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Aude Vanden
Apprenez à utiliser l'application Instagram pas à pas
Vous êtes perdu lorsqu'il s'agit de réseaux sociaux ? Vous entendez parler d'Instagram et de #hashtags mais ne parvenez pas à comprendre comment tout cela fonctionne ? Vous faites de la photographie digitale (caméra ou smartphone) et aimeriez diffuser vos clichés ? Alors ce cours est fait pour vous ! Dans une ambiance stimulante et décontractée, vous apprendrez comment vous servir de la célèbre application en fonction de ce que vous envisagez d'en faire. Un boulanger cherchant à promouvoir son activité en ligne n'aura pas les mêmes attentes qu'une grand-mère qui désire rester à jour dans la vie de ses petits-enfants ! Vous mettrez en pratique ce que vous apprendrez et serez accompagnés lors du lancement de votre profil Instagram, de vos premières publications, de vos stories etc.

French and/or English and Homework Assistance Tutoring
English and French are two popular and essential languages in the world of today. As a native French speaker and student in the UK, I believe I am a suitable tutor as I am eloquent and fully fluent in both languages. I have been a tutor for both those subjects for several years, and have helped children with general homework for the year as well. The focus can be on basic vocabulary or reaching a certain level of fluency and comfort in the languages, depending on the student's level and needs. We will focus on vocabulary, grammar, and eloquence which I believe are essential. It is better to form easy sentences that make complete sense than complex ones that are not correct or easy to understand.

Kotryna Ugnė
Individual violin lessons in Nyon, Lausanne, Geneva and surround. Lessons for everyone!
I am Young Qualicated Violin teacher, private tutor in Nyon, Geneva, Lausanne and other cities. Offering individual violin lessons in english for the children from 5 years old, young and adults - for everyone that loves music and are motivated to learn this instrument! Open to traditional and classical music. If you are interested to this beautiful sound instrument im happy to share with you my skills and knowledges that I have got in my 18 years of violin experience by working with many teachers from all world !! I do share professional knowledges and skills with my students and doing performences.

Physic and Mathematics from school level to Masters level
I got my bachelors in Mathematics, physics and chemistry and later I got Masters in physics from Indian institute of technology Bombay, Mumbai and also I got my second masters, Master of Technology in Functional Materials and Nanotechnology form Indian Institute of Technology Madras. My knowledge in physics varies from school level to master levels, like from basic concepts school level physics to advance topics such as classical mechanics, electromagnetic theory 1 and EMT2, quantum mechanics 1 and 2 ,thermodynamic and statistical physics, electronics and experimental methods , condensed matter physics, nuclear and particle physics . Depending upon the needs of the student and according to his syllabus and standards I am going to start from basics to the advanced topics. Coming to the mathematics part I will teach from basic school level to bachelors levels concepts such as algebra, analytical geometry, differential calculus, integral calculus, matrices, probability, trigonometry, vectors. Mathematical methods of physics (Dimensional analysis. Vector algebra and vector calculus. Linear algebra, matrices, Cayley-Hamilton Theorem. Eigenvalues and eigenvectors. Linear ordinary differential equations of first & second order,Special functions (Hermite, Bessel, Laguerre and Legendre functions). Fourier series, Fourier and Laplace transforms. Elements of complex analysis, analytic functions; Taylor & Laurent series; poles, residues and evaluation of integrals. Elementary probability theory, random variables, binomial, Poisson and normal distributions. Central limit theorem). * extra merits- I have cleared GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test Engineering is a national level engineering entrance examination). * Also cleared CSIR-JRF( Council of Scientific & Industrial Research -Junior Research Fellowship).

As you may know Spanish makes part of the list of one of the most spoken languages in the whole world. Therefore, it will be eventually helpful for job applications, school courses, or as a cultural challenge. The main objetives that I want to offer for my students are: 1. The ability to handle a a simple conversation. 2. Provide students with instructions that teaches a basic understanding of spanish culture, vocabulary and grammatical concepts. Those objetives will be based on providing the student a general introduction which involves: sound system, pronunciation, functional vocabulary related to everyday life, cultural information and basic grammatical structures. Emphasis will be on the acquisition of four skills: listening, speaking, reading and limited writing.

• Modern Theory & Jazz Theory • Electric Guitar & Acoustic Guitar • Reading, rhythm & composition.
MUSICAL TRAINING • Yamaha school of music (Xalapa Ver., Mexico) 2012-2015. • Music and Arts school of music (Xalapa Ver., Mexico) 2015-2016. • JazzUV - Jazz College (bachelor preparatory school) (Xalapa Ver., Mexico) 2016-2018. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE (group concerts) • Regina's club - Puerto Vallarta (2015). • The Tasca - Xalapa (2017). • Parque Juárez - Xalapa (2017). • Big Band in JazzUV - Xalapa (2017). • Big Band in Casa del Lago - Xalapa (2017). • Culpa bar - Xalapa (2018). • John Coltrane - Guadalajara (2018). • The Chata - Xalapa (2018).

English and Spanish class for beginners whit extra homework
English language courses cover beginning, intermediate and advanced levels of speaking, I specialize in tutoring English for adults and beginners. However, I will be giving out homework after every lesson to add more knowledge.

Special piano lessons - beginners / intermediate
I started in the music world when I was 5 years old. I first started with guitar and then I went to the piano with music theory courses in parallel. I followed 10 years at the Welkenraedt Music Academy and received my qualification in piano and solfège. I still practice regularly and have not lost my level. I do not pretend to be a professional and I like to have fun playing the piano. I play songs that I like most of all. My teaching method is based on relaxation and fun before the results. I am also very flexible according to the needs and tastes of my students. I can teach music theory as needed although it is not my specialty.

Spanish tutoring - grammar structure, spelling and literature
This class is for students that would like to learn Spanish with the Latin American accent. The main objective is that the student will be able to use the new knowledge in the correct way. In view of this, as well as studying grammatical structures and linguistics, we stress the necessity of achieving communicative competence. First class will be an assessment of your level

Private drawing and painting course in Brussels to improve artistic practice
Private drawing and painting course in Brussels to improve artistic practice. This course is for students of all ages and all levels, from beginners to adults who want to start or learn an artistic practice.

Fraichement diplomé d'un master en Droit International, donne cours d'Espagnol et d'Anglais dans la région de Nyon et de Genève
Après avoir obtenu mon Master en Droit International à Londres, je suis revenu dans ma région natale et suis actuellement stagiaire dans une ONG de recherche légale à Genève. Après avoir vécu 5 ans en Angleterre et ayant poursuivi des études supérieures en Anglais, je parle couramment la langue. Aussi, ayant vécu Espagne et de part mes origines Uruguayennes et Espagnoles, je maitrise parfaitement l'Espagnol J'aborde l'apprentissage des langues de façon flexible et décontractée. Cependant, j'accorde énormément d'importance à l'acquisition de bases grammaticales et orthographiques solides. Je peux enseigner aux plus jeunes comme aux plus agés et suis à l'écoute des demandes précises de mes élèves

Sai Prasad
Spoken English Class for Improving Fluency and Vocabulary
This class is suitable for people who want to improve their fluency and vocabulary. This class is perfect for individuals who are struggling with their speaking and who want to articulate their sentences without any grammatical mistakes. Students who are going for their Erasmus to an English speaking country and people who want to improve their formal language in their workplace can consult me. Based on your requirements and interests I will design a class to achieve your goals. I did my bachelors in engineering, and i pursed management studies in my masters. Therefore, I can help you to improve your conversation with diverse topics.

Fagott spielen/ bassoon classes for all will love it!
Learn to play bassoon with fun, interest and will learn to play from a good technical base of air and good sound. Lessons are based in the technique of air, working in breathing correctly. We will learn also fingering technique from the base, in able to finally focus on music without technical problems and efforts

Spanish for Middle / High School (up to level B1)
Spanish is the 4th most spoken language in the world, and learning it will benefit you in your human relationships as well as in learning other Latin languages. These courses will allow you to hold and understand conversations with Spanish speakers. These courses will be subject to levels to be achieved gradually, passing through grammar, conjugation, vocabulary as well as a pinch of Hispanic culture. Homework will be given regularly as well as exams.

Dutch, Néerlandais, Nederlands. Classes given by native speaker.
I am a native Dutch speaker living in the center of Brussels, more specific around the Dansaert area. I also speak French, English and Spanish. I would like to give the classes in a coffeebar around Dansaert, Midi station, place Sainte Catherine, ... Looking forward to hearing from you!

Maths, Physics and Computer Science at GCSE and younger levels.
I specialise in tutoring math for GCSE aged children, having started my a levels, I feel it makes the learning and teaching a lot easier, my goal is to keep the students challenged, but not over working them. Homework is given to the students for me to see their improvements throughout

Literature for English students and those who want to make English their native language
Literature is one of the subjects in languages and I Am going to teach this in a very descriptive way to help your understand and get it correctly.It surely will help improve your grades in English and trust me you will definitely fall in love with English,it will be easy for you to communicate and express yourself in the language. You surely don't want to miss that.

Correction tfe, memories, reports, articles, thesis ...
Licentiate in journalism, I reread and correct (spelling, grammar, syntax, punctuation, style, concordance of time ...) all your written work (memoirs, tfe, reports, articles. ;;;). Fast and neat work. Long experience in correction.

Luke Rufus
guitar lessons for beginners right from the basics!
always wanted to learn guitar? never knew where to start? i can help you learn guitar. i have been playing guitar for 5 years now and i specialize in a blend of classical and indie/alternative musics and i will start from the basics, teaching you to find chords on your own and how to efficiently shift between chords and build a melody. you will have a good understanding of this amazing instrument by the end of my lessons.

French and English tutoring for any age and test prep
My goal is to help you improve your English or your French or ever teach you a new language. I will do my best to make it easy for you. Languages can be fun and pleasant to learn and I'm here to show you! Mon but est des vous aider à améliorer votre français ou votre anglais, voir même de vous aider à apprendre une nouvelle langue. Je ferai tout mon possible pour que ce soit facile pour vous. Apprendre uen langue peut être amusant et plaisnat et je suis là pour vous le montrer!

French lesson/ French tutor/French babysitting / babysitting.
Hello, I'm Maria, I am french native and have 2 children. Alex 5 years old and Lana 2 and an half. Back in France I was looking after children. I'm now in bath and wish to teach French while looking after children or giving lesson on one to one or two to one. I adapt my work to your child level. My method is base on learning through games.

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Bijlessen Frans voor iedereen van elk niveau met Céline
Onze dochter voelde zich op haar gemak bij Celine. De ideale basis om Frans te leren.
Review by AN R.
Italian language and culture
Excellent, very polite, very organized and methodical. The course is very pleasant and fruitful.
Review by IOULIA T.
Cécile is a professional teacher with a personal approach. Besides being a very friendly person, her teaching is absolutely worth recommending.
Review by TIMON R.

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