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English courses and sciences (chemistry, biology, geography)
Science course in English or French by a doctor in geological and marine sciences. Here is my academic background below: Earth & marine scientist dedicated to solving environmental challenges (water conservation, groundwater contamination, hydrogeology, plastic extermination, carbon sequestration, anthropogenic pollution), creative individual, team player and autonomous thinker, integrity and reliable, + 15 years experience in the USA - global visionary scientist PhD in Geology from the University of Hawaii. 6 years postdoctoral research experience. Management skills: supervised MS and bachelor students and visiting scholars for 7 years. Teaching skills. Lectured on Earth System History, sedimentology, climate change and biogeochemical cycles. Excellent communication skills: 27 international conferences; 14 peer-reviewed papers published (Science, PNAS, Nature)

English/German/Italian/Spanish Tutoring any level available
Hello Everyone ! My name is Camelia, I am 29 Years old. I speak English,German, Italian,Spanish and Greek fluently. I have been tutoring English, German and Spanish for more than 5 years in schools across England . I'm very enthusiastic and motivated to help you in your language learning and improvement. I believe conversation is very important to acquire the necessary skills to talk in the language you choose to learn. I have experience in learning a new language so I know ways to help you depending on your needs. I love to teach different languages, is one of my passions. I am very happy here in Tokyo, every day I am discovering new places and things to do. Japan is an amazing country and I am fond of Japanese people. Regarding The Language Lessons. According to our first encounter and your English level I can cater exactly for what you need. My goal is to build confidence in my students in order to speak more. The more your practise the faster you'll learn. I like to be very casual during my lessons. It's not a strict atmosphere. Let's have fun and enjoy learning together :) The duration could be 60, 90 or 120 minutes, is up to you. We can arrange to meet in a bar/cafeteria, in your place or in my place. Do not hesitate to contact me! :)

Learn Spanish with a native Spanish speaker and language coach
Learn Spanish language, which is spoken by millions of people around the world. I am a Spanish native speaker from Spain. I learnt the language since I was a child at home, school, etc. I love languages. I have taught Spanish for 5 years and I am ELE Certified. Being a teacher, I have been able to help my students to become more fluent, improve their speaking and listening skills, writing accuracy, pronunciation, etc. I am bilingual English-Spanish, and I have been an English teacher, too. I have taught Spanish to people from different backgrounds and nationalities (English, Chinese, French, Italian, Polish, Thai, etc.). I am looking forward to meeting you. Manu

Lou Maritxu
Jeune coach d'anglais bilingue pour tous les niveaux
Votre enfant a le bourdon en rentrant des cours il se plaint d’avoir de l’anglais ou vous vous êtes retrouvées incapable d’aligner 3 mots en anglais. Je suis Lou- Maritxu votre coach ou pour faire plus simple votre mentor, mon but est de vous donner du plaisir et vous mettre à l’aise vis à vis de la langue . je pense avoir suffisamment de patience pour vous transmettre ceci , mais aussi une ouverture d’esprit je ne vous jugerais pas par rapport à votre niveau. Je propose donc une aide complètement différente je veux vous aider à vous mettre à l’aise avec la langue, de prendre du plaisir en la pratiquant. Chaque élève bénéficiera d’une approche différente individualisée, je mets l’accent tout particulièrement sur des situations quotidienne je privilégie l’écoute et le dialogue oral.

Passionate teacher gives Piano lessons for students of all ages, beginners (initiation, music theory) or advanced (interpretation)
Passionate teacher offers introductory and piano interpretation courses, as well as music theory basics if necessary in the student's home. Afternoon soon saturated, mornings of Monday, Tuesday, and Saturday available! For more information, do not hesitate to contact me.

English Language lessons (for begginers, intermediate students)
- I can teach grammar and explain anything you don´t understand. We can just have a conversation on certain topics to improve basic speaking skills or follow any students book exercise by exercise. If you have any requirements or wish on what you´d like to do, I can make the lessons according to your needs. If you don´t have any special vision, I can prepare the lessons completely myself, accordingly to your current language level. - I usually prepare my own working sheets and exercises for every lesson. I sometimes illustrate them myself so that the lesson isn´t boring :) - I am a student of English and French language, aspiring to become a taught translator and interpreter. I have studied English since I was just 5 or so, I passed the FCE exam 2 years ago with Grade A (level C1). I love to pass my experience with English to other people. As a student myself I can imagine how boring sometimes lessons can be so I try to avoid being boresome :)

Special Course in Financial Management, Law, French, English
Having a professional maturity, I come to help and I provide a school support to children / adolescents with an individualized pedagogy. I am calm and patient nature, the goal is to advance the student in a fun way and with concrete examples.

TEFL, Business & Academic English Classes with an experienced and qualified native speaker.
I am a certified TEFL teacher and a native speaker with over 5 years of experience teaching both TEFL and Academic English classes. I have recently returned to the UK from Mexico where I taught TEFL, TOEFL and Academic and Business English classes for 2 years to a wide range of students. I really enjoy finding out about the interests of my students and carefully plan my classes to make them as enjoyable and relevant as possible. If you have any questions do not hesitate to get in touch!

Student First Scientist Offers Homework Help for Elementary, Middle and Second
My school cursus : I am currently in first European scientific section English, I have always been pretty good student, I got my brevet des collèges mention very well in 2017. My methodology: The method I use depends on how my student works, I also adapt according to his memory and the difficulties he encounters. I can give courses up to my level and also help in the preparation of the brevet des collèges. My experiences : At first I just helped family members such as my cousins or my little brother and friends to do their homework and to understand the courses but for 2 years I give private lessons, and it always went well ! Do not hesitate to contact me ! Lilou

Music Production on Logic Pro X / Ableton / Pro Tools
Certified teacher as sound engineer and graduate in modern music offers a modern pedagogy. My goal is to make you progress and better discover the profession of sound engineer (Mixing / Mastering), musical producer and / or composer. I can also accompany a personal artistic project. You will be able to learn and discover to compose, produce and edit, mix music via one or more software adapted to music and sound production such as logic Pro X / Ableton or Protools. I have in my home studio, a Mac Book Pro 2018 15 inches i7, a pair of monitor speakers, two Midi keyboards, guitars, sound cards / percussion instruments / Headphones and microphones to implement all my expertise . My experience is at your disposal.

Guitar, bass, drums, MAO, composition, music theory
Whether you are beginner, intermediate or advanced, there is always something new to learn. Whether it's guitar, bass or drums, I'll take the time to take you where you want, at your own pace, in a warm and friendly atmosphere. The courses are individual and personalized. After a first meeting, where we will define your needs and your desires, you will be able to choose the formula that suits you and we will be able to start together your learning, musical voyage during which you will learn what you came to seek.

Engineer gives maths and science subjects
Hello Young maths-computer engineer, with 5 years experience in class individuals. at a school support agency that offers private lessons (preparation for controls, lessons, tutoring, exercise sessions) and Methodology having gone through an academic computer course. I used to give classes in Math / Physics / info / logic / algo / web development, Front and back throughout my training. With my experience, I have forged an adapted pedagogy students and their students levels. More than just refresher courses, my instruction will adapt the pace of sustained work and give an overview to the student and this is felt at the level of results. Here are the rates that I propose: Bac: 15 euros / hour Bac preparation, revisions, Courses, Problems ... specialized technician: DUT / BTS 18 EUR / hour Course consolidation, exercises and Classic problems, methodology, rigor and writing university: L1, L2: 20 euros / hour. Preparation for competitions, Oral, course consolidation, Exercises and Classic problems, methodology, rigor and writing I can move on weekends in any the 92, and in all Paris Antony Châtenay-Malabry seals Bourg-la-Reine Bagneux Fontenay-aux-Roses The Plessis-Robinson Clamart Châtillon Montrouge Malakoff Vanves Borough of Boulogne-Billancourt Issy-les-Moulineaux Boulogne-Billancourt Meudon Sèvres Chaville Ville d'Avray Saint Cloud Marnes-la-Coquette Vaucresson Borough of Nanterre Garches Rueil-Malmaison Suresnes Puteaux Nanterre doves The Garenne-Colombes Bois-Colombes Courbevoie Neuilly-sur-Seine Levallois-Perret Clichy Asnieres-sur-Seine Gennevilliers Villeneuve-la-Garenne I remain at your disposal for any other information either by email or by phone.

Understanding and enjoying Physics, Math (+ Latex for students)
I specialise in giving maths and physics tutoring for school curriculum up to Bachelors degree at University level.  I can help pupils (Collège, Lycée) in all subject areas reaching from homework support to specialised tutoring courses which I draft according to individual requirements and needs. I can help students in physics in the fields of (quantum) mechanics, electrodynamics, quantum field theory and particle field theory; in maths with the domain of analysis. I can also be of assistance in getting to know the programme "Latex" for papers and presentations. In the first lessons we will look what are your objectives and needs to devise a plan for the follow-up classes for an effective progression on your part. As problems in math and physics are most commonly based on missing basics we will also address them. If this is the case, studying these subjects ends in learning algorithms and words by heart, which becomes frustrating for you and for me. I will see to avoid this scenario with exceptions, e.g. the exam next week. Another aspect of my courses will be to also show practical purposes and applications of the respective fields to promote appreciation an joy of the subjects. They don’t need to be only hard work. Spécialisé en Mathématiques et Physique je donne des cours particuliers aux élèves (collège, lycée) et aux étudiants (niveau Licence). Aux élèves, je propose d’aide classique avec les devoirs, mais aussi des programmes d’enseignement individuels faits sur mesure en fonction des besoins. Les étudiants en Licence, je peux vous aider avec les sujets suivants : (quantum) mécanique, électrodynamique, théorie de champs quantiques et théorie de particules élémentaires en physique et l’analyse en mathématique. Je peux aussi vous introduire au programme Latex (très utile pour préparer des mémoires et des présentations en science). Lors du premier cours, on va définir ensemble vos objectifs et besoins pour pouvoir établir ultérieurement un plan de progrès individuel.
Souvent les problèmes avec les matières telles que mathématique et physique apparaissent quand il manque des bases. Dans ce cas, il n’est possible d’avancer qu’en apprenant par cœur des formules et des algorithmes. Cela devient très frustrant pour vous et pour moi. C’est pourquoi cette façon de procéder doit être limitée aux cas d’urgence, par exemple un examen la semaine prochaine. 
Une autre approche sera de montrer l’utilité et l’intérêt de ces sujets. Ils ne doivent pas être toujours un travail pénible.
Actuellement mon niveau de français est B2. Ich biete Nachhilfe und/oder Kurse in den Fächern Mathematik und Physik für Schüler und Bachelorstudenten an. Für Schüler gebe ich bedarfsorientiert Nachhilfe, d.h. entweder bei den Hausaufgaben oder ich entwerfe speziell Kurse für sie, abgestimmt auf ihre Ziele und Bedürfnisse. Studenten biete ich folgende Unterstützungsangebote an: In Physik die Themengebiete (Quanten-)Mechanik, Elektrodynamik, Quantenfeldtheorie und Elementarteilchenphysik; in der Mathematik den Bereich der Analysis. Darüber hinaus helfe ich beim Verfassen von Arbeiten und Präsentationen mit dem Programm "Latex". In den den ersten Kursen  werden wir deine Ziele und Bedürfnisse benennen, sodass ich in Absprache mit dir einen Plan erstellen kann, damit du effektiv vorankommst. Normalerweise sind Probleme in diesen beiden Fächern auf fehlende Grundkenntnisse zurückzuführen , weswegen wir auf diese gesondert eingehen werden. Werden diese übergangen, verkommt das Lernen neuer Inhalte zum auswendig lernen von Abfolgen und Wörtern, was sowohl für dich als auch für mich schnell frustrierend wird. Dies werde ich anders handhaben - mit Ausnahmefällen wie z.B. anstehenden Klausuren. Ein weiterer Aspekt wird es sein, dir den Nutzen und Freude den diese Fächer bieten näher zu bringen. Es muss nicht alles Arbeit sein.

Modern General Arabic. Process verbs etc
I specialize in teaching the Arabic language, I mainly provide a strong basis for current spoken Arabic. I have written my own book. You will speak Arabic with me the way Arabic is spoken now throughout the Arab world.

Piano Lessons for all ages and levels in Zürich with Egyptian Pianist Seif El Din
I give piano Lessons for all age groups and levels. As a Bachelor graduate from the University of Music in Leipzig, Germany, and a Masters of Performance graduate of the University of Music in Cologne, Germany, I am now studying at the University of Arts in Zürich. As a Master Pedagogy Student, it would be my pleasure to guide you through the first steps in your Piano and music education. I have been an assistant of my Professor in Cologne and had positions in German Music schools. I would be happy to hear from you :)

French for foreigners Private Online/ F2F Tutoring
Native French Speaker Certified & Experienced Teacher Master's Degree Didactics of French as a Foreign Language 10 years experience in France and abroad (Thomas Hardye School, UK / Vanderbilt University / French Embassy & Sofia University, Bulgaria / Alliance Française Marseille Provence) All-level, all-age students Online courses & F2F group or individual lessons Exam preparation (I am a DELF/DALF/TCF assessor) I teach in French with English (and Spanish) support if needed

English - conversational, business and test preparation
I hold an MA in English Language and Literature and have been teaching English to both kids and adults of for over 10 years. I believe learning should leverage a creative, fun, and hands on approach to improving English language proficiency.

English, Grammar and Literature from fundamentals to degree level
A good grasp and understanding of key concepts in English language and literature is crucial to communicating ideas well and attaining the best grades in any subject field. Good communication skills set students up for future successes in life and in work. I teach students English and English grammar from rudimentary to degree level, and help students learn how to analyse English texts. I can teach all abilities, from primary school age up to degree level. I have a degree in English Literature from Newcastle University (2.1, BA (Hons)). I have used my skills in English to go on to study Law and now work in the legal sector, at an international law firm. My English skills are something that have proved invaluable in anything I've undertaken, such as job applications and completing university essays. I use my own resources along with any material that students need to cover to thoroughly prepare them for exams and for their future.

Music Composition, Production and Audio Engineering
I specialize in music production and composition, as well as audio engineering. My goal is to give the most useful tools for composing, producing, and arranging music, and going through the technical process to make it sound professional. This class is for aspiring music producers and studio audio engineers. The focus is to learn how to navigate the creative challenges of music composition and the technical tools for music production. You'll learn many different techniques and concepts to stay creative and make your music sound the best it can. If you're new to music production, no problem, we'll take it from the basics. If you already know your way around, it's time to make some music together!

Vocal technique (mixed voice) for singer all modern styles
Experienced English-speaking singer-songwriter gives individual singing lessons. Elements that can be addressed together during the course: - vocal warm-up. - vocal technique applied to your favorite songs. - elements of style, riffs and runs (pop, RnB, blues, funk, soul, jazz). - songwriting: initiation to songwriting, structuring a song, finding melodies and writing lyrics, more advanced coaching: you can bring your songs to work together. - work on pronunciation in English and Italian. - correction / translation of your texts / lyrics. - professional recording of your voice. Classes can be given in French, English or Italian. (individual course of 30, 45 or 60 minutes, optional)

English Tutoring : help with homeworks, additional teaching or help with TOEFL
I am a student who has studied abroad (Canada) an entire year, thus I am bilingual. I can help tutoring children with English, or I can help students train for the TOEFL (my score : 97/120). The English I can teach would more likely be everyday English.

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Bijlessen Frans voor iedereen van elk niveau met Céline
Onze dochter voelde zich op haar gemak bij Celine. De ideale basis om Frans te leren.
Review by AN R.
Italian language and culture
Excellent, very polite, very organized and methodical. The course is very pleasant and fruitful.
Review by IOULIA T.
Cécile is a professional teacher with a personal approach. Besides being a very friendly person, her teaching is absolutely worth recommending.
Review by TIMON R.

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