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University maths student giving maths tuition for up to A-level maths students, after achieving an A in A-level maths and having done further maths. Working on my Maths degree, passed maths and further maths at A-level with an A in A-level maths and grade 8 in GCSE maths. Been giving tuition for 4 years privately and 2 years as part of my college in groups of 4 to 6. Worked at Kumon, a huge franchised tutoring business, where I helped all ages and all ability children in maths from as basic as numeracy up to A level further mathematics. Everyone I taught at school or privately achieved a minimum of a grade 5, so they always passed. Highest achiever was a grade 8 in maths at GCSE level. I have tutored numerous year 6 students in maths to prepare themfor her SATS and the 11+ exam and tutored all 3 sciences for a GCSE student. I have also mentored my brother throughout his 2 year GCSE business studies course which he achieved a grade 8 (A equivalent) in by the end of the 2 years. This has been only in the last 3 years. What makes me stand out the most is that in time tabled lessons at school, from year 5 onwards, I have always been the "second teacher" in the classroom. I was always helping fellow students and its not only what made me passionate about teaching other students but also why I am good at helping others, due to the fact I've dealt with many students, many abilities. Such as, at Kumon, I helped a child with learning difficulties. The structure of the lesson is based on child's ability and choice. My experience allows me to cater differently to each individual. My first lesson is simply a test so I can plan the next set of lessons. The test is teacher supported, so not test conditions. I also take parental opinions in making my lesson plans as parents receive feedback from teachers, which will allow me to focus on a specific set of the students abilities. I am also a very professional worker. I have worked as parts of large businesses within HR and done tutoring so my experience in general is also extensive and proof that I handle well with clients of any age and profession.
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(English): How to do a math session for children in grades 5-8: The focus is on the child, experience tells me how to approach the problem when I need to help him understand and learn all the exercises and problems in the school curriculum. Some children communicate more easily naturally, but their attitudes are generally similar at this age. He learns with pleasure, the child understands better than at school, realizes what is the subject use in his daily life, becomes more focused and has no opportunities for distraction, maybe, like at school. The rhythm is suitable for him to be relaxed and open to accumulate more information. We check together what is done at school and adapt the session taking into account this factor but also others such as: to give a meaning to these repeated exercises, some like to practice this abstract logic, others want to understand by practical examples . That's why I make sure to ask him frequently and invite him to participate. The meeting is not a monologue but rather a more interesting dialogue than the tablet or the phone. Children simply have different concentration limits than adults and even slight differences between them and I help them to naturally increase these focus limits. It's easy if the child enjoys it or thinks it makes sense. I can also give homework at the meeting but it depends on his free time which becomes less and less, but also on the objectives of the parents. I have over 10 years of experience, meditating on 27 secondary school students. Do not hesitate..., See you soon! (French): Je médite en mathématiques pour les enfants de la 5e à la 8e année Comment faire une session de mathématiques pour les enfants de la 5e à la 8e année: L'accent est mis sur l'enfant, l'expérience me dit comment aborder le problème lorsque je dois l'aider à comprendre et à apprendre tous les exercices et problèmes du programme scolaire. Certains enfants communiquent plus facilement naturellement, mais leurs attitudes sont généralement similaires à cet âge. Il apprend avec plaisir, l'enfant comprend mieux qu'à l'école, se rend compte de ce que cette matière utilise dans sa vie quotidienne, devient plus concentré et n'a aucune possibilité de distraction comme à l'école. Le rythme lui permet d'être détendu et ouvert pour accumuler plus d'informations. Nous vérifions ensemble ce qui se fait à l'école et adaptons la séance en tenant compte de ce facteur mais aussi d'autres tels que: pour donner un sens à ces exercices répétés, certains aiment pratiquer cette logique abstraite, d'autres veulent comprendre par des exemples pratiques . C'est pourquoi je m'assure de lui demander fréquemment et de l'inviter à participer. La rencontre n'est pas un monologue mais plutôt un dialogue plus intéressant que la tablette ou le téléphone. Les enfants ont simplement des limites de concentration différentes de celles des adultes et même de légères différences entre eux et je les aide à augmenter naturellement ces limites de concentration. C'est facile si l'enfant l'apprécie ou pense que c'est logique. Je peux aussi donner des devoirs lors de la réunion mais cela dépend de son temps libre qui devient de moins en moins, mais aussi des objectifs des parents. J'ai plus de 10 ans d'expérience, méditant sur 27 secondaire etudiants. N'hésite pas..., À bientôt!
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Sharpen your mathematics skills - Wiskunde A - B (HAVO VWO HBO CCVX OMPT SAT) (Zoetermeer)
Already during our first tutoring session, Yogesh has made me feel much better and more hopeful about increasing my knowledge in algebra in an effective and memorable way. He is very patient and is very attentive in providing explanations to each part he sees needs strengthening. He is very well prepared and knowledgable about different entrance exams and catered exactly to what I needed. I highly recommend him! (OMPT exam preparations)
Review by HALLELI
Online Mathematics: Learn using real life applications. (Tokyo)
Uwa is an exceptional tutor. With patience, easy to understand explanations, and an intuition for what works, Uwa is able to keep my daughter engaged in maths and, more importantly, improve her skills in the subject.
Review by MICHAEL
Canadian system private lessons different subjects + online (Tunis)
Samia is very caring and patients, it's a wonderful experience really.