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Recently Posted Private Classes

Homework help / Private lessons for languages (French, German, English)
Student at the Gymnasium in the second year (path general culture), I propose to give language courses: French, English and German. My classes are mainly for primary level students. French mother tongue, I have a level A2 / B1 in German and B1 / B2 in English. Whatever the level of the student and his difficulties, I am able to help him evolve in his learning. My pedagogy is very simple; to interest the child so that he enjoys learning. Creating a pleasant and relaxed climate is also something that is close to my heart. Given that I am young myself, I feel I can better understand and put myself in the shoes of the person I teach. I am at your disposal for any other question!

English and Spanish class for beginners whit extra homework
English language courses cover beginning, intermediate and advanced levels of speaking, I specialize in tutoring English for adults and beginners. However, I will be giving out homework after every lesson to add more knowledge.

General English, SAT Prep, TOEFL Prep, Academic Writing
I am a native English speaker who welcomes students of all ages and levels for general English lessons. I am also able to tutor students studying for the SAT or TOEFL, and have experience teaching Academic Writing in English. Working with students, for me, is a passion and I have more than 6 years of experience in the field to help you improve your language skills. Happy learning!

Correction tfe, memories, reports, articles, thesis ...
Licentiate in journalism, I reread and correct (spelling, grammar, syntax, punctuation, style, concordance of time ...) all your written work (memoirs, tfe, reports, articles. ;;;). Fast and neat work. Long experience in correction.

Korean/Japanese language exercise with experienced instructor
Hello! I’m an experienced Korean/Japanese language instructor for a year of experience. I use various material in class selecting suitable method for student. You will learn how to communicate in Korean/Japanese and culture as well. If there’s further question please don’t hesitate to ask me. I’m looking forward to meet you!

Quality Cello Lessons in Budapest or via Skype (English, Magyar, 日本語)
Dear All, I am a Budapest based cellist, currently a member of a professional orchestra. Teaching is something I do on the side as I have a busy schedule as a performer, but I absolutely love it! All ages and levels are welcome to my class. I personally started playing the cello at age 9, but it could be earlier or much later. If you are an adult and a beginner, you will have a greater chance of achieving higher goals picking up the cello rather than, let's say, the violin. (Depending on how much you practice, of course 😉) Let's together explore all the fun and beauty cello playing has to offer! Look forward to hearing from you, Mizuki

Luke Rufus
guitar lessons for beginners right from the basics!
always wanted to learn guitar? never knew where to start? i can help you learn guitar. i have been playing guitar for 5 years now and i specialize in a blend of classical and indie/alternative musics and i will start from the basics, teaching you to find chords on your own and how to efficiently shift between chords and build a melody. you will have a good understanding of this amazing instrument by the end of my lessons.

Group coaching - Master Leaps - The road to a new and positive life
Without a doubt you recognize the feeling of being 'stuck' in life for a moment. You lack satisfaction ... Maybe your current position is no longer what it once was, your relationship is stiff and you no longer give you the warm feeling of the past, you hardly find time for yourself, ... Are you ready to turn your life around 180 °, but you don't know how or where to start? Then this Master Leap course is highly recommended! It will give you insights into how to do it in just 9 weeks. The following sessions will start on January 28 and 29. All sessions are given in 9 consecutive weeks and start at 7 p.m. and end at 9 p.m. Location: Ghent The price is for the entire process No panic, all teaching materials and soft drinks are provided. Would you like to bring a friend? We believe in the motto 'A friend in need is a friend indeed'. Why still doubt? Register now, places are limited!

German native and qualified tutor with over 15 yrs experience
Hallo! I am a native teacher from Hanover in Germany,qualified in teaching German to adult learners at any level. I offer you: -over 15 YEARS of experience working as a personal tutor in London - I teach general German, BUSINESS German, do exam preparations at any level (Goethe language exams, OCR exams) -I offer 1:1 lessons as well as small group sessions. -I also offer an intensive course/full immersion course over where 20 hrs of lessons are covered in 1 week (ideal for students who have 1 week off at work and want to speed up their learning process). I guarantee you: - an EXCELLENT AND COMPETITIVE tuition rate -a lesson tailored to YOUR learning objectives and needs with an emphasis on a real life or work situation -a lesson held at a venue and at a time most convenient for you Please do not hesitate to contact me for more details and I'll answer your email. Bis bald Sabine B.

French Courses & French Culture / French courses & French Culture
I want to help all those who wish to approach the control of the first tool of the social link ... the language. French and its culture are exceptional and to integrate it more easily, I use contextualized and active methods. The courses take place according to your needs, your expectations and the objectives that you set for yourself. The first course will be organized to determine this information, to establish a work program, before starting the activities. If you are looking for a different way to learn French, I am at your disposal. I want to help people to the mastery of the first tool of the social link, the language. English and his culture are unique and more easily available. The races take place according to your needs, your expectations and the objectives that you set for yourself. For this, a first appointment will be required If you are looking for a different way to learn French, I am at your disposal

Have you thought about learning Spanish? it's time to try!
I am a teacher of Spanish as a foreign language, I can help you if you want to have knowledge for a trip, business, improve your Spanish level, prepare the DELE or help you with your Spanish classes at school . My methodology for teaching Spanish as a foreign language is mixed with techniques of: classroom inverse / flipper classroom (practice and experience of knowledge that we have), learning by project (situations of real life), role plays (in front of some situations). Looking forward to reading you.

Learn to play violin or read it
I study my Bachelor in the Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussels and I give violin lessons for people or children who wants to start and improve their level, always enjoying the process! Also I can give music theory lessons, learn how to read scores, solfegio or basic harmony. The lessons should be in English or Spanish because I am from Spain ... but it can be a good opportunity to learn another language while they learn violin! And also music is a universal language so it's not a big problem.

Private lessons of Solfège ranging from 1C1 to 2C4
Hello, I offer my help to help young musicians improve their level of music theory. Reading notes, reading rhythms, sung reading, method for analyzing a score, ... Practicing music for 10 years, I would make sure to combine motivation and musicality in the course of the student. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them.

Piano lessons - intermediate and advanced level in Geneva.
Hello, After 14 years at the Conservatoire Populaire, I studied last year 2 simultaneous bachelors at the High School of Music in Geneva: piano and conducting for one year. Currently in medicine, I think I have acquired a good background to infuse my passion for music. This course is for intermediate and advanced students only because I do not pretend to teach the delicacy of the first musical bases. I approach each student with a pedagogy adapted to his personality and desires. We will discuss directly parts that you like and find solutions together to perfect your technique to fulfill your wishes. My experience allows me to approach together pieces of the baroque, classical, romantic, and contemporary. I remain naturally at your disposal for further information. See you soon !

High School Math and Physics Private Lessons in Brussels
My name is Adrian, I have a PhD in physics and am available to give tuition in mathematics and physics. I specialise in students who are struggling with these subjects and aim to instil a sense of confidence in their own ability. I have experience in the physics industry and am able to relate the concepts to real world applications. I am familiar with each course content and what is required to achieve their objectives, along with what is necessary for University preparation. I have experience in giving private lessons and teaching in the European baccalaureate (EB) and international baccalaureate (IB) systems. Maths can be explained from many different angles and I believe that there is a way of working that can suit every student, so I tailor each class to the individuals needs. When students have the concepts explained to them in a way that they understand and can relate to, maths becomes less about following rules and much more about understanding. I specialise in getting the basics of maths really well understood and then being able to relate everything else back to these fundamentals. Getting this right will make maths much more accessible and, with real world examples, allow students to see the usefulness of what they are learning. I believe that every student can find maths and physics interesting and enjoyable subjects to learn. Lesson Content: General understanding of core math topics Preparing for EB/IB exams Interpreting / how to read exam questions. Understanding of the applications of maths - why we are learning what we are learning.

Spanish for young children (natural inmersion learning)
¡Hola a todos! My name is Laia, I am a 26 years old spanish girl. I am psychologist specialized in early childhood development (masters degree). I offer a new concept of spanish learning for young children (from 1 years old). I use a methodology based on meaningful learning, my aim is to involve your child on the natural process of mother tongue acquisition. I work through music and playing, offering an inmersion to spanish language in your own home. Don't hesitate to contact me for more information. ¡Hasta pronto!

Andreea Lea
CELTA qualified English Teacher, native level bilingual.
I am a qualified CELTA English teacher who has taught in various countries in recent years. I teach children, teenagers or adults, in a private group, one by one or at college. I can offer private and group education classes in the safety and comfort of your home. My teaching methods are adapted to the needs of my students, I mainly use English in my classes, even if I specify using French where there is the need. My methodology is CELTA Cambridge and generally there is no need for a language other than English in my classes, I have teaching experience in India, Romania, Spain and to Russian, German speakers and Japanese without any problem.

Leer Spaans in België puts een native docent uit Spanje
k ben een leraar Spaans voor secundair onderwijs in Spanje, die in België gaat wonen. Ik heb 20 jaar ervaring in Spaanse secundary scholen in daarom wil ik ook in België graag verder lesgeven. Ik geef the bij mij thuis of bij of student thuis. Ik bied ook bijlessen voor wiskunde, fysica, chemie, biologie en tekenen aan. In the near future, you can visit the Spaans zijn, go to the latest in the Engels een beetje in het Nederlands. Ik ben een middelbare schoolleraar met een opleiding in het onderwijzen van Spaans als vreemde taal. Daarnaast ben ik engineer, due bied ik ook lessen wiskunde, fysica, chemistry, biology in tekenen aan Ik was 20 years old in Spain and Sweden in Spanje. From meeste ervaring heb ik due met studenten van 12 tot 18 jaar oud, maar ik heb ook privelessen gegeven aan volwassenen.

Medicine, Traditional, Complementary from internist
I was an internist in Turkey and there I gained a lot of experience in the area. I can help for those who would be interested in traditional or complementary medicine, and for those students who are currently studying for a master's degree in medicine and are struggling with difficult issues.

English Tutoring - Private Grammar and Conversational Classes
Hello there, I'm a first language English speaker and hold a certificate in teaching English as a second language. I'm passionate about learning and would love the chance to share that with you through tutoring lessons. I have 1 year of experience doing private online tutoring via a video feed, working predominately with children. My philosophy of teaching is all about engaging and asking questions, and that making mistakes is just part of learning! I hope to hear from you soon.

English course (General, Business, Work, Conversation, School).
English as a second language is my area of specialty. I have been tutoring students, professionals and in general people who need English for school, work or even travel. Conversational English is another area of expertise that they have used for their English language skills. My lesson plans are made with the help of a person who understands the language of the lesson (listening, reading, grammar and writing in the same lesson). I think what sets me apart from other tutors is my pronunciation, which is articulate and native like, allowing the learners to acquire / improve their prununciation as well.