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Soutien scolaire (Primaire, C.O orientation et Collège)
Etudiant universitaire dynamique propose un soutien scolaire à domicile, aide aux devoirs, cours de math, français et autres branches suivies dans la cadre d'une formation obligatoire. J'ai déjà une bonne expérience de l'enseignement du sport et vous propose de progresser dans le domaine de votre choix dans une ambiance détendue et sérieuse en atteignant les objectifs fixés au préalable.

Tutoring in Math - Certified Teacher
Hello, In possession of CAPES, I taught in college for 4 years and I am now preparing the competition of the aggregation of mathematics. I am therefore very familiar with the programs and difficulties of students in general, I know the basics not to be missed. To be always looking for a method to give the child a taste for mathematics and to make sure that he finds easy mathematics are my two main challenges. I am convinced that there is no "draw" in math, everyone can do it with the right method, a little self-confidence and work. I teach from high school to the bachelor of mathematics through the various formations of BTS or DUT. Feel free to contact me for more information.

Spanish, Italian and English Language Tutoring any level
I am a qualified and experienced linguist and teacher with over three years of professional experience. I specialize in tutoring Spanish, Italian and English for school, university and adults. My aim is to make lessons as effective and challenging as possible, but without overwhelming my students. I assign homework after every lesson accordingly and provide periodic progress reports. Normally, my classes last 60 minutes, however, I am pretty flexible on this.

History politics Spanish Italian English test preparation and conversation
During my academic history I have improved many skills, one of these is teaching others. I know that I can make my better just to show you that ir could be real improve your capacities in languages, history and politics. The environment where I usually operate is coffees and public places where we can speak freely. see you Ladies and Gentlemen.

Piano and singing lessons - for young and old
I studied piano in Toulouse and singing at the Conservatoire de musique in Brussels. Experience of more than 10 years in the teaching of music, whether in private lessons or music school. I teach piano and singing in a fun way, learning music theory is done directly from the study of the instrument.

French course, writing, proofreading and general knowledge
Graduated in French literature and journalism, I teach at all levels, from small classes to the University. Pre-exam revisions, text analysis, grammar, argumentation, I also help with the drafting of application files and I am at your disposal to help you become French pros.

Electricity, Mechanics, Physics, Thermodynamics and Computer Science
My name is Paulin, a young civil engineer in Electromechanics, graduated in September 2017 from the University of Liège, living and working in Brussels. Having always been passionate about my electrical courses, Mechanics, Physics, Thermodynamics, and Computer Science, I am available to teach courses to those who wish. I usually teach tanr courses to university students (up to Master 1 in Industrial Engineering), only to high school students. Do not hesitate to contact me :) Minimum 2h of course, because I estimate that in 1 h of work we have no time to understand enough the material. Yours, Paulin

Italian language tutoring, Croatian language tutoring
Hello, I'm an experienced Italian language teacher. I have obtained a Master's degree in Political Sciences in Perugia (Italy) and I also teach the Croatian, which is my native language. The first lesson is meant to establish a learning program and methods of teaching suitable for a student. The lessons can be held at my apartment or at the student's apartment.

Cours particuliers en math - physique - chimie - biologie
Je commence la leçon par un petit récapitulatif de la matière sans que ce soit trop lourd à digérer ensuite je donne des tuyaux pour étudier et comprendre la matière et pour finir j'applique la théorie avec des exercices. Souvent le problème est que la matière est trop abstraite, c'est pour ça que j'aime utiliser des exemples, parce que ça aide vraiment à comprendre.

English private lessons. I studied and did my internship in University of Oviedo.
I studied and did my internship in University of Oviedo in Spain. My rommates were native english speakers.. If you are looking for help with english or want private lessons feel free to contact me. Yökdil sınavı notum 91,25 İspanya'da Oviedo şehrinde hem okudum hem staj yaptım. Hem ingilizce hem de İspanyolca kullandım. Ev arkadaşlarımın ana dilleri İngilizce idi. Eğer İngilizce konusunda yardım arıyorsanız benimle iletişime geçebilirsiniz. İlköğretim, lise ve üniversite öğrencileriyle sınavlara hazırlık için özel ders, konuşma pratiği isteyenlerle pratik ve yds'ye hazırlık isteyenlerle hazırlık yapabiliriz.

•Learn how to play saxophone, improvise on your favorite song and bases of Music Armony
I'm 24 years old and I joined the world of Music when I was 6. I got the degree in Cassical Saxophone 2 years ago in the Conservatory of Music of Mantova (Italy) and now I'm studying Jazz&Pop in the Conservatory of Utrecht (Netherlands). I've played many concert in Italy and Europe with many different formations: classic Orchestra and Ensemble (Ensemble of saxophone of Mantova), quartet of saxophones (Sax Fever), many different bands, Big Band (Dixiebell Orchestra of Garda, Utrecht BigBand)... •THE GOAL of my lessons is make people enjoy this beautiful form of art. Like when you sing playing saxophone required a total connection between our body and our mind with the horn. As our clarinet friends always remind us, Saxophone is not one of the most difficult wind intrument but an improper embrasure or a wrong breathing can create a wall between our musical ideas and the instrument. •In my lessons I want to work as first on the sound. If the sound is good Saxophone has the power to enchant audience with just one note. Playing long note is a good exercise in this sense, and more natural and relaxed is the embrasure and the body, more easily will be making a good sound. •We'll improve the knowledge of Music Armony working directly on the songs that you love. We will start by transcribe them by ear and then we'll go deeper into the armony and chords. The aim is start to improvise on them and create your own repertoire. •On the other side we will work on reading music. This skill has a primary importance if you want to join all kind of band in the city. •If you are a student that want to enter in the conservatory, classic or jazz, I have a lot of experience in these kind of auditions, so we can focus our practise toward this porpuse. •Music make the mind free and EVERYBODY can play, it's just a matter of practise and listening. If you think that Saxophone is your instrument What are you waiting for!?!? Let's play some Music togheter;)

Learning Skills for Academic, Professional and Personal Success
Learning can be fun! Did you know your brain CRAVES and does it anyway, on autopilot, 24/7? How is it, then, that for so many people learning seems like a tedious chore or a very difficult thing to do? Why do we often feel "stupid" or "untalented"? That's simply because the way we are commonly taught and expected to study at school, university or on vocational training is NOT in alignment with the natural functionality and needs of the human brain, our mind in a broader sense, or more holistically, our entire personality. So what can we do about that? How can we process and retain information, gain knowledge and at the same time, develop our personality, learn vital life skills, become successful, healthy and happy? Here's the good news: Genius is common! You "simply" need to rekindle your innate curiosity, playfulness, creativity, problem solving abilities and inner wisdom. You've got this! All you need is the right information and someone who believes in you, guides and supports your progress. That's what I can do for you. I will * teach you the theory behind all learning (mainly neurosciences and psychology) if and when desired, so you can understand how the human mind really works, what the conditions for learning are and how you can create them, * give you a wide range of easy, mix-and-match tools that will support any learning, no matter the subject or level, * hold you accountable, track your progress & cheer you on, * help you apply the information (practise transfer), based on your individual circumstances (the WHY, WHAT and HOW of your learning), * all this in a fun, engaging and simple way that will not only get you maximum results with minimum effort, but will also be something you're going to enjoy and look forward to! My unique approach will help you with all of the following: * problem solving * critical/lateral thinking * creativity * memory * focus & motivation * logic & reasoning * presentation skills * communication and other social skills * mental health and wellbeing It can also be used as a complementary program for people in difficult circumstances (including survivors), life transitions, after trauma or during severe/chronic illness, for career advancement (like landing your dream job or creating your own business), for dementia prevention or simply to keep mentally fit and happy at any age. My courses are 100% client centred, which means the curriculum can and will be adapted to the needs, preferences and unique situation of the individual or group I'm teaching. All content is modular, so you can literally "pick your own adventure" and work exactly at the pace and in the order that suits you best. I am committed to your success and provide outstanding, highly personalized support even between lessons. I'm also very flexible with times and settings, however I expect and require students to follow through once a commitment has been made.

Spanish for all ages, Math for SATS, GCSE and A levels, Yoga for everyone
I have a PhD in Computer Science and did teaching at the University for many years. I specialize in tutoring Math and Spanish for GCSE. I will prepare you to get a 9. I also did a Yoga Teaching Training, teach Yoga at the Sport Center and do 1-1 Yoga lessons at home.

Graduate (bachelor) in translation-interpretation Course of FRENCH (all levels) and ENGLISH to NAMUR and LOUVAIN-LA-NEUVE
Graduate (bachelor) in English-Spanish translation-interpreting, I give lessons of English (all levels), Spanish (beginner-intermediate level) and French (possibility of starting from scratch, filling gaps or perfecting ). I can also correct work (spelling, grammar).

Music, flute and percussion teacher. How to play flute and recorder in a fun and easy way.
I specialize in Traverse Flute as a music instrument. I can teach begginers or intermediate students. I provided different exercises and the instrument techniques, how to play, breathing technique etc. I can teach as well music theory that can help to understand more the instrument like the grammar and other theory aspects of music. I like to keep the sutdent working constantly but not too much as the stress doesn't help in music learning.

Argentine Tango private lessons with a professional dance couple
We are a couple of tango dancers with more than 15 years of experience in teaching in Europe, Buenos Aires in Argentina and Montevideo in Uruguay. Our teaching combines elements of traditions and culture from the Rio de la Plata area together with biomechanics and analysis of movement. Our private classes are for couples and/or individuals, and the lessons will be tailored according to your needs and interests. Our pedagogy is encouraging, fun, and efficient. We also teach very popular group classes in the center of Geneva, let us know if you are interested in them! :)

I teach Flute / Music course, if need support music theory
I am a professional musician graduated as an interpreter and teacher. The course is aimed at children as well as adults, amateurs or professionals. I have experience of nearly 8 years teaching flute in conservatories approved by the state but also in the community. What I like is to bring people together around the same passion, to make them interact and flourish. We learn by solid foundations and at the same time by creativity.

Soutien scolaire/cours particuliers maths-français-sciences niveau primaire/collège
Étudiante en LLCER coréen, avec un Bac S spécialité SVT mention assez bien, je peux aider pour faire les devoirs, ou donner des cours dans la grande majorité des matières scolaires niveau primaire/collège. Je privilégie la patience et l'écoute et n'hésite pas à réexpliquer plusieurs fois si l'enfant est en difficulté sur une leçon ou un exercice. Je souhaite que l'enfant puisse considérer, à la fin, que la matière sur laquelle il bloquait, n'était pas si compliquée et qu'il est tout à fait capable de comprendre et réussir par lui-même.

private lessons to learn English or Spanish
The command of different languages is a major asset especially in a Europe that wants to be open to the world. Licensed student LLCER, English major, Spanish minor; and accustomed to follow students in their learning of the language, I have at heart to propose a pedagogy adapted to each student to help him progress from a school point of view, but also and especially with a view to to make him discover the pleasure of expressing himself in another language and to be able to communicate with many more people. After an interview with the student, we choose together how to work, a school approach based on learning by heart and practice through exercises, or a more playful approach. Whichever approach is chosen, I rely on the six skills and the CEFR's competency scale to create my course and evaluate progress.

Lucille Nai-Yuan
Traditional/ Simplified Mandarin lesson with Lucille
Hi passionate Mandarin learners, I am a native Mandarin speaker from Taiwan. I am a bilingual teacher. I have rich Mandarin (both traditional and simplified) and English teaching experience with over 10 years teaching in London, U.K. and Taipei, Taiwan. I have taught in different environments: big, small classrooms and private lessons; Pupils are from different cultural backgrounds of all levels between the ages from 18 months to age 15 and adults. I provided professional language training for YCT, GCSE and HSK Mandarin exams, and I design well -structured, interesting and creative lessons for newbies of all ages. I graduated from UCL Institute of Education (1st in the world for education in QS ranking 2019), majoring in TESOL. I have been consistently self-studying and joining workshops to advance my teaching career.

English private lessons. I studied and did my internship in University of Oviedo.
I studied and did my internship in University of Oviedo in Spain. My rommates were native english speakers.. If you are looking for help with english or want private lessons feel free to contact me. Yökdil sınavı notum 91,25 İspanya'da Oviedo şehrinde hem okudum hem staj yaptım. Hem ingilizce hem de İspanyolca kullandım. Ev arkadaşlarımın ana dilleri İngilizce idi. Eğer İngilizce konusunda yardım arıyorsanız benimle iletişime geçebilirsiniz. İlköğretim, lise ve üniversite öğrencileriyle sınavlara hazırlık için özel ders, konuşma pratiği isteyenlerle pratik ve yds'ye hazırlık isteyenlerle hazırlık yapabiliriz.

Our students in Estonia say it best about our teachers

Italian language and culture
Excellent, very polite, very organized and methodical. The course is very pleasant and fruitful.
Review by IOULIA T.
Cécile is a professional teacher with a personal approach. Besides being a very friendly person, her teaching is absolutely worth recommending.
Review by TIMON R.
French tuitions for expats
Laureline is well organized, experienced tutor. I like her teaching style. I would recommend her highly !
Review by KIHONG J.

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