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Piano and Music Theory Classes for students of all levels
I offer classical piano and music theory classes in which my aim is to transmit my great passion and love for music, helping students to reach their full potential. I have been a passionate teacher in Italy for six years and I have now moved to Brussels to pursue a Postgraduate Course in Piano Accompaniment at Koninklijk Conservatorium.

Private piano/music theory lessons in Vincennes and surroundings
I am a pianist of American origin and graduated in the USA and in France (the Ecole Normale de Musique). I have almost 10 years of experience as a music teacher in several countries. If you want to learn with an invested, encouraging, and patient teacher, I am at your disposal. I will show you how to progress quickly and how to work efficiently. I speak French, English, Spanish, and Italian. Text me if you're interested.

Language courses (French/English/Dutch/Portuguese)
This course aims to initiate the student to interact in simple exchanges related to an environment immediate and familiar. Through the performance of tasks and communication activities related to the daily life and leisure, they will acquire basic vocabulary and syntax. It will take little little contact with certain elements of English/French/Dutch and/or Portuguese culture.

Tutoring in Mathematics from 6th to 12th grade
Student at the ESCP Europe Business School, I offer mathematics support courses. Having obtained my Baccalaureate with honors (including 20 in Maths), I joined ESCP Europe with the status of Mathematics mentor (I organize support sessions for my classmates, all supervised by the school) . I spent my schooling at the elitist high school Saint Jean de Passy where I acquired experience in tutoring by helping two middle school students in Maths throughout the year. The purpose of the proposed sessions is to make you progress in several stages: -Give you an effective work methodology by adapting to your profile -Review the lessons taught by the teacher so that you can immerse yourself in them -Redo the exercises given by the teacher that caused problems, giving you time to think about potential solutions -To offer you typical exercises of the studied chapter which have a strong chance of failing during exams. Finally, and above all, I will help you improve and make you appreciate math, by giving interactive lessons in a good mood!

Languages and Civilizations: English, French, Portuguese
Nowadays, Globalization has made English a compulsory ingredient of a successful personality, as it is an important tool widely used in international communication. Therefore, learning English has become more easy with the help of my method. According to academic research, linguists have demonstrated that there is not one single best method for everyone in all contexts, and that no one teaching method is inherently superior to the others. Also, it is not always possible – or appropriate – to apply the same methodology to all learners, who have different objectives, environments and learning needs. Applying the most appropriate method for that learner's specific objectives, learning style and context. The main methodologies are listed below in the chronological order of their development: 👇 ✓ Grammar Translation – the classical method ✓ Direct Method – discovering the importance of speaking ✓ Audio-lingualism – the first modern methodology ✓ Humanistic Approaches – a range of holistic methods applied to language learning ✓ Principled Eclecticism – fitting the method to the learner, not the learner to the method.

writing script, producing, shooting a short documentary, and editing
you would learn all aspects of filmmaking from developing an idea to a short story to producing, shooting, and editing. You would practice the basics of film making which you can use to make films with your smart phone in future. This class focuses on power of story telling with simple means of production.

Help my students to assimilate lessons and exos
I am a mathematical engineer working in data analysis (Finance & Statistics) and would like to offer private tutoring for primary and high school levels in prague at home or remotely (French and English) I can also teach through webcam if needed. If you have any questions, I will be happy to answer you as soon as possible.

Language courses (German & English) or training in Political Science/IR with Master's graduate of Sciences Po Paris
A Marseille-based graduate of International Security from Sciences Po Paris (2022) with living experience across Europe (Germany, France, Spain), the Middle East (Egypt, Lebanon), and the United States, I offer private tutoring in German and English or training in Political Science/International Relations. From beginners (A1) to advanced users (C2), I boast experience in working with all age groups from primary school students to adults aiming to take the next step in their language proficiency. My teaching methods are exclusively contingent on the student's needs/requirements, accounting for previous knowledge, the student's preferences, and feasibility of the project. As such, the first lesson seeks to provide me with an idea of the student's level while also ensuring that the synergy between teacher and pupil makes for a fruitful partnership. With regards to training in Political Science/International Relations, I intend to draw on the knowledge and insights that I was able to acquire over 5 years of study in the respective fields at prestigious universities (Leiden University, Sciences Po Paris). Here, I am also able to tailor classes to the student's expectations.

Cours particuliers de violoncelle sur Genève et ses alentours (TPG)
Étudiante à la Haute École de Musique de Genève et diplômée du Conservatoire de Lyon, je propose des cours à domicile pour tous les âges et tous les niveaux, sur Genève et ses alentours (TPG). La formation est adaptée en fonction des objectifs de l'élève, et le répertoire selon ses goûts. Les notions d'harmonie sont cultivées par le jeu grâce à des pièces avec accompagnement. Enfin, je suis particulièrement attachée aux idées de pédagogie et de transmission.

The Art of Building through drawing, painting and engraving
During the classes you will learn about the art of building through drawing, painting, engraving and sculpting. By drawing you will learn the effect of a monument according to its place, for drawing appears to be the best means of developing intelligence and judgment. You will also learn about orientation, light and shade. You will inscribe in your mind the methods used by the masters to produce the desired effect on a given place under particular conditions. You will analyse the fundamental principles, the rules of proportion, those gentle relationships between the parts and the whole, which the ancients gave to the orders in ancient buildings, to those of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. To communicate your thoughts clearly, to record your observations and to find the reason for all things, you will draw, paint and engrave from nature. Drawing is a language, a means of expression and communication, an art that complements and is indispensable to all professions, such as speaking and writing. COURSE CONTENT Subjects: Architecture, urban planning, nature, history of architecture, history of cities, building techniques, natural materials, sacred geometry, decoration, ornamentation and many more! Techniques: Creation of natural paints (watercolour and gouache - access to a kitchen), sketching, perspective, sacred geometry, measured drawing, watercolour, gouache, charcoal and engraving on stoneware or wood.

Mathematics lessons (lower & upper secondary)
Mathematics is used in virtually every career. Moreover, apart from academic success, they are fundamental for the intellectual development of children and adolescents. Having developed a good foundation in mathematics in secondary school did not limit me in my choice of studies in higher education. It has indeed made it easier for me to succeed in most courses at the university, and I am currently studying for a master's degree in management engineering at the ULB. I have been offering my tutoring to high school students for three years now. I often notice that difficulties in math stem from a lack of basics. Therefore, in my teaching strategy, I do not hesitate to recall the basic notions and to offer exercises and homework personalized to the specific needs of the student.

Classical and jazz saxophone lessons - Geneva and surroundings
Saxophonist graduate and teacher at the music school of Thoiry, I offer my lessons for all levels and all ages. After a double training in classical and jazz, I currently teach classical saxophone, jazz, big band and saxophone ensemble. The lessons are generally separated into two parts with a rather technical / music theory part and a more playful part where we can play duets, pieces with piano accompaniment or jazz standards. I also sometimes bring all my students together on afternoons to be able to play a saxophone ensemble, it's very educational! Classes are generally 45 minutes for the youngest (6 years old minimum) and can go up to 1:30. Do not hesitate to let me know your desires and objectives. We will see together what type of pieces suits you best. Hope to meet you !

Professional Piano lessons - No age limit + Music Theory
These courses are for any age and any level. Total immersion in music. Classes are aimed at developing the basic playing qualities, technique, virtuosity. The main focus is on improvement of creativity and imagination. Lessons include not only the practical part but also the basic theory of music. For each student, depending on age, level and individual needs, I have an individual approach.

Piano teacher gives piano and music theory lessons
Complete piano lessons for all levels: children and adults. I build a specific path for each student who will have the opportunity to learn in their own way. The study load will be different depending on your goals. The technique and the choice of repertoire will be carefully studied.

SPANISH CLASSES! Native teacher and graduate in Spanish language, it's time to learn Spanish!
Hello! Je suis Lúa, native Spanish. I studied Hispanic language and literature at the University of Barcelone. Maintenant, je vis à Bienne et ce serait un plaisir d'enseigner la langue espagnole. If you want to learn Spanish, don't hesitate to contact me! Selon vos connaissances et vos besoins, je peux proposer des simple conversations par la pratique de l'expression orale en passant par des cours plus théoriques sur la grammaire ou la littérature. Merci beaucoup!

Highschool and university Mathematics as well as general English and IELTS training
I have 4 years of professional experience, teaching general English and IELTS training as a second language. I can help all students from elementary to advance level in English as a second language. I will provide necessary materials including books, videos and etc. For mathematics, we will practice mathematical problems based on your study plan, work on your home assignments and prepare you for upcoming tests.

Susana Asin
Private SPANISH classes for ALL AGES. I am a Spanish native with a good level of English and French.
🇺🇸Hello! I'm Susana, delighted. I was born in Spain and I am currently studying journalism in Brussels. I have a good level of English and French too. I am looking forward to teaching you and helping you learn a new language. My classes will always be fun and enjoyable. I can adapt to your schedule based on your needs. No matter the age for the course, from children to adults: it's never too late to start! 🇫🇷 Hello! Je suis Susanna, enchantée. Je suis née en Espagne et actuellement je fais des études de journalisme à Bruxelles. J'ai un bon niveau d'anglais et français aussi. Je suis impatiente de vous enseigner et de vous aider à apprendre une nouvelle langue. Me cours seront toujours amusants et agréables. Je peux m'adapter à votre emploi du temps en fonction de vos besoins. Quel que soit votre age, des enfants aux adultes: il n'est jamais trop tard pour commencer! 🇬🇧Hello! I'm Susana, delighted to meet you. I was born in Spain and I'm currently studying journalism in Brussels. I have a good level of English and French too. I am looking forward to teaching you and helping you to learn a new language. My classes will always be fun and enjoyable. I can adapt to your schedule according to your needs. No matter the age for the course, from children to adults: it's never too late to start!

English American-Native teacher with 16 years teaching experience
Trained in California and taught 4 years in high school, I also taught English as a Foreign Language in Warsaw, Copenhagen, and Boston. I help my students reach their personal goals - FCE, IELTS, CAE, CPE or maybe work professional work presentations (spoken and written), confident conversation skills - it's up to you!

Learn programming using the Python language
Python is the programming language these days. It is simple, nice and almost all modern applications use it. With Python, we can now create artificial intelligence models that reduce human effort and give us more accurate and reliable results. Generally the course allows the student to assimilate: * Predefined Data Types & Variables; * Conditional Structures & Loops; * Functions ; * Object-oriented programming (OOP); * Digital engineering; * Handling files (TXT, Excel, CSV, JSON, Word); * Data science; * Introduction and some applications of Artificial Intelligence. The composition of the course depends on the level of the student and his own objectives. The first session is a one-hour FREE evaluation session which allows the diagnosis of the level and the needs of the student. From this diagnosis we establish together a program that we will follow during our course.

Spanish lessons (English and Spanish native). 7 years of excellence experience
English as well as Spanish taught by a native of both countries; fluent in French. The Cambridge method is the one I feel comfortable and the one I use however, I can adapt. Good adaptability depending on what the client seeks to obtain. For example, better listening comprehension instead of grammar and etc. I remain at your service/At your disposal

Piano lessons, music theory according to your needs in a fun way.
This is to learn music theory but especially the practice of the piano according to your needs. I have been playing piano since 2004. I have several concerts and festivals under my belt. I participated in the musical formation of several groups Gospel or choir ..,

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Bijlessen Frans voor iedereen van elk niveau met Céline
Onze dochter voelde zich op haar gemak bij Celine. De ideale basis om Frans te leren.
Review by AN R.
Nederlandse, Spaanse en/ of Engelse les op elk gewenst niveau
Een aardige lerares die op een een duidelijke manier les uitleg geeft op al je vragen. Daarnaast is ze erg positief ingesteld waarbij ze mij vooral heeft gemotiveerd om mijn best te doen voor spaans. Een aanrader!
Review by MOUNA A.
Italian language and culture
Excellent, very polite, very organized and methodical. The course is very pleasant and fruitful.
Review by IOULIA T.

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