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Recently Posted Private Classes

Soumya Rose
Social Media Marketing - Learn the basics of Social Media Marketing and digital marketing with extra tips about designing Facebook ads
I am digital marketing professional and a Facebook certified Ad developer. My goal is to give you an introduction on how social media can help you to drive your business or your page successfully forward. You will learn all the facets of social media ad campaigns in detail, which can also help you to choose a new career in itself.

Chema Ramírez
Lessons on Cello performing, specialized in baroque, classic and romantic period if wanted.
Cello classes are taught at all levels. It doesn't matter if you're a professional musician or not, it's about learning how the cello works and trying to improve while practicing. The main goal is to enjoy through the music.

Vocal lesson for Jazz, Pop, Improvisation and more!
Are you no longer satisfied with only singing in your shower? Have you been dreaming of singing with a good technique and a good storytelling skill? Have you been wondering how to sing and accompany yourself on piano? Have you been wanting to know how to scat and improvise? Have you tried to write your own song but not so sure how to make it come true? If any of the above thoughts has crossed your mind, then you're now in the right place! I am a jazz singer-songwriter graduated from Conservatorium van Amsterdam, and I believe I'll open up your world of singing! As stated above, there's a lot I can offer so the lesson will be designed depending on your need and your goal. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

Piano lessons - Do you want to teach (electric) piano, keyboard or synthesizer? Then you have come to the right place!
Do you want to teach (electric) piano, keyboard or synthesizer? Then you have come to the right place! Gosse (1989) has been giving piano lessons for more than 10 years and we are proud to announce that almost all students who start the lessons actually continue. The lessons are primarily focused on fun and development. He knows from experience that the most important ingredients for learning to play the piano as effectively as possible are: 1: The pleasure of playing The pleasure of playing is increased, among other things, by learning to play songs that the student experiences as beautiful or fun and that entail the right level of challenge. Gosse is mainly specialized in the styles Pop, Soul, R&B, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Funk, Bossa-nova, Latin and Light-classical. 2: Learning in the way that best suits the student There are three different ways in which someone can learn to play the piano: sheet music, by ear and (the relatively new way) through software programs such as Synthesia. The correct method differs from person to person. 3: Knowing the music theory / shortcuts The three ways you can learn to play the piano described above help you press the right keys at the right time. But it can be easier. Namely by knowing the underlying music theory and / or the shortcuts! Gosse also teaches music production (songwriting and producing). He is most specialized in the Logic Pro studio program. He also helps vocalists who want to accompany themselves on the piano. Contact us for a trial lesson (-50%) or if you want to know more.

Italian Grammar Lessons & Conversation with Native Speaker
Hi! I am Giada, a 20-year-old student, currenlty attending my first year bachelor at Leiden University at The Hague campus. I am available for Italian grammar and conversation lessons for all levels. Everybody is welcome from those who whould like to start learning a new language to those who would like to keep their Italian active and fresh!

French courses for adults and children in The Hague.
French, I am a graduate teacher of FLE (French as a foreign language) and offer French lessons for all levels, adults or children. I use a pedagogy inspired by the latest official methods, while being individualized, active and efficient. Children's lessons are particularly fun to reinforce learning. Also: preparation for language exams, French tutoring.

Want to learn French or Dutch as French native? Welcome :)
My name is Arisa, I am 30 years old. I have studied French here in Amsterdam and I have worked as a teacher for several years. My main goal is to help my students improve their French and to pass all of their exams. And to prove that learning French can be fun :) Furthermore, it is possible to take Dutch classes if French is your native language. Looking forward to meeting new students! A bientot :) Arisa

Learn public speaking at all levels, and coach in relooking.
Holder of a postgraduate degree in diplomacy and international relations and graduate of the Franco-American Institute of Design and Styling. And former head of university cooperation at the French embassy and seminarian at the United Nation in New York as well as career counselor for public and private organizations. I offer future trainees training in public speaking, working on voice intonation, gestures and taking possession of space. As well as clothing coaching to learn how to dress according to one's morphology and adapt one's attire to the different occasions that arise. With accompaniment to fitting shops.

English, Spanish and Catalan lessons (native speaker)
I am fluent in English and Spanish and Catalan are my native languages. I don't speak Dutch, so my classes would be 100% in the language we are studying. I have been tutoring in Spain for 2 years. I have helped people with English exams (FCE), with school exams and also helping kids with their homework. Let me know if you have any question!:)

David Gonzalez
Drum lessons - Cuban, Brazilian, Rock, Pop, Funk, Jazz...
Do you want to learn some cuban grooves? or maybe latin jazz? Apart from teaching the most amazing latin rhythms, In my lessons I apply the stick control book, to achieve a good technique, and at the same time I teach coordination and grooves, with the best methods and books from the most qualified drummers.

Extra lessons in chemistry, biology, physics, math B, English, Dutch and French
My lessons are based on the needs and level of the student. I have more than ten years of experience in guiding students at both individual and classroom level. I guide students in doing homework, learn the tests, prepare presentations, prepare for the exams and write the reports. I give clear guidelines when dealing with study material.

Singing Lessons + Piano Coach by Filipe & Aruth - A motivating, professional team just for you!
The present course is tutored by a Classical Singer and a Classical Pianist, both study connected to the Royal Conservatory Den Haag. It is preferred to work weekly to optimize results. The singing, and main teacher, is always present to assure the vocal progression. The piano coach will be present every other week (twice a month). The pupils will then have the best piano accompaniment. The main objective of the course is to work accordingly with the student's goals. Professional questions and advice will be an important part of the lessons to give a well-driven direction. The course it's thought with classic technical basics, familiar with the healthy vocal benefits, but other styles can be added like the musical, jazz, cabaret, etc... Each case will have a personalized answer. The teachers' connection to the Royal Conservatory also ensures that complex problems can be solved by asking the highest experts. > Lesson structure: ✓ The lessons start with body/posture awareness, movement and breathing exercises followed by an individual set of vocalizes that may incorporate some scales, cords and/or improvisation. ✓ After the warm-up, depending on the student's level and goals, some song methods may fallow and/or the repertoire on which we decided to work. ✓ While working on the pieces several kinds of information will be provided: • The Anatomy of the Voice (body, breathing, vocal cord, resonances, prevention and counseling about vocal disorders); • Language and Phonetic knowledge of Italian, French, German, English, Spanish and Portuguese (+ strategies to enable singing in other languages). • Vocal Interpretation, phrase, prosody, colors, coordination with the piano and tools how to personalize the 'message', among others based on appropriate bibliography; • Drama basics, stage preparation, and fright avoidance strategies. • Music Theory and History in order to understand the pieces more deeply through a quick analysis, period and style. ✓ At the end of each season (non-mandatory) public auditions can be arranged whenever an artistic space would be willing to receive great voices and repertoire. This works as progressive training for students individually and/or coupled - ensemble skills. The lessons can be given in English, Spanish and Portuguese. They can be held at the teacher's location or at the student's address. If you would like to have more information please do not hesitate to contact me!

Horn lessons and theory lessons for all ages around Amsterdam and Haarlem
I base my lessons on developing a good technique. That will prevent many problems later. Musicality is based on this. The repertoire for horn is very large. Hoorn is used in symphony orchestras, harmony orchestras, fanfare orchestras, various ensembles and of course as a solo instrument. In addition to technology, I also emphasize playing different styles in various settings.

Private French lessons (open to schoolchildren and those wishing to learn French)
Hello, My name is Paul-Antoine and I live in Amsterdam where I am a student. I am currently studying at the University of Amsterdam in the PPLE bachelor (Politics, Psychology, Law and Economics). From French parents, I followed all my education in the French system abroad and I speak French fluently. In these support courses which can be academic or simply an aid to the deepening of the language, I will bring my personal culture and my recent readings which will also allow the student to discover another facet of French literature. In addition, these courses are also open to those who simply want to learn French. If you would like more information on the learning methods that I will be offering, I invite you to contact me. Regards, Paul Anthony

Débora Pino
Spanish Leassons To All Levels, Learn in an easy and fun way
Thinking of learning Spanish? I can help you! I'm Débora, from Madrid (so Spanish is my mother tongue) and I've studied biochemistry, currently I'm doing an internship in Groningen. I've work as a private teacher the last 6 years (in language and science subjects). If you want to learn Spanish in a dynamic and fun way, do not hesitate to contact me.

Guitar lesson in Polish and English for beginner and intermediate
Hi, I'm 26 and I've been playing guitar for 15 years. I graduated music school. I also graduated university and my profession is a teacher. I am from Poland and I will gladly teach you how to play the guitar in Polish or English. My favorite styles are rock, blues and fingerstyle.

Computer Proggramming and Computer Basics Tutoring
I've been programming for 6 years and currently doing Computer Science and Engineering at TU Delft. I am very passionate about my field and I would like to encourage more people into it. I can teach people of all age groups. C/C++ and Java are my forte.

Hello everyone! This is Eren. I am 23 years old. I am a Turkish drummer/producer studying at the HKU Conservatorium in Utrecht. I will be finishing my third year, this june. I am actively playing in 3 bands, and have good experience for my age. I really would like to share my knowledge and experience with you! I will use the stuff that my teachers gave me in the conservatory, and my own techniques in the lessons. Any level is welcome! I can also help with music theory, ear training, solfege and music production in Ableton(basics of ableton, MIDI, audio recordings, mixing&mastering). We will play, learn, talk, have fun, even sometimes get bored but at the end I will make you a good drummer!

Celloles in Amsterdam voor alle leeftijden en niveaus!
Leer cellospelen van een enthousiaste, deskundige docente! Mijn naam is Charlotte en ik studeer met veel plezier en toewijding cello aan het Conservatorium van Amsterdam. Sinds ik op mijn zevende begon met cellospelen ben ik steeds meer verliefd geworden op muziek en op dit prachtige instrument. Velen voor mij hebben de klank van de cello al vergeleken met de menselijke stem, en ik denk dat ze helemaal gelijk hebben. Een cello zingt echt, spreekt. Kan je raken. Het geluid van de cello is zo puur, warm, diep, of juist super groovy! Samen met het enorme bereik in toonhoogte van de cello, maakt dat het een heel veelzijdig instrument. Behalve mijn grote, almaar groeiende liefde voor het zelf (samen) muziek maken, heb ik in de loop der tijd steeds meer uitgevonden hoe zeer mijn hart ook bij het lesgeven ligt. Ik vind het elke keer weer fantastisch om samen met iemand zo'n proces aan te gaan en stap voor stap te zien hoe diegene met mijn hulp steeds vrijer en zekerder met het instrument wordt. Ik vind het heel interessant om samen uit te zoeken wat werkt en wat niet, waar de groeimogelijkheden liggen en hoe ik jou daarbij steeds weer een duwtje in de juiste richting kan geven. In mijn lessen komt uiteraard techniek uitgebreid aan bod, want hoe steviger je technische basis hoe vrijer je uiteindelijk bent in je expressie. Maar daarnaast is er ook veel aandacht voor klankvoorstelling en de link met je eigen stem: hoe fraseer je, waar haal je adem, welke klankkleur kies je, wat druk je uit? Uiteindelijk zijn natuurlijke expressie en jouw spelplezier het allerbelangrijkste. Ik vind de cello het allermooiste, allerleukste instrument wat er bestaat en hopelijk kan ik in mijn lessen een stukje van mijn kunde en enthousiasme aan je meegeven!

Language classes French, English, Arabic (possibly just discussion)
I offer English and French classes for multiple levels. French is my mother tongue and I am studying in English at university and have a 7.5 IELTS level. I can also give basic Arabic classes. Classes can be just conversation classes or written grammar. Contact me if interested!

Spanish classes, speaking, grammar, vocabulary And listening
I am a Spanish native and I am preparing to teach Spanish at all levels to be able to carry out a fluent conversation in Spanish. My classes will be based on reviewing vocabulary, grammar, speaking and listening. I have been teaching Spanish to foreigners when I lived in Spain and I have experience with young people.