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Biological Sciences - Physics and Chemistry - Mathematics
As a student in Biological Sciences studying at the Imperial College of London, I am well aware of how scientific fields can both be fascinating yet sometimes opaque to one. Having years of experience in both personal tutoring as well as making popular science videos for all, I am now at your disposal to both help you improve your academic levels, as well as renew your interest in the mechanisms of life and the universe. In this class, we will cover everything from basic to advanced levels in biology, physics and chemistry as well as mathematics to provide any student with solid basics to tackle any science course or examination.

Academic support / homework help for college student
I offer academic support with individualized pedagogy, help in understanding lessons, motivation and organization in work, preparation for questions or exams. My goal is to make the student progress without overloading him and making him love math.

English for high school students, English for adults
In education and in the business world, more and more demands are made on the command of the English language. Since I have been educated in English for a long time, have lived in other countries several times and the language of instruction at my home is English, I have also become so proficient in this language that I am sure that I can also help you improve your english.

Teaching and processing of Qi (Jinggong, a type of Qigong)
Jinggong, Chinese meditation, originates from Taoism. So-called static work, as opposed to dynamic work, is a type of Qigong in which static postures in conjunction with mental activities and breathing methods. It is a common practice for Qigong and martial arts. “Secrets of Life Protection”, written in Chinese Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), mentioned: “Using Jinggong to nourish Qi.” I started learning Qi from childhood, then I studied Reiki in Switzerland, and then I improved my skills through online courses. Through my experiences practicing Qi to myself and others, I have found some of its effects: Immediate results: improve sleep, relieve fatigue and stress, be more concentrated, etc .; Long-term results: have more vitality, calm pain, increase resistance, improve allergies, relieve depression, increase self-confidence, restore body self-regulation, ultimately make body and mentality healthier.

Piano lessons to learn how to play the piano for all levels
In my course I'm offering to share my knowledge and passion with you, whether your preference lies with classical or otherwise. I work best with more advanced students to be able to go more in depth but would be happy to welcome any level of playing in my class. In a way I'd like to think that everything is in connection with everything else. A musician is not only a musician, but also a painter, poet, dancer (though in my case that last one can't be taken literally) and even a scientist. Why do I say this? Because I can teach you how to observe and learn from these connections which will improve your musicality, problem solving skills, technical skills, memorisation and many other aspects of your music playing - and life in general. Welcome to my class!

Start your journey for learning Persian/Farsi with me
I am Iranian and live in Istanbul. I can speak English, Persian, Turkish. Persian is a language of poetry and rich culture of Iran. you may have never been in Iran and also dont have a view about culture and language But I am sure you will love it when you learn about it. welcome to the journey of a new language

Organic, analytical, general, thermodynamic chemistry
I have designed courses in chemistry, physics or Arabic as a practical and theoretical guide for students and adults. You will learn to know organic, analytical or general chemistry. It will also be possible to give lessons in Arabic or physics.

Mother tongue Swiss German and basic sales employee gives German & Swiss German lessons online or at home
We look at the course together according to your needs and desires: -communicate together in German - small theoretical exercises (created by myself according to my learning at school and my progress in other languages to use the same method) -explanation about grammatical rules -it is possible to just communicate to develop your vocabulary in order to have the ability to speak fluently

French lessons for illiterates or beginners. (FLE)
As a volunteer trainer for the Germae association, I learned to teach French to illiterate foreigners. My course will adapt to your personal needs. The course will have as support the book "I read, I write French"

Learn how to speak French and Italian with my specifically tailored classes !
In my classes you will receive a tailored style of teaching specific to your needs. I am passionate about languages and love to impart my knowledge to others! I follow a traditional academic model where I make sure that grammatical knowledge is covered and learnt. Ultimately, I would like my students to have fun with learning!

Yoga, Reiki and Bharatanatyam lessons in Geneva by experienced Yogi and Dancer
Hello! I am a Yoga, Bharatanatyam and Reiki teacher. I adapt my course to the level of the student. I have a very advanced level in Yoga and Bahartanatyam. My goal is to help you get in better physical shape while having fun. I started Yoga at the age of 4 and Baharatanatyam at the age of 6. With these years of practice, I have developed very specific techniques to improve shape without hurting yourself. I attend the Kalakshetra school in Baharatanatyam and continue to train at the advanced level with the best teachers from India.

Master student offers Science Courses (Physics, Math, SVT)
Student in 4th year of Architecture and holder of a Scientific Baccalaureate mention Very Good, I offer my help in science lessons from 6th to Terminale. Used to giving lessons for more than 3 years, I am a teacher and patient, as much with students in difficulty as for students wishing to improve themselves.

Private lessons in Mathematics / English / Physics / Chemistry / French
Possibility of giving private lessons to children of all levels, from school to high school (obtaining the Scientific Bac in 2018 then License in Engineering Sciences) in both scientific and linguistic subjects such as French, English or Spanish.

Learn Self Defense, Krav Maga or Ju-jitsu
Practicing for more than ten years in martial arts and combat sports (Judo, Jujitsu, Krav Maga, Hakko-ryu ...), I offer personalized courses according to your needs in Geneva, mainly of Self defense, Krav Maga and Ju-Jitsu. My approach is not to train you in a particular discipline unless you wish. I think that today the objective is to be able to learn the basics of self-defense, in order to understand the different situations. There are no miracle recipes but I have the possibility to adapt my courses according to what you are looking for (self-confidence, apprehending a danger, basic or in-depth techniques, preparation for exams) and your morphology and natural predispositions. Feel free to contact me for more information ! My journey : I have been practicing several disciplines for over 10 years. I started with jujitsu and judo within the French judo federation, then I discovered an unknown discipline but complementary to the Hakko-ryu which allowed me to strengthen my knowledge. Then I was quickly introduced to Krav-Maga, which allowed me to have a more self-defense eye. the complementarity of the two (martial art and combat sport) makes it possible to cover a broad spectrum. I have also done many multi-discipline courses (Karate, Penchak-Silat, MMA, savate, boxing, Brazilian Jujitsu ...) My distinctions: - Black belt 2nd dan Krav maga FFK - Brown belt judo-jujitsu FFJDA - Traditional judo-jujitsu black belt - Hakko bujutsu black belt

Math class : making math as fun as it can possibly be. Get better at math easily.
Math is a important subject in society today. It is the core of physics and most sciences. Struggling with math at school is normal. I am here to help you understand math and get better grades. I can help you get better in math altogether : geometry, algebra, calculus etc. I try to make math as fun as it can be

Informatic Class for beginners and intermediate levels (Windows And Apple OS)
Teaching IT since 2017, I adapt my courses to the profile of the person taught and whatever their level, objectives and requests. No commitment, whether for one course or for ten courses, it will be according to your desires and your needs. Because, today, we can no longer do without computers or electronics, all of this is omnipresent in our life ... I therefore propose to ensure your courses, according to your availability and needs, for your studies, your job or simply your personal expectations, to follow you and listen to you, always at your own pace, it's up to you! For each course, I suggest you study a particular software, program, tool or computer product, first its characteristics and main functions, and then some exercises in the second part of the course in order to memorize and retain in order to become independent and autonomous in computer science and internet. Don't be discouraged by the IT difficulty: my job is to make your life simple! Here are some of my services - Master Windows - Mastering Apple - Master your Samsung phone - Master your iPhone - Mastering Google - Mastering Google Chrome - Master Skype - Master Zoom - Master Word - Master social networks and Blogs - Master Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat - Master YouTube - Master Internet browsing - Master the creation of its own website - Master PDF Adobe Reader - Control and sign your signature online - Master reading and filters Photos and create photo album - Master reading and filters Videos and editing - Master smartphone applications - Master the administrative site impots.gouv, EDF, Engie, CAF, banks, etc., - Control your electronic diary and synchronize it on all your electronic devices - Control your requests for official documents online such as permits, identity cards, passports, residence cards, vital cards, etc., - Master reading and writing of his e-mails - Control payment and online shopping safely - Control emails to defend against phishing, fraudulent emails (scams), - Control the conservation of files, data and photos by backing up online or on hard disk or CD-ROM - Control and know how to locate your smartphone or computer device or stolen tablets - Understand how to apply the insurance policy in the event of damage or theft of computer devices - Know the steps to take in the event of fraud or credit card fraud attempts on the internet - Master and find the best internet and phone plan adapted to your personal situation without making you spend more than you should - Master and find the best computer adapted to your situation without making you spend more than reason - Master and find the phone adapted to your situation without making you spend more than reason - Master the installation and start-up of a computer - Control and clean your computer - Control and tidy your email box - Control and stop receiving unwanted emails, spam, etc., -Install the best antivirus for your computer -Install the best software to clean and speed up your computer, even old ones - Master the basics of IT ... even if you don't know anything about it! (Please note, I do NOT teach lessons on EXCEL.) See you soon ;)

Methodology / Homework help / School support
Hello, I suggest you help your child with homework, weaknesses in certain lessons, preparation for exams or assignments. I can also help him develop a working method that suits him and allows him to progress. The courses can be given on an ad hoc basis (remediation or preparation for a test) or on a more regular basis in order to be able to set up a sustainable and efficient working method. Do not hesitate to contact me to let me know your needs! :)

MATHEMATICS in secondary/primary school in Hong Kong (HKDSE)
In this class, you will have a chance to learn: Secondary: -Compulsory part of HKDSE syllabus -Skill for school exam -Practice paper for DSE Primary: -Compulsory mathematics -Preparing for secondary school More than 4 years experience teaching Hong Kong mathematics compulsory part.

English Grammar 101Grammar is the way we arrange words to make proper sentences. Word level grammar covers verbs and tenses, nouns, adverbs
English grammar helps you to write meaningful sentences and also assists you in your verbal speaking skills. Grammar is the way we arrange words to make proper sentences. Word level grammar covers verbs and tenses, nouns, adverbs etc. Sentence level grammar covers phrases, clauses, reported speech etc.

Antonio Carlos
Learn Percussion in different rhythms and styles - Worldmusic
I teach various percussion instruments Congas, Bongos, Timbales, Timbal, Djembe, Pandeiro and others. Focus on different Rhythms like; Brazilian, Afro-Cuban, African, Latin Groups or individual lessons All ages and levels are welcome If you are interested don`t hesitate to contact me. Carlinhos

Mohammed Umar
Science teacher for kids to adults for clearing any doubts in any topics
Improving grades, passing exams, reducing the stress, and improving the confidence of clients. Helping the students get as on retests after failing the original test after one meeting. Helping the returning students, who completed school decades ago. Helping athletes maintain scholarships that require certain grades. Integrating the career awareness and workforce readiness curricula into instruction. Providing mentoring support to students including referral to tutoring services and guidance in a career pathway. Conducting formative and summative student assessments. Maintaining all required student records and complete all reporting requirements.

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Bijlessen Frans voor iedereen van elk niveau met Céline
Onze dochter voelde zich op haar gemak bij Celine. De ideale basis om Frans te leren.
Review by AN R.
Nederlandse, Spaanse en/ of Engelse les op elk gewenst niveau
Een aardige lerares die op een een duidelijke manier les uitleg geeft op al je vragen. Daarnaast is ze erg positief ingesteld waarbij ze mij vooral heeft gemotiveerd om mijn best te doen voor spaans. Een aanrader!
Review by MOUNA A.
Italian language and culture
Excellent, very polite, very organized and methodical. The course is very pleasant and fruitful.
Review by IOULIA T.

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