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Individually-tailored Chemistry Lessons in English
Hello all! I love facilitating learning and I've been tutoring, mentoring, and teaching off and on since 2004. My subject area expertises are chemistry and mathematics. I obtained my Bachlelors degree in the two in 2011 and my Ph.D. in Chemistry in 2018.  I was an instructer of record for a 1 unit chemistry supplemental instruction course in chemistry my bachelors and I was quite lucky to be involved as a mentor in the Posse program during my Ph.D. mentoring young student leaders in a science cohort.  Looking forward to taking new students step by step in to subject area survival or mastery. 

I give drum lessons, music theory and rhythmic music theory for all ages and levels
I give lessons in drums, music theory and rhythmic music theory for all ages and levels Holder of a Diploma in Musical Studies from the Conservatory of Matera - Italy in Jazz Drums, student at the HEMU of Lausanne in Jazz. I offer personalized lessons according to your desires and needs. I have several years of teaching experience, privately and in music schools with children, adults and people with disabilities.

Piano lessons, classical repertoire, jazz standards, composing and improvising on the piano
Through my courses I will teach all levels of piano playing. My approach will consist of forming an individual repertoire according to each student's needs. In case that students want to integrate piano lessons with composing, that is also something I would strongly encourage, since piano is the most frequently used instrument for composing music.

English lessons for all levels - aim to become comfortable speaking and overcome the fear of the French accent
Hello to you. I am a research master's student in English, and have just returned from a teaching assignment in the United States. I propose to help you in your learning of English, through practice and oral exercises, which will be based on different types of media (videos, music, films, podcasts, books and comics). I can also offer you written practice, to help you reinforce your theory, and help you with your general understanding of English. I can also offer you an apprenticeship in the cultures of the English-speaking world, in particular the United States and the United Kingdom, if that is your wish. My goal is to help you enjoy speaking English, and overcome your fears of speaking it in public. The teaching of English in France leads most students to fear the gaze of others when it comes to their pronunciation and their accent, when this is the least of the problems. The important thing is to be able to both make yourself understood and to clearly understand English-speaking interlocutors.

Undergraduate Psychology Tutoring from a Russell Group Teaching Associate
I am an experienced Psychology tutor, with a doctorate in Psychology, and teaching experience since 2015 across two Russell Group universities. Through Apprentus, I offer: - One-to-one tutorials across a wide range of topics in undergraduate psychology. - Assistance with essay and coursework writing skills. I currently teach on a research methods and statistics module, however, I have substantial experience in assigning, marking and moderating examinations, essays and research reports across many areas, including clinical psychology, developmental psychology, neuroscience, perception and statistics. This has given me a deep understanding on how to succeed across the whole spectrum of assessments in undergraduate psychology. I offer a particular focus on essay and practical report writing skills, as I am keenly aware of how integral these skills are to achieving a high grade at this level. Additionally, for anyone who is currently struggling to 'gain their footing' at university-level, we can spend time discussing exactly how to get to grips with your classes, course material, revision and assignments - "learning how to learn" is a vital building block for your university success. Psychology is a fascinatingly broad subject, and I will tailor my tutorials to suit your needs.

Mathematics and Physics Lessons for all levels in English
I am an Aeronautical Engineer from Spain. I give personalized classes of Mathematics and Physics for all levels (from elementary school to university). The possibility of giving support in other courses can be discussed with a previous review of the material to guarantee a high quality of the lessons! The language can be in English or Spanish. Meetings before the beginning of the lessons are of course welcome! It is important we get to know each other and feel confident!

Mathematics, physics, chemistry for 5/6th secondary students
The scientific branches can be a problem for students of 5/6th secondary. Thanks to my time at Collège Saint-Pierre de Jette (a school renowned for its scientific section in Brussels) and from my first 3 years at the Ecole Polytechnique in Brussels, I think I am able to understand and be able to explain in more appropriate terms a subject that may seem complicated at first sight.

Acting and Audition Coaching and drama exam preparation
I am a professional & experienced writer, actor, theatre director & theatre manager. I am also an experienced teacher and learning facilitator. I have acted and directed at The Bristol Old Vic Theatre, The RSC, The Birmingham Rep and ran my own theatre company in Birmingham for several years. I can help you discover your performance potential, prepare for auditions, help you overcome the obstacles to your acting success and give you increased confidence. I am happy to run sessions at my home or on line and tailored to your needs in terms of duration and frequency. One booster session or a series over several weeks - your choice. Get in touch if you are ready for change.

Jean Delincé
Les fondamentaux de la musique populaire: une méthode naturelle
J'enseigne la musique à ceux qui le désirent. Cela veut dire que mon cours s'adressent à des personnalités ou à des besoins assez différents. D'une part, je peux vous introduire aux fondamentaux de la musique voire adopter un style "classique" visant le développement de l'aspect technique et la construction d'une culture musicale. D'autre part, j'apprécie également que les possibilités "expressives" de la musique soient intégrées par les apprentis, surtout par ceux qui peuvent rencontrer un blocage dans le style de jeu, l'improvisation ou l'écriture. A propos de l'écriture, je peux introduire à la chanson d'une manière assez peu contraignante qui permet assez rapidement d'être créatif et qui s'adresse également aux "vrais débutants". J'essaie de travailler en fonction de la personne donc vous pouvez discuter librement de vos projets musicaux!

Daniel Nathan
English, Afrikaans Language & Conversational Tutoring
English might not be your native language but it does increase (your) chance of creating a better career. Yet again, most businesses & prosperous opportunities are in this global language. My personal experience is that we all can comfortably communicate in English and create more human connections. Come have fun and get educated. Knowledge is power!

Singing classical/POP, breathing technique, articulation, bel canto
I teach breathing technique, correct articulation, correct sound production, vowel formation, Italian school - bel canto, warm-up, support in the selection of the repertoire, help with rehearsal of the existing repertoire from classical to pop

English lessons by a native English speaker and English teacher at a primary school and a college
Hello! I have been teaching English at all levels for 5 years and I have been teaching English in primary and middle school for 2 years. I aim to make my students want to learn English well. It is through interesting methods like games, activities, videos and music. I adapt my methodology according to the level, needs and goals of the students. All of my students learn easily and at a fast pace and they love my classes. Contact me to learn English while having fun! In addition I give a discount if I teach more than one student at the same time.

The French language: FLE French as a foreign language.
You will learn the French language and you will be able to speak this incredible language and understand it easily, because we will work on all areas of a language, phonetics, grammar .... The method is the book Editorial .

I give lessons in all areas to help all students in need.
I am at the school of general culture in Monthey in the second year, and I would be available to help anyone in need, the courses being adapted to everyone, I will adapt to everyone's learning so that everyone can learn at their own pace without any stress.

Soutien scolaire en philosophie, tutorat ou aide aux devoirs
Étudiante en Licence 3 Philosophie, je vous propose des cours dynamiques et personnalisés comme soutien scolaire, tutorat ou aide aux devoirs. Passionnée de la philosophie et son enseignement, je vous aiderai à travailler vos difficultés et exploiter vos capacités tout en étant attentive à vos intérêts. Un attention particulière sera prêtée à la méthodologie.

KS3 to GCSE STEM Tutoring and Lesson To Help Fully Understand the Concepts Taught at School
Tutoring can help strengthen subject comprehension, boost confidence, and build important learning skills. This gives students individualized attention that they don’t get in a crowded classroom. This is designed for those who struggle to keep up, as well as those who aren’t challenged enough. It also keeps students on track during breaks from school, such as during March Break, or during the summer. The main aspects of this course will mainly be going over topics where there is a lack of understanding and going over them until they are fully understood. There is the oppurtunity to go through extra work related and if requested, above and beyond the students required level.

Cours particuliers en maths et physique pour niveau lycée, gymnase, collège
Salut! Je m'appelle Reda et je suis en première année à l'EPFL. Au cours de ce dernier semestre, j'ai pu apprendre et maîtriser un bon nombre de cours axés sur l'analyse mathématique, ainsi que sur l'algèbre et la physique, dispensés par des professeurs qui m'ont bien équipé afin de transmettre ce savoir de manière claire et concise. J'aimerais aider les étudiants à mieux comprendre ces cours, comme je l'ai fait avec certains de mes camarades de classe, ce qui m'a permis d'acquérir l'expérience nécessaire permettant d'assurer des cours particuliers. Ma moyenne jusqu'à présent dans ce semestre : 5,32/6 Faites moi savoir si vous avez des questions!

Data Sciences and intelligent Modelling with R and Python
Data Science and AI are the most demanded fields in the UK and worldwide. With more than 20 years of experience, the class will cover all the models and techniques using SPSS, R and Python code. The class will enable people to start their career in data science as well. Wish you all the best.

Jin Hui
Chemistry PhD student at Imperial College London. Friendly, patient and eager to teach
I am a PhD student studying Chemistry at Imperial College London. I like helping students understand concepts and improve their grades, which is why I signed up to be a tutor. During my A-level years, I was also selected as a Chemistry mentor to assist one of my peers. This reinforced my understanding of A-level Chemistry, and was a valuable teaching experience. It was especially rewarding to see my peer's grade improving from a D during the preliminaries to a B for A levels. I have also been tutoring A-level student throughout my undergraduate studies, and have been in charge of delivering university tutorial lessons.

Language courses for students and/or adult beginners (English and German)
As a third year language student, I have been studying English and German for many years; I offer this course so that you can improve your English and/or German. I will accompany you in your progress by addressing the points that cause you the most difficulty.

Fathima Sumaiya
11+ and GCSE Maths test preparation and challenges
Challenges for every lesson of topics for maths. More exercises , Activities, more practices for past papers and tests. And I give additional maths work link for month trial work. Exam preparation and I giving more hard work to do more easily and workout.

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Bijlessen Frans voor iedereen van elk niveau met Céline
Onze dochter voelde zich op haar gemak bij Celine. De ideale basis om Frans te leren.
Review by AN R.
Nederlandse, Spaanse en/ of Engelse les op elk gewenst niveau
Een aardige lerares die op een een duidelijke manier les uitleg geeft op al je vragen. Daarnaast is ze erg positief ingesteld waarbij ze mij vooral heeft gemotiveerd om mijn best te doen voor spaans. Een aanrader!
Review by MOUNA A.
Italian language and culture
Excellent, very polite, very organized and methodical. The course is very pleasant and fruitful.
Review by IOULIA T.

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