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Recently Posted Private Classes

Support courses, Homework help or French as a foreign language course
My rich experience allows me to adapt to each student and meet their own needs. My objective is to guide him in the acquisition of his knowledge by providing him with a methodology and techniques so that he becomes autonomous. The goal is for the student to be an actor in his learning.

Learn Muay Thai, Kick Boxing, and Boxing with a professional MMA fighter with more than 5 years of experience in teaching
Private classes is the only way to get proper one-on-one attention to your technique albeit and burning as much calories as possible. Private Muay Thai classes are the perfect solution to learn the proper techniques taught in the group classes, with beginners learning the basics, and amateurs picking up specialized techniques. I personally offer private training sessions to continue to develop your skills while maintaining and improving your fitness and overall health.

Saxophone, flute, improvisation, composition, theory
If you're interested in learning saxophone, flute, and/or music theory, improvisation, musical composition, I'm offering private lessons. I've been working as a professional musician for over 20 years. My specialties include free improvisation and jazz but I've performed in everything ranging from symphony orchestra's to DJs at venues including the Lincoln Center in NYC, North Sea Jazz Festival and the London Jazz Festival to name just a few. I've also taught at international schools and have successfully helped students progress through the Trinity music system. I have a studio in my backyard and a car so there are options to study at my studio or at your home. All ages and levels are welcome!

English-Beginner to advanced Level.Learn English! Speak Read Write and Listen English .Fluent English in 10 classes.
English classes aiming to personalize based on individual needs.Complete emphasis on clearing concepts and keeping the base very strong resulting in solid reading,writing,speaking and listening skills. The fun approach to the teaching will make the learner easily learn as well as negate the fear of a foreign language. Modern method of teaching using audio-visual tools.

French or Italian Conversation Classes, Let's TALK and learn!
The Conversation Class is different than regular language teaching as, I believe, it raises the stakes of the lesson. Instead of having a professor inflicting knowledge to his/her student, it becomes about two people trying to communicate. I regularly give French and Italian conversation classes to all levels.I have always adopted a friendly attitude with my students (no matter the age), always trying to keep them interested and active. I believe in this tutoring format for it is a way to learn differently than in school for instance, and to take the time to understand and succeed in whatever was challenging us. I have been teaching French and Italian since I am 17, holding a 'Conversation Class' course within the context of an International Music Academy every summer for two weeks (since 2016).

Private lessons, school support and upgrading: ANNEMASSE, CHENE BOURG and GENÈVE
I am a student in Master 2 Teaching philosophy (U. Rennes 1) and hold a Master 1 in research in philosophy. I am currently preparing for the teaching competitions: CRPE, CAPES and Agrégation de Philosophie. I live in Annemasse and I work in Annecy. I propose to give lessons in Annemasse, Chêne Bourg and Geneva (Leman Express line). Regarding my services, I give courses for the levels below: Elementary: all subjects College: all subjects High school: all subjects (except SES and sciences) University: I offer general methodology and philosophy courses. As far as my prices are concerned, they are determined according to the level of the student and the trip. Regarding my professional experiences, I am currently working in the extracurricular activity sector in Annecy, which means that I have a good knowledge of children in elementary school, I still currently provide lessons to a child in difficulty who is in CM2. Regarding college, I gave tutoring lessons to a group in difficulty (January-June 2018). Last year, I gave lessons to foreign students in final year class and I worked with the company Complétude in Ile de France. All these experiences gave me different axes in the way of developing my relationship and my work with the students while maintaining communication with the parents. I offer face-to-face and / or distance learning courses in the cities specified above.

Lessons and courses in German and English.
With us, you will reach your goal in using all language skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking) with the best educational means and the shortest way from beginning to professionalism with the excellent German grammar book and exercise books in addition to the Goethe-Institut courses and the British Institute and all courses in all English majors are also available

Violin and viola lessons for children, teenagers and adults.
Violin and viola for beginners, advanced and professionals. Also preparation for entrance exams and competitions. «You can demonstrate high education by knowing how to explain the most complicated things in a simple way (George Bernard Shaw). There is always time to start something new or to relive something that used to make you happy! For me, being able to play an instrument is the ability that is naturally achieved through passion, commitment, imagination and patience. Learn to play the violin or viola in a pleasant atmosphere and at your own pace. No matter what level you bring - whether complete beginner, advanced or professional - I am happy to be your instrumentalist.

Learn didactic and cultural Spanish, you will love it
Hello! I am Adriana from Ecuador, I would love to be your Spanish teacher in a didactic way. I really want to share my mother tongue with you, in this course you can learn grammar, pronunciation and about the culture of South America.

Spanish for English speakers & English for Spanish speakers
I consider myself a very organized and dynamic person so my lessons will response to that personality. I do not like to offer classes and book exercises, but rather a playful and entertaining teaching that develops meaningful learning. Personally I like to adapt the student's interests to the lessons, from my opinion this is the first link to achieve a good level in a second language, either trough (music, sports, TV shows, Netflix, etc.)

Spanish / Spanish literature classes with a native Spanish teacher
Do you want to learn Spanish, one of the leagues with the largest number of speakers in the world? I teach Spanish for all levels and ages, without the need for the student to buy or use any material. I am a native Spanish language and I study Hispanic Philology at the University of Valencia, so I am more than happy to teach you how to use and express yourself correctly in my language. If you also need to reinforce your knowledge in English, literature (Spanish or French), Latin or classical Greek, I am also willing to help you with it.

Support lessons, tutoring in math, French, English, science
Currently a student in Biology at the University of Friborg, I propose to give support courses in math, French, English and sciences. The course is based on the material seen in class by the student and on the student's course material (books, workbooks, cards, ...), I answer his questions and help him solve the difficulties encountered in class, doing homework, etc. I come to the student's home where I can also give lessons by webcam!

Chanteur lyrique professionnel, diplômé à l'HEMU de Lausanne, et professeur et coach passionné de nombreux genres de chant, je vous propose des cours de chant afin de maîtriser votre respiration, votre posture et votre diction, à travers le style musical que vous aimez. Le chant doit être avant tout un acte naturel. Ensemble on peut explorer la technique vocale, la fonction du corps par rapport le chant et une libération et l'expression de soi. Mes cours seront personnalisés selon votre expérience, votre voix unique, vos besoins techniques, ainsi que vos objectifs et passions. Nous ferons toujours des exercices adaptés à votre chemin personnel, ainsi qu'une exploration des répertoires qui correspondent à votre voix. Venez découvrir le premier instrument qui était jamais crée ! Je suis ravi de vous enseigner, soit en ligne, soit à mon studio à Neuchâtel. N'hésitez pas de me contacter aussi si vous voulez que je vienne chez vous, et nous pouvons en discuter. Au plaisir de faire votre connaissance. Christian Joel

Cours de Trombone classique et contemporaine avec professeur cubain
Professeur cubain diplômé du conservatoire pour musique classique et contemporaine de la Havane donne cours de Trombone et d’Euphonium tous niveaux. Je suis spécialisé dans le Jazz et la musique latine: salsa, son cubain, etc. mais aussi dans la musique classique.

Yoga DeGasquet/Posturologie/ Atelier du dos/ yoga ventre plat abdologie De Gasquet/ workshop/ coaching individuel/
-------Cours yoga ventre plat De Gasquet le jeudi 17h30 à l'Espace 84 à Montignies sur Sambre. mardi 10h15 au centre Homéostasia de Gerpinnes. Cours en individuel ou collectif au domicile ou lieu de travail ou à mon domicile. N'hésitez pas à demander un devis personnalisé. 🔹 Vous connaissez peut être le Dr Bernadette de Gasquet à travers ses livres comme « Abdominaux, Arrêtez le massacre ! ». 🔹La technique de Gasquet est innovante mêlant médecine moderne, savoirs ancestraux et expériences personnelles. 🔹Plus qu’un programme standard d’exercices, cette technique est une éducation qui tient compte de la morphologie de chacun et des facteurs de risques particuliers. 🔹C’est un travail de prévention et de renforcement qui repose sur du bon sens et s’applique à tout âge et toute situation, femme enceinte, sportif, lombalgique, personnes âgées … ainsi que dans les efforts quotidiens. 🔹On vous explique les points importants de cette méthode Au plaisir de te faire TE ressentir, Anne-Sophie

Cours de piano et de solfège pour les enfants de 4 à 100 ans.
Je donne des cours de piano pour les enfants de 4 ans à 100 ans. Pour débuter, je crois qu'il est important que l'enfant ou l'adulte apprenne sans partitions afin d'éveiller un maximum son oreille et sa sensibilité musicale. Il est important que l'élève aime ce qu'il joue, c'est pourquoi j'ai une écoute particulière à ses demandes. J'inclus dans le cours des jeux de rythme, sonores et l'écoute de différents instruments pour les plus jeunes. Lorsque l'élève est suffisamment autonome, je peux l'accompagner avec d'autres instruments ( percussions, harpe ou flûte). C'est petit à petit que l'apport du solfège se fait, pour les enfants de moins de 9 ans d'ailleurs je commence l'apprentissage des notes par couleurs avant de les intégrer aux partitions, cela rend la transition plus facile. Cela reste ma ligne pédagogique, mais avant toute chose je cherche l'apprentissage qui convient à chaque élève petit , ados ou adulte. Je suis diplômée de solfège à l'académie de Remouchamps . J'ai débuté l'apprentissage du piano à l'âge de 5 ans ( plus de trente ans de pratique) d'abord par 4 ans de cours en académie puis trois ans en cours particulier, après je n'ai cessé d'apprendre cet instrument comme autodidacte. J'ai aussi suivi des cours de flûte à bec, orgues, histoire de la musique, chants d'ensemble en académie. J'apprends le chant et la harpe celtique comme autodidacte depuis 6 ans. Je suis des cours d'improvisation de type médiéval et baroque, à la harpe, chez Pascal Ormancey. Ma démarche est vraiment de faire découvrir la musique aux enfants, de ne pas les casser dans leurs élans de créativité, de respecter leur sensibilité lors de leurs premières années de pratique de l'instrument. Pour moi, cela est capital pour la suite de leur parcours musical. Je veille à ne pas instaurer un esprit de compétition entre les enfants. Il est important également que son apprentissage ne soit pas une contrainte ; et que les parents soutiennent la démarche d'apprentissage de leur enfant en s'y intéressant et en l'encourageant. C'est pourquoi je donne quelque petits travaux, en accord avec l'élève, à répéter à la maison. Pour les adultes ma démarche est de donner les outils pour travailler chez soi et être le plus autonome possible, ouvrir à l'interprétation, booster la sensibilité et la créativité. L'apprentissage du solfège n'est pas obligatoire, je joue aussi d'oreille et sais l'enseigner. D'un point de vue pratique la leçon doit être à chaque fois payée le jours même. En cas d'empêchement, je dois être prévenue au minimum 24 h à l'avance, sauf en cas d'extrême urgence. Au plaisir...

Je suis étudiante en 1ère année de Droit. J'ai un bon contact avec les enfants et je suis patiente. Je peux donc assuré les une aide aux devoirs pour un enfant en primaire ou de niveau début collège. Je peux aborder tous les sujets, bien que je sois plus à l'aise dans les matières littéraire étant été diplômée d'un bac plutôt littéraire en 2021.

Professional Result orientated Cello Teacher Oxford
Education. Sofiko completed her studies in London. 2012-2014 Royall College of Music, Master of Performance in A.Chaushian class 2008-2012 Royal College of Music, Bachelor of Music under A.Boyarsky and A.Chaushian 2004-2008 Jelgava Music College under Irina Titarenko 1996-2004 Jelgava Music School under Irina Titarenko

Get by or improve your English skills
This course is suitable for those who want to start, improve or perfect their level of language. Whether for professional, academic or personal reasons. I provide the necessary equipment. I work using discussions, texts and listening exercises. Your participation is the main objective of the course. I adapt with you, we will find the method that suits you best. It is important to me that it is fun and serious.

Ange Cédric
French courses, spoken and written- French classes, wrote and spoke
French is a beautiful, but complex language. It has a very large number of rules and regulations to risk. It is a language spoken on five continents, making it one of the most widely spoken languages ​​in the world. It is my mother tongue and I take great pleasure in teaching it, sharing it, participating in its extension and understanding, in order to make its complexity an obvious beauty. During this course, you will not only learn to understand the French language well, to write it better and to discern its subtleties, but also and above all to speak French well and all this in an intuitive and relaxed way.

Spoken, Written and Literacy: Chinese Mandarin for Beginners
Do you want to learn one of the most useful language in the world? Learning Mandarin Chinese can be very useful in the future whether it’d be speaking to a Chinese person, or working in a Chinese environment- you will get a first hand teaching experience from a native Chinese speaker.