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Mathematics for all levels and Computer Programming
Hi , my name is Rupinder and I love to teach Maths and Computer Science Programming! I have been a tutor from my College days and was teaching my juniors Mathematics side by side. I've learnt a lot about learning in the process. I focus on teaching maths intuitively, introducing basic concepts from scratch. This allows students to spend less time memorising and more time actually doing maths! How do I do it? By making maths fun! Solving problems, especially hard ones, is extremely rewarding and I focus on getting my students to understand and even enjoy problem solving. I have taken many students now from C's up to A's and even A*s with this methodology I have done double masters , One in Mathematics and other in Computer Science, both passed with distinction securing more than 75% and worked as a lecturer in Mathematics for One year, and moved to software development after my second masters, and working as software developer from last 10 years, and during my tenure as a software developer I have trained and tutored many students to in this field as well. I have helped a few students to secure there first job by clearing there fundamentals in programming. I look forward to hearing from you soon

Help with homework and private lessons in all subjects
I offer your primary and secondary school children to accompany them in all subjects, until they obtain the college diploma. I have been welcoming them to my home for two years now. I regularly have students that I follow from one year to the next, I respect their pace and we work for progress as a team. I help with homework and I give face-to-face private lessons. I accompany students with more or less difficulties, (SEGPA, ULIS, school dropouts, under an inclusive school system (PAP, PPRE, MDPH), dyslexia...) and therefore remain open to partnership with teachers in this framework. Looking forward to meeting your children to support them in their school development.

Violoncello und Musiktheorie für Kinder und Erwachsene
Musik zu lernen dient dazu, das Leben zu genießen. Das hat mir ein Lehrer gesagt, als ich noch klein war, und ich möchte, dass es so für den Rest der Leute ist, unabhängig davon, wie viel Wissen und Freiheit sie erreichen wollen. Hallo! Mein name is Isabel, Ich bin eine spanische Cellistin. Ich liebe es zu unterrichten, ich lerne auch viel davon, und Ich habe Erfahrung darin, sowohl Kinder als auch Erwachsene in Institutionen wie der Musikschule Statt von Lugano zu unterrichten. In meinem Unterricht konzentriere ich mich darauf, eine gute physische und mentale Beziehung zu dem Instrument aufzubauen, um zu lernen, wie man es gesund und effektiv handhabt. Die Theorie immer im Zusammenhang mit der Praxis anwenden. Der Preis der Klasse kann an Ihre Möglichkeiten angepasst werden. Ich kann Unterricht in Deutsch, Englisch, Italienisch und Spanisch geben.

Private lessons in Mathematics, Physics, SVT, Chemistry
With a degree in applied mathematics and modeling engineering and having 4 years' experience in Paris in the private teaching of primary and secondary level students, I do this job with a lot of patience to help my students deepen their knowledge in the various scientific subjects and I offer help in preparing for exams. My goal is to advance the student without overloading him. I give homework after each lesson and periodically provide progress reports.

Oral and written English: improve fluency and ease
Graduated from a Management University (international, with Erasmus completed), I use English on a daily basis thanks to my work. Learn to practice English and improve your oral fluency as well as your fluency in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. Emphasis on possible gaps.

Football Coaching and Sports Performance Analysis!
I'm a qualified Youth Football Coach from New Zealand living in Brussels. I can coach players 10-18 years for specific development in a challenging and enjoyable way. I look at the whole player and their strengths and areas for improvement. Our training sessions will be filmed for feedback and improvement. Technique and skill are the keys, as well as attitude. Game understanding and physical ability all develop over time. I understand the demands of the game at the elite amateur level and can work with the player (and the parents) to set a training plan that is challenging and achievable. However, it is up to the player to train effectively outside of our coaching times in order to improve and I can help guide and support this. I'm also a highly experienced video match analyst at the elite amateur and professional level, for analysis for a) teams b) individuals. This allows learning and reflection and also indicates areas to improve on. I can come to you or we find a suitable training venue and meet there. If you would like to discuss how I can help with your team/club/school/players then please contact me.

Teaching French - Portuguese - English private one on one or groupe classe possible
Learning a foreign language can be useful for many purposes travel tourism studies studying abroad emergency during holidays work opportunities Income improvement Knowledge improvement Grades improvement Mingling during social events/parties

Immersive English lessons for children. Discovery of the language in a playful and fun way.
English is very important and should be learned from an early age, when children learn a new language the fastest. Passionate about English, I would be happy to help children discover this wonderful language.

Mathematics in English for the sixth grade to the preparatory stage
Mathematics for the preparatory stage, helping them to understand and solve in easy, fast and organized ways, solving many different exercises, following up on the student, giving homework and doing exams, informing the guardian of the student’s grades firsthand, following up on his commitment to attend and doing his homework, and following up fully with regard to Math

Italian and Spanish teacher - native speaker in Zurich and online
Do you love Italian people, history and food and you would like to speak the language? Hi everybody! My name is Rosa, and I am an Italian teacher and an engineer. I have a master'degree in teaching Italian as a foreign language. I have several years of teaching experience. I worked also as a schoolteacher! I lived in Argentina for several years, so I speak Spanish very well (I have a C2 language level). I love teaching and sharing culture. My classes are fitted for all the levels and organized depending on the students. Online lessons allow you to be more flexible with your time! I give homework exercises, and my lessons are intermixed with grammar, conversation, customs and traditions. Hope to see you soon!

Teaching the Arabic language to read and write the word in the correct way.
Learn Arabic reading and writing Reading the Arabic language and writing its words is one of the main things that you must learn in order to be fluent in it, and there are a set of rules that you must follow in order to learn to read and write in it: memorizing the Arabic letters in full, Distinguish the movements, the sukoon found in the Arabic language, and the long letters, and differentiate the long letters from the movements, as they help to read and write the word in the correct way for it. Learn to read each letter separately with the fatha, kasra and dammah, as well as with the extended letter such as the letter Baa (ba, b, b) (ba, bi, bo), as well as writing each letter in the same way.

First, second and third class in the High school in Belgium
I can teach Biology, Math and Chemistry in these different classes. In fact i used to be a Biology teacher in Cameroon during five years, i was a very good teacher. I contributed to the success of many children, it was a passion for me. I can also easily teach Math and Chemistry.

Piano or music composition class with an assermented teacher
I am a music pedagogy graduated teacher (master of performance and master of pedagogy in Paris and Basel). Love sharing my passion with others : have a 10 years experience in 2 music schools and high schools in Paris. Am also performing concerts as a pianist and organist. Focus are set on body and technical skills, music theory and knowledge necessary to play all kinds of score or improvise, interpretation and artistic view of the pieces. Patience, positivity, respect and open mind are keys for success. I’m also very attentive to the needs and wishes of every pupil and try to bring you where you want (open with repertoire etc). As a composer and arranger I can also teach you harmony, composition and improvisation in different styles including jazz, songs and pop.

Support lessons, help with primary/secondary homework
I am a biology student and offer support courses in biology and chemistry as well as in English. I also offer homework help for primary and secondary students. Passionate about teaching, I listen to students and offer personalized lessons according to each person's needs.

After Effect / Photoshop private lesson (beginner/intermediate)
Course in 2d Motion Design and Graphics tools: After Effects • Photoshop • Illustrator • Indesign • • Hello ! I am a Freelance Motion designer and I offer private lessons aimed at mastering software from the Adobe suite in order to create Graphics, Photo Retouching or Animation/Motion Design. These lessons will result in series of exercises adapted to your level and your desires. Here is the detail of what can be covered: PHOTOSHOP Creation of visual elements and preparation for animation, clipping, color management, digital painting, photo editing AFTER EFFECTS Animation of elements created on Photoshop or Illustrator, typography animation, parallax animation, character animation (Duik) ILLUSTRATOR Creation of vector illustrations and preparation for animation

Math for kindergarten, preschool, GCSEs or test prep
As a passionate and semi-experienced math teacher, I strive to create a dynamic and engaging learning environment that helps my students understand the fundamental concepts and build a strong foundation in GCSE mathematics. With my unique teaching approach and personalized attention, I aim to inspire my students to love math and excel in their academic pursuits.

Experienced, Qualified Primary English Teacher - Tutoring
I am a qualified primary school teacher, originally from the UK, with years of experience working with students in various international schools. English is my native language, and I am also TEFL certified. I specialise in teaching English to students of primary school age (generally ages 4-12 years). Whether your child is completely new to the English language, is in need of some homework support, or needs to prepare for an exam, I am happy to help them with their English learning journey. I tailor my lessons to individual needs and ability levels. Everyone has a different goal, and it is my job to help you get there! As a second-language learner, I empathise with the fact that it can be a struggle. I endeavor to make my lessons engaging, accessible, and - of course - fun!

Singing lessons and song interpretation for beginners
Hi! I'm Caitlin and I've been on stage for 8 years with different projects. In addition to being a front singer with my own band BLOND, I am also a backing vocalist and bassist with BLUAI and Judith Kiddo, among others. I've been singing all my life and there's nothing I like more. In all those years, I have encountered various problems on my path and had to recruit technology. Do you also like to sing but is it sometimes difficult to keep a tone, are you sometimes out of breath towards the end of your vocal line or do you not get certain notes sung in the right timbre? Then I have a whole series of tips and tricks for you that have also helped me a lot.

Painting/drawing for beginners to advanced learners, available for all abilities and ages! — Also experienced with autistic/ADHD, students
Teaching for me is about personal connection and facilitating a safe environment with your students and interacting with them on their level rather than simply infusing knowledge. The idea of teaching someone something to copy from influence is one thing, however to teach the learner to be comfortable to explore themselves artistically and at the same time have self discipline takes patience and understanding the individual. Personally I think a learner should be taught from the ground upwards and to slowly neglect bad habits from the past, this relating to technical stumbling blocks or the inability to think outside of the box artistically. I believe students with more insight into their own ability can then become truly versatile and more importantly 'satisfied' with their work and practice. I teach a range of techniques in my art lessons such as palette knife, paint brush techniques and technical sketching methods. I also instruct with a diverse variety of mediums such as pastel, charcoal, pencil, acrylic and oil paint as well as mixed media. With my background in hyper-realism portraiture, the subject matter I specialise in is realist portraiture, also with considerable experience in landscape and still life tutoring. I do encourage my students to venture into abstraction and mixed media aswell, which I feel can loosen up students to learn to relax and have fun also while making artwork. Whether studying for GCSEs, A Levels, University or just your own enjoyment, I teach at a level best suited for the learner and the goals in which they pursue. I would obviously encourage students studying for grades to follow certain assessment checkpoints which would be revolved around contextual and method referencing, self reflection, experimentation and consolidation. This will vary for different learners at different stages and obviously with different interests. I do stress though at the heart of my teaching is technical skills and learning to explore personal artistic growth. These are skills which are easily transferable to whatever stage you’re at with your art practice.

MATHEMATICS / BIO / CHEMISTRY / PHYSICS | Graduated University master who teaches scientific subjects to secondary students of all levels
My teaching method focuses on improving processes that directly contribute to better student learning. I will guide my students in a very structured way. First, I thoroughly analyze my students and see what he/she is struggling with. Every student is important to me. I believe that quality is more important than quantity!

Berta Bellsolà
Teacher specialized in the linguistic area (Catalan, Spanish and English)
During the course with me you will have the opportunity to learn this new language in an entertaining and motivating way. We are going to work both the field of reading, writing, pronunciation and comprehension together. I offer diverse and dynamic activities where I prioritize the participation of the student and the conversation between us. Being a native I can offer you the most concrete learning of verbiage in Spanish or Catalan and work on phonetics. I also offer English classes since I have the C1 English certificate (Cambridge School) and I have been in an English academy (Fun English School) during a course teaching English to children between 3 and 18 years old.

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Bijlessen Frans voor iedereen van elk niveau met Céline
Onze dochter voelde zich op haar gemak bij Celine. De ideale basis om Frans te leren.
Review by AN R.
Nederlandse, Spaanse en/ of Engelse les op elk gewenst niveau
Een aardige lerares die op een een duidelijke manier les uitleg geeft op al je vragen. Daarnaast is ze erg positief ingesteld waarbij ze mij vooral heeft gemotiveerd om mijn best te doen voor spaans. Een aanrader!
Review by MOUNA A.
Italian language and culture
Excellent, very polite, very organized and methodical. The course is very pleasant and fruitful.
Review by IOULIA T.

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