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Bass guitar lessons for every level and age by an experienced teacher
My bass lessons are for people of all levels from beginners to pre-conservatory level. In the lessons we talk about essential sides of bass playing - so technique, timing, awareness of rhythm and harmony. And that in connection with different music styles: pop, rock, funk, jazz, hip-hop, electronica. For anyone who has ambitions to continue, I also treat: solfège, music theory, auditory theory, polyrhythms. What exactly we are going to do in class will therefore differ per student, depending on his / her needs and wishes.

Private lessons, tutoring, homework help in all subjects
Hello ! Young man of 22 years old, I offer private lessons or time for academic support or homework help for your children (or even less academic support that goes towards discovery, development and reinforcement) , whatever age he (s) have (in) t for all disciplines up to the 3rd grade, and in French, English and philosophy for high school. I have a literary baccalaureate with very good and European English honors, the Cambridge certification, and I completed a second year of double-bachelor's degree in modern letters and philosophy, after having gone through the Hypokhâgne of Lycée Pierre- de-Fermat in Toulouse. I have had the opportunity to carry out many experiments in recent years, in terms of academic assistance: homework help with a secondary school student and a second-grader, preparation of the French baccalaureate exams for four students. general or technological first, etc. I see the pedagogy as requiring a strong sense of adaptation, in order to know how to put oneself at the level of the student and to offer him an approach which suits him best, very "scholar" or more liberating, playful or original, dynamic . The learning concerns both methodology and content, while being accompanied by a human relationship, a moment of sharing filled with respect and potentially humor. I am, for the moment, extremely available, and remain at your disposal for any request from you. I can receive at home (Montpellier city center) and move around using public transport. I remain at your disposal, Sincerely, MB

Mobile Montessori Classroom - Montessori education in your home
With over 20 years teaching experience in international schools and a passion for the Montessori method of teaching, following all that has happened in education worldwide, I created a Mobile Montessori Classroom. In addition to a Bachelor of Arts from Parsons School of Design, I have the International Montessori Teaching Diploma & Certification for Early Childhood. This class I am proposing is designed for groups of 2-5 children aged 3-6 years old. I design and create curriculum and materials based on the Montessori method that are prepared and tailored to each child. I set up a mini Montessori environment in your home for small groups of no more than 5 children. Parents and children are involved in the selection of materials and activities uniquely prepared for them.

Amjad Chemistry Tuition Online or at home
I can provide A Level or GCSE Chemistry private tuition. In addition, I can provide KS3 science and GCSE physics tuition. I can teach all exam boards and have access to excellent tutoring materials that will engage and enthuse students. I have over 15 years of private tuition and secondary school teaching experience.

Wine knowledge: wine making, wine tasting, food pairing, wine selection
Enologist and Sommelier, I enjoy introducing people into the wine world, teach them everything: how wine is made, how to taste it, how to select it, how to pair it with food. If you are a wine lover or just someone that wants to know more about it, I can provide you with all the knowledge you search! Wine will anymore be a secret for you and you will never feel lost again when choosing wine at the restaurant or chatting with friends! I can provide slides, vocal explanations and we could also do a wine tasting together. The content of the class can vary depending on the level of knowledge of the student.

Private Japanese lessons in English by native Japanese speaker in Brussels
My name is Masami. I'm from Japan. My native language is Japanese. I also speak English. I'll teach you Japanese in English. I teach Japanese to all ages. My lessons will be writting, reading, listning, speaking or pronunciation, anything as you need. Including Hiragana, Katakana, Kanji. We can discuss about what you need and decide what kind of lessons I'll do for you! We can have lessons at my place or your place. FLEXIBLE SCHEDULE!! Please feel free to contact me.

Private lessons of mathematics and Russian languages
I propose you to try the Russian course on Skype. I will help you to start speaking Russian correctly from the very beginning as I have a decent experience teaching foreigners of different levels my native Russian language for academic, leisure and business purposes. - from A1 to C1 level - for adults, teenagers and children - one-to-one or in mini-groups - study materials are included I adopt my classes in accordance with your needs in different directions: -general Russian, -business Russian (with the focus on your domain), -Russian for family communication, -Russian for children In addition, If you are interested in the cultural aspects, our programs will include reference to Russia’s rich cultural heritage, covering its history, literature, music and traditions.

"Piano lessons, organ lessons and music theory for everyone"
I teach piano for 8 years. I am very enthusiastic and passionate teacher. I try to adapt different methods to everyone that is most suitable according to previous experiences, skills, interest and needs. I give piano lessons for 8 years. As a piano teacher, I am an enthusiast and passionate teacher. According to the needs, previous experiences, skills and own interest, I apply different kinds of methods with my students.

French tutoring for GCSE and A Level students as well as adults.
I have been tutoring the equivalent of GCSE and A Level students in Germany for almost 5 years now at a private tutoring school, now online from the U.K. I specialise in grammar, speaking and reading as well as exam preparation with 95% improvement results.

Vinyasa yoga and Kundalini yoga classes, at your home
Kundalini yoga is different from other types of yoga commonly practiced in the West, in that it is less focused on postures and more geared towards self-awareness, meditation, mantra chanting and breathing. Kundalini yoga is therefore a set of powerful techniques that allows us to focus and fully enjoy our being, our soul and our environment. Thus, these techniques make it possible to:  deepen breathing;  become aware of the meridians and energy centers in the body (the chakras);  strengthen the nervous system;  purify the blood flow. The ultimate goal of this tool is to balance the sensations of the physical body with the mind and soul. While Kundalini yoga remains a spiritual practice, it has no religious appeal and can be applied by everyone, with adaptations for some people. It is particularly suitable for a public having and facing psychological difficulties (anxiety and trauma). Typically, a Kundalini session lasts 1.5 hours. It is divided into 5 parts: - chanting of the opening mantras - warm-up with a sequence of postures with breathing exercises - sequence of kundalini (kriya) which generally focus on a specific theme - relaxation - meditation (accompanied by mantra or / and breathing and concentration exercises) In addition, “Vinyasa” simply means “sequence of postures”. This type of yoga is based on Hatha yoga, which means the physical side of yogic philosophy. Indeed, the goal of yoga practice is to enter a state of meditation, which is facilitated by focusing on the body at first. In the West, since the spread of yoga at the beginning of the 20th century, Hatha yoga has mainly spread. Vinyasa uses the basic postures performed in Hatha yoga, chaining them together to enter into a kind of "dance", "flow". On a physical level, this type of yoga:  strengthens the heart rate;  works all the muscles of the body;  improves posture by strengthening the spine. On a more subtle level, Vinyasa allows you to:  stimulate the 7 main chakras, starting from the base to go up to the crown;  release the energies produced by the body during the session;  release a general feeling of well-being by gently stretching the muscles. A Vinyasa session lasts approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes. It can be divided into 3 parts: - stretches to gently open and warm the body; - sequence of postures (declined by sun salutations, starting with anchoring postures to gently raise the spine); - relaxation to channel the work of the muscles.

Andy Luis Escandón
Cours de salsa cubaine available seulement pendant un mois
J'enseigne the sauce depuis sept ans, principally aux débutants. Les cours sont dispensés de manière personnelle pour assurer a quick apprenticeship of l'élève. It will be in Brussels from 20 April to 20 May. Pendant ce temps, je proposerai trois cours par leveau: initiation, intermediaire et avancé. Ce n'est qu'avec le cours d'initiation that you pourrez danser the sauce. Les cours peuvent être reçus seuls ou en couple.

Vocal lessons for beginner, intermediate and advanced
The singing lesson is structured in three parts: 1. Breathing: training with exercises for the development of the diaphragm. Some of the exercises come from yoga. Frequency 4-5 lessons, until the student learns to use them correctly and to work on them alone at home. 2. Vocalization: Using a piano, specific training for the parts of the body which participate in the resonance of the song: The diaphragm, the vocal cords, the resonance mask, the mouth, as well as the articulation, the intonation, body behavior, etc. 3. The repertoire: Training with a computer program, The program allows you to work on and perfect each musical phrase. 4. Microphone technique

I am a student at EPFL and I teach physics maths college / high school level
In mathematics I resume the course by asking questions to the student to see if everything has been understood, otherwise I explain the concepts that are not understood. When we move on to the exercises I let the student try to see where his mistakes and gaps are and I give him the necessary tools to solve problems. In physics I concentrate a little more on the theory which is more difficult to understand then I proceed in the same way as in math for the exos.

Language teacher (Spanish, Catalan or English) on the French Riviera
Teacher of Spanish and Catalan (mother tongues) and English based in Nice, I offer group lessons (in small groups) and private lessons for all levels and all ages at home (I have a vehicle) or online . With a long international experience as a language teacher for individuals at home, but also in language schools like Berlitz or for the CNED, I will be able to meet your needs through individualized strategies. Through audio, video or written media, students will be able to develop their written and oral comprehension skills in a modern and fun way. You understood ! If you want to read Don Quixote in its original version, to sing well “Vamos a la playa” and “Me gustas tú”, to know how to do las patatas bravas or to understand telenovelas and La Casa de Papel, do not hesitate to contact me!

Piano lessons / Vocals / MAO / Harmony / Solfeggio / composition / Writing / Guitar
Hello, My name is Betty, I am 26 years old and a professional musician. Graduated from the conservatory, ex-student of the Haute Ecole de Musique de Lausanne, and being an author, composer, singer, pianist, multi-instrumentalist and producer of current music, I would be honored to put my skills at your disposal during music lessons. theoretical and / or practical in the following disciplines, to help you develop: Piano singing Guitar (for beginners) MAO Composition Writing Production Harmony / Solfeggio Feel free to contact me for more information, Betty

Kiranjit Kaur
Experienced English Teacher and Bilingual Primary School Teacher with Special Needs Experience
- Learn with a native English speaker: MA in Special Needs, PGCE, CELTA - Advance essential skills: speaking, reading, listening comprehension, writing - Prepare for TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS, exam with confidence - Homework assistance for primary students in bilingual track (French / English) - Well-prepared lessons with abundant teaching resources - Personalized strategy and structured lessons - Helpful suggestions for practicing at home

Computer Science, Coding in Python, Java and Database for Web Application
IT is omnipresent today, the jobs of tomorrow will require more knowledge in the IT field. Coding is computer programming, which allows the writing of programs to develop software, or a web page, for example, but also to tell a machine what to do, to guide it. More and more web application developers and software engineers are being recruited. According to a study by the University of Oxford (09/13), in 20 years, 50% of trades will be replaced by machines, in the US, we can imagine that the other half will have to reinvent itself. I will under learn to code in Python and Java, to create databases, and finally to realize complete web applications.

Maths Tutoring for ages 7-11, please register if you’re interested
During the maths class, a topic list will be given and I will work according to that. Children will be given starter activities, worksheets to complete, and homework which is usually due the week after. I will create a report where the parent can have access to what we do in the lessons and keep up with their learning as well.

Excellence Math, Physics, Chemistry - College, High School - 19 average
Give your child the future he deserves. Double-degree from Arts et Métiers ParisTech and Centralesupelec / Scientific Baccalaureat with Very Good / 20/20 in mathematics / MPSI / MP preparatory class * / 5 years of tutoring experience / more than 30 regular students + volunteer in associations of homework help for pupils in great difficulty Do you want to significantly increase your child's mathematical average? Do you want it to integrate a selective course? Do you want it to become autonomous? For 5 years, I have helped more than 30 French students in difficulty from middle school (sixth, fifth, fourth, third) and high school (second, first, final) to achieve their goals (good average, patent, bac, PREPA) and to regain self-confidence. My method in 3 points: - in the short term, significantly increase the average by assimilating the course and preparing for the next tests (assimilating the course, writing files, practicing standard exercises, anticipating the teacher's expectations and test questions, having methods of writing) - in the medium term, integrate reasoning and work methods (learn to work regularly in this order: assimilation, training exercise, preparation for the test and analysis of the pass test) - in the long term, set a goal, build the steps to reach this goal, become aware of the SIMPLICITY of math, have confidence in your abilities, release your potential) The formula: a course of 1h30 / 2h * per week for the assimilation of the current chapter + a course before the test * I recommend two courses for those brought up in preparatory class # 1: The first class is a test class # 2: I come to your home # 3: Your child can contact me whenever they want If you want to increase your child's math results, contact me before the next test!

SOCIAL MEDIA CONTENT in English - Workshop or Creation
Need a stronger presence on the web and in English? I can teach you how to generate effective social media and web content through a multi-session workshop. OR Help you generate content via online session, and we will create: - A profile and protocol of your preferences and related creation details (dimensions, logos, etc.) - Aggregate necessary media to be included in the social media content - Discuss various formats and layouts - Discuss your do-and-don’t’s relating to the content - Plan a content finalization meeting so that the contact can be approved before final delivery. Note: I don’t contract plans nor roll-out of your content. That is a different service that requires a different kind of expertise! If for the workshop the class piece is as you see it! If for content, you would simply book a ‘first-time’ consultation session, to discuss preliminary needs through, for your web content and its creation. After preliminary needs have been discussed and agreed upon, you’d make a ‘second-time’ booking specific to the content unit-package you select and the urgency category that you require. Ex: Categories: -Very Urgent (done within 3-days), -Urgent (done within 7-days, -Normal (done within 14-days) Unit Packages 25 units of hand-tailored content 50 units of hand-tailored content 100 units of hand-tailored content I look forward to hearing from you. Let’s get busy!

All subjects / Arts / creative with professional experience of 8 years
To me, Art , Design and Fashion is something that moves me immensely. Add to that my never-ending love for brands, innovation and communication and you have a complete package. Apart from the above-mentioned activities, Food ,Theatre, Dance , Music , and other Performing Arts are somethings that I take keen interest in. Currently studying "Applied Imagination" at Central Saint Martins / University of the Arts London.

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Bijlessen Frans voor iedereen van elk niveau met Céline
Onze dochter voelde zich op haar gemak bij Celine. De ideale basis om Frans te leren.
Review by AN R.
Nederlandse, Spaanse en/ of Engelse les op elk gewenst niveau
Een aardige lerares die op een een duidelijke manier les uitleg geeft op al je vragen. Daarnaast is ze erg positief ingesteld waarbij ze mij vooral heeft gemotiveerd om mijn best te doen voor spaans. Een aanrader!
Review by MOUNA A.
Italian language and culture
Excellent, very polite, very organized and methodical. The course is very pleasant and fruitful.
Review by IOULIA T.

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