross tuning, low tuning, learning tunes from ear, jam etiquette, the social aspects of Old-Time music, as well as some history of the tunes and the source fiddlers. My specialty is cross-over students, especially those coming from a background in classical music. Can't get your violin to sound like a fiddle? I can help.

Preparation for the Baccalaureate in Philosophy / Literature
Student in Masters of Philosophy at Columbia University and former student at Sciences Po Paris, I give preparation courses for the Baccalaureate in Philosophy and / or Literature. The baccalaureate in philosophy test requires, apart from a good culture in philosophy, especially preparation. It is not easy to understand yourself what is expected in a dissertation or a text commentary. Having myself passed the baccalaureate in 2015 (19/20 in philosophy (best philosophy score in the Asia-Pacific zone of the test of 2015), and a general average of 19.55 / 20), I can help to make this less painful preparation.

Native and experienced Spanish Tutor, 1:1 in person
I am a native Spanish speaker with over 10+ years of tutoring experience with kids and adults through face-to-face classes and online lessons, as well as a tutor for Spanish academies. Grammar and speaking focus I provide books and learning materials I have experience teaching all levels of Spanish, mostly to kids and teenagers

English, Language Arts, Writing, Reading, Science.
I am proficient in tutoring reading, writing, Language Arts, English, and Earth and Life sciences for grades PreK-6. My objective is to assess the students style of learning and build a positive and fun environment based on their style and abilities. I will give out a summarized homework packet each Friday, to be turned in by the following Monday. I will also provide reports on progression bi-weekly and any feedback as necessary on a daily. I will reply to parents remarks within 24-48 business hours respectfully.

Vocal Lessons Taught By American Idol Semi-finalist
Vocal health and freedom come from practicing techniques that enhance the voice and allow for exploring different styles. My goal is to help students gain confidence, understand how they can properly care for their voices while attempting a wide array of songs, and refine their delivery so that they can make an impact on the audience. I work for hands on with workshopping vocal choices and bringing out different colors and tones in the student's voice.

Private french lesson : language, conversation, culture
Hello ! I am originally from France and I worked in private companies for 10 years there. I would like to offer you an individualized pedagogy to learn French, improve your conversation and discover the French culture. I would be a real help in the preparation of your tests or exams as well as for a careful rereading of your professional presentation and reports. I would be also very happy to teach this wonderful language to the youngest through stories and fun activities.

Percussion Lessons - Marching, Orchestral, Drum Set
I teach marching percussion, drum set, and orchestral percussion. Students enjoy my laid-back nature and stress-free environment, but I make sure to push students to be their best. I continually ask questions about the music and the student's performance, asking them to think/perform critically.

Maths-physics-chemistry or French course: college or high school level
Currently studying at Paris-Dauphine University, I am doing an 8-month exchange at Baruch college. I had the mention very well in the patent and bac S option mathematics. I have been teaching for 5 years and I had the chance to accompany my students towards academic success (mention very good for my student in 2018) and to develop their curiosity. For this, with my students, I verify that the knowledge is acquired by the students, then we do exercises and finally we do tests.

Learn Spanish and English from a Montessori Bilingual Expert
Are you ready to learn Spanish now? I am a Montessori teacher in Bilingual (English and Spanish) education with more than 6 years experience in teaching children and adults at all levels. Schedule a class with me now and see yourself speaking Spanish in a few weeks.

Science and Math Tutoring for High School and College Students
Hello Students, I am currently a third year PhD student in St. John's University, New York. I have been tutoring high school and college students since 2012 and have a great flair for teaching. My teaching style involves thought process and application oriented teaching which focuses on making the student think for themselves and reach to the solution. I explain using practical examples and analogies which further assists students to grasp difficult concepts. Understanding the concepts and being able to apply them is my prime focus. In my academic career, I have been blessed to have amazing teachers who made science and math extremely fun and intriguing to me and I aim to do the same to my students. Being a PhD student in Pharmacology, I have been trained in all aspects of science and practically apply them during my daily research. I have always been a bright student and have an innate flair for explaining scientific concepts to an audience. Teaching science and math in a fun way makes my classes all the more interesting to my students. My students give me excellent reviews and often tag me as highly recommended and they see a great improvement in their grades. Good luck! - Abbas

Calculus, Physics, and Chemistry from an Electrical Engineer
Calculus, Physics and Chemistry are the basic foundation of a STEM career. These courses must be mastered in order to progress through your degree. This class will specialize in Calculus, Physics, and Chemistry. As an Electrical Engineer at the University at Buffalo, I am well equipped with the knowledge of these topics to bring you success for the future. My goal is to work with you in order to prepare you for exams. You can learn Calculus, Physics, and Chemistry. Believe in yourself and you can achieve the success that you deserve

How to use the internet to Make Money. A guide to financial freedom
I can teach you how to use the internet to make money. I have given friends advice for years and I figured why not get paid for my knowledge. I personally use the Internet to make over 100k a year. And it's easier than you think ... I literally sit on my ass all day and watch T.V while I work and make money. I currently started 3 new Internet businesses to bring the current number of businesses I run to 6 (4 of which utilize the Internet) Plus I have plans for a few more in the upcoming year ...

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Italian language and culture
Excellent, very polite, very organized and methodical. The course is very pleasant and fruitful.
Review by IOULIA T.
Cécile is a professional teacher with a personal approach. Besides being a very friendly person, her teaching is absolutely worth recommending.
Review by TIMON R.
French tuitions for expats
Laureline is well organized, experienced tutor. I like her teaching style. I would recommend her highly !
Review by KIHONG J.

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