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Private lessons in math (secondary level to master's level) and physics (secondary level to gymnasium level).
I give math lessons at all levels from secondary (college) to master's (M2) and physics at all levels from secondary (college) to gymnasium (high school). I have 6 years of experience in the field of tutoring. I adapt to the needs of the students by listening to them and putting them in confidence. Holder of a Master's degree in Applied Mathematics specializing in Optimization from ENSTA Paris and ENS Paris Saclay. Before that, I did 3 years of preparatory class (CPGE) in Montpellier (Lycée Joffre) in Maths-Physics (MPSI-MP*). I have 6 years of experience in tutoring. I adapt to the needs of the students by listening to them and giving them confidence. I have just obtained my Master's degree in Applied Mathematics with a specialization in Optimization at ENSTA Paris and ENS Paris Saclay. Before that, I did 3 years of advanced preparatory classes for French Grandes Ecoles (CPGE) in Montpellier (Joffre High School) in Maths-Physics (MPSI-MP*).

Français Langue étrangère. Je peux enseigner tout ce que tu veux, je m'adapte et personnalise mon cours en fonction de tes besoins.
FR Je suis un amoureux des langues et on m'a toujours aider dans les langues que j'ai apprises. À mon tour d'aider les autres ! :) Je m'adapterai à ton rhytme et niveau. Je te tirer vers le haut jusqu'à ce que tu atteignes tes objectifs en Français! EN I'm really passionated about languages and I have always been supported when I learned other languages. It is now my turn to guide others. I'll adapt to your rhythm and level. I will help you as much as needed to reach your goals in French and make you proud of yourself ! IT Sono appassionato di lingue e sono sempre stato aiutato quando imparavo altre lingue. Ora tocca a me essere una guida. Mi adatterò al tuo ritmo e livello. Ti aiuterò a sviluppare il tuo francese finchè tu sia soddisfatto ! NL Ik ben echt gepassioneerd met talen en ik ben altijd geholpen geweest wanneer ik andere talen leerde. Het is nu mijn beurt om anderen te helpen. Ik pas me aan aan jouw tempo en nivel. Ik zal je omhoog trekken om jouw doelen te bereiken!

muziek productie coaching - beginner - intermediate | pop rock etc.
ben een muziek producer die coachend te werk gaat en u als producer in uw kracht en vaardigheden uitwerkt. maar tegelijk ook verschillende muziek structuren en theorie aspecten onder de loep neemt. met een aangepast traject speciaal aangepast aan waar jij mee bezig bent gaan we verder in de wijde wereld van de muziek. dit kan beide online en in het echt doorgaan.

Calculus1 and its applications for engineering students
The course is divided into four main sections: 1.Functions functions or functions 2. Limits and continuity endings and connection 3. Derivatives and its applications Derivation and its applications 4. Integration integration. Examination forms are solved for the most important and frequently asked questions in exams. A student who has a weakness in the foundations is also established before the start of the course.

A Level History - The best grades - Improve your essay wring skills
A Level History The Tudors The Stuarts The Wars of the Roses The French Revolution The Russian Revolution Lots of essay writing practise, teaching close to the exam, answering the question. Its very important for the student to learn exam techniques, to remain calm and to understand the importance of planning so that they can show the best aspects of their work.

English lessons for all levels, for beginners or to improve! English classes for beginners, intermediate or advanced students!
English is increasingly ubiquitous and essential in everyday life. But that doesn't mean it's easy to learn and speak fluently. Being bilingual, I will help you understand the grammar of the language, use the right vocabulary and teach you common expressions that will allow you to better understand everyday conversations! We will also work on your accent, so that you are as understandable as possible.

Art classes in painting, drawing and crafts with a UAL Fine Art Graduate
I'm a Fine Art graduate from University of the Arts London (UAL) - I currently specialise in photography and videography. However I have taught a range of different art disciplines from painting, drawing, design, crafts and sculpture. On a regular basis I teach children from ages 4-11 but I have experience teaching teenagers and adults as well. During lessons we can focus on a particular discipline such as painting or drawing, work on a project that someone has already started in their own time or I can assist with portfolios or sketchbooks for GCSE/AS/A Levels/Foundation/Degree. These classes are for everyone, ranging from fun creative art play for younger years to older years wanting to learn a new skill or develop a hobby. Having the ability to be creative and explore art is so beneficial for both children and adults and I aim to make my lessons as supportive, fun, engaging and positive as possible.

Special drum course, theoretical and fun.
Drum lessons for beginner and intermediate students. Teacher who followed the curriculum of the Conservatory of the Broye with Professor Jean Luc Lavanchy for 8 years, I offer these services to discover or develop the passion of drums, the study of rhythm and musical composition. The course is intended primarily playful and interactive. We will therefore define together the objectives that YOU care about. (Ex: play a specific song, learn to play in a group, learn to write your own songs, etc.) The study of rhythm is via a course support (Syncopation for The Modern Drummer by Ted Reed) strongly recommended to have all the weapons to work efficiently at home! The course is held on electronic drum, which allows a detailed and precise listening. That's why, if you have a good headphone, you can take it with you. Otherwise, you will be loaned one for the duration of the course.

English/Business/Entrepreneurship and Economics by a PhD qualified professional
My classes are very interactive and less of conventional tutoring. With a brilliant, sharp and smart PhD level qualified professional like my myself with 10 years experience in both teaching and industry practice, you will be receiving the latest courses benchmarked against the best international practice and 100% relevant to current and future job and business environment considering several dynamics compel us to be always one step ahead. The skills and knowledge i impact on students are applicable globally.

Learning and writing Spanish through everyday life, literature and philosophical discussions.
Online or face-to-face courses. In this course, the student will choose from among the teacher's proposals a subject that interests him. These can vary between conversations, everyday contexts, literary readings, reflections on feelings, discussions of politics, science, etc. Through this, the language will be taught through the constant interaction between French and Spanish. The student will obtain notions of grammar, writing (can be literary, academic, etc.). Then, a small writing of the genre will be produced in agreement with the student by which it will be corrected and guided by the teacher. At the end of the course, we aspire to have a mastery of the language that allows daily interaction, we seek to deepen different thoughts, to share cultures, experiences to recognize language as a means of expression. The courses will be didactic and constantly adapted to the needs.

Hatha yoga, yin yoga and prenatal yoga classes in person, online or at home
I graduated from a 500 hours in multistyle yoga (Iyengar, Hatha, Ashtanga, Vinyasa), an 85 hours in Yin yoga and I did a pre and post natal yoga training with the Gasquet institute. Today teaching yoga is a real passion, I particularly like teaching Hatha with a few touches of Iyengar, Yin and prenatal yoga and I practice a multitude of different styles.

Lucas Federico
English and Spanish classes for all levels. Grammar, listening, speaking, vocabulary and literature of both languages.
Hello! My name is Lucas and I am a bilingual 24 year old that has experience teaching kids and teenagers, and helping them prepare for important Spanish and English exams such as the First, Advanced and Proficiency Cambridge exams. I am half Spanish and half American. I grew up in Madrid and lived in Minnesota, USA for two years after getting my degree in International Relations and Diplomacy. I am now living in the heart of Basel looking to expand my horizons both personally and professionally. I belive that excluding Mandarin and Hindi, English and Spanish are the two main languages in the world, and are essential in all sectors, both professionally and academically.

Private Turkish lessons in Paris from native Turkish speaker
Hi, I am a native Turkish speaker who lives in near the Paris. I am a graduate of economics and management in Turkey. If you want to learn Turkish or get to know Turkish culture better, please contact me. I would be happy to assist your development with face-to-face and online lessons. Please don't hesitate to contact with me for any other question or special request.

Reiki practitioner (Usui method) in Paris, I offer sessions at my home or at your home.
Hello, Hello, Hola! I give Reiki sessions in French, English or Spanish (I am perfectly trilingual) at my home. I am a Certified Level 2 Reiki Practitioner (Trained in the Usui Method by Emily Ray Henderson). Reiki is a holistic approach of Japanese origin belonging to the so-called "energetic" approaches. It consists in awakening in each of us a dynamic process of healing by intervening on the vibratory field of the person. Its benefits: - Soothe body and mind - Provide a feeling of well-being - Harmonize the flow of energy - Promote a state of relaxation - Support healing potential During a session, I first learn about the emotional state of the patient and then about his desires and goals. A session lasts one hour and at my home. If you want to come to my place, I live in Saint-Mandé (metro: Saint-Mandé or Porte Dorée).

English Language, Literature, IELTS, Business and Conversation English from CELTA qualified specialist
I am a CELTA and TYLEC qualified teacher with 5 years of experience. I specialise in advanced English, essay writing, composition, literature and other academic subjects as well as making lessons fun and enjoyable for all of my students. My classes will make you a more confident and capable speaker and writer of English, as well as being fun and stimulating. I will work with you to create a personalised lesson plan that brings out the best of you and works for your individual learning style.

Science, Maths and Music (Violin/ piano/ singing) Tutoring
I'm Amanda, a current Year 13 student at St Paul's Girls' School, studying A levels Biology, Chemistry and Maths. I have received 12 grade 9s at GCSEs so would be happy to help with any subjects of the following up to GCSE level (English lang/lit, Maths with further maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Religious Studies, History, Spanish, Chinese, Music). Additionally, I am also a native Chinese speaker (both Cantonese and Mandarin), so would be more than happy to tutor that as well. I am a violin and vocal music scholar in school. I play the violin and sing at a diploma level and have received high distinctions in the exams. I have also received top prizes in various international competitions and play the piano for fun, so would love to teach that as well!

Private Cello and Music Theory Lessons for kids and adults
Do you want to embark on an amazing journey full of music, new knowledge and experiences? Do you already play the cello and you wanna enhance your musical knowledge and playing? My name is Angelika and I am a cellist from Greece, currently studying at the Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussels. I hold a diploma in cello performance and harmony from Greece. Currently I'm studying a Bachelor's degree in cello performance in Brussels and I'm working on a diploma in counterpoint in Greece. I offer lessons to both beginners and those already acquainted with cello. In addition I offer music theory, ear training and harmony lessons. I'm good with children and can get them started in either general music education to prepare them for instrument studies later on or alternatively guide them to their first steps in cello playing. I can also help you prepare for your studies at a conservatory, by getting you ready for entrance exams. I can teach in both English and Greek. Sounds interesting? Let's have fun together!!

MATHEMATICS . Intensive course Math for teenagers.
Math tutor in Tashkent. My name is Jakhongir 41 year-old. 20 years of experience. I'll help to reach high results in short period. If your child skipped grades it's not problem, my can students learn material of all year in one month. You will be sure after a few lessons. Duration of lessons 1h 30 min 3times a week

English or French private lessons, at home or by webcam
Whether you are a beginner or already a little experienced in French or English, a student or an adult, these courses will help you improve. This course is for anyone who wants to learn. Classes are given at home or by webcam, at choice.

Private lessons of violin, viola, and/or music theory
As a violinist in higher education at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels, I intend to pursue a professional career as a violinist, as well as as a teacher. Adoring to share my passion for music, I have been teaching the violin to different children, teenagers and adults for 3 years now. I am particularly interested in teaching different profiles of young artists, in order to help them develop their knowledge and skills. Whatever the level of the student, I always adapt as much as possible to his level and his rhythm. Always wanting to keep the pleasure of playing, I take the time to discuss with the student his projects, musical desires, motivations... The notion of sharing and communication is very important to me: music is above all a pleasure and a sharing between us. Remaining attentive to my student, it is essential for me to teach and to make him progress with things that he likes and that makes him want to share in music. Having a classical training since the age of 6, I also have expertise in world music (especially South American), as well as in jazz and contemporary music. I am therefore of course very open to playing and teaching any style of music.

History, Philosophy, Sociology, Classical Civilization
I am a passionate History, Sociology and Philosophy teacher (both ancient and modern). Fluent in Italian, Spanish and English I have taught History and Sociology in Madrid, Barcelona, North Italy and London. I can also teach Politics. Outside of the classroom, I have written and directed school plays, organized the school journals and the olympic games of philosophy. My students are of differing ages and stages of proficiency, so I have plenty of experience teaching at all levels. I consider myself a friendly and patient teacher, concerned above all else with the all round development of my students' capacity for comprehensive thought. I have a strong belief in the unification of knowledge and am always striving to incorporate seemingly disparate branches of learning into a broader horizon in order to provide my students with a sufficiently complete picture. Availability The length and frequency of sessions can be determined by the student's requirements and availability. The first lesson For any given first session I like to get to know the student, find out where they're at in their course of study, and see what their current working methods are like. Usually, talking about the current piece of homework, the next upcoming exam, or due assignment is a great way to gauge their requirements, assess where my help is most needed, and thus collaboratively devise a joint programme of work. My teaching method 
I bring a broad-based interdisciplinary knowledge to a range of subjects. This allows the opportunity to consider new ideas and to place different perspectives in conversation with each other, which is an instrumental skill for improving academic writing. A lesson with me will be interactive and lucid. I am adaptable as all students are different, so I will constantly monitor and remain attentive to our learning objectives.
My teaching methods vary, but as a rule I start with an in depth account of the subject, taking care to ground it contextually, and then proceed to a discussion of the main points. Whether the lessons take more of a dialogical form or the more typical lecture type format depends on the needs and preferences of the student. The lessons will be focused on studying techniques, written exercises with supervision and recalling techniques. We will work not just to close any gaps but also help the student in learning how to optimize private study. For students who need to get up to speed with content, I can offer sessions where I present you with ideas and new ways of understanding the topic. I approach each topic according to the immediate and long-range needs of the student, whether they require help in comprehending their topic, in preparing for exams, or in planning, executing, and proofing written work. Depending on the desire and temperament of the student, I can gear my lessons either towards cramming and exam survival or towards the nurturing of lifelong learning. My general policy is also to be flexible with what the student needs of me. For example, my payment is for the hour, however I am happy to look over work and send comments. My fee is not just one hour as I work with the student in all aspects of their learning via e-mails outside the lessons. Pushing forward If you're enthralled by your subject and wish to pursue it further, beyond the bounds of learning outcomes and assessment, then I can cultivate that passion in you. If you want to improve your critical or creative writing, I can help you articulate your vision and present it according to high standards; along the way I will instill good practices that will help you in any such task.

Our students say it best about our teachers

Bijlessen Frans voor iedereen van elk niveau met Céline
Onze dochter voelde zich op haar gemak bij Celine. De ideale basis om Frans te leren.
Review by AN R.
Nederlandse, Spaanse en/ of Engelse les op elk gewenst niveau
Een aardige lerares die op een een duidelijke manier les uitleg geeft op al je vragen. Daarnaast is ze erg positief ingesteld waarbij ze mij vooral heeft gemotiveerd om mijn best te doen voor spaans. Een aanrader!
Review by MOUNA A.
Italian language and culture
Excellent, very polite, very organized and methodical. The course is very pleasant and fruitful.
Review by IOULIA T.

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