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How to DJ and produce your own music - The use of Serato/Ableton
Djing is a form of live performance that that can be enjoyed by everyone, this class aims to teach the basic DJ fundamentals including beat matching, sampling, the use of filters and many more. The lessons will be held by a Newcastle University Music student who specialises in turntabalism and popular music consumption. The class is open to students of all ability, I look forward to helping you on your DJ journey!

Music lessons at home by a qualified and qualified teacher
Music is a complex subject but accessible to all. Whether it's theory, history or practice, music is a complex and ephemeral art form while being open to the world. My course can address theory as well as history or practice, I would be open to your desires and what you want to learn. I have a degree in art with a specialization in Musicology and I am currently in a Master's degree to intend to become a teacher of music education. By this I practice many instruments such as percussion, piano, brass and singing for at least 4 years up to 16 years of practice for some instruments. I am therefore qualified to teach people of all ages the basics and technique of music.

99th percentile (top 1%) tutor for ALL SECTIONS of the SAT ACT and PSAT with 4 years of experience.
I am a current industrial engineering student at Northwestern University (ranked 9th in the US by US News and in the top 30 universities worldwide by most rankings). I scored 1590/1600 on the SAT (a score above 1550 is typically in the top 1% of test-takers), a 1500/1520 on the PSAT (a preliminary version of the SAT for which I achieved National Merit Finalist, an achievement only 15,000 students from each grade in the US achieve), and 36s on official ACT tests (a perfect score). I have worked as a standardized test tutor for the past 4 years, freelance, at small companies in the US, and at larger companies like Kaplan and PrepExpert. I have helped dozens of students achieve excellent results, including an improvement from 1200/1600 to 1490/1600 on the SAT over the course of 15 hours of tutoring and from 32/36 to 36/36 on the ACT after 20 hours of tutoring. I have worked as a college admissions consultant for the past 2 years and have helped students with applications that have gotten them admitted into the top 20 universities in the US, including Northwestern University, UCLA and Cornell University. I believe that there are no “bad test takers” and that anyone can succeed with sufficient understanding of their exam. I work to not only teach the content on standardized tests but to make sure students understand how the test works and find strategies for the student. For any given question, I both explain why the right answer is correct and offer several approaches that make it easier and faster to find. I try to give my students a “toolbox” of strategies for them to employ so that they never feel lost on a given question.

Violin wonderland, easy and fun. Violin lessons for all ages and levels (beginners to professionals)
About the lesson I have enjoyed violin lessons from world-renowned professors such as Grigory Zhislin, Pavel Vernikov and Ilya Gringolts for the last 20 years. It is important to me to share my experiences with you. My lessons are completely adapted to your needs and your level. After the first assessment, we will define personal goals and a plan will be drawn up together. I focus on the basics of playing the violin (posture/bowing technique), but of course the joy of making music is in the foreground. Whether you are preparing for a competition, for an entrance exam, or you have had long plans to delve into the world of the violin - everyone is welcome! As a concert violinist, I find it important to be on stage and play for an audience. I organize a master class (we play for each other) and a concert up to twice a year where my students can demonstrate their knowledge to an audience. I teach in German, English and Russian. Trial lesson 30 min*

Clarinet for beginners in English, French or Polish (Brussels)
Music is supposed to be fun and the clarinet is the perfect instrument to discover it that way! I give lessons for beginners in French, English or Polish. I approach each student individually and focus on good basic technique and developing the student's creativity and musicality. With me, you will discover the clarinet by learning to improvise and read scores.

Music lessons for guitar, singing, music production and songwriting
I have been a professional musician for over 10 years. My songs have over 50 million streams and I’ve played in front of thousands of people whilst on tour across the world. I can teach you whatever you would like to learn, for example: Singing, guitar, songwriting, music production/ mixing. All I need to know from you is what you want to get better at. We will set you a clear goal and make sure you achieve your full potential! Im really looking forward to taking you further than you ever thought possible with your music.

Classical and jazz saxophone lessons - Geneva and surroundings
Saxophonist graduate and teacher at the music school of Thoiry, I offer my lessons for all levels and all ages. After a double training in classical and jazz, I currently teach classical saxophone, jazz, big band and saxophone ensemble. I am finishing my Master's degree in pedagogy at the Haute Ecole de Musique in Geneva. Classes are generally 45 minutes for the youngest (6 years old minimum) and can go up to 1:30. Do not hesitate to let me know your desires and objectives. We will see together what type of repertoire and what type of class (classical or jazz) suits you best. Hope to meet you !

Pro guitarist, 12 years of experience, Amiens (Henriville), graduate of the CMA of Valenciennes, gives guitar lessons in Amiens
My name is Thomas, I'm 24 years old, and I've been playing, performing and composing for 12 years now in styles such as rock, funk, blues and many others; I have devoted almost all my time to music for years! Graduated from the Campus des Musiques Actuelles de Valenciennes, I am here to teach you how to play without worrying! The program of my lessons is adapted to the needs and desires of each student, inspired by the program below, and in the style of his choice: Rock / Blues / Metal / Funk / Pop / Soul / Folk ● Study of his favorite pieces according to your level (with or without music theory) ● Work on backing track (accompaniment tracks in playback) in order to develop the game in situation and the ear ● Advice throughout the course (you can contact me at any time) ● Possibility of recording at the end of each lesson ● Notation on tablature (guitar pro, or tux guitar which is free) ● Study of rhythm, chords, improvisation, scales I also offer, for the more adventurous, intensive 2-hour sessions with a work plan defined in advance on one or more themes! I also pay a lot of attention to feeling, improvisation and the pleasure of playing together. Courses for children from 6 years old to seniors over 99 years old! Opening hours: Monday to Sunday from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. at my home in Amiens (Henriville district), or at your home Do not hesitate to send me an email for any information, I will answer them with pleasure! See you soon ! Thomas

Maria Fernández
Musical theory, violoncello lessons and musical interpretation
My name is Maria Fernández, I'm 25 years old and I'm a professional cellist graduated in Spain two years ago. Now I'm doing a Master in Classical Music in the Royal Conservatorium of Gent. During so many years I've been teaching music in different ways and ages (in schools and to private people): To people who wanted to start learning about the musical language or begin to play an instrument, to people who wanted to learn a score or develop their musical tools, to people who wanted to continue growing as a musician and training their listening and people who wanted to improve their theoretical musical knowledge. If you are beginning with the cello or with the music, if you want some extra lessons, if you need to prepare and audition or an exam, if you are doing a high level studies, I can help you. I have been studying and playing the cello for so many years in different places (orchestras, conservatoriums, recordings, musicals…) so I think I can give you some good advices in different areas. I like to think (and I do it in my lessons) that the music is a universal language and that anybody can learn it and understand it. Also that each person can make his/her own approach to this wonderful language. If you are interested in having a lesson, please let me know!

Entrepreneurship, marketing and strategic management
After six years of academic studies in management sciences and with three years experience, I can teach you the basics of marketing and go in-depth afterwards depending on your needs. I also have a great knowledge about entrepreneurship and strategic management that would enable you to take start your own business or succeed your strategy and entrepreneurship class.

Experienced Chinese Tutor: Mandarin Class for Children and Adults in Geneva and Annemasse!
-L'expression orale & écrite -La compréhension orale & écrite -La culture chinoise (Je suis également douée pour la calligraphie chinoise et la peinture traditionnelle) -Cours personnalisés selon votre niveau et vos besoins -Pour enfants et adultes -Sans limite d'âge / niveau ----------------------- -Writing -Reading -Listening -Speaking -Chinese culture(I am also good at Chinese calligraphy and traditional painting) -Personalized courses based on your level and needs -No age limit, children& adults are both welcome Do not hesitate to contact me! :D

Japanese Language for everyone (face-to-face and/or online)
Nice to meet you!!! I'm Shotaro. I am a native speaker of Japanese and I've been staying in Brussels from February. You may be at any level of Japanese(Beginner, Intermediate, advanced, nearly native level). I can help you for your test, qualification, practice for everyday conversation... My teaching style can be adjusted to your purpose. Generally, classes will be taught in English, but I also have basic knowledge of French. I'm so happy to contribute to your Japanese skills:) I hope I can meet you soon!!!

English courses from Elementary to Terminale level depending on the student.
/!\ (I have the baccalaureate level) Main points of work (according to the age of the student): English written comprehension. Vocabulary lessons -Complete presentation -Basic vocabulary Then Know how to develop a subject -Presentation of a place - Write a constructed text (time connector, etc.) - More advanced vocabulary Purpose: Knowing how to manage and make yourself understood in front of a British person.

Drum lessons in studio in Lancy or at home // FR-ENG-IT
(Below) 28-year-old teacher, musician for more than 10 years, offers drum lessons for children from 6 years old and adults in a fully equipped studio in Lancy (GE). 7 years of experience teaching music privately and in small groups. My goal is to help students progress at their own pace while stimulating their creativity and interest in music. Course content : - Introduction to rhythmic music theory and various percussion instruments - Instrumental technique, coordination, polyrhythms - Study of styles, repertoire work - Improvisation - Reading & dubbing - Accompaniment of students on bass or piano - Live/MAO recording A pedagogical follow-up will be carried out by the teacher (homework, adapted practice program, preparation for competitions) according to the student's desires. See you soon ! English 28-year-old teacher, musician for more than 10 years, offers drum lessons for children from 6 years old and adults in a fully equipped studio in Lancy (GE). 7 years of experience teaching music in private and in small groups. My goal is to help students progress at their own pace while stimulating their creativity and interest in music. Race content: - Introduction to rhythmic music theory and various percussion instruments - Technical instrumental, coordination, polyrhythms - Study of styles, repertoire work - improvisation - Reading & dubbing - Accompaniment of students on bass or piano - Live/MAO recording A pedagogical follow-up will be carried out by the teacher (homework, adapted practice program, preparation for school admissions) according to the student's desires. See you soon!

Pedagogical and experienced mathematics teacher.
*Recommendations from parents upon request* Pedagogical and experienced mathematics teacher gives private lessons at home and / or remotely via platforms: (shared whiteboard) in mathematics from college to high school. I offer support for: - the assimilation of the course and the direct applications of the course by referring to the skills set by the official bulletin. - mastery of exercises done in class and homework. - personal work with in-depth exercises. - Availability by phone to answer your questions outside class hours. I assure you a pedagogical and regular follow-up (first lesson report, quarterly report ...). I have experience in tutoring from college to university, proof in support and a high success rate for my students. I assure you success , you just have to follow my methodology . For more information contact me.

Amani D
Learn Meditation techniques to reprogram your subconscious brain
You will learn breathing exercises and meditation techniques to transform self limiting beliefs. It will help to lower anxiety level and improve stress management. Theta healing technique is allowing the body to heal itself by recreating new thought system through affirmation and hypnosis methodologies.

English Literature/Language or English as a Second Language
Dependant on what you are looking for, I can prepare you for an English Literature exam, help you improve your work for school, or improve English as your non-native language. I am a recent graduate from the University of Birmingham where I gained a 2:1 in Drama and English Literature, and I have recently completed a Diploma in Musical Theatre at Associated Studios in London. Since April 2020, I have been teaching English as a Second Language online with Educasteam. This job involves tutoring French speaking adults and children, and ensuring they learn English to a high standard in a positive and encouraging environment. I am TEFL certified. I am passionate about reading, and would be able to effectively take a student from basic English knowledge to being more confident in their ability to understand a text. I am passionate about students being able to learn in a supportive and productive environment. I am also interested in the students, and understand the necessity to always put them first.

Chess for beginners and hobbyists, online lessons or in person
Chess is a great game for having fun and sharpening the mind. Suitable for all ages, I offer classes for beginners to advanced players from ages of 5 upwards. As an online player myself with a blitz rating of 2440, I find the study and play of chess endlessly rewarding and hope that some of my passion can rub off on you. I offer lessons on all aspects of the game from the opening to the endgame, from simple queen and king endgames to Novotny interference I can provide puzzles and exercises for any level.

Russian teacher, concert pianist lessons for all levels by WEBCAM and at the teacher's home
Professor from Moscow, concert pianist, composer with 25 years of experience gives lessons for all levels at home and BY WEBCAM in French, English and Russian! We play classical, jazz, cinematic music, at 4 but. Preparation for competitions and auditions.

Levantine Arabic and English Classes for Beginners/Intermediates.
I'm a Lebanese psychology graduate and I focused on learning sciences, cognitive sciences, linguistics, and language acquisition. I have been tutoring and teaching languages ever since I was in high school, which accumulates to about 6 years of experience today. I prioritize the needs and requests of the student and try to understand what they want out of the classes they're taking in order to work towards that goal. Also, I focus on semi-structured classes where planned material is used, all while leaving space for the class to take its natural turn of events based on the needs and wants of students at the moment. This structure creates a great diversity between different types of learning methods, which can help us cover several learning methods and find out which works best for you. I will extensively present authentic material and situations rather than textbook material in order to make learning more realistic and based on the real world. I always try to incorporate facts on history, semantics, and culture related to the language/phrases we're learning. In that way, you get a more holistic and complete view of the language, making the learning more relevant and engaging! FOR ENGLISH: I've taught English to school students with an organization and as a private tutor. With the help of my education and experience, I am already capable of teaching efficiently and meeting my students' goals. However, I enjoy widening my knowledge and I am currently completing a 150-hour TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) course. FOR ARABIC: I'm offering LEVANTINE Arabic classes, which is the Arabic we speak in the Levant countries. If your goal is to be able to read Arabic, I encourage you to learn Modern Standard Arabic (Fusha/MSA). However, in order to be a well-rounded Arabic user, it is essential to learn at least one of the non-standard dialects. Why learn Levantine Arabic? Although it is understood, most people in the Arab world do not communicate using Modern Standard Arabic (Fusha/MSA). Every region has its own dialect and dialects differ. By studying Levantine Arabic, the Jordanian, Palestinian, Lebanese, and Syrian dialects will all be intelligible to you. It is one of the most intelligible dialects to speakers of other Arabic dialects, which means others are very likely to understand you (and possibly even adjust their speech accordingly to communicate). Levantine Arabic is also more similar to MSA than other dialects, which makes it the most similar to the standardized form of the language and shares extensive vocabulary. I will also offer lots of helpful tools to keep up with the learning and vocabulary. I want my students to enjoy the classes they take and leave knowing they've gotten a step closer to their goals!

Your Essential Chemistry for Cambridge (igcse, As level)
I am a Tunisian teacher of chemistry. I run sessions of preparation for Cambridge chemistry test. I graduated from the University of Tunis. I had experience in the cosmetic industry and I am well equipped to teach Chemistry. I look forward to help many students excel in it.

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Bijlessen Frans voor iedereen van elk niveau met Céline
Onze dochter voelde zich op haar gemak bij Celine. De ideale basis om Frans te leren.
Review by AN R.
Nederlandse, Spaanse en/ of Engelse les op elk gewenst niveau
Een aardige lerares die op een een duidelijke manier les uitleg geeft op al je vragen. Daarnaast is ze erg positief ingesteld waarbij ze mij vooral heeft gemotiveerd om mijn best te doen voor spaans. Een aanrader!
Review by MOUNA A.
Italian language and culture
Excellent, very polite, very organized and methodical. The course is very pleasant and fruitful.
Review by IOULIA T.

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