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Trusted teacher: Modules: Marketing Mix - 4P Marketing Tactics The Brand - Level 1 The Brand - Level 2 The Brand - Level 3 Objectives by modules: Marketing Mix - 4P: concretely set the foundations of your business strategy for the coming years. This includes, among others, the following concepts: - Being competitive in a constantly evolving market - Improve knowledge of market planning processes - Have a set of tools that will help you design, implement and monitor your marketing plan Marketing Tactics: Have a better understanding of Marketing Communication and how to use it to support your marketing plan. The Brand - Level 1: Increase the knowledge behind the brand. - Brief overview of Branding and Marketing - Creative process: making a Brand (why, how and what) - The brand's identity: the consolidation of the brand The Brand - Level 2: concretely set the foundations of your business strategy for the coming years. This includes, among others, the following concepts: - The Brand for the target customer in the different markets - Marketing Decision Makers: Stop Thinking Tactics, Start Thinking Brand Campaigns - The Brand and Brand Development Model Process - Translate the Brand Value into a 360 ° experience: The ROI of creating an emotional connection with the Visual Language of the Brand Mark - Level 3: With this module, it is possible to avoid the classic mistakes that occur in a highly competitive market. The goal is to find a new way to refresh the brand, identity and create new value. - How to refresh a Brand successfully and avoid the 7 deadly sins of Branding - Use the data to deliver relevant Marketing and Brand awareness and thereby optimize the customer experience
Marketing · Communication skills · Advertising
Trusted teacher: ▪️ The course module is adapted to the student. The summary will be communicated during the first lesson. I teach you to speak and / or write with an approach of the sciences of political communication, international relations, social and human sciences while convincing the person (s) in front of you with several negotiation techniques. ▪️ The techniques used will improve your level of confidence in your public presentations and storytelling. This course is for those who want to create and develop communication skills for public speaking and presentations, even in your everyday life. The communication skills you learn in this course will change your life. Some of the communication skills used will teach you how to influence others on an unconscious level and give you success with individuals, groups and the public. ▪️ Political communication is about the creation and exchange of ideas and opinions between citizens, public officials, political institutions and related entities, such as the media. It includes discourse throughout the political process in local, state, national and international political systems, as well as how political information can be exploited for political ends or to achieve political goals. People with a background in political communication may work in policy advice, the foreign service, market research, public relations, journalism and digital media, community organizing, lobbying, political campaigning, or others. related fields. ▪️ BUT !! in order to achieve your goal you must master public speaking which is the process or act of giving a speech in front of a live audience. Public speaking is generally understood to be formal, face to face, speaking from a single person to a group of listeners.
Public speaking · Political science · Communication skills
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Private Turkish Lessons by an experienced and certified teacher. Classes are for all levels. The target is to develop all 4 language skills (Şişli)
I have taught assorted subjects through the course of my adult life and also conducted courses - HOW TO TEACH!! Ozge has not only the qualifications needed but the very pleasant kind empathic awareness required that encourages and helps the student to learn. She is as efficient as she is fluent - instantly identifying when slight adjustment was required based on my level of Turkish that benefitted the lesson considerably. Looking forward to the next lesson!!!
Review by STEVE
Business School exam preparation, masters, MIM, Grande Ecole (Paris)
I was totally lost and desperate in accouting until I took lessons with Vishakha. She really explained me well the concepts, theories and we went through the exercices to make me gain confidence. On top of that Vishakha was really patient and found the rights words to make me understand accouting. I really recommend this wonderful teacher !
Review by DELPHINE
French private lessons: Language and communication [ONLINE] (Paris)
If you like to exchange different cultural and moral perspectives while also learning about the history of the language you are learning with Fawzi, he's the guy. He will explain anything that you have difficulties in understanding of the particular language you are learning with him step-by-step in a clear way.
Review by RISA