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French as a foreign language for travelers, students from all over the world (Webcam) for your stay in France
Learning French with a French Fle teacher will allow you to pass your exams but also to better savor the beautiful French language. Whether you are from a North American or Latin American culture, I can help you, as beginners to the French language, to have solid bases which will allow you to build your sentences both orally and in writing. If you want to settle in France, I offer the integration course in a French-speaking country (learning its presentation in French, the words of job search techniques and the words of project presenters). Bi-lingual in English and Spanish, I could explain to you in your language the subtleties of syntax, grammar and especially phonetics.

Singing lessons by professional lyric singer
Lyrical singer, mezzo-soprano, holder of a bachelor in classical singing from the Haute Ecole de Musique de Lausanne. I am currently in Master of singing pedagogy. I have been teaching singing for several years happily while having my concert projects in parallel. If you are eager to discover and tame the instrument in you or if you have been singing for some time, do not hesitate to contact me. My students have between 12, for the youngest and 80, for the dean. Some begin, others have been singing for many years. I adapt to different profiles. Hope to meet you :)

Private english classes for adults and older, elementary-advanced
I provide english private classes of different levels, such as: TOEFL, IELTS and professional english or speaking classes, its been almost 3 years been living turkey since i came from Vancouver, Canada, so i can speak turkish abit as well, which helps alot the beginner students

Sharing the pleasure of words - private lessons in French and literature
Just graduated from the National School of Visual Arts of La Cambre with great distinction after a master's in scenography (September 2019), I continue my artistic activity today by collaborating with several directors, while developing my practice of the writing (prose mixed with the tone of the essay, theatrical monologue, short story…) in various forms, ranging from books to installations. Attached to the musicality of the French language and the imaginations of literature, I am committed to transmitting this pleasure of words to others, in an instinctive, hybrid, nourishing and joyful approach. On the program: reading and study of literary works freely chosen, grammar and spelling points adapted to needs, homework help, pronunciation and expression work. I am sensitive to the idea of rewarding learning where knowledge is transmitted horizontally, no longer from teacher to student, but from one potential to another potential. Sharing knowledge is for me a fundamental point in opening up to the world, and it is with attention, curiosity and enthusiasm that I intend to help.

Saxophone lessons, learning to play the saxophone correctly
This is a class for beginners and intermediate students who want to learn or improve their saxophone skills. I will be providing students with exercises to do at home and also any books needed to improve their learning. I can also help students with theory.

Italian, French and English lessons for all levels
Vuoi imparare o migliorare il tuo italiano? Do you want to learn or improve your English? Est-ce que vous voulez apprendre ou améliorer votre français? IF YOU WANT TO LEARN OR IMPROVE OF ONE THESE LANGUAGES MY LESSONS ARE PERFECT FOR YOU! I am a 28 years old native Italian speaker. I got a bachelor degree in Social Science and a master degree in Political Science and then I have been starting working abroad having the opportunity to improve my English and French levels. I love to provide my knowledge to others so this is why I want to give lessons! :)

Private lessons in economics and law, mathematics, French and English
Course adapted to your needs. I am currently learning banking so economics is totally my domain. Having to work with a foreign clientele also, I practice English on a daily basis. French being my native language, it is not a problem for me to understand and help. As for mathematics, it will depend on the level requested.

Dharm Jeet
Basic and professional training in English, Math, Chemistry and Physics
I am a PhD research engineer working for the research company in Liege, Belgium. Basic and professional English. I can help with speaking and writing in English. I can also help to improve presentation skills. Based on the student need I can adapt the level of classes to deliver the best personal coaching.

Young, experienced, philosophical and dynamic native English teacher!
I am 25 years old, originally from Bath, England, UK. I have been teaching for several years, in Spain, Italy and Russia, and I speak all these languages. Now I'm here in Nice to learn French! I give fun, dynamic, communicative and energetic English lessons at all levels and at all ages, for all purposes. Look forward to meeting you!

Mathematics, Physics and Science Tutoring for Year 9,10,11 and College
I am an Mechanical engineer and I specialize in teaching Mathematics, Science and Physics. I emphasize on teaching the concept with the practical value so that student can apply and reciprocate the same going forward. Mathematics and Physics are fundamentals of any Engineering Career and a lot of students struggle in these subjects even after constant hard work. I try to simplify the subject by breaking it into simpler concepts and interrelating them with real life examples to improve memory and experimental knowledge of the concept.

Drum, Rhythmics, Music theory and note theory (mainly Jazz / Pop), Sibelius (transcriptions & scoring).
I am a jazz drum student at the Lemmens Institute. Lessons are therefore perfectly possible there. In addition to technique and attitude, we mainly discuss playing the drums as an instrument. Learn phrasing, learn to tell something and most importantly: get to know the sound of groove and feel. In addition to my instrument, I also specialize in music theory and everything related to jazz music. You can certainly find me for theoretical, harmonic and rhythmic lessons. A little extra: learning digital music notation and making scores using the Sibelius computer program (beginner / average level). - Had lessons from: Dré Pallemaerts, Frank Vaganée, Peter Hertmans, Bart van Caenegem, Raf Helsen, Toni Vitacolonna, Lieven Venken, Ewout Pierreux, Jos Machtel, Chris Mentens, Piet Verbist, etc ... A lot of experience!

Learn at my own pace! English and Dutch courses
I give English and Dutch lessons ranging from 1st primary to 6th secondary. At home or in a studious place. Classes are given at the student's own pace. Until: UE4 level in Dutch UE8 level in English

Tutoring in Math, Physics and Civil Engineering subjects
Hi, my name is Abdu. I am a graduate student at EPFL in civil engineering. I really like to pass my knowledge on to people, it's a pleasure. I therefore offer courses at university and gymnasium level in Math and Physics as well as all courses related to civil engineering (Sizing of metallic structures and reinforced concrete, structural mechanics, Statics ...)

Chess lessons for all ages (private or group)
Grand Master International, French Champion and Master Coach of the International Chess Federation, I invite you to discover the wonders of chess. The game of chess goes through the centuries and still retains all its attractiveness. Contrary to popular belief, even the computer has not managed to lift all its mysteries. The benefits of learning are numerous and for everyone. It helps to develop concentration, sharpen attention, reinforce logical thinking and the ability to analyze complex situations. I will make you benefit from my pedagogical experience (over 20 years) forged during my classes for children, seniors, beginners or advanced players or people requiring an adapted approach.

Private lessons in Maths, Physics and / or Chemistry
I am a 2nd year Master Polytechnique student. I will soon graduate as an aeronautical mechanical engineer. I have always been passionate about science. I participated in many math / logic contests. I love teaching and especially helping students find their own way of working. My goal is of course to help students understand and find solutions to the problems they face. However, I try to help them develop their own working method by giving them different elements and guiding them in the way that suits them best.

Personalized Activities-Based Conversational English Tutoring
I want to help you become a better English speaker. In tutoring, we will cover various topics that are interesting to you as well as grammar and pronunciation. I would love to design a course and prepare lessons for you so that you can reach your goals. Whether you want to score higher on tests, present thesis presentations in English, or talk with English speaking friends, we can work together to meet your goals. I prefer activity-based learning that is student-centered so that the needs of the student are being met. For individual clients, I offer 1 hour, 1.5 hours, or 2-hour classes. For groups, I offer 2-hour classes only. I prefer to teach women or teenagers, and we can meet at my location, in the student's location or in a quiet coffee shop.

Piano and Music, Beginner and Intermediate (In English or French)
I have taught beginner and intermediate piano for many years. I focus on the individuality of each student, try to bring them to understand the basics of the piano and music theory. Depending on the age, level and interest this can take many forms. My interest for teaching comes from my own passion for music and my love of sharing this passion.

2nd year student CPGE offers general scientific and computer science courses.
I hold a European baccalaureate with scientific options, I then continued my studies at Montreal Polytechnic before returning to prepare for France. I am French by origin but I speak fluently 4 languages which are French, German, English and Dutch. Next year I would like to join ENSTA Bretagne in order to pursue studies in aeronautics. I have practiced several sports since I was little and I am rather social. I recommend a working method concentrated on exercises and applications of methods allowing you to get into the habit of using these methods and not just learning them by heart which seems almost useless if you understand the general idea.

Maths and English Tutoring from 11+ up to A-Level. LAMDA/ Drama Audition prep.
I am looking to tutor English and Maths at any ability up to A-Level standard, and any subject up to 13+ (including verbal/non verbal reasoning). I achieved all A* at GCSE and A-Level. I have done a child protection course, a first aid course, and I am DBS checked. I also have a TEFL qualification. I have had a lot of experience working with children and teenagers both in a tutoring environment and others(ski instructing/dance and drama coaching). I am also able to provide assistance with LAMDA exams (or any UK acting qualifications) having gained distinctions through to Grade 8. I’ve also had experience with the National Youth Theatre, so can help with audition prep.

Physics and maths tutor with excellent teaching skills.
I am pursuing my masters currently. I have been teaching physics and maths as a home tutor 4 years. I have completed my bachelor's in civil engineering from India. I have been a teacher who helped students to understand the concepts and I deal with lot of patience. I have excelled in my education with distinction and A grades. I make students to improve understanding in the subject and develop analytical skills. If any queries please don't hesitate to contact me. I can assure students that they would improve in the subject with good understanding skills.

English and/or Spanish Tutoring From Native Speaker
What to refine your listening and speaking skills? Having trouble in class and want some extra assistance? Learn from an experienced, native English and Spanish speaker that can meet your needs. I can cater to whatever your preferred learning methods are, as well as to whichever level you are at. If you are a bit more advanced, I can offer conversation sessions in more complicated topics.

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Bijlessen Frans voor iedereen van elk niveau met Céline
Onze dochter voelde zich op haar gemak bij Celine. De ideale basis om Frans te leren.
Review by AN R.
Italian language and culture
Excellent, very polite, very organized and methodical. The course is very pleasant and fruitful.
Review by IOULIA T.
Cécile is a professional teacher with a personal approach. Besides being a very friendly person, her teaching is absolutely worth recommending.
Review by TIMON R.

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