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Recently Posted Private Classes

English language tutoring for individual students.
I am a retired professor of psychology, and a native English speaker with 30 years of experience at the university level in the United States. I am available for private tutoring at my location, or possibly at your location, and would be happy to help you improve your English.

Dharun Josseph
Microsoft Office Software package and Autocad Design Software
Hello Everyone! Bonjour a tous! I am Dharun Josseph Roy doing MS in Industrial engineering in ICAM at Nantes. I am a jovial, calm and comfortable person. You will be taught from scratch to the expert level in the above mentioned software. I am a certified trainer and also hold the authority to certify the trainees. You will also be provided with regular assignments and projects.

English language classes for all levels and all ages
Hello. I am a researcher in France I am an almost a native english speaker. I am originally from India but have been living and travelling around Europe for the past four years. I did my entire education in English. I have read english literature extensively (from Harry Potter to Shakespearce's Julius Ceaser). So, I am very comfortable with the language. I have taught physics and maths to youngsters before and I want to try my hand at teaching a language this time around (also to train myself to become a professor in the future). I have a lot of free time here and want to teach English during this time. Send me a message if you are interested and we can negotiate something comfortable for both of us.

Akram Ahmed
Arabic language for primary school and high secondary school and universities students
I'm Arabic native teacher for all student from primary school to university I can also give a private lesson with very cheap price With easy method of teaching and for those people looking for jobs in Arab use (Dubai) speaking Arabic will help you to find job in medille east

.Maths, English, Physics,Electronics, programming, Test Prep Tutoring and assignments.
I am native English speaker. I have BSc in the field of Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) and M.Techin the specialization of teleCommunication Engineering, Starting September 07,2017 till now, I am student for the position in Advanced masters in Space Applications and Services in ISAE SUPAERO, Toulouse, France. To contribute my knowledge, I have chosen to give tutor for students maths, physics and English in my free time. I believe there would be a good fit between my skills, interests and your needs of the students. I am very interested in all your field of studies and would greatly appreciate any suggestions that you can offer me at this time

Offering private German lessons in Paris and suburbs
Hey there, I am german teacher who is offering private german lessons. Have a few years of experience and since my English is rather fluent, I am also able to explain the Grammar in English if necessary. I can teach you in your home. Looking forward to hear you from you!

French teaching classes for international students
Hello ! My name is Marie, I am 24 and I am French. I live in Rennes and would be interested to give french lessons to international students living in Rennes as well. I already gave french lessons to students before. Whether you are beginner or having some basics in French, whatever, I will know how to adapt to your level and your desires. Don't hesitate to contact me :)

Learn English with a native speaker living in Amiens
This class is for those wishing to further progress their english skills with a native English speaker. I am able to tutor, help with homework as well as being able to improve conversational skills. I am able tutor all levels of ability and I hope to help you on your way to speaking fluent English.

Anglais/English tutoring for all levels and all ages from a native speaker
My name is Reneece and I'm an English university student living in France for 1 year. I currently work in a primary school as a language assistant helping children aged 3-10 learn English and I would like to do the same for you! From absolute beginner to advance I can help you! I speak French so we can communicate. I can offer informal, conversational courses where I will help you to understand spoken English and more importantly to speak like a native. Additionally, I can work with students to help achieve your education goals and prepare you for your exams.

English for beginner, intermediate and advanced students
I have ample experience in applying appropriate teaching and assessment methodologies, and am expert at designing and developing educational objectives and preparing teaching material. The following are highlights of my skills and accomplishments ; Possess an ability to communicate complex information in an understandable way students can easily comprehend. Prior experience of adopting distinctive teaching methodologies, documenting all lessons, organizing healthy group discussions, and mentoring troubled students. My strong initiative and exceptional organizational skills, combined with my ability to work well under pressure, allow me to play a crucial role in fast-paced teaching environment. Furthermore, I am capable of simplifying lesson plans to achieve curriculum objectives, without sacrificing quality.

Contemporary Poetry & Creative Writing: Theory & Experimentation
We will discuss movements and styles in order to experience different uses of rhythm, form, meaning in empty spaces, abstraction, visualisation, narrative, etc. We will meet at a cafe and read poems by contemporary writers, experiment with rhythm and imagery and work on poetry through feedback. We will learn about your vision, taste and goals in poetry and experiment with creative writing exercises. Ages: 18-35

Physics and math: high school, university, or if you are just interested!
I have a PhD in physics and have teaching experience since several years, both private and university classes. My aim in teaching is to convey the physical concepts in their simplest form, and to expand on that to cover more difficult topics. Je parle aussi français, mais pas trés bien. Il tutoring è possibile anche in italiano.

English Tutoring and English as a Second Language (Adults/ Students)
I specialize in english tutoring. This course is intended for students/adults who already have some knowledge of the language. I seek to improve listening/reading comprehension and oral communication skills. I want to keep student's challenged but feel comfortable. I can tailor my lessons to the student's area of interest.

Private English Lessons, Native Certified Teacher.
I am a native speaker, and a certified English teacher (TEFL qualification: CELTA). I have experience teaching private lessons to children aged 7, 8, 11, and 13, as well as multilingual group classes of adults aged 24-60. The lessons will be adapted to your needs. We can cover many areas (speaking, reading, writing, grammar, vocabulary) using my lesson plans, or we can focus on a particular area that you'd like to work on. I have course books that we can work from, and activities that will improve your English.

French for foreigners. French for adults, at home or online
I have been teaching French since 2006. I help you feeling comfortable with the language through grammar, vocabulary and oral and writing expression. The lessons is based on your needs and desires after an evaluation of your level. I can move from Antibes to Nice.

Private Math Tutoring for school students (In English)
I have finished school recently, so I can easily relate to pupils. Currently I am a studying Bachelor of Mathematics at Ecole Polytechnique and I am suggesting an opportunity to view maths from a perspective of a passionate student. I would like to make the journey of learning mathematics as easy and fun as it can be! :)

English Native Speaker, Teacher of English, Exam or Conversational
I am a Native Speaker of English from Devonshire on the South coast of England although my accent is RP/Neutral. I have worked as an English teacher for 10 years. My students comprise of a wide age range and all abilities A2-C2 I teach for exams (Cambridge), conversation and professional language development. I specialize in business English and Adult learning I strive to make lesson time enjoyable, stimulating and productive.

Academic English - Target the Linguistic Skills Needed in an International Academic or Intellectual Career
Do you speak Academic English? Most tutors can help you with everyday conversation and writing. I specialize in the English you need for a successful international academic career in your field of advanced expertise. A native speaker with a BA in Linguistics from University of Chicago, two MAs, and a nearly completed PhD in Philosophy through Boston College, I have over 13 years of post-secondary education experience and have taught English as a Second Language since 2014. I've published academic papers, taught university courses, presented at international conferences, and have been awarded selective grants. So whether your aim is applying for graduate school, gaining confidence in your intellectual eloquence, or writing the perfect book proposal, I have the background to help you prepare for the very specific set of tasks demanded in higher education in the English-speaking world. Depending on your needs, I can help you master the skills you would need to... • Explain your research to foreign scholars: Learn to freely discuss your topic of research and engage in other high-level conversations with the vocabulary and expression appropriate to an intellectual context. • Improve your academic writing and publish in English journals Whether targeting the right English journals, honing your style and grammar, or working out the the subtlety of communicating complex ideas in English, I can help you with all stages of the writing process. I've published in English academic journals and specialize in crafting sharp book proposals and grant applications. • Present your work at international conferences Gain confidence teaching or delivering formal lectures to an international public. From your first abstract submission to your final draft, I can help you improve everything from your content, style, and delivery to effectively target English-speaking audiences. The English-speaking world is waiting to hear your great ideas - let's get started!

Hindi Language Classes With Exercises and Culture exchange
As an Indian staying in France for more than 2 years, I have been asked by my Friends and colleagues about Hindi as an Indian language and different Indian cultures.This made me think of starting a Hindi language training classes along with information of different Indian culture, languages, festivals, ceremonies, etc. I invite everyone who is interested, feel free to learn Hindi (writing, reading and speaking) with me. Namaste! :D

Chinese lesson (Mandarin or Cantonese) for student or adult
Chinese lesson which prepare you to speak fluently in more interesting way. My students speak basic mandarin after a week! With me, learning Chinese will be fun and easy! Lesson includings speaking, listening, writing skills. Class conducted would not restricted in the class room style.

Private Cello Lessons in Paris for any level or age
I give private cello lessons to students with different levels or beginners. I have studied in different European countries such as Croatia, Germany and France and have a masters degree in music and performance. With my big experience as a soloist and a chamber musician I can give you an inside into a wonderful world of classical music.