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Tutoring in Physics, Chemistry, Maths, and Mechanical Engineering
I propose taylor-made tutoring / private lessons for all ages and all levels (up to Bachelor), in all specialities of physics and chemistry, as well as mathematics, and mechanical engineering (up to Master). Whether it's for helping your children make it through high-school, or you are a student who wants to make the most out of your studies at university, or you are a very enthousiast novice who wants to learn new skills in science, we will design together a learning plan based on your needs and interests. My philosophy: learning can and should be fun. I can teach in English, in French, or suomeksi!

Piano lessons for children and adults from HKB Student
Piano lessons in English, German and Turkish. A teaching program consisting of solfeggio at the basic level, classical music pieces and pop music pieces on request. Solfege is taught for the first 15 minutes of class until a basic level of solfege knowledge is acquired. The lessons last 45 minutes and can be held once or twice a week depending on your preference: )

FR/EN - Yoga for all! - Inviting Hatha, Vinyasa & Yin Yoga Classes: Suitable for first timers, intermediates, advanced - Tailored to You.
Hello to everyone! I'm Sophie, a yoga teacher who recently graduated from the Yoga Room Academy in Brussels (200 hours including tax). I am starting to teach formally, but my passion for yoga has been with me for many years, and I have been fortunate to share my teaching with friends, family and in groups. Starting my teaching practice, I am very grateful to be able to share these moments and learn with each new student! My classes and teachings cover Hatha, Vinyasa and Yin yoga - I like to incorporate a little something for everyone. Each style brings its own special touch, but for me the main thing is to create a space where you can move, breathe and just be. With me, yoga will be more than physical postures; we will also delve into meditation, breathing and mindfulness. No need for perfect postures or Instagram-worthy flexibility here, or being the yoga studio stereotype. It is important to me that the courses will reflect you, embracing your unique background, your needs and aspirations. Whether you are a seasoned yogi or a total beginner, you are welcomed with open arms, and I will make sure to create an experience tailored to where you are coming from. I emphasize a good relationship with my students, guiding them to connect with their body, rather than doing an exercise class. At the end of each class, I hope that you will have found a moment of well-being, relaxation and relaxation! ------- Hi I'm Sophie, I am a recent graduate yoga teacher from the Yoga Room academy in Brussels, with a 200-hour certification. Though I'm starting formal teaching, my passion for yoga has been a constant companion, and I've been sharing my teaching with friends, family, and groups. As I'm beginning my formal teaching, I'm very humble and grateful to be sharing these moments and learning with every new students! My teaching and classes range from Hatha, Vinyasa, and Yin yoga – a little something for everyone. Each style brings its own special treat, but the most important thing is to create a space where you can move, breathe, and simply be. With me, yoga will be more than the physical postures; we'll also delve into meditation, breathwork, and mindfulness. No need for perfect poses or Instagram-worthy flexibility, or being the stereotypical studio yogi. The classes will be about who you are, embracing your unique journey, your needs and aspirations. Whether you're a seasoned yogi or a total newbie, you're welcome with open arms, and I'll make sure to create a catered experience for where you're coming from. I prioritize building a relationship with my students and guiding them to connect with their bodies on a deeper level, rather than a simple workout. At the end of each class, I hope students will find a moment of self-care, fun, and relaxation!

Learn the Italian language: school learning - free learning
This course is for people who want to learn Italian as well as those who need extra help in their Italian Scholastic course. Italian is my mother tongue. I propose to give the pupil an education adapted to these needs without overburdening him.

Classes for Law, Sociology, Criminology, Policing, Citizenship, Politics
We cover all main social sciences subjects ( Law, sociology, politics, citizenship, Religious Education, criminology, and policing. We support all students to realise their full potential. We take the safety of our students very seriously. We would prefer the library as our one-on -one tutoring for students who do not have computers. We are very supportive to ensure all our students have a good quality education and pass with excellent grades in their final examinations for GCSE, A Level, further Education, University assignments , dissertation from Bachelors degree to doctoral levels.

English for Second Language Learners (General and Business)
English is a universal language that is used across all nations. As an educator, you will need to be able to communicate with colleagues, classmates, family, and business partners. You will also need to connect with people across various cultures. I've designed this course as a practical guide to learning English. Together, we will notice ways to express ourselves, talk about our routines, jobs, holidays, and so on. Above all, we will learn how to use them in our daily life.

Individual or group sports coaching in Vilvoorde
The sessions are entirely personalized, depending on each person's level. The goal is to gradually improve sporting performance, but also to discover and appreciate the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. Nutritional advice will also be provided, for better results, because in addition to being qualified in sports coaching, I am also in the process of specializing in dietetics.

Learn the basics of drawing or watercolor painting from an experienced teacher. -'.,
You learn the basics of drawing. * Single lesson: Choose from: - Portrait drawing: Learn the basics in a lesson, anatomy of the face and how to draw shadows. -Line Perspective: Learn how to suggest depth in a drawing using line perspective. - basic watercolor techniques The lessons are intended for the absolute beginner, but also for those who want to deepen or refresh their knowledge. Fun comes first! It is possible to sign up with a friend for some discount on the hourly rate.

Computer programming/robotics (kids/beginners..)
Discover programming lessons suitable for children! With a fun and educational approach, my lessons allow young minds to dive into the fascinating world of programming. Provide your children with an enriching learning opportunity in a fun and stimulating environment.

Aurel Ulrich
Physical Mathematics and Computer Science for Secondary Schools
1. Mathematics: Math courses cover a variety of topics, from basic arithmetic to algebra, geometry, calculus and beyond. They help develop logic and reasoning. 2. Physics: Physics courses explore the fundamental laws of the universe, including the principles of motion, energy and matter. They help us understand how the world works at a fundamental level. 3. Computer Science: Computer science courses teach digital skills, ranging from Internet browsing and office automation to programming and software development. They prepare students for an increasingly digital society.

English language and Biology. Learn English and Biology in a fun way through flash cards, mind maps, flowcharts, worksheets, games etc
Hello there, If you are looking for learning English and Biology in an easy and fun way then search no more ! I am here at your service. Let's learn through an interactive way. And fear not of mistakes !! I am a graduate in Education(Bachelor of Education) and a postgraduate in Science(Master's in Microbiology). I have worked as a teacher for 5 years. I have also tutoring (home tuitions)experience of around 8 years. I strongly believe that teaching is effective when catered to the individual needs of the students. I make sure the pupil understands the basics of the subject before proceeding to the higher level. I try my best to keep the course engaging and interesting by different methods of teaching. So let's get started !!

Experienced English teacher offers lessons for all ages, levels and profiles
Do you want to improve your English skills? Do not search anymore ! With over 15 years of experience as a native English teacher, I offer comprehensive English courses tailored to your needs. Whether you are a beginner or want to perfect your language skills, I can help you achieve your goals. My classes emphasize oral practice, including conversation exercises, to improve your speaking fluency, the fluency of your speech, and your understanding of spoken English. Don't miss this opportunity to learn English from an experienced, native teacher. Contact me now to plan your first lesson and embark on an enriching language journey!

Vocal technique lessons in Bale, all levels, all styles.
I am Cécile, a professional singer with a master's degree in singing from the Schola Cantorum in Basel. I offer singing lessons at my home (if you are not afraid of being observed by Sam, my dog, who quietly attends the lessons) or at your home according to your preferences. Whether you are a beginner or already have experience, my lessons are suitable for all levels, according to your musical needs and desires. My goal is to help you free your voice by working on breathing, the body, speaking and singing voice, by providing you with tools to develop yourself as best as possible while respecting your rhythm. **** I'm Cécile, a professional singer with a master's degree in singing from the Schola Cantorum in Basel. I offer singing lessons at my home (if you don't mind being observed by Sam, my dog, who wisely attends the lessons) or at your place, according to your preferences. Whether you're a beginner or already have some experience, my lessons are adapted to all levels, according to your musical needs and desires. My aim is to help you free your voice by working on breathing, the body, the spoken and sung voice, giving you the tools to develop yourself to the full while respecting your own rhythm.

Experienced and motivated language teacher and teacher, English
I am friendly by nature and I love teaching. My courses are adapted to the needs of my students and I give them the necessary tools so that they can progress quickly and with confidence. I also prepare my students for language exams. I have more than 500 students under my belt. Try me and you won't regret it! :D

Private lessons: math-chemistry-biology-physics-methodology for secondary and primary students
Hello, I am a bac2 pharmacy student and I have been giving private lessons for scientific subjects and methodology courses for more than 4 years. Beyond giving lessons, I target the difficulties of the student and help him to be autonomous. If you need me do not hesitate to contact me :)

Maths, Physics, Chemistry suitable for all levels.
My courses are designed to meet the specific needs of each student and aim to ensure a thorough understanding of the material taught. I emphasize the practical application of the concepts studied, thus strengthening the mastery of theoretical skills. My courses are accessible to a wide range of students, ranging from the 3rd year of secondary school to the last years of the baccalaureate.

Private mathematics lessons at home Paris, Collège-Lycée-Supérieur (L1)
I am an L3 mathematics student at Sorbonne University, I gave private mathematics lessons to around twenty different students of all levels (mainly high school students but also first years of prep or faculty) formerly in PC preparatory class I can teach mathematics, physics, chemistry or engineering sciences. I have a fairly free schedule so don't hesitate to call me to find suitable slots. I am also available during the holidays to help students in difficulty wishing to catch up and leave with a solid foundation as well as for students who are already gifted and motivated to prepare for entry into preparatory class or faculty. Please schedule the sessions well in advance, if it is done early enough I know how to make myself available. If you have any questions I can be reached as quickly as possible by SMS.

Confidence in your Maths, Numbers and studying for exams...
I am a resilient Mathematics tutor who can help you exceed your expectations and feel more comfortable with maths problems. Studying for your GCSE, GCE, NVQ, MAT/ PAT exams and many more, after a few hours you will feel more confident processing problems.

Professional Ableton help - From Beginner to Advanced
I am a professional music producer & DJ of 15 years. I have studied Music Production at Leeds College of Music & toured as a DJ since. I'd like to help people to access this industry and to develop their music production skills, their music and their understanding of the Dance Music Industry as a whole. I can offer this to you with my first hand experience of this as a recording artist and can happily provide evidence of this when we speak. I am offering 1-2-1 classes to help with your journey with Ableton. This could be starting from nothing or developing your existing music. I want to share my knowledge with others and hep them with their music. Here is what I can offer -Ableton basics - Learn the program & produce your first track -Develop existing projects / more advanced learning and engineering help. -Understand better & develop your arrangment & mixing skills. -Already a pro but want assistance with your music and developing ideas. -Industry tips / get your music signed.

Flute lessons in London from beginners to advanced.
Unlock Your Musical Potential! Join me for engaging flute lessons tailored to all ages and skill levels. Whether you're a beginner or you want to improve your technique - I offer a nurturing environment and creative approach, so each lesson will be fun and productive. With years of professional musical experience in performing and teaching, I'll be happy to support you on your musical journey!

Oral preparation for German citizenship
These are the courses to prepare for the German oral examination for the federal Matura. Here are the works you may prepare: The Metamorphosis by Franz KAFKA The White Rose by Inge SCHOLL The Dove by Patrick Süsskind The Physicists by Friedrich Dürrenmatt Friedrich Dürrenmatt’s breakdown Siegfried Lenz’s minute of silence The Chess Player by Stefan Zweig, etc.

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Bijlessen Frans voor iedereen van elk niveau met Céline
Onze dochter voelde zich op haar gemak bij Celine. De ideale basis om Frans te leren.
Review by AN R.
Nederlandse, Spaanse en/ of Engelse les op elk gewenst niveau
Een aardige lerares die op een een duidelijke manier les uitleg geeft op al je vragen. Daarnaast is ze erg positief ingesteld waarbij ze mij vooral heeft gemotiveerd om mijn best te doen voor spaans. Een aanrader!
Review by MOUNA A.
Piano en of zangles met of zonder notenleer in Gent
Zeer goede ervaring bij mijn eerste kennismaking met de piano en notenleer in het algemeen. Tine maakt het zeer begrijpelijk voor iemand zonder ervaring en doet me al verlangen naar de volgende les!
Review by SETH G.

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