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Piano lessons from a professional pianist
Piano lessons from the start, or from your own level! Let's improve your skills together while you play your favorite repertoire and immerse yourself in your musical and artistic side. Lessons for people from 6 to 100 years old!

Private lessons in English (tutoring or language learning)
I give English lessons for students with difficulty in this subject, who wish to progress or simply for those who wish to learn this language. We will see together the written word (spelling, grammar, syntax etc.) but also a lot of oral since it is a living language and is therefore spoken. The course will be carried out according to the level and pace of the student (there is no point in rushing things), I will take into account the difficulties of each so that the course goes well and that it is not a chore but we learn together for fun.

Drum lessons in FR and ENG for all levels and all styles
Lessons at home (battery required) or at my local in Anderlecht, for all levels, from 6 to 96 years old The music theory comes gradually and logically (listening, initiation to reading and writing), no 100% theoretical course Adaptation to all student profiles, with the construction of a solid base to become a versatile musician. Possibility of additional percussion lessons. Teacher profile: - Bachelor of Musicology in France in Lyon - 3rd cycle of Jazz drums at CRR Lyon - DEM of Music Training at CRR Lyon - 3rd year of Bachelor in Jazz Drums at CRB Many experiences in groups and on stage (Jazz à Viennes, Jazz en Bièvre, the Periscope, ...) in all styles (post hardcore, reggea, zouk, jazz, hip-hop, rock, pop, big band, free jazz ...). Also in classes of classical writing, musical training (graduate), composition, arrangement jazz, harmony, piano.

Russian Language for All Levels in Mexico City by a Russian Native Speaker
In this 100% personalized class you will learn Russian grammar, business, academic or/and spoken Russian. By the end of the course, you will be able to freely communicate in Russian and feel super comfortable traveling to Russian-speaking countries. This is for you: ~ if you are planning to relocate to Russian speaking counties for business or work; ~ if you are planning on traveling to Russian speaking countries; ~ if you've always dreamt of learning Russian, but never really found time and energy to do it; ~ if studied Russian in past, but now you are having trouble remembering anything; ~ if you love Russian culture and you want to learn more about it.

Fast Track Music Lessons (Piano, Keyboard and Theory)
From beginners to advanced students, anyone passionate about the piano will gain from this class. Tailored to the individual, lessons might cover musical aspects like learning to read notation and rhythm or composing your own music. With over 20 years of performance experience and a wealth of knowledge on learning methods, you're sure to make great progress. All ages are welcome, and material will be centered around student interests.

Private Saxophone lessons for beginner or intermediate players.
I am a saxophonist from Hungary. I am currently doing a postgraduate in saxophone at the Conservatoire in Antwerp. I have been playing the saxophone for 18 years. I have a bachelors degree from the University of Debrecen in Hungary and finished my masters degree in saxophone at the Conservatory of Antwerp with great distinction. I can help you whether you are a total beginner in either music or the saxophone or if you already have some experience in learning music.

English, written and spoken. Improve your level of written and spoken English with a native English speaker.
I am a native English speaker with a background in international humanitarian work and journalism. I propose individual classes to improve your written and spoken English. I am particularly interested to help professionals and students who work or study internationally.

Core Mathematics and/or Physics tutoring for high school (IB/GCSE/SAT).
Having completed the IB and GCSE, I have experience in both areas. I am currently in my final year of Aerospace Engineering BSc at TU Delft. I had most of my tutoring experience in high school when I tutored maths and physics for second year GCSE students and first year IB students. I have also had minor experience in tutoring mathematics courses for SAT preparation.

Learn Arabic , french , English and Moroccan darija
Hello , my name is aicha Arabic language is my native language, I have already given Arabic lessons for beginners and who were able to improve their level. I simplified lessons in order to understand them well followed by evaluation exercises in order to ensure that everything is clear. We also have moments of communication where we learn to speak the Arabic language so effectively through dialogue situations, without forgetting the written expression that we organize to finally write in a simple and clear way.

Samuel Lozano
Mathématiques, physique, espagnol et anglais par un étudiant de l'UNIGE
Étudiant en dernière année de physique et mathématiques à l'Université de Genève avec une note moyenne de 9. Je donne des cours de maths et de physique en anglais or en espagnol à des lycéens. De plus, j'enseigne l'espagnol et l'anglais natifs (Cambridge level C1).

Passionate EPFL student teaches high school Maths. Adapted and relaxed methodology!
- Support, revision or intensive course - From the 11th Understanding and acquisition: these are the two keys to learning! I accompany the student in these two stages so that he ends up mastering the subject: this means that he develops reflexes on the basis of the knowledge that he appropriates. How to make it understood? By illustrating the theory with well-chosen examples and analogies, my goal is for the student to develop intuitive cues within the material. I try to get to know him / her well to find a way to motivate him / her to learn (how does his / her passion relate to the subject?). This prepares him / her to internalize knowledge and methods that are now much more familiar ... How to acquire? It is by exercising that the pupil internalizes knowledge and that the methods become automatisms. I offer guided and adapted activities after having identified its strengths and weaknesses.

Private lessons in modern languages (English & German) or in Latin
Language student I offer an individualized pedagogy, help in the preparation of questions or exams. My goal is to make the student progress without overloading him. I give homework after each lesson and periodically provide progress reports. I can help you solidify your basics in languages such as English & German. But we can also go further and indulge in a real linguistic adventure. The student will be followed personally and the course will adapt to his level.

Private lessons in mathematics from the second to the third year of the license by experienced teacher currently in post
Hello, my name is Nicolas, I am 35 years old and the public to which I am the most accustomed is that of preparatory classes for the grandes écoles, for mathematics lessons in general. However, I also have experience in preparing students from the second to the third year of the license because of the large number of hours of lessons that I have given as well as the many students followed. My teaching method consists of clarifying the course first, making sure that each definition and theorem is well understood. We then discuss the basic exercises and techniques, and finally, if the course followed is demanding, tackle more complicated exercises or even competition subjects. I have just arrived in Brussels as part of a job at the University and look forward to communicating my interest in science to as many people as possible.

Outdoor boxing lessons in Antwerp. Private lessons solo and duo.
Are you looking for a cool way to work on your fitness and feel empowered? Then come and train at Coach Tee! With a personal approach we learn the beautiful sport of boxing. You learn to have control over your body and you can enjoy yourself. Boxing and kickboxing is so much more than hitting and kicking hard. They are sports that challenge you physically and sharpen your mind. You work on your fitness, strength, speed and coordination. The focus required by a lesson makes boxing and kickboxing the equivalent of meditation for those who cannot sit still. Coach Tee's classes are definitely suitable for those who never thought of touching a boxing glove. Or for those who think they have zero fitness, you will be amazed by yourself! It's a fun and intense way to work on your fitness without noticing that you're working out. To be clear, Coach Tee's classes don't really fight: you learn the technique by shadow boxing or hitting and kicking pads.

CELTA-certified teacher gives English classes (any age, level A1-C1)
Hi there! I am an English teacher who received my CELTA diploma (Certificate of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) in August 2020. I provide English classes to learners of any levels, from A1 to C1. My teaching method is student-centred, which means that I adapt the contents of the lesson to the student's goals and expectations. Whether you wish to improve your conversational English, prepare for an exam, or focus on Business English, everything is possible. A typical lesson lasts between 60 and 90 minutes, depending on the student's availabilities. Classes can take place in person or online (kindly note a fee increase if classes take place at the student's home). Do not hesitate to contact me for additional information. I look forward to hearing from you!

Relaxed Singing Lessons and Vocal Coaching from experienced vocalist and teacher
Tailor-made sessions providing singers of any level with the tools to keep improving their vocal delivery and performances. A freelance music and dance artist / performer by trade, I've delivered private lessons from my home in East London for the past 9 years, preparing happy students for auditions and exams amongst others. In my work, I include : Sound Voice placement Breath control Vocal techniques (mainly pop & experimental, in accordance with student's voice and style) Range Body-mind preparation Rhythmicality Delivery Performance Songwriting (on request) On top of my practical experience and personal research, I have trained with renowned teachers and vocal coaches such as Line Hilton (BAST), Mark De Lisser, Laurent Versini, Andrea Ainsworth... With extensive experience as a busker, singer-songwriter and function singer as well as having sung with choirs such as London Contemporary Voices, ACM Gospel Choir, Some Voices, TGGG, Singology etc, my main singing styles are pop, soul, gospel and reggae. I also use my background in movement and somatics to help prepare the body for the best singing performances. Some students feedback : « Marc is a great singing teacher. His presence is gentle and his instructions and feedback are precise, specific and simple. As a dancer the connection between the body, energy and the voice are from the beginning nourished. The body and voice get warmed up and released, energy gets flowing, connecting the body to the voice, proceeding to vocal exercises and finally the performance of a song, with personal corrections, suggestions and images for pitch, sound, tone and delivery. I highly recommend. » T.S « Marc is a superb singing teacher. I felt comfortable even though I was a beginner. nice warm up and going through a song. It was fun and taught me how to sing a song that I wanted to learn, with details and suitable for my voice » Y.M « Marc is very approachable and I felt very relaxed as a nervous singer. I felt at ease and always looked forward to my classes with him. » R.D  « Marc is a very patient and welcoming singing teacher. He developed my singing skills and techniques in ways that I found interesting and valuable, and personalised lesson content and the repertoir to me. Highly recommend Marc if you want a friendly and hard working singing teacher. » N.C « Marc is an amazing vocal coach. Throughout our lessons I have learnt techniques to improve my voice control and projection. I loved working with him, I liked his professionalism and patience. » S.H « The singing lessons are great for all levels as Marc has experience as a singer. What really helps is that he has a strong knowledge on how other elements other than the voice can affect one's singing, for example keeping the body relaxed and reducing tension. I've learned some great techniques to help me with relaxing while singing which is great for me personally as I have anxiety and get quite nervous when performing. Marc creates a safe homely environment and has a great warm personality so it makes it that much more easier and enjoyable when attending the lessons. » B.S « Marc has given me some great lessons in which I feel have helped me improve my vocals a lot. He's given me some really useful tips in how to have a good technique, as well as working with me on reaching my unique goals. » R.W

Composition lessons with Dr Jonathan (in person or online)
*** Composition lessons with Dr Jonathan *** I am a composer and educator based in South-East London who has recently obtained a Ph.D. in composition from the Guildhall School of Music & Drama, having previously studied at Cambridge and the Royal Academy of Music. My passion for music feeds directly into my passion for teaching, and I hope that I can inspire as many people as possible to deepen their love of music by learning to understand it from the inside out. I have been teaching music for over 10 years both in schools and as a private tutor, ranging from interactive workshops with primary students to university-level one-to-one composition. I have previously been the resident composition teacher at Eton College (2015-17) and City of London School for Girls (2017-20), as well as delivering workshops at schools around the country in a visiting capacity. I am as comfortable working with students taking their very first steps in theory and composition as I am with those who are more advanced and can teach across a variety of styles and genres including classical, jazz, rock, and musical theatre. As a tutor, I always seek a student-led approach, adapting content and delivery to individual tutees’ needs. Above all, whether in theory or composition, I always try to enthuse students by conveying my own love of music and encouraging theirs. No element of music or musical development can be considered in isolation, and so I seek to link up whatever a student is working on with their wider musicianship and listening – classical or otherwise – to put things into context. Another important part of my teaching practice is preparing tailor-made resources for students which are theirs to keep, ensuring that any material covered can be revised and consolidated. The core of my composition teaching is of course discussing and dissecting students’ music, but alongside this go technical exercises, score analysis, music history and live listening which feedback into the compositional process and put the music written into context. Most importantly, I meet students on their own stylistic ground, helping them to achieve the best possible realization of their personal artistic ambition while also encouraging them to listen and explore as widely as possible.

Spanish support for GCSE students or KS3. Help for exams
We can practise with real exam material to improve your level and help you to achieve the grade you are working towards. I am happy to help with anything on the specification or further if you have more questions. We can review the basics or look at more difficult material to expand your knowledge.

Professional singer-2nd Master in Pedagogy- Singing lessons for all levels.
Have fun by singing! Professional singer, I will help you develop your voice in a good mood with exercises adapted to your needs. You want to sing without getting tired, project your spoken and / or sung voice, support it, improve your breathing… this course will address all these aspects. Graduated from a Master in Vocal Pedagogy from the Haute École de Musique de Lausanne, I also graduated from a Master specializing in opera at the opera studio of Biel from the Haute École des Arts in Bern and a diploma from musical studies in song and old music. Singing is my passion, that's why after my engineering degree, I devoted myself to it. I have a solid teaching experience. I have had many students of all ages. Whatever your needs, your age and your level, contact me for a lesson

1. Learn English grammar; 2. Speaking, Reading and Writing in English; 3. Learn History and Geography and memorise lessons in easiest way.
I specialise in tutoring English and history for school and adults too. I teach geography too. After finishing a lesson I usually let the students to teach me what they have learnt. If they cannot or have any confusion about the topic, it becomes very easier to find out eventually. Then I repeat the lesson until they have got clear concept about the topic.After a few days, both of us go through the topic again together. In this way, students usually do not easily forget their topic and they also can have a better understanding of the chapter.

Math / physics / chemistry / English as well as other secondary or elementary courses
Hello, I offer my help for all the courses you have in secondary or primary. I graduated from high school in Belgium. I am in computer science at ulb. I know how to help you because I went through the same education system. Do not hesitate to contact me

Our students say it best about our teachers

Bijlessen Frans voor iedereen van elk niveau met Céline
Onze dochter voelde zich op haar gemak bij Celine. De ideale basis om Frans te leren.
Review by AN R.
Nederlandse, Spaanse en/ of Engelse les op elk gewenst niveau
Een aardige lerares die op een een duidelijke manier les uitleg geeft op al je vragen. Daarnaast is ze erg positief ingesteld waarbij ze mij vooral heeft gemotiveerd om mijn best te doen voor spaans. Een aanrader!
Review by MOUNA A.
Italian language and culture
Excellent, very polite, very organized and methodical. The course is very pleasant and fruitful.
Review by IOULIA T.

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