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Learn InDesign for Book and Magazine making: Graphic Design Essentials
InDesign is a desktop publishing and page layout software application. It can be used to create works such as posters, flyers, brochures, magazines, newspapers, presentations, books and eBooks, but it is capable of much more. It is the industry-leading layout and page design software for print and digital media. Use it to create publications, books, and types of print and layout projects. Further, the tool has started to be more commonly used for some digital design projects as well including PDFs, slideshows, banner ads, social media images, or YouTube preview tiles You will learn layouts, visual language, and the importance of grids in graphic design. By the end of the lesson, you will know how to create a poster and export it for printing.

French lessons (school support, for adults)
My French course has three approaches varying according to the objective you are aiming for. - The first approach is aimed at secondary II students (college, business school, etc.) and is centered on in-depth learning of grammar (Grevisse method) and on the analysis and history of literature. - The second approach is aimed at secondary I students and consists of remedying certain academic shortcomings by a method aimed above all at giving the student back the pleasure of reading, writing and understanding how the language works. The third approach is for people whose mother tongue is not French and who wish to improve their ability to communicate. This learning mainly involves conversation exercises and the setting up of educational games.

Private lesson in Mathematics - French - English
Graduated with a general baccalaureate with an expert mathematics option, I am able to give lessons until the second year of college. I am very pedagogue, and it often happened to me to help my comrades during my schooling. From his years when I made my knowledge available, I got a good capacity for popularization while omitting any detail necessary for a deep understanding of the subject discussed. I am sincerely indulgent towards the students, knowing the sensitivities and the different approaches that we all have towards this subject, and I would then be happy to share our understandings with my future students! I also give French and English lessons for the cycle, being comfortable in writing and speaking in both languages.

INTUITIVE TAROT COURSE 👼👼👼👼👼 Be True Reader 🎴🎴🎴🎴🎴🎴🎴🎴 👉 Only learning the meaning of Tarot card is not enough 👉 You have to develop your intuition 🎯🎯🎯🎯🎯🎯🎯 Here we designed a course that also develops your chakra 🔯🔯🔯🔯🔯🔯 ⚠️ Intensive Training on predicting the card as well as awake upper chAkra to see the complete insight of query. 🌀🌀 One and only course to become a *True Reader 🪔 Join our million dollar 💰 Super Predictive 🎴 TAROT COURSE🎴

Tailor-made music lessons / for beginners - by music teacher
Hi there! Are you a beginner in the music world and would you like to learn and understand music? Then I'd love to help you with that! During the lessons we will work with reading notes, rhythmic exercises, hearing exercises, dictation, singing lessons, etc... I myself am a music teacher in secondary education (bachelor in music education) and I am also very passionate about music. Let's get started together. I'd love to hear from you!

Learn how to draw and paint from a practicing fine artist
I am a fine artist specialising in painting with over ten years experience and training from the prestigious Slade School of art. I can provide expert tutoring in all areas of fine art painting including oil acrylic and watercolours as well as observational and life drawing. Having studied history and art history at the university of Bristol I am also able to tutor in the wider theory surrounding historical and contemporary painting if needed. I am able to teach any level from primary through to GCSE's and A-Levels and beyond.

Oriental Arabic music lessons / Oud lessons / موسيقى عربية 😊🎶 تعليم آلة العود
I propose to give you lessons at all levels of vocalization and Oud / or arab musical training. I am available every day and come to your home at your convenience. Depending on the level and age of the students, the duration of my lessons vary between 30 minutes, 1 hour and 1 hour 30 minutes.

Valerie Mbigna
Violin and Viola lessons for all levels and age in Zurich
I'm an Italian professional violinist graduated in the Hochschule der Künste in Zürich. I offer lessons for anyone who want to learn or improve their skills in playing the violin or viola. It is open to individuals of all age categories, from kids to adults. The lessons focus on allowing students to have fun while making music and expressing themselves through their instrument. I adapts the pace, materials, and choice of songs to each student's requests and needs. The classes can also serve as personal work support, where students can bring in their own scores from their main class or chamber orchestra. I has over 8 years of experience, is able to teach beginner to advanced level students, and can communicate in Italian, English and German.

Spaanstalige geeft Spaanse en Engelse lessen voor kinderen.
I am a Spanish native speaker and also english and I understand dutch . I am 17 years old. I have experience in teaching children. I would make this classes in a dinamic, fun , playfull... way of learning. I am sure your children will love it!!!!

Spanish teacher in a friendly atmosphere
Hello friends☺ I am Yoann student in Latin American Hispanic M1 and graduated from an English/Spanish LEA. It is with great joy that I see myself being your tutor and sharing with you my knowledge of the Spanish language as well as its culture, apart from Latin American culture, in a friendly atmosphere. Being used to giving Spanish lessons, I am a flexible and patient person and at the same time a pedagogue. Are you planning a trip to one of the Spanish-speaking countries? and don't know where to turn for help? Or do you want to improve your Spanish for a job promotion? I'm here to help you progress 😉 Nos vemos muy pronto los amigos ☺

Student at EPFL, I offer math and science courses in general, up to university level
I obtained my bachelor's degree at EPFL in microtechnology almost 2 years ago and I am currently in robotics, in the last year of my master's degree at EPFL. During my course, I was a student assistant in several 1st and 2nd year courses. At the beginning, I will ask you to tell me what you did not understand in your course, it can be very specific or on the contrary, general. Then we'll try to apply the theory to exercises to see if you really understood all the concepts. If so, so much the better, and if not, we'll do the exercise together and I'll try to put you on the right track. You can write to me without further ado before a lesson, so that I can prepare a little for the upcoming session. I can give math lessons up to a university level and/or science in general.

Online or at-home Modern Greek Courses for Adults and Students
Hi! My name is Stavie, or Stavroula in Greek, and as native speaker I can help you discover this amazing language. This course is for anyone who wants to learn Greek as an extra skill, admires Greek culture, or simply has a Greek partner or friend they want to communicate better with. At the first course we will discuss your needs and ambitions as well as your Greek level, if any, and set the course's goals for you. Please note that the courses will be taught in English, since I am a bilingual Greek-English speaker. As a native speaker I am attracted to teaching because it allows me to discover and develop my new skills, while also allowing me to share my knowledge with others. Additionally, I can assist elementary students with their Greek homework. Looking forward to meeting you and being part of your Greek learning journey! In case you have any questions before booking a course with me, do not hesitate to contact me.

Private Piano lessons at home with a qualified pianist
Good morning! I am a Belgian-Costa Rican pianist. I studied at the Royal Academy of Music in London, at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels and at the Escuela Superior de Música Reina Sofía in Madrid. I am looking for new students for my piano studio. I can give lessons for beginners as well as lessons for more advanced levels. I speak Spanish, English and French.

Lessons for Violin/Viola for Beginners to Advanced (for Children and Adults) in Zurich
Hello, my name is Izabel and I play the viola professionally and work in Zurich Opernhaus as well as other orchestras. I also have more than 10 years of experience teaching the violin, the viola and music theory. I can speak fluent English, Bulgarian and French. I can also understand German, but cannot fluently communicate. I would be happy to work with you or your child at your home, or in my studio, as well as give an online course. My weeks are often quite flexible and I am happy to accommodate to your schedule whenever it is possible. It is an important step in one's development to seek the right guidance and to have a teacher who helps them develop and grow. I was lucky to have been taught by incredible teachers, but I also needed to create a specialised way of practicing for myself, which I soon realised could help many others get through the difficulties of learning the stringed instrument. If you are interested in my course, please reach out and be sure that you will not regret it. All the best, Izabel

Cours particuliers collège / lycée - Aide aux devoirs
Étudiant de 18 ans en école de commerce à Lille, je vous propose un accompagnement scolaire, global ou sur certaines matières (à définir lors de notre premier échange). Sérieux et rigoureux, je peux également proposer un soutien méthodologique. Selon vos souhaits, mon aide peut être apportée en présentiel ou à distance. Je suis disponible, mon emploi du temps flexible me permettra de m'adapter à vos contraintes. N'hésitez pas à me contacter, réponse rapide garantie.

Math GCSE for Secondary students and Test Prep Tutoring
Math, as I'm sure you know, is essential for every day but also because your next steps rely on doing well. Even though I did great at maths GCSE, I found it challenging to learn the way my teachers taught it. This was the same at college and university. Everybody learns differently and that's why I am here to help - I know how hard it can be. At the start, we will go through past papers together to highlight the skills that need developing whilst improving on your strengths - in a way that suits the way you learn best. This way we can clearly see progress and where we need to target the learning. We will do more than just learn the content, we will ensure you understand it and how to apply it in your exam. I've done this method with a few people before, and for myself... it's worked wonders. It's not just about what grade you get, this will be about improving and understanding the content and how you can feel the most confidence, going into your exam. For parents/guardians: I would love to have a conversation, so we can discuss the best steps forward!

French tutoring and language practice for all levels
Hi! My name is Marie and I am a native French speaker, offering classes for all levels. Whether you are preparing for an exam, wanting to develop you language skills or trying to catch up on your school homework, we can make lessons work for you. I have a collection of personalisable course material at my disposal, extracted from recent example of French-speaking culture, to use as a starting point for each class. It could be either short videos, news articles, book extracts, depending on your level, your interests, and your goals. From this, we will be able to work on all four language competencies: written and oral comprehension, as well as written and oral expression. And who knows, we might even be able to find you a penpal to practice you newly acquired skills. Book now for session with me!

Hello dear parents, My name is Lucille, I'm French, and I offer my services as a TEACHER FRENCH CLASSES and sensitization, familiarization for BABIES, KIDS and TEENAGERS: my classes are made from babies from 4 months to 14 years old. Workshop to 1h/2h/3h. From September 2023. Classes will be done at your home, alone or in little groups. I'm certified in Sciences education and in Fine-Arts, I've also experienced working in a Montessori school with kids from 0 to 6 years old. Considering your child's age, a few activities will be offered to him/her : singing, manual activities, cooking, reading stories, games, acting, motricity, playing with puppets, oral and written understanding, oral communication and writing, grammar, etc. You can reach me by message if you need more information, I'm at your disposal. A bientôt !

Violin- und Viola Unterricht + Improvisation, Folks, Neue Musik
Geige oder Bratsche lernen für Anfänger und Fortgeschrittene - mit Freude und Verstand. Im Unterricht erlernen wir grundlegende und/oder erweiterte Techniken, spielen nach Gehör und lernen, mit musikalischem Text umzugehen, klatschen, singen und spielen zusammen, sprechen über individuelle Probleme und Perspektiven und diskutieren über Musik. Das Ziel ist das eigene Kreativität kennenzulernen und dabei professionelle Fähigkeiten zu erwerben. Mit AnfängerInnen können wir gerne Noten lernen, improvisieren und zusammen komponieren. Für Fortgeschrittene und professionelle MusikerInnen biete ich einen Kurs für erweiterte moderne Techniken an, sowie Hilfe im standarten und zeitgenössischen Repertoire. Ich beschäftige mich mit Musik von mehreren Stilen, von klassische bis zum Folks; im Focus steht aber Ihre Wahl und Interesse.

Private lesson in French. Private literature course.
Graduate student in literature (literary baccalaureate, modern literature license, and comparative literature master in progress), I offer an individualized pedagogy; help in preparing for questions or exams, as well as help with homework. I am patient, pedagogue and kind. My goal is to make the student progress without overloading him, and in the best case, to make him love this subject! If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact me! :)

Group Dance Lessons - Rock 'n' Roll / Acrobatic Rock / Slow Fast
Group lessons in 4-stroke Rock 'n' Roll, Acrobatic Rock and Slow Rapide are aimed at people of all ages and all levels (beginner / intermediate / advanced). The Slow Rapide classes are a creation of our school and will allow you to discover a new, more dynamic form of slow, allowing you to dance to modern and rhythmic music. The quality of our lessons, as well as prices adapted to your expectations, are our priorities! Guaranteed atmosphere during evenings that will allow you to put your knowledge into practice with enthusiasts of all levels.

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Bijlessen Frans voor iedereen van elk niveau met Céline
Onze dochter voelde zich op haar gemak bij Celine. De ideale basis om Frans te leren.
Review by AN R.
Nederlandse, Spaanse en/ of Engelse les op elk gewenst niveau
Een aardige lerares die op een een duidelijke manier les uitleg geeft op al je vragen. Daarnaast is ze erg positief ingesteld waarbij ze mij vooral heeft gemotiveerd om mijn best te doen voor spaans. Een aanrader!
Review by MOUNA A.
Italian language and culture
Excellent, very polite, very organized and methodical. The course is very pleasant and fruitful.
Review by IOULIA T.

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