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Recently Posted Private Classes

Courses for primary, orientation cycle and college/gymnasium
Hello, I am a student who has just finished gymnasium / college, I offer support classes for children and adolescents in primary, orientation and college. I can offer support for maths, biology, chemistry, English, French.

Learn how to DJ and build your music collection. All levels and genres welcome
Learn how to mix dance music spanning genres including house, techno, electro, minimal, tech house, UKG, jungle and disco. I will guide you through building and managing your music collection and mastering song selection, beat matching, mixing and crafting a set on industry standard Pioneer CDJs. I have 5+ years of experience playing in festivals as well as intimate club nights. No prior experience in music required. All levels welcome.

Hello! I am Jaime, professor de Español graduated in Tourism for the University of Murcia, Spain.
Want to learn Spanish from 0? Do you have a basic or intermediate level and want to continue progressing towards perfecting the Spanish language? Respond to your needs and we can work in all language disciplines, grammar, syntax, vocabulary, oral and written communication, culture and heritage... Do not hesitate to contact me if you want to start your new adventure with the Spanish language!

Artist graduated in Drawing la Cambre, here to accompany you in your drawing practice
I like to offer tailor-made courses to people who want to practice drawing. To establish a personalized work methodology, an initial conversation is therefore fundamental. Similar to coaching, drawing lessons are between technical and fun learning, while having fun! I recommend various exercises that allow the mastery of drawing, the work of the gaze and the discovery of one's artistic intention. The ultimate goal is to surpass oneself in one's creativity and become autonomous in one's practice. With patience and pedagogy, I offer creative solutions to overcome everyone's difficulties. Concerned about a rewarding learning, it is in benevolence and exchange that I intend to accompany those who wish to appropriate drawing techniques. And since this is close to my heart, I like to introduce the work of a female artist and/or artist belonging to gender minorities at the end of the course to enrich everyone's references and culture and fight against their invisibility!

Academic and Professional English Teacher (Private Lessons)
Holder of a Bachelor's Degree in English Language & Literature from the University of Michigan and a Master's degree in Applied Linguistics from the University of Manchester, certified in CELTA (Certificate of Proficiency in Teaching English at non-English speaking people) by the British Council, I specialize in the areas of academic English (high school "baccalaureate program", preparation for official exams such as: TOEIC, IELTS, TOEFL), in addition to professional English (Legal English). I encourage the learner to get out of his comfort zone to reach his "learning zone" and allow him to acquire new skills by encouraging him to allow himself to make mistakes and to appropriate this right to error as well as by valuing experimentation and initiative by promoting autonomy. I help students discover their potential, support them as they gain confidence in their abilities, and assist them in achieving their personal and professional goals.

ART CLASSES: drawing, sketching, painting, coloring
Enjoy drawing and sketching but want to take them to the next level? I will teach you some of my tricks on how to outstand your skill level and knowledge in art. My class is adapted to your requests and your need for progress step by step, i will pass on my knowledge with patience and good humor. Together we will discover your personal style in art and develop it by practice; I'm sure you will have fun and learn something unique, so let's have a great time together

Tennis / sparing partner / available anytime in Zurich
I am emmanuel I m an intermediate good player. I play tennis for 10 years on a regular basis. Getting better need a lot of time on the court. I ll be happy to play with you as much as you want. I can also give you some tips on how to improve things. I can match almost any level just so you can hit the ball more and more.

French lessons for Beginners to Advanced by a native speaker
You will be able to become more fluent and confident in French. Depending on your goals (professional, degree or just for leisure), I can adapt myself to your needs. I can help you develop your communication skills and enrich your vocabulary. Also, I can offer some help concerning the prononciation to help you improving your accent for example. We can also focus on particular topics - I have a background in French Literature and also professional experience in Hospitality and Events/Cultural industry.

Padel lessons and coachings for all kind of levels
Padel is one of the most played sports nowadays. I've been playing it for 20 years, and I have a lot of experience in tournaments and teaching in summer camps in my hometown in Spain. I can teach all kind of levels, and either lessons for separate players or coachings while a match is being played, even playing it myself. You'll know and enjoy much more this fun and great sport!

Personal Coaching, Dance Classes and Group Training in Brussels
Diplomas: French Scientific Baccalaureate, Bachelor in Sports Coaching, Wellness Option, All Styles Dance Certification. SPORTS COACHING: I personalize the sessions according to your profile, objectives and availability. (Fitness, weight loss, mobility and flexibility, strength) DANCE: I give all-style dance lessons at home and in the studio (Hip hop, Afro, Bellydance, Latino etc..)

Academic support or language courses (French and English)
I can customize the course to meet your specific needs. Help with homework, theoretical contributions, practical exercises, etc. I am a student at HEP-BEJUNE (Biel) to teach French and English in secondary and high school.

Instrument lesson Brass / percussion / in-depth solfège
Dear future student! I can teach at home but also provide a location around the regions (Hasselt, Ghent, Leuven or Torhout). Provided I follow my master's diploma tuba (euphonium), master percussion as well as master trombone, I can teach different instruments. During the lessons there is the choice to implement solfège or to keep only the instrument technical. I work very constructively and I like to listen to the wishes / goals of the student. In the lessons I work very specifically on the wishes and goals of the student. This can be a very classical education but also modern pop songs. Feel free to contact me for some additional information! Many greetings, Sam Please contact us for more information! Many greetings, Sam

Cours particuliers niveau primaire _______________
Soutien scolaire pour enfant en école primaire__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Chinois (mandarin) tous niveaux, adultes et enfants
Je donne depuis plus de 10 ans des cours particuliers de chinois. Anciennement journaliste et animatrice radio en Chine, j'ai une excellente diction et prononciation du mandarin officiel, sans le moindre accent. C'est l'idéal pour l'apprentissage de la langue chinoise, le ton donné aux mots étant très important pour se faire comprendre. J'ai à de nombreuses reprises accompagné des élèves dans leur apprentissage en vue de passer un examen pour valider leurs compétences (HSK, etc.), et j'ai également travaillé avec des diplomates pour leur donner les clés nécessaires à la bonne compréhension du vocabulaire spécifique propre à leurs fonctions. J'ai par ailleurs beaucoup d'expérience avec les enfants, j'ai notamment donné des cours d'initiation au mandarin dans une école maternelle à Singapour. J'adapte les leçons de manière ludique, pour capter au mieux l'attention même des plus jeunes !

Cours de violon classique et/ou irlandais dans la bonne humeur !
Ancien élève des conservatoires de Rennes et de Nantes et titulaire d’un diplôme d’Etat en violon, j’ai à cœur de transmettre ma passion pour cet instrument. Premières armes ou en quête de perfectionnement, je m’adapte à vos objectifs. Mes cours s’adressent aussi bien aux adultes qu’aux enfants. L’idée est de gagner en liberté sur l’instrument de façon progressive et ludique. Bien que possédant une formation classique, je m’intéresse depuis plusieurs années à la musique irlandaise. Pour celles et ceux qui seraient curieux d’apprendre les techniques spécifiques liées à ce style ainsi qu’un répertoire de jigs ou de reels, la chose est tout à fait envisageable.

Drawing and Painting Class for all Ages in London !
I would like to use my experties in art to help people who wanted to be better at their drawing as hobby or other purposes. Feel free to ask any questions. I am vaccinated and farely careful. I hope to meet student in person for this job if you guys are ok. Thank you. I can teach watercolour, pen or pencil drawings, ink paintings. and etc.

Private lessons for beginners and intermediate English (from A1 to B2) or professional English.
English teacher and Master of Applied Foreign Languages graduate I have been practicing English for over 15 years and this language is an integral part of my daily life. Passionate about Anglo-Saxon culture, I like to share my passion with others. My goal is to awaken the student to this culture through various supports which will allow him to learn the language differently. I want to support him in his learning and give him the keys to progress.

English and Verbal Reasoning for 11 plus & year 7.
In my class you will learn how to write effective pieces in English, and achieve outstanding grades with lots of different techniques. We will be covering basic SPAG and writing techniques that you need for creative writing, and also how to analyse a comprehension for details. In verbal reasoning, we will be covering how to think constructively and use skill to understand different concepts framed in words.

Guitar and Music Theory Class and Test Prep Tutoring.
The guitar is a beautiful instrument, in my class you will learn from the basics of the instruments to the most advanced techniques exploring, studying and analysing in depth different tunes, chord progressions, scales, arpeggios, substitutions etc of all types of music genres, always remained focused on what are your goals and what you want to play to make you become a better musician.

Cours de français (cours scolaire, discussion quotidienne et professionnelle)
Je suis professionnellement active. Je suis spécialisée dans la négociation au sein des entreprises et diplômée universitaire. Ma langue maternelle est le français. Je l’utilise quotidiennement et également le français professionnel. Support également pour trouver un travail (CV, linkedin ...)

Violin lessons for children (3-12), teenagers (12-18) and adults (18-70)
I am Sacha and I am a 26 years old violinist with a strong passion for teaching violin. I was under the tutelage of the great violin pedagogue Mr. Mauricio Fuks in Indiana University for 3 consecutive years (2018-2021) becoming his teaching assistant for 2 years (2019-2021). Moreover, in the USA, I taught young violinists in Elementary Schools, (e.g. Fairview Elementary School) and also collegiate students in the Jacobs School of Music In Spain, I have carried on with my violin teaching experience in several music schools instructing violinists ranging from 3 to 70 years of age. I have also worked with ADHD and autistic students with a great passion for violin playing and music-making. Now, I am pursuing a master's in Violin Performance at the Koninklijk Conservatorium Den Haag and also a master's in music psychology in UNED. I have an excellent command of English, good working knowledge of French and basic German. Furthermore, I am currently learning Dutch!