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Abiola David
Microsoft Excel, SQL Server, Power BI, Microsoft Word
Learn Microsoft Excel from Basic to Advanced from a Microsoft Excel MVP. In my bespoke Excel training, I cover all the key topics that everyone who uses Excel must know such as using 1. Basic Formulas and Functions. 2. Applying General Formatting to Dataset. 3. Applying Freeze Panes and Split Windom 4. Analysing Data using PivotTable and PivotCharts 5. Using VLOOKUP, XLOOKUP, INDEX/MATCH and CHOOSE Functions

Viole de gambe, solfège, theorie de la musique, harmonie - Musicien professionnel diplômé du Conservatoire Royal de Bruxelles
(FR) Musicien professionnel, diplômé du Conservatoire Royal de Bruxelles offre des cours de viole de gambe, théorie de la musique, harmonie ou histoire de la musique. Du niveau débutant au niveau pré-universitaire ou avancé. Cours individuels adaptés aux besoins et au niveau de chaque élève. Pendant les cours, des éléments essentiels tels que la technique, la musicalité et la compréhension des rythmes, des harmonies, l'intonation... seront abordés. J'habite à Saint-Gilles, Bruxelles et je peux donner cours chez moi ou me déplacer. J'enseigne en français, anglais (bilingue) ou espagnol (langue maternelle). (EN) Professional musician, graduated from the Royal Conservatory of Brussels offers lessons in viola da gamba, music theory, harmony or history of music. From beginner to pre-university or advanced level. Individual lessons adapted to the needs and level of each student. During the lessons, essential elements such as technique, musicality and understanding of rhythms, harmonies, intonation... will be covered. I live in Saint-Gilles, Brussels, very close to Hôtel des Monnaies, and I can give lessons at home or move. I can teach in French, English (bilingual) or Spanish (mother tongue).

Clases de español con una profesora experta nativa
Aprende español de manera divertida, con herramientas pedagógicas que te permitirán tener una excelente comprensión del español, poder comunicarte social, académica y laboralmente. Aprende gramática e incrementa las habilidades para leer, escribir y hablar en español. El español es la segunda lengua más habladas del mundo y por esto es clave que puedas aprenderlo y yo estoy lista para ayudarte a mejor tu comprensión y hablar español de manera correcta.

Private piano lessons, online, classroom lessons or at the student's home.
Certified piano teacher/pianist gives private piano lessons for all age groups. It is desirable to aim for lessons that are as regular and continuous as possible, either weekly or fortnightly. I design the lessons student-oriented, stylistically very broad from classical music to romanticism, new age, pop rock and film music. I teach beginners, advanced and those returning to the sport.

Courses on Spring Core , SpringBoot, Spring MVC, REST and Spring Security
This course is intended for students or developers, it explores the most commonly used features of Spring and Spring Boot. The course is focusing on the following chapters : - Introduction to spring (configuration, Annotation and component scanning) - Factory beans - Dependency injection and Spring Container - AOP - Testing spring application - Spring & Data management ( JdbcTemplate ) - Transaction Management with Spring - Spring Boot - Spring Data - Spring MVC - RESTFull applications - Spring Security - Testing Spring boot - Spring JMS

Singing lessons for beginners or children. Learn how to sing in a band!
Hello! My name is Sandra, I will be here offering my vocal lessons. I will teach you to sing at beginner lever. I will help you to develop your musical hearing, your vocal knowledge and teach you how to breathe correctly. I will be your personal vocal coach and learn you all the secrets about singing and how to safely own your main instrument - your voice. I am an experienced music teacher who has over 5 years of experience. I also singing professionally with many bands at different events. Some of the aspects we work on during the lessons: Voice staging Confidently owning your voice Remove emotional clumbs Defining your type of voice Improve vocal techniques Breathing techniques Hearing development, work on intonation Range development of your voice Excercise for diction and articulation How to use registers correctly Develop your vocal talents Also I will provide homework after every lesson. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask me! Looking forward to hearing from you!

Meditation and therapeutic hypnosis course by a certified hypnotherapist
This course is intended for anyone wishing to benefit from a therapeutic and personalized approach at home. I adapt to the request: teach hypnosis and self-hypnosis, respond to a current problem, or even carry out a session on request at home. Offered by a certified hypnotherapist, meditation instructor and yoga teacher in Paris and Geneva. Can be used by people suffering from: - Stress - Insomnia - Burn-out - Anxiety - Support in stopping smoking - Support in change. The sessions take place at the client's home, and respond to his specific problem. They usually last an hour, but can extend to 1.5 hours depending on the client's needs. Follow-up is guaranteed and very regular sessions are possible. The objective is determined at the start of work and the number of sessions studied accordingly.

Drum lesson
Pop, rock, jazz or other styles. I am mainly active as a rock drummer. I have a diploma in secondary education English and music.

Sasha Cormier
French for all level, including IB French with a native French speaker
I am a native-speaking french teacher, who has achieved a high 6 in IB french A level, self-taught. I believe in teaching french (and languages in general) through practice: we will speak french in every class while learning about grammar, and practising writing skills. If you are an Ib student, I can help you prepare for your exams, IAs and IOs and achieve the best possible marks. Having lived in France for a major part of my life, I gladly discuss french culture, history and literature with you if you are interested. I am all for making classes as enjoyable as possible !!! A little more about me, I have tutored a few students in French in the last few years, and I graduated from the IB in 2021 with 39 points in ETIS (ESPOO). I am to enter the University of Warwick in a Politics, Economics and Philosophy degree in the end of September.

Graduate student in psychology offers private French lessons for all levels
I am a pastry student, with a degree in psychology and I offer private French lessons. My goal is to support my student in an appropriate and logical way, taking into account his difficulties (pathological or not) and his interests. Everything will be personalized and there will be constant monitoring; I always involve myself in the work that I undertake. I already have experience with college students (including dyslexics) and a high school girl. I can help from time to time to prepare for an exam or help with the correction of documents. Depending on your place of residence if you choose home lessons, I would add travel costs which we can discuss. I am available to answer all your questions and am flexible on my availability. Do not hesitate to ask me for a service that I have not mentioned, we will discuss it. Hope to see you soon!

Viola and violin lessons for all levels and age in Liège and online
Hello, my name is Roberta and I'm a viola player from Italy studying at the Conservatoire de Liège in the second year of Master. If you want to learn how to play viola or violin I would be really glad to help you either if you are starting from zero or you already know how to play and want to get better at it.

Multibody with martial arts: learn to use your body optimally.
Chinese martial arts such as kung fu, tai chi, chinese wrestling and martial arts in general are a perfect tool to train your body and mind in such a way that you can reap the benefits in any activity every day. The complexity of martial arts also makes it hugely compatible with many other sports. Can be used for total body development, rehabilitation as well as for personality development. Awareness - fighting spirit - resilience - optimal condition - stress resistant - perseverance - calmness - in balance - discipline - firmness in your shoes - self-defense - fall prevention are a few of the many key words. From 1-1 training to small group training, I teach you how you can optimize your lifestyle with martial arts. The content is according to the wishes. It can range from earlier relaxation to intense conditioning training. From traditional kun fu to more functional training. Martial arts are also ideal for WOMEN. It helps you to stand in your strength both physically and mentally. And in addition to the workload, you often also have the caring task on your shoulders. Martial arts can help you bear and even relieve that pressure.

Piano teacher, music lesson for the beginners and advanced students.
Hello everyone! My name is Elena, I am a professional pianist and I just finished my Performance Master’s Degree in Basel Musik-Akademie, and I am offering piano lessons. Whether it is the first experience with the piano, or a help on piano homework, I would be happy to teach you. The price listed is for an hour-lesson. Languages: Russian (mother tongue), English, and willing to exchange German-English to improve my German. Thanks for your attention, and take care, Elena

Private at Home Yoga Instructor 🧘🏽‍♀️ based in and around Zurich, Switzerland 🇨🇭in DE | EN
I am a certified 200YTT Yoga Teacher, I successfully completely my training in Ubud, Bali. I am originally from and located in Zurich 🇨🇭, and native in Swiss German and English. I teach Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Hatha and Yin Yoga. I am very passionate about yoga and love to share my passion with others, since yoga is all about union (the word itself means „union“ of body, mind and soul). Learning one to one, or in a smaller group has many advantages, such as; I can tailor specific classes to your needs or targeted areas, it’s a lot more personal but also intense, as you won’t go under like in a big class. All my attention will be focused on helping you become the best Yogi you can be, while going at your own personal pace. If you are interested in learning more, or booking a lesson just contact me, I am happy to help and assist you in finding what is best for you. I can come to your place, or we can find another solution. I can also teach online if needed. I can also travel around Switzerland, but please contact me beforehand to organise this. Lots of Love 💗 Georgina 🧘🏽‍♀️ — Ich bin eine 200YTT zertifizierte Yogalehrerin und habe meine Ausbildung in Ubud, Bali, erfolgreich abgeschlossen. Ich komme ursprünglich aus Zürich 🇨🇭und wohne auch hier. Ich bin Muttersprachlerin in Schweizerdeutsch und Englisch. Ich unterrichte Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Hatha und Yin Yoga. Ich habe eine grosse Leidenschaft für Yoga und liebe es, meine Leidenschaft mit anderen zu teilen, da es beim Yoga um Union geht (das Wort selbst bedeutet „Union” aka „Verbindung“ des Körpers, Geists und der Seele). Das Lernen im Einzelunterricht oder in einer kleineren Gruppe hat an sich viele Vorteile, wie z.B kann ich spezifische Lektionen auf deine Bedürfnisse oder Zielgebiete zuschneiden, zudem ist es auch viel persönlicher, aber auch intensiver, da du nicht so leicht wie in einer grossen Gruppe untergehen kannst. Meine ganze Aufmerksamkeit wird darauf gerichtet sein, dir zu helfen, den besten Yogi zu werden den du sein kannst, in deinem eigenen Tempo. Wenn du daran interessiert bist, mehr zu erfahren oder eine Lektion zu buchen, kontaktiere mich einfach und ich helfe dir gerne dabei, das Beste Angebot für dich zu finden. Ich kann entweder zu dir nach Hause kommen oder wir finden eine andere Lösung. Bei Bedarf unterrichte ich auch online. Ich kann auch in der Schweiz-weit unterrichten, aber bitte kontaktiere mich vorher, um dies zu organisieren. Mit viel Liebe 💗 Georgina 🧘🏽‍♀️

Private lessons in math - sciences - languages (French, English and Russian)
Master's degree in Biomedical Sciences at UCLouvain, I offer to help you in your learning of science/math/language courses. I can help you in Mathematics / Chemistry / Physics / Biology if you are in secondary or bachelor's degree. I can also help in French/English/Russian for students!

Learn the wonderful art of the piano, according to your needs!
A piano lesson that meets the needs of everyone, from children to retirees who want to enjoy music. For those who want to prepare for admission to a music school and would like to learn the basics of this wonderful instrument! The course is structured according to the didactic needs of each student. In any case, we will never neglect the basics of piano technique useful for tackling each repertoire.

Singing : pop vocal, opera vocals, academic vocals
My name Kateryna. I'm opera singer and vocal coach. In Kyiv I have own vocal studio. Last 20 years I had help many students to begin to sing and as usual we had very good results. I had work with students who would like to be a professional singer, who would like to improve a children's dream and develop exiting skills. My youngest student was 4,5 years old and my oldest student was 65 y.o. Now, I'm starting my new way in London

Montassir Billah
Fitness coach, kickboxing, nutrition and body perfection
It is never too late to have a fit and healthy body. My sessions are organized to get fit at home by doing body weight exercises with simple tools and organizing a healthy nutrition lifestyle. Self defense education with kickboxing There are many programs for all ages and levels. Stay strong and in good shape.

Guitar & Music theory lessons. beginners, intermediate, advanced.
Profesional active musician. Speciality in Jazz, but all modern Styles also possible (Blues, countrie, rock, funk, soul) Music theory: Solfege Ear trainning Modern Harmony Composition 8 years teaching experience: kids, teenagers and adults.

Vocal coaching & Well-being, feeling good in your body and in your head, finding your voice!
I offer personalized coaching to find your "voice". The most important thing for me is that you feel good, that you are happy. This is why before starting to sing, I suggest you put yourself in physical condition and welcome, to open the song of possibilities! Singer for more than 10 years, I did a dense year of singing, dancing and theater in the center of France. This allowed me to see how much I wanted to accompany people who want to know each other better, who have a real interest in singing. I adapt to any type of profile. I am available for any questions. I will be fully available from the end of September 2022 but remain open to slots for the early morning, or the early evening from the beginning of September.

French courses (mother tongue and foreign language) for children and adults
Whether it's to learn French, give lessons to your child (from kindergarten to high school) or to revise the rules of grammar and spelling, you've come to the right place! I can also help you in writing letters, dissertations and text comments.

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Bijlessen Frans voor iedereen van elk niveau met Céline
Onze dochter voelde zich op haar gemak bij Celine. De ideale basis om Frans te leren.
Review by AN R.
Nederlandse, Spaanse en/ of Engelse les op elk gewenst niveau
Een aardige lerares die op een een duidelijke manier les uitleg geeft op al je vragen. Daarnaast is ze erg positief ingesteld waarbij ze mij vooral heeft gemotiveerd om mijn best te doen voor spaans. Een aanrader!
Review by MOUNA A.
Italian language and culture
Excellent, very polite, very organized and methodical. The course is very pleasant and fruitful.
Review by IOULIA T.

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