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Recently Posted Private Classes

Mandolin lessons for all levels: beginners, intermediates and confirmed
Would you like to learn to play the mandolin? Or are you already a mandolinist and you want to improve your skills? Graduate teacher and international concert performer offers courses for all levels and tailor-made, adapted to your requirements and your desires!

Courses in different languages for children and adults
Languages today are essential weapons that a person must know or even master. The development of knowledge in terms of languages presents an essential asset in the life of the person on the social and especially professional level. The courses I offer are based on the different parts of the language (spoken, written and read). Through reading, writing and oral communication sessions, I will try to load the student with the maximum possible vocabulary and abcs of the language in the first place. It goes according to the progress of the person.

TCM and jazz / scat singing lessons, Nantes and Skype
Certified teacher to teach the Modern Singer Technique (TCM). I give TCM singing lessons and Jazz / Scat courses, online by Skype, and face to face in Nantes. I also work at home in the 44 for intensive (minimum 3 hours), and external services (vocal coaching on your rehearsals, residences, studio recording, for institutions ...) What can classes bring you? TCM course: An effective vocal technique, more ease in highs, more power, more vocal effects, appropriate aesthetic options, varied vocal colors, good vocal health, interpretation tools, ... The course is adapted, in any case, according to your technical and artistic needs so that you can advance and progress, the exercises are personalized. Jazz / Scat lessons: Learn the Jazz repertoire, the phrasing that goes with this style, learn to improvise, to scatter (around a jazz standard type repertoire, with a harmonic support, freely (free improvisation), by developing the vocal effects (examples: glissandos, vibrato ...) that can be found in jazz ... I adapt and find the necessary tools to allow you to go further by starting from where you are. Numerous articles about singing, voice, jazz and scat are also published on the site. For any information, do not hesitate to write to me, Vocally, Mary

German and English tutoring with a native speaker
I speak German and English at C2 level and am happy to share my knowledge with others. I have lived in both Germany and the USA, studied in both German and English and have a master's degree in international business. I work professionally as an e-merchandiser and am responsible for maintaining the content of an e-commerce platform in English and German.

“L'artiste dévoile la profondeur. C'est parce qu'il prend du recul par rapport au visible qu'il est proche de l'invisible.”
Bonjour à toi futur yogi Je m’appelle Valerie, j’ai 54 ans et je pratique le yoga depuis plus de 19 ans Si tu as envie de découvrir le monde du yoga Ou bien reprendre après une longue absence Je donne des cours de yoga basé sur l’écoute du corps, de la posture, de ton moi- intérieur dans la posture installée Je me déplace Il te faudra simplement un tapis tout simple, une tenue confortable, éventuellement un coussin pour l’assise et peut-être une sangle pour les postures d’étirements Namaste Valérie

Private, Customized Piano Lessons Taught in English/Japanese by Concert Pianist
Studying piano is a beautiful, personal experience for people of all ages. Through my 8+ years of teaching students between ages 3 through 75, I have learned to adapt my teaching methods to suit each individual's learning style and personality. My most important goal is to help my students achieve a deep appreciation for music, and I will help cultivate the skills necessary to express the music by building solid technique, understanding of music theory, and artistic coaching. I strongly believe that if you cultivate the discipline and patience to learn an instrument, you can achieve anything else you set your mind to!

Conversatie Frans, museumbezoeken, wandelingen en andere culturele activiteiten
Graag ga ik de stad in om een onderwerp te bespreken. Daarna volgt de uitwerking van het thema. Afgestemd op wat jij wil bereiken, maak ik boeiende lessen. Heb dertig jaar ervaring en kan je goede tools aanreiken om vrij snel een mondje mee te praten. Daar ik de twee talen beheers, ken ik de valkuilen en kan je de taalstructuren duidelijk uitleggen.

Student gives private lessons (various courses offered)
I offer three types of courses to choose from, so you can choose one course or choose two or all three. For English lessons: The objective is to improve your level of English on all points (grammar, conjugation, vocabulary...). The courses can focus on a specific area or on various and varied areas. The learning will be done by classic exercises (school types) but also by activities allowing a more interactive learning. For pupils or students, it will also be a question of reworking the exercises seen in class, revising for exams or controls but also working on the weak points. For science courses: The objective is to rework the different chapters seen in class, rework the science practicals as much as possible, prepare for exams or even prepare before the different start of the school year. By science we must here understand SVT, Chemistry mainly but also Physics and Mathematics. It is also a question of proposing different learning techniques in order to allow a better understanding of these subjects. For history lessons: The objective remains essentially the same as for science lessons. Indeed I propose to rework the different elements seen in class but also to prepare for the start of the school year and exams. I could work with the books provided by the school as support, but I would also work on books that I would bring back myself in order to avoid any additional costs. I am able to provide history lessons on all eras that can be addressed in class.

Play your favorite song in less than a month. Piano teacher, vocals, looper, computer-aided music
For beginners, the approach I take allows you to make progress every day. In 20 days you should be able to play your favorite song and all those who have the same chords... then we will evolve from this base. The pianist of the video "axis of awesome 4 chords", available on Youtube, illustrates what it is possible to do with 4 chords... that you could play comfortably in 1 month. For the more experienced, tell me by message where you are and where you would like to go. Classical repertoire, Latin music, jazz... I will pass on to you the solid foundations given to me by conservatory teachers to allow you to progress independently as quickly as possible. Whatever your level, I'll give you my best advice: buy a quality speaker and play music in your home as much as possible. You will enjoy a better atmosphere, more courage to do household chores, and your ear will learn on its own the language of the musical styles you listen to. Pay attention to percussion, bass, harmony, melody, tap the rhythm, sing, dance... nothing is wasted and the music is all the tastier. I was trained in classical and jazz piano at the Bourg la Reine conservatory. Today I cover and compose music in styles ranging from funk to house to trap... I also offer recording and mixing sessions for piano and voice.

mathematics, life and earth sciences, physics, chemistry, English
I am preparatory class biology / maths / physics chemistry in 2nd year (completed). I offer courses up to the 1st year of sup in svt, maths, physics chemistry and English, in particular in addition to school lessons, or even to help with homework.

Au Café du Français : Private French lessons for foreigners in the fifth arrondissement of Paris
Private & tailor-made French classes in the 5th arrondissement of Paris. Lessons will take place in nice cafés of the 5th arrondissement. - Tailor-made lessons for every level, every learning profile, from A1 to C1 of the CEFR - Personalized, flexible approach - Learning resources (text, audio, video) provided

Artistic drawing course for all techniques, all levels
Artistic drawing lessons, observation drawing, and plastic art techniques, all levels, all media....possibility of creating an artist's notebook (kirigami, linocut)...from drawing to coloring a painting, study of the model, perspective, material rendering effect, etc...

Excellence Bond , my class will be so much fun and full of knowledge
I Love teaching , I'm so motivated to work with young students , i have always loved working and explaining things to my colleagues , teaching is a side job i was designed to do and i can promise my future students that you will notice a big difference in your level and also i'm very patient and calm person

Réussir son oral de BAC Français ou Histoire / Géographie.
Je suis enseignant et je fais passer des oraux pour divers examens. Je peux fournir une AIDE METHODOLOGIQUE aux lycéen/e/s qui passent un oral de spécialité afin de mettre les meilleures chances de leur coté. Mon expérience professionnelle d'une quinzaine d'années dans différents lycées, j'ai travaillé en établissement pénitentiaire pour mineurs, me permet de m'adapter à vos besoins afin de vous aidez à progresser. J'ai une bivalence qui me permet d'enseigner à la fois en LETTRES comme en HISTOIRE / GEOGRAPHIE. Petit plus, je ne vous lâcherai pas dans la nature et le jour de l'examen, si vous êtes dans mon secteur je peux vous accompagner pour débriefer l'entretien qui viendra de se passer.

Cours d'anglais / russe / italien (niveaux indiqués en description du cours)
Je donne des cours d'anglais, de russe et d'italien. Je suis qualifié pour aider les élèves ayant un niveau inférieur ou égal à celui du baccalauréat en anglais et en russe ayant pratiqué ces matières également dans mes études supérieures. Je peux également enseigner les bases de l'italien jusqu'à tenir des conversations simples. I teach English, Russian and Italian. I am qualified to help students with a level more or less equal to the baccalaureate in English and Russian. For Italian, I can teach the basics and simple conversation skills.

Italian for all levels with a native speaker
Good morning! My name is Federico and I am Italian. I studied at the University in Italy and I validated my master's degree in Paris. I currently live in Strasbourg and I would be enthusiastic to give you Italian lessons or simply to make conversation in Italian on any subject for your training. The courses are for all those who need to make conversation or practice for exams and oral presentations or even need corrections and help with writing. All levels are accepted, including those who are formulating their very first sentences. Having lived in several parts of Italy, I know the language very well without any dialectal influences. I had a classical literary baccalaureate in Italy and I therefore also have a very good knowledge of the written language to help you in the correction of your texts or your exercises. I am completely available to adapt my methods according to your needs.

Cello Lessons with English and French speaking Australian
** Please note: Schedule is totally booked. Please let me know if you'd like to go on the waiting list. Thank you. Bernadette - experienced and accredited cello teacher: Native Australian English speaker who also speaks French (to level B1+). After 18+ years of practice and 14 years as a cello teacher in various Australian and UK schools as well as privately (since 2005), I can teach in English (my native tongue) or in French (a second language I am still perfecting). With this experience of teaching and sharing my passion for the cello, I offer lessons tailored to individual needs: -Age 5 years to adult -Beginners to advanced -Exam preparation, conservatory/school admissions, auditions -Lessons for fun -Perfecting technique -I adapt to all levels, all styles, all tastes using a variety of methods. -Individual and group classes (e.g. lessons, ensembles or orchestral tuition). *Group classes are in person only and not online. I have completed both a Master and Bachelor of Performance at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music where I also studied String Pedagogy and complete Music Theory (Harmony and Aural, Music History, etc.), and then was a member of several orchestras, performing with the Auckland Phil (New Zealand) and Southbank Sinfonia (London). I am currently in Aix-en-Provence where I am perfecting my French and preparing for future auditions. I will be happy to provide you with my full resumé if you desire.

Gives English, French and FLE lessons online and face-to-face
In class, I like to use both authentic materials (songs, podcasts, news articles) and teaching resources / textbooks. It seems to me that discovering the cultural aspect of a language is as important as learning its grammar, so I use documents that allow students to discover another culture. In my opinion, the use of educational games is very effective in class, and I often use them in class. I am patient and concerned about the well-being of my students, which is why I find it important to create a pleasant atmosphere in class so that they feel at ease. My lessons are aimed at all types of levels (from beginner to advanced) and for an audience of all ages, online (via Zoom) or face-to-face in Lille. I give private lessons which can take the form of homework help, conversation workshops, or intensive courses.

Private cello lessons. Cellist Soloist of the National Orchestra of Lorraine and the Symphony Orchestra of Jerusalem,
Hello, I hold a Master's degree in Cello from the CNSM in Paris. Solo Cello of the National Orchestra of Lorraine, then of the Symphony Orchestra of Jerusalem, I have a great experience of concerts, recitals, and competitions. I have also always nurtured the desire to transmit; transmitting and sharing being ethical and cultural values that I have always cherished. It is a permanent enrichment for the student and for the teacher. I think I am a very empathetic person, attentive to each other's expectations and with a great experience of the stage.

Advance your plastic and artistic practice: drawing, painting, photography, video, installation, performance
Developing your plastic and artistic practice can be difficult on your own. I therefore suggest that you become this external point of view to help you progress. The goal is to adapt the course to your needs, from a course focused on a specific technique or medium (drawing in as many forms as possible, acrylic and watercolor painting, film and digital photography, video, sound , installation and performance). Or a broader lesson on art, its history, and how to practice art, shape your art. And therefore support your artistic potential! As a student at the School of Fine Arts in Angers, I still have a lot to learn myself, but I would be happy to discuss with you to better understand how I could support your practice. This at your own pace of course :) Hoping to be able to be useful to you, and to share with you this passion that drives me.

Come Travel with me around the Vinyasa Flow method.
Yoga practitioner for 5 years, and fond of body movements for many years, I have since been trained in the "flow" method at Yuj Yoga Studio during a 200 hour module. My teaching is in my image: dancing, dynamic and above all in music. My classes are open to all levels and I guide you step by step in each of them in my universe. Structure of my courses: - guided meditation and course theme, - warm-ups, - flow - dynamic sequences of standing postures, - flagship posture, - return to the ground, - final relaxation. The little extra of my courses: - quote at the beginning of the course to introduce the theme of the session, - guided final relaxation, - work on challenging postures to go further in your practice. I look forward to meeting you and practicing with you. See you soon.