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Singing lessons for all levels and all ages in the center of Ghent.
Professional singing lessons; During the lessons you will receive a solid technical basis, breathing exercises and vocalisations. This for different levels. The lessons are completely tailored to each student, you can also indicate the desired repertoire yourself.

Evelyn Ezquerra
Personalized and private Spanish classes, in person or online at all levels.
Hola a todos, I'm Evelyn, I'm Peruvian, I'm a native Spanish speaker. I am currently living in Geneva where I am doing my master's degree. I love teaching languages and I have experience teaching Spanish to students of different ages and levels. My teaching method is personalized and adapted to the needs and objectives of each student. I like to use a variety of teaching materials, such as books, videos, songs, games, and practical exercises, to make learning more fun and effective; and the classes will be conducted in English Classes can be given either in person, at the student's home, at my apartment or at a mutually convenient location. Online classes are also available. In addition, face-to-face classes are available in the surrounding areas, including France. For in-person classes, physical materials will be provided, or if preferred, they can be delivered virtually. For online courses, all materials will be delivered via email or Google Classroom. In addition to teaching grammar and vocabulary, I also focus on practice, through constant conversation with the student. I like to make my students feel comfortable and motivated to speak in the language they are learning. If you are looking for a Spanish teacher to help you improve your language skills, don't hesitate to contact me, I am here to help you reach your language learning goals!

Spanish or Catalan lessons with a native speaker of any level!
Spanish is a language spoken in many places and increasingly valued in the personal and professional sphere. In addition, it is spoken in places of great tourist interest, where you can meet wonderful people and spectacular places to live or visit, such as Spain or Latin America. If you are interested in an even more exclusive language from Spain, learning Catalan will allow you to learn more about the culture of Catalonia and enjoy the warmth of the people there, mentioning Barcelona, an incredibly beautiful city full of charm. Let's talk and have a good time in the language of your choice!

Mixed Martial Arts Lessons from beginners to advanced
This 1-1 class will cover all aspects of martial arts, but the student can decide whether or not they want to specialise in one field. The lesson will start with a warmup and then kick right into learning martial arts techniques. At the end of the lesson, 5 minutes will be dedicated to strengthening and another 5 minutes for stretching. The following skills I can teach are as follows: Boxing Taekwondo Jujitsu Wrestling Weapon styles such as: Bo staff, sword, nun chuckas, knife and archery Gymnastics Forms (katas/patterns) Falling techniques Sparring Parkour Strengthening and conditioning Flexibility training The student can decide what skills they would like to learn and then I will tailor the lessons to suit their needs. I can also teach outdoors, or at the students location provided they have suitable space. I have equipment to teach most skills so can be flexible with location.

Hatha & Vinjasa yoga classes for all levels 😃!
(EN 🇬🇧 + FR 🇫🇷) Who am I ? Sports instructor recognized by the General Administration of Sports of Belgium (and JURIST), I have just completed my sports expertise with 300 hours of HATHA YOGA and VINJASA training in complete immersion in traditional Hindu culture (in Nepal)! I have been teaching for a few months and I have around ten recommendations from my practitioners. 😉 Yoga is the practice of a set of postures and breathing exercises which aims to provide physical and mental well-being (the class can last from 45 minutes to 1h30 depending on your availability). What sports coaching can I offer you? I offer personalized traditional and dynamic yoga classes to gain flexibility and endurance, both at my home (SCHAERBEEK, easy parking) and nearby, in EVERE, in a bright room. I can also sometimes give online while you are traveling to keep progress. I would like to offer you a personalized practice adapted to your objectives (strength gain or nervous recovery through relaxation) 💪. Unlike overcrowded group classes in clubs, I will take the time to CORRECT YOUR POSTURE for a safe and progressive practice. Sustained practice will allow you to relieve your chronic pain such as back pain or joint pain. My classes generally end with a sound bath (Tibetan bowls), guided relaxation or, on request, with a SACRO-CRANIAL MASSAGE (lying on my massage table)! As I am qualified in THERAPEUTIC YOGA and SPORTS NUTRITION, I always send you, before the first class, a short form to find out your characteristics and prepare the session accordingly.

Gives math, physics and chemistry lessons in French or English
As an engineering school student after training in preparatory classes, I am here to help you succeed in mathematics and physics. My goal is to give you confidence in your abilities, to prepare you for the tests and exams that you will have to face but also to give you a taste for these wonderful subjects. I would help you in particular by supporting my course with numerous examples and exercises that I had the opportunity to see during my studies. I would also work mainly with an online whiteboard, I was able to observe during my private lessons that the students have a much better understanding with this tool.

Pilates: Private 1-1 (online & in-person, Greater Manchester)
I’m a BASI-certified Mat Pilates teacher from Manchester, UK. I have my own studio on the edge of Salford, where I teach private & duo sessions in person, as well as online classes over Zoom. I also teach group in-person classes in the city centre. I’m deeply passionate about Pilates as a practice. I particularly love working with 1-1 clients over a period of time, so we can work collaboratively to develop their practice. There’s nothing better than helping a long-term client achieve their first Teaser, Open Leg Rocker Jackknife! I see Pilates teaching as a collaboration, and aim to guide people to move and engage with their body in a whole new way. In a typical private 1-1 session, we’ll begin with a chat about your background and aims. From there, we’ll begin to build a programme together that aims to develop your technique in a way that best suits your body. I love working with people from a variety of backgrounds including (but certainly not limited to): - sports people and fitness professionals looking to build complementary strength and mobility - complete beginners wanting to learn the foundations - people with injuries contraindications who want to learn Pilates in a way that can be adapted to their needs - people who have taken group classes but want to take things to the next level - experienced Pilates practitioners looking to practice the advanced work My teaching style is rigorous yet relaxed: through careful cueing, corrections and focus on precision, my aim is to help people move in the most effective way for their body. I like to challenge my clients, but do so in a way that is appropriate to the level of experience. That said, I do all of this low-pressure way, as I believe it should be enjoyable! With my attention solely on you, you can be assured that you’ll receive the right corrections to help you improve at a faster pace than you would in a group setting. My aim is for clients to leave my classes feeling energised, lengthened, stronger and brighter.

Engineering students passionate about science.
currently studying at engineering school, I am overflowing with passion for math and physics. I have a good ability to transmit reasoning which allows me to solve a good number of problems. Motivated and attentive, I will be able to adapt to different ways of reasoning.

Opera Tenor lyrical singing lessons at home or remotely
Hello, Having 22 years of professional experience as an Opera singer in different countries, I would now like to open myself up to new professional opportunities in France in order to share my know-how and support you in - breath management, articulation and projection, - Discovery of particular vocal possibilities, - Technical work concerning the creation of a voice, - Learning the correct pronunciation of several languages (English, Italian, Russian.); - In-depth analysis of the interpretations of great singers Remaining at your disposal to discuss and looking forward to supporting you in your musical projects. I speak English, Italian and Russian fluently, my level of French is currently beginner (still learning). Best regards,

Personalized violoncello lessons suitable for all levels and ages
Drawing from my classical training, extensive knowledge in music, and expertise in early music stimulation, I've developed a teaching style that adapts to each student's needs and interests. My approach merges traditional techniques with personalized instruction, ensuring a functional cello playing technique. What to expect from the lessons? Personalized Lessons: Tailored to each your needs and goals with the cello. Flexibility: Lessons scheduled to accommodate each your availability and learning pace. Positive Atmosphere: Grounded in understanding, respect, motivation, and a positive attitude. Languages: English and Spanish. I firmly believe that music is accessible to everyone at any stage of life. Whether you're a beginner or looking to refine your skills, I'm here to guide you through the layers of musical greatness. Join me on this musical adventure, and let's discover the joy of playing the cello together!

Dutch and English courses for all levels, from primary to high school.
I offer varied courses with different teaching methods, I adapt to the needs of the students and work individually with them! I am patient and attentive. I have my own vehicle and can come to your home if necessary.

Chinese lessons with graduates from top universities in Beijing
A native Chinese speaker, graduated from Tsinghua University in Beijing, after obtaining a master's degree at the University of Geneva, I currently work in an international organization. I have experience as an English teacher and I have experience getting along with children. I am cheerful and patient. Friends who are interested in Chinese are welcome to contact me.

Mathematics teacher gives private lessons for all school levels. Personal and relaxed methodology!
First of all I am flexible with my students, I always try to adapt with his needs and his levels while ensuring the effective comprehension of the totality of the requested course then passing to make exercises of applications and deepening. I am an ENAC engineer specializing in Telecommunications. For my course, I obtained my baccalaureate in Mathematics with honors and then I joined the preparatory classes with the MPSI/MP option. Throughout these years, I have provided support courses for a range of students at different levels of study. A magnificent experience that my students always confirm.

Cours de Soutien en Maths, Chimie et Physique (école obligatoire et gymnase)
Je donne des cours en maths, chimie et physique depuis 4 ans. J'ai eu des élèves de tout profil et j'a toujours eu de bons résultats. Je suis étudiant à l'EPFL en 2ème année de bachelor en chimie Préparation aux examens et aux tests, révisions, Points importants : Communication, Pédagogie, SImplification de thèmes complexes, compréhension

Private lessons in French / French as a foreign language / Literature / Help with homework
Graduated from La Sorbonne in Modern Literature / French as a Foreign Language and from the Royal Conservatory of Brussels in Dramatic Art, I offer academic support throughout the year or on a more ad hoc basis (exam preparation, refresher training). The goal is to evolve at your own pace, in a good mood and the joy of learning. I like to transmit my passion for the French language and literature. I will work with pleasure both with someone whose mother tongue is not French, with someone who wants to go further in knowledge of French and its culture but also with children who discover all the nuances subtle.

Guitar and musical initiation for all ages
Music as a creative exercise strengthens parts of the brain that are not exercised in traditional education. Music allows emotional catharsis in a very square world. And these kinds of creative exercises help a lot in cognitive growth and development, as well as abilities and skills, even just as a hobby. In my classes I teach about musical theory (musical initiation, general theory, Andean rhythms, Brazilian rhythms, tropical rock and jazz music) music for early childhood development Guitar Treble Four Functional piano (not professional piano)

Guitar Lessons - Learn to play the guitar or improve yourself
This class is used to learn to become familiar with the instrument. Practical content of the guitar will be addressed as well as musical theory in order to achieve the student's independence with the instrument. Classes can be in person, at home or virtual

Learn how to paint using Watercolors a step by step guide
Learn Watercolor Painting techniques , step by step approach to paint using watercolors. Learn different techniques using watercolor such as dry on dry, dry on wet, wet on wet. Understand which brush, papers, colors to use for effective painting.

Drama: the basics, technique, acting tutoring/help
In this class you will learn the basics of acting and performance, but also how to heighten the abilities you already have. Whether it be help with picking monologues, warm-up techniques, memory techniques or an outside opinion on your chosen performances, this tutoring session can help you gain the confidence you need to help you through exams. This tutoring can also offer some small insights into the industry and will try and answer any starting questions you may have. This course is mainly for those studying Drama in secondary school who are looking to improve their background work outside of class.

Easy-to-understand math with easy-to-remember tips!
Are you looking for a competent math teacher to accompany your child through the challenges of arithmetic, algebra and geometry? Do not search anymore ! I offer private math lessons suitable for primary, middle and high school students at an affordable price. With my experience and my passion for mathematics, I am convinced that I can help your child develop their skills and achieve their academic goals. Whether you need regular support throughout the school year or intensive preparation for specific exams, I adapt to the individual needs of each student. I am patient, pedagogue and I use interactive and playful teaching methods to make mathematics more accessible and interesting. Here is an overview of the services I offer: 🔹 School support and personalized follow-up 🔹 Explanation of mathematical concepts 🔹 Problem solving 🔹 Preparation for exams and assessments 🔹 Reinforcement of mathematical foundations Do not hesitate to contact me now to book a session or for more information. Together we can make math exciting and rewarding for your child! Book now to give your child a chance to shine in math! We look forward to working with you and advancing your child in the world of numbers and equations! Regards, Yas

Chinese (Speaking, reading, writing, and listening)
Embark on a journey to master Mandarin Chinese, a language spoken by over a billion people worldwide. This comprehensive course is designed for those who aim to become proficient in all facets of the language: speaking, reading, writing, and listening. Whether you're starting from scratch or looking to enhance your existing skills, this class will immerse you in the rich Chinese culture and the intricacies of its language. Through engaging lessons and practical exercises, you'll learn essential vocabulary, grammar, and sentence structures. You'll practice pronunciation and tone recognition with a native speaker, enabling you to communicate confidently in everyday scenarios. Reading and writing sessions will introduce you to the beautiful complexity of Chinese characters, building your abilities to navigate signs, menus, and literature. Our listening exercises will sharpen your comprehension skills, preparing you for real-world conversations. Cultural insights will be woven throughout the curriculum, providing context and depth to your language learning experience. By the end of this course, you'll be able to engage in meaningful dialogues, appreciate classic and modern Chinese literature, and understand spoken Chinese in various dialects. Join me to unlock the door to a new linguistic landscape, fostering personal or professional growth, travel experiences, or even a new hobby. The ability to communicate in Chinese opens up a world of opportunities and this class is your first step.

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Bijlessen Frans voor iedereen van elk niveau met Céline
Onze dochter voelde zich op haar gemak bij Celine. De ideale basis om Frans te leren.
Review by AN R.
Nederlandse, Spaanse en/ of Engelse les op elk gewenst niveau
Een aardige lerares die op een een duidelijke manier les uitleg geeft op al je vragen. Daarnaast is ze erg positief ingesteld waarbij ze mij vooral heeft gemotiveerd om mijn best te doen voor spaans. Een aanrader!
Review by MOUNA A.
Piano en of zangles met of zonder notenleer in Gent
Zeer goede ervaring bij mijn eerste kennismaking met de piano en notenleer in het algemeen. Tine maakt het zeer begrijpelijk voor iemand zonder ervaring en doet me al verlangen naar de volgende les!
Review by SETH G.

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