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Recently Posted Private Classes

Individual German Lessons A1-C1: Each student will be considered as an individual and receive unique lessons to his/her needs.
Teaching German is my profession and passion: I worked in Germany as a teacher before I decided to teach German as a foreign language. Since then professionals all over the world learning with my help German. Every step of this collaboration will be realized to your demands and wishes. Impulse and reaction of student and teacher compose a strong interaction in this process. It is my task to encourage you in a way that enables you to outgrow. Continuous support will be offered to navigate you through this process and make this language experience unique. The classes can be scheduled in person or online. This provides high flexibility for you, as you can connect with me from every location to train your German language skills.

English language course (all ages, all levels)
Graduated in Medicine and currently studying (full-time) in Master 2 Research in Paris, I am available to provide English classes for all ages and all levels. I am also available for help with homework, writing and proofreading of dissertation or thesis. I already have several successful international experiences of interactive teaching and facilitation of speaking and training workshops (in soft skills in particular).

Private English Lessons - Native English Speaker & Professional Language Instructor
Hello there. My name is Michael and I am a native English speaker from South Africa. Currently I specialise in teaching language to adults in a professional setting with an emphasis on language immersion and Business English. However I am also experienced in tutoring children ahead of their exams as well as introducing The English Language to absolute beginners and tutoring students on an intermediate level. Furthermore, I am adept at tailoring the class to the needs of my student through the use of both online and physical resources and ensure that all lessons are goal-oriented. In addition to my experience as an English Teacher, I have also worked as an Editor and Business & Recruitment Manager. Some of my clients in Brussels include: Banca Monte Paschi, Berlitz School of Languages and Kiddy & Junior Classes.

Exam-focussed German tuition tailored to your needs
Tuition: I offer exam-focussed German tuition for GCSE and A-Level students, as well as tuition for students completing their bachelor degrees and anyone looking to expand their skillset by learning German. Seeing students grow in confidence as they achieve their goals is my motivation in tutoring. Part of this process involves tailoring the learning methods to the individual's strengths and needs. For instance, a dyslexic German learner will benefit greatly from the use of spoken and visual aids. About me: I started learning German in secondary school and went on to study Art History in German Literature in German at the Humboldt-University in Berlin, receiving a first class degree. For four years I lived, studied and worked in Germany, meaning that my vocabulary covers many mundane everyday situations, as well as academic study of art and literature. I also offer tuition through Skype.

Pianoforte, Italiano per bambini ed adulti individuali e di gruppo
Klavierlehrerin Italienischlelehrerin 1994-2019 Italian support Teacher at secondary Schools in Italy. Music and Piano teacher History of Music teacher Sveb certificate Pedagogy Master Piano Degree Language: Italian( mother tongue) English ( very good) Deutsch (B1) Available from July 2019

Individual or collective tuition in Maths / Physics / Chemistry by an engineering student
This essay is intended to help students in their studies, the objective is to help them in their studies and feel more confident. Student can be in any grade, I will adapt to the syllabus. The tuition can be in english or in french.

Cynthia Jouvrot
French tutoring and DELF preparation
I am a young graduate teacher to teach French and literature at higher levels. But I still work with children for 3 years. I also taught in a French second language school for 2 years and gave private lessons many times. I discovered a passion for private education and with me you will progress in an environment of trust. I am a playful and smiling pedagogue. We will of course be able to discuss the best approach to ensure constant progress or even complete training. But know that I have the necessary equipment for your learning. Not to mention that I can prepare you for the DELF! With pleasure! :)

English Language and Conversation Alacrity Meeting
This is a casual course for those who want to perfect their English in a relaxed or conversational manner. We will meet for a coffee, choose a topic that interests you and converse while I enhance and correct your vocabulary. The mind works at its best when one is interested; we will work with topics that you love. (I also tutor in English for those who are in school and would like help alongside their curriculum: children and adults)

Wai Sze
Chinese Lesson: learn Chinese & its culture in a fun way
Are you looking for some interesting way to learn Chinese or Chinese culture? We can TOTALLY learn Chinese in a fun way, for example, we can go to a Chinese supermarket and learn the name of food, the culture. I can even teach you how to cook some Chinese food. You will speak a lot ( or ask a lot of questions!) in my class! If you want to improve your writing skills or reading or listening? I can also help you with that. Chinese is not as difficult as you though if you take lessons with me. :)

English Conversation, Business English, Child Tutoring in English
An American living in Antwerp for almost 2 years. Experienced in teaching English as a foreign language to adults and children with Berlitz and Inlingua and also as an independent teacher in Taipei, Taiwan. I have worked with professionals to learn business English, students to edit high school/university papers, younger children to learn to speak English through art, songs and games, and small groups to strengthen conversation skills.

I give the Korean course at home or in a cafe
Hello My name is Kim. I am Korean and I came to Belgium since 2010. My mother tongue is Korean and I speak French, my level of French is B2. I give private lessons for 4 years

French course, writing, proofreading and general knowledge
Graduated in French literature and journalism, I teach at all levels, from small classes to the University. Pre-exam revisions, text analysis, grammar, argumentation, I also help with the drafting of application files and I am at your disposal to help you become French pros.

Kizomba dance classes at home or at our dance studio
Begin to dance and share parties to the beat of kizomba music with the couple Olivia and Marc. A pedagogy adapted and fun that will make you progress quickly. The course lasts 1 hour during which we will be at your disposal for a personalized court.

Independent developer gives courses in computer / office / productivity
I am an independent Full-Stack developer specialized in Javascript ES6 and Python, but I decided to temporarily suspend my activities to focus on training. Before I wanted to become a freelancer, I was part of a robotics club, took an internship at Astron Associates and much more. I am rated 4'055 / 1'430'831 on the Codingame platform. You tell me what you want to learn, I offer support for our courses and we start to follow the book / tutorial together. Regularly we take breaks and I give you exercises to do. I also tell you some activities to do at home. I can share many tips to improve your productivity and save time.

Axelle Taymans
Artistic Ice Skating Course for Beginners
Hello ! It's been 5 years since I skated at the Liégeois Artistic Skaters Circle. I have already given several courses and skating courses for beginner children on the ice. I work as a student at the ice rink of Liège and I also regularly animate children on birthdays. I can teach you the basics of skating (sliding forward, back, fish, coffee maker, stork, slaloms, cruises, pirouettes, jumps simple etc.) so you can go to the rink and have fun skating. If you want more information, do not hesitate to contact me.

Private lessons in English for all levels
English has become a world language, that's why many people want to learn it. This course is for elementary, middle school, and high school students as well as for adults. As a teacher, I try to encourage you to take the necessary steps to learn the basics of languages through modern teaching methods. For more information, do not hesitate to contact me.

Electricity, Mechanics, Physics, Thermodynamics and Computer Science
My name is Paulin, a young civil engineer in Electromechanics, graduated in September 2017 from the University of Liège, living and working in Brussels. Having always been passionate about my electrical courses, Mechanics, Physics, Thermodynamics, and Computer Science, I am available to teach courses to those who wish. I usually teach tanr courses to university students (up to Master 1 in Industrial Engineering), only to high school students. Do not hesitate to contact me :) Minimum 2h of course, because I estimate that in 1 h of work we have no time to understand enough the material. Yours, Paulin

Tutoring in Math - Certified Teacher
Hello, In possession of CAPES, I taught in college for 4 years and I am now preparing the competition of the aggregation of mathematics. I am therefore very familiar with the programs and difficulties of students in general, I know the basics not to be missed. To be always looking for a method to give the child a taste for mathematics and to make sure that he finds easy mathematics are my two main challenges. I am convinced that there is no "draw" in math, everyone can do it with the right method, a little self-confidence and work. I teach from high school to the bachelor of mathematics through the various formations of BTS or DUT. Feel free to contact me for more information.

Learn how to speak and write French for all levels
Hello, do you want to learn French ? For school, universities, essay or test or as new language ? If you’re moving to France better to know some words right ? With me you can learn from beginner to advanced level ! I will first assess your level and from that prepare material to support you reaching the level wanted. I am native speaker and studied in France for quite some years !! You can also practice your talking with me ! The best secret is to keep trying to talk and it will come naturely.

Italian language tutoring, Croatian language tutoring
Hello, I'm an experienced Italian language teacher. I have obtained a Master's degree in Political Sciences in Perugia (Italy) and I also teach the Croatian, which is my native language. The first lesson is meant to establish a learning program and methods of teaching suitable for a student. The lessons can be held at my apartment or at the student's apartment.

private lessons to learn English or Spanish
The command of different languages is a major asset especially in a Europe that wants to be open to the world. Licensed student LLCER, English major, Spanish minor; and accustomed to follow students in their learning of the language, I have at heart to propose a pedagogy adapted to each student to help him progress from a school point of view, but also and especially with a view to to make him discover the pleasure of expressing himself in another language and to be able to communicate with many more people. After an interview with the student, we choose together how to work, a school approach based on learning by heart and practice through exercises, or a more playful approach. Whichever approach is chosen, I rely on the six skills and the CEFR's competency scale to create my course and evaluate progress.