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Recently Posted Private Classes

Piano lessons in the comfort of your home with lesson times arranged to suit your schedule.
Piano lessons in the comfort of your home with lesson times arranged to suit your schedule. Luke teaching career started in 2016 in Czech republic where he founded the music school called Lastwin's School of Liberal Arts. The reason for the foundation of this school was individuality and to prove that music can be devoted to any age. "I am multi genre music composer and piano player. I was studying Conservatory of Prague as a composer, making own concerts and music projects in Czech republic or Germany. After studying I founded own music school called Lastwin's School based in Prague. I am teaching adults and children. My and our school's teaching methods are based on individuality, I teach piano and guitar playing and improvisation in lots of music genres depends in interests of every students.

teaches special English course for all levels
My classes are both very structured but also free. Once I determine what the student needs to work, I use several original methods that give real progress on each part of IELTS. This progress is then used to improve the missing skills because after all, the IELTS is an integrated exam: ie the skills in one of the subjects (speaking, reading and listening) and written expression (writing tasks 1 and 2)) have a synergy that is not unrelated to the other parts of the exam. My classes are neither easy nor for beginners of the English language but for those who hope to integrate an English speaking university with a "band score" of 6.5 minimum.

Inspiring English Lessons Designed Specifically For You
If you are reading this, then you have already taken the first step in achieving your goal to master the English language! If you want to speak English in its true form, then there is nothing better than learning it from an indigenous English person. I am a TEFL qualified instructor from the United Kingdom teaching clients ranging from students looking to broaden their job prospects, to adults who just wish to learn English as a personal goal, to business professionals who need English to progress in their careers. Due to my international financial and professional services career in Europe and London, I am particularly strong in teaching English for business. My qualifications include a degree and a recent masters in environmental/agricultural sciences together with other professional qualifications. Private lessons with me are inspiring, varied and fun and most importantly tailored to each person’s individual needs and aspirations whether they be beginners, intermediate or advanced learners. If you are driven and want to get ahead in English, then please do contact me for a chat in order to assess your needs. I look forward to working with you to achieve your goal!

Spanish or English classes. Puedo ayudarte con el español o el inglés.
Soy profesor en la uni, y también puedo dar clases de conversación de todos los niveles. Las clases serán divertidas, basadas en conversación o intercambio de idiomas. Also I can help you with English, as I am C1 Cambridge certified. Even you can write your own letters and I will correct them.

Spanish and / or English course: Primary, College, High School
L3 student in LEA (Foreign Languages Applied) English-Spanish offers an individualized pedagogy, help with the preparation of exams and courses for those who want to start learning English and / or Spanish. My goal is to advance the student. I give homework during and after class (to do at home). This course is for everyone. The goal is to learn or better understand English and / or Spanish. The course consists of two parts (duration 1h). The first is the lesson part: reminders, grammar, conjugation, methodology for writing exercises. Then the exercises part, the exercises can vary according to your level: grammar, conjugation, writing, comment of text, translation. Those who wish will be able to choose 15 to 30 minutes more for the oral one (it will be a time of exchange in the foreign language on a chosen topic or a simple dialogue between you and me). And finally, there will be several evaluations (once every month) to evaluate your progress and if necessary to come back on some vague points.

Physic and Mathematics from school level to Masters level
I got my bachelors in Mathematics, physics and chemistry and later I got Masters in physics from Indian institute of technology Bombay, Mumbai and also I got my second masters, Master of Technology in Functional Materials and Nanotechnology form Indian Institute of Technology Madras. My knowledge in physics varies from school level to master levels, like from basic concepts school level physics to advance topics such as classical mechanics, electromagnetic theory 1 and EMT2, quantum mechanics 1 and 2 ,thermodynamic and statistical physics, electronics and experimental methods , condensed matter physics, nuclear and particle physics . Depending upon the needs of the student and according to his syllabus and standards I am going to start from basics to the advanced topics. Coming to the mathematics part I will teach from basic school level to bachelors levels concepts such as algebra, analytical geometry, differential calculus, integral calculus, matrices, probability, trigonometry, vectors. Mathematical methods of physics (Dimensional analysis. Vector algebra and vector calculus. Linear algebra, matrices, Cayley-Hamilton Theorem. Eigenvalues and eigenvectors. Linear ordinary differential equations of first & second order,Special functions (Hermite, Bessel, Laguerre and Legendre functions). Fourier series, Fourier and Laplace transforms. Elements of complex analysis, analytic functions; Taylor & Laurent series; poles, residues and evaluation of integrals. Elementary probability theory, random variables, binomial, Poisson and normal distributions. Central limit theorem). * extra merits- I have cleared GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test Engineering is a national level engineering entrance examination). * Also cleared CSIR-JRF( Council of Scientific & Industrial Research -Junior Research Fellowship).

English language course with grammar, comprehension and composition
I teach english to beginners and intermediate level to school children and adults. I believe on practice and will be working on the subject of the student's level and needs. I will prepare the course for each class and will give exercises for homework.

Private French lessons (including reading) and homework help for all levels
Hello good night, My name is Lilou I am 16 years old I am in First scientist in European section English, so I speak fluent English and rather good Spanish. I have a little brother of 10 years old and little cousins from 6 to 12 years old, as well as brothers and sisters of friends who I help very often to do their homework, I can help in the main subjects as well as in English and in Spanish. I have already helped a lot of children to do their homework, I have been helping children with homework for part time at high school, with my family or with individuals, and that is always good past, I usually have good contact with children and I am rather pedagogue and very patient. I am very available so we will inevitably find niches together do not worry about that. Feel free to trust me for help with your children's homework! See you soon , Lilou

Homework help and tutoring in Maths, English, French (up to second level)
Hello, Condorcet high school student in Paris, I want to transmit all my knowledge acquired over the years to different student profiles, whether it is simply to build the bases or on the contrary to solidify them to achieve excellence. I can therefore easily adapt to each type of personality in the following subjects: English (pronunciation, grammar, oral expression), French (grammar, spelling, conjugation) and mathematics (up to the second program). The purpose of these courses is to meet your expectations perfectly. I will not allow myself to botch my explanations but rather to take my time with the student to make him understand my methods and advice that I will propose to succeed. It might even be easier for her to learn with someone close to her age. For more information, do not hesitate to contact me.

Russian language with native speaker (university professor)
I'm a certified English, French teacher and russian native speaker. I helped a lot of students with conversation, grammar, business language and exam preparation. I can guarantee that regular lessons and my experience in teaching will result in a significant increase in your ability to speak and understand the Russian language. I have experience to be a foreign student, that's why I understant which problems can have my students, what hesitates them. I love teaching English. Helping students discover the language is quite satisfying. During the first lesson with a student I carefully listen to their objectives and plan future lessons based on specific needs. I am the tutor, but the student is the boss! My lessons are challenging yet a lot of fun. I design customized role-playing exercises for each student. I particularly enjoy helping students to improve their business communication skills.

Piano lessons in Paris: pleasure, efficiency, simplicity!
Hello ! I offer piano lessons at your home in Paris for children and adults! A course of 2 hours to 6 hours recommended per week is ideal to progress effectively. Beginners: -We will work with a simple and effective method, to learn each lesson of new elements. -From the first class, you can start playing the piano. - Music theory will always be linked to the scores for a better understanding of the music. - Work between classes is desirable to get a good progression! Good news: It is not necessary to know the music theory to start the piano! Advanced: - We will discuss the piano repertoire in its different periods and styles. -We will talk about interpretation and working method. -We can prepare national and international competitions. The classes are held in a good mood and with a smile! Finally, I propose a meeting without commitment to discuss together your expectations and your desires. Sincerely,

Improve your english! Suitable for all levels and ages
Scriptwriter and journalist graduated in political science from the University of Bologna. Years of experience in private teaching. C2 (functionally native speaker) level certified from British Council (8,5/9 IELTS exam). Offering private English lessons for students of all ages and levels. I try to keep my lessons interesting by meeting students’ interests, hobbies, and passions when picking subjects to discuss. English, much like any other language, is first and foremost learned by using it to do what we like the most. Particularly suited for those seeking to improve their professional English and advanced writing skills. I can also help with specific tasks such as work-related presentation, job applications, and university level papers. Journaliste et scénariste diplômé en sciences politiques, avec des années d’expérience dans l’enseignement privé. Niveau C2 (niveau natif) certifié par le British council (8,5/9 IELTS EXAM). Je propose des leçons privées d’anglais pour des étudiants de tous âges et niveaux. J’essaie de rendre mes leçons intéressantes en choisissant des sujets en rapport avec les intérêts, les loisirs et les passions de l’étudiant. L’anglais, comme les autres langues, s’apprend en le pratiquant en rapport avec ce qu’on aime le plus. Particulièrement indiqué pour ceux qui veulent améliorer leur niveau d’anglais professionnel et leur capacité d’écriture avancée. Je peux aussi aider pour des objectifs spécifiques comme des présentations professionnelles, rédactions de CV en anglais et textes universitaires.

Doctor in Earth Sciences offering courses for all levels (school, college, high school, preparatory classes, university).
Doctor in Earth Sciences. I am available to teach science subjects (mathematics, physics-chemistry, SVT) and English. Learning method based on the understanding of statements and the development of synthesis skills.

Learn English in Basque Country: cours et traduction par professeur d'anglais natif
Titulaire d’un Master Science de l’Education spécialité langues (français) et mathématiques de l’université de Newcastle en Australie, j’ai travaillé pendant les deux dernières années comme professeur dans des lycées australiens. Je propose des cours particuliers ou de groupe de tous niveaux ainsi que des services de traduction.

Guitar lessons in Lyon and Villeurbanne with a teacher with more than 10 years of experience and 30 years of practice.
Hello, Guitar teacher for almost 10 years, I offer guitar lessons on Lyon and Villeurbanne based primarily on feeling and understanding, for any level and style (blues jazz rock metal rock etc) for adults and children from 8 years. Feel free to contact me for more information. Have a good day,

Native English speaker from Canada able to teach all levels of English. I am TEFL certified with lots of experience working with children. I am also Fluent in Russian and French and can babysit if needed. message for any questions or details.

English Language (Grammar, Conversation, Phonetics, Speech Writing, Proofreading, Interview preparations, Editing)
I am a native speaker of the English language, a teacher and a writer. I had all my studies in English and also studied the English language and Literature as a special course. Since my graduation in 2009, I have been teaching English. I specialise in teaching grammar, conversational English, speech, and Creative writing. I have taught adults/ children. My style of teaching is to have active conversations. I am available anytime you need to fix the lecture! Let's make learning fun! I have interest in languages! And so, I am in the position to understand both your hopes, difficulties and your frustrations. I have studied Latin, Greek, Hebrew and a little bit of German. I am presently in Paris, France; where I am learning the French language and as well, teaching the English language. I have also received a number of awards for my Poetry and Stories, all in English! Thanks.

Cours mathématique (primaire/collège/ Préparation BAC ES)
Etudiant en deuxième année de Licence de Gestion je serais ravi de donnais des cours de Mathématique de niveau primaire collège, lycée ou encore de préparation au Bac ES que j'ai obtenu avec mention très bien. J'ai déjà une expérience de 3 ans en cours particuliers du niveau primaire collège et terminale.

Graduate Master / Ancient Prep offers courses Math - Physics - Chemistry all level.
Having done a Baccalaureate option mathematics and a Preparatory Science Class at the Grandes Ecoles, I give physics and chemistry support courses for all levels. Very educational, being able to put me in the place of the student and explain things with words other than those of teachers, I always managed to transmit knowledge regardless of the difficulties encountered. I have already worked with many students (more than 200), from 6th to Terminale, all sections together, as well as some high in the upper. I move mostly in the South West of Paris and near suburbs.

Acoustic/Classical Guitar アコースティック/クラシックギター講師 アレンジ付き
Guitar lessons for beginner to intermediate. I’ll arrange any songs you want to play according to your skill. 初級から中級者の方々にギターを教えます。 弾きたい曲やリクエストがあればあなたに合わせたアレンジを楽譜にしてお渡しします。

Cours Particuliers
Étudiant en Batterie au conservatoire depuis 13 ans, je donne des cours pour tout niveau. Les cours se se déroulent selon les aspirations de l'élève. tout style de musique allant du Jazz au Metal, en passant par le Hip-Hop ou la World Music. Je peux aussi apprendre les bases du solfèges si besoin. Les cours se déroulent à mon domicile ou au domicile d l'élève Expérience pédagogique : J'ai commencé à donner mes premiers cours à partir de 16 ans, puis régulièrement et professionnellement depuis 2 ans. Notamment dans l’école de musique "Les Cévennes" Paris 15e. J'ai déjà formé une quinzaine d'élèves, dont certains jouent dans des groupes de musique en résultat de leur apprentissage. Curriculum Vitae : Diplôme de fin de 3e cycle obtenu avec félicitations à l'unanimité du jury. Depuis 2008 : Tournages de video-clips enregistrements studios Interviews presse, télé et radio nationales. Concerts et tournées internationales Supporté et félicité par : Jean-Marie Machado, Stéphane Huchard, Louis Moutin, Eric Echampard (Orchestre National de Jazz), Demon, Francis Lassus, Ibeyi, Kiala (Fela Kuti) Marc Buronfosse, DJ Greem (C2C), Linley Marthe, Charles "Lolo" Bellonzi (Claude Nougaro ; Sacha Distel ), Catt Moop (Moving Castle)... Depuis 2008 : -Tournages de vidéo-clips -Enregistrements studios -Interviews presse, télé et radio nationales. -Concerts et tournées internationales J'ai joué avec : Lucien & the kimono orchestra, Benares, White Line, Groove Evolution Project, Andrew Sisters Revival, Voltrain, Laurent Damont Funk Trio, Odette, The GIG, Toni, Orchestre Modernissimo, Tartar Label, Ángel Gabriel, TTT, Jason Ovelha, Laetitia A'Zou, Studio The Band..