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Recently Posted Private Classes

"Embark on a Journey of Discovery: With our Biology, English, and Math Masterclasses
Hello, my name is Yusra Zia, and I am deeply passionate about Biology, English, and Math. My qualifications in Life and Medical Sciences are not just academic; they are a testament to my love for this field. I have a thorough understanding of the syllabus and am well-versed in common textbooks such as the IGCSE and CGP revision guides for science. This knowledge equips me to guide students effectively towards excelling in their exams. I understand that teaching is not just about academic proficiency, but also about building a rapport with students. Although I have 1 year of formal teaching experience, and I have spent considerable time interacting with young people. Whether it’s babysitting, spending time with my siblings, or volunteering at local community centres, these experiences have given me valuable insights into communicating with young minds. If you choose me as your tutor, I promise to bring not only my academic expertise but also my passion to every tutoring session. I believe that this combination will truly make a difference in your child’s learning journey.

Learn Japanese with a native speaker (conversation, grammar)
I will be your Japanese friend whom you can ask anything :) I am a native Japanese speaker studying in Leuven. If you want to learn Japanese but don't know where to start, I can help you! There is no need to be scared of "being bad at it". I want to help you overcome the challenges of learning a new language. Examples of my classes are: -basic grammar -everyday expressions/slangs -free conversation I hope to see you soon :)

Sam Oc
Professeur de piano violon,donne cours particulier
Enseignant diplômé,je donne des cours de piano et de violon à tous les âges et toujours adapté à l'élève et à ses difficultés.Je sais le nombre de chose diverses qu'on doit accomplir en tant que musicien,c'est pourquoi,il faut y aller progressivement.Je reste à la disposition de mes elèves si il y a des questions.

Piano, theory and orchestra conducting lessons. For all levels and ages. Professional
Hello! My name is Mario and I am a 26 years old professional pianist and orchestra conductor. I am currently taking a master degree in the world famous conducting class of Professor Johannes Schlaefli and Christoph Mathias Müller at the Zhdk, Zürcher Hochschule der Künste. I hold two bachelor degrees, one in classical piano performance and the other in orchestra conducting, both from The Norwegian Academy of music in Oslo. More than 8 years of university high education in total. I also have plenty of experience teaching and I taught in Norway for 6 years in the public education system. This is what I offer: -Nice, professional and fun classes in piano for all levels and ages -Lessons in orchestra and windband conducting. All levels all ages. We can arrange ensemble practice with professional players. -Lessons in theory of music, orchestration, harmony, opera,pop and modern music theory... everything that you want to learn. -Lessons in English, Spanish, Norwegian or Scandinavian languages and german in some months, I am learning the language. Click on some of my youtube videos performing if you want to check who I am! :)

Electric Guitar Acoustic Guitar Improvisation Songs
Experienced Guitar Instructor with Innovative Teaching Methods Title: Unlock Your Guitar Potential with a Veteran Instructor Meta Description: With 20 years of guitar teaching experience, discover individualized learning strategies that cater to your musical journey. Follow us on Instagram and YouTube for insights and inspiration. Body: Welcome to the journey of mastering guitar with a seasoned instructor who brings two decades of expertise to your learning experience. Understanding the unique needs of each student is at the heart of our teaching philosophy. Innovative Guitar Lessons Tailored to You Our guitar lessons are not one-size-fits-all. We adopt the Callan method, a technique originally crafted for rapid language acquisition, which we've seamlessly adapted to guitar instruction. This hands-on approach involves interactive hand exercises and responsive repetition, mirroring the instructor's movements and sounds. It’s a method proven to engage and accelerate your learning process. Interactive Group Classes and Live Presentations We go beyond individual lessons. Our dynamic group classes and live presentations offer a comprehensive learning environment that's both educational and entertaining. These sessions are designed to hone your skills, increase your confidence, and provide a platform for performance. Expert Guidance in Music Education Understanding the musical landscape is essential for developing your talent. We provide the insights and knowledge necessary to navigate the music industry, whether you're a hobbyist or aspiring professional. Join Our Musical Community Many of our students have successfully transitioned into professional music careers, a testament to the effectiveness of our teaching methods. Become part of our musical community. Connect with us on Instagram (@vojto_monteur_music) and YouTube (@VojtoMonteur) for regular updates, tutorials, and a behind-the-scenes look at our teaching process. WEB FB INSTA BANDCAMP YOUTUBE SPOTIFY APPLE LINKEDin : TIKTOK : SOUNDCLOUD : TWITTER : MUSIC PRODUCTION PLAYLIST

Professional coaching. I help you succeed in your job interview!
Call me "coach"! My specialty is to help you succeed in your motivation interviews (for a job, an internship, etc.). It is a personalized (in relation to you and your skills) and targeted (in relation to the sector of activity and the culture of the company) preparation. My method has proven itself with many young workers currently active on the job market. I also accompany students who need a boost to stay motivated and efficient during their studies (including adults resuming studies and students in evening classes). In particular, I can help you reorganize your time and act against procrastination and low motivation.

Private English lessons at home, learn with a smile!
Learning a foreign language means opening up to the world, confronting diversity. I offer private English lessons, drawing on my attraction and practice of the language since my adolescence. What's better than learning with a smile? Audio, video, fun exercises, I intend to lead the sessions as best as possible, because there is nothing worse than learning without energy. Appropriating the language, acquiring autonomy in practice, these are tenable goals for everyone!

English Language and Literature; ESOL, Tutoring: IGCSE, GCSE, KS3, A'Level, IB Diploma
As a qualified and experienced teacher of English Language and Literature as well as ESOL, I can offer tailor-made classes to suit the individual needs and desired outcome of the learner. I have taught internationally: MYP, IGCSE, and IB Diploma and I have taught in the British state school system: KS3, GCSE and A'Level. I also have had years experience of teaching adults and teens ESOL. I have availability in the day time (UK time) as well as other times, so just ask. If you'd like individual or small groups - just ask. I am an enthusiastic person and love to share my passion.

English courses for all levels (Skype courses possible)
Hello there! :-) I'm Noëlla and I offer English lessons for all levels, from learning to advanced (conversation lessons). I am indeed English and French and have been teaching English for several years. I hold an English teaching diploma, TEFL level 5 (equivalent to CELTA). In person lessons in the Monthey - Troistorrents - Morgins region and lessons by Skype also possible! I offer lessons of 1h, 1h30 or 2 hours. Whatever your level, my goal will be to help you speak this beautiful language with as much ease and accuracy as possible, this by studying of course, many points of grammar but also by working, with a lot of conversation and practical training on diction, pronunciation and fluency. Half-mornings and immersion courses in English are also possible with the program: - English lesson - Audio-vocal language integration sessions to open the ear to the frequencies of the English language and thus improve pronunciation and comprehension. - Meals in English also possible. I also offer translations as well as corrections of texts in English. :-) Hoping to see you soon!

The Spanish economy: history, context and current events
"(...) the apprehension of the cultural soul of what is Spanish will never be complete if the economic dimension is not included in the analysis of the other elements that outline this cultural universe." (Felices Lago, 2000, s/p). Spain's economy is the fourth largest in the EU and the fourteenth worldwide in nominal terms. In relative terms or purchasing power parity, it is also among the largest in the world. According to a report by The Economist in 2005, Spain was the 10th country in the world with the highest quality of life. As in the economy of all European countries, the tertiary sector or service sector is the one that has the greatest weight. In 2014 GDP grew again, at 1.4%. The number of unemployed peaked at 5.77 million in February 2014 and decreased the rest of the year by 446,000 people. In 2015, the Spanish economy consolidated the recovery process that began in 2013, with real GDP registering an expansionary trajectory. For the year as a whole, GDP grew 3.2%, above the GDP of the euro zone (2%). Spain is a gateway to Spanish-speaking countries, since it is the only Spanish-speaking country in the European Union and enjoys good relations with other countries. The importance of Spanish makes it key to international relations and that is why business Spanish is increasingly in demand. Speaking Spanish and knowing your culture, Spanish and/or Hispanic, opens the doors to many markets and job opportunities. Twenty years in the business world in leading sectors for international companies such as Grupo Mondragón, Mercedes Benz, Siemens, Talgo, etc. make me a person with field experience. I know this world and I can provide you with knowledge, not only of the language but of everything necessary to achieve effective and successful communication. In this sense, the subject Spanish Economy offers an overview of the characteristics, history, most important moments and international relevance of the Spanish economy and its relationship with Spanish for business. Students who receive this course will be able to have a real approach to the Spanish economic context while increasing their lexical register.

English courses, oral preparation for exams or refresher courses
Hello, my name is Ariane and I am 17 years old, I am bilingual in English and I would like to supplement my income as a student by helping other students in need. I am available and the lessons will be taken at my home :) I graduated from the Cambridge C2 test

School support, homework help, French classes (adult)
Bachelor of Arts gives courses (French or English) or tutoring / homework help all branches. Experience with children and teenagers (+20 years of private lessons). Experience in teaching FLE (mainly to au pairs). Certificate of Advanced English (Cambridge). Private lessons or in small groups. .

Violin Lessons by Juilliard Graduate for all ages!
Hi! I'm Abi, I hold a Bachelors and Masters degree from the Juilliard School, and I'm here to help you embark on an enriching violin journey. Whether you're a budding musician or an adult with a desire to explore the world of violin, my extensive training at Juilliard and the Queen Elisabeth Chapel in Belgium equips me to guide you on this incredible musical adventure. We can work together to tailor our lessons to your unique needs and aspirations. Whether you dream of mastering classical pieces or simply want to play for personal enjoyment, I'm here to support you every step of the way!

Cours de guitare et/ou d'harmonie tous styles, tous niveaux
Pour la guitare: Apprendre/améliorer ses accompagnements, ses rythmiques, sa technique main droite pour du jeu au doigts ou classique, développer sa musicalité et son interprétation. Perfectionner ses compositions. Enseignement uniquement sur tablature. Pour la théorie: Méthode sans solfège, basée sur la théorie jazz mais adaptable à tous styles pour ceux qui voudraient la travailler sans passer par le classique ou le jazz.

Soutien scolaire français / répétitoire français pour francophones et non francophones
Soutien scolaire français: - Pour adultes dont c'est la deuxième langue qui souhaitent améliorer leur français ou ont des difficultés sur certains aspects. - Pour enfants et adolescents francophones ou non francophones qui ont besoin de soutien scolaire (orthographe, grammaire, syntaxe, études de texte, dissertations etc) Ma méthode utilise des sujets qui sont intéressants pour l'élève afin de le motiver et accompagne celui ci pour comprendre la logique de la linguistique française au delà de simplement apprendre par coeur les règles de grammaire classiques. Le cours est crée sur mesure pour l'élève selon ses besoins.

English Language and Phonetics Class with Pre Made Lesson Plans!
Easy to learn phonetics for those learning English as a second language or struggling with pronunciations! This class will help expand your English vocabulary from beginner to advanced levels. I will focus on speaking work as well as reading and writing and will form pre-made lessons and exercises to help in whichever sector you need the most assistance with :)

Yoga/Meditation/Movement/Mindfulness/Mindset/Mental Health

Privet Lessons available at your apartment / Villa Swimming Pool
Hello Are you an adult looking to learn to swim or improve your swimming? or do you have children's who want to learn to swim for water safety or competitive swimming? Always remember that age and time is not a matter for learning to swim. Iam coach Mohammed, Certified by American swimming coaches association,STA UK and Austswim. I ll be happy to teach you, Reach me any time in my whatsapp for more info. +974 55616430 Privet Lessons available at your apartment / Villa Swimming Pool

English and Turkish learners are welcome to join my classes for learning and practice
My experience and kmowledge allow me to teach english, turkish and math. I am using english efficiently for more than 10 years in my education and business carrer during that time ı have had many certificates such as IELTS Acafemic and TOEFL. I am ready to share my these experiences and effective methods with my students.Learning and practice are the way for improving. Lets improve ourself together

Language courses at school level and for adults.
I am a teacher of Italian (my mother tongue) in a French high school and college. I hold a Master's degree with honors in Foreign Languages and Literatures (English and French) from the University of Bologna. I also studied Spanish for five years and lived and worked in Spain for two years, reaching C2 level. I have experience as a teacher of English for high school students, Spanish for migrants and as an educator in educational projects for children and adolescents with special needs. During these experiences, I was able to develop and perfect a method that was both didactic and educational, based on active listening to needs, trust and cooperation. When it comes to the material, I try to make it as dynamic and creative as possible, aware of the fact that language learning is more effective if placed in situational contexts and based on personal inclinations.

Young teacher offers and dymanic French lessons to all levels
Bonjour! My name is Anastasia, I am a 24 years old French native and I am here to help you improve your French skills. I have been teaching students of various levels from all around the world for over 5 years. I have helped students prepare for French exams like the DELF, as well as those who are planning to move to a French-speaking country and need real-life language skills. I understand the challenges of learning a language, having learned two languages myself: English and Portuguese, and plan to learn more. I have faced difficulties, hit walls, and overcome them, and I believe that my experience as a language learner makes me a well-rounded teacher. However, I do not claim to know everything about teaching, as I am constantly learning. I tailor my teaching method to best suit the needs of my students. I use interactive resources such as images, videos, and texts to help my students learn effectively. For beginners, I recommend trying out the Pimsleur method, which is a 30-minute audio lesson based on gradual interval recall. This method reviews learned vocabulary at increasingly longer intervals and has been used by the CIA. If you are interested, we can discuss how to use this method together. In addition, I have a YouTube channel called ‘FastFrench’ that offers a wealth of helpful resources. I offer French lessons remotely through Skype, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams or at the students place. When the lesson is online, I use a platform that allows us to see and modify documents, images, and videos in real-time, which is very useful. I would be happy to help you on your French learning journey.