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English Italian and French all levels, Maths up to teenagers level (collège)
I have been teaching English for many years and would like to help people to improve that skill I have taught English at the university of Nice and at Esccom which is a very highly selective school in business and marketing in my area I would like to give my experiences in that ground

Wonderful world of Physics and Mathematics where Fun comes knowing the mystery of Nature!
Physics is Mathematics are two amazing subjects that completely deal with Nature! I don't prefer to make these two subjects seem boaring and monotonous to the students. You will understand the deeper beauty of Nature along with these subjects and I promise you that! I always enjoy teaching these two subjects to any age. So if anyone of you want to get the true flavor of these two subjects and want to learn from the basics to very advance level, you are at the right place. Let's get the Fun out of it!

Classical piano and music theory lessons for beginners, intermediate and advance students
I provide piano lesson for beginning, intermediate and advanced students, preparing them for piano exams up to grade 8, including the necessary aural and music theory training. I also teach pre-school children from the age of 3 as well as children with disabilities, adjusting the music program to their needs. When working with young children I focus on developing their musical imagination and curiosity, while also providing them with technical skills and a detailed understanding of the musical score. I aim to provide a firm basis on which they can build a western classical repertoire, or any other musical style they choose. For beginners I work with one of the early piano syllabi, usually Thompson's 'Easiest Piano Course' or Oxford's piano method book 'Piano Time,' which consist of fun songs and simple melodies. Through this the pupil is gradually introduced to various aspects of the melody (such as pitch, duration of notes, phrasing and articulation) and coordination of both hands on the keyboard in a creative and stimulating way. At this stage I place a strong emphasis on proper body posture and hand position. As the pupil acquires fundamental piano skills and gets comfortable reading music I proceed with them through the ABRSM or Trinity piano syllabus to a more advanced repertoire. Throughout a student’s education, I incorporate sight reading, scales exercises and technical work into the lesson structure and daily practice routine of the pupil. I also focus on developing my students’ understanding of how music theory applies to the material they play. Applying Musicological knowledge and own performing experience I teach students in depth analyses of the music they play, guide their individual interpretation and bring their awareness to the specifics of a historically informed performance. My pupils play a broad variety of western classical styles, and I will work with them to balance their program and maximise their enjoyment and appreciation for music. The student will become familiar with the main forms and stylistic traits of baroque, classical, romantic and 20th century Western classical music. I will also make sure the pieces stay challenging technically and if needed I will provide additional materials which will help the student to focus on the areas which need most work on. Though not usually covered in exam syllabi, I am happy to work alongside the student on pieces which do not necessarily fit into the Western classical canon, should they so wish. Playing and learning an instrument should primarily bring joy, and as a result inspire the student’s dedication to practice and foster a willingness to work hard. I believe in the importance of the relationship between teacher and student and as such provide the needed mental support and encouragement. I adopt an intuitive pupil-centred approach to learning that will best support their passion for making music. Attention to detail is paramount, and staying attuned to the needs of the student is always a priority. As such, I will adjust the tempo of the program to meet goals at a pace that is ideal for both the pupil’s ability and well-being.

Saxophone lessons from beginners to advanced, young to old!
Have you always dreamt of playing an epic sax solo? Hi, my name is Marina and I'm currently studying jazz saxophone in Zurich. Whether you're old or young, a beginner or already experienced, I would love to work with you on your saxophone skills!

Piano lessons, music theory for beginners / intermediates in Cergy
Hello! Currently a student at ESSEC from August to January, I offer piano lessons at home for people of all ages wishing to learn piano as well as music theory / music theory at a beginner or intermediate level. I studied at the Paris Conservatory for 12 years in piano and music theory. I obtained the CEM (Certificate of musical studies) Cycle 3, mention Bien in music theory, as well as my BEM (Brevet d'études musicales) Cycle 2, mention Très Bien in Piano. I love to teach and can demonstrate pedagogy. I can offer books and scores to help you progress or otherwise help you with your current scores. Do not hesitate to contact me

Chinese tutoring for you to improve your Chinese without pain
If you would like to improve your Chinese, I can help you out in an interesting and never get bored way. For your tutoring, I would design a detailed plan on your interest and preference for learning. You will not only improve your Chinese skills, like speaking, writing, reading and listening, but also get into a local source for you to know deeper about daily life in China. We would share ideas together and you will be offered great materials to continue your Chinese studies in the future! P.S.: Onsite classes will only be available in a café.

English courses and oral preparation for all levels
Languages are like a game and allow extraordinary encounters. The bases of the discussion reached will allow you a great ease with the English speakers. I suggest that you consolidate your knowledge and then improve your oral expression (with the support of different media). The courses are divided into three main parts: written work / independent work and then the exchange. I will adapt to your level and we can set goals and a program / number of hours together. For more specific needs / topics / oral preparation / exam / interview ... we can work together.

A level Biology - Spec AQA Beginner - Advanced Level
I'll be teaching A level Biology, I can tutor via a webcam or in Person, I'll be focusing on exam practice and technique, can teach a beginner fresh from GCSE or someone preparing for their A level exam. I am a medical student who recently graduated with an A in Biology and so am very familiar with the specification.

Experienced spanish native tutor, children and adults
I am an Experienced spanish native tutor, with english as a native language as well. Currently working in luxembourg but have always tutored on the side Open to helping with children and adults. Both conversational and proffessional spanish. Can practice conversation, make activities and help with schoolwork if necessary.

English courses at college and high school level and remedial courses for adults.
Having taught English in high school within the National Education for 30 years, I propose to give courses in grammar, written and oral comprehension, written and oral expression at all levels to all those who need to progress ...

anatomy, biology, physiology, biochemistry, anapathology .....
I offer help to students in medicine, dental surgery, speech therapy and massage-physiotherapy (first or second cycle) in the different modules: * Cell biology and differentiations: Organization of the eukaryotic cell, Methods of study of the cell, Cytoskeleton, Nucleus ...... * Human histology: Epithelia, Connective tissue, Muscle tissue, Nerve tissue ..... * General anatomy: * other modules:

guitar and music, simple and fast method suitable for everyone
a quick and suitable method to learn or progress in the guitar and in music in general, in all styles with or without music theory, for all ages and according to tastes and demand, basics of classical guitar, folk, pop , rock, varieties

School support and English courses, Art History, French etc. by Graduated in English and Art History at the University of Geneva
I can help with: - homework to be completed in one or more of the following subjects: English, German, history, art history, geography and philosophy - proofreading / corrections of written work in these subjects Then generally for: - organization of a work / review plan, with creation of a calendar, division of labor etc. - memorization: different techniques and advice - the methodology: how to be efficient in your work and in your reading, how to take good notes etc. - concentration and stress management - general advice All this taking into account the specific requests and problems of the student. Classes can be given at the student's home or in a municipal library or in one of the UNIGE. Preferably in an intermediate place between the student's house and mine if the student lives far from the city center.

Math and Physics Lessons for High School and University Students
I have a Phd in Mathematics from ETH. At the moment, I am a Postdoctoral researcher at EPFL in the Math Department. I always enjoyed teaching mathematics and physics in various levels. I have a vast experience heping students to improve their mathematical knowledge and perform in their exams. I can provide high quality lessons and exercises for a students of different levels.

Dounia Lina
Private lessons in Electronic and Physics Mathematics.
Hello ! during this course you will learn the basics of electronics based on the program you follow in class according to your level! I am in master 2 in Embedded Electronics at the University of Lorraine :) and I would be delighted to teach you a little more about this exciting field: D

Self-Reflection and Self-Awareness - in life and in writing
I have been working in the Adult Learning and Career Development sectors for more than 12 years, supporting people to grow and develop both personally and professionally. I have also worked in counselling settings with young people, adults and couples, as well as managing a mentoring project and undertaking academic proof-reading, and all these experiences inform my methods now. I blend a person-centred focus with a practical and structured approach to good effect. I believe that professional development goes hand-in-hand with increased understanding of self and others, also known as emotional intelligence. Understanding and valuing your own strengths and vulnerabilities helps you communicate more strongly and create more honest, productive relationships, both at home and at work, and can impact on your ability to make a convincing argument in written form as well. I am happy to meet you at your home, at my home or at another location convenient to us both, or we can work via webcam. I normally prepare tasks or concepts to consider between meetings, and always tailor the sessions to what you most need or want to get out of them. If you want a simple listening ear, that is fine - if you want someone to create a schedule to help you stick to goals, I can do that. We can decide between us what might best help you get where you want to in your life or career. The availability in the calendar below is just a guide, I can work around your schedule, so please feel free to ask about specific days or times.

Private English lessons. Available for everyone!
Etudiant offers beginner and intermediate level English courses. This course is for children, teens and adults who wish to learn and practice English language written and spoken. I want to help you become more comfortable speaking during conversations on current or cultural topics.

Beginner Violin lesson level for children and teenagers between 4-17 years
I teach violin for beginners who are interested to play violin using Suzuki method. Children from the age of four can start. One session can take 20-30 minuites depending on each child. Parents involvement in helping their children for practicing is advisable.

Swimming, Artistic Swimming, Stretching, Breathing Techniques.
Learn in English- Swimming, Artistic Swimming, Stretching, Breathing Techniques. I have developed practices, lesson plans and routines appropriate to a variety of swimming levels. I can teach you basic swimming. I can instruct beginner swimmers in basic Artistic swimming skills and more advanced swimmers in figures and routines. Below are the crucial techniques that I will teach you. -Standard sculling -Introductory synchronized swimming strokes -Basic body positions- novice figures -I will Choreograph routines- Solo, Duet and team as per the swimmers level. -Breathing techniques -land drills -Stretching necessary for Artistic swimming I can make you ready for the aquatic meets.

English. IELTS, Cambridge Exams with a British English teacher
I specialise in teaching English for IELTS, Schoolwork, GCSE, and A level as well as IB courses. I aim to support students and make sure they understand English and enjoy the subject. I offer remedial study and intervention where a student is having problems with English. A student will gain confidence in speaking, writing, and improving vocabulary and grammar. We use authentic materials, online interactive home tasks, and every student is given a structured study plan with outcomes and goals. I work with corporate clients, individuals, and have taught all ages.

I specialize in teaching Arabic to school, SAT, GED, GRE and GMAT tests. My goal is to keep students feeling challenging, but without overburdening them. I give homework after every lesson and provide periodic progress reports.

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Bijlessen Frans voor iedereen van elk niveau met Céline
Onze dochter voelde zich op haar gemak bij Celine. De ideale basis om Frans te leren.
Review by AN R.
Nederlandse, Spaanse en/ of Engelse les op elk gewenst niveau
Een aardige lerares die op een een duidelijke manier les uitleg geeft op al je vragen. Daarnaast is ze erg positief ingesteld waarbij ze mij vooral heeft gemotiveerd om mijn best te doen voor spaans. Een aanrader!
Review by MOUNA A.
Italian language and culture
Excellent, very polite, very organized and methodical. The course is very pleasant and fruitful.
Review by IOULIA T.

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