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Recently Posted Private Classes

Math Tutoring (for primary and secondary students)
I have been tutoring math for primary and secondary for two years before I moved to the Netherlands for my further studies. I am passionate about helping the students to understand what exactly they are learning in math classes in school. I genuinely care for the students to understand the basics of mathematics and guide them, until eventually, they would be able to solve the questions and find the joy of getting the answers right! The students can bring their school coursework or homework, or past exam questions to ask me. I would prefer if the students would tell me what they would want me to explain beforehand (a picture of the coursework or questions), so that I would have a rough idea what to teach.

French, German or English Tutoring through a lot of talking
Good day, Guten Tag, Bonjour, I am a student at Breda University. I have the German and French nationality. Through travelling to Canada and now studying in English all three languages are on the highest level. The class I want to give you will be adapted to your level,from A2 to C1, and is going to enhance your writing skills, vocabulary but most important communication skills, as you learn most through speaking. I have loads of material to share. Challenging and Fun to get out the most of you :)

Lessons with a Native English/Conversational/Job Preparation/Business Language
Learning English has been proven to be hard for some, however, my classes/lessons are different from the rest. Being a native-born English I enjoy interacting with people from all different nationalities and every class will be a fun experience. My goal is to keep students challenged and educated on important English terms used today. This class is for aspiring learners of English and have the main focus on teaching you techniques to make you more fluent in English.

Fiorella Vasi
Learn Spanish! (extra knowledge about hispanic literature)
I am a Peruvian and I have three years of experience giving formal Spanish lessons. I can go to your place or we can meet in any of the libraries located in Amsterdam. Also, I can provide you with all kinds of material in order to enhance the learning of the Spanish language. We can practice the abilities of reading, listening, speaking and writing. The idea is to chanllege the student but also have fun at the same time! ps: I have a bachelor on Hispanic Literature; if you are interested, that could be a fun way to learn Spanish!

English classes to perfect your English! One-to-one lessons, tailor made for every student.
As a native English speaker with a degree in English Literature and 8 years of teaching experience I am passionate about helping others find confidence in speaking, reading and writing the English language. I specialise in furthering English as a second language through immersion and conversation which helps to highlight areas to work on in a natural way. Further work on grammar, spelling and language structure can be set, particularly with any exams or deadlines in mind. Each class will be tailored to the student's specific needs! I look forward to working with you :)

Catalan and Spanish lessons for all levels: A1 - C2
Do you want to learn Catalan or Spanish? My lessons are ideal for you! I am currently doing a master in teaching Catalan and Spanish as second languages and doing internship at UvA (teaching these languages). My lessons are focused on both the language and the culture, and I provide a wide range of materials to practise vocabulary, grammar, reading skills and speaking.

Learn and Improve your English! Experienced English Teacher, Test prep Tutoring, ESL to Dutch / Greek students
If you are looking for an enthusiastic teacher to help you improve your English, look no further! I have a tutoring experience of over 10 years teaching students of all age groups. English lessons especially suited to your interests and needs. Certified teacher with a background in education and pedagogy. As I love learning languages, I understand the challenges my students are facing! First we will discuss what you'd like to achieve and then plan the lesson according to your needs. My methodology keeps the students thinking in English and focusing in communication and conversation; practice is key!

Italian and spanish classes with an italian native
it is a passion to teach my language to others! Lessons will include not only grammar but also information on the uses and customs of the Italian people, including cooking recipes (I am an excellent cook).The same applies to Spanish, the study program will be organized in the same way.Although I am not a native Spanish speaker I am able to speak it perfectly, thanks also to Erasmus in Granda and my studies (I am a student in International Relations) who have strongly focused on the Spanish language and culture.

Bijles in Duits (moedertaal)/Engels/Latijn/Wiskunde
Growing up in Germany with a German mother and a Dutch father, I soon became interested in different languages. Therefore I chose for Latin, English and German in my Abitur, which I finished with cum laude. Also mathematics were part of my main subjects, which I always enjoyed doing. After finishing my Abitur in Germany, I came to The Netherlands to study Interior Architecture & Design. I have been tutoring since I was 16 and always been motivated by helping students improve in their school work and hope to be able to help you soon as well!

Native Speaker English lessons (conversational ,Business ,finance)
Hello students! I am offering online and in person English tuition especially suited to your interests and needs. I have a background in finance and education, working with all age groups and levels, both in one-to-one tutoring and group classrooms. I love to learn languages so I understand the challenges that might of you have. I am Canadian with Greek roots .

Guitar Lessons for New and Experienced from Preschool to Seniors
I graduated a National School of Arts with Classical Guitar. I was rewarded student with scholarship since 16 for "People with talents and perspectives in the future". I have experience in lessons with children back in Germany. I prefer my students to be talented and to put some effort in class.

Practical French for beginners and advanced regardless of age
I specialize in practical education. If you want to be able to help yourself in French and actively participate in conversations in the village, that is the purpose of my courses. Age is not important. Are you young and do you want to participate more actively in social life or are you retired and want to live in France, my courses accompany both categories.

Private cello lessons for all age groups and experience levels
I offer private cello lessons to people of all ages and levels. As the principle cello teacher at the International School Utrecht, I have a lot of experience with young people and love to encourage creativity from a young age . During a lesson, I like to focus on playing and aim to have my students making music as quickly as possible. I incorporate a lot of chamber music into my lessons, developing a sense of fun and freedom in my students. This class is suitable for anyone with the desire to make music!

French and English classes for children and adults
I am French and student in Rotterdam. I teach French and English to both adults and children. The format of my classes adapts according to the demand (conversation, help with homework ...). I have already given many courses in the past.

Zangles (klassiek tot pop, musical, jazz) en pianoles
Irene studeerde lichte zang en piano (musical/pop) aan het Conservatorium van Alkmaar en klassieke zang aan het Conservatorium van Amsterdam (uitvoerend en docerend musicus). Irene had les van Margreet Honig, Juanita Gilbert, Stephen Schwarz (Metropolitan Opera New York) en Maria Rondél. Zij is een zeer ervaren, betrokken docente, met een grote kennis van zangtechniek en het pianospel; en geeft les aan veel bekende zangers, maar ook aan gevorderde en leergierige beginnende zangers en pianisten. Begeleiding aan piano Irene begeleidt alle zangers zelf aan de piano, geen orkestbanden dus (indien gewenst kan dit altijd), maar een professionele les waar je gericht aan een stuk kunt werken onder begeleiding van een professionele docent op de piano. Akkoorden en bladmuziek meenemen is niet nodig, zij speelt alles a prima vista. Een lijst met repertoire is wenselijk. Zanglessen Naast ademsteun, houding (Alexandertechniek), klankvorming, solfège en meer, is er ruimte voor een persoonlijk plan. Conservatoriumstudenten zijn van harte welkom voor bijles en ook auditanten voor de toelatingsexamens zijn graag geziene leerlingen. PIanolessen In de pianolessen wordt niet alleen gewerkt met een boek, maar ook aan improvisatie, arrangeren, akkoorden, muziektheorie en meer. Podiumervaring Irene nam een duet op met Andrea Bocelli die zij meermalen ontmoette, en zij treedt op in binnen- en buitenland. ZIj zingt klassiek, classic meets pop, pop, musical, jazz en meer. Zang-pianostudio In haar inspirerende studio in huis is er beschikking over een piano èn een vleugel in een zonnige serre en een opnamestudio voor gevorderde leerlingen. Gratis en voldoende parkeergelegenheid en goede busverbindingen voor de deur. Privé, duo- of partnerlessen, pianolab Irene biedt veel verschillende vormen van lesabonnementen: alleen, in duo's, privé zangles en privé pianoles, maar ook piano-lab (kijk op de website van Irene voor meer informatie over deze bijzondere lesvorm). Opzegtermijn is een maand, losse lessen zijn vrij van regelmaat en lestijd.

Advanced English Language Tutoring and Exam Preparation
My student-centred, needs-based classes are exclusively aimed at committed advanced teenagers and young adults who wish to improve their EN language skills and excel. Having started teaching when I was 15 (seriously!), I take pride in knowing what students want and need, relating to them and meeting, if not exceeding, their expectations. I have taught in Greece, Spain and the UK in a British Council-accredited school. Along with my 15-year experience, I have obtained CELTA and have also acquired a Postgraduate (Level 7) Diploma in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (DipTESOL). I specialise in teaching Levels B2 to C2, including Cambridge exam classes (IELTS, FCE, CAE) because I love challenges. Do you?

Singing for beginners and advanced ones (jazz, soul, r&b, pop)
Singing is a great way to express yourself in a most honest way. I teach how to find your own voice, how to understand music and how to improvise. Every lesson depends on the things the student wants to learn or get better at. I invite you to try my singing lessons and experience how music brightens your life.

Korean, Tutoring, English, Beginner, Writing, Reading, Listening, Grammar
I have an IB (International Baccalaureate) bilingual diploma in English and Korean. My goal is to help students learn Korean in a fun and effective way. I assign small homework after every lesson to keep students motivated but not overwhelmed. Beginner: - Learn all alphabets, number, etc. - Writing (alphabets, forming words) - Reading (reading words and pronouncing) - Speaking (speaking basic phrases) - Grammar (basic grammar) Teaching all above in an easy and fun way! Intermediate: - Writing (journal, mini essay etc.) - Reading (small paragraphs to a book) - Speaking (having conversations) - Grammar (learning grammar) Teaching all above in an easy and fun way! You can tell me specifically what you want to learn and the duration! I am very flexible :)

| Learn Russian Language | Learn How To Play Chess |
● Russian Language Will teach you with all the building blocks of Russian: from the pronunciation of Cyrillic letters and words to speaking and thinking as you were Russian. ● Chess With an experience of playing chess for more than 8 years I will show you the strategic ideas of that game and will improve your knowledge to the level of playing chess professionally in the competitions.

French or English lessons/ conversation for children and adults
I am a native french speaker studying in Rotterdam. I have 3 years of experience in giving lessons to children. I give interactive lessons, play games in english for younger ones, help for the homework and try to teach in a more playful way and to adapt myself to the children and their needs. I am also a dutch speaker.

Mandarin, Chinese, Basic Conversation, Characters learning
I can tutor Chinese in both simplified and traditional Chinese characters, along with Pingyin and Zhuyin methods. I have tutored numerous kids with their AP Chinese back in America. I can help students with basic conversation to professional HSK skills.