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Recently Posted Private Classes

French tutoring for English and German speakers/ Französisch Nachhilfe für Englischsprachigen und Deutschsprachigen
Tutoring for English and German speakers, who want to study french as a second language. I can provide support for students and adults who want to improve their french spoken and written skills. I can work with any level, from primary school to adults. I'm looking forward to working with you! Nachhilfe für English und Deutschsprachigen, die ihr Französisch verbessern wollen. Ich biete eine Unterstützung für Schüler und Erwachsene an, die ihr französische mündliche und schriftliche Kompetenzen verbessern wollen. Ich kann jede Schulstufe begleiten, bis zum Abitur. Ich freue mich, euch kennenzulernen!

Learn, understand and improve your level of French
FR First of all, I make an inventory. Depending on your level, I offer suitable solutions. We will see the basic rules of the French language. Spelling, conjugation, pronunciation but also practical exercises to help you better understand the lessons. For you, the language of Molière will no longer hold any secrets. DE Zunächst bewerte ich Ihr Level.Je nach Ihrem Level schlage ich passende Lösungen vor. Wir sehen die Grundregeln der französischen Sprache an. Die Rechtschreibung, die Konjugation, die Aussprache, aber auch praktische Übungen, damit Sie die Lektionen besser verstehen. Für Sie wird die Sprache Molières kein Geheimnis mehr sein.

Music is universal language who everybody understands. It is also powerful weapon to express our life, feelings, thoughts and whatever we can imagine. As master graduate music artist (jazz pianist, composer and arranger) I can help you develop your skills and make your music sound exactly like you imagine. On my classes you will learn how to practice effectively (but not more), to write down the music you have in your head and also to extand the world of music harmony.

¡Aprende español de A a Z! Online or at home Spanish classes
Spanish has become one of the most important language world-wide, with more than 580 million people speaking it! Start from scratch or perfect it with 1 on 1 online lessons. Total flexibility and dynamic classes. -Conversation -Theory -Instructional material -Reading -Listening I am a native Spanish speaker from Argentina. I've been teaching languages (English and Spanish) for the last year. What are you waiting? Excel your language!

Gypsy jazz and swing jazz guitar lessons - just learn to solo and accompany!
Hello everybody! I'm a gypsy jazz and swing jazz guitarist from Berlin. I already have many years of experience in teaching and in class I focus on learning important skills in jazz, for example: - Learn to understand, read and play jazz chords - Different voicings for the chords - Swing rhythm for a groovy accompaniment - Learn first solos with licks and scales - Technique exercises More information is available at

Spanisch für alles (oder Englisch) spanischer Muttersprachler
If you have no idea of Spanish or even if you are an advance speaker, having a native tutor for your Spanish homework or to learn more Spanish it is always a good idea. My name is Marina, I have studied International Relations and I lived in Spain, England, Czech Republic and now in Germany. I have been working with kids for seven years now and I have tutorized for English and Spanish in many different places. So if you need a Spanish tutor do not hesitate to contact me! We can make from 30 to 90 minutes classes, as you need.

Acoustics and electric guitar lessons for all ages
Hi, I'm Nico, 18 years old and have been playing the guitar for 10 years. During this time I developed a taste for rock, pop and blues. I offer lessons for acoustic and electric guitar. The aim of the class is that you quickly learn to play songs and make music without forgetting the background and the theory. I have made the experience that younger students in particular are very motivated and have more fun with the instrument when they are taught by a teacher whose age is not too great. :) Of course, I will also be happy to teach you if you are older than me. Best wishes, Nicolas

Learn Korean with Seim / Learn to Cook Korean / Welcome! 안녕하세요 반갑 습니다
From total beginner to business level (I also worked in Korea) you can learn real-life Korean with me! I have been living in Germany since November 2018 and am studying law. I enjoy teaching Korean and sharing Korean cultures with others. I try to give my students the joy of learning and experiencing another language and culture. If you study with me, you can learn Korean not only efficiently but also with fun! I'm looking forward to our meeting on / offline: D ***Experience*** I started teaching Korean when I was doing an exchange study in Russia in 2014. When I wasn't teaching for paid, I was helping my international friends who wanted to learn Korean. *** My Korean lessons will be .. *** 1. If you are a complete beginner ..... We'll start with the alphabet. The Korean alphabet is called "Hangeul". I know it can be very difficult to learn a foreign alphabet. But no worry. I have homemade teaching materials and these materials are one of the easiest and fastest ways to learn Hangeul. 2. If you are a beginner and know Hangeul ..... After level checking we will start with grammar. No fear. Grammar is how to build a sentence. That means we will build and speak diverse sentences! In order to build a sentence, you need not only grammar but also vocabulary, i.e. words. That is why we will practice vocabulary while practicing grammar. In this process you will learn about Korean culture, food, behavior, etc. 3. If you only / specifically want to practice speaking ..... You have found a real teacher. Each time I will give you a new topic and phrase that you need to tell you about the topic. The topic can be diverse - series, films, politics, economy, environment, cooking, hobbies, etc. After the class, I will correct or improve your formulation or words used so that you can speak like a native speaker. I will not do corrections during the class but after the class because you can talk to me more during the class and repeat your mistakes / habits while speaking. (For this I would need your consent to record our speaking) These corrections would be incredibly helpful to you and you cannot find such book or material anywhere because they are made only for you and by you. *** My Korean Cooking Class *** Do you want to try Dalgona from Squid Game? Do you not want to eat Korean dishes such as japchae, bibimbap, bossam, bulgogi, kimchi, mandu, gimbap etc. in a restaurant every time but also cook them cheaply at home? I'm here for you! I will prepare all the important ingredients and come to you. You will be surprised that the common ingredients can be combined in such a new way and delicious! Cooking class can only be held in person. Used ingredients must be paid for in addition to the tuition fee. *** Experience via Cooking Class *** I started teaching Korean when I was doing an exchange study in Russia in 2014. When I wasn't teaching for paid, I was helping my international friends who wanted to learn Korean. From 2016-2017 I worked in marketing at a food company, CJ in Seoul, Korea. I added to my understanding of food, ingredients, cooking and industry. In 2017-2018 I worked as a tour guide in Prague, Czech Republic. With my communication skills, I shared culture and history with many tourists.

Andrea Gonzalo
Learn Spanish in Munich: Easy with a Native Teacher
Learning Spanish will be adapted to the needs of each person. 100% flexibility I consider that, in addition to using good grammatical structures and having a good vocabulary, spoken communication is key. Therefore, the classes will always have a strong practical component, so that the student can take advantage of the opportunity to have a native teacher. After 5 years teaching languages, I have found that I really like teaching and I enjoy watching students learn.

English private lessons / individual or group in Dresden
Hello! I'm Preston, 38 years old and from London. I have been working as a freelance English teacher for children and adults in Dresden for over 6 years and have been professionally trained for this with the Cambridge certificate. // What can I offer you? Business English / English at work (also presentation training and preparation for job interviews) General English (reducing speech inhibitions, conversation, promoting active language skills, building up vocabulary) Pronunciation training / Pronunciation (British English) Preparation for IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC and other language exams Intensive grammar course Translations from German to English, including proofreading Student tutoring // How do the lessons work? It is important to me that you feel comfortable during class. My lessons are varied, with a range of different teaching techniques, entertaining tasks and of course a lot of fun. I only speak English with you and concentrate individually on your needs and demands. // When and where? Depending on your wishes, I offer you single or double lessons. We can meet in town or at your home / office. I am flexible in terms of time; short-term arrangements are also possible. Lessons can also take place in the evening or on the weekend if required and agreed. If you are interested, write to me, I look forward to seeing you!

Tutoring for elementary school children in German, Russian, Ukrainian, English
Hello! My name is Yesenia and I am originally from Ukraine, where I successfully graduated from the Pedagogical University and at the same time gained four years of experience in primary schools and through private lessons. My major was English and World Literature. I also had German as a minor. Russian and Ukrainian are my mother tongues. I am currently working as a kindergarten teacher. I would be happy to help your child with homework, English or Russian. The lessons will be as varied as possible and equipped with many different learning materials. You can also have fun while learning!

Drum Lessons / Schlagzeugunterricht - Friendly, approachable, and enjoyable from the first lesson!
Drum Lessons / Schlagzeugunterricht - Friendly, approachable, and enjoyable from the first lesson! 
Lessons available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, & German. I am Tomás , an experienced live and studio drummer with a Master Of Music degree from the Royal Northern College of Music in the UK and I am available as a private tutor. 
 I am aware that everyone is different and therefore lessons need to be individually tailored every time. I will make an effort to get to know you as a person as well as your reason for playing the drums so I can then adjust your lesson material adequately. This ensures that every student is enjoying themselves from the very first lesson and therefore the learning will naturally occur much faster.
 WHERE Lessons are at my studio in Wedding, postcode 13359. The room is spacious and comfortable and has a PA system and two drum kits, making it ideal for lessons. I am also available to teach at the student’s location; AGES I have taught one-on-one lessons to kids as young as 7 but also to adults in their 50s and 60s. Whatever your age, we will make it work.

My experience ranges from teaching young beginners who are just starting out to mature drummers who need to polish their playing. For beginner students, I will teach you the basics of drumming in an approachable way to make it enjoyable from the very start. For experienced drummers, I can improve your technique, groove, feel, tone, articulation, dynamics, stage performance, vocabulary, listening, and reading. All this so you can become a better musician, not just a drummer. I also like to teach in a way that empowers you to teach yourself in the future. ABOUT MY TEACHING EXPERIENCE I have been teaching 1-on-1 lessons for 11 years. I also have 7 years experience leading drum and percussion workshops. ABOUT MY DRUMMING EXPERIENCE I've been drumming for over 22 years and have now recorded and gigged with multiple bands, some of which I am the co-founder and co-songwriter for. Styles of music I have performed include rock, jazz, funk, psychedelia, afrobeat, disco, dance rock, electro, grunge, metal, blues, latin, and samba. I have a Master Of Music degree from Manchester’s Conservatoire (Royal Northern College of Music) in the UK. I also have experienced producing, composing, and mixing which I am more than happy to share with you. If you’ve got any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me. All the best, Tomás

Spanish for foreigners. Face-to-face classes in Germersheim, Germany
Spanischer Muttersprachler und Übersetzer. Ich biete Spanischunterricht an und passe mich an die Bedürfnisse des Schülers an. Ich biete eine praktische Methodik an, bei der Student derjenige ist, der nach dem fragt, was er braucht.Erträglicher Unterricht, der Ihnen viel Selbstvertrauen in Ihrem Spanisch gibt Meine Absicht ist es, den Unterricht auf Konversation zu konzentrieren, da ich denke, dass dies das Wichtigste in einer Sprache ist, aber ich bin flexibel, mich auf die Wünsche jedes Schülers zu konzentriere

Digital Photography for Beginners and Camera Operation Basics
These days photography is present in every aspect of our daily lives. We photograph more pictures then in every past point in history, yet how many of those images are good? Understanding the key elements of photography and camera operation can make all the difference between "just a photo" and a meaningful one. With an experience of 15 years working as a professional photojournalist, my goal is to pass forward my knowledge and enthusiasm. It takes no more than a few meetings to notice the improvements in your photography. Who is it for? - If you are taking your first steps in the world of digital photography. - If you recently got a new Digital camera and feel lost in the sea of options, configurations and operation. - If you just want to get better at taking photos of your next trip or some free time with the children or grandchildren. I can guide you through the way to make much more from your newly purchased camera or even smartphone, from the basic steps of operation to the point you will be able to take beautiful and creative images.

A private lesson in which you will learn to put together a portfolio for entry into art schools
The portfolio course for entry into the art college. I am an art educator and a professional, freelance artist. I worked at an art college for 6 years and I know what it takes to study at an art college. A good portfolio is essential for your successful application to study at an art college. The focus is on creating a solid application portfolio with your artistic work. I offer you portfolio discussions, give you technical tips, we can tackle specific problems and I am also available for material questions. Overall, I will support you in putting together your portfolio, I will advise and give you valuable tips to further develop yourself artistically. Artistically, my focus is on: Free art: painting, new media, video art, art in public space and participatory art.

Certified Private English Language Teacher With 6 Years of Experience
TOEFL test preparation, Academic English, and English Language lessons by a certified private English Teacher with 6 years of experience. Let's talk shortly about the lessons; 1- Focusing on strategies 2- Fluency oriented 3- Communicative 4- Equipped with modern methods Contact me, I will lead you to proficiency.

Private English Tuition: English as Second Language, English literature
English language and literature tuition for all ages. I am flexible and can tailor the class to your needs. I am a recent graduate from the University of Cambridge where I studied Liberal Arts. So I am able to help with advanced English such as essay writing.

English and offline für alle Niveaus
Ich bin Franzose und lebe in München.Ich würde mich freuen, Ihnen oder Ihrem Kind beim Erlernen der französischen Sprache helfen zu können. Ich habe oft Kinder ab 16 Jahren unterrichtet, um meine Mutter zu unterstützen, die selbst Französischlehrerin ist. Ich verfüge über den notwendigen Hintergrund und das Verständnis für den Aufbau von Sprachen, die schnelle Fortschritte ermöglichen. Ich selbst spreche 4 Sprachen. Ich kann Fernunterricht oder Unterricht bei Ihnen zu Hause im Raum München organisieren.

Piano lessons for everyone - all ages and levels in Aachen
Piano lessons for all ages and levels. Young teacher with a Masters in Piano is teaching piano at the student's home or online. Five years of experience in different music schools, and private lessons. Piano lessons and music theory. Come and try!

Free your voice! Holistic singing lessons from experienced teacher and Herbalist 🍀
The Boundless Voice Singing Studio You want to Sing! To speak out! To express yourself fully from your very core! The Boundless Voice singing technique is an integrative and holistic pedagogical method that encompasses the entire singing body-mind. Incorporating herbal medicine and a nature-based approach to vocal health, this practice will offer you proven vocal exercises of the Swedish-Italian school, mental support and an introduction to healing herbal allies that would further support your health and growth as a singer. Come learn essential techniques to develop your voice, strengthen your body and deepen your presence in everything you do. Develop the skills to sing and speak in a healthy manner while expressing what’s in your heart, deepening your breath, and attaining vocal freedom! This technique can help build a strong foundation for singing in ANY GENRE. Students of ALL LEVELS are welcome! Lessons are available in Neukölln, Mitte and online.

Italian private lessons in the Nuremberg area (or online)
Ciao! Do you want to learn Italian from home? With me you can! My name is Elena and I am originally from Padua, but I studied in Verona. I have lived in Ansbach since 2019 and teach Italian at the Dante Alighieri School in Nuremberg, but I also have students online. My courses are designed specifically for German-speaking people because I know what the difficulties are between our languages and cultures. I like to come to your home and teach you Italian with the help of music, games and many other exciting things! Well, there will be a little grammar, but don't worry: I'll try to make it easy! Don't you live near Ansbach or Nuremberg? Are you interested in doing an online course with me? For my classes I use Skype or Google Meet, depending on your needs. Book now: our first lesson is non-binding and free! Best regards, Elena