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Teaching greek language and ancient greek through games
I specialize in teaching a language with innovatives ways.You can take a look from my teaching experience from my electronic prortfolio, Also i can teach you the greek history from a variety of videos who can help to unerstand better the ancient grrek history.

Matías Ignacio Coutsiers
Ingénieur aéronautique espagnol avec temps libre :)
Ingénieur aéronautique espagnol avec un peu de temps libre. J'apprécie sincèrement l'enseignement et c'est la raison principale pour laquelle je le fais, comme vous le réaliserez bientôt. J'ai des bases solides en mathématiques, physique, ingénierie et programmation. Dites-moi comment je peux vous aider et dans quel domaine et je vous dirai si je peux le faire ou non. Bien sûr, ma langue maternelle est l’espagnol et j’aimerais aussi enseigner ma langue. Ha sido monitor scout durante muchos años y trabajo bien con niños y jovenes. J'ai un horaire tout à fait flexible dans ce que je fais en ce moment (je suis un entrepreneur). Je suis indifférent d'emménager chez l'élève ou que l'élève vienne chez moi. Dans quelles matières il est possible d'enseigner en classe avec une webcam, mais en général, je ne considère pas cela comme la meilleure option.

Violoncelliste de la Haute école d’en musique de Genève donne cours de violoncelle
Je m'appelle Camille et j'ai 21ans. Actuellement élève de bachelor à la Haute Ecole de Musique de Genève dans la classe d'ophelie Gaillard, concertiste de renommée internationale; je donne des cours particuliers de violoncelle à des élèves de tous niveaux: débutants, intermédiaires et avancés. J'ai une grande expérience pédagogique comme professeur remplaçant dans des Conservatoire ainsi que des cours particuliers. Je propose des cours ouverts à tous de violoncelle mais aussi de solfège, lecture et théorie musicale (histoire de la musique/ analyse) en anglais ou en français. Je peux également enseigner le piano pour des débutants.

Korean course with a native teacher, serious and motivated
안녕하세요! Hello ! :) Do you want to learn Korean culture and language? Do you need to practice your Korean with a native? So, I can help you! Originally from South Korea, I will give private lessons of Korean from August 2019. I am : - from South Korea - Graduate of a Master in Language Sciences - Currently PhD student in Language Science My Korean courses are: - All levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced) - Korean alphabet (Hangeul), grammar, conversation, pronunciation, writing, TOPIK preparation, Korean culture (K-pop, dramas, movies, cooking, etc.) - I can teach you in French and Korean, but also in English if needed. - My classes can take place at your home and / or at a café. I love discovering the world by speaking in many languages with people and I would like to share this pleasure with you! : D For more information, do not hesitate to contact me. See you soon ! :)

Music Production and Composition for Beginners (Level 1)
Music Production for Beginners ​ My personally designed Music Production course is aimed at complete beginners who have the desire to discover how to compose, record and produce their own music. The course is structured in a way that will enable you to make the style of music you love. It is ideal for aspiring composer’s, producer’s, musicians and sound engineer’s.   For this course you will have the opportunity to learn either Logic Pro or Ableton Live (GarageBand is also an option to get you underway), both are industry leading digital audio workstations (DAW). Each session is tailored to your personal interests and goals, exploring both the theory and practical applications of working techniques and practices, in order to provide you with a solid foundation of the overall production process. Lessons are held one-to-one to allow you to learn at your own pace and receive the resources and support you require. I will continuously keep track of and review your progress so that your objectives are always being pursued. Here is the overall course content: An introduction to Music Production An introduction to Logic Pro or Ableton Live  Inputting MIDI – Piano playing & drum patterns Working with and editing audio Basic Synthesis & Sampling Recording & Mic techniques How to arrange your song Using effects and automation Basic music theory An introduction to Mixing Personal support and guidance throughout Create the music you love ​ Who is it aimed at? ​ This course is for teens and adults of all ages who are complete beginners. It may be for you if you wish to consolidate the knowledge you already have. Please see the Further Music Production course or contact me directly if you would like to discuss further.

Spanish ranging from beginners to advanced and for any age.
Languages are becoming more and more essential to solidify a good understanding and communication of this world’s constant change. Therefore, Spanish, being one of the most popular language, becomes an important tool. In order to speak it, the class is composed by grammar, vocabulary, listening and speaking. Depending on the time and frequency, the student will be be able to articulate thoughts and write them. It is vital that the language is spoken, hence, depending on the student’s level, the class will be provided in Spanish and English (swapping when necessary).

Speaking and vocabulary oriented classes in Russian and Turkish.
Hi everyone, My name is Javid. I am a multi-lingual MSc graduate based in the Hague. I worked as a Researcher in the Hague. For a half year now, I give lessons in Russian and Turkish in the Hague. My lessons are mostly vocabulary and speaking oriented. I believe that as soon as you start to speak, it is much easier to figure out the grammar. I hope you will choose me as your Tutor. Looking forward to meet you!

Help with statistical analysis of data in psychology
Doctor in psychology and cognitive neuroscience graduated from the University of Strasbourg, holder of a master 2 research in Biology and a master 2 professional in scientific communication, I offer private lessons in psychology (cognitive, social, psycho development , neuropsychology, etc.), neuroscience as well as statistics (theoretical and applied to experimental protocols) with a personalized methodology according to the needs and potentialities of each student. Thanks to a rigorous teaching approach, specific and adapted to each request, I propose an effective methodological aid (available references) allowing to answer to the waitings of the students and to reach or even exceed the fixed objectives. My classes also integrate a coaching method to optimize the learning and training necessary to pass university exams in psychology, neuroscience and statistics (as well as your oral exams with or without powerpoint support). My courses are aimed at university students, engineering schools, BTS wishing to optimize their performance and exam and exam scores (courses in psychology, neuroscience, medicine, etc.). I receive many requests from students at Paris 8 University (IED or not), University Paris 5 and Nanterre because I know perfectly the program concerned and the expectations of the jury for the research paper.

English classes for all levels - private or in group, for all ages
I am a French/American student, I give language classes for all levels. This class is for anyone from any age, beginners, someone with notions of the language, as well to help for a job or exam. Je suis une étudiante Franco/Americaine, qui donne des cours a tous niveaux. Ce cours est pour tout ages, debutant, pour des personnes qui ont des notions de la langue, ou pour aider pour un emploi/examen.

Repetiteur for a student in primary, cycle or Swiss college (ecg ..) or equivalent
I am a medical student at the University of Geneva and I propose to teach courses in problem areas or where there seems to be gaps. I am native German and French and I speak English fluently. I can help in subjects for primary, cycle or college until the end of maturity. Scientific subjects (biology, maths, chemistry ...) and languages (English, German and French)

Arabic is easy to learn ,and is useful for manythings
My goal is to make you able to speak Arabic classic or arabic modern or egyptian , and for sur how to read and write . Arabic language is one of the official language in the united nations. more than 400,000,000 people are speak this beautiful language . we will use way to make you learn easyer and that's what i get my certificate to how to teach Arabic as a foreign language. hope that you will found is really useful to you

English course for beginner, intermediate or tutoring
Grammar, conjugation, literature, poetry, catching, writing and oral. Dialogues and written expression. To discover where to improve. I have many books to discover where to improve his English including TOEFL. I studied English literature at the university in the United States. I have experience in academic support from high school to university level. Moments of dialogue to work the accent will be provided.

English, German, French, Math, Science, Test Prep Tutoring,.. Also for children with dysorthographia, dyscalculia, dyslexia,..
Being able to speak different languages is so important, in order to communicate with each other and aim to a nice job afterwards. I have always been in love with learning how to express myself in other languages than French (mother tongue). I can help you take your ease in German if you are a beginner (I own a B2) and ease your way to talk in English (I have a C2). If you have trouble with your homework, or need help to get ready for your tests, I would happily help you. I have been teaching for more than 2 years, and did an internship in a school for children in difficulty. I adapt the length of the class regarding the level of the student and his ability to concentrate on specific tasks.

Violin lessons for all ages and levels / Violin lessons all ages and levels
I am a professional violinist graduated from the Royal Mons Conservatory and holds a bachelor diploma in Italy. I teach students of all ages and levels. I have 4 years of experience in teaching in Italy. In my classes, I help students find a good relationship with the instrument and cultivate a positive relationship with music and passions, sense of rhythm and optimal use of the body, which allows them to connect with their musical imagination.

Beltrán Cubel
Viola and Violin individual private lessons in Helsinki
Viola Master student of Sibelius Academy offers individual private lessons of Viola and Violin in Helsinki. Experience in young and professional orchestras, all ages and levels ( goos treatment with children). I can also teach modern viola and violin (blues,folk,jazz), improvisation skills and music theory.

Etudiant en école d'ingénieur donne cours de Maths et de Physique-Chimie niveaux Collège, lycée et préparation aux CPGE scientifiques
Mes cours s'adressent aux élèves de collège et lycée et aux étudiants se préparant à entrer dans une CPGE scientifique. Ces cours peuvent être aussi bien du soutient scolaire que de l'approfondissement de certaines notions. Lors de mes cours, je procède souvent en deux parties : - d'une part je fais des rappels de cours sur les notions étudiées en classe (pour bien maîtriser les bases); - d'autre part je donne des exercices durant lesquels je guide l'élève, je lui donne des conseils pour les calculs et la méthodologie.

Piano lessons(music lovers, professionalists,all levels)
Music is a way of expression and living for me so in these classes I would like to share my knowledge, ideas and passion for it. I teach piano technique and most importantly we learn how to follow music language. Classes includes some music theory as well. All students are welcomed. Age is not a limit. I'm teaching differently depending on ones needs - whether the reason for playing is to be a professional or you are a music lover.

French lovers: learn how to speak French for professional and students
If you love what you are doing you will be able to bring people to it. That why in this class I will make students love what they are learning in a good, joyful and serious environment. This class is specifically for those who love French language and would like to speak as accurate as possible. And I ensure you that at the end of every session you will have mastered something new.

Private lessons of Maths for students at EPFL and for gymnasians
Hello, My name is julien. I am a sophomore in the Communication System section at EPFL. I offer my help in maths to first-year students at EPFL as well as to gymnasians, college students, etc. I am a pedagogue who likes to transmit his knowledge and to advance others. I adopt a personalized follow-up and it is possible for the student / student to submit my questions a little before the class so that I can prepare the course as well as possible. For students at EPFL, I teach courses in the following subjects: - Advance ICC I - Analysis I - Linear algebra - Advance ICC II My grades in the first year exams in the subjects concerned: - Advance ICC I: 4.75 - Analysis I: 5.25 - Linear algebra: 5 - Advance ICC II: 5.25 Average in Block 1 of the propaedeutic examination: 4.74 Total average on the first year examination: 4.61 Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions! See you soon !

Private lessons in French / Philosophy / English
I study Romance and French and I offer private lessons in French, philosophy and English to high school students. I am here to answer questions concerning the subject matter of the class, to explain certain notions that the student would not have understood, to help in the preparation of questions and assignments, etc.

Language course and vacation upgrade (German, English, French)
Hello, Currently in second year of Bachlor in psychology and sport at the University of Lausanne, I give for several years already support courses in German, English and French next to my studies. School support, apprenticeship support and group or individual refresher courses, I have acquired in recent years a lot of experience with children as well as with teenagers or young adults. I earned an English C1 degree after living in Dublin on a sabbatical year. French and German being my native languages, I am bilingual in both languages. Patient, attentive to the particular needs of everyone, I look forward to helping you! I move willingly!

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Bijlessen Frans voor iedereen van elk niveau met Céline
Onze dochter voelde zich op haar gemak bij Celine. De ideale basis om Frans te leren.
Review by AN R.
Italian language and culture
Excellent, very polite, very organized and methodical. The course is very pleasant and fruitful.
Review by IOULIA T.
Cécile is a professional teacher with a personal approach. Besides being a very friendly person, her teaching is absolutely worth recommending.
Review by TIMON R.

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