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The Gift Card can be used to find a teacher and schedule any lessons offered on Apprentus. From piano, guitar, and singing to French, Spanish, and any art activities, everyone can find top-rated teachers for private lessons they'll love.

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Recently Posted Private Classes

Discover, learn, improve your French (Possible exchange in English and French)
I am a French Erasmus student in Vilnius for a period of 5 months. In France, I was doing homework help for both college students and a disabled child, which allowed me to acquire skills in methodology. I am versatile and I will be able to adapt to your needs so that you can achieve your goals in mastering the French language. This can be a little difficult at first, but it's a wonderful language that I'll be happy to help you improve through discussions, fun exercises... Hope to meet you, Camille

French course for beginners, intermediate or confirmed
Hello, I offer my services for French lessons. I want to create a personalized course for you that will meet your needs. For my part, I am a French native who studies political science at the University of Montreal. I am currently studying online in London.

Play songs on the piano and improvise (without reading sheet music)
Passionate musician for more than 10 years (pianist and guitarist), and having studied the piano for 4 years at the conservatory, I offer you this home course, adapted to your level. The goal of this course is to satisfy your passion for playing well-known songs and to delight those around you. Hours are flexible. At home, no journey! NB: This course aims to teach you how to play pieces and songs using chords (no need to read notes)

Creative Japanese lessons and calligraphy workshops.
Are you an Otaku? and want to be able to understand what your favorite character is saying? Do you like Japan and want to visit? Would you like to learn Japanese culture? Tell me your wishes!!! Lets work it out!! I am super flexible about what to teach. I also to calligraphy lessons who would like to experience it. I create a space for all people to feel safe. Queer friendly :)

Gorine Mohamed
Maths, Arabic and English lessons for beginners, middle and high school students.
Engineer graduated from the Ecole Nationale Polytechnique and Master student at the University of Strasbourg, teaches maths lessons in college and high school in Strasbourg and its surroundings. Pedagogue, patient, rigorous, punctual and very attentive to others. Ability to repeat things in a different way so that the other can hear them well and remember them. The lessons are not given automatically but must be adapted to the level of the student.

Basketball Skills Training - Coaching - Skills Workout
I am a professional player and coach who is part of the Cyprus National Team as well as advancing my career playing in Germany and Australia. I aim to help you work on details of your game that will take your basketball skills to the next level. Whether you want to improve your ball handling, shooting, or footwork, we will work together to up your game. The programme will be built completely around your strengths and weaknesses, as well as your position and playing level.

I give tutoring or homework guidance to children from 1st to 4th grade
I would like to give tutoring or homework assistance to primary school students from the first grade to the fourth grade. I am a primary school teacher with a big heart for children. I make the subject matter understandable for every child in a playful, clear and structured way. I come to your home after school to do homework together or to give tutoring for a specific subject. I provide step-by-step plans and visual support if necessary. I also prepare preschoolers for the transition to first grade. I work in the vicinity of Ekeren, Kapellen, Stabroek, Hoevenen, Berendrecht, Brasschaat, Merksem.

Recorder lessons for all levels: beginners to advanced
Hello! I am Lieve, professional recorder player based in Brussels. With great passion and pleasure I teach everyone who wants to learn how to play the recorder, whether you are just starting out or already have experience. This can be done in Dutch or in English. Making music is central to my lessons and other aspects are also discussed from there: breathing support, ensemble playing, sound development, technique, ear training... Always tailored to your wishes and interests. We explore various musical styles to discover the different possibilities of this versatile instrument. I myself have several years of experience in giving individual lessons, group lessons and workshops and I am also active as a musician in various projects, including the Delle Donne Consort. Curious? Be sure to send me a message and we will make a schedule based on your wishes, agenda and interests! Being able to read music is not a requirement, we can also start this during the lessons.

Private English lessons at home for beginners and intermediates
I am bilingual in English and offer support courses for beginners and intermediate levels. I am versatile and adapt to the needs of each student. I am extroverted and like contact with people. I think that learning a language is done through practice and that's why I encourage discussion.

Spanish for adults, teenagers and young people in London
Spanish classes are given for all ages! Native teacher with more than 10 years of experience. Empathetic, sociable and very professional. I have been working as an adult education teacher in Spain in the Civic Center, official site for Spanish certificates.

Flute and Singging Lessons ~ Cours de flute et de chant
High School of Music Diploma, Bachelor Diploma and currently studying in Conservatoire de Rubaix. About the course I am a professional flute player and by that I mean that i have been playing flute since I was 8 years old and now after 14 years I graduated on a bachelor degree. Through out this time of playing flute I was able to change a lot of professors in school, masterclasses, faculty etc, and this was the best opportunity to learn, practice and put a lot of different techniques/methods in my practice routine of course only the good and useful ones. Since I started playing flute in a young age I am well aware of the things that a beginner and an advanced flute player needs, always keeping in mind that playing flute is the best way to express your feelings and have fun at the same time.

Homework help, Arabic lessons: for all levels.
Hello! Arabic is my mother tongue and I am fluent in English and French (level c1). I offer homework help and tutoring services as well as private lessons in Arabic for all levels. I look forward to meeting you !

Primary tutoring lessons and CO all subjects
I give tutoring lessons in all subjects for primary school and in French and English subjects for the orientation cycle. I can go to the student's home in Fribourg, give the lesson by webcam or the student can come to my home. We can also do the course at the workplaces of the University of Fribourg.

Singing Lessons from a professional Classical singer
Hello everyone, My name is Ena and i am a professional classical singer, i recently moved to Geneva and started my Season at the Grand Theatre de Geneve as a mezzosoprano in Ensemble of the opera. Since i love teaching, even with my busy schedule i try to find time to pass my knowledge and passion for singing to whomever is in need or would just like to try it out:) I have 2 Master degrees in my field and have been professionally singing on big stages since 10 years now. My focus of the lessons is mainly on technique and breathing but nevertheless fun and discovering new things are definitely gonna be big part of it too. You can decide which genre you would like to sing (classical, pop, jazz, musical..) and then the journey starts! If any of this awoke your interest and you would like to try it out please don’t hesitate to contact me!

Ancient Greek courses, modern Greek courses, certification training, beginners and advanced.
Native and certified national education teacher gives lessons in modern Greek. Certifying training with diplomas recognized by the Greek Ministry of National Education. Lessons with WEB CAM, possibility of lessons at home. Καλώς ήρθατε! Σας περιμένω.

Guitar lessons for beginner-intermediate-pro
Hello and welcome , If you want to evolve in a well-supported educational setting, then stop scrolling! No matter your level! Accompaniments, solos, everything is possible! - You want to learn how to make your first love song with Ed Sheeran? - Or maybe improvise freely like Polyphia? - Become a pro session guitarist? - Or know how to work guitar tracks in software in a professional way? I have everything you need for you! 1) We start by evaluating your level 2) We define an objective by adapting to your needs in order to be able to reach your goal as quickly as possible. 3) We put into practice with the most educational follow-up possible. Travel or at my home in Auderghem, see you soon.

I will teach you French and English and help you achieve your goals
Learning languages is a beautiful adventure where you can get better results when you get someone to help you! I will be happy to be that person who helps you develop your french skills. I have a french certificate and an experience teaching online. i can also help you with English. Contact me now and we can discuss your goals and i'll create the perfect plan to achieve them.

Recording studio owner with 10 years industry experience teaches Sound Engineering, Music Production and Mixing
I teach from a hands-on and practical standpoint. Lessons will (ideally) be at my own commercial recording studio in East London, where you will learn about different kinds of microphones, recording techniques, phase correlation principles, signal flow methodology and basic studio construction. These lessons can also include recordings for demonstration purposes, which you are encouraged to take home for further learning and analysis. These lessons would be ideal for someone looking for practical studio experience which can lead to a better chance at getting work in a commercial studio as an Engineering Assistant. They would also compliment someone taking a theoretical course in Audio Engineering and Production, or someone just interested in learning more about the function of recording studios.

Native British teacher in Debrecen. Learn and develop your English with James
Whatever your motivation is to improve your English, I am here to help. Born and raised in Manchester, Uk I have a PR focus accent, which will guarantee your English improvement in less than a month. I am an efficient and effective language instructor with the capabilities to move your CEFR level in quick succession. I am a multilingual speaker and have EAL teaching experience in the UK, Canada, China, Netherlands and Ukraine. I love language and will this be reflected in my personalised approach to your needs as a learner. Please contact me with any desires of questions.

Tutoring in Mathematics from 6th to 12th grade
Student at the ESCP Europe Business School, I offer mathematics support courses. Having obtained my Baccalaureate with honors (including 20 in Maths), I joined ESCP Europe with the status of Mathematics mentor (I organize support sessions for my classmates, all supervised by the school) . I spent my schooling at the elitist high school Saint Jean de Passy where I acquired experience in tutoring by helping two middle school students in Maths throughout the year. The purpose of the proposed sessions is to make you progress in several stages: -Give you an effective work methodology by adapting to your profile -Review the lessons taught by the teacher so that you can immerse yourself in them -Redo the exercises given by the teacher that caused problems, giving you time to think about potential solutions -To offer you typical exercises of the studied chapter which have a strong chance of failing during exams. Finally, and above all, I will help you improve and make you appreciate math, by giving interactive lessons in a good mood!

artistic drawing courses for all techniques, all levels, preparation for Fine Arts competitions, Book creation
Artistic drawing lessons, observational drawing, and plastic art techniques, from drawing to coloring a painting, study of modeling, perspective, architecture, material rendering effect, etc... all levels, any support....possibility of creating an artist's BOOK for a presentation in an entrance examination to the Fine arts / applied art (written and oral, 20-hour module of general culture teaching, preparation for the written, oral, artistic creation test ...) - can give lessons in common with several people / teenagers with the same requests.