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Building English confidence and skills. Creative and energetic English teacher with over 25 years of experience!
Assisting primary and secondary school children with verbal and reading skills in English. Building confidence in conversation skills and vocabulary advancement in both older students and adults. All lessons given use my vast array of educational materials, and I make sure they are both relevant and enjoyable.

Musical journey through the piano and music theory
Hello ! I am Cemre ÜKER (26 years old), piano teacher with 3 years of experience. I believe that music is more than just a goal, it is a lifelong discipline and pleasure. With this belief, I offer my students comprehensive training with music theory, technical exercises and works with which beginning children can create an emotional connection. My method: • Fundamental musical discipline: familiarize the student with the instrument and provide the fundamental musical discipline necessary on this path. • Musical theory: establish musical knowledge on a solid foundation and understand the language of music. • Technical exercises: develop finger dexterity and piano mastery. • Creation of emotional connections: choose works with which beginning children can create an emotional connection with music. • Multidimensional awareness: giving music a multidimensional perspective by also establishing the foundation of music history. My journey : • Royal Academy of Music Theory Exam Grade 8 • Royal Academy of Music Performance Exam Grade 8 • Ibla Music Competition (2012) • Performs on stage at various charity events My objective : Offering students aged 5 to 12 the pleasure and discipline of playing the piano and taking them on a musical journey. Course: An individualized private lesson program is prepared. Contact : You can contact me by +33 7 45 21 50 83 or by [email protected]

Graduated from the Maastricht Conservatory gives guitar lessons in Brussels - Jazz, Blues, Rock, Funk, Fusion.
I have been a musician-guitarist for 17 years and I have been teaching guitar to students of all ages (from toddlers to adults) for 5 years. In addition to guitar, I have experience in ear training, rhythmic music theory and music theory, for 360-degree training. I also happily support students in preparing for conservatory entrance exams. I have been a musician and guitarist for 17 years, and I have been teaching the guitar to students of all ages (from toddlers to adults) for the past 5 years. In addition to the guitar, I have experience in ear training, rhythmic solfège, and music theory, providing a comprehensive training approach. I am also happy to assist students in preparing for conservatory entrance exams.

Music Lessons for beginners, intermediate and advanced musicians
In my first years of music training I was always wondering what I was playing. Why this note works better with this other note, why this part returns in the end of the piece but with different chords. In this course I would like to share what I have learned so far about composition and harmony. Jazz harmony it's possible but my education is strictly classical

Learn to code and become an industry ready Software Developer!
Computer Science is a field that does not require any vouching.. However, It is not at all hard to learn coding and get your career a kickstart as a Software Developer. Learn from an experienced Software Developer on how to code in various coding languages... whether its Website Development or Mobile app development that you wanna learn, I got you covered. Technologies that you can learn : - Flutter App Development - Android App Development - iOS App Development - Website Development - Python Programming Language - Ui/Ux Designing - Graphics Designing - DevOps Engineering

Singing Lessons , Piano Lessons and Music Theory Lessons
Hello, I am Ülkü! Since my early years, I have been interested in various disciplines of art such as ballet, piano, choir singing, trombone, opera, and vocal. I consider myself curious, supportive, and always open to new perspectives! I believe life would be quite monotonous if I didn't constantly learn new things. I find sharing knowledge and experiences valuable and enjoy creating a new, beautiful, and genuine space for sharing. Teaching and learning in turn, exploring new horizons, and doing it through music excite me tremendously. I have been giving music lessons for approximately 10 years since my student years. Right after graduating from bachelors, I taught Choir and Orff lessons at Bilkent University Faculty of Music and Performing Arts, where I also provided vocal, piano, and solfege lessons at the Music Club. Without a break after my undergraduate studies, I pursued a master's program in the Opera Singing Department at Başkent University State Conservatory, graduating with high honors. My master's thesis, titled "Orientalism in W. A. Mozart's Abduction from the Seraglio Opera," was published as a book in Turkish in 2020 and in English as "Orientalism in W. A. Mozart’s Opera of Abduction from the Seraglio" in 2021 by Paradigma Academy Publications. My artistic education from a young age introduced me to diverse disciplines, making me more curious and research-oriented. Starting with ballet, my journey led me to be flexible both in my body and mind. Engaging as a choir singer with the State Polyphonic Children's Choir, performing in productions like Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker Ballet at the Ankara State Opera and Ballet, and collaborating with the Bilkent Youth Choir and Bilkent Symphony Orchestra on pieces such as J. S. Bach's Magnificat, Nabucco, Mahler 8, enriched my ability to participate in ensemble works. Besides exploring harmony, rhythm, and style on the piano, as well as the importance of breath control in trombone and vocal performances. Being a soloist in the Film Music Concert with the Indigo Youth Symphony Orchestra was a unique experience for me. Adding teaching to all these experiences opens another door of learning and teaching for me. I find nourishing both my students and myself with questions like "why not?" and "how can it be done?" valuable. I am an active, friendly, creative person who enjoys sharing experiences and is highly curious. Music has shown me that every element I learn is interconnected, and together, small details can create magnificent things. To be more effective in teaching, I collect various materials suitable for students at all levels, whether beginners or experienced. Remember, if you want to learn new approaches to life through music, I am here to help! Whether it's classical, jazz, rock, traditional, or any other genre, give yourself a few months to learn to play the music you love. Moreover, I teach classes in both Turkish and English. If you want to join this delightful adventure with me, I can suggest a trial meeting! I am looking forward to meeting you and starting this journey! Check out the link below for more information: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-9029-6436

English, Spanish and French courses in Gergy
Hello, I am currently in the 3rd year of a modern literature degree and I am available to give English, Spanish and French lessons. I like to pass on my knowledge. I would like to become a school teacher and I will be delighted to build my experience alongside you.

Math Courses in Brussels - Experienced Tutor - Master's at ULB in Business Engineering
(FR/ENGL) Experienced and passionate tutor, my courses are primarily aimed at high school students up to the beginning of higher education. You are in the right place if you are looking to improve or fill gaps in mathematics or statistics. I adapt according to the situation and the objectives of the student, offering tailored pedagogy, as well as lively and interesting courses. • For home lessons (individual sessions or small groups), I can easily travel around Brussels. • The "at the teacher's" courses are held in a venue near the Free University of Brussels. • I can also offer courses online or in a "hybrid" format. Thanks to virtual teaching tools, enjoy interactive courses, no matter your location. Do not hesitate to contact me for any information; I would be delighted to help you. Looking forward to it, Ryan

Certified sports coach, I enthusiastically support you towards your goals. Meet in the gym, at home or outdoors!
Do you want to lose weight, tone up, and/or improve your cardio? Are you looking for someone who pushes you to surpass yourself? Give you confidence in yourself again? I am the coach you need! My programs will be closely linked to your own objectives (previously defined together during our first session). Always remember that your goals are mine too! Those curious about English boxing will also be able to discover this discipline during a cardio-boxing session. These courses are intended for beginners-intermediates.

Experienced Teacher/Tutor: fostering a love of learning in a calm, stress-free way!
I am an experienced teacher and primary school leader, with a wealth of knowledge about the British Education System and about teaching English, underpinned by an in-depth understanding of the ways children learn. I can offer the following: • Individual/small group English lessons. • Individual/small group support and preparation for the British school state SATS examinations at primary level. • Specialized advice on supportive approaches for children with special educational needs. • Tutoring and support for parents to help their children’s learning. All lessons are interactive, fun, and tailored to the learner's needs and preferred learning style and ability.

Private French courses for adults and children / DELF & DALF
Bonjour ! I am a native French tutor with international experience, offering French lessons for adults and children. Individuals or small groups. My French lessons can be designed to prepare beginners to advanced level students for IB French exams, as well as DELF and DALF exams. I also specialize in teaching business French to professionals. I have more than 20 years’ experience teaching French in Europe and have had the opportunity to accompany many expatriates living in Brussels in order to best support them in their learning of French. My teaching method is adapted to each student, you will progress effectively, at your own pace. If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or want to sign up for lessons. À bientôt ! Laure

Mathematics and Physics Courses | Gymnasium/EPFL
**Let me introduce myself: My name is Simon and I am a student at EPFL in the second year of the physics section. I take few students and guarantee a quality course, properly prepared in advance. ***I am flexible with my schedule and have the possibility to travel to my home. ***I teach physics and mathematics courses at gymnasium level and 1st year of higher scientific studies. Do not hesitate to write me !

Sauveteur maître nageur masseur sportif
Swimming lessons for all levels given by lifeguard-lifeguard-massage-sportsman
❤️💚💛💙🥰🤩😃️Hello, I am a lifeguard-lifeguard-swimming coach-sportsman and sports masseur, I offer my services to solve your problems, optimize your performance and develop physical qualities: 1) - Private swimming lessons for all audiences and all levels: from leisure to competition, I bring you the cap and glasses. 2) - I swim friendly with you to analyze your swimming underwater to correct your swimming and teach you the best techniques to improve your swimming. 3) - Lessons and learning of all swimming techniques. 4) - Educational to improve and improve in swimming (I bring you flippers, pads, Pull-buoy, board and snorkels). 5) - Learning rescue techniques. 6) - Support in preparing for your exams and swimming competitions. 7) - Self-defense course. 8. - Educational aquatic facilities, bodybuilding and refinement of the body. 9) - All types of goals (fitness, weight loss, mass gain, nutrition advice, etc.). 11) - Stretching and massages to remove tension and energy blockages that limit your physical and mental performance in order to bring you a better daily life through sessions adapted to your problems, your objectives and your desires. 12) - I reward good students. 13) - As your lifeguard, sports trainer, sports partner and sports masseur, I will work with you in synergy, I will offer you a personalized program that will adapt to your problems at your level at your desires and then to your development, I will adapt a range of fun and motivating methods and education to achieve your goals in a minimum of time. Professional experiences: 1- Lifeguard at the beach with SDIS (firefighter) since the age of 19, and former competitive swimmer from the age of 15. 2- Lifeguard, pool swimming coach since 2007 in Paris. 3- Sports-coach, sports-masseur since 2008 in Paris. **************** ️Hello, I'm a lifeguard-master-swimmer sports coach and sports masseur, I offer my services to solve your problems optimize your performance and develop physical qualities: 1) - Private swimming lessons for all audiences and all levels: from leisure to competition, I bring you the cap and goggles. 2) - I'll swim with you in a friendly atmosphere to analyze your underwater swimming, correct your stroke and teach you the best techniques for perfecting your swimming. 3) - Lessons and learning of all swimming techniques. 4) - Instruction to improve and perfect your swimming (I bring fins, fins, pull-buoy, board and snorkels). 5) - Learning lifesaving techniques. 6) - Assistance in preparing for your swimming exams and competitions. 7) - Self-defense races. 8. - Instruction in water skills, bodybuilding and slimming. 9) - All types of objectives (fitness, weight loss, weight gain, nutrition advice, etc.). 11) - Stretching and massage to relieve the tension and energy blockages that limit your physical and mental performance, and to improve your daily well-being through sessions tailored to your problems, goals and desires. 12) - I reward good students. 13) - As your lifeguard, sports trainer, sports partner and sports masseur, I'll work with you in synergy, proposing a personalized program that adapts to your problems, your level, your desires and your progress. I'll adapt a range of fun, motivating methods and educational methods to achieve your goals in the shortest possible time. Professional experience: 1- Beach lifeguard with SDIS (fire brigade) since the age of 19, and former competitive swimmer since the age of 15. 2- Lifeguard, swimming pool coach since 2007 in Paris. 3- Sports coach, sports masseur since 2008 in Paris.

Private English lessons (online or on site)/creative English immersion activities for your children
Welcome to my English class. *Designed to provide an immersive and fun learning experience. As a psychology student, pursuing studies in English for 4 years and having explored the United States to deepen my mastery of the language, I am delighted to share my knowledge and my enthusiasm with you. *Learning English should not be a chore, but an exciting and rewarding adventure. With a fun, creative and immersive approach, I will strive to create a dynamic learning environment where my students can flourish and progress with confidence. Each session is carefully planned to provide a balanced mix of language exercises, role plays, discussions and art projects, all in English of course! *Of course, I adapt my sessions according to the requests of the young person and their family. I also understand that flexibility is important, which is why I offer online courses for those who prefer to learn from home. Looking forward to seeing you soon 😊 Charlotte

French courses (literature, written expression, grammatical bases), preparation for exams and French as a foreign language.
With 20 years of experience in teaching and academic support, I give French lessons but also methodology and academic coaching. Preparation for exams, revision of the basics, re-motivation. After a quick assessment of your achievements, we decide together on the objectives to achieve and the pace to maintain with regular progress points.

Spanish lessons. Native teacher. All levels and ages.
Learn Spanish with a native tutor, with personalized fun lessons, for all levels and ages. Learning a language improves our intellectual skills, as our opportunities for working, travelling, studying and making friends. Contact me to assess your level or begin your journey.

Personalized Painting and Drawing Class for Every Skill Level
Considering your skill level and objectives, I'll customize a personalized class just for you, and together, we'll work towards achieving your artistic goals. Whether you're a beginner eager to learn how to express yourself through the medium of painting, or more advanced aiming to refine techniques and build a standout portfolio for art school, I'm here to guide you. Expect valuable tips, relevant references, and occasional insights into art theory that align with your practice and style. I'll encourage you to experiment, be inventive, and gain confidence in making creative decisions, trusting your unique artistic voice.

Native Speaker Professional and Conversational English for Adults and Young People
Hi, I'm a English teacher (and native speaker) from the UK living in Wroclaw with over 5 years experience teaching in Britain, Asia, and Poland. I teach three types of classes, English for teenagers and young adults (with an emphasis on reading), Business English for Adults, and Conversational English for Adults. I have a background in Journalism and a degree in Creative Writing. Let's take your English to the next level, whatever your current situation.

Wing Chun Kung Fu - Personal or small groups - in English or German
Hi there, I have practiced Wing Chun Kung Fu from 2011-2021 in Bonn, Germany, under Sifu Michael Schweitz. I have been his assistant and have several years of experience in teaching groups and in private. As being a certified teacher/coach, I offer private lessons for you to learn this ancient chinese art. I focus on the practical side and strive to teach you the fundamentals and principles in the shortest time possible. Although, the more you train on your own, while we do not meet up for lessons, will naturally increase your learning curve. Further training on your own is highly recommended, because Wing Chun movements aren't "natural" and your body will need some time to "adapt". My Goal as a teacher will be to get you to the heart of Wing Chun: "Chi Sao" - "sticky hands" and build up a full understanding of the system. Lessons will take place outside, near Carouge, Geneva. Unfortunately my French is not good enough to teach in this language, yet. But I am working on it.

diatonic harrmonica lessons for beginners or experienced
Course to begin or confirm learning the diatonic harmonica, with the aim of accompanying and/or developing simple musical structures. Depending on your wishes, blues, jazz, rock and pop music styles are covered. Reproduction and understanding of existing pieces, repetitions of known phrasing or construction of new sentences.

Online English tutoring/conversation and exam preparation for all levels and ages
I'm offering individual and personalized classes according to your level , groups also are welcome to join. I will adapt to your needs and objectives :Grammar, conversation, vocabulary and culture. My method will take you step by step to meet your goal! I am dynamic, easy-going and full of energy! All material will be provided to you by email. Lessons are well organized I can suggest a weekly task In addition, I can provide support in proofreading and translation. If you need help, I am here to listen. About me: Highly qualified English teacher, who prefer many methods of interacting with learners, because I think that every student has their own way of learning. I have gained extensive experience from my previous studies in the Master of Language Teaching Methods, my researches also have helped me to have a huge background about language aquisition, plus that I have worked as a tutor and translator in Europe for years. So: Learning new language can open extra doors for your career path. I'm glad to put my experience in your service and answer your questions. Any age or level is welcome also students of school or university. I can lead you to pass international tests such as TOEFL and IELTS. Language of teaching can be English, Arabic, French or Spanish. Classes can be via Skype or zoom etc...

Our students say it best about our teachers

Bijlessen Frans voor iedereen van elk niveau met Céline
Onze dochter voelde zich op haar gemak bij Celine. De ideale basis om Frans te leren.
Review by AN R.
Nederlandse, Spaanse en/ of Engelse les op elk gewenst niveau
Een aardige lerares die op een een duidelijke manier les uitleg geeft op al je vragen. Daarnaast is ze erg positief ingesteld waarbij ze mij vooral heeft gemotiveerd om mijn best te doen voor spaans. Een aanrader!
Review by MOUNA A.
Piano en of zangles met of zonder notenleer in Gent
Zeer goede ervaring bij mijn eerste kennismaking met de piano en notenleer in het algemeen. Tine maakt het zeer begrijpelijk voor iemand zonder ervaring en doet me al verlangen naar de volgende les!
Review by SETH G.

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