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You will have FUN English,Chinese and Mandarin lessons with me
I have been an language teacher specialised in English and Mandarin for eight years. My class is fun and useful for beginner. For English classes, any level students are welcomed, even if you don't speak English at all, I have many ways to guide you on the road. For Mandarin lessons, not only the language will be taught, you will also learn about Chinese cultures and customs.

Support course in French, English and Latin and homework help
With this course, you can improve your knowledge of English, French or Latin, to better understand the theory (grammar, rules, ...), the exercises given and prepare your exams. I want to start a tutoring experience for its human side: I will start studies at the High School of Social Work in September 2020. Thus, I will strive to install motivation and a relaxed atmosphere with the schoolboy / student to make it progress.

Transverse flute lessons with music theory at the same time.
Transverse flute lessons for all levels end all ages.For each student I propose personalised method and individual approach .Even for beginners we can play the flute and enter into the music theory at the same time. Twice a year students can participate in concerts in Brussels.

Learning the basics of the Russian language nowadays is very important
Russian is a language belonging to the Eastern Slavic language group of the Indo-European language family, to which also Ukrainian and Belarussian belong. It has more than 280 million speakers (as mother tongue or second language). It is the official language of the Russian Federation and one of the official languages of the republics of Byelorussia, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, the language of communication in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), dominant in parts of Ukraine (especially the South and East Ukrainian as well as the capital Kiev). It is also one of the official languages of the UN.

A beginners guide to Acrylic Painting and Techniques
I help artists, who want to paint people, animals, or anything they might fancy, learn how to use traditional acrylic painting techniques to create a beautiful portraits or paintings they can be proud to show others. We will cover lessons that teach new techniques and inspire you to start! The class is aimed at beginners to intermediate levels.

Instrumental class taught(in english and hindi) with all the basics.
As in growing world i am here with a very beautiful composition of music and singing. I am here to teach you all the basics related to instruments .Everyone has a positive point so showcase your talent in outside world. I hope you will the best students of mine.

The method I developed for beginners focuses first on the pleasure and quick learning of essential concepts of the guitar. Not necessarily music theory! The basics of guitar and musical technique can be taught on a mix of intuitive and didactical. The idea is to have fun playing your favorite songs but also discovering the main concepts that will allow you to be autonomous quickly. For those who already have some experience but feel "stuck", my approach will be more focused on identifying difficulties and developing both theoretical and practical knowledge that will allow you to quickly fill your gaps. I will accompany you in studying pieces of increasing difficulty so that you can surpass yourself quickly! I also give advice in case of purchase of instrument, and I am also available in case of questions.

Electric guitar, acoustic, folk lessons in Uccle
I seek above all to put forward the game with the instrument, and connect it to the theory. You do not have to know music theory at your fingertips to learn how to play an instrument, and if you want to progress more effectively and understand what you are doing and why you are doing it, the theory becomes an asset. There is no age limit when the courses I offer, suitable for both the youngest and the oldest, whether the practice of the instrument or solfeggio. We will approach the report to the instrument, with a method that focuses on the qualitative rather than the quantitative. The education of the ear is essential, with step-by-step progression and beneficial background work for the instrument. The learning of harmony, improvisation and reading are paths that we can explore at your convenience. Finally we will adapt the course to suit your style preferences and pieces that inspire you. Music is and must remain a pleasure and a passion.

Learn to speak Arabic in a few months (ladies / painting only)
I specialize in teaching Arabic to foreign speakers. My goal is to challenge but not to overwhelm the student. I give homework after every lesson and give periodic progress reports. I also teach my students how to learn Arabic in a few months. Learning dialect or Moroccan Darija is also a possibility, I also help you understand other dialects.

Homework support for middle school in every discipline
I am a postgraduate student at the Ecole Normale Supérieure in France and I am doing a double degree with the University College London this year in Neuroscience. I got the best of the highest level in France with the Highest Honors, and since I passed each year of College with the Honors. I am able to help in every discipline that needs to be deepened. I have already given homework support to children and teenagers. I am very patient and understanding. I am very flexible if you have more specific requirements you would like to discuss. I look forward to meeting you :) Jade

English Tutoring by a University Tutor who is also a qualified Lawyer
I tutor English in a University in Paris however, I spend a lot of time in Perpignan. I am a qualified Irish Lawyer for more than 20 years. I really love to teach and love encouraging people to gain confidence in my native language. I want to meet people who are desirous of enhancing their English skills. I can focus on interview skills, Business English or Legal English or work to improve conversational skills in an everyday or enviroment.

English Tutoring and Home-work Help for all levels.
Available to help those who wish to improve their spoken English, or students who would benefit from help with their English homework or studying / exam preparation. I am fluent in English and completed my university degree in Durham, UK. I have experience working with children from the age of 3 years old in a school setting, and have also worked as a tutor with English students preparing for their GCSE English exams.

Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science course in Lausanne by EPFL graduate engineer
I teach physics, computer science (C ++, Python, Matlab) and mathematics in Lausanne for students from universities, gymnasium or secondary schools. One of my main goals is to inspire motivation and interest in the subject matter. The branches I teach are those I have always loved, and I try to pass on my passion to the student. I try to find the nature of the difficulty on which the student blocks to bring him a fresh and refined vision of the subject. The points identified as delicate for the student will be regularly repeated so as to develop an intuition for the subject. I emphasize good problem-solving practices as they were taught to me during my studies. Do not hesitate to contact me, I would be happy to answer you.

Student Engineer offers tutoring of mathematics
My math classes are for all student and student profiles. You will learn to understand in depth the concepts discussed in class and you will put them into practice using exercises that I choose carefully. I will help you prepare for your tests, exams and competitions and I will monitor your progress with regular progress reports.

Learn in an informal atmosphere with an enthusiastic student with an international background
Hi there! Do you want to learn English in a relaxed, but fruitful way?Or maybe just need to refresh your English skills before an important presentation? Do you want your kids to speak English from childhood? It's perfect! I will be glad to help you, whatever your goal is. I am a student of Marketing&Management course at the Wroclaw University of Economics. However, currentle I do my Erasmus exchange in Paris(SKYPE LESSONS ONLY!). I use English on a daily basis with my friends, at university, and at work. I have been studying English as a foreign language throughout my life and I want to share some of my knowledge and experience exactly with you! My task as your teacher is to show you that learning a new language does not have to be difficult, and help you speak more confidently as soon and efficiently as possible! P.S. Trial lesson is FREE, so you don't lose anything! Feel free to contact me and to schedule our first class together. Looking forward to teaching you!

Practice Italian and discover the Italian culture with a native speaker!
I am an Italian native speaker in Leuven until the end of January and I would like to help people improving their knowledge of the Italian language. I am a 24 years old girl from Verona. I study English and Russian for a Master's degree, so I am used to the learning of languages. The lesson could take place in any library or wherever the student wishes.

Math or Programming. Recommended to grasp essential base concepts
The first thing I do when I start to work with anyone, is to understand what they can already do, and what they can't. Afterwards we'll train every step of the way to excel at each step and have a strong foundation to work with when solving bigger problems. Above all, the belief that everyone has within them the capacity to understand what was already understood by others. The only factor that distinguishes students is the will they have to learn. With that in mind, it is also my responsibility, as a tutor, to keep them engadged and motivated. As Plato once said, "Do not train a child to learn by force or harshness; but direct them to it by what amuses their minds". And that is my main objective. To keep the learning on a good upward path, there should be no reservation in testing the student's capacities at any given time, and if all goes well, it will be like a game that will spark a desire to grow and achieve more difficult tasks constantly reenforcing previously acquired skills.

Fabiola Muñoz
Learn Spanish (speaking, writing, listening and reading) and Latin American Culture
Would you like to travel (for leisure or business) to or live in Latin America? Do you love watching Argentinean movies or listening to Mexican music? This class is for everyone who wants to learn more than just Spanish. The classes breath Latin American culture. I am a very dynamic teacher with a personalized, challenging and practical approach.

Apprenez la langue italienne facilement! P r ê t ?
Ciao!! My name is Valeria, I'm Italian and I wanna help you to improve your language skills! Usually I teach italian to children as speaker, but even if you are an adult you can learn and improve yourself. I can help you with the grammar or you prefer just a good talk to be more familiar with italian. Based on your needs we can choose togegher. So what are you are waiting for? Contact me if you'd like to explore your potential.

Experienced Tutor Offering Lessons in English Writing Skills (CVs, Cover Letters, Essays and Creative Writing)
Writing is an important skill, and I believer everyone can achieve their writing goals, no matter how big the challenge. I specialise in tutoring students with English writing skills and offer help with most writing tasks including writing CVs and resumes, cover letters, essays, dissertations and creative writing to name a few. I also assign homework (depending on the student's preferences) and make sure that students always feel that they are making progress.

Physics (Mechanics, Electromagnetism, Electrodynamics, etc)
This course is to teach physics. Starting from Classical Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Statistical Physics, to advanced topics in QFT, QED. Just ask me! I can teach you everything i know I also can help you in preparation for GRE test, i had 980/990 score.

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Bijlessen Frans voor iedereen van elk niveau met Céline
Onze dochter voelde zich op haar gemak bij Celine. De ideale basis om Frans te leren.
Review by AN R.
Italian language and culture
Excellent, very polite, very organized and methodical. The course is very pleasant and fruitful.
Review by IOULIA T.
Cécile is a professional teacher with a personal approach. Besides being a very friendly person, her teaching is absolutely worth recommending.
Review by TIMON R.

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