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Trusted teacher: French private lessons are for students wishing: - consolidate their bases in grammar, spelling - improve their language skills (allophone students) - improve their speaking skills (conversation classes) -profect the written expression - ECR exams - prepare for the written examinations at the end of the studies (maturity, certificate of completion) - help with the writing of works of maturity (or other works of end of studies), of dissertation - work on argumentative texts - acquire a method to analyze literary texts - fill gaps - improve their spelling - prepare for oral exams (maturity, compulsory leaving certificates) - learn how to perform bibliographic research For help with writing: The objective is above all to acquire effective tools. The pupil will thus be able to learn to structure his ideas, to argue in a coherent (and convincing) way and to enrich his vocabulary. For the corrections of end of studies work: so that the meeting with the student is at the most profitable, I ask him to send me his writings before the meeting. Apart from my presence with the student, any course involves a preparation time before and after the lesson, including the work that I correct. My goal is to design an individualized course, so I take the time to write detailed comments on corrected work or tips to ensure maximum success for everyone. For example, an editorial correction can easily be the subject of a detailed commentary of 4 typewritten pages. For adults (FLE): In order to optimally prepare the first ones, I take the initiative to inform myself in advance of their objectives / expectations. Whether to practice speaking in everyday life, the professional world or to practice oral presentations, I prepare either PPT or technical sheets in advance that I send by mail ( after booking on the website). The other alternative is to make a PV of the course that I send (or that I print). Giving importance to keeping a written record on the one hand to better memorize the topics covered, on the other hand to better assimilate the spelling. Of a general nature, a concrete situation that responds to the learner's needs is the starting point. From this situation, I address the essential grammatical points.
French · Literature
Hola. Mi nombre es Rosa. Cuento con tres años de experiencia. Actualmente vivo en Argentina. Soy Licenciada en Educación Mención Español y Literatura y Licenciada en Filosofía. Me encuentro cursando estudios de especialización en la enseñanza del español como lengua segunda extranjera en la UCA y curso una maestría en Análisis del Discurso en la Universidad de Buenos Aires. Me gusta viajar, conocer otras culturas y sobre todo prepararme para dar lo mejor de mí en las clases. Escríbeme y así podemos acordar una primera clase. ¡Te espero! Mi método de enseñanza está centrado en la conversación apoyándome en la gramática para reforzar los contenidos léxicos, pragmáticos y semánticos del español y poder completar las cuatro competencias (lectura, escritura, escucha y conversación). Mi experiencia en el día a día ha enriquecido mi repertorio de habilidades, entre ellas la excelencia en la comunicación y una gran capacidad para la motivación. Destacaría mi destreza en las siguientes áreas: • El desarrollo de recursos didácticos creativos para dar respuesta a las necesidades de estudiantes diversos. • La coordinación con tutorías después de las clases para apoyar a los estudiantes fuera del aula. • Gestionar eficazmente las herramientas didácticas para optimizar el aprendizaje. Con experiencia en la enseñanza a distancia y en la preparación de los exámenes SIELE y DELE del Instituto Cervantes; atendiendo a las necesidades individuales y grupales en el aprendizaje de los estudiantes. Actualmente trabajo en diferentes instituciones nacionales e internacionales como profesora de español: (FU International Tenerife, Instituto de Español Rayuela y ELEbaires) puedes consultar opiniones en estas instituciones de mí como tutor de español.
Literature · Special education · Spanish
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Teacher of IGCSE, MYP and IB English Language and Literature specialised in text analysis, academic writing and exam preparations. (Founex)
Don't think twice, just book ! Fay is an unbelievable tutor who has been helping my son with Eng LAL Internal Oral journey. Whilst we initially expected a supplement to his current teacher, to our surprise Fay has added a totally new dimension and dynamic which is evident in my son's approach and confidence towards the task. We look forward to also leveraging her experience for the pending exams.
Review by MISBAH
French and FLE courses in Rouen. And, by webcam everywhere in France and abroad. (Rouen)
Sabrina is very easy to talk to and continually encourages you to respond. She has the ability to correct any mistakes without interrupting the flow of conversation. I found we talked about a wide range of topics and gradually felt that my listening skills in particular had improved.
Review by BRETT
English Linguistics - all branches and levels for all age groups (The Hague)
Paul is a professional with a high standaards and a deep understanding for the english language. He makes sure that the lessons are tailored to your needs and that you make progress. He has a comforting way of teaching, since practicing a foreign language can be a bit scary.
Review by DANIELA