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English as a Second Language (ESL), English Adults, English Students in Cannes, France
Private English Tuition from a certified American Speech Therapist, all ages.
I am a certified American Speech Therapist, and am familiar with working with both children and adults, at all levels. I can help you to improve not only your knowledge and vocabulary of English, but also to facilitate specific speech sounds of the English Language. Learning the phonetics of the English language can be challenging for many (for example: French speakers typically speak towards the back of the throat for several sounds, whereas English speakers produce many sounds with the front of their mouth). My knowledge as a Speech Therapist can help provide you with the most representative way to learn English. I have clinical experience both with adults and children, of all different levels, and am also trained in working with children and adults with special needs. My goal is to help you learn English naturally, and in the most functional way, using both worksheets, conversations and real-life scenarios. I tailor my sessions to each student based on their individual needs and interests.
English for Students, English as Second Language (ESL) in Aix-en-Provence, France
Mother tongue private English lessons - Cours particuliers d'Anglais
ENGLISH - Born in London, I am a student at the University of Exeter in the UK. I currently live in Aix-en Provence, where I attend Sciences Po as part of the Erasmus exchange programme. Aside from English, I also speak Italian fluently, and I am learning French. I have previous experience teaching English as a foreign language, both in private schools and as a personal tutor. The lessons I propose are tailored to the student's needs, ranging from preparation for specific examinations (IELTS, Cambridge etc), to conversation or grammar classes. FRANCAIS - Né à Londres, je suis étudiant de l'Université d'Exeter en Angleterre. Actuellement, j'habite à Aix-en Provence, où j'étudie à Sciences Po dans le cadre d'un échange Erasmus. En plus de parler l'anglais couramment, je parle aussi l'Italien, et je suis en train d'apprendre le français. J'ai eu expérience précédente comme enseignant d'anglais à l'entranger, à la fois dans des établissements privés et comme tuteur. Les cours que je propose sont adaptés aux besoins d'étudiant. On peut travailler pour préparer des examens specifiques (comme l'IELTS), ou faire des cours de conversation ou grammaire.
English for Students, Italian (for Adults), Italian (for Students) in Paris, France
.Italian, English classes for students and adults.
Hi there! I am Enza, 31 years old, Italian mother tongue and fluent in English (C2). I am available for helping students and adults who desire to learn Italian or English or who would just improve their skills in writing and speaking. All the courses will be delivered from home (mine or yours) in Paris only in the following days and hours: Monday (18 - 23) Tuesday (18 - 23) Wednesday (18 -23) Thursday (18 - 23) I will provide you all the materials for both the languages. Thank you!
English for Students, English as Second Language (ESL) in Fuveau, France

Nicola "Lily"
Fun English tuition for children: beginners, confident or native!
Being able to speak and understand English confidently is a really helpful, important skill for communication in today's international world. I am a fully qualified primary school teacher and a native English speaker from England. I have a degree in English language and literature and am currently working on a Masters in English. I have experience of teaching in UK primary schools teaching the British curriculum, teaching here in France, and have experience in teaching English to complete beginners from the age of 3. I believe in a fun, active, creative way of learning where the focus is on enjoyment and a love of learning. In our sessions, your child will be exposed to a fully English environment in order to gain in confidence while speaking, reading and writing in English. Activities such as drawing, painting, playing games and sharing English stories will help your child develop in English. For those children confident or experienced in English, I can help to ensure that they continue to get the exposure to the English language that they need to develop their existing skills. For those who are native speakers of English, I can tutor them to ensure they continue to progress in their reading and writing skills, helping them to learn similar things to their peers in their home country.
Spanish for Students, Spanish Adults, English as Second Language (ESL) in Nantes, France

Maria Elisa Blanco
Spanish or English conversational skills development
I am a native Spanish speaker from Colombia and I lived in the US and Canada for a couple of years. In our tutoring sessions you will develop your conversational skills in Spanish or English. The goal is for you to be fluent when communicating.
Meditation, Yoga in Paris, France
Yoga (Ashtanga and Hatha) & Meditation (Breath Observation)
I am yoga teacher who practices Ashtanga and Hatha Yoga. I work with my clients on a personal-level understanding their physical and emotional well-being. I see yoga as a means to dive deep into oneself, where one begins with the physical and progressively falls into the mind. I often end my yoga class with a few minutes of Vipassana meditation. I hope you have a wonderful day. Please feel free to write to me.
English for Students, English as Second Language (ESL), English Adults in Strasbourg, France

IELTS and Cambridge English examination preparation classes
I am a qualified English teacher with experience at all levels. I am a specialist in IELTS and Cambridge exam classes, but I can also teach general English. In this class, you will start using the language in a natural way from the beginning, and the purpose is to communicate in everyday situations. If you have specific needs, we can discuss those and put together a course that is right for you.
Italian (for Students), Italian (for Adults) in Paris, France

Italian lessons: Speaking, Listening, Use of the Language and Writing Skills. From a Native with a penchant for details
I will help you find the clearest way to communicate in Italian, with an eye on grammar, syntax and a vast vocabulary. I will tailor each lesson according to your needs and progress, creating unique exercises and challenging scenarios. You will be able to learn anything about Italian culture and quirkiness.
Music Theory, Guitar, Music Theory in Ornex, France

Professional Guitar Lessons from Nashville, Music City!
Born into a musical family, relative of Walter Settles Sr. of The Fairfield Four, an American Gospel group existing for over 90 years, inducted into the Gospel Music Hall of Fame. Starting in 1921, The Fairfield Four has helped shape the Gospel music industry in spiritual with unintentional endeavors. They have been featured, in numerous accounts throughout the history of Nashville, and deemed worth-mentioning. The family currently holds 2 grammys. Music techniques and methods that are unique to the Music City are taught such as the "Nashville Number System". Music theory, ear training and important elements to great musicianship such as speed, endurance, muscle memory techniques, rythm exercises are an integral part of the lessons and will help you develop excellent musicianship and versatility in many styles of music. Whether you are a serious beginner, or already play and want to continue honing your craft, I'm your guy.
French for Adults - FSL, French (for Students) in Annecy, France
French teacher/FLE for alls Savoie, Haute Savoie, Grenoble region
My name is Mathieu, I’m a private French teacher for more than fifteen years. I am awarded a BA Degree in the French as a Foreign Language Faculty. I would like to share my passion of the French language, my culture and history with all my students. I am familiar with various subjects like business, politics, medicine, etc. and I have in possession lot of materials which help me to prepare interesting lessons. I had an opportunity to teach people of any age (child, teenager, adult) from all over the word and all levels of knowledge during private and in-company lessons. My students have worked for companies such as Decathlon, L’Oreal or Orange and many others like ministries, embassies or hospitals. I have prepared many students for living in French-speaking countries (for studying and working). From many years with a great success I prepare to DELF/DALF exam. I am impatient to share together my love of French language with all my students. My lessons have a place in the region of following cities : Annemasse, Annecy, Chambery, Grenoble.
Singing, Piano, Music Theory in Paris, France
Cours d'initiation au piano et au chant
Je souhaite faire découvrir l'univers du piano et du chant à des débutants motivés par la perspective de découvrir une nouvelle discipline qu'ils n'ont pas pu découvrir auparavant. Je propose des cours ludiques, modernes et distincts de tout ce qui peut se faire dans ce milieu, qui privilégie une approche pédagogique en rapport avec les inspirations de l'élève. Les cours ont pour vocation de développer les connaissances musicales(générales, en chant, en piano) de l'élève tout en apportant un enseignement sur mesure sur un ou plusieurs style choisi par l'élève.(Jazz, Soul, R'nb, Funk, Variétés, Reggae, Ragga). Cette base de travail doit permettre aux élèves d'obtenir un socle de connaissances qui leur permettra d'évoluer rapidement dans le style de leur choix.
Science, Math in Toulouse, France
Mathematics and Science Tutor in Toulouse for students.
"The essence of mathematics is not to make simple things complicated,but make complicated things simple" I am Thejeswini, I am an Engineer currently residing in Toulouse. I love mathematics and science and want to assist students/children with learning and academics.
English for Adults, Spanish Adults, Italian (for Adults) in Saint-Julien-en-Genevois, France
Italian, Spanish, English classes. Any level, at my home or at your home!
I speak 6 languages, I love learning new ones and always glad to help others learning them! I have experience on preparing exams such as IELTS, TOEFL, CAE, GMAT. I teach Italian, English and Spanish, for any level. Just let me know in advance what you would like to practice and learn, so that I can prepare the lesson to better suit your needs!
English for Adults, English Students in Schiltigheim, France
Learn and practice English with a native speaker, all levels welcome!
Hello, I am a native English speaker from Northern Ireland and I would love to share my language with you. I can help students of all ages from a beginner to intermediate level. I can adapt to your needs (communication, pronunciation, writing) and to different levels to help you improve your English language. If you have any question's please do not hesitate to contact me!
English as a Second Language (ESL), English Adults, English Students in Toulouse, France

English Lessons with a Native and Experienced Teacher/Tutor (Jamaican)
My name is Wayne and English is my maternal language. I have been teaching English at Lycée St. Sernin in Toulouse. Here, I have held the post as English Language Assistant since last year. I have given numerous private English classes to teenagers and Adults across the city. During summer, I was in Italty where I spent 3 weeks interacting with and teaching English to an Italian Family and their two sons, I also spent a month in Perpignan teaching French adolescents at a Summer Camp. With my classes, my students are my focus; their interests become my interests and this way we study my language together in an amusing and interesting manner. In my regular classes I never speak French and this pushes my students into almost total immersion. My classes are never overwhelming and we get a lot of work done. No matter your level in English you will see speedy improvements in your: -Listening Skills -Writing Skills -Reading Skills -Speaking Skills I specialise in making you learn without feeling judged or pressured.