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Interchange Level 1 English language how to deal with Cambridge Curriculum
Interchange Level One is a curriculum Affiliated to the University of Cambridge, it is concerned with teaching basic skills in the English language, including listening, reading, speaking and writing. Where the student can, after completing the levels of this curriculum, enter international English language tests such as IELTS & TOEFL

Language course - English and Dutch (All levels) - Liège center and Webcam
Graduated with a Master's degree in Germanic Languages and Letters from the University of Antwerp, I offer you my services within the framework of language courses, in English and/or Dutch. These courses are individual and centered on the needs of the student, whatever his level. Patience and pleasant learning are what are most important to me when I teach.

Repetition of French, mathematics and English
University student offers individualized pedagogy, help in preparing for questions or exams. My goal is to advance the student without overloading him. I am very flexible on the themes addressed in the different subjects. Whether it is for an emergency pre-exam course or for regular courses, I will be able to meet your expectations.

Native Spanish tutoring for English Speaking Students
As one of the most spoken languages in the world, learning Spanish from an early age can allow children not just to ease into the grammar and spelling but also adapt to correct pronunciation. Being billingual from a personal experience has opened me a tremendous amount of opportunities. From hospitality jobs to work experience abroad. Learning Spanish will also aid in the learning of other languages such as French or Italian. During my IGCSE's, I achieved a Grade of A* (96%), and most of it I attribute to my already fluent level in Spanish. Classes will follow a progressive increase in level and challenge. My first class will be analysing their current level and how easy the student grasps the language, and from there set weekly goals for them to reach. My priority is for them to learn as much as possible the accent and correct pronunciation of the words, followed then by learning of sentence structure.

Sandra Rodriguez
Spanish teacher, reading, speaking and writing. Native.
Hello! Im Sandra, spanish, with a passion for cultures and to help the communication between them. If you search to learn, to improve and to understand spanish im your teacher in the region! We can talk and see your preferences in the first meeting.

Homework help in French (spelling, conjugation...)
I offer homework help in French for levels up to the end of college, see high school. (> Holder of a literary baccalaureate obtained in 2018) > Spelling, conjugation, grammar, vocabulary > Concepts in literature

private lessons in Mathematics, Computer Science or Physics at college, high school or prep
In engineering school, former student in a high school of excellence in Paris, valedictorian in preparation, I give private lessons in mathematics, physics and computer science. There is no secret: it is by forging that one becomes a blacksmith. I accompany middle school and high school students with advice so that they understand and remember easily. I help both to assimilate the course and to give tips and methodologies. Tell me the chapter you want to work on, and I will prepare interesting exercises. I often learned things with friends, in a work group. This makes me someone comfortable to exchange, give advice in order to understand the key concepts. With a training of excellence very oriented towards the sciences, I will enlighten you on the chapters that are problematic for you.

Tutoraggio di lingua italiana o di cucina italiana.
Corsi di lingua e di cucina italiana, due ambiti apparentemente in antitesi ma che "sintetizzano" la mia passione sia per la teoria che per la pratica. Per la lingua mi sono abilitata con lo studio (laurea triennale in filosofia) e per la cucina mi sono formata con l'esperienza e la necessità (venuta in Svizzera in cerca di "fortuna"trovai lavoro in questo settore).

Geography, Economics and History from primary to degree level
Geography, History and Economics are all humanity and information cramming subjects. They are all heavy on concepts, theories and solutions which can be taught in fun, easily understandable ways in order for students of any level to understand even the most difficult of theories. I approach learning dependent on the student and what suits them.

Mario Gil

Tutoring in math/physics for school, gymnasium, UNI/EPFL/HEIG-VD
PURPOSE: We will go through the difficult exercises you have in math/physics class discussing method of approach and problem solving. My goal is to help you acquire a better understanding of math and physics as well as teach you good habits in solving typical exercises. LOCATION / TIMETABLE: The course can be given via a videoconference platform (Zoom/Teams/Google meet) or I can travel to the Lausanne or Yverdon or Orbe region to a location of your choice. For schedules, I am quite flexible and they are quite negotiable. ABOUT ME: Currently I am a master student at EPFL (university), maths and physics are predominant branches, with an average of around 5/6 on my bachelor. SCHOOL/GYM: Maths is the major part of what we will see. But in addition, we can approach other branches such as German or English alongside. I have the equivalent of a C1 in the two languages that I acquired by having the maturity of a Swiss-German gymnasium and having done a year of exchange abroad during my bachelor's degree. UNI/HEIG-VD: Maths such as algebra (matrix calculus), analysis (functions, integrals and derivatives), probabilities and vector geometry are well within my reach. EPFL: We can review the analysis, algebra and first-year physics classes together without worry. In particular, I am very clear with the upgrade courses, we can see each other directly on campus.

Music Education: Saxophone Academy by Dimitri (Independent)
Dear, Do you want to discover the saxophone? Improve yourself? Play the songs you like to hear? Dimitri Iulita awaits you for fun, personalized and progressive lessons! All ages, levels and musical styles are welcome. Technical work on the instrument, deciphering and setting up the repertoire ... Dimitri works throughout the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region! For any other information and / or reservation, Dimitri is also at your entire disposal via the Apprentus private messaging service, once your reservation has been confirmed! See you soon in music!

Spanish Lessons with a native Spanish speaker from Barcelona
I teach Spanish for all kinds of levels. I'll adapt the class to your needs and to the way you learn best: for example, if you need to learn for a specific test I'll adapt the classes to match the test, or if you learn more through listening then I'll try to make that the main focus. Also, I'll teach vocabulary, grammar and verbs, and also try to familiarize the student with the Spanish culture. I speak Catalan, Spanish, English, French and Italian so I know how to best learn languages.

Mohamed Lamine
Getting used to reading on a daily basis and learning to read while enjoying it
Getting used to reading on a daily basis again, discovering various works and reading categories and enriching your vocabulary and correcting your spelling mistakes while enjoying it. Reading can help to dig into various notions related to studies in particular, but above all to broaden the culture and nourish time in a constructive way.

LEARN SPANISH WITH ME! :) Learn Spanish with me! :)
Hello! My name is Marina and I am 26 years old. I have come to Monthey a few days ago "for love". I have studied Journalism and I have worked in a Spanish television channel. I have always been passionate about writing; Since I was very little I have participated in an infinity of literature contests. Also, I love cooking and I know English perfectly. If you want to learn English with me, we will do it in a didactic and fun way. Thanks for reading me! Bonjour! Je m'appelle Marina et j'ai 26 ans. I suis arrivé à Monthey il ya quelques jours "par amour". J'ai étudié le journalisme et j'ai travaillé dans une chaine de télévision espagnole. J'ai toujours été passionné par l'écriture; depuis mon plus jeune âge, j'ai participated à de nombreux littéraires concours. De plus, j'adore cuisiner et je connais parfaitement l'anglais. Si vous voulez apprendre l'anglais avec moi, nous le ferons d'une manière didactique et amusante. Merci de me lire!

Mathematics and Physics in English, Spanish, Russian, and Catalan!
I am a bachelor student in Mathematics in Amsterdam and I have been a tutor for students of the International Baccalaureate for Math and Physics in the past, having graduated the IB myself. I prefer to do 1-on-1 tutoring and be able to focus on the student along with building a friendship with him/her and let the student be comfortable around me to be able to tackle the problems with more in-depth understanding once it arises. I have a certain passion for Math and Physics that has brought me to tutoring them and re-learning many things, which keeps me going!

Aude Marie
Learn English With Aude In A Fun and Practical Way
This is an English class for beginners and intermediate students, where i will work on the difficulties that the students faces. This class will also permit them to better their oral expression, written expression, written comprehension, oral comprehension and their use of english. For the beginners, it will be more of an initiation to English. There’s no need of any particular skills to join my class ! My class is aimed to assist and accompany the students in their learning of the language, their needs and to wider their vocabulary and range. Also, the use of the language, verbs, the tenses, phrasal constructions and more. For children, my class is taught in a more convivial way with games and songs that will enable them to be confortable learning a new language. For teenagers and adults, i will target their main difficulties and work on it depending on their needs. It will still be fun for them too !

GCSE / iGCSE Science - Chemistry, Biology, Physics Tuition Class
GCSE and iGCSE Science tutor. I am a qualified teacher of Science from the UK. I have taught in multiple international schools and have extensive experience of teaching the IB and UK programmes. I can teach ‘ tutor the IB syllabus and coach through IA and Extended Essay process. I can help and aid with revision techniques and preparation for exams. I offer coaching through mindfulness, stress management and anxiety, as well as organisational and study skills. Please see my Bio for more info or LinkedIn.

French classes - from beginners to uni (proofreading if needed)
French studies classes – Linguistics, History, Literature, Civilisation – Proofreading possible, available for students with specific needs Bonjour, I’m a native French student in English studies and I have been a tutor for four years now, to students from the age of 9 to 18 with various learning profiles (dyspraxia, autism, dyslexia). As a future teacher, the most important thing for me is to learn how to adapt to the students needs and ways of learning. There is no one perfect way to learn a language, and my goal is to help you or your child to find out more about yourself/themself and how your/their brain works ! Always searching for innovative ways of teaching, I will provide a personalised service to help you master French ! I accept beginners as advanced students in French studies who need tutoring or help on their essays. I had my French baccalaureat in Economics with honours. I am fluent in English and has the IELTS certificate at 8 level. If you need more details or want to discuss a specific situation, feel free to contact me ! Belle journée à vous ! :)

This Class is for future mathematician and Scientist
I make my math , computer and science class a interesting one. I balance teaching and fun in my class. My class is never boring. With experience of one and half year teaching in primary I enjoy myself teaching and make sure my students enjoy learning as well

nowadays speaking just a single language is not that exciting. so having a little bit of a language which is not our native one is very important for one's personal satisfaction or for a the professional milieu. thus i decided to to teach french because it is my native language and i will like to share what i know with anyone willing an dwihsing to learn a little bit about it. aspiring to travel to france one day and wish to learn the the basics. I wil do my best to ease the understanding spoken or written

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Bijlessen Frans voor iedereen van elk niveau met Céline
Onze dochter voelde zich op haar gemak bij Celine. De ideale basis om Frans te leren.
Review by AN R.
Nederlandse, Spaanse en/ of Engelse les op elk gewenst niveau
Een aardige lerares die op een een duidelijke manier les uitleg geeft op al je vragen. Daarnaast is ze erg positief ingesteld waarbij ze mij vooral heeft gemotiveerd om mijn best te doen voor spaans. Een aanrader!
Review by MOUNA A.
Italian language and culture
Excellent, very polite, very organized and methodical. The course is very pleasant and fruitful.
Review by IOULIA T.

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