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English for Adults, English as Second Language (ESL), English Students in Lorient, France
English Classes, private and group lessons available
I am a native English speaker and I have a degree in French and Theatre from NUIG, in Ireland. I currently give English classes in a French university. I offer one-to-one and groups classes for beginner up to advanced level students. The aim of the classes is to improve oral and written comprehension while at the same time exploring anglophone culture and literature. It is completely up to the student what they wish to cover. Conservation classes are also available.
English for Adults, English Students, English as Second Language (ESL) in Marseille, France

English lessons for teenagers and adults - Marseille
I am a native English speaker from Ireland living in Marseille. I have experience with both younger and older learners, however, I specialise in adult learners as I am a fully qualified CELTA teacher (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults). My goal is to get to know my students and teach them English that is relevant to their own life (be it conversational English, or business English). I am open to teaching all levels, as well as assigning homework and tests along with regular correction and progress reports.
Cours d'Anglais comme Deuxième Langue (ESL), Anglais, Espagnol à Millau, France

Spanish and English Tutoring for Adults & Children
I am offering one-on-one or group tutoring to people who would like to learn either Spanish or English, or both! I obtained my bachelor's degree in a Canadian university. I have experience tutoring students of 5 years of age and up. Languages connect the world - so why not learn as many as you can? :)
English for Students in Villenave-d'Ornon, France
Anglophone / NATIVE ENGLISH teacher - Lessons and Conversation classes
ENGLISH: I focus on teaching English (and/or French) to those who wish to prepare for exams (be it writing or oral), but also to those who wish to know more about the English culture while at the same time improving their language skills. FRENCH: Je me concentre sur l'enseignment de l'angais (et/ou le français) aux ceux qui préparent pour ses examens (soit à l'érict ou l'oral), mais aussi aux ceux quoi souhaite connaitre plus de ma culture anglaise en améliorant leur compétences linguistiques.
English for Adults, English as Second Language (ESL), English Students, German Adults, German Students, Music Theory, Music History, Piano in Montpellier, France
Piano classes for beginner/ intermediate in English
I have been playing the piano for over 12 years now. My teacher, a concert pianist, has taught me many ways of learning the piano and becoming a perfectionist in playing it. It has become an important matter to me, to not only be able to play the keys, rather to understand the music as well. For that I value music history and knowledge about the composer very highly. This is why I want my students to understand what they are playing as well. I will be able to teach them many techniques of learning and understanding the piano. I have lots of experience with teaching children (tutoring math and english, teaching gymnastics to children, teaching piano to children). I am very patient, but at the same time very ambitious. I hope to hear from you soon. Malin
English for Adults, English as Second Language (ESL), English Students in Aix-en-Provence, France
English conversation, exam preparation and grammar classes - beginners, intermediate and advanced
I am an exchange student at Sciences Po, studying at Durham University in the United Kingdom. I am happy to help anyone who is struggling with spoken or written English. I am friendly and approachable - expect interactive classes! I offer the following courses: - conversation - academic writing - English exam preparation (IELTS, Cambridge English, etc.) - helping with school homework
English as a Second Language (ESL), English Adults, English Students in Paris, France
English tutor seeking students in Paris! All ages welcome!
English tutor seeking students to teach! Available weekends and Wednesday evenings. All age! I can either come to your home or meet in a cafe to practice english. For younger children, I can tutor them at home or take them around the city on weekends and speak in English. I enjoy baking very much and we can speak in English whilst baking in the kitchen!
Yevheniia - Lyon, France

Russian Language and/or English for All ages, levels.
I'm from Dnipro, Ukraine, 18 years old, a student at SciencePo of Lyon 2. However I am also a native speaker of Russian language and I am fluent(C1 level) in English. I've been tutoring kids and students for two years now. I have lots of qualifications, mostly connected to English somehow(For instance, IELTS certificate of 2016) I am going to stay in Lyon for 1 year, but I am only available till January. I'm up for tutoring Russian or English for anyone who is interested. I mostly teach beginers, however if you've already studied Russian/English before, I'll be more then happy to change the lesson structure for you. The lesson structure' focus is to start learning Russian and learning about Russian/Ukrainian culture through the series of meetings, with the accent on speaking skills and reading skills(Cyrilic), with some bits of Grammar(as I know it might be quite a hard task for people speaking english). However, If you want to choose English, we would have to chose a course book that fits you best.
English as a Second Language (ESL) in Lille, France

English /Russian / Chinese Lessons in French or in any mentioned languages
I am specialized in English Philology, with an experience of work as with children so with adults . I prepare for each lesson individually , i can help with homework and also create a private program according to level . I have a DELF B2 certificate in french language , so there will be no problem for me to explain language principles in french. I have also done 3 years of Chinese classes and can teach you a strong basics that can provide you with a deep knowledge of a beginner classes. I have already a positive experience of teaching Chinese to an adult . As for Russian language it is my mother-tongue and I can provide a diverse tools to give you a profond knowledge of this language .
English as a Second Language (ESL), English Adults, English Students in Nantes, France

English language tutoring for beginners or for advanced students
I am a student at the University of Cambridge in Nantes for six months, looking to tutor English as well as help with English homework. I am happy to tutor people of all ages and levels, and can do so more casually, or more intensively, adapting to the level and requirements of the individual student. I also offer the option to study the English language with emphasis and arts and culture, as well as grammar and vocabulary.
French for Adults - FSL, English Adults, English Students in Paris, France
english, french & human sciences Get all the basics you need !
I'm a sociologist and I've been teaching english and french for ten years. I'm happy to help you according to your level and special needs. I'm used to work with students and adults of all level. I use different methodologies depending on your preferences; my goal is for you to feel at ease and comfortable. Je suis sociologue et j'enseigne l'anglais et le français depuis dix ans. Je m'adapte à votre niveau et à vos besoins particuliers. J'ai l'habitude de travailler avec les jeunes autant qu'avec les adultes de tout niveau. J'adapte ma méthode en fonction de vous, le but étant de vous mettre à l'aise.
English as a Second Language (ESL), English Adults, English Students in La Rochelle, France

Learn ENGLISH from native speaker: Private and individualized courses
Hello, English is my native language and I understand the struggles of learning a new language. All classes will be private and individualized for the student and their needs. Bonjour, L'anglais est ma langue maternelle et je comprends les difficultés en apprenant une nouvelle langue. Chaque leçon sera privée et individualisée pour chaque étudiant/e et leurs besoins.
Russian in Paris, France
Parlez-vous russe? Enjoy Russian lessons in Paris!
Have you always been interested in studying Russian language? Russian native speaker and certified linguist with 4 years of work experience is ready to help you! We will make the plan of studies depending on your purposes: with focus conversation, grammar, or just survival Russian.
Cours de Français pour Adultes - FLE à Paris, France
Cours de Français Langue Etrangère (FLE) - Français
Bonjour à tous, Vous avez des difficultés à vous exprimer oralement et à l'écrit en français. Vous avez besoin de progresser rapidement. Je peux vous aider. Je suis professeur de Français Langue Etrangère, diplômée de l'Alliance Française. Je suis française. Je dispose d'une large expérience dans l'enseignement du français (6 ans) aux étrangers de toutes nationalités et de tous niveaux. Je vous propose des cours (phonétique, grammaire, orthographe, expression écrite et orale) adaptés à votre niveau et aux spécificités de votre langue maternelle. Je peux également vous préparer aux examens du TCF, DILF, DELF et DALF. Réussite Garantie. Je me déplace à votre domicile ou sur votre lieu de travail dans tout Paris. A bientôt, Hello everyone, You have difficulty to speak and writing in french . You need to progress quickly. I can help you . I teach french as a foreign language, I am graduated of the French Alliance. I'm french. I have a great experience (6 years) in the teaching of French to foreigners of all nationalities and all levels . I offer courses (phonetics, grammar, spelling, writing and speaking) Suitable for your level and specificity of your mother language. I can also prepare you for the tests : TCF, DILF, DELF and DALF. Success Guarantee . I can move up to your home or to your workplace in Paris. See you soon
Arabic (for Students), Arabic (for Adults) in Paris, France
Do you like to start learning Arabic? Well This course just made for you !!
Do you like to start learning Arabic? Well This course just made for you !! I will teach you Arabic based on your requirements and needs ,so i am flexible with the teaching content and i promise teaching will be FUN!! Looking forward to meet you soon !!