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Science courses (Maths, SVT, Physics-chemistry) for students of all levels.
Being in engineering school in Biotechnology, I am able to offer you the possibility of excelling in your scientific subjects. Mathematics, physics-chemistry, SVT, or Microbiology, biochemistry, cellular and molecular biology, ...

Perfectly tailored Spanish lessons for Beginners-Intermediate (A1-B2)
*For syllabus of course, check below Language is an art and culture. This is one of the biggest realizations i have made during my journey to become a polyglot (Until now I'm improving my Dutch, and I know Spanish, English, French, and Arabic). Therefore, I like to share that passion I have through teaching Spanish the most, as it is one of the most beautiful languages I know. I prepared a fun and in-depth course specifically tailored for beginner/intermediate Spanish learners. This course tackles grammatical rules (starting with the present), pronunciations, and differences between Spain and Latin America. Moreover, I also like to teach some interesting facts about numerous Spanish-speaking countries, since as I said, language is culture too. A small overview of my course: My course is divided into 3 phases (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced). Kindly note that throughout these courses, always new vocabulary will be taught. Beginner: Greetings, the personal pronouns, the present form, reflexive verbs, numbers from 1 till 1,000, the past simple, imperfect, present perfect and their different usage. Regular verbs and the three verb forms, important irregular verbs, different usage of some verbs (ser/estar), (traer, llevar) Casual conversations in different scenarios (to present oneself, to ask for directions...) Intermediate: Elaboration on adjectives, adverbs, demonstrative pronouns, personal pronouns, numbers from 1,000+. In-depth into verb conjugations: present perfect, past perfect, conditional. Conjugation in conditional statements. Introduction to the subjunctive that indicates uncertainty, and the imperative that indicates an order. Casual conversations in daily life Advanced: Here, practice will make perfect. Overview of everything learned, with elaboration on tougher verb tenses, such as the present perfect and past perfect in the subjunctive form. More detailed vocabulary.

Klarinettenunterricht von einem Profi - Spaß & Wissen/Clarinet lessons from a professional - fun & knowledge!
It is time to creat music! My lessons are completely personalized. You can be a complete begginer or already an advenced player, you are very welcome to my lessons. I have 5 years of teaching experiece and more than 10 years performing experience. I am currently studing Master in Music Pedagogy. In my lessons you will improve your clarinet skills, learn about different styles (classical, pop, folk, klezmer), have new practicing tips, breathing excersices, and joy of creating music! I teach in English, German and Hunagrian.

Professional Piano Courses - All Levels - Tutor with a Master's Degree in Piano Performance and Pedagogy
My lessons aim to transfer the joy of music, develop musical imagination and creativity together with the gradual improvement of technic according to age and individual dispositions so that playing an instrument is a musical experience and pleasure for all. Having a Master's Degree in Piano Performance and Pedagogy, I give my courses not as a side-activity but as a profession. I believe that effective teaching brings responsibility and requires educational background and commitment. This is what pedagogy is for and why many educational institutions require it because being a great pianist doesn't necessarily mean being good at also teaching. Along with the courses, for various age groups, I follow different approaches depending on the individual needs.

GCSE Maths, English and Science and many more subjects!
Learn English and Math right up to GCSE level with me. I am fun, young and enthusiastic and have a wide range of knowledge in more than just English and Math. I could not have got through my professional life so far without them! Pass GCSEs first time so you don’t have to worry about them later in life!

Trumpet and Music Theory Lessons for all levels in Rotterdam or online!
Learn how to play the trumpet, learn how to love this instrument! We can play from some classical technique, like improving the sound and the range, to some popular songs or jazz standards to have some fun. I can adapt to your wishes and try to look for the best to build on as fast as possible. The schedule can be very flexible, without any pressure or hurry we can have lessons following your own learning rhythm but don't forget this is a class to enjoy and have a good time learning all types of music. Music theory lessons are also an option: some music history, harmony, ear training... whatever you are interested in, I am open to everything :)

School Support - Private lessons from primary to higher education
I offer tutoring courses from primary to higher education at home with educational support allowing the student to gain self-confidence and acquire a working method. I work in primary school in several subjects: French, English, mathematics and in higher education I support students, particularly in economics and finance.

German Language Lessons (Classes Online or in London, in-person)
German is a beautiful language to be able to speak. Whether you are a student, trying to understand 'Grammatik Grundlagen' or an adult preparing for your post-covid trip to Munich, I would love to teach and guide you on your journey to the language. A bit about me: I came to Germany when I was 11, and had to catch up with all the native children in my class. A very kind teacher taught me grammar and spelling and I became the best in my class, even though I was a foreigner. I am now fluent in 3 languages and studying Italian and Business at University, engaging with the study of languages and translations. I hope I can bring you closer to the German language, in a way that suits you and your language goals most.

Science class for Secondaire I & II in Physics et mathematic (FR & EN)
Because of the needs to understand what's nature is made of : its constitutive, forces, interactions but also tools to study it ... I would like helping a pupil from secondaire I and II to help them understanding physics and mathematic class in extra in parallel of their class. Also I would like helm them doing their homework. I already help siblings for their homework (bacalaureat/Maturité and secondaire I brevet) Dans le besoin de comprendre de quoi est fait ce qui nous entour : la nature, ses forces et interactions, mais aussi les outils pour l'étudier, j'aimerais aider des élèves du secondaire I et II à comprendre la physique et les mathématiques en parallèle de leurs cours. Je souhaiterais aussi les aider à faire leur devoir.

Private lessons in Physics, Maths and Computer Science
As a civil engineer in electronics and currently a doctoral student at the Polytechnic Faculty of Mons, I teach students of all levels. I also provide additional exercises and, if necessary, homework for the next class. I am a patient person who finds it easy to teach things in many ways for the student to understand. I also help the learner to make connections between the many chapters of the course.

French / English support courses at home or online (Friborg)
My support is available to any student (primary, secondary I and II level) wishing to improve their level of French and English, both written and spoken. I can help with writing (homework help) but also have conversations with the student so that he can feel more comfortable with the language.

Private Piano/ Keyboard Lessons (Classical), FR / EN / ES
Hello! I am a master's student, and have been playing the piano for 20 years, having started giving private lessons in 2020. I offer private piano lessons (classical orientation), for beginner to intermediate and advanced players. If necessary, I can also teach music theory / solfege. My goal is to help you learn in an intuitive and practical way. I can teach in English, French or Spanish (the latter being my mother tongue). I have a very flexible schedule, and I can either teach at my studio (Montgomery area), or travel to your home. Kind regards, Laura

Scientific courses (mathematics, physics, chemistry) for all levels up to Terminale
I had my bac S mention TB with 19 in maths and 17 in physics-chemistry, and I did 2 years of preparatory class, in MPSI then in MP *. I will be able to help you understand and work on your lessons, by working with you to find the working methods that suit you the most.

Privat lessons Russian, English, Finnish or Ukrainian languages
Teaching students one on one or in small groups. Individual approach to every student by taking into consideration personal wishes. Research has shown that to read a newspaper in any language one need to know 500 words. Let's learn them together!

Improve your English with a native speaker (USA) in Paris
Hello! My name is Matthew. Originaire de Chicago, Illinois et de nationalité américaine, cela fait plus de 11 ans que j’habite à Paris où j’exerce le métier de consultant en stratégie d’entreprise. Travaillant à mon compte, je donne également des cours d’anglais individuels. Si vous cherchez à améliorer votre niveau d’anglais à travers une leçon individuelle avec un instructeur dont la langue maternelle est l’anglais, je serais ravi de vous accompagner, et nous pourrons ensemble identifier vos besoins et attentes, ainsi que les points d’action à mettre en œuvre pour réussir vos objectifs linguistiques. A titre d’information, j’ai plusieurs années d’expérience en préparant des personnes qui souhaitent passer les examens TOEIC/TOEFL. Je maîtrise également des méthodes de formation pour faire progresser la maîtrise de la grammaire et du vocabulaire, les compétences conversationnelles, et la compréhension et l’expression écrites et orales. Lors d’une leçon, bien que je maîtrise le français, les échanges se déroulent principalement en anglais afin de vous apprendre à vous sentir à l’aise avec les différents modes d’expression, et surtout pour vous faire pratiquer votre expression orale. Les explications, sur la grammaire ou les usages vernaculaires, seront fournies en anglais, avec des compléments en français quand nécessaire. Lors du premier cours, nous définissons ensemble les sujets et domaines appropriés autour desquels se construiront nos leçons : par exemple, un entretien d’embauche ou le milieu professionnel, la culture, le voyage, etc., et ce dans le but de vous proposer des outils et exercices utiles.

Paula Delgado
Spanish classes taught by native Spanish in Brussels for all levels
Native Spanish graduate student teaches Spanish classes for all levels in Brussels. Reinforcement skills in oral and written expression and comprehension. Adapted to the needs of each person, using multimedia tools. Online classes also available. The best way to learn is by talking!

Spanish for beginners or Spanish for conversational for practitioners
Hello! My name is Alejandro. I am from Spain and I currently live in Opole (Poland). Here I am to offer you, your own very personal space. We can start learning or practicing Spanish (depending on your level), from scratch if necessary. I am available for lessons, tutoring, conversation or translation services. Adults or children. Also availability via Skype. Anyone welcome 🤗

Guitar Lessons for Singers and Guitarist Songwriters
I can teach guitar to anyone who finds it difficult; I've been playing for about 13 years and understand how to explain and motivate people to play in the most effective manner possible without exhausting them. I've taught people of all ages, whether they were elderly, young, or children. I enjoy teaching everyone.

Violin, Music Theory Lessons at Brussels to all ages
In my classes I aim to transmit first of all my passion and love for music. I like to prepare a personalized programme adapted to the level and exigencies of each pupil. I like to help pupils to develop good technical skills in a fun way, always applying technique to beautiful music and keeping in mind that technique is nothing but a means of expressing ourselves through music. I am currently a violin Masters Student in Conservatory Royal of Brussels. I also have a Master in Education and I have a lot of experience teaching because I used to do it in Portugal. I had students from 3 to 25 years old, so I'm prepared for any level! Passion for music was the main vehicle that brought me to where I am now. Music classes are a really fulfilling experience as both teacher and pupil learn from each other and enjoy beautiful music !! Hope to see you soon :) Ines

Private English lessons for all levels - children and adults
Hello, I am a young teacher graduated from British A-Levels (CESS equivalent in Belgium and baccalaureate in France) as well as from the French school Sciences Po. I have an experience of about 5 years in private lessons and have also taught the year last in primary. I offer English courses at all levels: support for children and adolescents in schools, beginner or intermediate adults wishing to improve their practice of English for professional or personal reasons. I am patient and passionate about teaching. I also choose to base my lessons on the interests and motivations of my students whenever possible. Feel free to contact me for more information !

Student with a master's degree in cancer biology, gives college-high school support courses in science.
Having worked for over a year and a half with Acadomia, I now decide to go solo. My methods have proven their effectiveness. I first explain to the student from different angles the notion that he did not understand, then we move on to the application with exercises of ascending difficulties.

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Bijlessen Frans voor iedereen van elk niveau met Céline
Onze dochter voelde zich op haar gemak bij Celine. De ideale basis om Frans te leren.
Review by AN R.
Nederlandse, Spaanse en/ of Engelse les op elk gewenst niveau
Een aardige lerares die op een een duidelijke manier les uitleg geeft op al je vragen. Daarnaast is ze erg positief ingesteld waarbij ze mij vooral heeft gemotiveerd om mijn best te doen voor spaans. Een aanrader!
Review by MOUNA A.
Italian language and culture
Excellent, very polite, very organized and methodical. The course is very pleasant and fruitful.
Review by IOULIA T.

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