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PERSONALISED LANGUAGE DEVELOPMENT Want to work on a specific area of your English? My my personalised language development offers you the opportunity to shape your own learning. We can develop your GRAMMAR in any area you require, utilising professional materials adapted from textbooks with clear and concise explanations alongside useful and practical exercises. We can expand your VOCABULARY with functional and conversational language; formal and informal English; idioms and phrasal verbs; and even British slang. With exercises adapted from articles and book excerpts, covering a plethora of different topics, we can improve your READING skills and further bolster your vocabulary base in your personal areas of interest. With a selection of different LISTENING activities, we can explore the many and varied accents you'll encounter across the UK and the rest of the anglophone world.With non-judgemental conversation practice and tried and tested pronunciation exercises, we can enhance your SPEAKING skills, ensuring you can communicate both confidently and accurately. Last but not least, drawing from my background in journalism, we can finesse your WRITING skills with various tools and techniques that can streamline your writing process and polish the final product. If you are at A1 (Beginner) or A2 (Elementary) level, I recommend you take my Structured Language Development, where we can develop your language level to B1 (Intermediate). STRUCTURED LANGUAGE DEVELOPMENT Want to work on all the fundamentals of your language skills in tandem? My Structured Language development features pre-prepared and academically structured classes, suitable for learners of all levels. With materials adapted from the Cutting Edge textbooks, these lessons combine GRAMMAR, VOCABULARY, READING, LISTENING, SPEAKING and WRITING homework. Working through various different real-world themes, these materials intertwine various exercises that develop all of your language skills together in interesting and engaging ways. These classes are especially useful for A1 (Beginner) and A2 (Elementary) level language learners, however they can cater even to the most proficient English speakers. The topics and exercises are carefully graded to ensure students at every language level remain challenged and absorbed: from basic conversation, job roles and the weather, all the way to complex themes like globalisation, social conventions and psychology. IELTS PREPARATION Need help with an upcoming IELTS test? I can help you practise and learn the techniques that will impress the examiner and improve your score. With official practice materials we can ensure you are well prepared with LISTENING TESTS, ACADEMIC READING TESTS, ACADEMIC WRITING TESTS, GENERAL TRAINING READING TESTS, GENERAL TRAINING WRITING TESTS and SPEAKING TESTS. As well as referencing your test results against the answer sheets we can look at how you will be assessed by the examiner. Further to this, we can look at other candidates' work alongside examiner comments to discover the most effective strategies and techniques to adopt and the common pitfalls to avoid. PROFESSIONAL & ACADEMIC ENGLISH Need to use English in school, college, university or your career? My Professional & Academic English classes can help you stand out with accurate and polished speaking and writing skills. These classes can cater to specific professional or academic needs: APPLICATION LETTERS and CVS; ESSAYS and REPORTS; INTERVIEW and PRESENTATION PRACTICE; and even your own TEACHING MATERIALS. These classes can also develop your English language skills with an academic or professional focus. We can refine your grammar and pronunciation and expand your vocabulary around your chosen field, helping you to get ahead by expressing your ideas more precisely and eloquently. CONVERSATION PRACTICE Want to practise your conversation with a native speaker? We can talk about anything you like and the language feedback will help you improve in the required areas. I'm an open-minded person with a wide scope of interests. I love learning about different cultures and have a lot to share about my own. Through this conversation practice I can help you better express yourself, not only correcting grammar and pronunciation mistakes but also offering up new vocabulary where relevant. I can also help you discover a treasure trove of culture from the English-speaking world with book, film, TV and music recommendations that will further develop your language skills and expand your worldview. PROOFREADING/COPY-EDITING Want to improve the grammar, syntax, flow, tone and vocabulary of something you've written? With this proofreading and copy-editing service I can edit all of your writing. This could be formal writing work from school, work or university or just any other kind of writing you need help with. *PLEASE NOTE THAT MY PROOFREADING/COPY-EDITING SERVICE DOES NOT INVOLVE AN ONLINE CALL* You just send me your work, I'll proofread, copy edit and return it to you. You will receive two documents: a copy with tracked changes and notes; and a clean copy ready for submission.
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Tailor-made Russian Language Classes for All Levels
Daria is - besides being a great person - an extremely capable teacher who adapts herself to the capabilities of her students. I've been learning Russian from her now for a few months already and I have nothing but compliments for our classes. The content of the lessons is adapted to what is most important to me and she has an exceptional knowledge of fun facts/history about Russia and the language which continue to make it interesting and engaging. I would advise her to everyone who wants to learn Russian, be it from English or Dutch! :-)
Review by DIEGO
Dutch lesson at any level / Dutch lesson at any level
Irma is a great teacher. Everything is well organized in each session. We have fun during the class, so learning dutch with her is not boring. She pays extra attention to the pronunciation and corrects me when I'm wrong. This is very helpful to learn the pronunciation correctly from the beginning since changing it later needs much more effort. Irma is also very flexible with timing and content of the course. I am completely happy with my private classes.
Review by RAHIME
Private violin lessons, Music Theory, Technical and Musical Skills (Clichy)
Ester was so thorough and patient for my first violin lesson ever! She showed me how to hold and care for the violin and the bow, taught me physical exercises to become accustomed to the movements required for playing, and started me on some basic playing drills. Highly recommend.
Review by HILARY