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Recently Posted Private Classes

Spanish and English Language Test Preparation Tutoring
English and Spanish language are becoming quite a core communication vehicle nowadays. Along your career, you will encounter several information sources in these languages, and you will also need full professional proficiency to develop your role. I specialize in tutoring English and Spanish for school, TOEFL, IELTS, Cambridge and Cervantes exams. My goal is to keep students challenged, but not overwhelmed. I assign homework after every lesson and provide periodic progress reports. I have designed this course as a practical guide to master your written and verbal skills. You will learn all the grammar and idiom details, to not only improve your professional proficiency, but to also use them on a personal and colloquial sphere.

Learning MaxMSP/ Ableton/ Music Production/ Electronic Music
This class is for musicians interested to develop their work with electronics by using the computer. With the softwares Max/MSP or Ableton Live I can give you the tools to program your own electronic tracks and effects for live playing of for editing them after recording your music.

Up to SAT level Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry
I have experience with teaching mathematics and chemistry up to IB level. I am a chemical engineer from TU Delft myself so I am capable of teaching students preparing for their SAT, GRE and GMAT exams. My goal is to instil self-confidence in students by making them practise a lot and making sure that they understand the subject conceptually.

Spanish, French or Italian + personalized study guides
~ ITALIAN, FRENCH, SPANISH LESSONS ~ My name is Silvia, I am an italian young woman. I specialize in tutoring Spanish, French and Italian since I have a passion for these beautiful Romance languages that I studied for many years. I have been tutoring students of all ages for more than 8 years. I strongly believe every student needs his own study guide in order to maximise results: that's why I also teach my student how to create theirs. In my classes the focus will be on the four main pillars: grammar, listening, writing and speaking - but also literature if needed. Every class can be adjusted to your needs and goals.

Fun classes of English and Portuguese for beginners.
English and Portuguese for beginners. In a fun way, with a focus on conversation. My many years as an English teacher teaching Brazilians helped me to develop a particular method of teaching, where I use music, films and series to teach the English language.

English for students and second language learners.
I am an English teacher with a BA in English (GPA: 7.6) and TESL/TEFLO Certification to teach English as a second language. My lesson plan will be adapted to the student's need, whether it be preparing for exams or learning practical English.

Music Lesson (Trombone and Brass, Guitar, Piano, Theory, Improvising)
This class is for aspriring musicians who aim to be professional and go deep in details about their preparation or just for passionated people interested about how to gain music knowledge. Music is one. there's no differences between its styles. Learning it means learning about yourself, your strenghts and weaknesses and taking from its peculiarity, like improvisation, time feel,resonance and intonation, new tools and suggestions to face everyday life.

Physics and Mathematics: Think like a professional!
I specialize in teaching physics to students of any level and also to candidates of Olympiad of physics. I give detailed and precise description of subjects in a way that student understands the meaning and origin of the field. My goal is to change the viewpoint of students in physics and encourage them to look deeper, more precise and more outside the box!

Interactive French class by a native speaker in Maastricht
I give French class for beginners, intermediate or advanced students. My goal is to provide a entertaining approach and an interactive way to learn French. The course can be adapted to the expectations of the students, depending on the skill he or she wants to develop.

Drum Lessons For All Ages And Levels In Den Haag !
With years of experience playing drums across the US and Europe in a variety of contexts, I am passionate about percussion and music. My extensive studies and professional experience have included classical percussion, rudimental (marching) percussion, and contemporary drumset. Behind the drumset, I specialize in jazz, rock, and free improvisation and have performed at major venues and festivals including the Monterey Jazz Festival (California), Montreux Jazz Festival (Switzerland), Umbria Jazz Festival (Italy), Frederick P. Rose Hall - Lincoln Center (New York City), and Carnegie Hall (New York City). After studying with John Riley at the Manhattan School of Music in New York City, I am now in Den Haag to study Electro-Acoustic Composition and Performance at The Institute of Sonology. I have been teaching rudimental percussion, drumset, and improvisation for nearly three years and absolutely love it! I am always enthusiastic to meet new students, understand their musical ambitions, and help them reach their goals! I am available to teach at my home in the center of Den Haag, at the Koninklijk Conservatorium, or I can come to meet you at your home or studio. Additionally, I am proficient in Ableton Live, Max MSP, Reaktor, and Supercollider and can teach about incorporating electronics into the acoustic drumset. Feel free to contact me with any questions or requests! Talk to you soon :)

Private & Small Group Lessons in Modern Greek, Ancient Greek, Ancient Drama, Latin, Panhellenic Exams
The lessons are about the Ancient and / or Modern Greek Language, Literature and Culture. Either Modern or Ancient Greek, you will be able to achieve your goals in any level you wish. My specialisation is in tutoring students for University Entry Exams (Panhellenic Exams).

English and/or Spanish for effective communication
Hi there, My name is Gaizka, Spanish and Basque are my mother tongues. I spent 9 years in the UK and I took my degree - See profile photo - in Edinburgh last summer. My approach to teaching is pragmatic and sympathetic. I understand your struggle because I lived that struggle for a long time when I moved to the UK in 2009. My main interest is to make you feel confident with what you know and see how much you can stretch that knowledge in real life communication. And then we grow and improve from there. You learn a language to communicate. You say something and you get a reply. You are understood and you understand. That is the only thing that matters, that you can use what you know and communicate more and better as you learn. I will adapt my lessons to your need and your preferred lesson/learning style with strong focus on growing your confidence with the language. All can be discussed via Apprentus or on the first day.

Chinese, basic Mandarin, Tutoring in Chinese, Cantonese
I am a Chinese and Cantonese native speaker, a master student majoring at business administration. I have two year volunteer experiences as a Chinese teacher and can teach students from beginning level to advanced level. From this class, you will learn authentic Chinese and Chinese culture.

Dutch private lessons with professional native Dutch speaker
I specialize in tutoring Dutch to expats from America, Russia, Italy and other contries. My goal is to keep students challenged, but not overwhelmed. I assign homework after every lesson and provide periodic progress report. I will bring my own material. Meeting place: your office or a central place in The Hague city.

Math, biology and physics tutoring for elementary school
My goal is for students that want to become better at math, physics and biology. I will help them with homework or just cover topics that they need help with. I will assign homework after every lesson and prove periodic progress report. In this lesson your son/daughter will learn what you request, and from what I can observe. This lesson is aimed at kids from grade 4-8.

Math, English, Science and Test Prep including GMAT and TOEFL
I specialize in Math, English and Science. I am qualified to teach students from elementary, intermediate and advanced level category. Having a Bachelors degree in Engineering and a Masters Degree in Business, I am also qualified to prepare people for competitive exams such as TOEFL and GMAT. My goal is to first , clear the basic concepts and then polish it by providing practice assignments and more intermediate to advance level learning depending on the student's ambition and capacity to absorb.

Private Clarinet Lessons in The Hague Area (all levels)
With experience teaching students of all ages, Sandra Pérez is an acclaimed clarinet player who will help you achieve your musical goals -whether it may be just getting acquainted with the clarinet or if you are already looking to pursue higher education. Can't read music? No problem! Complementary music theory and music history are part of the class as needed.

French courses with native French speaker from Beginners to Advanced
I am a native French speaker with various experience teaching French: -Previous experience in teaching beginners to advanced classes for individuals of all age; -Previous experience in teaching lawyers and high-level professional for work purposes. I adapt to my student's needs, capabilities and schedule: - Possibility of assigning homework and providing additional feedback if required. - Possibility of helping you with homework/ proofreading publications, thesis etc.; - Possibility of doing online courses; - Possibility of having up to two students per course.

Spaans Spanish / native tutor / with experience and profesional
Friendly, creative and professional. Native from Spain and living in Amsterdam. Teaching spanish for all levels (from beginner to experience) Classes adapted to the preferences of the student Conversation, writing, reading... Have a good time while you learn and improve your Spanish.

Horn lessons, music theory, music technique, horn repertoire
I specialize on French horn lessons for children, but also for adults. I can teach beginners and also musicians with already some knowledge of the horn. My goal is to enjoy music together with my students and be able to teach them everything I know. Throughout the music I always try to share my values, but above all, to enjoy it and achieve new goals.

Italian Native, English, French, Adobe Pack, Typography, Italian cooking class.
Hi! I'm Sarah, an italian graphic designer, and I'm travelling around the world to discover place, people, tradition and food. I specialize in turoring Italian, English and French for young student (playing activities), for student and for adult (not the normal and bored grammatic stuff, but with a funny conversation during cooking some tipical italian food, why not?) The focus is to learn how to speak and write the languages but in a funny and different way. And you will learn a variety of cooking techniques for italian dishes and a lot of idea for your low cost trip (I'm a backpacker) and some techiniques about typography and Adobe Pack (Illustrator, Indesign and Photoshop...everyting you need to be a graphic designer!) So, I'm here..ready for a new experience!