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Private lessons in French - English - history-geo (primary students)
Having a first experience in homework help and private lessons, I offer my services to help your children aged 6 to 11 years in French, history-geo, English mainly. The duration of my classes will be one hour.

Fabiola Muñoz
Learn Spanish (speaking, writing, listening and reading) and Latin American Culture
Would you like to travel (for leisure or business) to or live in Latin America? Do you love watching Argentinean movies or listening to Mexican music? This class is for everyone who wants to learn more than just Spanish. The classes breath Latin American culture. I am a very dynamic teacher with a personalized, challenging and practical approach.

Math or Programming. Recommended to grasp essential base concepts
The first thing I do when I start to work with anyone, is to understand what they can already do, and what they can't. Afterwards we'll train every step of the way to excel at each step and have a strong foundation to work with when solving bigger problems. Above all, the belief that everyone has within them the capacity to understand what was already understood by others. The only factor that distinguishes students is the will they have to learn. With that in mind, it is also my responsibility, as a tutor, to keep them engadged and motivated. As Plato once said, "Do not train a child to learn by force or harshness; but direct them to it by what amuses their minds". And that is my main objective. To keep the learning on a good upward path, there should be no reservation in testing the student's capacities at any given time, and if all goes well, it will be like a game that will spark a desire to grow and achieve more difficult tasks constantly reenforcing previously acquired skills.

Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science course in Lausanne by EPFL graduate engineer
I teach physics, computer science (C ++, Python, Matlab) and mathematics in Lausanne for students from universities, gymnasium or secondary schools. One of my main goals is to inspire motivation and interest in the subject matter. The branches I teach are those I have always loved, and I try to pass on my passion to the student. I try to find the nature of the difficulty on which the student blocks to bring him a fresh and refined vision of the subject. The points identified as delicate for the student will be regularly repeated so as to develop an intuition for the subject. I emphasize good problem-solving practices as they were taught to me during my studies. Do not hesitate to contact me, I would be happy to answer you.

Dynamic Spanish lessons for adults and children adjusted to your interests
Hello! My name is Carolina, I am 24 years old and I am from Barcelona. I finished my studies of law and I came to Rotterdam to study a master of Commercial and Company law. I have a wide experience in teaching languages in Spain, to children and adults. My lessons are dynamic and funny (especially with children), so they learn without realizing it! I offer adjusted Spanish classes (or Catalan) to your interests. I can focus more on speaking, grammar, listening, vocabulary, etc, depending on your needs!

GCSE German tuition by specialist bilingual teacher
I am an extremely well-qualified and experienced German teacher with an MEd, BA (Hons) in German as well as a PGCE and 35 years' teaching experience. Although I have taught both adults and schoolchildren from beginners to post-A level, for the past two years or so I have been specialising in helping students to gain high marks in the new GCSE German exam, which requires not only communicative ability in German but also a high level of accuracy. For this reason, although I provide help and practice with speaking, reading, writing and lesson, I spend a lot of time helping students to understand and use German grammar - which many students initially seem to struggle with. I assure you that I can make German grammar easy to understand, even if you are pulling your hair out about it at the moment! I prepare every class depending on the individual student's needs and I also offer lots of exam practice nearer the time. All of the students I have helped with German GCSEso far have gained really high marks so far - including a young girl who was predicted a grade four before she came to me and was happy to announce that in less than eight months she had been able to achieve a grade eight.

Practice Italian and discover the Italian culture with a native speaker!
I am an Italian native speaker in Leuven until the end of January and I would like to help people improving their knowledge of the Italian language. I am a 24 years old girl from Verona. I study English and Russian for a Master's degree, so I am used to the learning of languages. The lesson could take place in any library or wherever the student wishes.

Gema Muñoz
Spanish Lessons with Native Speaker (grammar, conversation, vocabulary)
Hi! I specialize in tutoring spanish conversation classes, while on the sided working on grammar, vocabulary, reading comprehension.... However, if your goals differ slightly from this or yo want to focus in imprving certain aspect of your spanish skills, we can arrange it! Classes are absolutely customizable. I have also previous experience in tutoring maths, physics and biology to boys and girls aged 8-18 years old. A bit information about me: I am 22- years old spanish student. I am currently studying Neurosciences Master at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

Student Engineer offers tutoring of mathematics
My math classes are for all student and student profiles. You will learn to understand in depth the concepts discussed in class and you will put them into practice using exercises that I choose carefully. I will help you prepare for your tests, exams and competitions and I will monitor your progress with regular progress reports.

Hoeradip Kouamen
Private lessons (philosophy and French language)
Teacher with an Erasmus Mundus Master's degree in "French and German philosophies in the European area" and an aggregation of upper secondary education wishes to give private lessons (both in philosophy and in French). My university education is essentially philosophical. I first obtained a bachelor's degree in philosophy and sociology at the Paris Sorbonne University, before being awarded an Erasmus mundus scholarship, which allowed me to pursue my master's degree in philosophy. Also, I hold two aggregations of the upper secondary education (one for the didactic of the course of catholic religion and the other for the didactic of the course of philosophy and citizenship). My passion is not limited only to the acquisition of skills. It also extends to the "transmission" and the exchange of these. That's how I got a taste for teaching. Indeed, I am currently entering my fifth year in teaching (first as a professor of religion and currently as a professor of philosophy and citizenship). However, the objectives of the courses that I propose (tutoring, improvement of a level already solid or simple desire to cultivate, help writing various works, etc ...) depend on everyone. These same objectives will be fixed during a prior exchange. The teacher (who I am) is not only a transmitter of knowledge and skills. It is also someone who is there to guide and guide. That's why, beyond the goals that are set, I develop a pedagogy that encourages interaction.

English tutoring, speaking, and test prep tutoring
English is one of the most spoken languages throughout the world, some english words are used in many forms of dialects. I am here to help with any concern you may have with learning or increasing your english abilities. I challenge students but not overwhelm them, and I assign homework after ever lesson. You will learn how to speak english using everyday examples; and also gain grammer, punctuation, spelling, and reading skills to name a few.

English and Spanish help with homework, grammar and talking
I am an ex Londoner Bilingual in English and Spanish, I offer classes from young to adults who would like to speak and gain confidence when doing so, help with homework, grammar, writing and most importantly speaking. I look forward to meeting you hasta pronto!

Improve your reading and speaking skills.
Do you need to improve your level of conversation and reading in English or Russian? I am an Anglophone (English American) and a Russophone, I can help you with these needs. I also speak fluently German and a very good level of French. Do you need to improve your level of conversational English or Russian? Do you need help in improving your reading level of English or Russian? As a native speaker of English, I can help you with your needs. I also speak fluent German and a very good level of French.

Italian and English Lesson in Basel! Best way to improve your language skills! I am here to help you
Italian language is wonderful, but it need time and commitment to learn it! I am here to help you in this journey! I am Benedetta, from Milano! 26 years old, graduated in Economy! I can also teach you some business words ;) I teach also English for children and teenagers til level B1. I spent lot of time in England and I became fluent .

Apprenez la langue italienne facilement! P r ê t ?
Ciao!! My name is Valeria, I'm Italian and I wanna help you to improve your language skills! Usually I teach italian to children as speaker, but even if you are an adult you can learn and improve yourself. I can help you with the grammar or you prefer just a good talk to be more familiar with italian. Based on your needs we can choose togegher. So what are you are waiting for? Contact me if you'd like to explore your potential.

Learn the basics of the French language or improve your knowledge
I am a French engineer student who offers french courses for all levels. It is with pleasure that I will make you discover the French language and help you progress. This will familiarize you with the pronunciation of the language for a professional or current registe.

Maths/Physics/Basic science lessons for Primary, Secondary school Students and A-level students.
-I prefer maximum flexibility to enable my students to fully grasp each new concept before moving on. I take a step by step approach where I do not move on until my student is able to apply new knowledge in various types of example problems. I also use stories and audio-visuals when teaching for best possible understanding. this isn't very easy to do with some of the subjects I teach but I still find a way to do so to the best of my ability. -I had been teaching a lot of my colleagues back in secondary school and college in my main subjects of expertise, all of which went on to graduate with above average results. I also have experience as a teaching assistant with primary school pupils all of which with my help and the teachers displayed consistent performances in their homework and tests -I give regular test and homework which I review in the following session and are designed to be challenging yet motivating.

English Language, English Exams with Native Speaker
I am a native English (British) speaker and an experienced tutor with more than 2 years experience on an online tutoring platform. I also have experience teaching children 5 - 10 years old. I specialise in: English language as well as public exams in humanities (essay) subjects including English Literature and Language. I have helped a number of students with applications to UK Universities.

Art Therapy for children ( ex: improve sensory-perceptual and motor functions )
IN HOME ART THERAPY FOR CHILDREN This service is only provided for children between the ages of 3 - 10. There are many benefits of Art Therapy for children, including: Practice and improve cognition and sensory-perceptual and motor functions. Strengthen self-esteem and self-awareness. Build emotional resilience. Increase social skills

French Italian English for college students, gymnasians and adults
I am available to give courses in French, Italian and English for college students and gymnasians. I can help you better understand these languages. I move to your home or the libraries. Lausanne and region

English and Test Preparation Tutoring; Primary Maths Tutoring
I specialise in tutoring English for school, Transfer Test, IELTS, TOEFL tests and writing. My goal is to help students to master grammar, pronunciation, comprehension as well as writing in an exciting environment. I have been teaching children and adults, business and TEST preparation at various levels. I'm a qualified TEFL teacher. Currently, I'm a Journalism student in Northern Ireland and understand how assignment works.

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Bijlessen Frans voor iedereen van elk niveau met Céline
Onze dochter voelde zich op haar gemak bij Celine. De ideale basis om Frans te leren.
Review by AN R.
Italian language and culture
Excellent, very polite, very organized and methodical. The course is very pleasant and fruitful.
Review by IOULIA T.
Cécile is a professional teacher with a personal approach. Besides being a very friendly person, her teaching is absolutely worth recommending.
Review by TIMON R.

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