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Private lessons in maths and physics, to understand the subject and solve exercises
Student in the third year of a Bachelor's degree at EPFL, an assistant to understand courses and solve exercises in science, particularly in maths and physics. Also, help with preparation for exams. I am bilingual in English and French, so I can give the course in one of two languages, to choose from.

Piano classes for beginners. Learn how to play simple tunes on the piano.
Music classes suitable for complete beginners who would like to learn how to play the piano / keyboard. Friendly and experienced instructor. Fantastic music to play. Opportunities for performance or qualifications if desired. Challenge yourself and learn a new skill!

Private Lessons from Portfolio Stylisme / Fashion Design
Graduate of Central Saint Martins in Styling, I give private lessons for anyone wishing to prepare his Portfolio to enter fashion school, providing support for technical drawing, illustration, development of a collection and 3D editing.

Nesli , Private Turkish Tutor In Istanbul, Turkey.
Hey everyone! I'm Nesli and 26 years old Visual Communication Designer in Istanbul. I am graduated from Kadiköy Anadolu High school and Sabanci University. The language of instruction in these two schools is English so I will be communicating with you in English to teach Turkish. As a native Turkish speaker, I'm really into beauties of the Turkish language and very eager yo share my knowledge. So don't hesitate to contact me if you need Turkish :) Price and payment plan can be discussed, money is not very important to me. What matters is mutual benefit and development. Hope to see you!

English for beginners or intermediate. French for beginners and Intermediate
Languages is the new key to the whole world. I have known and practiced ENGLISH all my life and for French it's been 4 years. With me you will also, discover different cultures as I come from INDIA and I live in FRANCE :) You can improve your spoken and written English and French.

Learning or deepening in Mathematics
Support in mathematics, even if some people feel often lost and think they have dropped out I have seen from my experience that it is never too late to understand and know how to use mathematics, to love them is something else, some 'will not arrive there necessarily. I am sure, no matter how old you are, level and lag you have that it is possible to achieve your goals in mathematics Quick presentation, I am 23 years old, BAC STI2D (same program of maths as the S) with honors and 19 in the test of mathematics (yes I know, I blame myself for having made a mistake of inattention...). Bachelor of Mathematics second of my promotion, then I changed course and am currently in License 3 Communication and Media. From learning to count to Bachelor's degree I'm sure I'm at the math level, no matter what.

Portuguese Course in Grenoble (all levels and all ages) - Native Teacher
My name is Carina, I am Portuguese so Portuguese is my mother tongue. I graduated in engineering and worked as a Portuguese teacher in Spain and South Korea. I have experience with all levels and all ages. The courses I propose will be adapted to your needs and objectives: preparation of a trip to Portugal and Brazil, refresher, exam preparation, conversation, tutoring. Dynamic and entertaining courses. Classes are offered at home or on site. Or by webcam.

Achieve your academic target in Psychology A level
I am an expert A level Psychology teacher, having worked with 100's of students for over 25 years. I can provide a personalised study progamme including extensive feedback which will enable you to achieve your academic goals. We focus on knowledge and skills.

Help with homework, support classes for children until the 2nd of the college !! :)
Hello currently in 4th year of college at la Planta, I am in specific English / Italian option. I can help you in English, Italian, German, French, maths, biology, history and other branches to discuss gladly, until the 2nd college !!

Thai, Violin's tutor. Private lesson, date 30th Dec - 2nd Jan.
That violin's tutor looking for the student has nothing to do on 30-2 DEC - Jan I could give a lesson or play some good music. Able to guiding as in ABRSM or YAMAHA system. Speaking in English and Thai. Here for the music institute. I planed to teaching in Taipei, I could work Mon-Wed. If any match pls, feel free to contact me.

Husam M. Abed
Best classic Arabic(alfousha), Test prep tutoring.
I own a basic knowledge that I was able to learn new things and acquire brilliantly to adapt to new situations as well as to my ability to solve problems and initiative in solving it next to my ability to decision-making and creativity in communication and the transfer of knowledge and skills required Next to the characteristic of my knowledge to perform measurements and calculations and evaluation and in my ability to deal with regulations and mandatory standards and better able to work in a multilingual and multi disciplinary environment and understanding Digital competence Adore dealing with technology devices

Singing and Flute Lessons for beginners to advanced pupils, any age!
Callie is a passionate teacher with over more than 10 years’ of experience in teaching music and singing both in the UK and across the world. I have a suitcase full of tools and tricks to help my students develop in their vocal and musical abilities. I promise that lessons with her will be uplifting, challenging, inspiring, with a bunch of humor, enthusiasm and passion. I am an opera singer, and have a masters in Vocal Performance, but enjoy teaching all singing styles. I have experience in teaching students from the age of 9 to 72, from beginners to advanced and professional singers. I have helped prepare students for Conservatoires and Drama Schools, as well as graded examinations, and stage shows. My second discipline is the Flute, and I am delighted to share this wonderful instrument with my students. I teach beginners, intermediate and advanced pupils. Teaching in Singing Lessons singing for ages 9 - 99 and from beginners to advanced and professional singers.Lessons include: - Singing Technique - Breath Management - Building up Vocal Confidence and Capability - Musical Expression - Performing / Stagefright - Vocal Health FLUTE LESSONS Lessons singing for ages 9 - 99 and from beginners to advanced - Flute Technique - Breath Management - Building up Confidence and Capability - Musical Expression - Performing / Stagefright I can teach at my house or come to you if you live in and around Ghent.

Private lessons in Maths for gymnasians or students of UNIL / EPFL
Engineer at EPFL, I offer support courses in Analysis. I aim to make my students more comfortable with notions of mathematics and try to visualize abstract problems. I have already done several analysis assistants during my years at EPFL.

Open your blog, make it known and share your passion
Benefiting from a great experience in the blogosphere, I propose an accompaniment to help you open your blog. You can benefit from a private accompaniment for the setting up of your blog (hosting, choice of the theme, design, writing the first article, setting up themes, etc.). I also offer you a long-term follow-up to share your articles and attract readers. We will also discuss the issue of social networks and the best way to use them. And things not to do when you're on the internet and creating content. The goal is to accompany you in sharing your passion and your interests. With or without concept, I will share my knowledge in the field of blogging and social networks. Depending on availability, I can move home or meet you in my local, in Lausanne.

Support course: German, English, homework help
I speak Luxembourgish, French, Spanish, English and German. I teach German and English. (oral, written expression, listening, etc.) I explain my courses in French, German or English, according to your choice. In addition, I can help children / teenagers do their homework.

* Primary English and Mathematics Private Education, including students with and without difficulties learning
* Experience and training in mainstream/regular primary school education * Experience and training in special educational needs and multiple disabilities, including Autism Spectrum Disorders and Asperger's Syndrome * Focus on developing students' self-regulated learning * Educational assessment, reporting and referral option * Specialised motivation/behaviour assessment option * Digital educational assessment using iPads (pending) * Importation of international English, mathematics and pro-social skills programs * Integration of AppStore downloadable English readers also available on DVD * Parent and family training option

Need help in English or tutoring?
Hello, I am a girl having gone to London. I give English lessons for children, teenagers, beginners, refresher and I can also help with homework. My goal is to establish a bond of trust with my student, that he feels good and to adapt to his needs. I will be happy to help your child or yourselves!

Hindi, English,and Test Prep Tutoring Learn English grammar and Learn Hindi
I specialize in English for school exams. My goal is to keep students challenged but not stressed about the subject. Yes i assign home works after every class that i teach and provide reports. This class is for the school students willing to learn English grammar and the individuals to learn Hindi those who are in need of.

Spanish teacher, Portuguese, artistic photography.
Native Spanish and Portuguese teacher I propose an individualized pedagogy, help with the preparation of questions or exams. My goal is to advance the student without surcharge. I give homework after each lesson and periodically provide progress reports.

Learn how to do and love maths with a engineer and phD
Engineer and phD in aerospace, I finally decided to become a teacher. After first successful experience in France and California, I offer private math courses from grade 6 to grade 12 in Stockholm, where I settled recently. All the students I have had say that I found the balance between seriousness (what the parents want) and fun (what the students want). I have international experience in teaching and know how to adapt to the needs of everyone. My lessons are well structured and your progress transcripted. I do not want my students to feel overwhelmed but I want them to feel more confident. My goals? They depend on your level and your needs, of course. But, basically: -make you understand that Mathematics are useful. -to make the derivatives become your new best friend -to teach you that Maxwell is not only a soccer player -and above all, make you understand that you can make it happen.

Math and Physics Support Course in the Mons Region
I offer math and physics support courses based on an individual assessment of the difficulties encountered and the objectives to be achieved. We go step by step to a fine understanding of the subject and a mastery of different skills to acquire.

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Bijlessen Frans voor iedereen van elk niveau met Céline
Onze dochter voelde zich op haar gemak bij Celine. De ideale basis om Frans te leren.
Review by AN R.
Italian language and culture
Excellent, very polite, very organized and methodical. The course is very pleasant and fruitful.
Review by IOULIA T.
Cécile is a professional teacher with a personal approach. Besides being a very friendly person, her teaching is absolutely worth recommending.
Review by TIMON R.

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