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Recently Posted Private Classes

Language lesson for all ages and levels and / or homework help!
My name is Aurore, I am a student and I like teaching languages or helping with homework. I am able to teach classes for elementary school, middle school and high school. I obtained a scientific baccalaureate, so I can focus on science if needed! The objective is to make the revisions dynamic and interactive, to learn in a fun but effective way. As far as languages are concerned, I worked for a year in a private English school and I am able to provide English and French lessons to English-speaking students as well as to French-speaking students. I know how to adapt to all needs. I look forward to meeting you and discussing with you, do not hesitate to contact me for more details! Yours, My name is Aurore, I am a student at university and I enjoy sharing my knowledge of languages and help with homework. I can give lessons for primary school, secondary school and high-school. I graduated high-school in the science section, I would be happy to help in science more specifically but any subject is fine for me! My goal is to teach and make you revise in a fun, interactive and efficient way. About languages, I worked in an english private school for a year and really enjoyed the experience. I would be happy to teach English or French again, no matter if you are French or English! I am looking forward to meeting you, and I am at your entire disposition if you need any information.

ik geef Franse les vanaf leeftijd 10 jaar tot hoger onderwijs
Ik ben heel flexibel in het lesgeven. Het is de bedoeling dat de leerling zo vlug mogelijk een beoogd niveau bereikt. Hiervoor analyseer ik bij de eerste les waar de tekorten zich bevinden en stel op die manier een leerprogramma op (steeds in samenspraak met de leerling/ouders)

Spanish classes for all levels with a native and certificated teacher
¡Hola a todos! My name is Aitor, I am a native Spanish speaker from Madrid and I have now been a private tutor for ten years. If you want to learn Spanish, either from scratch or from a higher level, in order to communicate in your daily life or for business purposes, you can count on me to help you achieve your goals! I have developed my own teaching method based on my experience as a Spanish teacher in language schools or highschools over the past few years, and on my university studies, namely two Master's degrees, one in Pedagogy and the other in Cultural Journalism, and a Bachelor's degree in Spanish Language and Literature. Together we will go through the basics of the Spanish language and, depending on your goals, I will adapt my lessons to either dive deeper into the grammar and structural rules of the language, or simply focus on its daily use, linking our discussions to current topics and your own centers of interest. I look forward to chatting with you and who knows... maybe becoming your new Spanish teacher! :) ¡Hasta pronto!

Flöte (Blockflöte) KOSTENLOSE Probestunde mit viel Spass in Bern, Musiktheorie
Ich habe mein Diplom in der Ukraine erhalten, jetzt setze ich mein Studium an der HKB fort. Ich arbeite seit 6 Jahren als Flöte Lehrerin. Ich studiere derzeit die Suzuki Methode. Wenn Sie kleine Kinder haben oder Ihr Lieblingslied spielen möchten - kontaktieren Sie mich! Ich unterrichte Flöte, Blockflöte, FIFE Yamaha. Ich liebe Kinder und finde immer einen Zugang zu ihnen. Während meiner Arbeit als Flöte Lehrerin hatte ich 30 Studenten. Ich bin nicht auf der Suche nach Ergebnissen, es ist mir wichtig, Musik und Flöte zu lieben.

Romanian language class fit for everybody, learn now
Being a native speaker, I can help you learn this beautiful language. It can be suitable for you if you already know some Romanian or you are a complete beginner. I aim to make you understand it's complexity and become the next Romanian speaker.

Cours de langue russe destinés aux adultes et aux étudiants
Tous les niveaux, cours individuels et en petit groupe, plus actuellement par ZOOM mais aussi possible en salle

Cello Private Classes, face-to-face and online!
Graduated from the Liceo Superior Conservatory of Barcelona and with 12 years of experience in the world of teaching, Margarida will help you with all the technical questions you need to advance correctly and with enthusiasm in the world of this exciting instrument: the cello.

Cours de français donnés par une étudiante en L1 droit (orthographe, rédaction...)
J'ai toujours eu un très bon niveau en français, et j'ai obtenu la note de 17/20 au baccalauréat de français. Je peux aider tant dans l'orthographe, la rédaction ou encore la compréhension de textes. Etant jeune, je me mets plus à la place des élèves et arrive donc à trouver la bonne pédagogie pour partager mon savoir.

Violin Lessons online with experienced teacher
Book your first free lesson now with an experienced violin teacher: All lessons ONLINE now via Zoom or Skype. Whether the lesson is for you or for your children on a rainy lockdown afternoon my teaching approach will absolutely depend on your needs: My lessons with children are fun helping them to develop a sense of music, concentration, and coordination. Adults' lessons are adapted according to their music preferences. Together we will go through some basic holding violin and bow exercises, working with musical ear training and improving your rhythm/timing. Willing to work with ABRSM exams program as well! Perhaps your goal is to learn some basic violin techniques and start playing your favorite songs, if so i can provide a fun and interesting program consisting of classical or popular pieces of your choice. Don’t just take my word for it though! I have lots of positive reviews from students, past and present, and will be happy to provide if required. Ask me any questions you had or try your first lesson free! * For all ages and levels. * Music development for children from age 5. * Learn to play by ear and improvise. * ABRSM exams * All lessons ONLINE now via Zoom or Skype. * Possible private lessons at your place or mine after lockdown (Central London or Brighton & Hove area ) * Over 25 years playing and 10 years of teaching experience(Including more than 2 years of online teaching).

Piano and music theory lessons for all levels
My name is Pauline, I am 20 years old and I am a piano student at the Bern University of the Arts. I am currently in the 2nd year of the bachelor. I give piano and music theory lessons for all levels. My goal is to share with you my knowledge and my passion for music, as well as to help you progress as much as possible.

Cours d' allemand pour écoliers, gymnasiens, apprentis et adultes
Je suis de langue maternelle allemande. Grâce à mes trois enfants scolarisés (9, 13, 16 ans) je suis bien renseignée sur le programme scolaire. J'ai plus de 6 ans d’expérience. Mon cours s'agit de grammaire, vocabulaire et conversation en fonction des besoins de l'élève dans une atmosphère positive. Proposé aux enfants de l'école primaire/secondaire de la VP ou VG et du gymnase, il s'agit d'un soutien personnalisé, adapté aux problèmes individuels enrichi de la conversation. Je m'adapte au programme scolaire et à vos attentes (par exemple que de la conversation). Contactez-moi pour toute question complémentaire.

Professional musician gives cello lessons
Want to discover the warm sound of the cello, or need to improve your technique, develop your musicality? The courses I offer are suitable for children and adults, whatever your level. I offer tailor-made courses, at the request of the student and adjust in time, intensity and work at home, all with patience and passion! Do not hesitate to contact me to discuss the different possible options, such as the duration of the courses or the online courses for example.

Special tutoring in English and German languages
Hello, I offer tutoring courses for English and German subjects for students learning these languages and having difficulties: college / high school level. I graduated from a master 2 LEA. I was able to travel a lot in Germany and do an internship there as well as some trips to English-speaking countries.

I teach my students to acquire vocal techniques and to build their self-confidence
After training in voice over, I have been training for 3 years in jazz, current and Mediterranean music at the conservatory. If I like to accompany people vocally, it is because I myself have been faced with difficulties that I managed to overcome today (strong shyness, stage fright, vocal blockage, anxieties, lack of confidence ... ). I am keen to pass on my knowledge and share my experiences. I mix vocal, theatrical and body relaxation techniques. I adapt to your needs :)

Cours de français, de littérature et cours d'espagnol
J'ai 19 ans et je suis actuellement en deuxième année de Lettres Modernes et de Science du Langage à l'Université de Caen. Je vous propose mes services d'aide aux devoirs dans différentes matières en adaptant chacun de mes cours sur mesure à chacun de mes élèves. A ce jours, je peux aider vos enfants en français et littérature du plus jeune âge jusqu'au Baccalauréat, ayant déjà de l'expérience avec de jeunes enfants grâce à de nombreuses heures de babysitting, et l'expérience des lycéens avec mes élèves actuels. Je suis également titulaire d'un Bac L avec espagnol pour LV1 et je possède un très bon niveau B2 qui me permet actuellement de préparer le diplôme du Clès 2. Je peux donc apporter mon aide jusqu'à ce niveau. Pour finir, j'adore l'organisation et je me ferais un plaisir d'aider vos enfants à trouver une organisation scolaire adaptée à leurs habitudes et leurs besoins. Résidant à Caen, je peux me déplacer en transport jusqu'à chez vous si cela est possible, ainsi qu'assurer des cours en visioconférence sans aucun souci étant donné qu'il s'agit de ma manière de procéder depuis déjà quelques mois en raison de la situation sanitaire. Je me tiens à votre disposition pour tout autre renseignement !

Dr. Youssef
Deutsch A1-C1, Prüfungsvorbereitung auf telc Deutsch DTZ, telc Deutsch B1 und telc Deutsch B2
• Qualifizierter Deutschlehrer bietet kundenorientierte Deutschkurse A1-C1, Hilfe bei der Vorbereitung von Prüfungen auf telc Deutsch DTZ, telc Deutsch B1 und telc Deutsch B2. • Der Unterricht findet online statt und geht individuell auf Ihre Bedürfnisse ein.

Dressage and jumping lessons horseback riding in the Antwerp North region
I myself am a certified instructor for dressage and jumping lessons through the Flemish Trainers School. This for riders who have their own horse or a care horse. I will come to your location. Posture and sitting lessons are also possible as I am also a certified instructor with Franklin balls. The lessons are tailored to the physical and mental state of both rider and horse and the goals that the rider has. I personally attach great importance to the correct use of the body of both in order to relax and strengthen the horse in a relaxed way.

Fancy learning a new language in 2021? Italian, Mandarin and Slovene lessons available
Learning a foreign language is all about learning how to truly communicate and connect with others. If you are people's person or not, speaking another language is an incredibly important life skill that can only be cultivated by interacting with people. When you master a foreign language, you can exercise your new superhuman power of being able to understand someone who comes from a completely different part of the world Language learning also enhances cognitive skills. It has been scientifically proven that bi- or multilingual individuals have improved memory, problem-solving and critical-thinking skills, enhanced concentration, ability to multitask, and better listening skills

In-depth English course (Beginners, Advanced)
Being a L3 student in applied foreign languages and having followed a specialized course in English, I suggest you to deepen your notions of English in order to improve yourself or to improve you. My course can however be applied to beginners wishing to learn or rediscover English.

Svava Kim
German for Beginners to Upper Intermediate level, 1-to-1
All my lessons are prepared before the start of the lesson to ensure the quality of the lesson delivery. My motivated German students learn to communicate with the German speaking world in German and they get to understand the German culture. Generally, my lessons are learner and needs centred. In language lessons we focus on speaking the target language, writing entire sentences and paragraphs, understanding listening stories, movies, quizzes, understanding essential grammar, learning to use dictionaries and reading easy reader books.

Violin, Piano and music theory lessons for all abilities!
I have been playing the violin and piano for over 20 years now, graduating in 2015 from the Royal College of Music with a first-class bachelor's degree in violin performance, and have recently started an Advanced Diploma in Performance at the Royal Academy of Music. I have performed extensively all over the UK as a soloist, most notably as a strings finalist on BBC young musician of the year, and at the Battle Proms concert series to audiences of up to 12,000. I've also delved into the Folk world a little and was on tv for the BBC Radio 2 folk awards as part of Jim Moray's band! I started officially teaching at 17, coaching local teachers more advanced students. From there I became Professor Berent Korfker's private assistant at 18, teaching his younger students from the Purcell School and alike. Being able to work with such talented students was extremely inspiring and excited me to start my own class with complete beginners on both violin and piano. I now have a hugely mixed class in both ability and age (4 to over 50!) with a 100% pass rate in their exams. My approach has always depended on the student's age, ability, and character. For younger students, I incorporate games, with them often wondering how the lessons finished so quickly! I like to create a fun environment for musical development where questions are encouraged, and all students are taught how to teach themselves and apply techniques learned in the lesson to the practice room.