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217 jazz music teachers in The Netherlands

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Teis - Amsterdam56€
Trusted teacher: My name is Teis. I am a Danish guitarist trained in Jazz music at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam and USC Thornton School of Music (Los Angeles). I have played since age 7, studied since age 13, and played professionally since age 18. I work professionally as a band leader, composer, and side person. After around 25 years of experience on the guitar, I can confidently say that I am equipped to share the knowledge that I have accumulated over the years. In all honesty: I have never found myself to be particularly "talented". But I am a hard worker. I truly believe that talent is not something you are born with, but something you can develop and grow. Together we will explore secrets and tips for a healthy guitar routine. We will improve your technique and ear training abilities with direct and fun exercises. Whether you are just a beginner or an intermediate/advanced guitarist, we can explore the instrument and all its possibilities. Practicing and playing with a teacher in a one-on-one situation is the most effective way to get better faster, and I advise it to all the guitar and music lovers out there. In my guitar course, we start from where you are at and set a goal fitting to what you want to achieve. For example, our focus could be a.o.: Fingerpicking Soloing Accompanying yourself Songwriting Two ways to go about it; Single lesson: We go from where you are at the moment, and I help you move forward. 5 or 10 lesson bundle: I will make a detailed plan for you and we will conclude the lessons with a performance of some sort. I will help you elevate and broaden your skill set, in your preferred style, but also ear training and theory. We will build a sustainable practice routine together, and you will get access to a library of practice play-alongs and manuals, that you can use to build a solid platform as a musician! Looking forward to hearing from you :)
Guitar · Music theory · Jazz music
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Elsa - The Hague70€
Trusted teacher: ENG (FR below) Hi! I am Elsa, I am 24 and I come from France. I am currently doing a jazz master at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam, after obtaining my classical bachelor at the Royal Conservatoire of The Hague. I have been playing cello for 19 years. Over the years I played in various settings: chamber music (small ensembles like trios, quartet), bands (new music), solo and orchestras such as the Nationaal Jeugdorkest and Jong Metropole (national youth jazz orchestra). I love to play classical music but also some jazz, funk or pop! I like to play with people, create music together, improvise... And I hope this is something I can also pass on to my students! Since 6 years I am teaching all kind of people: all ages, all level, in different languages, individual or in groups... So don't be afraid to have a try! I can teach in english and french, and if your level is not fluent we will always find a way to communicate! I teach in The Hague, Amsterdam or online and I can come to your place to teach! I am looking forward to meet you! . Bonjour! Je m'appelle Elsa, je suis française, j'ai 24 ans et je suis actuellement en master de jazz au Conservatorium van Amsterdam après avoir obtenu un bachelor classique au Conservatoire Royal de La Haye. Ca fait 19 ans que je joue du violoncelle. Au fil des années j'ai joué dans beaucoup de contextes différents: musique de chambre, groupes, solo et orchestre (notament NJO et Jong Metropole). J'adore jouer de la musique classique mais aussi du jazz, funk ou pop. J'aime jouer avec d'autre personnes, créer de la musique ensemble, improviser... J'espère que c'est quelque chose que je peux aussi transmettre à mes élèves! J'enseigne la musique depuis 6 ans à toute sorte de personnes: tout les âges, tout les niveaux, en anglais et français... Alors n'hésitez pas à vous lancer! J'enseigne à La Haye, Amsterdam ou en ligne et je peux me déplacer à votre domicile! Au plaisir de vous rencontrer!
Cello · Children's music · Jazz music
Trusted teacher: Hello there, ever since I was a teenager I have always admired musicians in small and gigantic stages alike, and have wondered how such marvelous magic could possibly be created from their fingertips. If you are reading this, then maybe you feel the same way towards the piano as I do! I can offer myself to explore with you, with my experiences coming from jazz piano playing, how it works on the piano: basic playing skills, chords and how to voice them, playing solo lines, harmonic knowledge to write your own song, learning to read a lead sheet with only melody and chords, and so many more. Here are some of the goals that you and I can work together to make it happen: 1) Learn to play your favorite tunes on piano or electric piano 2) Learn to accompany yourself while you are singing 3) Learn to play in a band setting 4) Learn to write and play your own songs 5) Learn the keyboard skills for your home production gears (i.e. MIDI keyboard controllers) 6) Learn to improvise on the piano Now, a little bit about myself; the moment I decided that I should try for music came much later compared to my colleagues. I started very late, and thus had to come up with methods of teaching myself fast and efficiently. And I believe that my own experiences coming from the struggles I've had could be of help to you, to understand the task at the hand better and to come up with plans on how to handle them. Still, at the end of the day, progress by itself would be not our ultimate goal; it would be to have fun sitting in front of the piano! If you are interested, hit me up!
Piano · Jazz music · Music theory
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Yuvraj - Amsterdam45€
Music theory · Jazz music · Piano
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Sebastiano - Groningen34€
Trusted teacher: Hello fellow musician! Have you ever dreamed of becoming a saxophone player? Wheter you are trying to become a jazz improviser, or you have just started familiarizing with the instrument, I can teach you how to: - be able to produce a beutiful sound; - use music theory as a practical way to play correctly over changes; - maximize the outcome of your practice-time; - master the technique on your horn. As a student, I often found myself struggling with resolving a particular set of problems. I was constantly confronted with higher-levelled players, wondering whether I would ever become able to express myself as they did through their music. Having been studying jazz for many years, I experimented with a lot of different learning methods, only to find out that music improvisation is something that is mainly acquired in very personal, differentiated ways. One of the most interesting things I experienced as an educator, when encountering students who shared my own past insecurities, doubts, questions, and struggles, was getting to understand a part of the person in front of me; and to find new ways to help grasp and internalize a theoretical or technical concept that could then enable them to formulate a more coherent musical idea. Even if every student is a unique individual, thus responding to different educational methods, I think that, over time, I was able to identify a red line around which I could create a method that can be beneficial to the majority of aspirational players. For the past few years, I have been giving private instrument lessons to jazz players with varied backgrounds and experience. My educative career consists of a traditional classical, MA in classical saxophone (Conservatorio G. B. Martini, Bologna), a BA in jazz saxophone (ibid.), and a BA in jazz saxophone called New York Jazz Bachelor at the Prins Claus Conservatorium in Groningen, where I am now attending a Jazz Master program.
Saxophone · Jazz music · Music theory
Trusted teacher: Hi! My name is Matteo, I'm a professional bassist from Brussels, currently based in Amsterdam. I perform and have performed with renowned musicians and bands from many different scenes and styles, bringing me to venues all over the world (USA, UK, Germany, Denmark, France, Romania, Portugal, Spain...). I have a deep passion for music ever since I started playing 16 years ago, and would like to share it with you! Bass is the best! And I want to help you uncover it's full potential. I believe the best way to learn music is to study what you love, and always work from a place of curiosity and passion. Therefore, we will always look together for ways of making the process the most enjoyable and tackle different topics through the music YOU love. The classes are tailored to each individual student: we find the best work flow for you, and adapt the lessons. If you need structure and a clear program, I can provide that; but if you prefer to keep it loose and see as we go, it's all good. All that matters if your continued motivation and progress. Among other things, we can focus on: -Basic technique on the instrument -Learning songs of your choice, with a method that will allow you to learn songs by yourself later on. -Learn about different styles: Pop, Rock, Funk, Soul, Metal, Jazz... -Develop your understanding of music through the instrument (scales, arpeggios...) -Creativity, and improvisation through the use of the material we have studied together -Ear training and music theory -Rhythm, all the way from basic to very advanced -Basic compositional techniques, or fun ways to start composing I have been teaching privately for the past 6 years, with very happy students. I can also teach online if it's better, I also have regular online students with whom we are making great progress. For the lesson, there is no need to bring an instrument: I can lend you one. Looking forward to meeting you!
Bass guitar · Music theory · Jazz music
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Singing Lessons (Individual) - Pop, Jazz, Soul, Blues, Rock (Amsterdam)
Not just a singing teacher, but by the way also the best vocal coach you can get hold of at this moment and in this area of the Netherlands (so take your chance...;-)). For about 3 years I had a serious problem with my vocal chords (incomplete closure) and a dislocated larynx. I started to be in contact with Stefano by chance asking him to show me some (singing) exercises additionally to my treatment at the ENT-department of Martini Ziekenhuis Groningen as well as an ongoing therapy at a professional trained speech therapist. To cut a long story short: Within a couple of lessons and dedicated exercises he succeeded in re-positioning my larynx and got rid of my incomplete vocal cords closure, meanwhile the medical specialists had decided that the only cure could possibly be an operation... As a ‘side-effect’ I am now able to sing and control my voice like I have never been able before and could never have imagined that this was possible to achieve by just some simple but individually chosen exercises and practice. Grazie!
Review by JANA
Private Piano Lessons: Classical and Jazz, Pop Performance/Theory (Amsterdam)
Yuvraj is a wonderful teacher! I've been studying piano for half a year with him, and the progress never stops. He teaches everything that you need to be a pianist, including the technique, classical theory, jazz theory, as well as how to find good new songs. Within the few months that I've had him, he quickly took me from having zero practical music knowledge to being able to read and play Trinity grade 3 songs on my own. Yuvraj always tries to make piano something fun and enjoyable, rather than just another annoying thing to grind all the time. This is the guy for those who want to learn with a relaxed, slow and steady attitude. Even better if you're down to challenge yourself with new, unconventional music that you might not expect. While I don't really have anything to compare him to, I am very happy learning piano with Yuvraj.
Review by ILYA
Jazz/Pop/Classical Piano/Voice and Music lessons for all ages (Amsterdam)
I have had 5 very helpful lessons with a relaxed atmosphere so far. Federica has directly spotted my weaknesses and has helped me to make my practice time more effective and goal-oriented instead of simply playing what I had learned at some point. I have definitely become more aware of things that I can improve and learned how to make progress more quickly. So far, we have combined different exercises on technique with music theory and also worked on my repertoire a little bit.
Review by JULA