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Recently Posted Private Classes

Kizomba dance classes at home or at our dance studio
Begin to dance and share parties to the beat of kizomba music with the couple Olivia and Marc. A pedagogy adapted and fun that will make you progress quickly. The course lasts 1 hour during which we will be at your disposal for a personalized court.

Private lessons in Mathematics, French and English
High school student in 1st S passionate about Mathematics and Modern Languages, I offer courses, regardless of the basic level of education, for exams or questions. My goal is to provide a personalized help and a young and dynamic learning method to advance each student.

Homework help - DNB preparation - French and English classes
Student in the first year of preparatory class at the Lycée Henri IV in Paris, I offer courses in French, languages or homework help, as well as revision sessions for the DNB. I graduated from ES with an average of 18.5; my goal is to help students with the work methods I learned during my studies.

Tutoring in Math - Certified Teacher
Hello, In possession of CAPES, I taught in college for 4 years and I am now preparing the competition of the aggregation of mathematics. I am therefore very familiar with the programs and difficulties of students in general, I know the basics not to be missed. To be always looking for a method to give the child a taste for mathematics and to make sure that he finds easy mathematics are my two main challenges. I am convinced that there is no "draw" in math, everyone can do it with the right method, a little self-confidence and work. I teach from high school to the bachelor of mathematics through the various formations of BTS or DUT. Feel free to contact me for more information.

Piano and singing lessons - for young and old
I studied piano in Toulouse and singing at the Conservatoire de musique in Brussels. Experience of more than 10 years in the teaching of music, whether in private lessons or music school. I teach piano and singing in a fun way, learning music theory is done directly from the study of the instrument.

private lessons to learn English or Spanish
The command of different languages is a major asset especially in a Europe that wants to be open to the world. Licensed student LLCER, English major, Spanish minor; and accustomed to follow students in their learning of the language, I have at heart to propose a pedagogy adapted to each student to help him progress from a school point of view, but also and especially with a view to to make him discover the pleasure of expressing himself in another language and to be able to communicate with many more people. After an interview with the student, we choose together how to work, a school approach based on learning by heart and practice through exercises, or a more playful approach. Whichever approach is chosen, I rely on the six skills and the CEFR's competency scale to create my course and evaluate progress.

I teach Flute / Music course, if need support music theory
I am a professional musician graduated as an interpreter and teacher. The course is aimed at children as well as adults, amateurs or professionals. I have experience of nearly 8 years teaching flute in conservatories approved by the state but also in the community. What I like is to bring people together around the same passion, to make them interact and flourish. We learn by solid foundations and at the same time by creativity.

Parlez anglais avec l’aise quelque soit votre niveau
À la recherche des cours anglais mais vous savez même pas où commencer? Je suis là pour vous aider à atteindre vos objectifs! Whether you’re just looking to gain some basic knowledge, or if you want to fully immerse yourself in native level conversation, my tailor made lessons will not only make your English speaking objectives more achievable, but also enjoyable along the way! I was a language student in England, majoring in French and Italian, I am keen to pass on my knowledge on the most effective ways to learn a language ! Ayant vécu à Lyon pendant 2 ans en total, j’ai aussi un bon niveau de français (très utile si vous êtes débutant) Laissez moi un message si mon profil vous intéresse, je serai ravie d’arranger un premier rencontre pour discuter vos objectives ! See you soon, Daniela

English course Toulouse, face-to-face, group, Business English, conversation skills
My name is Tom, I am an English teacher. I am currently looking for more work in Toulouse. I am a qualified TEFL English teacher, with 14 years of experience; teaches Business English, BULATS, "Bright Exam", as well as the practice of conversation, whether for English-speaking tourists or preparing for the Cambridge Eaxm.

English Language- Focus on children and teenagers.
English language comprises of a lot of branches. Apart from learning how to speak, write and dialogue in English, we will be learning how to use words based on context. We will be learning the English sounds using Jolly Phonics for children. This is a fun way for them to learn.

Flute Traverse and Theory of Music classes for you
Welcome in my Music Class! Music is joy, passion, life. My name is Paulina and I have two teaching faculties: I am flutist and musicologist. I guess you would like to play better and the same time understand the flute technique and music theory. I have great news for You: In fact everything is already in You it just a matter of time to dicover it. I would love to show you that you have all skills you need. My class is to enjoy, to play and to listen but mostly to discover the best and the fastest way of learning for You.

Learn the English language by working on oneself
Graduated with a Bachelor of English obtained at the Sorbonne and a Master Coach obtained at the International Coaching Institute of Geneva, I propose an innovative individualized pedagogy that combines the teaching of English and coaching techniques on Self-confidence. I believe that a student who has confidence in him and knows his value will be much more successful than a student with a loss of confidence.

English, French and Spanish classes taught by a young language enthusiast with a degree in Applied Foreign Languages!
Cous particular in English, French or Spanish for all grade levels (from primary to secondary). Language learning is a game where you have to combine desire and seriousness! Currently volunteer in homework help, I like to share my knowledge.

learn how to read the lyric of Kpop-songs and words that are needed for traveling in Korea
i specialized in teaching Chinese and Korean for four year. My goal for this class is to teach you the pronunciation of standard Korean, which will helps you to read the lyrics of Korean popular music and even Korean drama. I will also share with you about the latest K-pop music. Let's just enjoy it.

Spanish course and preparation for the DELE exams
I believe that motivation is key to learning a language, so I adapt each course to the needs of the student. In my classes there is a combination of the grammatical and communicative aspects of the language and try to be as entertaining and motivating as possible. I have a great experience in teaching Spanish to foreigners, as well as in the creation of specific language courses and materials. I am a philologist, with a master's degree in education and a DELE examiner from the Instituto Cervantes. I include the course material. (I can provide references).

French courses for foreigners / FRENCH LESSONS /
// // FRENCH Just graduated from DAEFLE (Diploma of aptitude for teaching French as a foreign language), I offer French courses for newcomers to France who wish to learn / improve their French. This can also apply to people who are illiterate or illiterate. I can adapt to any public (children, students or adults). The purpose of this course is to have a real communication with the student to know his needs, his skills and his use of French in everyday life. For a significant progression and more or less fast I recommend sessions of 2 hours max, one to two times a week. Ability to move to your home (provided you are served by public transport), or course at the media library Jacques Demy. These courses are also for me beautiful moments of exchange, sharing, where there is always something to learn from the other!

Russian, English and Latin lessons in French Riviera
Hi everyone! I’m a Russian native speaker, however, I got my BA in Religion and Theology from Bristol University in UK. I’m fluent in English and, additionally, I studied Latin throughout my course. I offer Russian, English and Latin lessons for students and adults. I’m moving to Antibes in late August but I’m happy to discuss things now and answer any questions!

English for all levels and ages / Public Speaking in English
Cours d'anglais / formation à la présentation orale en anglais pour tous niveaux et âges. Avec 15 ans d'expérience dans l'enseignement et la formation (instituts de langue privées : cours individuels, en groupe, lycée, programme d'échanges universitaires, ou à orientation professionnelle). Je suis titulaire d’un Master de Philologie anglaise / Études anglaises et américaines et Philologie espagnole. Les cours sont adaptés en fonction de vos besoins, orientés grammaire, prononciation ou conversation (possibilité d'utiliser des supports audiovisuels comme des films, livres, l'actualité, etc). La formation à la présentation orale en anglais est idéal pour ceux qui ne se sentent pas en confiance ou qui n’ont pas beaucoup d’expérience dans la présentation et la prise de parole en anglais.

English & Science - Chemistry tutoring for children and tenagers
I am a mechanical engineer and supply chain planning master student ( Politecnico Di Milano , Italy ), currently doing my stage in geneva. I specialize in tutoring English and science to children and chemistry to teenagers.My goal is to make the student understand the concepts and help them to develop an understanding to progress further. I work closely with respect to the school- schedule of the student. For english language lessons, I work adapting to the requirement of the student.

Homework help, English and piano lessons (primary and middle school)
Currently a third-year student of Psychology at the UCO Angers, I offer homework help at primary and college level. I recently realized an ERASMUS stay in Dublin, so I can especially offer homework help in English. I also play piano since I was 5 years old. I also allow myself to offer piano support classes. My goal is to help the child progress. The courses will be adapted according to the child.

English, Spanish and French courses in Gergy
Bonnjour, I am in first L and I can give lessons of English, Spanish and French in high school (first). I like to pass on my knowledge. I want to become a teacher and I would like to start my own experience.