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Recently Posted Private Classes

Would you like to learn how to play the oboe? Come learn with me!
Hello everyone, Welcome to my profile! My name is Mariana Cachão, I'm an oboe player from Portugal and I'm currently studying at the Royal Conservatoire, in the Hague. My main goal for the lessons is giving the students all the fundamental skills they need to play the oboe and make them feel motivated about practicing and learning music. If you have some question about how the lessons work, feel free to contact me, and I'll answer as soon as possible. Let's have fun together: I'm very looking forward to meet you!

Piano lessons for beginners / Piano lessons for beginners
[English below] Educational, personal and motivational lessons for anyone who wants to play the piano. My lessons are adapted to you: to your current skills, interests and wishes. I combine this with exercises and playing techniques for a strong foundation. Passion and technique has been the formula for me when playing the piano, and in my lessons I think it's important that we play what you like, from challenging classics to well-known film scores. In the first lessons we learn to read scores, we discover exercises on the piano that support your technique in the long term, and we especially play a lot. I was born in Russia, raised in Belgium and recently moved to Rotterdam. I have been playing the piano myself for 16 years, have studied Music Pedagogy and Classical Piano at the Lemmens Institute Conservatory in Leuven and have enjoyed teaching for almost 10 years now. Feel free to contact me for questions or references. Looking forward to our first lesson! Pedagogical, personal and motivating lessons for anyone who wants to play the piano. My lessons are tailored to you: to your current skills, interests and wishes. I combine this with exercises and playing techniques for a strong foundation. Passion and technique has been the successful formula for me, and in my lessons I think it's important that we play what you like, from challenging classics to well-known film music. In the first lessons we will learn to read scores, discover exercises on the piano that will support your technique in the long run, and above all, we will play a lot. I was born in Russia, raised in Belgium and recently moved to Rotterdam. I have been playing the piano for 16 years, studied Music Pedagogy and Classical Piano at the Lemmensinstuut Conservatory in Leuven and I have been happily teaching for almost 10 years now. Feel free to contact me with any questions or references. I look forward to our first lesson!

Learn Spanish for beginners. Learn to understand, speak and listen.
I've been teaching Spanish to my friends for a while now and it's actually going really well, so I think it would be fun to teach Spanish to multiple people. I myself was raised bilingually, because my mother is Spanish. I come from Brabant, but have been living in Amsterdam for a number of years now. During the lessons we will also do speaking, listening and reading exercises. I will adapt to the level and determine the speed accordingly.

Kirsten Gabriël
Drum lessons for the passionate hero who wants to learn to play different rhythms
Lesson for beginners intermediate persons. Skills, techniques and different rhythms are discussed. Because someone at KGM D&P can expect: Reading notes • Drum notes • Recognize notes • Read notes in tempo • “The art” of reading while you play Independence/independency: • Independence of the hands • Independence of the feet • Independence of the hands and feet Rudiments: • 40 different rudiments • Build creativity. So play these rudiments on different drum part. • Create a new groove and then play • Apply different rudiments while playing. For example while drumming Learn to listen: • Identify a song's intro and outro • puzzle out the song: how many verses a song has, where the bridge is, etc. • Learning to count during a song so you can know where you are. (You should be able to play your drum part without the help of music) Rhythms: • Salsa • Meringue • Ritmo combina • Cadence • Zouk • Jazz • Pop • Funk • Stairs • Mazurkha • Balada • African music • Gospel

Vocal lesson (Jazz,Pop,K-pop) in Rotterdam&Online!
Singing is one of the tool that you can express yourself. So many people want to sing like 'someone'. However, singing is one of the way that you can share about you to people. Of course sing the right note and melody is important. But if you can't tell your story, it's a meaningless talking. I'm going to guide you that you can express yourself through singing. In my experience, learning by great singer doesn't mean they can understand what you actually need to improve. Some of them are really talented, so they don't know how to teach because they already can sing well without lesson. I was low-key tone-deaf, had no sense of rhythm. Therefore I had to started from zero. Everyone needs different approach to get better because our body is different unlike instruments. I can share with you how I improved and became a singer! - You will learn how to breath, warm-up and vocal technique. - Finding your own voice while maintain your strength point. - How to express your emotion and telling the story through singing. - Jazz, Pop, K-pop, Musical theater - In person lessons available in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. *Welcome to learn K-pop and how to pronunciation the Korean*

Training for orchestra auditions - youth orchestras or professional orchestras
As a orchestra musician since long time, I would like to offer help and training for orchestra auditions. I play in different countries in Europa (France, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, UK etc.) : I am aware of the difference styles. I can teach in french and english, if necessary, in german too. I don't count the hours, usually it's between 90 and 120'

Academic writing, composition and style: How about your thesis (BA or MA)?
Writing represents one of my hobbies. I share my experiences round academic writing, composition and style. Academic English remains the background. Note: Only those who struggle to succeed in school. succeeding in school is very important for the society

English as a second language for school children and adults
English as a second language for school children and adults The learning material can comes directly from the student or I prepare it according to what level the students would like to achieve This ensures that the lessons cover exactly what is required. Additional topics on British history and culture can also be prepared on request.

English-Beginner to advanced Level.Learn English! Speak Read Write and Listen English .Fluent English in 10 classes.
English classes aiming to personalize based on individual needs.Complete emphasis on clearing concepts and keeping the base very strong resulting in solid reading,writing,speaking and listening skills. The fun approach to the teaching will make the learner easily learn as well as negate the fear of a foreign language. Modern method of teaching using audio-visual tools.

Dutch: How to Handle Yourself in Everyday Situations
While there are many people in the Netherlands who will be happy to speak English to a foreigner, it can still be useful to have a basic grasp of the Dutch language if you're travelling to or residing in the Low Countries, even if it's just to ask for the receipt at the supermarket. In the COVID era, you may not be be travelling to the Netherlands, but perhaps you want to impress a Dutch colleague or distant family member you have video meetings with. Or maybe the Dutch language just interests you. If you're in one of the above situations, this class might be of use to you. You will develop a basic vocabulary and learn sentences you can use in everyday situations when talking to a Dutch person.

Learn fundamental Cantonese with tailor-made classes!
Whether you are learning Cantonese for work, studies or out of interest, you'll be able to reach your goal accordingly. This class provides fundamental knowledge of the language and culture, and focus on interactive conversations. Depending on your needs, reading and writing skills can also be taught. Everyone has a different learning styles and they should be well suited especially when it comes to private tutoring. Your classes will be designed according to your learning goals, pace and styles, a learning plan that's only tailor-made for you. Your learning journey can always be altered in order to help you with a better learning outcome. What can be more fun to get to know about the lifestyles and cultures of the locals in language learning? These will also be included in your learning journey. About me: 100% born and raised in Hong Kong, I have been immersed in the east-meets-west culture since a very young age. I have been tutoring languages for a couple of years, including Cantonese, Chinese, English and Japanese.

"tutoring mathematics, English, economics & business economics for MAVO, HAVO and VWO"
Are you stuck with Economics or Mathematics A&B? Then you've come to the right place. We help you with all your questions. From going through the course material to making assignments, everything is covered. Who are we: We are Dave and Nick. Together we have a company that focuses on providing tutoring, homework guidance and exam training called "-Education". We do this with great pleasure and passion. Nick completed his propaedeutic year in Business Administration at Inholland University of Applied Sciences and will attend the VU University next school year. Nick has more than a year of experience in providing tutoring and exam training to mavo, havo and vwo. Dave is currently in his final year in Business Administration at the VU University Amsterdam. In the first half of this school year he will follow a minor in "Entrepreneurship", after which the thesis will be on the program during the course of the school year. What we can help you with: We can give your grade a boost. We have useful tips and tricks for how you can best deal with the material and exams. We also explain all the material to you in understandable language and let you make matching activating assignments.

English tutoring in lower secondary general secondary education (HAVO) pre-university education (MAVO) in The Hague and surroundings.
I explain the grammar by giving you the rules and examples from everyday life and from pop music. We will practice by doing exercises to see if you understand it. We will also practice reading texts from old exams because that will be your final exam later on.

Joan Mary
Conversation English in Amsterdam from an Irish teacher
English lesson from a native English speaking teacher. I am from Ireland and have worked outside Ireland for 25 years. Often worked with non-English speakers. Therefore, I understand how to speak English in an easily understandable way. The entire lesson will be in English. I am certified as a teacher through TEFL and TESOL

Whether you are a beginner or advanced, young child or adult, you are welcome to join my piano lessons! I aim to help piano students become aware of their body while playing through biomechanics: which technique and movements are the most effective according to the passage and developing their piano skills with Hands/Gym. You can expand your musicality by working on phrasing, timing, among others aspects. And what is so important to me: taking care and enjoying all the learning stages of the piece thanks to mindfulness and other techniques. Always enjoying the process! I also offer piano accompaniment for any instrument: singers, strings, winds, even percussion. If you need an accompanying pianist for auditions, exams, concerts, I will be happy to work with you!

Saxophone, flute and clarinet lessons for all styles, ages and abilities
Want to unlock the joy of playing music? Keen to rekindle your relationship with the saxophone? Want to play your favourite songs? Want to take your understanding of music to the next level? Saxophone, flute and clarinet teacher available for lessons. A graduate of the Conservatorium van Amsterdam, I have experience in teaching a variety of styles to different abilities and age groups. Regardless of your level, we will work together to ensure you get the most out of your instrument and play what you want to play! Common topics include sound production, technique, improvisation, playing by ear, rhythm, and music theory.

English for Each One of You. English, Exam preparations.
For about 10 years, I have been teaching face-to-face and online English lessons for almost every level and age group. I have undergraduate and master's degrees on teaching English, I also have teaching experience for young student groups. Since I also worked in military education institutions, I try to perform the lessons in a regular and disciplined way. I generally take into importance reading and listening skills. Please make a reservation for a sample lesson.

Music Theory for all ages - reading musical notes, music history, solfege, composition
Learning to read musical notes and get to know music in a fun way. This lesson is determined by the need and age group of the student - from musical games and music appreciation and beginner note reading and music-making, to dealing with musical material and musical analysis. I am a composer of music (classical, acoustic and electronic) who deal with music in many shapes and forms. I hold a Master degree in Composition from the Royal Conservatory The Hague. I love teaching and I have taught everything from ensemble playing for toddlers who do not read notes, to music theory, analysis and music philosophy to undergrad university students.

Increase your confidence and ability in using the English language with me, a highly qualified teacher of more than ten years experience!
Classes with me will improve your confidence in using English for work and in your free time! Learn practical English skills and have fun whilst doing so! Speaking good English means increased abundance in your life through earning more money for you and your family. I have a clear and friendly British English accent which will make learning that much easier for you I hold 2 university degree's and 2 professional teaching certificates. And have taught students of all ages from around the world for more than 10 years! You are most welcome, and I look forward to hearing from you:-)

Learn the Building Blocks of Music (Harmony, Songwriting, Vocal Technique, Piano)
Music lessons designed for you: Basic music theory for beginners Harmony, Analysis and Counterpoint for intermediate and advanced students Basic vocal technique and songwriting Piano lessons with repertoire of your choice You can follow one of these classes or we can do a combination that fits best your needs.

Bassoon and Music Theory lessons specifically tailored to your needs. Meet an experienced bassoonist and a passionate musician.
I'm a bassoonist from Latvia currently studying in The Royal Conservatoire in The Hague. I have experience teaching the bassoon in a professional music school and I have prepared my students for youth competitions and auditions for youth orchestras. I will also gladly teach music theory for people interested to improve their knowledge or start from scratch. I can also, of course, combine both in one lesson. I enjoy playing the bassoon together with my students and I believe that playing in an ensemble benefits musicians on every level.