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Recently Posted Private Classes

Piano lessons with Dr. Josh for Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced for all ages
He has taught for over 15 years, and has helped hundreds of piano students across all musical levels and ages improve their technique, musicality and music theory knowledge. His students have gone on to win competitions at the state level in both California, New York and Texas.

Guitar & Bass Lessons: Zoom, in-studio, or in the comfort of your home
I'm Alex, a working musician with more than 20 years experience teaching students of all ages. Every student is different, so every lesson is different. When you study with me, you focus on what you want to do, not a one-size-fits-all lesson plan. Take lessons where it's convenient for you. If you're local, you can learn to play your instrument at my home studio in Milwaukie, Oregon. Or, for a relatively small added fee, you can take lessons in your own home within about 15 minutes of zip code 97267--approximately as far north as Southeast Portland, Oregon, and south to about West Linn. If you're further away—really anywhere in the world with an internet connection and a videoconferencing app—you can learn to play via Zoom, Facetime, or whatever other video conferencing app you prefer to use. Lessons are tailored to your needs, tastes and skill level. I teach virtually all styles of guitar and electric bass, beginner to pro. I also teach beginner to intermediate banjo. I've taught guitar—including songwriting, composition, and theory—at the Austin Live Music Academy (ALMA) founded by Jerry Jeff Walker. I've taught adults and children at music schools around Portland, and K-12 students in after-school and summer programs at such prestigious private schools as Catlin-Gabel and the German International School. And I've performed with numerous well-known musicians and bands across the USA including The Motet, Twinkle, Kenny Drew Jr., and Harmonious Wail, to name a few.

Violin and Fiddle Lessons: Learn Your Favorite Song!
From traditional American Bluegrass to Katy Perry to Mozart to Django-style Swing music, you can learn to play your favorite song on the violin or viola with determination and effective instruction. These lessons encompass reading music, ear training, and a strong technical foundation on the instrument. All ages and musical goals are welcome! My 20+ years of musical experience include playing for opera and film scores, throwing down hundreds of studio tracks, touring with Americana and punk bands, performing for weddings, funerals, parties, school assemblies, and I want to share that knowledge with you and accompany you on your artistic journey.

🛑 PIANO & SINGING CLASSES 🛑 🎹🎤 ➡️ On site ➡️ At your home ➡️ Online ( by Zoom) 👉🏻 Bilingual both English and Spanish
Hello. My teaching focuses on my student's strengths and reasons for learning. I make sure students are taught a personalized curriculum that moves them closer to their goals while emphasizing musical fundamentals that will prepare and enrich them for life. I am passionate about the piano, singing, the composition of both classical and popular music. I think I can involve any curious or dedicated student. Hello 👋. My teaching focuses on my student's strengths and reasons for learning. I ensure that students are taught from a personalized curriculum that brings them closer to their goals while emphasizing the music fundamentals that will prepare and enrich them for life. I am passionate about piano, singing, composition both classical and popular music. I believe I can engage any curious or dedicated student. 🛑 PIANO & SINGING CLASSES 🛑 VARIABLE PRICES ACCORDING TO THE DISTANCE FROM THE STUDENT'S HOME 🎹🎤 ➡️ On-site ➡️At your home ➡️Online (by Zoom) 👉🏻 Bilingual both English and Spanish 👉🏻CHILDREN AND ADULTS WITHOUT AGE LIMIT 👉🏻PIANO LESSONS ACOUSTIC 👉🏻AS A COMPLEMENTARY ACTIVITY 👉🏻 INCOME PREPARATION TO THE CONSERVATORY. 🛑 PIANO AND SINGING CLASSES 🎹🎤 VARIABLE ACCORDING TO THE DISTANCE FROM THE STUDENT'S HOME ➡️ In my local ➡️ At your home ➡️ Online (via Zoom) 👉🏻 Bilingual in both English and Spanish 👉🏻CHILDREN AND ADULTS WITHOUT AGE LIMIT 👉🏻 ACOUSTIC PIANO CLASSES 👉🏻 AS A COMPLEMENTARY ACTIVITY 👉🏻 INCOME PREPARATION TO THE CONSERVATORY. 📲

Learn how to effectively use your voice and siiing!
I am very good at mixing fun with hard work. I listen to each student and incorporate their wishes into my teachings, so you get exactly what you want out of your lessons. I always prepare extra for every student. I consider my students my friends as it is rewarding to watch them all grow with my help. I am simple and compassionate. I will teach you about your breathing, registers, vibrato… you will have a strong, healthy voice and a great ear. You will know how to take care of your instrument, how to practice, what to practice and when. For anyone that is interested in reading music or learning more about music theory I will happily teach you. My teachings are designed for beginners (children & adults) intermediate and advanced. Let’s have some fun!

Swimming for Every Level: From Beginning to Advanced
Swimming is an easy-to-learn skill that helps you conquer your fear of the water (if any) and gain a sense of freedom, mobility, and comfort in pools, rivers, lakes, and the ocean. I've been teaching swimming and coaching swimmers for over 30 years--working with all types of people and learning styles. I have clear and easy-to-follow systems for learning to swim for the first time or getting your strokes sharper for a competitive edge.

Music Production and Sound Design with Ableton Live
Learn Ableton and music production from a master. About me: Hello. I am a sound designer and producer with a 15 years of experience composing, editing, recording and shaping sound+music for theater, film, podcasts, dance clubs, sound art and all sorts of multidisciplinary projects. Because of my extensive work with playwrights, I have a keen ear for language and how to edit speech and dialogue for optimal naturalism. As a composer, I can create a wide range of genres and sensibilities, from neo-classical to techno. As a sound designer I have collaborated extensively, on projects ranging from Shakespeare to Sound Art. Collaborations include Marina Abramovic, Laurie Anderson, David Byrne, Duncan Sheik, Taylor Mac and many more. I have designed sound systems for venues all over the world, including Pompidou in Paris, Kings Theater in Edinburgh, Lincoln Center in NYC, Hong Kong Royal Theater in HK and many more. With 20 years of experience with Ableton Live, I have all of the tools to create great sounding, complex sonic ideas. Whether it is simply cleaning up a bad recording, editing a podcast, scoring a film or building a sonic brand, I am a kind and intuitive collaborator and teacher who has long left his ego behind.

Private Flute Lessons With Cheryl- Sign Up Today!
As an experienced teacher, I believe in fostering a supportive and nurturing environment where flutists can flourish and reach their full potential. Whether you're a beginner eager to learn the basics or an advanced flutist looking to refine your technique, I tailor my lessons to meet your individual needs and goals. My teaching approach combines classical foundations with a mindful and engaging style. I believe in developing a strong foundation in technique, music theory, sight-reading, and ear training. Each lesson is carefully crafted to inspire a love for music, build confidence, and cultivate a lifelong appreciation for the flute. With a flexible schedule, I strive to accommodate busy lifestyles and provide a convenient and comfortable learning experience. Join me on this musical journey, and together we will unlock your potential, ignite your passion for the flute, and achieve your musical aspirations. Contact me today to schedule your first lesson and embark on an exciting and fulfilling musical adventure!

Private Flute and/or Clarinet Lessons for Beginners
Set your student up for success when they join band. High school student with 6 years experience teaches flute and clarinet for beginners. If a student is new to flute or clarinet I can help them become more comfortable with their instrument and help them prepare to play as a part of a band. Learning to read music, learning about their instrument, caring for and cleaning their instrument, and fighting off those new learner frustrations are all things that I can help with.

Unlock your musical potential with engaging and personalized lessons tailored to your goals.
In my teaching approach, beginners will receive comprehensive instruction in music fundamentals, including music theory, reading notation, rhythm, key signatures, chord progressions, proper instrument posture, and playing simple melodies. As their skills progress, they will have the opportunity to explore more advanced concepts, such as modes, intricate timing and rhythm patterns, advanced chord structures, harmonization techniques, improvisation, and a diverse repertoire within their chosen genre and style. For instance, classical musicians will delve into the works of composers spanning the Renaissance to the Romantic era, while folk musicians will explore various European dance music styles and American genres like bluegrass, country, western swing, jazz, and blues, among others. The curriculum is tailored to meet the specific needs and aspirations of each student, allowing for continuous growth and musical development.

English class is important for helping you appreciate diversity, develop sensitivity and contribute to the future of culture through your writing and critical thinking1. English emphasizes reading and writing, so your vocabulary and grasp of English grammar will improve if you take English class seriously1. ESL classes, on the other hand, are designed for students who want to improve their English language skills, and typically focus on grammar, vocabulary, and speaking practice2

Learn norwegian by native teacher, all interested in norwegian language are welcome
Hi If you are interested in learning about Norway and our language, i'm happy to contribute to your learning. I am a music teacher, i play the drums, and i has freinds here in Los Angeles that are interested in my native language. I would need to know a little about your goal's and how you want the sessions. I am flexible and can meet in person or by zoom.

Drum Lessons For Students From Age 7 to 70 in Portland
I begin by having a phone conversation with you, or your parent, (which ever is appropriate) so we can establish a sense of our compatibility, comfort level and direction. I like working with beginning students; a good teacher can help you get there faster, but I also enjoy helping: working professionals playing in lots of bands, or drumming for years! Lessons are written or verbally expressed for the individual student! Teaching you the “METHOD”, a uniquely simple approach, will help … you concentrate on finger control, independence, speed, endurance, bounce and to perfect balance between your hands and feet, all in a relaxed manner.. I also incorporate the “MOELLER METHOD”. This approach to drumming uses bio-mechanics and ergonomics to support smoother, injury-free playing. Your own body will teach you how to accomplish this. Your speed and power will increase as well. Extra information We’ll start by working on: Drum pads and a metronome, to perfect your inner rhythms and relaxing techniques Use of mirrors, so you can self-monitor your hands and body mechanics creating a comfort level, and easily correct your technique. By using mirrors you can create a visual approach that encourages concentration on the consistent, even sound of your sticks, bass drum pedal, and hi-hat pedal along with keeping good posture. I teach in my home studio where I have 2 drum sets, several practice pads, bass drum practice pads, hi-hats and mirrors and metronomes. You can look forward to learning a fun discipline, and a simple philosophy with a relaxed and exciting approach to the drums rather than styles of music. You can take what you learn in any direction you choose. I love playing drums, wouldn’t you love to play too? Come join me for the fun of playing. There is nothing more satisfying, and rewarding, for me, and hopefully for you, then learning to play the drums!

Multi-instrumentalist Teaching Artist With 10+ Years Experience
I am an indie-pop singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. I have received a degree from Utah State University, and have been teaching lessons since 2014. I created curriculum and taught over 200 group music classes at a summer camp. I worked with kids as an assistant teacher at Mountain West String Academy. As a continuous learner, I've attended over a dozen music conferences and masterclasses. I have completed my music teaching training program at Songsmith Studio.

Spencer's Chinese session- Basic and Intermediate Chinese
Hi! My name is Spencer. I have 13-years experience of elementary school teaching. I was an elementary school teacher in Taiwan. If you need or are interested in learning Chinese, please contact me. In my session you won't need to feel stressed, I will also make use of some games to make learning fun.

“From contemporary to popular”. If you knew how good dancing does to your body, you would dance all the time.
It is a course where elements of contemporary dance, ballet, international and modern dances are going to be taken and we are going to take it to popular Latin dances, such as salsa, through choreography, without ever losing the popular essence that identifies to the danceable genre, but achieving a fusion of cultures.

Elite Level Boxing/ MMA Training. Personal Training
Beginner’s Training to Elite Level The Art of Shadow Boxing Defensive Techniques Footwork Training Punch Techniques Speed Training Movement Training Mental Training Boxing & MMA Training Drills Heavy Bag Training Speed Bag Training Double End Training Elite Level Hand Wrapping Counter Punching Punch Combinations Pro & Amateur Fight Tips Meal Planning Supplements Supervised Sparring Jump Rope Training Fight Specific Strength Training

Jameson shares what he knows about music! Come jam with a professional singer/songwriter!
If you are looking to be a classical guitarist with flawless technique, I might not be the teacher for you. But, if you want to learn how to jam, rock out, express yourself musically, and experiment with the guitar to find your own unique style, I can definitely help. I like to focus on playing songs and music YOU want to learn, as well as encouraging you to try composing your own tunes. I also specialize in finger-picking and open/unique tunings. -M.F.A Music Composition, NYU Tisch -B.F.A. Musical Theater, Pace University -co-founder, guitarist/vocalist of psychedelic folk rock band, "Brig Aurora" -professional singer/songwriter/performer -recording artist with >56k streams (in total) -performed at: 54 Below (NYC), Chain Theatre (NYC), Olympic Tower (NYC), The Grape Room (Philadelphia) Genres: rock, folk, pop, musical theater.

English and french for beginners Class1 to class 12
Hello everyone I've designed this site just to make sure everyone speak better English and french. So please join me and let's be good speakers. In this course you will learn many things like(speaking, listening, writing and many more) so join me and learn with me.

Offers French courses in the San Francisco Bay Area
Here is an overview of the "typical" courses I offer. I will obviously adapt to your level as well as to your needs and desires. - grammar/vocabulary lessons: these are essential to progress quickly and efficiently. - practical oral expression workshop: this can be a situation or a dialogue in a particular context. The goal is to get you used to speaking in French, to put aside your fear or apprehension and let it become more natural for you. - oral comprehension: the more you get used to hearing this language spoken, the easier and more natural it will become for you. - at the end of each week, I will give you small exercises for the next week: vocabulary/conjugation/grammar to learn. I will also give you a short text to read with questions to check your understanding. During my lessons I place a lot of emphasis on oral expression and comprehension. To help you progress I offer practical workshops: role-playing, dialogue in a particular context, oral comprehension...

General Support in English, Spanish, Mathematics, and Physics
My name is Marisela, and I am in my third year of college. I am majoring in Civil Engineering, and I will be graduating in 2023 with an Associate degree. After that, I plan to transfer to any University nearby to complete my bachelor's degree. I have many years of experience in this educational journey, and I am pretty familiar with the struggles and frustration of a student when does not understand the lecture at class. That is why I am here to help you develop a good method where your educational journey should be a joyful path.