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Trusted teacher: Having difficulties analysing poems and prose in your (I) GCSE / IB English Literature course? Looking to amp your essays up a notch and finally get that A/A* or 6/7 that you have been dreaming of? I am here to help. The first thing to remember: though analysing works of literature isn't always fun, everybody can master the techniques of how to do it. But learning takes time, which the school teacher may often lack. Indeed, it has been my own experience that English teachers often choose width over depth, and so discussions are cut short for the sake of covering all elements of the teaching programme, leaving many interesting aspects of a particular work unexplored. Or sometimes it's just the attention that wanders off as the teacher is explaining these pesky concepts of "writer's voice", "writer's tone", "meter", "rhymescheme" and so on. Let me assure you: that, too, happens even to the best of us. What I can offer you is exactly what a teacher normally does not time for: exploring a work of literature in as much detail (both analytical and technical) as it takes to push the quality of your essays up to the desired level. My approach is informed by IB / (I)GSCE Eng Lit course guidelines to make sure that the quality of your answer would be developed in accordance with what examiners want to see. Armed with a deep passion for literature on the one hand (reading and writing poems and short stories are one of my favorite things to do) and knowledge of ways of critical analysis (obtained in IB English Lit and reinforced by philosophy courses on university level) which are of tremendous importance in literary analysis as well, I will show you how to deconstruct any piece, how to place it in its cultural context, and make educated guesses about the links between cultural context and the author's choice of stylistical devices. And best of all - unlike in the classroom, the learning experience is tailored to you (based on your way of learning / remembering) and delivered in a highly interactive way! The skills described above, coupled with general essay writing tips will lend authority and style to your summative essays and exam answers, boosting your academic confidence. Ready to leave unsatisfactory essays in the past? Then contact me today!
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Trusted teacher: Holder of a Master's degree in Letters and endowed with a solid experience in private lessons, I provide French lessons for students wishing to: - consolidate their bases in grammar, spelling - improve their language skills (allophone students) - improve their speaking skills (conversation classes) -profect the written expression - prepare for ECR exams - prepare for the written examinations at the end of the studies (maturity, certificate of completion) - help with the writing of works of maturity (or other works of end of studies), of dissertation - work on argumentative texts - acquire a method to analyze literary texts - learn how to perform bibliographic research The course material is a Google Docs document that I create in which my explanations, possible links, exercises appear. By reading it regularly, progress will be faster. It can also be used in addition to other documents (files printed by school teachers and/or books) and has many advantages: automatic updating, downloadable on tablets and smartphones, simultaneous monitoring of what is writing. For help with writing: The objective is above all to acquire effective tools. The student will thus be able to learn to structure his ideas, argue coherently (and convincingly) and enrich his vocabulary. It is essential for me to have written work from the student between each lesson. For analyzes of oral literary texts: In order to optimize the time available (and to put ourselves in conditions closest to oral exams), we choose together an extract from a work that the student will have previously prepared before the lesson. This would take around 20 minutes at most, and ideally just a little before the meeting time. If necessary, I have the habit of taking a paragraph at random which would serve as a basis for analyzing a passage. For the corrections of end of studies work: so that the meeting with the student is at the most profitable, I ask him to send me his writings before the meeting. Apart from my presence with the student, any course involves a preparation time before and after the lesson, including the work that I correct. My goal is to design an individualized course, so I take the time to write detailed comments on corrected work or tips to ensure maximum success for everyone. For example, an editorial correction can easily be the subject of a detailed commentary of 4 typewritten pages. For adults (FLE): In order to optimally prepare the first ones, I take the initiative to inform myself in advance of their objectives / expectations. Whether to practice speaking in everyday life, the professional world or to practice oral presentations, I prepare either PPT or technical sheets in advance that I send by mail ( after booking on the website). The other alternative is to make a PV of the course that I send (or that I print). Giving importance to keeping a written record on the one hand to better memorize the topics covered, on the other hand to better assimilate the spelling. Of a general nature, a concrete situation that responds to the learner's needs is the starting point. From this situation, I address the essential grammatical points.
Literature · French
Welcome to this English class, where we will thoroughly examine the English language's nuances. You will improve your language skills and acquire a deeper appreciation for the nuances of the English language through a variety of engaging activities, discussions, and readings. This class will cover a variety of topics from various categories, such as: Literature: We will break down and decipher artistic works from different periods, sorts, and creators to develop how we might interpret how language can be utilized to convey meaning and inspire feelings. Writing: Through various assignments that focus on composition, grammar, and rhetoric, we will improve our writing skills. You will acquire the skills necessary to effectively and creatively express yourself by studying various writing styles and methods. Linguistics and language: The English language's structure and function, including phonology, syntax, semantics, and pragmatics, will be the subject of our investigation. You'll learn more about how language works and how it can be used to convey meaning if you look at it from a scientific point of view. Relational abilities: Through various activities and assignments that focus on public speaking, interpersonal communication, and media studies, we will work on improving your ability to communicate effectively. You will figure out how to utilize language to associate with others, convey your thoughts, and convince your crowd. You will have improved your language skills and acquired a comprehensive understanding of the English language by the end of this course. You will gain a deeper understanding of the subtleties of language, which will enable you to communicate with greater ease in both personal and professional settings.
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My name is Ariana and I am currently doing my A Levels. I offer private lessons for SATs level maths and GCSE level English Literature, English Language and Maths. I achieved a grade 9 in my GCSE's and would love to impart my knowledge in an engaging way that is completely bespoke to the student and their area of uncertainty. By being a good support system and explaining tips and tricks that boosted my grades, I hope to assist others to achieve the same results by developing confidence in their own capabilities and a love for the subject itself. I have a passion for mentoring others and my sessions aim to be custom made and delivered at a pace suited to the student. My inherent love for English enables me to give each individual the freedom to analyse and pull apart the mindset of writers such as Shakespeare and Priestley, and understand the importance of extracting their intentions behind chosen words and effects on the reader. Linking this to your analysis adds richness and fluidity to essays, a detail that many overlook. It's focus is clarity of response rather than skill, meaning anyone can do really well as there really is not a right or wrong answer. Once you understand what examiners like to see in your writing and learn to implement a structure your essays within a given timeframe, you will find that your mindset of this subject will change along with your grades. English is not about writing out long monotonous essays, it is about being perceptive enough to write out answers that reflect the mark scheme. I personally have gone from a 6 to 9 in my final exams, and would very much like to support others in achieving the same. Maths often feels like a game, the strategy being application - a challenge I personally enjoy. Solidifying your knowledge through practice will enable you to excel in this subject. A good learner focuses on their weaknesses, rather than only their strengths. As a tutor, I aim to introduce a concept whether it be algebra, trigonometry or percentages , by going through examples together and introducing questions slowly as practice. I look forward to teaching and helping many to reach success in their studies.
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Online private lessons in Italian language, culture and lifestyle. All levels. Master of Arts Leiden University, Ditals I.
Since 6 months Silvia teaches me Italian. According to me, she is a very good teacher. Her lessons are structured and she provides professional materials like study books and articles. She is patient and very reliable in keeping appointments. She also invests time in checking homework. I am making real progress. I recommend her to anyone who wants to learn Italian.
Review by BART
English Language - Writing, Speaking, Listening Comprehension (Berlin)
Had an amazing English language class with Ilia. He was very well prepared and the lesson was structured according to the right level. We set expectations and plan for the learning and can’t wait for the results that we’ll achieve together. I highly recommend Ilia as an English language tutor.
Review by LANA
French private lessons by university graduate in Letters (Montreux)
Elise is very well structured - thanks to the way how she explains rules in French, it's easier to understand and engage. For the first time I see the light in the tunel :)