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Language tutoring (English, French, German)
Tutoring for children and young people who are having difficulties at school and need a little help. My lessons are designed to be fun to encourage your child to learn. I am very patient and I am good at explaining. I am also very gifted with languages and I hope to be able to help your child with this.

English Conversation and Writing Practice with a Native Speaker
I work with adult learners (18+) who want to improve their English at work, school or elsewhere. Whether you are preparing for a business presentation, writing your thesis, or looking to improve your everyday conversation skills, I can help you achieve your goals. I practice language acquisition instead of just language learning. Research shows that immersive communication delivers the best language outcomes. That's why I only speak English with my students. For beginners I use a lot of photos, drawings and gestures. Later we move on to active storytelling. Through these conversations, learners naturally acquire new vocabulary and grammar structures. And we have so much fun together! I believe language learning should be both informative and fun, and that's why I offer hands-on learning sessions full of kindness and understanding. All of my lessons are tailored to each individual. I prefer to work with goal-oriented learners, but I also offer exercises on problem areas if required.

Mathematics, Science and English Tutoring for all ages
I have been giving private Mathematics and English lessons for more than 3 years. I was educated in a high school which teaches mathematics and all science lessons in English and I am studying in Bogazici University and Universitat zu Köln which are giving education in English and German. I love teaching and helping students understand the topics with fun activities (especially for kids).

English Learning / Tutoring (Grade 1-12) - Native Speaker and Certified Teacher
Mr. Jarrett is the sole mentor and teacher for the Glue Club (GlueClub.de). He is a native English speaker from the United States. Mr. Mac grew up in Georgia (U.S.A.) and joined the U.S. Army after high school. He spent over five years in the military with assignments in Germany and the middle east. He completed his Bachelor's degree while in the Army and transitioned from the military into the classroom, joining Teach for America. The organization trained members to teach in disadvantaged schools in an effort to equalize access to a quality education throughout the United States. Mr. Mac has worked as a primary school teacher at a bilingual school in Wiesbaden since 2019. He has been a class teacher and taught most elementary school subjects to include English, Math, Science, Art, and Physical Education. His goal with the Glue Club is to create a unique after-school environment where children from every culture and socioeconomic background feel welcomed as part of a family of lifelong friends. Mr. Mac enjoys reading novels, non-fiction history, biographical, and philosophy books. He grew up playing and loving to follow baseball and American football. His favorite sports teams include the teams from Atlanta (Braves, Falcons, Hawks). He is a "movie buff" that enjoys watching and discussing films. He also enjoys traveling to unique places and hiking. Private English tutoring is available. The tutoring can include improving English skills or focused on class-specific tasks such as Math, History, and other subjects. Mr. Mac is certified for all social studies subjects from grades 6-12 as well as all subjects in grades 1-4.

Let's learn Korean easily with Soyeon! - 한국어를 쉽게 배워요!
Do you want to learn Korean? Korean is a beautiful language with various expressions. You can learn from the basics to daily conversation in a fun way. •From Korean alphabet(Hangeul , 한글) to difficult conversation, with me, you can learn korean really easily. •You can learn the expressions that Koreans use often. •You can learn various expressions in Korean. •You can learn grammar that people often make mistakes. •Also, you can learn Korean in the way you want. Let's study Korean with me! :D

Tahir Ahmed
Learn linux operating system and get confident to use it in your daily life and job
My goal is to teach my students is to make them Linux speciliest. starrting from the installation of operating system on differennt platforms, to creating users, network creation, remote access, file transfer, secure tunnels, dhcp, static IP, backing up drives and etc.

Painting/drawing/sketching for children and young people
I've been painting since I was 9 years old. I've learned a lot myself, but I've also learned a lot from other art teachers and I want to know what I've collected and now pass it on to others. I would start very slowly with something like: Color theory, anatomy, I would also first let things run free A little later you get character tasks and other important topics like: Perspective, realistic drawings, watercolor and other media (I mainly paint with pencils, ballpoint pens, acrylic paints and occasionally watercolours) But sometimes with a Wacom tablet.

Piano Lessons for Beginner and Intermediate Students
With a strong foundation in music theory, we will build piano skills from the basics up. Having studied music for over 18 years, I am passionate about teaching others to experience and understand music to their fullest. I believe that interaction with the arts is an invaluable part of any persons educational and social being. Beyond all of the technicalities of music education, it is important for students to be able to enjoy and appreciate the music that they spend so much time studying. My lessons are highly focused in music theory, understanding, and appreciation. Music has played a huge role in the development of my own life and I absolutely love sharing that experience with others. About me, I am a graduate from the College of Music at the University of North Texas in Denton, Texas with a Bachelor of Arts in Music. My most recent studies in music have been highly focused on Worship Music concentrating on Piano and Voice as well as Music Theory. I have taught music lessons since 2012 and I have lived in Berlin since 2019.

Math and physics private lessons for school, undergrad or adults students in english or spanish.
Either if you are a student in school or university or if you are just passionate about mathematics or physics, my private lessons will sharpen your skills and teach you in an efficient and intuitive way! I also can prepare you for school or uni exams, pre-admission exams or IPHO/IMO type olympiads. I love science and, more importantly, I love to teach science. I'm a master's student with more than 4 years of experience in teaching and tutoring and I love it! hence, I want to help you to get better at math/physics so you can reach your goals in school, uni, or life. If you choose virtual lessons, I use Zoom/Teams together with notes on an Ipad. If you are interested feel free to contact me, I will reply to you as soon as possible

French lessons for everyone at your own pace
First of all, I would like to specify that I adapt entirely to your rhythm and your needs! Among the two combinations, you will choose the time breakdown you prefer: - 1)Vocabulary 2)conjugation 3)grammar 4)spelling - 1) written comprehension 2) written expression 3) oral comprehension 4) oral expression Of course, we will devote more time to your shortcomings (if necessary) in order to optimize your progress.

Learn (acquire) English naturally from a native speaker
Learn the English language the same way you learned your mother tongue- naturally. Today's techniques often focus on outdated styles of memorization and grammar practice that fades out of memory quickly. Learning to acquire English, instead of simply memorizing this process will bring you better results and quicker fluency. And that's exactly what I aim to provide. AVAILABLE AUGUST 28, 2022

Oboe and Piano Teacher in Köln/Online lessons. Teacher to all ages and levels! Speaking both german and English
In my Oboe lessons I like to focus on the individual needs of the student, for instance breathing technique, posture, the embouchure, or finger work. I set my lessons around the music my students are learning and focus on creativity within the music and exploring the different ways of musicality, so that my students can have a wide skill set of phrasings, dynamics and articulations. I include reed making in my classes depending on the student's ability with the instrument, and I am very happy to provide reeds as well as an extra service. When I teach piano, I include a range of different styles in my lessons. For beginners, I work from various books to encourage them to learn how to read notes on the page as well as playing freely. I also include melody writing which makes the process of learning notes and music easier and more exciting for the student. I work on posture, finger work and different ways of expression on the instrument which gives the student a choice of how to perform and different ways of expressing their musicianship. I coach abilities from complete beginner to intermediate. I can work in both German and English.

Private Chess lessons for beginners and intermediate players. English and Spanish
Are you trying to level up quickly to beat your peers in chess? You just found recently the game exciting and wanna learn more about it? Or are you preparing for a company or informal/formal chess tournament? I've got your back. With my personalized training, you will be able to improve your game in a few weeks. I will provide you with the tactics, strategies, openings, material, and a training plan so you can study on your own and become a better player in no time. What is in the training lessons: - Measure of your current level - Finding your playing style - Personalized training plan (openings, middle game, end game, tactics, strategy, time management) - Level up your skill and depth of thought (being able to think many steps beyond your opponent) - If you want to improve your blitz/bullet level I can also help you with that! About me: Professional chess player. Played chess for over 15 years. Participated in international chess tournaments. And yes I have ELO fide (1780, my current level should be around 2000. I haven't played official FIDE tournaments since 2015). After participating many times in tournaments I decided to step aside and become a professional chess tutor in 2018. Now I enjoy sharing the beauty of chess with my students. We can even try an online lesson if you don't want to spend time commuting. I know how difficult is to find the right mentor and therefore I offer you this option to help you. Looking forward to meeting you and helping you improve your chess skills soon. Talk to you soon, Leo

Mohamad Elmahdi
Math and physics class for any classes ranging from grade 6 till the bachelor’s degree
Mathematics os the language of the universe and physics is just an application of mathematics to the real world. (Physics speaks “mathematics “). I will teach the student how to enjoy physics and mathematics and make him or her think smarter about these subjects while getting better grades. Yes! I will make physics and mathematics fun!

Private lessons in Mathematics, Physics, French in French or English
I am French and I live in Munich. In my last year of an A+ group engineering school, I offer private lessons in mathematics, physics and French at all levels from college to the first years of the license. Son of a high school mathematics teacher, it was with them that I acquired my desire to learn and teach this fundamental subject, the basis of science. Having studied in the MP preparatory class at the Lycée Louis-Le-Grand in Paris, I can possibly give you some exercises to prepare you for these excellent training courses. French is my native language, I particularly appreciate its conjugation, grammar, and spelling. I am also a lover of poetry in my spare time and I would be delighted to discuss rhymes and the different metrics of classical poetry. I can give these lessons in English if you wish.

Musikproduktion und Audio Mixing mit Cubase, Studio One oder Ableton.
We use Cubase or Studio One or Ableton or whatever a DAW to make music and recording,Mixing,Mastering.I have already 9 years make music with those tools.If you want learn Music production you should have a computer or laptop.Then i will show you how to use those things to make your own music.

Cello or piano lessons for all ages and all levels.
Music improves so many factors of life. it builds our desire to be patient and driven, and grows the beautiful creative sides of our minds and hearts. To many, it is a desired field of excellence in which they want to create careers, and for others it serves as an escape to be free. I love teaching and showing intrigued and motivated learners more about the musical world and am glad to help explore the technical and musical factors of music in cello playing, piano playing and the deeper meanings of the music we love. The class is about you, what you want to become qs a musician, if you want to learn a new intrument, or just improve your playing! I will be glad to help and teach as much as I can.

Italy and Italian through a historical and cultural approach
Italian language can be hard to understand without the knowledge of our rich and beautiful culture. As a philosophy graduated I dedicated myself on studying Italian culture with a multifaceted approach, that is, through its manifestations in the world of art, literature, cinema and music. With my class I can guarantee that you will not just learn Italian language, but also many aspects of our culture, with some cooking tips as well. I am looking forward to share my Italian "zeitgeist" with you!

Learning science is fun - Chemistry and Physics Lecturer since 2011
Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics are usually not the favorite subjects of students. But, believe me - these subjects are so interesting and can be so joyful. If you join my class I will teach you science and how to learn science, so that you can study it by yourself very soon. You will see that Chemistry and Physics are always all around and inside us and that Mathematics is the beautiful and helpful tool we use to just describe and predict them properly. Depending on your level and the goal that you want to achieve, I will prepare individual customized lessons, will give you guidance on how to learn and to view things - and especially how to think scientifically. I studied Chemistry at the Technical University of Berlin and graduated there. During and after completing my PhD in Physical Chemistry I worked in Neutron Science and published numerous papers in Physical Sciences. Then I decided to leave science and started working as a freelance teacher in the subjects given above with high enthusiasm in 2011. Besides that I have prepared many Chemistry and Physics Tutorials on School as well as University level and also published two books with Multiple Choice questions for premed courses.

Korean Kurs for beginner/intermediate anyone who wants to learn Korean
Korean is a one of the interesting language. Especially if you are beginner , this class is going to suit you. I am friendly person so when you study Korean, it is going to be fun. Don’t hesitate ! Let’s try together:) 스트레스 받지말고 즐겁게 한국어 같이 공부해요 :)

I offer tutoring and homework help :)
Dear parents, My name is Kyara, I am 17 years old and a student at a high school. Since I am very good with children and I like to share my knowledge, I would be happy to help your children to improve their level of performance :) I give tutoring in all subjects (1-6 class). If I have piqued your interest, please feel free to contact me!

Our students in Germany say it best about our teachers

Italian language and culture
Excellent, very polite, very organized and methodical. The course is very pleasant and fruitful.
Review by IOULIA T.
Cécile is a professional teacher with a personal approach. Besides being a very friendly person, her teaching is absolutely worth recommending.
Review by TIMON R.
French tuitions for expats
Laureline is well organized, experienced tutor. I like her teaching style. I would recommend her highly !
Review by KIHONG J.

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