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I propose school aids in literary subjects
Student, I propose to help primary, middle and high school students in literary subjects (history and French), whether in the understanding or even learning courses. Regarding the law, being a law student I can also support students who have taken a right option as proposed in some institutions, or the first years of law degree.

English Lessons and/or conversation with native speaker
I'm a native English speaker from Australia. I’m a Primary and Secondary teacher and starting to teach English in France. I’m available for one on one English lessons and/or conversations with children, teenagers or adults. We can do one-on-one or small groups. I adapt my lessons to suit your needs.

Homework help and tutoring / All school subjects
Assist students in completing their homework: - Exercises to do - Course comprehension - Personal development in each area - Guiding and discovering - Learn in different ways depending on the student This help with homework may allow the student to like and discover certain subjects whose difficulty is more or less important.

English Literature, English Grammar and Test Prep Tutoring
L'anglais est une langue parlée dans le monde entier et constitue toujours un avantage supplémentaire sur votre CV. Je me spécialise dans l'enseignement de la littérature anglaise et de la grammaire anglaise à l'école et pour toutes sortes d'examens d'entrée. Mon objectif serait de garder mes étudiants motivés en les aidant à comprendre l'apprentissage de l'anglais, ce n'est pas impossible. Je veillerai à ce que des activités et des devoirs leur soient attribués pour contrôler les progrès accomplis. Mes cours seront interactifs et motivants. English is a world wide spoken language and always an extra plus point on your resume. I specialize in teaching English literature and English Grammar for school and all kinds of entrance exams. My focus would be to keep my students motivated by helping them understand learning English is not impossible. I will make sure there are activities and homework assigned to them to keep a check on the progress they are making.My classes are going to be interactive and motivating.

Private tuition all subjects level brevet des collèges
Currently in post-baccalaureate studies after a baccalaureate S mention, I propose courses patent level in all subjects. Accompaniments in English and Spanish up to level B1. I can explain the courses in English or Spanish if necessary.

Professional musician teaches piano and singing lessons
I give singing lessons with vocal technique for 10 years. My classes are focused on learning a melody, breathing techniques, phrasing, interpretation ... Ideal for all those who dream of casting in the musical field. Classes are done either at your home or in an equipped room. Piano lessons or synthesizers are only given at home. Simple working method, no headache with music theory. Travel on the Lyonnaise Region within a radius of 30 km maximum Courses open to everyone All styles

Dynamic course in English and / or Brazilian Portuguese
.I offer English and Portuguese courses thanks to my professional experience in several american and brazilian multinationals. I usually teach students up to 14 years old and adults. Rigorous, creative and patient, my oral and written skills are reliable and the results are very positive. The parents and the student are satisfied with real progressions in the notes. Do not hesitate to contact me quickly to catch up at school or to advance in your career.

Tuition / homework help in math - english - french
Student offers private lessons to allow the student to gain self-confidence and improve. I am very patient, which allows the student to be comfortable with me. Depending on the level, I give more or less homework. It will depend on the parents and the student. Regarding math classes, having a Bac ES, I can not help students who are in S. I know that I will be more effective with primary, middle school and high school students in ES. For English, I am not bilingual, but I have a good academic level (17 at the Baccalaureate), so I can help any type of student. Finally, for French, I can help everyone.

Tutoring in Math - Homework Help -Methods of Work
As a national education teacher, I have specialized in private tutoring since 2011. My goal is to advance the student, but not only in Math. I will give him working methods, advice from organizations and an analytical logic. In order to reach my goals and considering that the pupil / teacher relationship is indispensable, I am smiling, friendly and attentive to create a warm and trusting atmosphere. I am very often appreciated by my students (regardless of age) and I have mostly kept in touch. Even today I have students who call me for advice or punctual help. Additional Information: I have a pro webcam that I can fix on tripod or move. This changes everything for distance learning since it allows to focus the interesting part for the pedagogical explanation Regarding real estate, I advise on leasing, laws in effect, how to deduct fees for investors, what type of lease to do and how to get an interesting net return.

Private lessons in languages, French / English / Spanish
Learning foreign languages takes time and investment. I am a pedagogue, always using concrete examples of everyday life to illustrate my classes. Classes consist of grammar and vocabulary, exercises, dictation, and conversation using what you have just learned in class.

Singing lessons (modern music), vocal coaching & music theory
I give singing lessons and offer vocal coaching, and I always give priority to the students' motivation and pleasure. Students can choose their own songs and projects or I can give them advice and adequate propositions. In a trustful environment, we can install a serious practice and interesting, fulfilling art performances. My main subjects of work are: breathing, posture, vocal placement and effects, healthy practices, and interpretation. I always use a pop/rock/jazz/musical - in a word, modern - repertoire, in French and English. I graduated from a teaching master degree and studied at Le Studio des Variétés in Paris. I first directed the Negitachi vocal group and am directing the Pasteur Institute vocal group in Paris.

School support, help with learning and teaching of English, Portuguese and Spanish
multilingual student in international studies and foreign languages offers private lessons at home. School support and help with learning the language and culture. Dynamic and attentive teacher, having traveled a lot and lived abroad, used to changing languages and adapting to the environment.

School support for the passage of oral French bac
Student in Arts and Letters in Paris Diderot - Paris 7, I offer tutoring classes to pass the oral baccalaureate of French. I can help a student overcome their anxieties about learning course concepts and speaking to an examiner. My goal is to allow a student to go to his bac exam with confidence.

English courses for beginner and intermediate children
English is an essential language that allows us to communicate in any country with anyone, that's why I give English lessons to children from 3 to 15 years old to allow them to learn and or deepen English for their future.

Private tuition and upgrading in math-physics-chemistry for middle and high school students
Science and mathematics are very present in high school and high school, whatever the chosen field. I offer private lessons or personalized discounts to your expectations and needs. I can help both in terms of knowledge and methodological expectations.

Student giving science classes or other subjects
Medical student, I offer refresher courses in science but also in other subjects (French, English ...). Having obtained my BAC S mention Very Good, my goal is to help students in difficulty and make them want to learn and improve. I teach at my home but I can move or give the course by Skype.

Tutoring French - English - Philosophy / Homework Help
As a student in philosophy who has made a literary preparation (CPGE A / L) in a large Parisian high school, I prepare future graduates for tests in French, philosophy, English and history-geography. I offer in-depth sessions in these subjects (from college to final) and help with homework. The objective is also to provide the student with the methodological tools needed to progress, as well as a solid foundation of knowledge.

Drawing classes, sketches, portrait, animals and fashion silhouette
Illustrator portrait, animals, sketches and fashion silhouette: I came from several years of drawing studies and a school of fashion. I wish to transmit my knowledge with patience and good humor whatever the level of the students. I adapt to your requests and your need for progression.

learn or improve languages: French, English, Arabic
Second year student, I like to teach and share my knowledge about languages. I help learning and practice these languages. My goal is to advance the student in oral and written in a simple way.

Cours de langues vivantes (espagnol, anglais ou français)
I specialize in tutoring French and Spanish for school entrance exams, SAT, GCSEs, A-Levels, University exams and their internationally equivalent levels. My goal is to encompass the grammar and vocabulary of the desired standard and thereby challenging the student and providing fun yet effective ways of retaining this information whilst being careful not to overwhelm them, as it is all to easy to forget the progress made in learning languages if we are not consistently challening ourselves. For this reason, periodic homework and progress reports will comprise the assessment criteria of this class.

Private tuition primary and middle school students all subjects
I am an 18 year old student and I teach classes for children in middle school and elementary school, in french, mathematics, history-geography, english, spanish, physics-chemistry. Although I am well qualified for "literary" subjects, I also master scientific subjects.

Our students in France say it best about our teachers

Cécile is a professional teacher with a personal approach. Besides being a very friendly person, her teaching is absolutely worth recommending.
Review by TIMON R.
Italian language and culture
Excellent, very polite, very organized and methodical. The course is very pleasant and fruitful.
Review by IOULIA T.
French tuitions for expats
Laureline is well organized, experienced tutor. I like her teaching style. I would recommend her highly !
Review by KIHONG J.

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