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SATS preparation and 11 plus preparation/ children aged 6-13
I am an A-level student currently attending a Grammar School. In a few months, I am going to be doing medicine at university. I will be able to help students to achieve their potential with my lessons tailored to young children. We will move at a steady pace and ensure the goals are reached by the end of every lesson.

Help with homework for schoolchildren and / or college students with academic difficulties
Student in the 2nd year of a bachelor's degree in Applied Foreign Languages at the University of Caen, I offer homework help to schoolchildren with academic difficulties. My school background and my interest in the exchange, sharing and inculcation of knowledge make me a person involved in the help that I want to bring to your child. I can come to your home if it is accessible by public transport, or the sessions can be done at home (opposite the Clos Herbert primary school) or at the Alexis de Tocqueville library located on the peninsula. 'Isle.

Course and homework help in all subjects and learn a language or help with learning because I speak 8.
Hello everyone for school children I already assess the level and then we move forward at our own pace by offering a fun pedagogy based on a course support but in the form of either games or digital .... And it works very well !! For adults we review the basics and improve it thanks to an advanced educational approach prepared by me. Private teacher, graduate teaching assistant, speaking 8 foreign languages, I am here for you!

Accordion (beginner) lessons for children at Geneva
Has your child ever told you that he/she wanted to try out the accordion, but are you not sure yet whether it is really an instrument that he/she will like? I'll teach your child the basics of the instrument, teach them a few easy songs and some music theory if necessary, to help them find out if they would be interested in taking on more professional lessons. With more than 3 years of teaching experience, I believe that I can make my lessons both interesting and useful, and above all, they need to fun. Don't hesitate to contact me in case you would like some additional information.

Quality Private Mindfulness Meditation and Yoga Classes
Meditation was traditionally taught one-on-one with spiritual masters passing down their wisdom to students in a way that was meaningful to each individual. Today, private meditation classes are still the best way to learn. Here’s why: - you will receive personalised guidance to ensure you’re working at the level suited for you - your teacher will design the class to meet your unique emotional and mental needs - you can address specific issues such as grief, trauma, pain or injury - learn correct, precise and scientifically-proven techniques that will benefit you for a lifetime. - focus on the things that matter most to you Be inspired and motivated. I can do meditation with yoga sessions as well. About me: I have been a practitioner of Vipassana meditation since 1998 and I am a certified senior mindfulness teacher and yoga instructor since 2011. I have worked as a mindfulness consultant in Australia & France, introducing mindfulness into the corporate workplace, and became INSEAD Business School’s resident mindfulness facilitator from 2016 to 2019. I moved to Barcelona in 2019.

Italian lessons from a native | Customized conversational classes
Ciao! Are you trying to learn Italian and decided to get some help? Let me introduce myself ... I am a native Italian speaker who lives around the world. I have been taking language classes for years (English, Portuguese, French ... ) and I learnt a lot about effective learning approaches. We can learn some grammar, but this will not be the focus of our classes. You will gain confidence for your Italian day-to-day conversations as well as for going through those embarrassing small-talks with your girlfriend/boyfriend's parents. Feel free to drop me a message if you need any information before starting!

Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Life and Earth Sciences
Hello, and I am a student at EPFL. I offer my services mainly for math lessons, but I can also help in French, physics and SVT. Indeed, I am a former student of a French high school. Due to my excellent academic results, I had the opportunity to help many groups of students. I had my baccalaureate with an average of 18.18, the result of my work and my regular involvement. In addition, both of my parents are math teachers, so I always used to help them with their private lessons. Finally, my schedule is very flexible, so I can organize myself to be available any day at any time.

Mathematic Skills - Basic/Key to apply to Exam Questions
Key Mathematic Skills is a workshop that will enhance your mathematic knowledge. It will allow you to adapt to using formulas and applying it to exam questions. I am a College student who has achieved a grade 8 in Maths and am currently studying A-Level Maths, looking to support students (Primary to Year 9's) with their Math skills. My goal is to keep students feeling stress free and find the ability to approach Math questions in a calm way.

Singing Lessons with optional Music Theory/Composition/Piano
I am a licensed music teacher, singer and music theorist with fifteen years of experience and I am offering private singing lessons in my studio, online or in your home. I have a bachelor's degree in Vocal Performance from the Petrie School of Music, a masters degree in Music Theory and Composition from the Cincinnati Conservatory (CCM) and a Masters degree in Music Education from Case Western Reserve University. I cater to students in all styles of singing (pop, rock, classical, belt, etc.) by focusing first and foremost on developing healthy fundamentals of breathing and body awareness! These things are essential for the longevity of vocal health and to strengthen your sound with good habits. I build the self confidence of my students as artists and musicians and provide techniques for dealing with stage fright. I also teach dramatic expression through song. By this I mean ways to organically connect to song lyrics to give memorable performances and to use music as a healthy outlet for expressing emotions even if you are not performing publicly! In addition, if you have an interest in reading music, sight singing, playing chords on the piano or aspects of songwriting I am qualified to teach music theory and composition as well. As a self proclaimed electronic music nerd, I can introduce you to some basic elements of sound design and music production with my synthesizer, looper and drum machine. :) I teach all ages, levels and voice types. I look forward to working with you in my studio, online or at your home depending upon the distance.

Latin dance lessons & Kids' style dance lessons. See decreasing price. Tax reduction under conditions (contact me).
Experienced dance teacher in association and dance school offers dance lessons at your home from one person up to 4 people. Possibility of giving video lessons. For kids : - Awakening and initiation into all types of dances through play, the discovery of sensations. For adults: - Initiation to modern Jazz, cabaret, Lady Styling and Latin couples dances (salsa, bachata) - For ballroom opening dance, group bachelorette party, Flash mob, Birthday.

Support in maths and physics - HEP graduate teacher
I offer support courses in physics or maths for students in maturity, cycle (9 to 11 HarmoS) or in vocational training. I graduated from HEP to teach physics at the secondary II level, but I am also very willing to provide support in math. My pedagogical training as well as my teaching experience will allow me to help you to overcome your shortcomings and to strengthen your knowledge.

Word | Excel | PowerPoint | O365 | Computer initiation
With 20 years of experience in the field, I help you to familiarize yourself with the IT tool (computer, tablet, smartphone) and help you deepen your knowledge (Word, Excel, 365, securing your social networks , etc). Patient and educator, I would be happy to give you a helping hand 👍

Tutoring in German, English and French. Exam preparation, grade improvement or for private plans
Languages are still in demand today in all areas of life. I offer tutoring for school, work, travel preparation or integration. I respond to individual needs: Writing? Speak? Listen? Let's start!

English for beginners or school, primary and secondary
English being a very popular language in everyday life, it is important to master the basics. This is why I am offering you help to learn the language. I have an A2 level, which corresponds to the intermediate level and the level that one is supposed to have when one leaves high school.

Arabic or Lebanese dialect teacher / 12 years of experience
Translator / 12 years of experience as an Arabic teacher for children and adults / Polyglot. I adapt my courses according to your objectives, in classical Arabic as in Mediterranean dialects. Key to my methodology: I adapt to your objectives, your level and your motivation! Whether you want to learn Arabic writing, reading, comprehension or just speak the Lebanese dialect without worrying about the alphabet, I can totally adapt to it. I also adapt to your thematic preferences. Educational activities and games are also planned for children.

Logic Pro X - Music Production for all artists and producers starting out!
Logic Pro X is the most used DAW right now. It can be challenging for musicians or aspiring music producers to get the hang of it as usually the basics of audio mixing and production are not understood well, and so it gets in the way of songwriting ending up being frustrating! Whether you are using Logic Pro X, or any other DAW I can teach you the basics of recording vocals and other instruments, the essentials about understanding signal chains and how to use compressors equalisers as well as reverbs and delays, how to mix and master. I teach in my home studio in Battersea in Logic Pro X, but if you use any other DAW you are welcome to bring your own laptop so you can learn how to use your own equipment in the most efficient way! Alternatively I can teach via Zoom.

Courses in Italian, German and English oral and written comprehension, reading
Italian, German and English level C1 courses. I have always spoken Italian, French and German and I study German and English at the University of Lausanne at master's level. I can give lessons to help pass exams or simply improve speaking skills. The best way to learn a language is to hear and speak it!

Russian language for non-native speakers from 12 y.o
I specialize on tutoring not only russian language but also on history and ethnic aspects of Russia. The main goal of tutoring is to teach you how to speak modern Russian language and to teach you some customs and habits of Russian people with diving in history. My classes it’s not only working with student’s books and exercises it’s also traveling around and spending time outside to put you in different life circumstances. So unfortunately I can teach you only in circumstances of “live-lessons“ not via Skype and other platforms. Education: In 2013 was graduated as teacher of history and English In 2015 was graduated as Master of Arts In 2018 finished my PhD study in philosophy pedagogics.

Face-to-face or distance English lessons for high school students
This English course is intended for high school students in Grades 1 through 6. Whether it is for improvement, remediation, homework help, or other requests, I will be able to overcome its shortcomings and problems. In addition, I will endeavor to make him develop a general methodology but also linked to languages so that at the end of the day, he develops an effective autonomy. The course can be given face-to-face or remotely. I currently work with two classes and two students, face-to-face and remotely. I am used to. In face, I provide photocopies if the number is reasonable. Remotely, we will work with a Drive and the Office suite (Word, ...). Do not hesitate to contact me for more information.

Private lessons to learn one of the following languages: English, Spanish, Italian
I offer language reinforcement courses, either for students considering exams, or for individuals interested in learning a language. I am Italian and I speak English, French, Spanish and Chinese as well. I have a good command of all the languages I know. I give exercises and advice to my students so that they can learn better and more effectively.

tutorat pour élèves de primaires et collégien(ne)s
Je suis actuellement étudiante en 2 ème année de Bachelor en droit à l'université de Genève. J'aide à comprendre les devoirs, je peux ré-expliquer le cours et les notions non assimilées et vues en classe si nécessaire sur base des notes prises en cours. Le but est de rendre autonome et de pouvoir refaire ce qui a été fait ensemble tout seul.

Our students say it best about our teachers

Bijlessen Frans voor iedereen van elk niveau met Céline
Onze dochter voelde zich op haar gemak bij Celine. De ideale basis om Frans te leren.
Review by AN R.
Nederlandse, Spaanse en/ of Engelse les op elk gewenst niveau
Een aardige lerares die op een een duidelijke manier les uitleg geeft op al je vragen. Daarnaast is ze erg positief ingesteld waarbij ze mij vooral heeft gemotiveerd om mijn best te doen voor spaans. Een aanrader!
Review by MOUNA A.
Italian language and culture
Excellent, very polite, very organized and methodical. The course is very pleasant and fruitful.
Review by IOULIA T.

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