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Recently Posted Private Classes

English lessons from a native speaker (beginner, advanced)
Hello, if you are interested in learning the English language, just wanting to practice your speaking or having some help on your studies/homework, then I can help you to improve your spoken and written level. I'm a native English speaker living in France. I am available either at my home or via video lessons online

English Lessons, Tuitions and Conversation Hours Provided by British Native Speaker
I am a native English speaker born and brought up in London, UK, and I also have experience in teaching English in a classroom setting to school children in Tanzania. My aim is to make learning and improving your English as comfortable and stress-free as possible, cater to your needs. Given this, my classes are aimed at those who want to improve their English in a relaxed environment, either through traditional teaching methods or in a more casual conversation hour context. I endeavor to make my classes suitable for people of all skill levels.

Native speaker offering English conversation/ grammar lessons
I am an English graduate from Dublin, Ireland. I am offering one-one private lessons in conversation English as well as lessons in grammar and structure. My lessons are for students/ adults of all abilities. The lessons are flexible and are designed to suit the needs of the student.

General and Business English lessons with a native speaker
Hello! I specialise in teaching general and business English to adult learners who want to improve their employability, get that promotion, boost their confidence and increase their level of fluency while having fun in a positive, energetic atmosphere. Each one of my lessons is tailored specifically to the objectives of my students. I assign homework that is in line with the content covered during class to ensure that each student's ongoing, private study is relevant to what they want to achieve. I also provide my students with regular progress reports that correspond to the CEFR guidelines.

English Classes with Canadian Student, for all ages
I am a Canadian student living in Dijon, available weekdays and weekends for private English classes. I am a native English speaker, with lessons designed to improve your fluency, conversational skills, vocabulary and grammar. I have experience tutoring in Italy children from the ages of 3-12 in English as a second language and tutoring French as a second language in Canada.

English,Deutsch and Arabic instructor for your baby.
Hi my dear student.I'm your instructor to have the best experience in foreign languages learning.we will have a mixture of interesting and funny learning. You can start to change your whole life by communicating with people by their own tongue.I will be in Nice for around one and half month which is a great duration to meet you and start our lessons in September, 2018.Waiting for you.

María Florencia
Private English lessons by graduated Language and Literature English Teacher
I am a Language and Literature English teacher graduated from the National University of La Plata, located in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I have been working as a teacher in a bilingual secondary school for more than three years, and I have plenty of experience with different age groups by working at private English institutes and giving personalized tutoring at home. As we live in a globalized society, I am aware of the importance of technology in relation to communication. So I usually make use of the computer and/or cellphone by watching and analyzing videos, playing online games, listening to songs, among others. Learning a language should be fun and dynamic. So as a consequence, I believe it is fundamental for the student to be exposed to a wide variety of text genres. I will be able to tailor my classes according to the student's needs and preferences (homework, extra material, tastes, availability, etc.) When it comes to me, I love traveling and taking pictures around the world. And for the moment, I am planning to live in Lyon as of July 2018.

English lessons with native speaker living and working in Versailles.
I have 5 years of experience teaching children and adults English in a private setting, both in persona and via videoconferencing software. I take a relaxed approach, and focus on conversation and spoken English, using grammar points to aid when needed. I also speak French fluently, so although I prefer to carry out lessons in English, I can always explain difficult points in French when needed!

Private English lessons provided by native English speaker
I am a native English speaker from Ireland with a completed Teaching English as a Foreign Language degree with 20 hours classroom experience . My goal is to help students feel more comfortable speaking the language and to work each week on a specific area which they would like to improve. This class is aimed at children, teenagers, students and adults who would like to acquire a better level of English.

Relaxed, Fun and Professional Guitar Lessons - Michael.
My name is Michael and I'm from New Zealand (living in Paris). I'm offering lessons in guitar (acoustic/electric), songwriting, music theory and sound engineering. I hold a bachelor's degree in musical arts (majoring in guitar) and have seven years experience teaching music, working with both children and adults. My lessons are fun and tailored to suit the needs and learning goals of each individual student. Customer References: “Michael has the perfect temperament and communication style for teaching.” - Kirstin Curtis “He helps each student foster their own individual direction with enthusiasm.” - Jeni Pelvin “Michael is encouraging and the most awesome guitar teacher ever!” - Moss (aged 9) “He is a great guitar teacher and Alex looks forward to lessons every week.” - Lauren Paebenga “He relates really well to kids and ensures they have fun and learn lots.” - Lisa Bradford “Michael is a patient and enthusiastic teacher. I would highly recommend him.” - Viwa Mara

Isabel Lawlor
Spanish and English classes - conversation, development and test preparation - ALL ages and levels
I am half Irish half Spanish so I speak both languages fluently. I have given classes to all ages in both these languages before with great results. I am happy to teach through games, conversation or formal exam preparation. I can give classes at my location or travel. I am available from now until the start of July and am happy to give classes a few days a week if necessary. My french is of a high standard so there won't be any communication issues. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask!

American English Teacher For All Ages in Léhon/Dinan
Native English American All ages levels Great with kids teens as well All starting levels of English are accepted I have many years of experience with teaching young children and teenagers. I have had 5 years experience teaching adults in private lessons.

Statistics, Research methods, Marketing Research, SPSS, STATA
PhD Lecturer, 9 years experience teaching business, economics and statistics, experienced private tutor and business school instructor, guaranteed best results i offer help with university courses including marketing, research methods, management and finance, interactive tools to master statistical software Spss, Stata and Gretl.

English lessons available in Sanary-sur-Mer for adults.
I am a native english speaker currently living in Sanary sur Mer. I am currently learning French so can only take on students with a fairly competent level of english that they wish to improve. I have taught in London for several years alongside studying a BA and MA in Anthropology. I like to meet any new students prior to beginning formal teaching in order to assess their needs and give me chance to plan future lessons.

Speak French and/ or English! Focus on communication
French native, I am half English so speak both laguages perfectly. I can offer French and English private lessons depending on your needs, whether you need to learn French or improve your English! Communication is key, this is something I always insist on as you need to feel comfortable and confident enough to speak another language. My lessons are very entertaining and focus on oral communication to make sure it is as practical as it can get.

Private piano lessons and help with English for everyone
Having a musical education is very important. Studies have shown that being able to play an instrument increases the capacity of your memory, enhances your coordination, improves reading and comprehension skills, sharpens concentration, elevates performance, relieves stress and even betters mathematical abilities. Practicing might be a struggle, but I can say from my personal experience(and I believe I speak on behalf of every musician), it is totally worth it. I've been playing the piano for more than ten years; after having successfully graduated from a music school, I decided not to drop my practice. That's why I'm giving affordable piano lessons to all who desire, and I make sure both parties enjoy the hard process of learning:) As a benefit, I give my lessons in English, so the students can also practice their language abilities, as it also matters for personal development. I only have experience with teaching children, but I'm sure anyone with open-mind can learn, no matter the age! I have a pretty flexible schedule(as I'm also a student), and can move to anywhere in Paris region and will do best to meet your expectations!

Private French lessons for 1 or 2 in the Antibes area
Learn real French, as spoken in the street, in shops or at work. The lessons are based on actual communication in French. Imagine you met a French person who didn't speak or understand English, and you had to communicate... how would it go? maybe it would be difficult? especially at first?... Thankfully I am used to this situation and have many techniques to overcome the difficulties of the language barrier: 1) I always use a whiteboard to illustrate my explanations. It may not seem like much but the use of pictures to illustrate an explanation makes it so much clearer! It also stimulates the imagination and increases students Pictionary skills. 2) A great deal of miming enters the communication. A student who wants to talk about his pet parakeet but doesn't know the French word "perruche" will have fun acting like a bird, imitating cage bars with his fingers, chirping merrily... When I finally understand what he is doing, I happily shout out the word PERRUCHE! as if I had just won a game. The student is happy he managed to make himself understood, and all the miming and effort will act as a powerful stimulant for his memory. 3) So in lessons we use miming, drawing, and also ... talking!! I love to teach students to use French words they already know in order to discover new French words. Students often know I'm bilingual so if they don't know a word, for example "beginning" in French, they will ask me "comment dit-on beginning en Français". So I look dumb and I ask them "C'est quoi BEGINNING? (What is BEGINNING?). And I always use a strong French accent on the English word to emphasise the fact I DON'T SPEAK ENGLISH!! They often laugh at my reaction and search for ways to explain. Sometimes they have difficulties to explain, so I help them. Yesterday my eleven-year-old student was at a loss, but I showed him he could simply use the opposite « La Fin » (the end) to make me understand he is searching for « Le Début » (the beginning). Lessons are lively, interactive and effective. A vous de jouer !

Arabic language, learn how to cook very tasty arabic meals for beginner and advanced. learn arabic calligraphy
i can teach you Arabic as am a native speak of Arabic and have studies the Arabic language in the university besides to my studies in English literature. My goal is to make the learner able to speak arabic and understand it, in either formal "fusHa" or slang. the classes that i give varies from, grammer, new vocabularies, and pronunciation. I can teach you some classes in Arabic calligraphy too.

Private English tutoring/ Tutorat en anglais (All ages and levels)
I am a native English speaker, with a degree in Geography from Lancaster University. I am offering one to one private tuition in English. I am able to teach spoken and written English focusing on grammar, sentence structure, pronunciation, conversational and reading skills. I will adapt lessons according to individual needs and wants. If you have any questions, please send me a message! Bonjour! Je suis Anglaise, avec un baccalaureate en géographie, de Lancaster University. J'offre des cours privés en anglais. Je peux enseigner l'anglais parlé et écrit, en me concentrant sur la grammaire, la structure de phrases, la prononciation, la conversation et la lecture. Je vais adapter les cours en fonction des besoins individuels. Si vous avez des questions, m'envoyer un message!

Chinese tutorial class for kids, teenagers or adults
- Chinese or English one to one tutorial - come from Hong Kong - native Chinese speaker; fluent in English and fair French. - 4 years experience in giving private lessons on languages to kids and teenagers - practical and skilful teaching

English as a Second Language Lessons - Focus on Speaking
As a native speaker and experienced English teacher with a TESOL qualification (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages), my specialty is English tuition which tailors lessons to the student's individual needs and goals. Whether your motivation to learn English is professional, travel-related or simply conversational, I am ready to adapt the learning to best suit your aims and abilities. My primary focus is to help you succeed in English through discussion-based lessons using a variety of medium and learning aids. Depending on what you would like to achieve, the classes can be structured to help with more formalised exam preparation and professional goals, or can be organised more casually to simply improve conversational skills. I offer tuition in all aspects of the language including speaking, pronunciation, listening, writing, grammar and understanding of different native accents. I approach all lessons in an immersive way as I believe that maximum exposure to the target language is the best way to learn.