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Recently Posted Private Classes

Svava Kim
German for Beginners to Upper Intermediate level, 1-to-1
All my lessons are prepared before the start of the lesson to ensure the quality of the lesson delivery. My motivated German students learn to communicate with the German speaking world in German and they get to understand the German culture. Generally, my lessons are learner and needs centred. In language lessons we focus on speaking the target language, writing entire sentences and paragraphs, understanding listening stories, movies, quizzes, understanding essential grammar, learning to use dictionaries and reading easy reader books.

Talen: Frans en Nederlands en andere vakken voor BO
Afhankelijk van niveau en kennis hierop voortbouwend Omdat uitspraak ook belangrijk is zal ik de leerling(e) vragen om bij mij thuis te komen.

Piano lessons for beginners. Two methods to choose from
Hello everyone, My name is Fanny I have 31 I am a music teacher in specialized education. I have always made music out of passion. I also did my 10 years of conservatory, and did pedagogical studies to be able to teach. I love to transmit, I am reliable, patient and in school. The lessons can be given at my home or at your place. For me or there are two methods to learn the piano. The traditional method where I start with the panorama book for beginners. It is about learning to read a score with both hands. Or the simpler method, where you learn quickly not to read notes but chords, so that your child quickly plays all his favorite music.

Lausanne | Have you always dreamed of playing the violin? Get started!
I hold a Master in Classical Violin Pedagogy, issued by the Haute Ecole de Musique de Lausanne and I offer violin lessons for all ages and for all levels! Different styles of music possible: classical, klezmer, jazz, Irish, pop music, covers of all kinds, improvisation, etc. I also have a second Masters in improvisation and composition from the Lucerne Conservatory of Music. I offer you a friendly experience of discovery and deepening of your musical and instrumental skills, in order to be able to play the violin with pleasure and comfort. I teach according to the principles of the Alexander Techniques, a bodily and mental technique that allows you to practice music in a physiologically intelligent and mentally coherent way, which ensures you a thoughtful, pleasant and physically balanced learning of the violin! I have experience in teaching children and adults alike and supervise you in a personalized way, according to your needs. I look forward to meeting you!

French / English courses for all levels (CP to Tle)
I help the child in difficulty to understand the notions of grammar which poses him difficulty by exercising it on the notions not acquired, whether in French or English. I will ensure a rigorous follow-up of the progress of the work in order to ensure the success of the young person.

Support court for primary school students (6 to 13 years old)
I offer my help for all the branches seen in primary. I come to the student's home. My goal is to support the student as best as possible in his academic success and to see with him what his difficulties are so that we can work on them together.

RécréActiv "Apprendre Autrement" - Méthode, créativité ...
Votre enfant a besoin d'être accompagné ? Vous recherchez un accompagnement complémentaire au votre ou à celui de l’enseignant ? Votre enfant : - a des Besoins éducatifs particuliers - est en situation de handicap - a des troubles identifiés DYS …. Vous attendez des conseils pour aider votre enfant à s’organiser, stimuler sa mémoire, se concentrer, canaliser son comportement pour améliorer son attention ? RécréActiv propose aux enfants âgés de 6 ans à 12 ans (cycle 3 - fin 5éme) un accompagnement individuel, personnalisé et adapté aux besoins de chacun. J'interviens à votre domicile ou chez moi. Des ateliers alliant, pédagogie et créativité, sont proposés pour permettre à l’enfant de gagner en confiance et en autonomie. Tarif sur demande en fonction du besoin (Besoins éducatifs particuliers ou soutien scolaire/aide aux devoirs) RécréActiv est une entreprise non commerciale reconnue de l'Économie Sociale et Solidaire. Ces prestations d'accompagnement sont éligibles au crédit d'impôts (50 % sur le coût horaire charges sociales incluses) dans les conditions posées par l’art. 199 sexdecies du CGI, sous réserve de modification de la législation. N° déclaration SAP 878680487

English Class for Primary /High/ College Students.
Interactive, fun and helpful English classes that are customised to each student. I assist with all levels of English from primary school up to A- Levels. I am experienced in all areas of English whether it be essay writing or creative writing. I have taught private students for up to 6 years.

Singing lessons in contemporary music, Annemasse (Switzerland and France)
Hello, Trained in classical music at the conservatory then freshly graduated from the Prépro Singing sector of the School of Contemporary Music of Geneva ETM I offer singing lessons at home in Annemasse in a pleasant setting with all the equipment to accompany you. -6min walk from Annemasse Gare North exit with Lake Geneva express. -Parking on site if you need. I can also come to my home in Switzerland and France. I suggest you accompany you and adapt my pedagogy according to your needs Contact me : )

Singing, Guitar, Bass and Music Theory - all in one place (if want all at once)
The content of the classes depends mostly on you, the student. If you wanna rock or for lighter touch, everything goes. Its best if you have a direction and a aim in mind, so we work long term on things. For Singing, i teach a various field of techniques and styles; going from pop to rock, blues to classical and metal screaming. Also i do heavy distorted rock vocal. For Guitar and Bass, its mostly about pop, rock and metal, but i'm also experienced in classical playing and blues. Also i'm able to teach most modern techniques like alternate picking, strumming, sweeping, tapping and fingerpicking.

Guitar and lute lessons for all levels in English, German or Hebrew
Hi, I am Orí, I am a professional musician with years of experience teaching and performing. I offer guitar and lute lessons. tailored to your personal needs. from ear-training, song accompaniment, classical music, and jazz, reading music and composition. looking forward to meeting you!

Tutoring courses, preparation of tests / controls
I offer tutoring courses for all branches: French, English, Italian, history, mathematics, science, geography among others. The goal is to help the student with homework, understand the theory and the application of the latter and possibly the preparation of the tests, for this I will base myself on the support provided by the establishment to the student. Regarding language courses, I would focus (as needed) on grammar, syntax and vocabulary. I also take care of the preparation of tests or controls.

Guitar and / or music theory Ghent and surroundings. Flexible teacher.
I give guitar lessons Jazz / Funk / Blues / Rock / Fingerstyle etc. in Ghent and surroundings. Music theory lessons are also possible. Both for beginners and for people who have been playing the guitar for years but want to work on their technique or improvisation skills. Learn to play the songs / genres that you want. My lessons are adjusted to the individual needs of each student, we decide together what we want! Being able to read notes is certainly not a condition. Skilled and motivated teacher!

Tuition in math, tuition in french
Having done all my schooling in Switzerland, adoring children and liking to transmit what I have learned, I make myself available to give math and French lessons for young people in compulsory schooling. The aim is to learn in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Course and / or support in English - beginner to advanced level
In a world that is becoming more and more international, English is a must in most jobs and for traveling. Whatever your goal, I will be happy to help you by adapting to your needs (conjugations, oral or written expression, comprehension, ...). If you are not sure where your weaknesses are, we can meet for the first time and try to find them together so that we can move forward better. I will do my best to help you progress in a fun way and based on practical exercises.

Horse lessons and work with a philosophy based on Natural Horsemanship (ethological riding) and human psychology
After having trained for 4 with recognized instructors (Parelli) in Belgium, England and France and after having studied human psychology, I offer my services for: - Give you lessons (on foot / on horseback). - Help you solve a daily problem with your horse. - Your horse's work. My perspective is to support anyone wishing to evolve in their practice of riding, through a calm practice that respects the needs of the rider and his horse, on the basis of a relationship and solid connection between the two, in a objective of leisure, competition or to overcome a problem that you might encounter. I agree to transfer to another professional in my network any request that is beyond my abilities. Do not hesitate to contact me to have more information about me!

Piano and Music lessons, and includes music theory
Accomplished Music Composition Lecturer with 15 years experience in the Classical Music sphere as Composer, Orchestrator, Artistic Director, Artistic Consultant and Educator, leading master classes and teaching in France, Poland, Spain, The Czech Republic, The Netherlands and the UK at Undergraduate and Graduate levels. Distinguished output of publications, recordings, and performances encompassing the European continent, Asia and the United States. Committed to a strong philosophy of teaching, with a profound knowledge of the classical and contemporary repertoire and techniques, dedicated to the student’s self-improvement in his/her area of research.

Viola and Violin Lessons - Let's start a good New Year's resolution!
Ich habe meinen Master of Performance an der Universität für Musik Basel abgeschlossen und bin jetzt Pädagogischer Master. Ich habe jahrelange Erfahrung mit Kindern, Jugendlichen und Erwachsenen und auch einen flexiblen Zeitplan. Sprachen: Deutsch, Englisch, Spanisch, Katalanisch und Italienisch Kontaktieren Sie mich, wenn Sie Fragen haben und für die erste Lektion. Nach meinem Master of Performance an der Universität für Musik Basel mache ich jetzt einen Master in Musikpädagogik. Ich habe Erfahrung mit Kindern, Jugendlichen und Erwachsenen und auch einen flexiblen Zeitplan. Sprachen: Deutsch, Englisch, Spanisch, Katalanisch und Italienisch Schreiben Sie mir, wenn Sie Fragen haben oder eine erste Lektion wünschen!

Lebanese Cuisine, Lebanese food, Lebanese Mezze, Lebanese Breakfast
Lebanese cuisine refers to all the rich culinary traditions of Lebanon, a region steeped in the flavors and techniques of the Levant. Though Lebanese recipes do feature a good deal of meat (usually chicken, lamb, beef and fish), many dishes are also vegan, thanks to the country’s love of whole grains, legumes, and fresh vegetables. Many recipes center around the concept of mezze, a dining style that composes an entire meal through a spread of small plates. Let me teach how to make: - Hummus - Baba Ghannouj - Falafel - Taboule - Kebbe - Fattoush - Shawarma - Kafta -..... And many many more!

Attila Tafi
English, grammar, everyday converstation, writing and reading
I teach and help depending on the needs of the student. I help with school work, we practice the school curriculum. Or, I prepare my students for everyday life, for everyday English conversations. The point is to have confident their English. ฉันสอนและช่วยเหลือขึ้นอยู่กับความต้องการของนักเรียน ฉันช่วยงานโรงเรียนเราฝึกหลักสูตรของโรงเรียน หรือฉันเตรียมนักเรียนสำหรับชีวิตประจำวันสำหรับการสนทนาภาษาอังกฤษในชีวิตประจำวัน ประเด็นคือต้องมีความมั่นใจในภาษาอังกฤษ

Flute, Piano and Music Theory Lessons with Sophie!
Fun and experienced young teacher taking on new piano, flute and music theory pupils for the new year! Enhanced DBS Check Fun and flexible approach to teaching Highly qualified Willing to travel References available Bio: I am a master’s student at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama studying the flute. I graduated from Cardiff University’s School of Music with a 1st class degree in Musicology in 2019. I have grade 8 qualifications in piano and music theory and a diploma in flute performance. I have an interest in the psychology of music performance and performance anxiety.