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Trusted teacher: After dedicating 14 years to mastering the guitar, I've developed a comprehensive understanding of guitar playing, encompassing both foundational techniques and advanced music theory. In these lessons, I'll be sharing the wealth of knowledge I've accumulated over this extensive period of learning. I will be covering a broad range of guitar techniques, including fingerpicking, strumming techniques, major and minor chords, power chords, barre chords, riffs, scales, finger warm-ups, practising any song of your choice, string bending, pull-offs, hammer-ons, harmonics, strumming patterns, and slides. All are provided with diagrams etc. For music theory, I will begin by covering the fundamentals, including notes, strings, and the musical 12-note chromatic scale alphabet on the guitar. As students progress, we will delve into more advanced topics such as tones, semitones, chord progressions, circle of fifths, scale formulas and chord terminology. Additionally, we will explore concepts like consonance and dissonance and pitch practice to develop relative pitch. (You have to be born with perfect pitch but you can learn relative pitch with practise!) Then advancing to jazz theory, we'll explore; jazz scale formulas, jazz chord progressions, swing techniques, major and minor 7th chords, major and minor 9th chords, dominant, augmented, half-diminished, diminished, sus2 and sus4 chords. And then jazz scales and the art of re-harmonising a song (changing the chords to jazz chords). All music theory will be intertwined with guitar practice as both can't be done without the other! One observation I've made while learning guitar through lessons is that information is often doled out incrementally, making it feel like a breadcrumb trail. Guitar knowledge and skills seem to be closely guarded and usually gatekept unless actively sought out. I strongly believe that the extensive knowledge I've acquired over 14 years of playing should be fruitfully shared in a more comprehensive and accessible manner, of course while being tailored to the pace of the students. In essence, I'm convinced that the depth of my understanding I've gained could be effectively conveyed and learnt within a two-year timeframe without including the time it takes to master the skill with practice, of course, I'd like to make it easier for people to learn the guitar and the theory behind it. I have also graduated with a distinction for my Music Performance and Production UAL Level 3 Course and have experience teaching guitar in London and Bristol before. The lessons will be taught in English so practising your English with me is also a plus, a foundational knowledge of English is required to take the lessons.
Guitar · Music theory lessons · Jazz music
Trusted teacher: Private Music Lessons Just For You! Discover the joy of music through personalized one-on-one lessons designed just for you. As your music instructor, I offer private sessions in saxophone, piano, music theory, music history, and composition, specializing in jazz, but if you have something else in mind, let's just do it! A little about me: I am a bachelor's student in Eesti Muusika ja Teatri Akadeemia, studying in Jazz departement, I have been playing both saxophone and piano for 12 years and I have a background of teaching music. Saxophone Lessons: From basic techniques to expressive improvisational playing, explore the world of the saxophone at your own pace. Piano Lessons: Whether you're playing jazz standards or improvising over chord progressions, these private lessons focus on cultivating your unique style. Doesn't matter if you are a beginner or aiming to advance your piano skills! Music Theory Demystify music with personalized theory lessons, covering basics to advanced concepts! Music History Delve into the stories behind music, exploring influential composers and the evolution of musical styles. Composition Express your creativity through private composition lessons, guiding you in crafting your own musical voice. What's Included 🎵 Personalized one-on-one instructions 🎵 Customized lesson plans based on your goals 🎵 Flexible scheduling to fit your availability 🎵 Ongoing feedback to nurture your musical growth This is the way to experience individualized attention, a tailored plan, and a learning pace that suits you. Whether you're a beginner or refining your skills, these private lessons will provide a supportive and inspiring environment!
Saxophone · Jazz music · Music theory
Trusted teacher: I am graduated in classical trumpet, jazz trumpet (at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam) and I have a Master of music education. I have more than 10 years of experience in teaching and I am offering lessons in my private studio in De Pijp. I welcome every age, level and style. For any further information, get in touch with me! One to One Trumpet Lessons – In love with a solo from Miles or Chet? Want to play the classical concertos or you just want to learn how to jam along? Are you often short of breath while playing? Facing difficulties with reading music? Afraid to play high or low notes? Painful lips? Want to develop your improvisation skills but don't know how to start? Personalised Exercises You definitely need personalised exercises and private lessons! Trumpet teacher Rocco: Music is fun and the trumpet sounds great in many kinds of music, Trumpet Lessons - Beginner to Advanced Whether you are a complete a beginner or an advanced trumpet player, I am more than happy to help you with your trumpet playing. Learn a solid musical basis, breathing technique, tailor made exercises, buzzing, a comfortable and relaxed posture, music theory and lots of fun! Broad Experience – Classical to Pop I have a long and broad experience of live music performances in UK, Netherlands, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, India, Belgium and France. From baroque, symphonic repertoire, chamber music and contemporary music to pop, folk, jazz and funk. Enjoy making Music! It is essential for students to enjoy making music while facing the technical challenges that the instrument naturally presents. That’s why I always face technical problems starting from music. Without enjoyment, learning is much harder. No Instrument yet? I am very happy to you finding the suitable gear for your level and your budget! (trumpets, mouthpieces, bags, etc..) Location and Logistics I normally teach online in my own professional studio. Perfectly sound-treated and full of teaching resources. I have all sorts of material to facilitate and enhance the learning experience. Trumpet Lessons at Your Home I am, however, available for lessons at home within reasonable distance in the Londom area. About Rocco Teaching has always been a big part of my musical experience and one of the main goals of my own musical education. I've always been focusing on the broadest and most organic way of learning music. Thanks to my classical studies, my jazz Bachelor at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam and a Master of Music Education, I am able to tailor my lessons to fit the requirements of any student.
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I'm a long experienced drummer and percussionist, specialised in improvised music, jazz and creative music in general, even though my professional activitity spans from contemporary to pop music. I have accomplished my Bachelor and Masters study in Italy, and since september I moved to Basel to do a Specialised Master in comporistion, performance and improvisation. With many years of experience in private teaching and two years as associate professor at the Conservatory of Milan (where I teach a free course about both drums and percussions), I love to deal with committed, passionate and curious musicians at any point of their musical carreer, weather they might want to study just for fun, passion, or as a way to enter the profesisonal world of music. I'm available to teach to drummers and percussionist, as well as other instrumentists that may want to deepen their understanding and practicing on rhythm. My artistic research is about time and space, that find their realisation in colors and rhythms. As I graduated also in Foreign Lenguages and Literatures, I like to have also a linguistic approach to music and to musical genres. Some of my main practice interests: - rhythm and dance - rhythm and body - rhythmic approaches in XX century music (mainly minimalism, serialism, spectralism, new music) - historical approach to rhythm and music - rhythmic folk traditions from different countries (india, africa, south america, eastern europe) - polyrhythms - odd meters - microrhythms I see music, drums, percussions and teaching as one of the most beautiful ways to deepen our humanness and understaning of ourselves and the others. Looking forward to meet you!
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Singing Lessons (Individual) - Pop, Jazz, Soul, Blues, Rock (Amsterdam)
Not just a singing teacher, but by the way also the best vocal coach you can get hold of at this moment and in this area of the Netherlands (so take your chance...;-)). For about 3 years I had a serious problem with my vocal chords (incomplete closure) and a dislocated larynx. I started to be in contact with Stefano by chance asking him to show me some (singing) exercises additionally to my treatment at the ENT-department of Martini Ziekenhuis Groningen as well as an ongoing therapy at a professional trained speech therapist. To cut a long story short: Within a couple of lessons and dedicated exercises he succeeded in re-positioning my larynx and got rid of my incomplete vocal cords closure, meanwhile the medical specialists had decided that the only cure could possibly be an operation... As a ‘side-effect’ I am now able to sing and control my voice like I have never been able before and could never have imagined that this was possible to achieve by just some simple but individually chosen exercises and practice. Grazie!
Review by JANA
A classified vocal coach looking at helping you find your own unique voice (Saint-Gilles)
An outstanding singer, teacher and just a beautiful human-being. When I first came in, I had not believed in my ability to sing, but the lessons with Arianna became so addicting that I don't wish to stop now! She created a safe space from day 1 and brought my voice out, helped me crack it and polish it afterwards :) The best first tutor I could've had! Merci!
I have had several lessons with Francesco, and he is an excellent teacher! I am a beginner on the Double Bass but have previously played other instruments and know a bit about theory, so I really appreciate his versatility in expalining different musical aspects. I strongly recommend Francesco if you are looking for a music teacher!
Review by MARCO