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Recently Posted Private Classes

GCSE English Literature and language tutoring and homework help
I have an undergraduate degree in English Literature and I’m a qualified teacher. I specialise in Secondary English Literature and language and I can provide tutoring but for ages 11+ I can also provide adult learnings - for those who seeking their english GCSE and to further fuel their career.

Harp lessons with Mathilde / Harfenunterricht mit Mathilde
Have you always dreamed of playing the harp? Mathilde gives harp lessons for all ages in Bern and the surrounding area. Haben Sie schon immer davon geträumt, Harfe zu spielen? Mathilde gibt Harfenunterricht für alle Altersgruppen in Bern und Umgebung.

Languages: English, Swedish, Arabic AND diabetes mentoring/coaching
I offer a unique experience in learning new languages, including English, Swedish and Arabic. My goal is to make this a fun and educational experience for people of all ages and levels. I have also been a diabetes mentor, where I offer assistance in regular glucose monitoring, carbohydrate calculations, diabetes advice, medication advice, insulin dosage and correction, educational (pedagogical) management and to be a diabetes buddy for anyone who needs guidance and support with this life-altering disease.

Private lessons in Chemistry and Science from kindergarten to collage
I have a Master's degree in both Chemistry and Education. With a US education certificate, I have 5 years of experience teaching students science from kindergarten to collage. My primary goal is to help students build critical thinking and reasoning abilities and encouraging them to understand science in a fun and engaging environment. Teaching is never “one size fits all,” I respect that every student is unique and I will create personalized curriculum and learning objectives, based on the learning needs of each individual student, so that everyone can optimize their abilities success. Classes will be given in English, Mandarine or Spanish.

Math - Economics - English (private lessons secondary level)
Student in 3rd year of bachelor in economics at the Free University of Brussels, I would be able to help your child in any subject (within the framework of my skills) in which he or she would have gaps. My background and my studies require a lot of thoroughness and concentration and it is these kind of values that I will try my best to transmit to my students in addition to helping them in the subjects with which they have difficulties. Do not hesitate to send me a message if you have any questions, of course I remain available.

Football Coach providing outstanding football sessions
My football sessions are creative and fun. Main purpose is to develop children' s agility, balance and coordination following the FA 4 Corners Model. Sessions can be done online or held in the nearest park for your own convenience. I am FA Licensed coach with Portuguese, Brazilian and English background.

Private Spanish lessons - face-to-face or online -
Teacher of Spanish ELE (Teaching Spanish as a foreign language) certified by the Instituto Cervantes, I set up courses for children and adults of all levels, beginners, intermediate and advanced (reading, grammar, vocabulary, writing, oral expression). The content of my lessons adapts to the needs of each student and their learning pace, through the role-playing through role plays, thematic conversations, various examples, music, news and exercise manuals, I shape my classes so that learning is dynamic, motivating, and speaking. During my professional experiences, Executive in hotel management (my basic job), and in the other fields where I worked, I worked a lot in French, Spanish and English. With a few years of experience in teaching private lessons and in language institutes, I suggest moving to the student's home, or doing the courses online. I remain of course at your disposal for any further information, do not hesitate to contact me Regards, Graciela

Learn the English language by speaking and not exhaustive
The objective of this course with me is to help you express yourself better in English by speaking. There is no need to have a book before you and read on the other hand we will discuss as we do in French and I will help you to understand the good word formulations and teach you the good reflex in English

Private lessons in English, tutoring and tutoring
Having obtained my English license, I will teach you grammar, conjugation and vocabulary in order to express yourself correctly and easily, while being at ease, both written and spoken. I will suggest exercises to you but I will especially take the time to explain you in a relaxed atmosphere.

Guitar, theory, sounds, ear training and more. A comprehensive look at everything guitar
Guitar tuition for all ages and experiences. Every student will have the lesson tailored to there needs from technique to theory, equipment and ear training. There is structure to every element of learning the guitar that is simple enough to extract from any song you'd like to learn. We go through the songs you like and take all the techniques, theory, why stuff is done in certain ways, sounds the lot, depending on what youd like to learn. Fun, relaxed and flexible learning.

Custom piano, singing and music lessons and at every level!
I am a professional musician specializing in classical voice and piano. I offer piano lessons, singing lessons and music lessons for every level: every student: child, youth or adult, will have the opportunity to grow further. It is also possible to book a combination lesson (eg 30 min. Piano lesson / 30 min. Singing lesson).

Harvard educated native Chinese helps you to achieve your goal!
I am a Harvard graduate with a master's degree in management. I am a culturally seasoned native Chinese and with rich experience living and learning in Europe and North America. I am excited to explore the journey of learning Chinese with people of all levels, and I am especially eager to facilitate interested people to master the Chinese language at a deeper level. Your course is tailored to meet your specific needs, for example, for essential daily interaction, academic or business purposes with different emphasis on speaking, reading, or writing. I will enrich your learning experience with the understanding of the Chinese culture from both contemporary and historical perspectives, specifically, language evolution, values and general perceptions, social structural, and folk art, etc. To ensure the maximum value of your time, I will continuously monitor and adjust the teaching method and content based on your feedback. The teaching language will be in Chinese and English. Thank you, and happy learning!

Piano Lessons in Brussels / Piano Lessons in Brussels
Piano & Solfeggio teacher graduated from the Royal Conservatory of Brussels with more than 10 years of teaching experience. I adapt my course according to your profile and your desires, whether in terms of style or method used. The price indicated includes travel costs. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me.

CE1D and CEB all subjects // Preparation and strategy
Thank you for visiting my profile! Here is my course offer, my strengths and information on my background. A question? Write to me! These exams follow each other and look alike. From year to year, examiners have similar expectations, which must be targeted so as not to be taken on class on D-day. It is therefore a question of developing a framework to be applied methodically for each task and that is what we can work on. Most of the requests come from CE1D in mathematics: in this subject more than any other, the analysis of past CE1D, the targeting of essential materials and the development of “recipe cards” makes the work less random and more strategic. This saves time above all to complete this stress-free exam and to go to the basics to demonstrate that the skill is acquired. MY ASSETS - Relaxed relationship - Student empowerment - Concentration and stress management - A top working method! WHO AM I? My name is Valérie and I am 31 years old. Multi-graduate, I remain an eternal student. Already small, still at the start of my elementary school, I was looking for ways to learn more easily. This search for rapid and efficient study pursued me during high school, to which was added the challenge of following them in English immersion. The personal learning methods that I had developed took on all the more meaning when the thick university syllabuses piled up on my desk. As with everyone else, university learning remained a challenge. My methods have however allowed me to brew quantities of subjects over the years: political science, sociology, intercultural management, anthropology, museology… Versatile and jack-of-all-trades, I also followed various personal development trainings, or still in art therapy. Today I am taking up a challenge that invites me to explore other ways of enriching myself and learning: I am starting my 3rd year at the Institute of Music and Pedagogy in Namur where I train in singing classic. These studies differ in many aspects from those I have accomplished so far. Therefore, they offer me the chance to seek to understand all the more how to adapt my methods to very diverse subjects. In this busy course, I have been giving private lessons for over 10 years. I am enriched by contact with the students and it is a wonderful reward to see them develop their own methods and rediscover their abilities and skills.

Support in Maths, Physics, Chemistry of educational quality
Experienced professor, Doctor of Sciences of the University, I help my students in Maths Physics Chemistry to pass their exams and competitions and also to make the best decisions concerning their exams, choice of university and professional career. The course is aimed at people who want to make a success of their year at the gymnasium, university or Haute Ecole: I give success to students who need a "boost", to those who are actively preparing for an exam or competition and to those who wish to significantly broaden their skills. So, everyone who worked with me achieved their science goals. I am a pedagogue, professional, and pleasant coach in Maths, Physics and Chemistry, passionate about helping students to obtain the best possible results. With more than 15 years of tutoring experience, I have prepared many students who have received their specialized or gymnastic or federal maturity and students accepted at the best universities and Hautes Écoles: MATURITY PREPARATION UNIVERSITY PREPARATION SUPPORT BACHELOR EPFL UNIL UNIGE HEC LAUSANNE ... Preparation for exams IB, MATU, ECUS, ADMISSION EPFL Support for upgrading (MAN) EPFL, for students who did not obtain sufficient marks during the first semester. Support for students whatever their level: - Secondary (MATU - IB ...) - EPFL, UNIL, HES, EHL, HEC, UNIGE, other universities.

Private English lessons offered in English
I am patient, I can answer students' questions while giving them autonomy in their homework. After a short analysis of the need and a goal to be reached mentioned by the student himself, I first propose to answer a few questions, this allows the student as well as myself to know us better. I propose to take up the lessons already seen and poorly understood, starting with the lesson either on the book or on the teacher's course and then to do the resulting exercises, on the exercise book for example. The supports that I use can be the books of lessons and exercises if they exist, the lessons given by the teachers or even of the anal. I adapt to all students regardless of level.

Fun and Creative Violin, Viola, Music and Music Theory Lessons
Whether you are a complete beginner, more advanced student or just curious about music-making or music in general, you are in the right place! I have been teaching students of all ages and levels for more than seven years, both in the UK and abroad. My students enjoy their lessons and I am so pleased to see them making progress. I am excited to pass all my experience on to my students and prepare them for ABRSM / Trinity exams or teach them just for fun!

une professeure d'arabe native près a donner des cours d'arabe pour tous les niveaux et tous les types d'âge aux étrangers.
Du fait de la mondialisation et des exigences du marché du travail actuel, le multilinguisme est devenu une exigence pour tous dans le monde entier et la langue arabe a connu de grands progrès récemment. Jai commencé à enseigner cette langue il y a 4 ans en Ukraine, la tranche d'âge la plus petite n'était que d'un an et demi et le garçon parle maintenant l'arabe avec une éloquence étonnante. Et je suis prêt à vous garantir votre réussite si vous en avez le désir et j'ai plus d'une façon et techniques vous garantir le moyen le plus simple et le plus rapide d'apprendre et de maîtriser cette belle langue.

Elena Guingand
Kundalini Yoga classes in Geneva at your place or outdoor
I am a Kundalini Yoga Teacher Certified I teach Kundalini Yoga in Geneva In the following languages: _ English _ Ukrainian _ Russian I can meet you either at a yoga studio (indoor) or at your place or outdoor to be in contact with nature… (for example in the magnificent setting of the Parc des Eaux-Vives). > At a yoga studio Studios setting their own rates Please consult the rates directly on the websites of the referenced studios. or contact me (I will soon add the list of yoga studios where I give classes…). > At your place or outdoor Private and Semi-Private Classes - 90 min Course Kundalini Yoga class at your place or outdoor classes Private Class Semi-Private Class 2-3 Semi-Private Class 4-5 Each yoga class lasts about 1h30 and is composed as follows: * 10 to 15 minutes of warm-up, * 50 to 60 minutes of exercises (postures or asanas), * 10 to 15 minutes of relaxation.

Philosophy, French, English, Mathematics, Physical Sciences, History-Geography, Natural Sciences, Law, Economics, etc.
In principle, it is up to the teacher to update the learning in his classroom according to the capacities, interests and needs of his students. At certain times, the proposed activities will be specific to a subject taught, eg: the manipulation of objects in order to anchor a concept in mathematics, subtraction for example; this skill must be mastered in order to be reinvested in solving real problems. At other times, teaching will be done by means of learning integration units built around a theme representative of the interests of the stakeholders (children and teachers) or a skill of thought taking account of the material available and the objectives to be achieved. The theme will therefore be exploited by a series of activities which will touch on the objectives of the targeted disciplines: French, humanities, mathematics, sciences, humanities, plastic arts, music. This “interdisciplinary” pedagogy is a direct result of the work of researchers such as Freinet, Piaget, Dewey, who have all found that children generally live with reality and therefore cannot easily adapt to pedagogy that fragments their learning. Interdisciplinary pedagogy constitutes a model of economic teaching in time since it allows the integration of learning in different subjects and across levels, which is a definite advantage for multi-program classes; it is also effective since it makes learning more relevant to the student within him proposing activities based on the resolution of real problems thus allowing him to develop skills transferable to any type of situation. In other words, the student learns to learn.

Private lessons in mathematics - physics - chemistry
Student in scientific preparatory class at the lycée du Parc, for several years giving private lessons in math, physics and chemistry, I realized how nice helping students in the field of education was. This is why I offer you my help in these subjects throughout the summer at flexible hours. From small classes to high school, I will be able to adapt specifically to the needs of each student, in particular by writing myself exercise subjects that best correspond to the skills of each student as well as those expected from the program. I apply myself during each course to establish a rigor necessary for the success of the students as well as to develop a scientific curiosity so as to allow the students to progress autonomously thereafter. In this particular situation of health crisis, many students were unable to work in conditions as pleasant as desired. I will of course adapt to everyone's situations (face-to-face or by videoconference / virtual board) during this summer so that each student can find a level corresponding to the expectations of the program for next year. Remaining at your disposal for further information.