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Preparation and teaching of TOEFL and GRE tests in a short time
Teaching all the techniques required to get the high score in English exams. The learner will be provided with all necessary materials in all skills of the TOEFL and GRE tests. The simulation of the exams will be worked during last sessions.

Piano lessons for beginners and intermediates in Lyon
Practicing piano since my 6 years in conservatory, I offer piano lessons at your home during the week or the weekend at mine for beginners or intermediate level. I have at my disposal some books for practice as well as some scores

11 + Test preparation and Tuition in Maths, English, PE and Science
I specialise in teaching and tutoring from Year 3 up to Year 8 primarily. I specialise towards 11 + examinations as well as Common Entrance, Scholarship, GCSE and up to A Level standard. This is a new venture for me teaching online having been a full time teacher for 11 years. I have held roles as Head of Maths, Head of Sport, Head of Curriculum and Assistant Headteacher.

One-to-one tutoring in maths, physics chemistry or biology by a Master student with double degree
I am a student in the 1st year of a Master in Life Science Engineering at EPFL as part of a double degree with the École Polytechnique in Paris, in Engineering (Maths, physics, mechanics, biology, chemistry ...). I already have experience in math class or physics, and can move to your home if necessary. Contact me with your availability and I will arrange according to my courses to accompany you to the niches that go to you (I live near the station of Lausanne and can move to your home).

What I offer : • Classes adapted to beginners or advanced students and their desired direction, while keeping to a rigorous method tailored to each student’s profile - from 40 € • Acquirement of the technique serving the goal the student has fixed for himself • Simulating a musical situation in an entertaining way, using mediums that are personalized to the level of the student (includes music theory, forms of interpretation of a musical piece, various aspects of technique) • The pleasurable aspect of playing one’s instrument is an essential part of the learning curve. • If the student agrees, I film the end result (final performance of the student) • Support and training for all types of musical projects: theatre, concerts, events, whatever the level • Preparation for competitions in Jazz or popular forms of music for all types of instrumentalist: • For various diplomas or music degrees • Entrance exam for music conservatory or music academy • End f year concerts • Composition: whether it be for a group or an individual, developing the musical idea and execution of all the possibilities this represents • I use all sorts of teaching tools I have been developing over the last 20 years, for example: • Rhythmical work based on the Indian system of Konnakols, (working with rhythmical syllables to integrate different rhythms in an enjoyable way) • Working on Harmony using the Jazz Music Notation system ( a universal language that simplifies all forms of learning Western Staff notation, jazz, pop or other forms of popular music) • Melodic work using note visualisation • Classical and Jazz piano technique • Meditation & muscular relaxation

Homework help, tutoring, language learning
I am 23 years old, I am French and I study criminology in Belgium for 3 years. I am currently in Master 2 and offers my services to help you learn or improve French, help children with homework, with a preference for literary subjects (French, English, Spanish, history, etc.). Exercises and games for easy, fun and effective learning.

Violin lessons pedagogy benevolent and targeted, all levels, children, teens, adults, seniors.
Experienced teacher, I teach violin and music in a targeted way: discovery of the instrument, Initiation, support classes and preparation for exams and competitions ... For every desire, a pedagogy adapted to the ages and ambitions of each.

Private lessons in French, English, and homework help.
Graduate student in English Language and Literature (Master of Arts in English with specialization in New American Studies, University of Lausanne) with experience in homework help offers language courses (French and English), and help with homework in all subjects and at all levels. I offer personalized, student-focused courses to reinforce their knowledge and fill gaps so that they can achieve the goals we will set together. Having been in constant contact during my studies in English with non-French speakers, I learned to adapt to everyone's level and am familiar with the difficulties that the French language poses to non-French speakers. My master's / doctorate studies in English have in turn familiarized me with the difficulties of the English language. I also offer support for the writing of written work type memories, seminars, resumes, letters, and hours of conversations for preparations for oral exams, interviews, or simple upgrade.

International medical student teaching Human Biology
Are you in need of tutoring or you just want to expand your knowledge? I am an international student of medicine at Vrije University and I am offering tutoring in: • HUMAN BIOLOGY (cell biology, anatomy, histology, biochemistry, physiology, possibly pathophysiology and pathology) • CHEMISTRY (both organic and anorganic chemistry, chemistry principles) • MATH (graduated in basic and advanced math)

One-to-one Career Coaching for career progression!
One-to-one career coaching can help you identify and/or clarify the most fulfilling career path for YOU. Each individual is unique and we may all want different things in life - fair enough! What you need to do is take charge and find your path. How it works: I do one-to-one sessions online (skype or phone) or face to face if you are based in London. You can have only one session but bare in mind that self-awareness is a process and it is hard to fit it in only one session. I suggest min. 3 and max. 8 sessions. You can decide how many sessions to commit to at the end of the first session. The Coach: I am a certified Executive Coach and a Psychologist. I have international HR and L&D experience in organisations like L'Oreal Group, Danone, Monsoon Accessorize, Topshop Topman, EBRD and etc.

Piano lessons in Geneva for students of all levels
I am a student in Haute ecole de musique Geneve. My goal at teaching is introducing music knowledge in practical and fun way. I always make sure to respect student's wishes for the program. I always adapt to everone's different level. I hope I see you soon! :)

violin & viola individual lessons, chamber music lessons
I offer violin and viola lessons for students of all levels and ages. Beginners are welcome! I have developed my own teaching approach, based on years of practice with my Master teachers and my own research. I focus on supporting and developing student’s individuality. I am open to meet specific expectations and needs. I play the violin with my students to demonstrate and to inspire them. I also willingly perform together with pupils as well as accompany them during family performances. This makes playing even more enjoyable! I offer group and chamber music lessons. That's the best way to learn how to communicate with others through the sounds of instruments. Students learn how to use music as a way to connect, follow the leader or to train mindful awareness. Playing together supports motivation to practice and improve skills. I teach to improvise. I treat the instrument as a voice to be used freely. I use improvisation as a language, wordless channel to create dialogue or express emotions. It builds student’s ability to play with trust. It allows making music to become more personal.

Jose Antonio Pallero
Curso de español intermedio y avanzado: centrado en las oral destrezas
Soy Maestro. He trabajado in Escuela Pública lasting 18 años. He taught Spanish in USA, UK. He participates in programas europeos of lengua castellana in Bélgica, Suecia y Canadá. Tengo publicados dos libros en español, uno para adultos y otro infantil. He sido ponente in International Congresses of Educación

Privé Italiaanse les met Italiaanse moedertong Antwerpen
Wie ik ben: Ik ben Lucrezia en ik kom uit Piemonte en ben 24 jaar. Ik woon nu al 2 jaar in België, in Berchem. Ik loop momenteel stage psychologie in Zoersel. Ik heb Nederlands gestudeerd aan de Universiteit Antwerpen en heb nu een B2 certificaat. Lesgeven: Ik geef reeds een jaar privéles. Ik ga naar de mensen thuis, maar we kunnen ook afspreken op café of in een bibliotheek. Ik heb erg veel ervaring met het lesgeven aan mensen met alle niveaus. We beslissen samen hoe we te werk gaan. Ik kan jou een boek adviseren waarmee we werken. Zo kan je huiswerk maken en op jezelf oefenen. Of we kunnen op basis van conversatie jouw niveau verhogen, waar ik dan elke fout opschrijf en je uitleg waarom dit fout is (uitspraak, woordenschat, grammatica) Chi sono: Mi chiamo Lucrezia, sono piemontese e ho 24 anni. Vivo qui in Belgio già da 2 anni, in Berchem e al momento sto facendo un tirocinio di psicologia a Zoersel. Ho studiato olandese all'università di Anversa e adesso ho livello B2. come funziona la lezione: E' già da un anno che do lezioni private di italiano per tutti i livelli e di solito le faccio a casa dello studente ma ovviamente se si preferisce, è anche possibile incontrarci ad un bar o in biblioteca. Decidiamo insieme come strutturare la lezione: se si vuole seguire un libro e fare gli esercizi con quello, avere i compiti da fare a casa o se si vuole solo fare conversazione prendendo nota degli erroi fatti per poi partire da lì e discutere la grammatica, il vocabolario o semplicemente la pronuncia.

Spanish/English Classes in Leuven or Brussels (1000)
Spanish Psychologist currently studying a Master in Belgium offers specialised Spanish and/or English classes for children and adults. Experience for more than 3 years in children aged 3 to 19. Where? Leuven or Brussels (1000). Do not hesitate to contact me for more information.

Student in Master of Pedagogy offers violin lessons for all levels and all ages!
I propose violin lessons for all levels and all ages, with an approach adapted to each one, playful, and motivating! These classes can be combined if necessary with music theory and musical reading. Born in Neuchâtel, I joined the Conservatoire when I was four to learn violin. This hobby has quickly become a passion, and sharing has always been a very important part of my career. After completing a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Music of Geneva and a Master in Performance at the Royal Conservatory of Antwerp (Belgium), I am now starting a Master in Music Pedagogy at the Geneva High School of Music. , Neuchâtel site. I want to improve my teaching methods, a field in which I already have some experience. I have in particular replaced professors of the Neuchâtel Music Conservatory several times, and helped young musicians improve their skills.

Speak & write in English as soon as you could before!
Cambridge University's English teacher, offers a communicative method to better speak, write, understand and read in English. My goal is to advance the student in the field that poses the most problem: are you looking for a correct pronunciation, or is it oral and / or written communication that worries you? Or are you preparing for an English exam? Or does your child have to reach a certain level at school? Do not hesitate to formulate your questions and ask them before embarking on a serious and well-targeted apprenticeship for you or your child.

Cours niveau secondaire et universitaire en mathématique, sciences et informatique.
Je suis doctorant à LLN, diplomé ingénieur civil en mathématique appliqué. Je donne des cours en math, physique et informatique à louvain la neuve et dans les environs. J'ai de nombreuses années d'expérience en tant que professeur particulier autant pour des étudiants de secondaire que d'université.

Tutoring lessons for students and adults (German, English, French & various other subjects)
I am a student, doing my Bachelor of Education for Primary Schools at the moment. I give private tutoring lessons. Feel free to contact me, I have tutored children in primary school for all subjects and students form Grade 5-10 in the subjects English, German and French.

Primary National Curriculum Booster - Maths/English
This class will be designed specifically to suit your child’s needs. It may be that extra push they need to help them feel more confident in class or to get them caught up with their year groups national average expectations in literacy and or maths. KS1 or KS2 bespoke lessons directly linked to National Curriculum objectives. Delivered by an active, experienced qualified primary school teacher.

Math Tutoring for Elementary, Middle and High School!
A lot of school students struggle with mathematics. My goal is to explain various mathematical concepts in an approachable way, so that you'll see you don't need to be a genius to understand it. I'll talk you through the theory and teach you all the tricks you need to know for solving a problem, so that any question will become a breeze! I am a Mathematics student at the University of Groningen. Previously I was a scholarship student at Danube International School Vienna. Hence, I am in particular familiar with the IB curriculum and question style.

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Bijlessen Frans voor iedereen van elk niveau met Céline
Onze dochter voelde zich op haar gemak bij Celine. De ideale basis om Frans te leren.
Review by AN R.
Italian language and culture
Excellent, very polite, very organized and methodical. The course is very pleasant and fruitful.
Review by IOULIA T.
Cécile is a professional teacher with a personal approach. Besides being a very friendly person, her teaching is absolutely worth recommending.
Review by TIMON R.

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