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Recently Posted Private Classes

Piano lessons, learn how to play piano from the beginning
I'm a piano teacher. I finished a music school. I'm giving piano lessons for few years. On the lessons we focus on playing piano and theory. We are learning how to read notes. We work with rhythm. Lessons are in a nice, calm atmosphere. Contact me for more information.

Tutoring and supervision English, Dutch, NT2, Literature, History, Psychology, Philosophy from primary education to MA thesis
After a turbulent career in the media, marketing and mental health care, I am now back to my roots in education. I am very knowledgeable and was an academic success, but I don't just work with HBO or WO students. I also teach classes in primary education, VMBO, MBO, HAVO and VWO. Below you will find an overview of which subjects I teach and at what level. : PO: Writing, reading, fluency, history, English. English language and literature: up to and including university thesis supervision Psychology: up to and including university thesis supervision. Philosophy: up to and including university thesis supervision Dutch: up to and including 6VWO History: up to and including 6VWO. Reading and writing skills: all levels Presentation and speaking skills: all levels Personal development: all levels. But I have more to offer my pupils than just professional knowledge. I am also educated and experienced in coaching and guidance, so I am not just a teacher, but an expert in personal development. As a therapist I know how to deal with learning or other problems of any kind. So I deliver custom work, for children as well as young people and adults What does a lesson from me look like? Well, that is always a surprise and never boring! My starting point is coaching, so I always work on a good relationship and developing or strengthening confidence in my own capacities, or Empowerment. Everything else comes after that. A lesson of mine is otherwise varied, with relatively short, but very intensive learning moments, and in between small breaks with some distraction. This could be a conversation about something else, or a joke, or an anecdote, so that you get the best out of your concentration and the material remains manageable. I also often work with music, or poems, or paintings that are related to the subject matter, then it sticks better and it is just great fun. I am very inventive and original, so with me you are drawn into an adventure every lesson!

Robert Vidal
Spanish, Catalan, English and Japanese classes in Utrecht
Hello there! I am language teacher from Spain with experience tutoring children and adults. I offer an initial session to discuss the needs and objectives of the student, as well as the best way to achieve these goals. Together we will practice the diverse proficiency skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking) that will allow you to become a fluent user of that language. The class will be mostly didactive with a wide variety of activities and games. I can also provide tuition and help with homework.

Singing, playing the piano, breath work of music theory
I'd love to help you with your development in music. As well more practical as theoretical. Or a combination. I'm an experienced piano and singing teacher. And I performed in the theaters. What is your wish? To learn to play music? To enjoy is more? To understand better what you're doing? To write songs? To connect more to the breath? I can help you with it!

Cláudio Filipe Silva
Saxophone Lessons - For Children and Adults - All levels
Hi! My name is Cláudio and I am a saxophone teacher. I am from Portugal and at this moment I am studying for my Master's Degree at Koninklijk Conservatorium Den Haag. I offer Saxophone lessons for all ages and levels. I have a wide education in musical pedagogy, supported by many years of teaching in music academies and working as a private teacher. I love teaching every kind of student and I truly believe that everyone can learn how to play an instrument and enjoy the music! Every student is different. I adapt my lessons according to the needs and wishes of each student so that you learn as much as possible and enjoy playing.

Drums Lessons (online/on location) from beginner to advanced!
I have been learning drums as well as guitar, piano and theory since I was 5 years old. At the moment, I am studying for my jazz bachelor (drums) at the Conservatory of Maastricht. I have shared the stage with well known musicians, played in different countries and have some musical qualifications. I can teach drums in a variety of styles like jazz, rock, pop, rnb and any level is welcome! Do not hesitate to reach me out because together we can reach any goal that you have!

Dutch as a second language / Dutch second language
(See below for the English translation) My language lessons are always tailored to the student. I ensure interaction, the student will be encouraged from the start to experiment with the Dutch language, always within the perception of the student, so that what has been learned is placed in a personal context and is automatically supplemented with elements specific to the student. I have a number of fine methodologies at my disposal, but I also work with ease from material that the student has brought from school or home or else select tailor-made material. I have been teaching Dutch as a second language for 20 years and have a master's degree in educational science with a note in learning problems. My language lessons are always tailored to the student. I provide interaction, the pupil will be encouraged from the start to experiment with the Dutch language, always within the pupil's own perception of the world, so that what is learned is placed in a personal context and automatically supplemented with elements that are specific to the pupil. I have a number of fine methodologies at my disposal, but I also work with ease with material that the pupil has brought from school or from home, or else will select material to measure. I have been teaching Dutch as a second language for 20 years and have a master's degree in education with a specialization in learning disabilities.

Top producer teaches Ableton, Hardware and Logic Pro X
With more than 100 releases to my name, including 2 top-10 hits in England, you can contact me if you want to learn how to make music yourself with your computer, telephone or tablet. But also more experienced producers, DJs and instrumentalists who want to further develop their production skills can contact me. Because I myself have a background as a singer and songwriter and not as a DJ, I can also help you further in the field of lyrics, vocal production, arranging and song structure. The lessons are (currently) taking place in compliance with 1.5 meters or online. One of my specialties is synthesis and sound design, in other words creating your own unique sounds. For this, my collection of vintage equipment is at our disposal, including a large modular system. But even without hardware you can of course go in all directions using. virtual instruments or the new free virtual modular synthesizer "VCV Rack". Questions I often got in interviews are "How do I start a track", "how do you get inspiration" and of course: "How do I finish a track". Thanks to my many years of experience, these are all things that I can help you on your way. The lessons are also suitable for instrumentalists who want to learn about recording or electronically accompanying their instrument, but also for DJs who would like to make their own productions. To start with, I look at what is possible with the equipment that you already have available, and can give advice if you want to expand your setup (possibly with hardware).

French, grammar, conjugation, writing, reading, communication
I give personalized lessons to help you reach the level you are looking for. My lessons are based on interaction. They are also structured so that you quickly learn the basics of the French language and that you can communicate and make yourself understood in any situation after just a few lessons. My courses will be tailored to your needs. For the little ones, I give fun lessons through games, songs and communication. My goal is for my lessons to be a good time for you and not a chore, I want my students to learn with pleasure, joy and good humor. With me, you will learn at your own pace, because the objective is to go far, not fast.

Online Dutch classes - safe and structured learning
THIS CLASS IS ONLINE ONLY You will get: 🔶 A 45-minutes one-to-one on (secured version) Zoom for approx 25,- 🔶 (Scripted) conversations right from the start 🔶 Guidance on your level 🔶 Well organised documents and study materials in an online classroom 🔶 Homework with games and exercises 🔶 Good practice and fast progress as a Dutch speaker COMPLETE BEGINNERS WELCOME

Private singing lessons in the Zaandam / Amsterdam area or online via zoom. Pop, musical & classical.
Singing lessons at location Zaandam / Amsterdam or online. From a final-year musical theater student. Working from your strength. For children / adults who sing for fun, the lesson will mainly contain fun songs. For children / youth / adults who want to improve their singing technique, about 40% of the lesson will be exercises, and we look for a song to practice with the relevant technique.

Private english lessons (from beginner to advanced)
Want to learn English? Or just want to improve your level? My name is Adeline and I think I can help you achieve your goal. After spending two months in England, I am currently studying European law at the University of Maastricht, where all my courses are in English. I have a C1 certificate and am therefore able to teach beginner to advanced students. I’ll see you soon!

Spanish Tutor, help with homework, exam preparation
Native Spanish speaker, with experience tutoring kids and adults. The class would be didactive and offered in a fun way of learning. We could practice conversation, grammar and listening Spanish or English languages. In addition, help with homework is also offered, specifically in the social science field as I have a Bachelor's degree in Marketing.

Caroline Ripolles
Tailor-made language lessons for French, Spanish and English in Soest and the surrounding area
I am Caroline, a French woman who has lived in the Netherlands for 25 years. I was raised trilingual with French as my mother tongue and Spanish and German as second languages (Spanish father and Austrian mother). I have also lived in Great Britain and Norway (Norwegian husband) for a number of years, so I now speak 6 languages. I have been giving private lessons for years with a lot of enthusiasm and personal attention. My way of teaching is very free. I can follow a specific book, or adapt the lesson completely to the student with my own lessons. I always try to offer a combination: part grammar, part reading skills and reading comprehension, and a free part with fun themes. A language is alive, so I always try to give living lessons. Through experience I also know that many people who have difficulty with languages quickly drop out because the pace is too fast and because they do not understand the basics of the language. My lessons give the student the time to understand the language so that they can catch up. They also learn to overcome their fear of speaking. Real tailor-made lessons that guarantee progress and where you will not drop out!

Get help with your English from a native English speaker
I specialising in tutoring English for school children. As a native English speaker who grew up in the South East of England I know the language inside out. I have always enjoyed studying English and I aim to allow others to enjoy it. I also have experience working with children which I incorporate in the tutoring.

BASSOON and MUSIC LESSONS for all levels! (Live and Online)
Hello, I am Bernat, I come from Barcelona, and I am a professional bassoonist. If you are interested in learning the bassoon, do not doubt to contact me! I started learning music when I was five. When I was eight I saw a bassoon for the first time, I felt in love with it and I started having lessons. I would like to share my passion with my students. I have experience teaching kids and adults, and I adapt the lessons to your needs, preferences and level. Either if you want to have a first experience with the bassoon or if you want to improve your level, I am sure we can learn a lot from each other. I am an experienced orchestra and chamber music player. I got my Bachelor in Historical Bassoon in Spain and my first Master in Den Haag Koninklijk Conservatorium. Currently, I am studying my second Master in France. I am specialized in historical bassoon performance, so I can teach modern bassoon, but also dulcian, baroque, classical and romantic bassoon. I can also offer reed making lessons as well as music theory lessons. My teaching locations are: - My appartment at Valkenboskwartien. - The student location. - Online.

Bass and Double Bass lessons for all levels and genres
Bass is the key instrument for every band or ensemble since it has the function of being a bridge between rhythm and harmony. The range of styles that the Bass can cover is basically limitless; from a prominent position like in funk and fusion to the background of pop and rock music the versatility of the instrument gives you the unique possibility to explore any genre you're into. My lessons will follow a program tailored to you and your goals. Discover this amazing instrument by learning the songs you love or diving deep into all the important skills that make a great session bass player. With my help you can also learn music theory, reading scores, jazz harmony and improvising. From the very first lesson, you will be able to jam with other people:) "It's easy to play any musical instrument: all you have to do is touch the right key at the right time and the instrument will play itself." J. S. Bach

English, Spanish and Dutch Teacher, Test Prep and Homework Tutor
I am a certified language teacher, and I am currently offering English, Spanish, Dutch and homework tutoring sessions. I have professional experience teaching children (elementary, middle and high school) and adults ("vavo": adult education program in the Netherlands, ages ranging from 18 to 64).

Math and English for all levels with good quality and promising improvement.
I have been teaching part-time for about 4 years. I have taught Math and English for Students from 8th Grade to 12th grade. Having completed my engineering in Electrical and Electronics, Maths is one of my strongest weapons. Electrical Engineering is filled with Integration, Differentiation, Partial Differentiation, Matrices to calculate the power energy and complex problems in Transmission Lines. I am a specialist in Calculus 1, Calculus 2, Trigonometry. ✅ Calculus 1 ➜ Derivative ➜ Notation ➜ Newton's notation for differentiation ➜ Leibniz's notation for differentiation ➜ Simplest rules ➜ The derivative of a constant ➜ Sum rule in differentiation ➜ Constant factor rule in differentiation ➜ Linearity of differentiation ➜ Power rule ➜ Chain rule ➜ Local linearization ➜ Product rule ➜ Quotient rule ➜ Inverse functions and differentiation ➜ Implicit differentiation ➜ Stationary point ➜ Maxima and minima ➜ First derivative test ➜ Second derivative test ➜ Extreme value theorem ➜ Differential equation ➜ Differential operator ➜ Newton's method ➜ Taylor's theorem ➜ L'Hôpital's rule ➜ General Leibniz rule ➜ Mean value theorem ➜ Logarithmic derivative ➜ Differential (calculus) ➜ Related rates ➜ Regiomontanus' angle maximization problem ➜ Rolle's theorem ✅ Calculus 2 ➜ Antiderivative/Indefinite integral ➜ Simplest rules ➜ Sum rule in integration ➜ Constant factor rule in integration ➜ Linearity of integration ➜ The arbitrary constant of integration ➜ Cavalieri's quadrature formula ➜ The fundamental theorem of calculus ➜ Integration by parts ➜ Inverse chain rule method ➜ Integration by substitution ➜ Tangent half-angle substitution ➜ Differentiation under the integral sign ➜ Trigonometric substitution ➜ Partial fractions in integration ➜ Quadratic integral ➜ Proof that 22/7 exceeds π ➜ Trapezium rule ➜ Integral of the secant function ➜ Integral of secant cubed ➜ Arclength ➜ Solid of revolution ➜ Shell integration ✅ Trigonometry ➜ Introduction to the trigonometric ratios: ➜ Trigonometry with right triangles ➜ Solving for a side in a right triangle using the trigonometric ratios: ➜ Trigonometry with right triangles ➜ Solving for an angle in a right triangle using the trigonometric ratios: ➜ Trigonometry with right triangles ➜ Modeling with right triangles: Trigonometry with right triangles ➜ Trigonometric ratios and similarity: Trigonometry with right triangles ➜ Sine and cosine of complementary angles: Trigonometry with right triangles ➜ Trigonometric ratios of special triangles: Trigonometry with right triangles ➜ Introduction to the Pythagorean trigonometric identity: Trigonometry with right triangles ➜ The reciprocal trigonometric ratios ➜ The law of sines: Trigonometry with general triangles ➜ The law of cosines: Trigonometry with general triangles ➜ Solving general triangles ➜ Introduction to radians: The unit circle definition of sine, cosine, and tangent ➜ The unit circle definition of sine, cosine, and tangent: The unit circle definition of sine, cosine, and tangent ➜ The graphs of sine, cosine, and tangent: The unit circle definition of sine, cosine, and tangent ➜ Basic trigonometric identities: The unit circle definition of sine, cosine, and tangent ➜ Trigonometric values of special angles: The unit circle definition of sine, cosine, and tangent ➜ The Pythagorean identity: The unit circle definition of sine, cosine, and tangent ➜ Long live Tau ➜ The graphs of sine, cosine, and tangent: Graphs of trigonometric functions ➜ Introduction to amplitude, midline, and extrema of sinusoidal functions: ➜ Graphs of trigonometric functions ➜ Finding amplitude and midline of sinusoidal functions from their formulas: Graphs of trigonometric functions ➜ Period of sinusoidal functions: Graphs of trigonometric functions ➜ Graphing sinusoidal functions: Graphs of trigonometric functions ➜ Constructing sinusoidal functions ➜ The inverse trigonometric functions: Trigonometric equations and identities ➜ Solving basic sinusoidal equations: Trigonometric equations and identities ➜ Solving advanced sinusoidal equations: Trigonometric equations and identities ➜ Solving sinusoidal models: Trigonometric equations and identities ➜ Introduction to the trigonometric angle addition identities: ➜ Trigonometric equations and identities ➜ Using trigonometric identities to solve problems: Trigonometric equations and identities ➜ Challenging trigonometry problems I have also taught students to appear for IELTS. Now looking for students whom I can help them with Math and English. Home Classes available on request.

Short film intensive: advanced production techniques for docudramas and more
Advanced film production techniques class covering the following in detail: lighting, sound, colour correction, using green screens, filming in motion, 4K resolution and remote video-editing workflows. While students will practice their skills through brief, task-based, filming and editing assignments, a large sum of time will be devoted to planning, development, setup and execution of a singular film project of their choice. In addition to preparation for working in teams on a set, students will develop the following: reel displaying a wide range of filming and editing skills, résumé/CV, general cover letter, portfolio/updated website with artist statement and downloadable professional documents. The class will be targeted towards preparing students for the world of film, whether academic or commercial.

Learn how to play violin fast and easy while also having fun
Are you interested in trying new things, finding new hobby or just like classical music? Then this is for you! I give violin lessons to children, adults, beginners and experienced of all age. The lesson will be adjusted to the wishes of student: learning famous songs or practicing classical pieces, working on technique or concentrating on beautiful sound or even just for fun!