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Recently Posted Private Classes

Learn foreign languages (Arabic, English)
Hello, I am awras, I am Iraqi and I am a student in the final year of professional baccalaureate, I am here to teach you English and Arabic, I help you learn the language by pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary.

English lessons for children, adolescents, adults, solo or duo
Distance or home English lessons I graduated with a degree in Applied Foreign Languages, an ESOL Cambridge certificate and a master's degree from an international university in South Korea. Also, I spent a full year as an au pair in England. Apart from teaching on platforms, I also worked as an English teacher in an academy in South Korea. My English is close to native level.

Music lessons, piano lessons, violin, and music theory
I offer piano or violin lessons, which can be combined with a theoretical part of music theory for beginners, with a working method that meets the student's desires, in various styles of music. Passionate about music, I started playing the piano at the age of 3 before starting on the violin when I was 4. I won several national competitions in these disciplines during my apprenticeship. Now a student at the Haute École de Musique de Genève in violin, my main discipline, I have also been teaching for four years.

English lessons and homework help from primary to high school
English is a widely used language and knowing how to speak it is a major asset, learning a language can sometimes seem difficult or scary but everyone can achieve it. Having a good command of English and completing a degree in English language and literature, I offer to help children and adolescents with their homework, and to review their lessons or poorly understood concepts. I graduated from a European Baccalaureate in English, which allowed me to participate in a school exchange in the United States. I am a patient and serious person who likes to smile a lot and learn in a good mood :)

Mia Timea
Conversation-oriented private Spanish lessons for all levels
Private Spanish lessons. Learn Spanish quickly and efficiently! Win time and money! Conversation-oriented Spanish lessons for all levels. With the "Assimil" method you will learn in a few months all the tips to speak like a native speaker. I only teach you things that are really useful. We will also watch movies, monologues, jokes, etc. together. To immerse ourselves more in everyday Spanish. I have 5 years of experience as a teacher giving lessons for all ages.

Coaching prise de parole en public - pour tous niveaux
Prendre la parole, ça peut faire peur. Ca peut ne pas etre notre truc. Ca peut faire angoisser, laisser tomber, ou juste se cacher derrière sa feuille, et laisser aller. Avec le Grand Oral du bac, les exposés à la fac, les besoins en entreprise pourtant, on est amené à de plus en plus s'exprimer et public et devoir le faire bien. Et ce n'est pas vraiment à l'école qu'on apprend ça... Je propose un coaching personnalisé avec des méthodes rigoureuses visant à faire passer cette epreuve "psychologique" en une épreuve très concrète, car l'oral n'est pas inné mais bien une compétence qui s'apprend. Lycéen ou étudiant, chef-fe de projet ou office manager, je m'adapte à tous les profils pour proposer un coaching adapté à vos besoins.

English courses for all levels (middle school, high school or A1-B2)
Holder of a language degree and Cambridge level C1 certification, I offer English lessons at all levels. I adapt first of all to your objectives: oral/written comprehension, expression or even grammar. I can also give methodological advice, particularly in learning vocabulary.

Learn English with kopal Master the language in a month
My classes offer such benefits: Global Communication: English is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, making it a valuable tool for international communication and business. Career Opportunities: Proficiency in English can enhance your career prospects, as many companies require English-speaking employees, especially in multinational corporations. Enhanced Communication Skills: Learning a second language like English can improve your overall communication skills, including listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Networking: English proficiency can help you connect with people from diverse backgrounds and build a global network of contacts.

Learn piano, music theory, harmony, songwriting, music theory
- I listen to the student's needs and adapt to their requests without being too rigid on a particular method. -I can approach a very classic and rigorous method from the conservatory if necessary, or be very flexible and approach all subjects or styles, going through the bases of composition or improvisation, classical or more variety/song. -My courses are aimed at all types of people. - I can also tackle Songwriting!

Primary, secondary or even preparatory school classes
I am a first year business school student. I obtained the bac S with very good honors and I was then able to consolidate my knowledge and my working methods during my 3 years of prep (1 in MPSI then reorientation in prep HEC geopolitics option). I am very interested in both literary and scientific subjects. My travels and my experiences, particularly as a scout leader, give me great curiosity, a sense of responsibility and allow me to implement a pedagogy adapted to the student.

جهاد نوار Naouar
Arabic language, literature and civilization; The ABCs of the Arabic language with specialization in the in-depth field
The courses will be concentrated on the ABC's of the Arabic language antiquity (little and small) based on the modern language on a range of different branches that differ from the geographic regions of the country. For the Arab process to be applied is a very practical adventure for those who actively challenge the body

Effective Cello, Guitar, and Logic Pro Lessons. Available in English!
My name is Rhody (they/he) and I’m just the person you’re looking for! A current student at Berklee College of Music Online, I have been playing and performing cello for 25 years - as well as 23 years of guitar - and I have been teaching to kids, tweens, teens, and adults since 2012! I’m incredibly patient, an avid encourager, and I LOVE helping others discover their own gift of music within them. I specialize in beginner, intermediate, and upper intermediate cello, as well as beginner, intermediate, and upper intermediate guitar. If you’re looking to ~ learn a new instrument ~ brush up on your current instrument skills ~ get better at theory or if you're interested in ~songwriting for guitar ~getting better at Garageband, Logic Pro, another DAW, or Finale or if you want to ~ improve your English while doing the things above then send me a message and we can talk about your goals and what you'll be learning. I’m available weekday days and evenings, and weekends.

Dulce Hernandez
Transverse flute lessons in Montpellier. All levels.
Transverse Flute lessons for all ages and levels. Given by Dulce Hernández (Master in Classical Music at the Royal Conservatory of Ghent and Aggregation of Upper Secondary Education at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels) Level: From beginner to professional. Age: 5 to 95 years old. Lessons for children are given in a fun way based on games, images, drawings and stories in order to develop creativity linked to music. This approach can also be adapted for adults. Type of course possible: Instrument technique, learning pieces on demand, preparation for entrance exams, auditions and competitions. Course language: French, English or Spanish.

Trumpet lessons for 1,2 and 3 cycle 🎺 🎺🎺🎺🎺🎺
Italian trumpeter graduated from the Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus, Denmark specializing in trumpet pedagogy and teaching (1,2 and 3 cycle). After studying at the Florence Conservatory and the Paris Conservatory of Music and Dance, he collaborated with many European orchestras.

Professeur de Mathématiques, Physique et Italien (Adultes, Collège, Lycée)
I am italian mother tongue, English advanced and French intermediaire. I have years of experience as teacher both as a private tutor and in school, high school level. I will be helping students in needs, for each student I look for the best approach based on his/her specific assets. As I live in France I have been gaining experience as Italian Teacher, I can help with the grammar and the pronunciation based on the specific need of the student. Je suis italien de langue maternelle, anglais avancé et français intermédiaire. J'ai des années d'expérience en tant qu'enseignante, soit comme professeur particulier et soit professeur à l'école, au niveau du Collège et Lycée. Je vais aider les étudiants qui ont des besoins, pour chaque étudiant je cherche la meilleure approche basée sur ses atouts spécifiques. Comme je vis en France, j'ai acquis de l'expérience en tant que professeur d'italien, je peux aider avec la grammaire et la prononciation en fonction des besoins spécifiques de l'étudiant.

Celia Saval
Do you want to learn music but you don't have time to go to an academy? Now I teach online!
Music is an art and a discipline that has been with me in my life since I can remember, that's why for 7 years I have been giving private lessons or in small groups to be able to teach my students everything I I learned. My classes are aimed at beginners, intermediate and advanced, from children to adults, whatever their age. Maybe 30 min, 45 min or 1 full hour. Thank you and see you soon!

Spanish classes with a native Spanish teacher. Take your Spanish to the next level!
Hello! I am Sheila, I come from the Canary Islands and I am passionate about teaching Spanish. I have a solid background in translation and interpretation and a master's degree in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language (ELE). In addition to my native language, I also speak fluent German and English and can communicate effectively in French. I currently reside in the city of Nantes because I am working as a Spanish assistant in an institute, where I accompany students of different ages and levels (from school to Terminale). I now have more than 5 years of experience in teaching languages to children, adolescents and adults, which allows me to offer high-quality, effective and enriching Spanish classes, adapted to the needs of my students (grammar, conversation, exam preparation, culture...). Do not hesitate to contact me if you have questions or want to know more about my way of teaching. See you soon! sheila

Private music lessons, guitar all styles, clarinet, musical writing and reading
Professional musician and experienced teacher, I offer you the opportunity to learn your instrument in private lessons whose common thread is pleasure. Whatever your level, the sessions will be adapted to bring you rapid progress thanks to targeted, interesting exercises adapted to your objectives. Classes are given in my rehearsal studio equipped with the possibility of audio recording.

Effective piano lessons for adults (in English, French, German)
Do you want to be able to play the piano confidently, relaxed and ultimately independent of a teacher? Then you are in the right place. What makes me different from other piano teachers? • My teaching method is specialized for working adults • Fifteen years of teaching experience - more than 7,000 hours of lessons, including more than 800 online • Determination of your hand and learning type in order to develop the learning method best suited to your needs • Learn to practice with a professional method to save time and succeed in playing the piano in complete relaxation without a teacher • Rapid and comprehensive development of the repertoire - no repetition of the same pieces for months, but constantly interesting playing With me, you learn: • the game according to the notes • the technical and theoretical bases of music, in order to be able to approach new pieces independently • training techniques to achieve maximum success at home • free improvisation, and how to develop a personal approach to the piano No prior knowledge is necessary - I teach pianists of all skill levels, from complete beginner to virtuoso. Flexible appointments in the afternoon + evening (3 to 8 p.m.). Languages: English, French, German About me: I am a composer/pianist from Vienna, Austria, and I now live in Paris. You don't need expensive learning books; all equipment is included in the price and is chosen according to your needs and prepared thoroughly. References of many happy piano students are available and can be passed on upon request. Simply write to me briefly and without formality via the form. I look forward to meeting you!

Discover the culture and learn SPANISH. native teacher
Spanish is my mother tongue. Lessons for beginners, intermediate and advanced. Adapted to the specific needs of each student. Conversation, school reinforcement, grammar, business, reading, listening, oral performance, to prepare for your holidays or your retirement :)

Vocal coach graduated from the conservatory offers classical, variety and rock singing lessons for beginners, advanced and professionals.
I am a lyric singer with a Singing Prize/DEM and a License in Musicology, with extensive stage experience. I have been giving classical, pop and rock singing lessons between Munich and Paris for over 15 years. I coach professionals in their vocal technique but I also really enjoy teaching singing to beginners as well as intermediate students. my classes combine technique and humor. the playful approach to singing while remaining rigorous quickly leads us towards the pleasure of expressing ourselves fully and freely, without judgment. we quickly forget apprehension and inhibition! I teach in good humor and kindness, and I adapt to your personality and your expectations. each lesson begins with awareness of your body and its posture, coordination and freedom of movements. we then work on our breathing in order to establish a low and deep breathing, and finally to feel the resonators in our rib cage and our face. vocal work begins with phonation exercises to connect breathing and vocal production and vocalizations to place your voice. The second part of the lesson is devoted to singing a piece chosen together. I also support you in your projects requiring preparation of the spoken voice, public speaking, actor's or teacher's voice, which I associate with work on self-confidence and physical presence. I give my lessons in French, English and German.