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Italian for beginners, intermediate and advanced level
I was born in Florence (Italy) 36 years ago and I was teaching my own mother tongue pure Italian language ever. I started teaching Italian 12 years ago. I worked for private language schools in Madrid when I was living there. I teach children and adults, group and private lessons. My lessons are tailored to fit the level and the needs of my students. I always make sure that my students are in a positive environment and feeling properly. My, is the funny and easy way to learn and speak Italian.

English (Grammar / Oral Expression / Written Expression)
English teacher gives private lessons for children, adolescents and adults. Graduated in languages from the University of Orléans (France), several years of experience Grammar lessons, oral expression and / or written expression.

Italiaanse lessen in Antwerpen - Hoe meer je praat hoe meer je leert!
Speak up and overcome your fear of making mistakes. The best way to learn is to practice, practice and again...PRACTICE :) I learned Flemish in about 2 years and I can give you some tips & tricks based on my learning process. Everyone is different so we can also understand which type of learner you are and then I can prepare learning material that will fit you. I'm also up to cultural activities/going out for a coffee or for some awesome Italian food to have some fun (it won't be considered as a class). I can teach in English, Flemish or Italian.

Digital Photography and Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop for beginners
Hi there, I have worked for the last 3 years as a freelance photographer shooting products, portraiture, weddings and events after achieving a 1st Class BA Honours degree in Photography. I am technically experienced as a photographer and as such I can teach the principles of exposure, composition and lighting; as well as the basic principles and methods of editing in Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. Students will learn from me how to confidently use a camera in manual mode and how achieve stunning results in editing with even the simplest of equipment! I am also a practising photographic artist with an interest and understanding of contemporary photography; I have been a part of several exhibitions in both solo and group shows and I have a good understanding of the history and discourse of photography as an art form. As a photographer and teacher I operate on the highest professional standards, emphasising clear and encouraging feedback on students work.

Classical Piano and Music Theory classes for all levels
Did you always dream of being able to play the piano? Do you want to finally change something in your life and find a creative outlet for yourself? Do you want to pick up a new, amazing hobby? Search no more! I'm a fully professional and reliable piano teacher. It doesn't matter if you are an absolute beginner or you've been already studying music before - I guarantee a personalized approach and a pleasant and encouraging atmosphere of the lessons. I have all the tools you need to develop your musical skills and become a pro piano player. My methods are unique and special - I teach the natural approach to the instrument I've learned during the course of my studies in Paris, London, and Warsaw. It helps you prevent injuries, back pain and confusion :) I have over 10 years of teaching experience backed up by the university-level pedagogical programme. And, most importantly, I'm always willing to share my precious knowledge.

Math, English, Danish, Test Preparation, Exam preparation
Mathematics can be hard to understand. However, if you have the curiosity and want to learn I am here to help you through it in a professional, fun and engaging way. I specialize in the basics of math. The early stages of math up until high school level. English is a beautiful language and i wish to teach you how to love it as I do. It is not the language I was taught from birth but I have had it on a high level in high school, followed by living in the US for a year and now I study in English. Danish is the language I grew up with and I know it by heart. It is a language with many tongue twisters, but I believe that if you have someone by your side it is all worth the effort. It might not be easy but it will always bring a smile and a great laugh. Test prep/exam prep might seem overwhelming for some and it has been for me too when I was younger. I have had many years of experience and have quite a few tricks up my sleeve. When preparing for a test it, of course, must have great content but that content is for no use if you don't present it as you want to because of nerves for example. I am here to pass on some tools to not only line up a good sheet but also pass on tips for delivering your great work!

Support courses from the College to the Terminale in French and English
Second year student at UCL, I offer a support course service in French and English for students from college to Terminale. I can also help with scientific subjects if necessary, since I study cell biology and organic chemistry. Living for 12 years in Anglo-Saxon countries and educated in the bilingual system, I master both English and French. In 2018, I obtained a high school diploma, option OIB (international option of the baccalaureate which made it possible to pass the history-geo in English and to make English literature). I passed my French baccalaureate with a 20/20 in writing, and my OIB English baccalaureate with a 17/20. In addition, I gave private lessons in French and English during my Terminale year. Since the age of 15 I babysit and I am gentle and patient with children. I am able to move easily in the Central North-East region of London, living in Kentish Town.

Math and physics tutoring in Brussels. (French/English)
Hi, I'm currently physics students, in 3rd year of bachelor at ULB, here in Brussels. I speak french and english fluently, and would be tutoring math and physics for secondary education students. I'm available mostly on week-ends, and evenings. Please, do not hesitate asking me any question. Bonjour, Je suis actuellement étudiant en troisième année de bachelier de physique à l'ULB. Je parle couramment le français et l'anglais, et suis disponible pour des cours particuliers en physique et en mathématiques pour des élèves du secondaire. (Eventuellement en début de cursus universitaire). Je suis principalement disponible les week-ends et en fin d'après-midi, début de soirée. N'hésitez pas à me contacter pour de plus amples informations.

Private lessons in physics-chemistry-biology-anatomy
Being a student in 1st baccalaureate in veterinary science in Namur, I give courses in physics, chemistry, biology and anatomy. I can also give English lessons. I also participated in the preparatory courses for the medical entrance exam. Finally, I finished in the top 30 in math, physics, chemistry and biology on the entrance exam in veterinary science.

Private cello classes for all ages and for all levels
For those who love music and always wanted to learn how to play the cello, I’m offering lessons in and around Basel for all ages and levels ! French (mother tongue), English and German are possible. Graduated in Lausanne with a Master in Pedagogy as well as in London at the Royal College of Music and in Berlin at the University of Arts in Cello Performance, I’m looking forward to share my passion with you !

private lessons / help in English and French but also Russian
Currently studying languages (English-Russian) at the University of Mons / FTI-EII. I suggest my services in English, French but also in Russian to help you learn these different languages. For all other information, please contact me privately.

Yoga, Pilates and meditation,relaxation class for business
Pilates ​Pilates is an exercise method, designed to elongate, strengthen and restore the body to balance.This pilates methode is to help you to work out you core muscles good. Accident , pregnancy or maintaining your body shape Pilates will increase your flexibiIty and posture Yoga Basic movement of yoga movements with abreathing to reallease you muscles in the effort, tone up , stretch and endimg by a nice and deep relaxation . Open to all and learn how to releas your soul and body in same time. Meditation The meditation techniques presented to you are Active or Passive Hinduism meditations.You will be guided all the way thru. Contact us for more information.

French course (in English for foreigners) - French class (in English for foreigners)
Gives French courses in English for students (home or coffee) Teach french using english for foreigners I lived 1 year in Australia, then 1 year in Japan and 1 year in South Korea (where I taught French and English) I lived 1 year in Australia, and then 1 year in Japan and 1 year in South Korea (where I taught French and English) Grammar course or oral conversation. For all levels. Grammar Class Or Oral Conversation. For all levels. I am a student to become a teacher (primary school). I am studying to become a teacher (elementary school). I adapt my classes at the request of the student. I adapt my classes to the request of the student. I am a patient teacher, who takes time to explain. Let's start now! I am a patient teacher, who takes time to explain. Let's start now!

Math, Statistics and Stochastic for all stages and all areas.
I give tutoring lessons since the 12th grade and until now I have more than 9 years of experience in tutoring. I give lessons to students of different ages as well as university students in different areas. Tutoring is my passion because I love giving my math knowledge to students and I see every student as a new challenge. It is never boring and every time you need to develop a new approach because not every student has the same way of thinking. Thanks to my extensive experience I know where the usual problems lie and with the help of different techniques I work specifically on these problem areas. Afterward, the student is able to solve the tasks and tests without any help, which is the ultimate goal of tutoring. I am able to cover a broad range of math areas, such as general mathematics (grade 1-12), statistics, stochastic, analysis, algebra. In addition, I can offer preparation for exams such as GMAT, GRE, SAT and many more. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions.

Trilingual student gives language courses (German, French, English) for all levels
I adapt according to the level but also the desires / objectives of each. I teach both grammar and the practice of the language (conversational table, written production, etc.) through various exercises. I can help beginners looking to acquire basics but also people looking to improve and improve their practice :)

Business English for Professionals - At Home or Via Skype
Learn English from a native English speaker. I was born in the UK, though having been raised internationally, I have learned and mastered 2 other languages myself (French and German) and have found that the workplace can be one of the most challenging places to be when you do not speak the language everyone else speaks. Even if your company operates in German or French predominantly, often times there will be clients or other international offices where English is required. There is nothing worse than being in a meeting, or on a conference call, or even getting a coffee and not understanding the conversation. Let me help you to master everything from phrases you may not recognise to small talk. Anything you are having trouble understanding, you have the comfort of knowing I can further explain in either German or French when necessary.

FRENCH LESSONS for beginners. Learn to read, write and communicate in french
Learning another language is never easy but it is not impossible. In the course, you will learn from the very beginning. To read and write french. From conjugation of verbs, right pronunciation of words etc ... Photocopies of exercises will be provided.

Math School Help / Exam Preparation For Schools / Universities
This class is will be beneficial if you are a student who struggles with math in school, want to prepare for an exam or to just expand your skills. Math is very fun and is essential everywhere. However, it can look boring, hard and unimportant at first glance. In this class, I will not only help you learn more but also help you to understand how to progress further. *The free times I have added are just for showcase. The schedule of the meeting will be decided personally.*

English as a Second Language Tutoring for Any Level
This class is designed for anyone who would like to improve their English skills, from beginner to advanced levels. I speak German and Romanian fluently in addition to English, as well as conversational Chinese and Spanish, which may make it easier for some. I tailor the class to suit the individual; after a first session I can assess the student's goal (ie. conversational, business, written, etc. level of English) and create a program to suit this.

Maths, physics and programming private lessons at bachelor and high school levels
Hi! I give private lessons for the following subjects: - Physics/maths for physics bachelor students, 1st year engineering/maths bachelor students, high-school students. - Intruction to programming & algorithms, advanced programming in C/C++, Matlab, Python. Best suited for 1st year science/engineering bachelor or high school. My qualifications: I will be graduating from my physics master at ETH in April. I did my bachelor in physics at EPFL, and I obtained the prize for the second to best bachelor grade average amongst all bachelor students from the same year. I am an enthusiastic, pedagogical person. My main experience was as a teaching assistant at EPFL. If you are interested, let me know and I will prepare the lesson based on your needs.

Private Japanese Lessons in Tokyo, Japanese with Daichi
Hello! I'm a native Japanese and I have studied abroad in the U.S. and U.K. I offer private Japanese lessons in Tokyo. In the first lesson, I listen to your ideal lesson and what you want to learn and achieve by learning Japanese. Based on your goal, I will create a class for you!!

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Bijlessen Frans voor iedereen van elk niveau met Céline
Onze dochter voelde zich op haar gemak bij Celine. De ideale basis om Frans te leren.
Review by AN R.
Italian language and culture
Excellent, very polite, very organized and methodical. The course is very pleasant and fruitful.
Review by IOULIA T.
Cécile is a professional teacher with a personal approach. Besides being a very friendly person, her teaching is absolutely worth recommending.
Review by TIMON R.

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