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Recently Posted Private Classes

Programming with Java or Python (Beginners, Intermediate and Advance)
*Why Programming? Now that we live in a world where so much of our lives go through computers—our personal interactions, our health tracking, our jobs—I think it's increasingly important for everyone to learn how computers work and how you can program them to do what you want. I love programming because it's empowering and creative, and I want you to get a taste of that too. Learning to code is fast becoming a necessary life skill, with millions each year taking online and in-person courses to learn Python, Java, and other popular programming languages. Learning Java or Python makes sense if you want to develop video games or GUIs (graphic user interfaces) like Instagram. It's one of the official programming languages at Google, so it is best language for handing and processing data & statistics, making you to move into Big Data.You can learn at your convenience and pace *Tutoring Approach: I adopt friendly but professional approach in my teaching and customise my teaching methods according to student ability, need & understanding. Book a lesson & you will feel the difference in your computing/programming skills. The programming concepts are introduced with practical and engaging coding examples. Please feel free to contact me in order to book a lesson, discuss your requirements or for any other information. *Also included: - Step by Step instruction as you learn coding - Easy to follow notes - Practical/engaging programming problems to solve - Homework/ Revision work - Unlimited mentoring/support throughout course

Tuition for English/Writing, Reading, Speaking/Age Accordingly
I focus mainly on spoken English. It is very easy to memorize all the grammar rules out of the book, but its more important to learn what they mean through the spoken word and interaction. Ofcourse writing exercises are a must. English can be tough and every student has their own pace.

I Specially Focus on Every Student , and I always make sure that every student is confident before attending the Exam. I always try my Best to clarify students Doubts & to Improve their Communication Skills. After many years of teaching experience, I have concluded that the best way to learn English is not by studying grammar or vocabulary, but instead by practising the language through communication. My strengths as a teacher lie in my patient attitude towards students. My ability to assist with conversational English as well as written English through lessons/assignments. I am also able to teach English at all levels.

English for ALL, conversational, exams, events, count yourself in!
Learning English can be a difficult task but with the right teacher, things can be exciting and fun. I provide to teach English to anyone in any level and interest regarding the English language. If you want to meet a new friend and have a conversation or if you are a medical student learning the human body, I ll make sure to give you results. Only a text away.

English Tutoring lessons from a native English speaker. For any level.
I am a 22 year old native English speaker and was born near Oxford. I grew up in the UK and have just finished studying at the University of Manchester, so I have a very good knowledge of the English language. I am now living in France with my French boyfriend and my French is at a B2/C1. My goal is to base lessons around the needs and preferences of my students. I wish to challenge my students but to also maintain a relaxed, stress-free atmosphere.

Lear English and Preparation for IELTS , Verbal Practice , English verbs
A very interactive session to teach you English in a fun way and to also excel in the subject. I am working as a global communication and I am a student of GEM in Grenoble. I Have thought Various Students before about English and tips to remember points easily. Looking forward to meeting you soon. We can have a trial class

English lessons for everyone, AS SOON AS POSSIBLE :)
My name is Tina and I come from Croatia. I am a native english speaker and I am free to teach anyone english for a small price because I also want to meet new people :) CONTACT ME! I am staying in Saint Etienne for 10 more days so the sooner we meet, the better! I am open-minded, optimistic and funny.

English Language and English Grammar Tutoring Class
I am a student heading into 1ere ES internationale and specialise in the English subject. The point of this is to help students increase their English level with ease. Homework will be given after each session and progress will be monitored. This class is for English enthusiasts or for those who wish to improve their English level.

French / English classes with high-standard, highly thorough teacher
[FR below] Hello ! I specialize in teaching French and English through playful, self-fulfilling activities based on oral interactions. I will adapt the lessons to fit any special need my students might have, so as to guide them towards success throughout fun and human-oriented classes. Bonjour ! Je suis spécialiste de l'enseignement du français et de l'anglais à travers des activités ludiques et épanouissantes, basées sur les interactions orales. J'adapterai les leçons pour remédier à tous les besoins particuliers de mes élèves, afin de les guider vers la réussite par l'intermédiaire de cours orientés vers l'humain et l'amusement.

French classes - Improve your French fast with an experienced teacher
I'm a French teacher for foreigners from Dijon in Burgundy, I worked in different countries in schools or language institutes like the French Alliance. Last year I started to teach online and I developed some teachins skills to make the class interactive, interesting, structured and efficient. My lessons always come with the notes taken during the class, homeworks and a summary of the lesson. I taylor my lessons according to your objectives and fields of interest. So it can be conversational, grammar based, prononciation classes or any other topic like going on holiday in France or preparing a French exam. I've worked with different publics and levels and with students with high expectations. We will improve your French for sure ! ;) A bientôt, Yohann

English Teacher for Children and Adults : All are welcome
Hi I have been working as an English Language Assistant since last two years and my love for teaching English keeps me motivated. Hi I have been working as an English Language Assistant since last two years and my love for teaching English keeps me motivated.

Persian (Farsi) Language in Paris by native Persian speaker
I started to teach Persian in 2009, I got some diploma for teaching Persian from Ferdowsi university. To be a good teacher you always must motivate your students and find out their needs! I do my best to my students to learn as much as possible in short period of time. I am so strict that my students find their goals in my classes and have progress each time! My primary method is speaking course, in this course you will be able to communicate with Persian community with a good accent and pronunciation which is very important to me! If you don`t know the Persian alphabet don`t be afraid!! we can start learning speaking without it! In this course we will cover your basic needs for communicating with native people with many sources such as books, videos, podcasts, pictures and so on. We will focus on informal speech, which is different from formal Persian! You will learn many new words and all about grammar during the sessions with specific topics. You will become more confident and have fun learning to speak Persian.

Learn how to speak Russian (Kids, Students, Grown-ups)
Hello, I'm nattive russian speaking person with 7 years experience in teching. I can help children? students and adults to learn the language. Also the goal will be to understand the way russian people think. Moreover you will be get sertain information about russian culture. Every lesson will be a small trip in the world of Russia

English Language Tutor (You decide class content, I'm here to help)
I am a 21 year old European Studies student attending Trinity College Dublin. My French level is C1 and I will be attending in Science Po, Paris next year. I have given language classes before and will be able to cater to your exact needs. Ideally for students who are serious about improving their English.

Learning Russian with a native speaker - Boosting Speaking Skills and overcoming strange Russian Grammar
I'm a native russian speaker moving to Paris for a double-degree programm from September 2018. In Moscow I teach English as a second language and now I want to share my knowledge of Russian. I use different teaching methods and try to create open and comfortable atmoshere at the lessons.

Piano teacher playing piano for 19 years and have many experiences
I graduated at the Franz Liszt Academy of Music as a pianist in Budapest, Hungary and moving to Lyon in September. I play the piano for 19 years and have many experience. With me you can learn not only playing but understanding what you play. I can teach all ages, at all level. I speak English ans French as well.

Matthew Choi
Conversational English practice from a native English speaker.
Conversational English is a massive asset in today's global society, as a native English speaker and aspiring English teacher I would like to help students get the essential speaking practice they need. In addition, I would happily cover any areas of concern and go over basic or advanced aspects of the language.

Chemistry, Biochemistry, Maths, English, Choosing your university
I am currently enrolled as a Natural Sciences student at the University of Cambridge, having just completed the third year. I can help you choose the right university, as well as provide consulting in applying to various universities in France, United Kingdom, Switzerland or United States. I can prepare students for their middle school, BAC and university exams in chemistry, English or biology. I can help current students deal with their biochemistry and chemistry university exams. Also I can prepare students for TOEFL/IELTS/CAE exams.

The importance of English language as an international language
English language becomes the first language in the world . We need it in our daily life : learning computer, traveling, watching TV,studying... Practicing English language is necessary not only for the young generation it’s important to old the generation too .

Siddhartha Harsha
TOEFL/GRE Test preparations with an Experienced Engineer
I am an Engineer with a Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering and with over 5 years of Professional experience (USA, Singapore, India). I help prepare people for TOEFL, GRE and other competitive tests. Also, I can teach Math and Physics to students, help in their Project work/ Homework. I can teach English language in general.

Begin a journey that will become your key to a new world of opportunity (English classes).
I am a qualified and highly experienced native British English teacher who is truly passionate about language teaching. My classes go beyond the traditional 'learn English from nothing but a course book' style, and consist of modern methodologies, as well as clear grammar explanations for all levels (absolute beginner - profficiency). I have been passionate about teaching for six years now, and have taught English for four years. I welcome all adults, students and children with a range of needs, and have furthermore taught children with the likes of autism and ADHD; as well as young adults with learning difficulties. Additionally, I am due to finish my BA Hons in Modern Languages - which includes English and Creativity, Linguistics and Spanish. I look forward to hearing from you and helping you in the discovery of English.