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Language classes Italian Spanish English French freelance
Hi everybody! It's Giovanna. Ready to open a door on a new culture? Study modern foreign languages with, me! Five years of freelance experience, I focus on grammar and then the speaking ability, but I can also prepare exams and tests. I have IELTS DALF and DELE C1 certificates, contact me for info!

Mathematics for University students and Brevet, Secondary School students.
I’m a graduate Mathematition from the Lebanese Univeraity, Faculty of Science. My interest in Mathematics is long standing and is coupled with strong research, analytical, communication, leadership, and teamwork skills. Moreover, I have shown my capabilities, knowledge, and practice in the Mathematics field through tutoring university and school students since my second University year in 2015. I would welcome the opportunity to help students facing difficulties in their studies or anyone else.

Private Course in English- German- Mathematics-Chemistry
Student who has completed a bachelor of computer science and has a first year of medicine at the ULB offers courses in maths, chemistry and German to work on difficulties encountered in these subjects and the preparation of examinations or questions.

Mathematics, Physics and English. Fun, easy, understandable.
I have university degree from applied physics. I teach mathematics and physics for many years. In understandable way. I can teach you theory or help you with calculation exercises. In English I am on the highest level. I can explain you fundamental and advanced grammar and practise with you on daily basis. Best way how to learn language is not to be shy and speak.

Tuition in -Italian, English, Math, Geog., Philos., Anatomy
Hello, I have strong skills and knowledge that will allow me to help students in difficulty by providing them with a certain method of work and my academic support. Having done many baby-sittings during my studies, I very often assisted the children in their homework and am therefore able to help a child with some gaps in his schooling. Benevolent, attentive, pedagogue and assiduous, I am sure that my help will be invaluable and that you will be delighted to count me among your teachers at home. I remain at your disposal for any additional information and I hope that you will give me the opportunity to integrate your network of home teachers.

Music Coach: Piano, Music Composition and Music Theory Lessons
Music is my passion. I was captivated by it at a young age, and later, in 2012 I've started to teach piano. My music path starts at Russian music school and then goes to the College of Arts, also in Russia. During this time I was involved in all kinds of musical activities: competitions, live performances and hard studying. In the course of studying, I've found out that what I like most is composition and piano teaching. I love classical music and know about it a lot (yet there is still plenty to discover). I'm eager to share my knowledge and passion with all of you who will decide to learn how to play the piano with me. It's not only about PLAYING the piano... I will not only teach you how to play the piano but how to feel the music as well and express this feeling with the different touch on the instrument. You will discover the secrets of classical music that will prove you it is not boring. Maybe, while playing somebody's pieces, you will discover the desire to create something by yourself. It is possible, even for beginners. You just have to learn some methods and techniques and then let your imagination work. I also help my students to overcome the fear of failure and anxiety that usually comes during performances. My lesson plans based on the personal needs of my students but in general, they include: - piano playing; - music theory; - improvisation; - composition; - playing 4 hands; - listening to classical music.

Piano and music theory lessons for all in lausanne and surroundings
I have got grade 8 ABRSM in piano and music theory. I studied music at university in my country and I have taught piano for about 4 years to children and adults. I am able to teach different methods of teaching piano according to the students progress.

Mathematics(Speciality: Calculus)/English/ Physics
I specialise in teaching Math to students who are currently in high school or lower. My strongest topics are Calculus, Algebra and Trigonometry but I am thorough with my knowledge of the other things as well. I can also teach English and Physics (if needed).

English, ESL Teacher, conversational, grammar, vocabulary, homework
Passionate English Teacher with over 2 1/2 years’ experience teaching groups, one to one, phone and Skype lessons. I adapt my classes to everyone's needs. Experience teaching companies in the Annecy region and Geneva. Completely Bilingual in English&French

Economics, Business, French, German, Accounting, Dactylorgraphy (10 finger keyboard typing)
I am a postgraduate (MSc) economics student based in Kingston, a native French and German speaker from the G-D of Luxembourg. I am a passionate and patient polyglot tutor dedicated to helping students. Classes I tutor: German and French primary education and secondary education and economics related topics for secondary education and higher education. Furthermore specific tutoring for accounting and Dactylography (10 finger keyboard typing) My first priority is to make sure that scholars have a clear understanding of the core skills needed to satisfy the requirements of the exam methodology. Fundamental requirements for French, German and other essay subjects, these include: - a solid understanding of how to argue coherently and use evidence convincingly; - a good command of grammar and syntax; - confident use of a diverse and technical vocabulary; - the ability to plan, structure, and write essays that score high marks efficiently. I believe in making the process of learning to read, write, and think one which is enjoyable, satisfying, and challenging in equal measure. Note: I am also accepting 2 students at same time.

Private lessons of Maths, Physics, Chemistry for gymnasians
Student in Master of Robotics at EPFL with a great experience in tutoring for 5 years. Gives maths, physics, French English or other courses for regular support or preparation for an exam, competition etc. I appreciate taking the time to identify the difficulties of the student to focus on the concepts to work and the accompany as best as possible in its progress.

Drawing and Painting Classes or History of art classes for art lovers and enthusiasts.
Wether you always wanted to get into art or you want to improve your skills, it's always a good time to look for support! I am a second year BA student and i come from an academic background when it comes to arts be it drawing, painting or history of art. My classes are meant to give you important insights of how to approach drawing and how to apply ideas on your own, after you've mastered them.

Maths/Geography/Economics classes and Test Practise
I specialize in tutoring Math, Geography and Economics. My goal is to keep my students keen about the subject they are learning. I provide help in every sort of topic which they find difficult. Also I keep on taking small tests just to assure the progress in the subject concern.

Conférence coréenne pour quelqu'un qui s'intéresse à la culture coréenne ou se rend en Corée
la classe est spécialisée pour l'expression orale et l'expression pratique plutôt que la grammaire. Cela vous aidera à vous concentrer sur le coréen. En outre, vous pouvez parler rapidement avec le coréen La classe est très flexible, je peux ajuster le style d’enseignement pour vous. Bien que vous soyez débutant, ne vous inquiétez pas, je vais vous apprendre le coréen utile

Concertist gives violin lessons for successful auditions, competitions ... / Geigenunterricht DE-IT-EN-EN / Winterthur / Zurich
I prepare young students or professionals for auditions, entrance exams at the Conservatoire / Haute Ecoles, various competitions. I have a lot of experience in coaching with excellent results on all levels, instrumental and personal. The violin is a school of life!

Presentations Skills - How to use Storytelling and Visualization to captivate your Audience
We've all encountered a so-called "Death by Power Point". However some tips for public speaking and simple adjustments to your slides can help you to engage your audience and most importantly, deliver your point in a clear and convincing manner.. This class is completely customizable in time and content. From 1-2 hours of advice on how to convince your boss in next weeks meeting, to turning a stage-phobic into a potential TED talker. I will run you through the preparation, creation, and execution of a professional presentation. Some of the topics we may address in the class: - How to use storytelling to deliver a coherent presentation? - How to adjust to different audiences? - How to simplify your slides with visualization? - How to become a PowerPoint wizard? - How to deliver a presentation with confidence? - How to use body language, tonality, and develop charisma? - ... My goal is to help you become a confident presenter who: - spends less time creating slides - is not nervous and instead looks forward to opportunities to give talks - is confident when communicating and presenting - delivers a clear message and makes an impact on his audience

Native English Tutoring - Relaxed, Conversational English Lessons
This class is for people looking to improve their English language skills with a native English speaker. The focus is on conversational English, although I am happy to help review homework, coursework, essays, etc. Although I am not a qualified teacher, I have had experience teaching English in Hong Kong to younger children and I have been learning Japanese myself - so I understand the difficulties of learning a foreign language. I am happy to go through textbooks, class work and other sources, or we can plan our classes together to make sure we cover all topics you would like to review. Please feel free to contact me with any questions!

Polytechnique gives private lessons in Maths, Physics, Chemistry, SVT, French, ... in London
Recently graduated from Polytechnic, I live in London and gives private lessons in Mathematics and Physics at all levels (college, high school, university), as well as courses in French, Chemistry, SVT, English ... until at high school level. After my high school and my high school prep Louis-Le-Grand and Henri 4, I joined the X in 2014, where I specialized in theoretical Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence. I have a long experience as a private teacher (I had 3 students of all levels) and as a collector in MP * in Louis-Le-Grand. I am passionate about teaching and love to help students overcome their difficulties.

German, English and Math Tutoring for Children and Adults
I specialize in tutoring German, English and Math for school aged children and teenagers that will need help for their studies. Moreover, I also offer German and English support for adults with an emphasis on learning to feel comfortable speaking those languages. I have educational as well as practical working experiences both in English and German so I am fully fluent in the two languages. Furthermore, I took Math as a higher level throughout high school and have tutored all those subjects for many years.

French Lessons and Training for all levels in Istanbul
French native-English Young French graduate in Law in Politics (Institut catholique de Vendée, Université Lyon III Jean Moulin), enthousiastic in sharing my language and my culture, I propose individual French lessons for all level learners (high-school, univeristy, corporate...).

Spanish lessons and Piano lessons for Children and Adults! :)
For students at all levels, from beginner to advance. You will improve your communication skills with this lessons! or If you prefer you can learn piano and improve both, your technical and musicality ability. And we will work with your prefers songs! Spanish Lessons: Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing and Learn new vocabulary and colloquial expressions to speak. Piano Lessons: Your favourite repertoire, technical, musicality, rhythm, take a good position in front of piano... Adapted classes to your level and age. **If you need a conversation class we can do it! It's the best way to learn a new language! :)

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Bijlessen Frans voor iedereen van elk niveau met Céline
Onze dochter voelde zich op haar gemak bij Celine. De ideale basis om Frans te leren.
Review by AN R.
Italian language and culture
Excellent, very polite, very organized and methodical. The course is very pleasant and fruitful.
Review by IOULIA T.
Cécile is a professional teacher with a personal approach. Besides being a very friendly person, her teaching is absolutely worth recommending.
Review by TIMON R.

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