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Recently Posted Private Classes

Apprenez la langue italienne facilement! P r ê t ?
Ciao!! My name is Valeria, I'm Italian and I wanna help you to improve your language skills! Usually I teach italian to children as speaker, but even if you are an adult you can learn and improve yourself. I can help you with the grammar or you prefer just a good talk to be more familiar with italian. Based on your needs we can choose togegher. So what are you are waiting for? Contact me if you'd like to explore your potential.

English tutoring, speaking, and test prep tutoring
English is one of the most spoken languages throughout the world, some english words are used in many forms of dialects. I am here to help with any concern you may have with learning or increasing your english abilities. I challenge students but not overwhelm them, and I assign homework after ever lesson. You will learn how to speak english using everyday examples; and also gain grammer, punctuation, spelling, and reading skills to name a few.

English and Spanish help with homework, grammar and talking
I am an ex Londoner Bilingual in English and Spanish, I offer classes from young to adults who would like to speak and gain confidence when doing so, help with homework, grammar, writing and most importantly speaking. I look forward to meeting you hasta pronto!

Mandarin,Chinese,3 years +experience and learn how to speak in CHINESE
3年以上教中文經驗,非常有耐心,可依照學生需求和目標授課 大家好,HELLO,BONJOUR。 我已經有約莫3年教中文的經驗,因材施教是我的原則,教材活潑,依照學生狀況設計。大致可分為學習字彙、發音、句型、聽說、讀或寫。 若學生有特殊需求也可討論變動教材。 如果您正在尋找一位有耐心的老師,相信我,我絕對是第一人選,請來試試我的課。 *我可以教繁體、簡體。拼音或注音 ㄅㄆㄇㄈ 歡迎來試試 !! I already have 3 years of experience in teaching Chinese. Teaching students in accordance with their aptitude is my principle. The teaching materials are lively and designed according to the students' conditions. Can be roughly divided into learning vocabulary, pronunciation, grammer, listening, reading or writing. , you can also feel free to talk with me anytime if u have any suggestion for the class.If you are looking for a patient teacher, believe me, I am definitely the first choice, please try my class. *I can teach traditional and simplified. Pinyin or ㄅㄆㄇㄈ Welcome hope see you soon

English for beginners/intermediate/upper-intermediate/advanced
English class for all levels! depending on your choice we can study whether using skype or at your place. I’m proficient in English and advanced in french. I can help you practice your english by speaking with you also improve your academical knowledge, if you want I can teach you some slangs too :)

Karen Kotler Darmon
Give A Dynamic, Convincing,and Engaging Presentation!
This training will enable you to give a dynamic presentation in English which is clear, engaging, convincing and memorable. Learn to identify what you need to say and how to create a compelling dialogue that grabs and convinces. Use your voice!

English (oral et écrit) Learn how to write and speak in english like a native speaker in 12 classes.
Want to improve your English? Or start from basics of English? Ill get you started with oral English and then slowly we will move on to the written part. At the end you will find yourself writing letters to your friends and family inviting them for a movie with you and describing your last vacations or film you saw.

Finance, Taxes, Trading, Marketing, Real estate and stock Investments, English basics for children and adults.
I am here to help children and adults to learn english, whether they are beginners or more advanced and need help to improve their english in their own sector or for school. I will use written, audio and video content to do so. I will assign my student with homework. There will be a periodic assessment.

Homework help for elementary and middle school students
Currently a student in the first year of a degree in Institutions and Societies in Lyon 2, I provide my services as homework help for primary and middle school students, I am open to all subjects of these levels.

Evelyn Gonzalez
Spanish and French - Languages, Cultures and History -
Argentine student in France for two years, from a diverse background: Languages and Literature, Visual Art and Performing Arts, Music and Psychology (University of Buenos Aires - National Conservatory of Music of Buenos Aires - Paul Valéry University) I offer private lessons and original adaptable to the needs of my students (usually they are children ^ ^) Artistic expression, and how it is imprinted by ethnolinguistic contexts can approach students, more effectively, to good communication and learning techniques of lexical and etymological derivation, enriched by cultural knowledge. Socio-constructive approach to learning Spanish and the use of French: - Analysis of texts (lyric, narrative, philosophical poetry) - Bibliography - Dissertation - ~ I like to complement my lessons with a musical approach, student musicians are more than welcome! ~ "When words fail, music speaks. "

Private English lessons for all levels (from 3 to 93 years old!)
Student with dual French-British nationality, I come back to Lyon after 3 years working in the United Kingdom, to do a double course of studies in management and languages (Spanish). English being my native language, since my high school I have been used to teaching English to students of all levels (small children from 3 years old up to adult conversation classes). I like to transmit English by a multitude of bias (playful or more studious approach). I propose English courses at any level. Patent prep, prep bac but also conversation classes or homework help: I will adapt according to your needs to help you succeed!

Creative Music Expression - Understanding Music
Would you like to approach the creative writing of music? Would you like to fully understand the languages and the way music works? Can I help you! Like any form of creative expression, music has its rules, rooted in perception and in the context around us. We can work on fundamental concepts of musical expression, valid in all genres and also immerse ourselves in the area that interests you most (baroque, classical, pop, jazz ...) My course has a non-academic approach and it is open to all: whether you are professionals who want to deepen their musical knowledge, or you are amateurs or beginners we can build the perfect course for you and that will allow you to express yourself or simply to better understand the music you are listening to. The only thing I highly recommend is knowing how to read music, because it allows us to go much faster. If you are not able, we can start there.

Cello lessons for children and adults, beginners and advanced
Good morning all, 1st prize for cello and chamber music from the National Conservatory of Bobigny, I teach cello in Montpellier since 1992. I welcome students of all ages (from 3 to 80 years old!) And of all levels, thanks to a pedagogy adapted to the demand and potential of each student, oriented to his musical tastes (classical, world music, song, current music, improvisation). I use for this directory CDs and accompaniments. I accompany lessons on piano and cello. I perform very regularly in chamber ensembles, within the trio Haydn, trio barcarolle, duo "meditations for cello and piano", with the storyteller Stephanie Rondot, solo to play Bach ... Collective projects: - I lead a group workshop on a Saturday afternoon a month on different themes: Romanian music, Yiddish, gypsy, Irish, Brazilian, baroque dances, improvisation, blues, tango ... The contribution fee is 5 € for 2 hours workshop. All levels are welcome. - upcoming events: Weekend from 7-8 December 2019 in Cournonterral: ensemble music course (Greek, Hebrew, Sephardic, Arabic, Iranian and Turkish music and songs)

French, FLE, English and Spanish classes given by a former student of prep
For students and adults alike, the mastery of foreign languages and French language (and literature for those concerned) is an asset in professional and cultural life. Also I propose courses that cover the grammatical control of the language, but also the civilization and the literature according to the wish of each student.

Tuition French - History - Geography - Philosophy
Student with a degree in Modern Literature at the Sorbonne and a former student of Preparatory Class for the Grandes Écoles (hypokhâgne-khâgne). Experience in tutoring high school students who have satisfied students and parents. The objective of the course is to support preparation for end-of-year exams and exams such as BAC or PATENT. The course offers methods and tips to facilitate learning.

Music Lessons / Electric Guitar - Folk
You want to learn how to play electric guitar or folk, but you do not know where to start? Composer member of Sacem, I practice the guitar for over 35 years. Rather than teaching you songs without really understanding what you play, I bring you the theoretical concepts that will allow you to build your own game. We will also work on the instrument itself and learn to play on musical ensembles. Possibility of distance learning via the Internet (Skype or other). For more information, do not hesitate to contact me.

Learn Vietnamese: newbie to advanced level (English instruction)
I am native Vietnamese, fluent in both speaking and writing Vietnamese. I am knowledgeable about Vietnamese language, culture, literature, history and society. I am currently doing my PhD in Paris. I offer Vietnamese tutoring all levels for individuals or groups at the same rate.

piano Lesson
Graduate of the State Conservatory (Russia) and Ecole Normale A.Cortot de Paris offers piano lessons (all levels) and accompaniment.

Maria Isabel
Private lessons in English and Spanish for all levels.
You will learn Spanish and / or English in a dynamic way with exercises that promote learning the language for use in everyday life. The student will learn grammar and pronunciation through conversations and games. In addition, the courses will be adapted to the needs and requirements of the student. Do not hesitate to contact me, I would be happy to answer you.

English language development for beginners with basic English language skills
Recently relocated to Paris from the UK. I am offering English lessons for beginners looking to develop their English language skills to a more advanced speaking level. I aim to challenge you as my lessons are completely in English (partly due to my current limited french language skills). This will mean you will be able to immerse yourself in the English language and improve your skills.

Private lessons of Spanish native teacher in Nice
Hello! My name is Paula and I offer Spanish classes for all levels. Do you want to learn a new language? Do you need help to write an exam? I have experience as a teacher. Graduated by the University of Alicante and the European University of Madrid as a Spanish teacher, I come from south-west Spain. I adapt to the needs of students. Classes can be held at the student's or at the teacher's (I live in Riquier). To quieres aprendre español? ¡No lo dudes más y contacta conmigo!