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Coach personnel de Football diplômée pour Junior et actif
Explorez un programme complet de coaching privé de football, adapté à votre niveau et vos objectifs. Les séances incluent des exercices pointus pour affiner la technique, des analyses tactiques approfondies et des programmes d'entraînement personnalisés. Bénéficiez d'un suivi régulier, de conseils personnel et de sessions de renforcement physique. Ensemble, nous bâtirons votre succès sur le terrain. Contactez-moi pour un coaching exclusif, conçu pour faire de vous un joueur d'exception.

Italian, English (ESL), Spanish teaching and tutoring
Knowing a language nowadays has become extremely important. Our need to communicate and relate with the world has increased and so, in order to be able to feel confident with it, we need the right tools and methods. Have you ever been keen on one particular language and willing to learn it? Are you a student struggling to understand your teacher tasks and to get a good grade? Would you like to get better at English as a second language (speaking, writing, reading and listening)? I could be the answer to all these questions.

grade 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 A-level,O-Level And All subject related to civil Engineering
Maintains a growth mindset toward student learning and teaching practice. Facilitates problem-solving with a curious mind and critical thinking skills. Serves as a role-model for students. Collaborates effectively with parents and the organization to increase student performance.

Spanish lessons for all levels and all ages offered by a native speaker
I am a spanish native speaker leaving in Ghent, who would love to share my language with everyone who has interest in it. The lessons can be adapted to the individual goals that each student wants to achieve. I can teach at different levels and have availability to adapt my schedule to the needs of the students.

Cours particulier de lecture, écriture, grammaire de la langue française
Bonjour, je m'appelle Romane, j'ai 21 ans et j'aide les jeunes enfants qui ont des difficultés avec la langue française ou tout simplement les enfants qui commence les cours de français, apprennent à lire, écrire,... lors de leurs premières années scolaires. J'ai enseigné le français pendant 1 ans entant que jeune fille Au pair dans une famille au Canada.

Eva Victoria
Classical Guitar Lessons for all levels and ages !
Hello! My name is Eva and I am a classical guitarist from Luxembourg. Currently pursuing my third year Bachelor of classical guitar in the class of Gabriel Bianco at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam, I would like to share my passion for the classical guitar with you. Whether you haven't touched a guitar yet but are eager to learn it properly, whether you are a beginner trying to learn the instrument on your own or whether you have been playing the guitar for years and are an advanced player, my classes are welcome for all levels as well as ages! In my classes, you will learn the proper techniques of the classical guitar, you will develop your sense of rhythm, you will learn pieces by the great composers of the instruments and most importantly I want you to have fun while playing the classical guitar! Have I sparked interest in you? I am looking forward to hearing from you!

Piano, solfège, éveil musical: cours débutant/intermédiaire ou avancé
Je donne cours de piano à tous niveaux et à tout âge (dès 5ans) avec ou sans lecture de notes. Je me déplace pour vous ou vous pouvez aussi venir chez moi (piano électrique à Bruxelles) quartier européen. Je prévois toujours un petit projet dans l'année afin de jouer pour un public (concert/vidéo/...)

Math/bio/chemistry for primary, secondary or gymnasium
Scientific branches are not always easy, it is important to start on a good basis to then be able to evolve and continue in this field. You will review the most important information to start on solid foundations, and acquire the concepts that will be useful to you for your evaluations.

Professeure d'espagnol native propose des cours d'espagnol à toutes les personnes intéressées.
Je suis native espagnole et ces cours d'espagnol se dérouleront en fonction de l'étudiant. Si l'élève apprend l'espagnol ou connaît l'espagnol, nous continuerons avec le manuel scolaire et ajouterons beaucoup d'oraux. Ma méthode consiste à enseigner toute la classe en espagnol, afin de pouvoir inculquer toute la langue dès le début. Si la personne ne connaît pas l'espagnol, nous commencerons de manière simple et amusante afin qu'il ou elle puisse apprendre toutes les compétences de la langue. J'offre cours d'espagnol général ou spécifique tous les niveaux (A1-C2) et aussi préparation au DELE ou autres examens officiels ou d'université. Mes cours sont destinées à enfants, adolescents ou adultes.

Graduated for secondary school teaching offers Italian lessons (school/self-taught support)
Hello, my name is Cristina, I am a native Italian speaker, I have been living here in Friborg for a long time. I have a Master in Letters (Italian and History, UNIFR) and a diploma to teach Italian (foreign language and mother tongue). My courses are aimed at anyone who wants to learn the Italian language. My method is based on the needs of each person, each student being unique, I adapt my methodology according to the level and expectations. So the course will change whether the student takes an Italian course at school or studies self-taught at home. The three main activities (speaking, reading, writing) are adapted to the needs and level of the student. I organize different activities for each course in order to make learning the Italian language interesting and interactive. It is important that the student feels involved and motivated: learning a language can be a wonderful and interesting journey. My goal is in fact to help the student in their journey, and to do so with joy and sharing the love I have for the Italian language!

Animal Care, a wide variety of topics surrounding animals
Animal care is a broad topic, I'm able to teach many areas as someone who's worked in zoos and rescue centres. I'll be teaching the following topics: * Feeding & Nutrition * Animal Behaviour * Ecology * Zoological practices * Animal Welfare * Animal Conservation * Animal Physiology * Health checks * Animal communication

Guitar, Bass and Ukulele Lessons for Students of all Ages and Abilities
I offer fantastically priced bespoke professional acoustic, electric and classical guitar lessons for players of any ability. Many of my students take graded exams in either contemporary or classical guitar and students who I prepare for exams regularly achieve distinctions. However if the student does not wish to take graded exams I can simply help them learn their favourite songs as well as teaching key techniques to progress in their preferred genres and styles. I have a DBS certificate and have experience working with students of all ages. If you have any questions just send me a message.

English, Italian courses, speaking, writing and translation classes
During these classes, I will help you to reach your goals, to revision your work, to translate, or to learn a language. I have experience as language tutor, and also as Italian teacher. We will focus on the field of your choice, on the basis of your needs.

English, Italian courses, speaking, writing and translation classes
During these classes, I will help you to reach your goals, to revision your work, to translate, or to learn a language. I have experience as language tutor, and also as Italian teacher. We will focus on the field of your choice, on the basis of your needs.

French, Dutch and English courses for beginners
I could help to learn one of these 3 languages ​​by giving classes in the chosen language. I offer help for homework or I could play games, have conversations on hot topics, excersises adapted to the student, ....

Become an Expert Developer in Python - Courses and Support
Become an expert developer and master programming? Join this course to explore the exciting world of Python, a versatile and essential language in software development, data science, and much more. Together, we'll dive into the basics of Python, covering not only its simple and accessible syntax, but also its practical applications in building artificial intelligence models. I offer tailor-made support, perfect for students wishing to specialize in Python and database management via SQL, particularly suitable for CPGE students. Upon specific request, courses on other languages such as C, R Studio, MATLAB, and many others are also available. As a software engineer with over 7 years of experience in freelance software, website and artificial intelligence development, I have an unwavering passion for teaching and sharing my knowledge. I believe that programming is not just a professional skill, but a key to understanding our ever-changing digital world. My training program covers the introduction to Python, the deepening of the concepts with stages dedicated to each crucial aspect of this language: Python #1: Introduction & First Program Python #2: Variables & Operations Python #3: Conditions & Loops Python #4: Functions & Modularity Python #5: Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming Python #6: Classes & Attributes Python #7: Encapsulation & Inheritance Python #8: Strings, Lists, Tuples & Dictionaries Python #9: File Manipulation I offer online and face-to-face courses, suitable for all ages and levels, with a teaching approach focused on practice, visualizing progress and achieving concrete objectives. Join me on this exciting programming adventure, where every line of code is an open door to new possibilities. Contact me today to start your journey to Python expertise!

Leçon de natation, par une nageurs licencié, étudiante en filière sportive.
Bonjours a tous, Vous êtes adulte ou sais pour votre enfant. C'est parfait. Il n'y a pas d'âge pour apprendre. Étudiante en filière sportive et pratiquante licencié depuis plus 4 ans. Je suis une nageuse de haut niveau. Je peux vous accompagner vous et votre enfant. Vous avez des difficultés ou vous ne savez pas nager et vous avez besoin d'un professeur pour vous aider à améliorer votre niveau de nage, apprendre de nouvelles nage ou commencer à apprendre à nager, vous perfectionner ou tout simplement vous appréhender ( vous n'êtes pas à l'aise dans l'eau ou vous avez peur) et vous souhaitez progresser plus vite , alors je suis la personne qu'il vous faut. Mes cours sont dynamiques et je suis avec vous dans le bassin ou au bord , et j'utilise une approche ludique pour rendre l'apprentissage de la natation en s'amusant et motivant. Si vous êtes intéressé, merci de me contacter pour, répondre à toutes vos questions et évaluer le niveau ! Et si c'est pour votre enfant et qu'il a moins de 6 ans , la présence d'au moins un parent est préférable tout comme s'il y a plusieurs enfants pour la sécurité. Un seul à la fois ! Je vous dis à bientôt, Alors venez on se jetera à l'eau ensemble

Private English and Dutch lessons at home
I am an English and Dutch teacher in primary and secondary schools. I can therefore easily adapt my way of teaching learners (games, oral expression, preparation for CE1D, etc.). I can move home.

Private English and Dutch lessons at home
I am an English and Dutch teacher in primary and secondary schools. I can therefore easily adapt my way of teaching learners (games, oral expression, preparation for CE1D, etc.). I can move home.

A LEVEL CLASSES - Psychology, Sociology & Politics (revision or covering new material)
Hi! I’m Emma. I’m currently 20 years old and studying Pharmacy at University. I have experience in teaching a wide range of GCSE & A Level subjects to school aged students. In my A-Levels, which I took in 2021, I achieved an A* in Psychology & Sociology and an A in Government and Politics. I would love to be able to offer my expertise in these subjects and provide regular or one-off tutoring to students!

Secondary school biology teacher and science teacher
I am an experienced and qualified science and biology teacher. I have done my bachelors in microbiology and masters in biotechnology, also I have a teaching qualification to UK equivalent. I have more than 5 years experience in teaching and handling students.

Our students in Estonia say it best about our teachers

Italian language and culture
Excellent, very polite, very organized and methodical. The course is very pleasant and fruitful.
Review by IOULIA T.
Cécile is a professional teacher with a personal approach. Besides being a very friendly person, her teaching is absolutely worth recommending.
Review by TIMON R.
French tuitions for expats
Laureline is well organized, experienced tutor. I like her teaching style. I would recommend her highly !
Review by KIHONG J.

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