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Open your blog, make it known and share your passion
Benefiting from a great experience in the blogosphere, I propose an accompaniment to help you open your blog. You can benefit from a private accompaniment for the setting up of your blog (hosting, choice of the theme, design, writing the first article, setting up themes, etc.). I also offer you a long-term follow-up to share your articles and attract readers. We will also discuss the issue of social networks and the best way to use them. And things not to do when you're on the internet and creating content. The goal is to accompany you in sharing your passion and your interests. With or without concept, I will share my knowledge in the field of blogging and social networks. Depending on availability, I can move home or meet you in my local, in Lausanne.

Homework help, support for French classes
This course is for all students, including students with attention disorders, who are struggling to complete their homework, or for students who lack self-confidence, who feel discarded in different subjects, and specifically French. I do not promise you that you will become a Nobel Prize in Literature, nor Einstein, but that you will understand better what is asked, and that you will be less dropped. As a result, you will probably succeed a lot better! Help with homework in all subjects except German until the end of the cycle. For French (and English), up to bac or mature, or to improve fluency in this language if you are an adult. Specialized educator and novelist, I learned to work with different audiences, to use various tools and to use patience and humor to help the students I had.

High school chemistry (physical/organic/inorganic ) chemistry
I am open to teaching chemistry of all levels to high school students.I have done a British curriculum and obtained an A*( maximum grade obtainable) and so I have a strong understanding of chemistry and I am open to helping students currently struggling with it! :)

Science, Maths, Religious education - anything in relation to GCSES AND BELOW
Up until GCSE students and younger. I tech a vary of subjects I will tell you what I can teach depending on what the person struggles with and how much I know about the subject. I can lower the price too if needed. During these classes, you can trust me to put in a hundred percent dedication and skill.

Learn English with interactive coaching sessions in Arras
Learning a language is always easier and faster with interactive sessions of games, activities, and multimedia. My goal is to teach you English effectively with private tuitions and help you refine your current level of communication skills to help you speak English with confidence. Whether you need to start from basics or challenge yourself at a higher level, my periodic progress reports will help you learn efficiently. I can also coach you for Interviews, English exams or specific requirements.

Private lessons in maths, physics, chemistry, svt
Student in the second year of engineering school after a prep BCPST and a baccalaureate S, I propose courses in all science subjects for levels from high school to high school. I know how to adapt to the level of the student to help him in his difficulties and push him to give the best of himself. In each class, I propose a review of the classroom course and exercises chosen to target the key elements of the chapter. After each lesson, I provide one or more worksheets so that the student continues to train regularly.

French for foreigners tutoring for tourists, students, people working in France.
Specialized to teach french for foreigners (Master FLE) for 10 years, I suggest french one to one lessons : - about everyday life - for your studies (French writing corrections, DELF preparation or other exams ) - your work (administrative writing, talking on the phone, CV ...) - for conversation ( no homework, no exercices just talking to be more confident! Don't worry, I'll correct you!) We'll work on vocabulary, grammar, phonetics and french culture basing the courses on oral and/or writing lessons (it will depend more or less on your needs). Actually, I'll adapt myself to you!

Hindi, English,and Test Prep Tutoring Learn English grammar and Learn Hindi
I specialize in English for school exams. My goal is to keep students challenged but not stressed about the subject. Yes i assign home works after every class that i teach and provide reports. This class is for the school students willing to learn English grammar and the individuals to learn Hindi those who are in need of.

Private lessons in Maths for gymnasians or students of UNIL / EPFL
Engineer at EPFL, I offer support courses in Analysis. I aim to make my students more comfortable with notions of mathematics and try to visualize abstract problems. I have already done several analysis assistants during my years at EPFL.

How to start speaking Spanish in 30 days? Come and see!
I invite you to Spanish lessons. I provide the highest quality, effective methods and a friendly atmosphere. First lesson 50% of the price. General conversation, Vocabulary building, Specialised Vocabulary, Grammar, Reading, Writing, Translations, Pronunciation practice, Listening practice, Children's lessons, Helping with homework.

chess bear from 3 years old with an experienced teacher former young champion
|| Career || I was passionate about chess from the age of 5. I took classes all my youth and I was vice-champion of Paris under 12 years. I evolved for many years in the most prestigious French club: Lutèce Chess. I took classes with the International Grand Masters Alberto David, Marie Sebag and Jean-Luc Chabanon. I stopped the competition at the age of 14 with an elo of 1800 before returning to it a few years ago. I am 23 years old and am studying business and strategy at the Sorbonne. My teaching is built on years of experience in terms of practice and courses given to students with varied profiles. Methodology || || I quickly identify the student's level and strengths and weaknesses. A chess game takes place in 3 phases that I propose to study differently: _ Opening: I help my student at first to integrate the concepts of the opening. In a second time we can build a theoretical repertoire on the first 5-10 moves of a chess game. I have a wide knowledge of openings and I can prepare courses on specific points according to requests. _ The game environment: This will involve working from tactical exercises to develop intuition, computing power and creativity. We can also study the strategy, how to find a plan. _ The final: A multitude of final diagrams are possible. It is essential to study them. All my classes are prepared and personalized. The goal of each course will be to focus on 3-4 key concepts that will be reviewed at the next court to verify that they are acquired. I also analyze the games played by my student to develop his game. I adapt my pedagogy, I do it very differently with my 3 year old students and my adult students. Finally, I speak English fluently and can teach in this language. || Course by webcam || I also give several courses by Skype, at lower rates. I have a headset with excellent sound quality (Sennheiser PXC 550) and a good mac webcam. Thanks to Lichess, Chessbase or another software it is easy to share or play positions with my student. The tools are very powerful and the quality of a distance chess course is the same as for a physical class.

Need help in English or tutoring?
Hello, I am a girl having gone to London. I give English lessons for children, teenagers, beginners, refresher and I can also help with homework. My goal is to establish a bond of trust with my student, that he feels good and to adapt to his needs. I will be happy to help your child or yourselves!

English School Support (language learning, improvement ...)
I have just finished my university studies and I wish to be able to resume my activity of private teacher that I exercised during 1 year and a half and that I interrupted to be able to finish my studies in Belgium. I offer English classes to help the student in difficulty or wishing to deepen the concepts learned in class or improve his fluency orally. The goal is to help the student to improve and gain self-confidence by preparing not only future questions but also by finding a work method that suits him best.

particular course and / or homework assignment in math - physics - chemistry - english - biology
Having a bachelor degree in biology and chemistry with bilingual English, I would be delighted to help students in Secondary 1 (Math, Chemistry, English, Biology and Physics) and 2 (in Chemistry and English). Students will be able to ask me all the questions that go through their heads. I adapt my classes according to their age and levels to motivate them to the maximum. I just want to pass my passion for these subjects to future students.

Anh Phuong
Teaching Thai language and Vietnamese for Beginners
I am Vietnamese but I'm also master in Thai language. I can teach you about the language and culture of Vietnam or Thailand in English. I also can help translate English - Vietnam, Vietnam - Thai, Thai - Vietnam. The class will focus on speaking skills. As a language learner, I know what you have to face when you are starting to learn a new language. For my experience in learning language, you have to talk and talk. When you speak, you will easily remember the vocabulary. The more you remember the vocabulary, the more quickly you to learn grammar and converse like a native. So I will help you to talk a lot and give you as many new words as I can.

Chemistry and Chemical Engineering courses in English
I am a Dr. Chemical Engineer with over 10 years of professional experience in teaching (and coaching). I enjoy teaching by adjusting to the personality and needs of every student. I hold an MSc in Chemical Engineering, an MSc in Materials Science & Technology and a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering. I also hold the Proficiency in English certificate from the University of Michigan and the University of Cambridge.

French teacher for children and adults - class at home
French lessons, conjugation, grammar and vocabulary at home (Practical and theoretical). I am experienced I have already helped many people to progress young students. French is my native language and I really like pedagogy.

Spanish Tutoring, learn how to speak, write and talk in spanish!
The world is increasingly connected and knowing languages ​​is one of the best ways to join this change. And what better than one of the most spoken languages ​​in the world? The language of salsa, flamenco, tango, sangria and Dalí. I know, we Spaniards speak very fast but with me you will learn Spanish at your own pace, I will adapt to you totally so you can learn dynamically and see your own progress. What are you waiting for? Vamos!

Support courses in General Economics CPGE & BAC.
I am laureate of ENCG Casablanca, a master in financial management and accounting and I am senior manager in a public administration. I teach general economics courses for baccalaureate students and ECT ECS preparatory classes / courses and writing dissertations.

* Primary English and Mathematics Private Education, including students with and without difficulties learning
* Experience and training in mainstream/regular primary school education * Experience and training in special educational needs and multiple disabilities, including Autism Spectrum Disorders and Asperger's Syndrome * Focus on developing students' self-regulated learning * Educational assessment, reporting and referral option * Specialised motivation/behaviour assessment option * Digital educational assessment using iPads (pending) * Importation of international English, mathematics and pro-social skills programs * Integration of AppStore downloadable English readers also available on DVD * Parent and family training option

Oboe and Music Theory - Learn how to play this fantastic instrument!
Hi! I'm available for private OBOE lessons. All levels students will be welcome! I am also available for Music theory lessons, depending on your musical level. Lessons can be personalized depending on your interests and aims. My availabilities during the week can change, so don't consider the marked calendar as too rigid. For any other questions or info, please contact me!

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Bijlessen Frans voor iedereen van elk niveau met Céline
Onze dochter voelde zich op haar gemak bij Celine. De ideale basis om Frans te leren.
Review by AN R.
Italian language and culture
Excellent, very polite, very organized and methodical. The course is very pleasant and fruitful.
Review by IOULIA T.
Cécile is a professional teacher with a personal approach. Besides being a very friendly person, her teaching is absolutely worth recommending.
Review by TIMON R.

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