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Affordable Maths and Science tutor, teaching up to Nat 5/GCSE
I have an in depth knowledge of both the GCSE and Nat 5 curricula. I will identify the gaps in the student's knowledge or they can tell me what they are struggling in. I will teach in an adaptable manner, changing my style depending on what I think will benefit the student most. I will explain all the topics the student is even the slightest bit unsure about and will make sure they leave the class with much more confidence than when they entered

Private lessons of Spanish native teacher in Nice
Hello! My name is Paula and I offer Spanish classes for all levels. Do you want to learn a new language? Do you need help to write an exam? I have experience as a teacher. Graduated by the University of Alicante and the European University of Madrid as a Spanish teacher, I come from south-west Spain. I adapt to the needs of students. Classes can take place at the student or at the teacher's home (I live in Riquier) To quieres aprendre español? ¡No lo dudes más y contacta conmigo!

Private lessons in mathematics, physics, primary chemistry / gymnasium
Student in 3rd year of Bachelor's degree at EPFL with a French scientific degree. I can accompany a student for admission to EPFL, the success of its maturity or its first year in higher education in the field of engineering; or support a student who is having difficulty in the gym.

Fench / English classes - relaxed and flexible at home or in a cafe
Hello! My name is Alice, I'm 26 years old, I come from Paris and I offer French and English classes for all levels! We can focus on writing, speaking, grammar ... It's as you prefer. I am very flexible so do not hesitate to contact me. :) Hi there! My name is Alice and I'm 26 yo I'm french but just spent 3 years in the UK. I offer English and French classes for all levels. Just let me know what you need! We can work on written skills, conversational skills, grammar ... I'm pretty flexible so do not hesitate to contact me

English language development for beginners with basic English language skills
Recently relocated to Paris from the UK. I am offering English lessons for beginners looking to develop their English language skills to a more advanced speaking level. I aim to challenge you as my lessons are completely in English (partly due to my current limited french language skills). This will mean you will be able to immerse yourself in the English language and improve your skills.

Vocal coaching: Learn how to warm up your voice, explore your range and improve
Training your voice is one of the most important things to do if you want to make your passion for music your job career. The purpose of this class is to improve your skills and to make you explore how powerful your voice can be. In this lessons I will help you sing in a proper way

Spanish speech, grammar and drawing lessons for all.
Hello All! My name is Jorge Gallardo and I am 25 years old fine arts student in AP. I was born and raised in Tenerife, Spain. When I gratudated from the high-school, I started Sociocultural anthropology. I want to share my language knowledge to all this people interested in learning a (cool) new one. I give Spanish lessons!! Moreover, I have a passion for illustration. I have an instagram blog with a drawings and graphic inspiration! Please follow me @jhon_boy. I also give lessons for drawing natural and digital!! Let's start doing some lines!!!! Please feel free to contact me anytime :) The beautiful thing about teaching is that you are transfering to others what you learn and what you like!! I am happy to share with you my language and drawing knowledge :)

English course (Ex trainer Berlitz Stockholm, Berlin, Paris)
The courses are for beginners and senior / advanced intermediates. My teaching method is based on total immersion method where only the language taught is used during the course. The student is free to bring his own material (articles, documents, letters, etc.) for the course. Concentration is on expression and oral (and written) communication. Correction of recurrent mistakes and exercises to eliminate them. I am an independent coach and former trainer of English (and Swedish) from Berlitz with many years of experience. I have an international background and have lived and taught in Stockholm, Berlin and Paris. I have taught clients of all levels with different backgrounds (professionals, individuals, groups, children, adults) and have acquired a great educational experience. I am of Swedish nationality with a mother tongue level of English.

French classes and homework help, all types of levels
My name is Joséphine and I offer French classes to familiarize you with the language. Being French, I offer my help to all types of levels, from beginner to advanced. For that, I will choose exercises adapted to your level, your speed of learning or your desires. I am patient and pedagogue, in this case I have already done help with homework during my extra-curricular course. As far as I am concerned, I have just moved to Warsaw in the hope of finding a job in my field, namely urban planning. If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact me! Hoping to share with you the beauty of the French language. PS: I am currently taking Polish lessons, so do like me! Get started! -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------ My name is Josephine and I offer French classes to familiarize yourself with the language. Being French, I offer my help to all types of levels, from beginner to advanced. I will choose your level of learning, your speed of learning or your desires. I am patient and pedagogue, in this case I have already done homework support during my out-of-school path. As far as I am concerned, I have just moved to Warsaw in the hope of finding a job in my field, namely urban planning. If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact me! Hoping to share with you the beauty of the French language. PS: I am currently taking Polish lessons, so do like me! Get started!

Student at the HEMU gives lessons in singing and solfeggio!
Graduated from the CRR of Paris in jazz vocals and a CEM in classical violin I am currently a student at the HEMU. I leave the student and his level and help him gain confidence to progress. Whether it's a beginner or confirmed level I adapt to everyone's goals (entrance contest or hobby) and try to share and transmit my love of music :) I master both classical language and jazz

Certificated Mandarin Chinese Teacher - HSK, Business, Kids, customised course in Geneva
Why Ai is the great teacher candidate for you? 1. Qualified International Chinese Teacher certificated by Confucius Institue Headquarters (Hanban) 2. Professional knowledge of basics of Chinese Language Teaching, Chinese Language Teaching Methodology, Instructional Design and Classroom Management, Chinese Culture and Cross-cultural Communication, Professional Ethics and Disciplinary Development. 3. Customerized course plan and study materials to meet your need and language level. 4. Cherish and maximise every second of the class time 5. Responsible and professional teaching attitude + outgoing and sincere personality. Chinese, is more than a highly competitive language, but also full of beauty and wisdom. Along with assisting my students to achieve the study goal, it is also important to know the Chinese culture and mindset.

native chinese teacher with Chinese teaching experience for children and adults
Hello, my name is Jingwen and I come from Shanghai, China. For almost 5 years, I teach Chinese Mandarin for young and old. I had the pleasure of teaching my language to young children (from 2 years old, foreign language immersion or from 6 years old, traditional language lessons alone or in groups) as adults (complete remedies or beginners). I only recently arrived in Belgium, so my French is still approximate. My classes are taught in Chinese (immersion), English and Spanish (level C2) at the rates shown here. If you want to set up a French-Chinese exchange, free of course, I am also interested. I hope that my offer will satisfy your request and wish you a good day.

Private lessons in English - Arabic - maths.
I always liked giving language classes and I chose to give private lessons in Arabic because it's my mother tongue, in English because it's my favorite language and I have a good command. I can also help you in math. I do not have experience in teaching but I always give lessons to my little brother, the children of the family, my friends too and I think I'm doing well.

Private lessons and support in mathematics, physics, biology
Third-year student in biological engineering at EPFL, graduated with a French baccalaureate with honors, he offers private lessons in science (maths, physics, biology) to help students progress and develop their scientific skills.

English course for beginners, children or adults wishing to improve or learn English
I have a bachelor in English studies. My goal is to help improve students who are struggling or students who just want to learn the language. I can help children and adults who wish to improve or learn the English language.

Anna Maria
italian tutoring, learn how to speak fluent Italian and basic useful sentences
I specialize in tutoring Italian. I am native Italian, from Rome. this class is aspiring to improve Italian conversation and pronunciation. If you are an absolute beginner there is no problem you will learn basic sentences and words to be able to communicate with other Italian natives

Learn French or English with an experienced teacher!
Bonjour! I am an exchange student at Todai (the University of Tokyo - Faculty of Economics) and I offer private lessons of French or English in Tokyo. Being a native French speaker, I can teach you my language whether you are a beginner or fully advanced! The same goes for English lessons :) My home university is HEC Paris, a French top-tier business school, ranked 2nd best business school in Europe by the Financial Times. I am an experienced teacher, used to tutoring teenagers and adults. I would love to make you discover French/English cultures and languages. My teaching style will depend on your goals and your level (for example, basic conversation, grammar, vocabulary...) Looking forward to meeting you!

Music Production, Recording, Editing, Mixing and Production Techniques
This class is for aspiring music producers from beginner to advanced level. - Basics of DAWs (Logic, Cubase, Pro Tools). - Audio and MIDI recording and editing. - Production techniques. - Basic and advanced use of EQ and compression and other effects. - Sound design. - Mixing techniques.

Tailored English Tutoring For All Levels (Brittish)
If you are looking for a flexible English course that can be tailored to your own personal needs and goals, this class is for you. Whether you are looking for one-off tuition to prepare perhaps for a speech in English or if you would rather a longer term arrangement, we can discuss what your language targets are and design a bespoke course for you. Kan du inte ett ord på engelska (än!) går det också bra. Pratar även flyttande svenska.

Music production Ableton / Logic Pro Dj formation & Electronic instruments courses
You fancy electro music and want to learn more about it? I am here to help. I am an electronic music producer and DJ with 8 years of experience. Music is simply my passion and I would be glad to teach it and share it with you. You can learn quickly and easily how to use Ableton, Logic, Plugins … and also electro machine-like beatbox types. Classes will take place at my home where the whole set up is plugged in. If you wish to enter and access the great world of electro music, feel free to contact me :)

Violinist graduated from the Conservatory of Monaco gives violin lessons on Liège in French and English.
I am in the last year of Bachelor at the conservatory of Liège. I give private lessons for 8 years. And since this year I also teach in non-profit organizations. I intervened as reinforcement of academy teachers, as a tutor and as a trainer, as the first teacher. Then with adults, after a stop more or less consistent or just to achieve a dream. I was able to acquire during my studies, a great experience of orchestral musician. I teach children and adults of all levels. The courses are adapted according to the objectives and the tastes of each one. Music training can be approached to discover the basics or consolidate them. All the repertoires can be work: from the classical to the contemporary, passing the musics of films or the variety. I wish above all to discover and transmit my passion that is the violin. It is a beautiful instrument that requires rigor but that can be approached in joy and good mood.

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Bijlessen Frans voor iedereen van elk niveau met Céline
Onze dochter voelde zich op haar gemak bij Celine. De ideale basis om Frans te leren.
Review by AN R.
Italian language and culture
Excellent, very polite, very organized and methodical. The course is very pleasant and fruitful.
Review by IOULIA T.
Cécile is a professional teacher with a personal approach. Besides being a very friendly person, her teaching is absolutely worth recommending.
Review by TIMON R.

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