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Matéo - Paris40€
Trusted teacher: Hello, my name is Matéo and I am 25 years old. I have been playing the guitar for 8 years and I have been teaching it for more than 4 years to about twenty children or adult students that I have had in private or group lessons, at home or in music school. On the diploma side, I obtained my DEM Jazz (Diploma of Musical Studies) after several years in conservatory and music school. My favorite style is therefore jazz but I teach current music in general on the guitar (acoustic as well as electric) and above all I adapt to my students to teach them what they like. In addition to learning pieces, the knowledge I have acquired allows me to approach musical theory (the rhythmic, melodic and harmonic aspects inherent in each piece) and the logic of the instrument (the organization of the notes on the handle) if necessary, the goal not being to inflict a lot of music theory on ourselves but to use it to our advantage, by small touches, in order to become a complete musician. A few words about my pedagogy: For me, the most important thing - especially when you're just starting out - is to have fun making music. What I always ask my students: “What do you want to play? What music do you like? ". Because it is this desire that will make it possible to make the effort to work to achieve the result and above all to progress on the path. After a necessary moment spent on the fundamentals (posture, position of the fingers, right hand/left hand function, open chords, rhythm, simple melodies) I thus adapt to the profile of each student to offer him avenues of work in relation to the selected piece. I think this method allows you to explore music deeply while remaining playful. I move around Paris, in priority around the 15th, 16th, and 7th arrondissement. If you have any questions, do not hesitate and look forward to meeting you! Mateo
Guitar · Jazz music · Music theory
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Pablo - Toulouse35€
Trusted teacher: Professional musician, composer and producer. 10 international experience (Europe, South America, Asia) Piano lessons, computer music, rhythmic initiation (through beatbox and body percussion) to all types of public. Attractive teaching method mixing classic and modern. PIANO LESSON: My learning methods are modern while reinforcing the fundamental notions of rhythm, interpretation and theory which make the difference between amateurs and professionals. My specialty is jazz which also helps develop the creative part and the improvisation of the students. For the youngest we will work on the pleasure of playing music before arriving on classical music theory (essential) but which can quickly disgust a young child. Through new methods such as beatbox, body percussion, we can learn rhythm and independence while having fun. According to the needs of the students I will develop a tailor-made program for each profile because each person is different, that's why I don't believe in only one way to learn music. The easiest way is to come and try! MAO COURSE: Many people are interested in computer music, essential tools for BeatMaking, Production, etc ... Unfortunately in France it is difficult to find serious training at reasonable prices. I myself had to go abroad to learn more about it. I specialize in the following programs: Akai MPC Live, FL Studio. Beginner who would like to launch into Beatmaking or confirmed who wants to improve the quality of these productions, I offer you all my secrets in composition and mastering. We begin?
Computer generated music · Piano · Jazz music
Trusted teacher: Hello, My name is Clément, I am a professional musician and drum and percussion teacher. I am a graduate of the Haute Ecole des Arts du Rhin in Strasbourg and holder of the State Diploma, I am currently continuing my journey at the Haute Ecole de Musique de Lausanne in Master Performer Composer Jazz. During my career, I had the opportunity to play in several contexts (solo, chamber music band, orchestra) and to be able to immerse myself in different musical aesthetics. (classical, jazz, current, world) This taste for diversity, which is part of my personality, is partly what I want to pass on to my students. Another important axis in my eyes in learning an artistic practice is based on the concept of creation, which allows the development of the imagination. For the drums, in line with your wishes and the objectives that we will have put in place, we can explore the different styles. (rock, funk, jazz, latin, metal..) For example, here are some concepts that we will work on: - coordination and independence - develop their musicality and groove - technique and sound - rhythm and reading on score We can also approach classical percussions (keyboards, skins…) and world percussions (Brazilian, Cuban and African). We will of course work on the technique specific to each instrument, some notions of musical theory necessary for a good practice, the whole aiming at musicality and expression. Another challenge is to acquire autonomy and regularity in the practice of the instrument outside of class. I also offer music theory and theory lessons, as well as improvisation and jazz harmony lessons open to all instruments. The courses I offer are aimed at both children and adults. For more information, do not hesitate to contact me, I will be happy to answer you. I hope to have the opportunity to meet you and introduce you to this beautiful universe so that you can have fun while progressing.
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Learn saxophone and master jazz improvisation (Paris)
Daniel is a very good and patient teacher. He is a very skilled musician, he plays various instruments but saxophone is his very favourite. I highly recommend to take saxophone lessons from him. He is a thorough gentleman and excellent teacher.
Review by LAKSH
Cours particuliers de Piano. Classique, jazz ou composition (Toulouse)
Sergi is awesome ! I have enjoyed very much my first lesson, he is patient, he is kind and a very good teacher ! Thanks to him I wanna learn piano the best I can. I look forward to others piano’s lessons with him !
Review by IOANA
Piano (classic and jazz) or Cello lessons for children and adult from Beginner to Advanced level (Paris)
Maarten Et Asako
My kid enjoys Cello lessons with Ms. Asako very much, and we can see the improvement every week. Ms. Asako is genuinely kind, patient and knows how to work with students effectively. We are lucky to have found her.
Review by QUINN