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Guitar and Music Theory Lessons from a Passionate Guitarist and Aspiring Educator
As a trained guitarist, I'm happy to provide a comprehensive lesson on the subject of the student's choosing. Whether that be a core concept of guitar playing such as chord shapes and extensions, music theory as it applies to playing the guitar, melody and chord progression composition, or just learning a song. Even if a student doesn't necessarily have a set goal in mind when considering booking a lesson, I am 100% certain that I can impart some kind of musical knowledge about the guitar and how its played. My lessons include supplementary material as well. If you book a lesson intending on learning a song, then you will be receiving a chord sheet with the progression and chord charts. If you want to learn a concept like economy picking, I will at least one practice exercise I can provide you with to help reinforce that concept.

Piano formal education in Classical, Jazz and Latin
In Linda's classes you will learn Classical and Jazz techniques in English or Spanish. I am certified in North America as NATIONALLY CERTIFIED TEACHER OF MUSIC IN PIANO and maintain requirements for yearly certification. I am available to coach most advanced students, but have also trained many beginners. My students and parents will be uploading their comments shortly. En los clases de la Srna. LINDA puedes aprender piano de primero hasta diez...Ella tiene certificacion a ensenar de Los Maestros de Musica Nacional de America Norte. Enseno Clasico y Jazz. Incluyo muchos estilos de Sud America y Cuba y Espana...por ejemplo Malaguenas y Tangos y Rumba...una cosa que vas a aprender muy bien en mis clases es el ritmo! Mis estudiantes van a poner comentos aqui de pronto. Me encanta la cultura LatinoAmericano con la musica! Ademas vivi en Mexico de joven. Gracias por considerarme como su maestro futuro!

Private ballet class, Mexican Folklore, Spanish classes.
Ballet: floor, bar, center and diagonal work. You will work the elasticity of your body, as well as strength and resistance. The class is worked in Spanish in case you want to learn or practice the language. I also offer Mexican folklore classes in the same language format.

Learn How to Play Guitar! Beginner Guitar Lessons (Remote and In Person )
I am offering beginner guitar lessons for any ages! I have a huge passion for music, I started playing guitar when I was around 10 years old and continued to learn songs on and off throughout the years. This past year and a half I have been taking lessons myself and I have grown so much as a musician already. I only want to help others that have the same passion for music as me grow as well! I only wish I had a guitar teacher growing up I feel I would’ve excelled a lot quicker. I am still a student learning and my goal is to make any doubts you have about starting and learning guitar disappear. We will be learning how to tune your guitar, learning the notes on your fretboard and playing chords fluently and much more. If you are interested in beginner music theory lessons please let me know and we can base your lesson according to your needs. Take the risk and learn something new!

Music lessons and recital prep includes saxophone, cello, percussion, performance, sight reading, and theory.
You will learn the basics of tone production and mechanics, as well as a little music theory and ear training. You will also sight-read occasionally. We can also prepare you for any upcoming performances you may have! You will build a strong foundation so that you have more time to focus on the bigger picture and musicality.

Engineering, Mathematics and physics lessons // Spanish lessons (Native speaker)!
Hello! my name is Daniel and I am a Spanish student at the Illinois Institute of Technology. I am enrolled in a dual master's program in Aerospace and Mechanical engineering, which I am planning to complete by August 2021. I have been a private teacher for 8 years in Spain, and I have also worked at a university teaching undergraduate students. I teach any engineering-related subjects, but especially mathematics and physics to college students. Here in the US, I am also up to teaching Spanish, taking advantage of all the experience I have in teaching. During these years I have developed a good sense for teaching, and I am willing to share all my knowledge with students. I am a serious and hard working person, and I will put all my effort into planning my classes.

Maths / Physics-Chemistry lessons & Homework help
I propose to give courses in mathematics and physics-chemistry at college, high school and higher level, as well as homework help for any subject at college and primary level. I have been teaching regularly for three years now, to struggling students as well as to those wishing to go further in the program. I adapt my pedagogy according to the profile, expectations and level of my students in order to make them progress quickly. I take particular care to provide them with methods of learning the course, reasoning and rigor that will serve them throughout their studies and allow them to be autonomous in their work. I also remain very available outside of class hours to answer questions and suggest exercise corrections. Classes can be done face-to-face or remotely. Do not hesitate to contact me for more information, and to talk about it around you :)

French Student Teaching french - beginner to advanced
Hello everyone ! I am a french law student from Paris and I am moving in NYC for my studies. I would like to teach french, to beginner or advanced. I know how to teach as I give piano lessons to children. I am kind and listening to your needs. I also speak Spanish.

Private Violin lessons for students of all ages / Violin lessons
I am a musician, violinist (Bachelor of Arts, music mention) with more than twenty years of experience trained in the National System of Orchestras of Venezuela, I joined the National Youth Symphony Orchestra of Venezuela since I was 12 years old. Under the guidance of my excellent teachers, music promoted in me the highest values of harmony, self-discipline, respect and teamwork. Because of this great experience, I became a classical musician, orchestral musician and violin teacher. I have experience working with music schools and academies. I currently work in the Boca Raton and West Palm Beach, Florida area.

Spanish for all ages and all purposes (by native speaker from Spain)
Hi! My name is Verónica (from Spain) and I live in Dublin 8. I am a certified Spanish teacher and I have also studied Translation & Interpreting. I teach all levels, all ages, and for all purposes. I can teach personally and on Skype/Zoom as well. I have lived in different countries in Europe and I have taught people from different cultures even at a university. I am easy-going and patient. I am glad to help you to learn or improve Spanish, whatever it is your purpose (business, tourism, grammar, vocabulary, improvement, etc.). I adapt myself to your needs and your level, and even the language if you wish (I speak English, Italian, and French). I also help you to prepare for your exams. So if you are decided, don't hesitate to contact me! :)

Private 1 on 1 Piano and Guitar Lessons held in the students home a studio.
Private 1 on 1 Guitar, Piano, and Clarinet Lessons to children age 5+ and Adults of any age. I work with a lot of children who have ADHD and Sensiey disorders. I’m very efficient at keeping little ones focused during their lessons and teach them in a way where they learn but have lots of fun. I have several agony students that have never played piano or another instrument before. They absolutely love lessons and are some of my favorites to teach! Several of my adults have early onset Alzheimer’s and arthritis. Piano genie improve memory function and build of muscle and flexibility in the hands and wrists. Music can help both children and adults with emotional release and helps with reading, writing, math, and spelling. There really is no downside to music so give it a try today! I teach in my studio and also travel to students home to teach. I hope to hear from you and to start you on this wonderful journey.

Introduction to ARC GIS Pro for beginners and Intermediates
This course is for individuals with no GIS background who need to acquire foundation-level GIS conceptual knowledge to get started with ArcGIS software.Those with some GIS knowledge who need a broad introduction to ArcGIS Pro capabilities. Attendees learn how to map, edit, analyze, and share geospatial data and resources.

French / Arabic: Enter another world !
My name is Sameer, I have been tutoring French and Arabic for almost twenty years, and I currently teach and tutor one-on-one and online the Modern Standard Arabic (formal/classical Arabic) , the colloquial Arabic (the dialect) of Morocco and French . I am positive and patient so you can totally relax and have a great time working on your Arabic or French. I have an abundance of patience. My objective is to make French or Arabic fun, creative, educational, and friendly. My method will help to communicate quickly, build confidence and give motivation to progress rapidly. What do you need to start learning Arabic or French? Discover the most fun and effective way to learn Arabic or French! "Conversation + Pronunciation = Confidence!"

English As a Second Language Course for students of all levels and ages
Hi, my name is Tamara, and I'm an English language teacher, for speakers of other languages. I have been involved with ESL and international students since 2011. I specialize in tutoring adult learners in conversation-based classes. I am here to help you achieve your goal of being fluent in English! My approach mixes conversation with grammar. We will have a conversational type of class, when issues come up we will go into detail with the correct grammar. We will use conversation, life events, current events, articles, stores, worksheets, and more to conduct classes. Each class is tailored to your specific goals and needs.

Black Girl, Long Hair. Black Hair Goals Coach. Hair Growth Coach.
Black Girl, Long Hair. I am a Black Hair Goals Coach. I teach black women to grow out long hair. I will teach you how to have hair that is: long, strong, healthy, sexy, beautiful, pretty, cute, shiny, lustrous, silky, moist/ saturated with moisture, not frizzy, less breakage, brilliant, clean, color-rich, manageable, comb-able, brush-able, etc...I will teach you what hair care and hair styling products, hair services, and hair tools to use. I will teach you how to take care of your hair at home. I will teach you how to find the best hair stylist for you. I will give you non-medical advice on hair loss. I will give you advice on weave, hair extensions, wigs, and hair pieces. I work with black women, and parents and care takers black girls and black women. This is a fun class. Come hang out with me. Let's work together.

Piano Lessons for All Ages: Classical, Jazz, Pop, and More!
No instrument has been quite as significant in the world of music as the piano. A perfect starting point for those wanting to learn an instrument, the piano is invaluable regardless of where the student is on their musical journey Students of all ages and musical backgrounds will have the freedom to explore their own creative visions and musical interests while receiving a firm foundation in proper technique and repertoire. Schedule your first lesson today!

Clarinet classes for all ages and music classes for children.
Clarinet classes, music reading classes. I have more than 10 years of experience as a clarinet teacher with students from an early age and with no previous musical knowledge. I also give musical initiation classes to children from 4 years old, for them I like fun classes where they learn by playing, dancing and singing.

Voice Lessons for Beginners and Intermediates! Come learn how to sing with me!
Voice lessons are a necessary tool to be able to improve your skills. I am teaching these classes to help students advance in their vocal skills and training. In this lesson, you will learn proper techniques for the style you prefer, and how to use your instrument and not harm it. We will go over everything from good warm-ups, to training with specific songs.

Private classes in Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics are given in the distance mode.
My name is Esteban Alejandro, I offer private distance classes in Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics. Among the services offered we have the resolution of practical work, regular scheduled individual classes. Part of my experience is complemented with the assistantship in the subjects Analytical Chemistry and Bromatology I, as well as in food industries V. I am in the last year of my degree in food science and technology at the National University of Lanús, Argentina. I have 5 years of experience. The methodology that I propose is based on simplicity, and economy of steps. This will allow you to quickly understand the contents, and leave you prepared to successfully pass your exams in those subjects that are more demanding. This allows you to save time, pass your exams. You will also be able to sustain yourself in the rhythm of learning that the subject demands with support classes scheduled as the calendar year extends!

French for all ages through music and "bleds"
The French language is a language with grammar that can be difficult but if it is taught by a French student studying in the United States it could be easier and more interesting to listen to. The course will be explained through French "bled" as well as the translation of songs.

- Teaching/Tutoring for Music Composition & Theory -
Multi-award-winning composer with a wide educational and professional experience in Europe and the US. We can work on original ideas & projects as well as go through arrangements & transcriptions. I help students navigate orchestration, harmony, counterpoint, solfège, ear training, and score reading. Let's start with a conversation about your goals/needs/interests and we can get started!

Our students in The USA say it best about our teachers

Italian language and culture
Excellent, very polite, very organized and methodical. The course is very pleasant and fruitful.
Review by IOULIA T.
Cécile is a professional teacher with a personal approach. Besides being a very friendly person, her teaching is absolutely worth recommending.
Review by TIMON R.
French tuitions for expats
Laureline is well organized, experienced tutor. I like her teaching style. I would recommend her highly !
Review by KIHONG J.

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