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Math, Science and Test Prep Tutoring by French PhD student
I give private lessons in: -French. -mathematics / physics / chemistry (French Grande Ecole diploma) -Economy (PhD in Economics) I teach these subjects up to high school level / preparatory classes. I can prepare a student for the Baccalaureate or SAT, GRE and GMAT exams. I am both an engineer and a PhD candidate in Economics, and I have been living in New York for four years now. I have extensive experience in teaching, I have been giving private lessons in New York for four years, I have been teaching mathematics in Paris for two years, and I have prepared for the study of the Schools of Architecture. I am available on the weekdays and weekends, schedules can be seen on a case by case basis. Feel free to contact me for any further information.

Bac Philosophy / History (Fun Tutoring Exercises)
How did I get 20/20 in History? Wrote rap songs about the chapters. 17/20 in Philosophy? Cited a few Netflix shows. It would be a pleasure to tutor students with unconventional teaching methods - top scores guaranteed.

Learn Italian with an Italian native Speaker for Work or Travel
This class is for aspiring Italian students that want to travel to Italy for vacation or for work. I enjoy teaching, speaking and helping others learn languages. From when I was 10 years old I moved with my family to Italy and attended all the schools from 4th grade to college. Over the years I've learn that knowledge of the languages is a gift that has to be kept in full practice and teaching classes helps me a lot stay aware of fast paste changing world communications and travel possibilities. If you are an absolute beginner, don't worry, I will find the best way for you to learn and get results after the first class.

Turkish Language with Speaking, Listening and Writing on Daily Communication Based
I aim for you to learn and practice with visual, audio-lingual sources. Without memorizing the whole language and vocabulary, you will learn the language itself. The whole process will be the collaboration of speaking, listening and writing based on daily communication needs.

Spanish-language language class with a native experienced teacher from Mexico
In this class you'll be able to learn, the basics of Spanish language as well as the culture of different countries where Spanish is the mother tongue. For learners who already have basic knowledge of the language, we can adjust to the desired level in order to improve your oral/writing /listening/reading skills.

Violin Lessons: Learn to Play, Practice, and Perform
I am a professional violinist, and I teach violin to students of all ages, planning lessons according to each student's individual needs. Students will be taught how to read music, aural skills, and instrument care alongside learning the instrument itself. My goal is for every student to learn the discipline of practice and its rewards, as well as discovering how to express themselves through music.

Normalien, Student at Columbia University, Math, English, French, Physics, Engineering, History tutoring
Normalien, Student at Columbia University, can help with tutoring in Mathematics, Physics, Mechanical Engineering, or French for young students. Tutoring in Paris for 3 years, I can provide periodic help to young students, to train them and feel more comfortable at school. I can help to better understand the lesson, and I prepare exercices to apply the knowledge to be better prepared for the exams.

Private lessons by a Normalienne internship in Columbia
Normalienne, Columbia for the year, I offer courses in maths, physics, or computer science. I can also accompany you in your orientation, and prepare with you the superior. I love learning and I hope to share my enthusiasm for science. College courses up to bac + 3.

English ESL Tutoring & Support Groups for International Women
Each class is personalized so that you are getting what you need and want from each lesson. We'll start off by reading something you're interested in. If you love reading books in your native language and would like to expand your passion to include English literature, look no further. If you simply want to better understand the global internet sphere, you're in luck. We'll discuss any unfamiliar vocabulary and the literal meaning of the text. We'll continue to deepen your understanding of the reading. You'll be able to practice your command of English far beyond small talk. If necessary, we will do grammar drills and pronunciation drills. Our goal is to get you having deep discussions about matters of the heart in English so you feel no language limitations at all here in the U.S. We'll practice your conversation skills with critical thinking exercises, personal exploration challenges and writing sessions with editing that seek to engage your mind, heart and soul. We will help you refine your conversation, discussion, and writing abilities so that you are competent in communicating on all fronts. It is our hope that ESL is becomes a medium for even infinite personal growth and expansion. For this reason, each class is 2 hours long. ______ Other Notes: We are conveniently located an 8 minute walk from the Fort Hamilton Parkway Station on the D line, and a 15 minute walk from the Church Avenue Station on the F line. Please take public transit or Uber, as parking is difficult around here.

Yoga, breathing exercises, and crafts for therapy and daily practices.
Yoga classes have inspired me to share my knowledge from the Eastern world, to connect to other one-to-one. Not only is a practice for the well-being but is also a therapy that many need to heal or recover from past situations. Each class is specified with different student's needs and modifications. My goal is to create a consistency of lessons that will be a challenge but far from overwhelming. Class level for yoga and meditation are for beginner, intermediate, and advanced students. At times, my classes are combined with pranayama or breathing exercises that will improve the student's health and expand their knowledge about meditation and how to apply it in their current lives. Creating crafts is an art that helps the student use their creativity and imagination to improve their concentration and patience. These classes are for beginners and others who want to try the art of crafting with different strings and materials.

Cours de français tous niveau/ French lessons for all levels !
Hi! I'm a French student in NY I speak English and I can teach you French language (all level) or make specific class on one topic (law, work...). For child, adult or professional. I live in Manhattan close to the Columbus Circle but I can move. You can send me an email on Apprentus! (I can also do babysitting when I teach to your child !)

French tutor from Sciences Po Paris, for children and adults, good experience in private lessons
I have an french undergraduate degree in law and sociology. I am currently in exchange at NYU school of law. I give French lessons to children or adults (I can legally work in the US as I have dual citizenship). I have a good experience with kids (4 years of private teaching, based on games and a lot of interaction),high schoolers (3 years of Baccalauréat preparation teaching) and a good professional French (oral and written). I have worked in journalism and academic advising. Educational background ; - Classe préparatoire, Lycée Henri IV - Sciences Po Paris (Institut d'études politiques de Paris) I can teach cross subjects (between French and History, Literature, Sociology, Economics, Geography...) if the student's French is already intermediate or advanced.

Math French and Physics - up to graduate students.
I am a 23-years old french Columbia Engineering student, enrolled in a double diploma between Columbia University (Master of Science in Electrical Engineering) and Ecole Arts et Metiers. I am offering Mathematics, Physics and French lessons to high school and undergraduate. I had the opportunity to acquire a solid knowledge in Mathematics and Physics, thanks to my studies in France where I followed an intensive two years preparation in a preparatory class. I already have experience in private tutoring for student from middle school to graduate students. After more than 6 years of tutoring experience, I decided to build my startup to help students to better learn by using adaptive learning strategy, combining cognitive science and pedagogy. Thus, I adapt my classes to the student's needs and objectives. I am available for any further information, Best regards Ariel

French and Maths - Columbia Grad Student - All levels
I am a 22-year-old native French student, currently pursuing a Masters Degree in Data Science at Columbia University. I am offering Mathematics and French classes to students from high school to graduate school - or to adults. I possess a very solid theoretical background in both Maths and Physics, thanks to the French Preparatory Class program, which I followed at Lycée Henri IV, one of France's top establishments. I was then accepted in Telecom Paris, which is among the 5 best engineering schools in the country. I have previous experience teaching high school and middle school students - I helped several high school students obtain the French Baccalauréat. Moreover, during the whole of last year, I conducted oral examinations of students in preparatory class, in Mathematics, at a very high level. With my students, I like to go over the main points seen in class to check whether they have understood everything, and then use those points with exercises. I am available if you require further information Best regards Corentin

Private lessons of Mathematics - student in Columbia
I am a French double degree student at Columbia University and the French engineering school CentraleSupélec. I'm doing a master's degree in Columbia with a focus on Data Science and Finance. I propose tutoring of Maths. During my studies in France, especially in preparatory classes, I was able to develop strong knowledge in Mathematics. I have already given private lessons for 3 years to a high school student and I also passed oral exams in mathematics at the EPF Sceaux engineering school. As a mathematics teacher, I am committed to advancing my students, sharing my work methods and allowing them to acquire a certain rigor. I am also committed to making them love mathematics. I remain at your disposal for any further information. Best regards, Meziane

Private lessons of History and Philosophy - student in Columbia
Holder of a bac ES and student at Columbia University, I offer courses in history and philosophy for all levels of the 6th to the end, but also for adults. Already a member of a group offering tutoring to Columbia students, I have several years of experience in teaching. I also prepare for baccalaureate and oral French. I can move in Manhattan.

Tutoring classes in mathematics and in physics with a graduate students
I am a 23-years old french Columbia Engineering student, enrolled in a double diploma between Columbia University (Master of Industrial Engineering) and CentraleSupélec (French Engineering University). I am offering Mathematics and Physics lessons to high school or undergraduate students. During my studies in France, I had the opportunity to acquire a solid knowledge in Mathematics and Physics as I was following intensive courses in math and physics. I already gave math and physics lessons back in France, for high school students. I am available for any further information, Best regards Alexandra

Course by a French student from Columbia and Sciences Po
Student, graduated from Sciences Po Paris (Bachelor), University Paris 1 Panthéon / Sorbonne in mathematics degree, now undergraduate student at Columbia University in NYC (Bachelor) I teach French, Letters, General Culture, Philosophy, History for all levels. I prepare for baccalaureate, post-baccalaureate exams (IEP, oral motivation) and entry into preparatory classes. Oral Examiner Sciences Po for the IPESUP group, I have a long experience (3 years, nearly 20 students) private lessons, a tested and approved method.

Emile Chenming
Cours de tutorat en mathématique, physique et français
I am a 22 years old student from Ecole Supelec. I am currently enrolled in a double diploma in Operations Research at Columbia University. I propose Mathematics, Physics and French lessons for high school and first grade. I studied two years in the "Classe Préparatoire" Lycée Henri IV, one of the best preparatory classes in France. Through this rewarding experience I acquired solid skills in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. Then I studied 2 years in Ecole Supelec (top 5 Engineering School in France), where I had the opportunity to develop my skills further. I have already experience in teaching to high school students to obtain the Baccalauréat. Adapting the lessons to the student's needs is my priority. I like to understand how the students work and think, and to help them acquire the skills and the mindset to succeed. I help students step by step in order to understand and master the subjects. I give homework to do when the students feel comfortable with the subject and I mainly ask them to review the lessons and what we did. If you need any further information, please let me know. Emile DU

Tutoring Classes in Math, Physics, Chemistry and French
I am a 23-year-old graduate engineering student currently pursuing a Master of Science at Columbia University, specialized in tutoring Math, Physics and Chemistry as well as French lessons for both high school and undergraduate students. In every course I engage in, I aim at helping students overcome their difficulties in these subjects by providing them with substantial backup and periodic improvement reports.

Shakuhachi- learn to play or better your playing the Japanese flute
Learn to play the shakuhachi. PVC flutes are available for purchase as well as. bamboo flutes. this class is for all level from beginners to advanced and Master class level. Beginners, learn to make sound and play the flute and learn the simple melodies and how to read the music. Intermediate and advanced: Learn different styles and learn to better the sound. Honkyoku, Sankyoku, Modern and other traditional songs will be part of the study. Taught by professional international Shakuhachi performer Skype / Viber, Whats App Facetime online lessons available For Neuchatel location only available on certain period of year. end of June August 12-24 and October 15-23

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Italian language and culture
Excellent, very polite, very organized and methodical. The course is very pleasant and fruitful.
Review by IOULIA T.
Cécile is a professional teacher with a personal approach. Besides being a very friendly person, her teaching is absolutely worth recommending.
Review by TIMON R.
French tuitions for expats
Laureline is well organized, experienced tutor. I like her teaching style. I would recommend her highly !
Review by KIHONG J.

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