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Music Production and Composition for Beginners (Level 1)
Music Production for Beginners ​ My personally designed Music Production course is aimed at complete beginners who have the desire to discover how to compose, record and produce their own music. The course is structured in a way that will enable you to make the style of music you love. It is ideal for aspiring composer’s, producer’s, musicians and sound engineer’s.   For this course you will have the opportunity to learn either Logic Pro or Ableton Live (GarageBand is also an option to get you underway), both are industry leading digital audio workstations (DAW). Each session is tailored to your personal interests and goals, exploring both the theory and practical applications of working techniques and practices, in order to provide you with a solid foundation of the overall production process. Lessons are held one-to-one to allow you to learn at your own pace and receive the resources and support you require. I will continuously keep track of and review your progress so that your objectives are always being pursued. Here is the overall course content: An introduction to Music Production An introduction to Logic Pro or Ableton Live  Inputting MIDI – Piano playing & drum patterns Working with and editing audio Basic Synthesis & Sampling Recording & Mic techniques How to arrange your song Using effects and automation Basic music theory An introduction to Mixing Personal support and guidance throughout Create the music you love ​ Who is it aimed at? ​ This course is for teens and adults of all ages who are complete beginners. It may be for you if you wish to consolidate the knowledge you already have. Please see the Further Music Production course or contact me directly if you would like to discuss further.

Arabic , English or French , the students will learn to improve their language
I can help the students improve their language by helping hem if they have a certain problem with one of the subjects , I tutor English , french and arabic , I Assign homework after every lesson and the goal is to keep the students challenged

Yeganeh Entezari
Learning how to speak Persian easily like a mother language
This class is for whom that has motivation for learning Persian (FARSI) language and is for any age. The focus of this class is mostly on Persian spoken as a mother language, Therefore after 2 or 3 basic lessons (Depends on a person's passion of this language) we'll start to have a conversation as following as after each session we choose a special topic for speaking then we'll start to have a short conversation about this subject and will be continued to a long conversation. Notice that for this kind of method the students should have a quick view on a new subject that we suppose to speak about it,like this we could discuss more professionally. It is clear that how much the students are motivated the result of a class will be much more.

Tsie Alice
I specialize in tutoring English for all levels of people, from young kids to adults. I always make sure I check the progress of students by offering periodic tests. Homework is given to students at the end of every lesson focus is to improve students knowledge

Clarinet lessons !! Do you want to get to know clarinet and / or musical notes? That is the right chance!
I teach music to everyone. You are the right page if you: - want to get to know music - playing the clarinet - want to learn the theory of music more easily. We can learn everything from the beginning to a decayed level. It doesn't matter if you are a child or an adult, il will do a lesson made for you! I am on the third bachelor at the Royal Conservatory of Ghent, under the supervision of Eddy Vanhoostuyse. For more information and questions, please contact me. I wait for you!

Language course and vacation upgrade (German, English, French)
Hello, Currently in second year of Bachlor in psychology and sport at the University of Lausanne, I give for several years already support courses in German, English and French next to my studies. School support, apprenticeship support and group or individual refresher courses, I have acquired in recent years a lot of experience with children as well as with teenagers or young adults. I earned an English C1 degree after living in Dublin on a sabbatical year. French and German being my native languages, I am bilingual in both languages. Patient, attentive to the particular needs of everyone, I look forward to helping you! I move willingly!

Spanish ranging from beginners to advanced and for any age.
Languages are becoming more and more essential to solidify a good understanding and communication of this world’s constant change. Therefore, Spanish, being one of the most popular language, becomes an important tool. In order to speak it, the class is composed by grammar, vocabulary, listening and speaking. Depending on the time and frequency, the student will be be able to articulate thoughts and write them. It is vital that the language is spoken, hence, depending on the student’s level, the class will be provided in Spanish and English (swapping when necessary).

LEARN FRENCH! Lessons and conversation for all levels!
Bonjour à tous! Vous souhaitez apprendre le français? Je suis là pour vous! Hello student! My name is Noémie, I am an experienced tutor and I am offering lessons in French for all level! About the lesson: Passionate about language, teaching and sharing knowledge, I believe that structure and enjoyment are the key points to successfully learn a language. I will tailor the lessons for you based on your goals, hobbies, interests. I will also adjust the class based on the learning method who works the best for you! The lessons will completely depend on you! Do not hesitate to contact me to elaborate on the best strategy to achieve your goals! About my experiences: I have given private lessons and tutored children, teenagers to young adults for more than a year in France. I elaborated studying plans, directly with the student, whereas the main goal was to succeed test or to be bilingual! Patient and demonstrating pedagogy, I avoid unnecessary stressful situations who can be caused by learning / speaking another language! About me: Currently employed as a French editor, I am a French expat living in the Netherlands for two years. I have studied Politics and International Relations in France and in the United Kingdom. I am starting a second master's degree in International Law. I am looking forward to meeting you! Do not hesitate to contact me about anything (availability, plans, etc.)!

Learn to write and speak english beginners you are welcome.
Courses adapted to the client's objectives. This facilitates the understanding of the language and gives more results. Either for children who want to have fun with the language or for adults who want to master the language. I also give classes to improve oral expression to learn to convince during a presentation.

Learn Spanish, French or English with experienced teacher
Graduated in Modern Languages and Letters with a Master in Pedagogy, I am fluent in French, English and Spanish, my mother tongue. Thanks to my experience as a language teacher in various schools and language academies, I had the opportunity to work with a wide variety of audiences, including children, teenagers and adults. This is how I developed the capacity to create pedagogical sequences and methodological processes adapted to the public and its needs. As a teacher, I am dynamic, proactive and able to take initiatives to solve problems and engage students.

Private lessons of Maths for students at EPFL and for gymnasians
Hello, My name is julien. I am a sophomore in the Communication System section at EPFL. I offer my help in maths to first-year students at EPFL as well as to gymnasians, college students, etc. I am a pedagogue who likes to transmit his knowledge and to advance others. I adopt a personalized follow-up and it is possible for the student / student to submit my questions a little before the class so that I can prepare the course as well as possible. For students at EPFL, I teach courses in the following subjects: - Advance ICC I - Analysis I - Linear algebra - Advance ICC II My grades in the first year exams in the subjects concerned: - Advance ICC I: 4.75 - Analysis I: 5.25 - Linear algebra: 5 - Advance ICC II: 5.25 Average in Block 1 of the propaedeutic examination: 4.74 Total average on the first year examination: 4.61 Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions! See you soon !

Learn English with an English-American (all levels)
I am a British and American citizen. Because of my diverse English backgrounds, I have extensive and in-depth knowledge of the differences between British and American English. I have already taught English at all levels in Madrid. I can adapt my courses to the specific needs of each of my students. I do not speak French fluently, but I'm getting better every day and can handle most conversations very well. I also speak Spanish fluently. I am a British and American citizen who has recently moved to Toulouse. Due to my mixed English heritage, British and American English. I have experience teaching at all levels in Madrid, Spain. I can adapt their lives to meet the specific requirements of each other. I am fluent in French, but I am improving every day, and can hold most conversations quite well. I am fluent in Spanish.

English lessons for children and beginners
I give English classes at home for children and for beginners in the language. I do my classes myself and I adapt them according to the level and age of the person. For children I combine fun and learning because a child who enjoys learning is better than a child who learns seriously and harshly.

Sciences, Biology, Chemisty, Physics, Learn How To Work
Science is not very popular with students. I am here to help them. I have good contact with teenagers and I can easily understand their way of working and help them to succeed. My goal is to keep students challenged, but not overwherlmed. I assign homework after every lesson and provide periodic reports.

American ESL English Teacher / Tutor, International Law, Business English
I recently moved to Geneva from San Diego, CA. I have been teaching ESL for over 5 years to both adults and children. Whether you need Cambridge Test Prep (FCE, CAE, CPE), speaking, writing, business English, TOEFL, or just tutoring, I have taught in all of these areas and can help you. I also have a Masters Degree in International Law and have worked with the American Red Cross. I can especially help people who are looking to work on their communication and vocabulary skills in the field of International Law, politics, relations, etc. Contact me regarding private or group lessons

Italian Language (mother tongue): speaking and reading.
I'm Italian mother tongue, i will give you suggestions and corrections considering: speaking, reading, pronunciation and grammar. If you want improve your speaking and confidence with the italian Language , this class could be useful for you. It's ideal that you have already a basic concerning some vocabularies and grammar rules. The level of the lesson will be focused to your goals and your level.

Piano lessons(music lovers, professionalists,all levels)
Music is a way of expression and living for me so in these classes I would like to share my knowledge, ideas and passion for it. I teach piano technique and most importantly we learn how to follow music language. Classes includes some music theory as well. All students are welcomed. Age is not a limit. I'm teaching differently depending on ones needs - whether the reason for playing is to be a professional or you are a music lover.

Does your child want to learn the piano, clarinet or flute?
Does your child want or do you know someone who wants to learn to play the piano, flute or clarinet? I'm ready for you! 🎼🎼 - I have more than 20 years of experience in various instruments and I was a member of various orchestras. I have been teaching piano, clarinet and flute for several years now (both in Belgium and in the Seychelles, where I taught clarinet and flute at the National Conservatory of Performing Arts). - I give private lessons from the age of 7, once a week (30 minutes), individually or in pairs, in Gaasbeek (Donkerstraat, Lennik) - Both classical pieces and pop and sing-alongs - Nut theory is learned gradually, so no prior knowledge is required

Mathematics / Physics / Biology / Chemistry / English to Terminal S
I give regular or punctual courses in science, preferably physical and mathematics. I focus on understanding the key concepts and methodology to get there. It goes through practice, but also discussion. I will be patient and perseverant to make you progress. I do not give classes beyond the BAC level. 1h to 2h in the Paris region.

French lovers: learn how to speak French for professional and students
If you love what you are doing you will be able to bring people to it. That why in this class I will make students love what they are learning in a good, joyful and serious environment. This class is specifically for those who love French language and would like to speak as accurate as possible. And I ensure you that at the end of every session you will have mastered something new.

intermediate level lessons French, English and Spanish
I have a long multi-lingual practical experience as a diplomat. Now that I am retired I can share my experience by teaching the practical side of the languages: how to become proficient in the shortest time in using the languages in a day to day situation.

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Bijlessen Frans voor iedereen van elk niveau met Céline
Onze dochter voelde zich op haar gemak bij Celine. De ideale basis om Frans te leren.
Review by AN R.
Italian language and culture
Excellent, very polite, very organized and methodical. The course is very pleasant and fruitful.
Review by IOULIA T.
Cécile is a professional teacher with a personal approach. Besides being a very friendly person, her teaching is absolutely worth recommending.
Review by TIMON R.

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