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Mathematics for primary and secondary school children
Mathematics is an essential subject for kids to catch a grasp of, and I hope to help them learn and understand it from a younger age. I can help with completing practice books, homework, tests and anything the student doesn’t understand from school. I can also follow and teach from the curriculum if I am given it.

Chinese Mandarin classes and Chinese traditional culture
This class is composed of two parts. 1. Chinese Mandarin. In this class, you will learn Chinese listening and speaking. Do not worry about your current level, because I will give you a tailored plan according to your own situation. A few lessons later, you will be able to use Chinese to learn courses taught in Chinese and communicate with others in life. Or if you are preparing for your Chinese Proficiency Test(HSK), I can help you with some targeted training, such as grammar mistake or writing. 2. Chinese traditional culture. In this part, you will have a chance to explore the magical world of Chinese traditional culture. Do you know the importance of the 24 Solar Terms? Do you want to know the origin of the Spring Festival? After learning this course, your Chinese will become much better especially your understanding of this language and this country.

Programming and Mathematics at university or secondary level
Graduated from a Master with Distinction in Computer Sciences from the University of Liège, I teach computer science and mathematics. I already have a lot of experience in the field because I gave exercises at the university for 2 years and have already assisted many students as a private teacher. I give lessons at home or remotely. :-) Mathematics (up to higher level), various programming languages: C, Java, C ++, Python, Golang and other languages like HTML, SQL, ....

Cours de maths pour collège/lycée
Je propose des cours de maths pour collégiens et lycéens

Classical Arabic or Egyptian dialect lessons BY WEBCAM.
Native Teacher of Standard Classical / Modern Arabic (or Egyptian Dialect) graduated in Linguistic Studies from Cairo University, Egypt. I teach adults as well as children. Methodology Hello everyone, Perfectly trilingual Arabic teacher, pedagogue and accustomed to a French-speaking audience, offers personalized and quality courses. The courses are aimed at a very large audience, adults and children. Whatever your objectives (professional, tourism, personal ...) and your level (perfectly beginner, false start, intermediate or advanced ...) My courses are diverse and often fun. I adapt particularly to the needs of each one in order to help achieve the targeted objectives regardless of the level. With me, Guaranteed results! I would be delighted to accompany you in your learning. course The ages of my students vary between 7 and 70 years old and they have all improved since I have been accompanying them in learning languages. In addition, I give French lessons to students from primary to high school. 20 years of experience in teaching the Arabic language to children and adults. (individual and group lessons) I suggest: - Modern Arabic courses which allow you to start and progress, both orally and in writing. - Switch to dialect. - Intensive Arabic teaching. - Improve grammar and written Arabic. - Arabic lessons: basic to advanced. Mohamed's Curriculum Vitae - Holder of a literary baccalaureate in Cairo, Egypt. - Holder of a diploma in teaching the Arabic language to non-natives, the House of Arabic Language Sciences, Cairo University, Egypt. -Holder of a C2 level in French and English. - Holder of a diploma in teaching English to non-native speakers = TEFL. (UK) Languages: Arabic: Mother Tongue. French - Perfectly, read, spoken and written. English - Perfectly, read, spoken and written. Spanish - intermediate, read, spoken and written. Hobbies : Music, Tinkering around the house, Going to museums, Each lesson includes 1- All the educational materials that I use PDF. 2- All the audio that accompanies the written documents. I reserve the right to reject any student who is not serious.

Private lessons in all subjects from 6ᵉ to Terminale
Being a student in history and political science, my school career is marked by a remarkable homogeneity, concluding with a very good mention in Bac S. I am able to help students in all subjects, in an efficient and punctual manner, to through lessons, in-depth studies and fun training to improve the student's skills.

Hanna teaches violin, viola, solfeggio and chamber music in Basel.
In my career as a teacher, I have learned that a lot can be achieved with pleasure, mutual motivation and targeted advice. I adapt my teaching style individually to the needs and personalities of my students by creating a personalized program with them. Depuis que j'enseigne le violon et la musique, il n'y a pas un jour sans que je me dise que la motivation et le plaisir sont les plus grands moteurs de l 'apprentissage. C'est pourquoi je privilégie toujours lors de mes cours une atmosphere détendue et propice au travail. La technique a bien sûr une grande importance pour moi, mais elle n'est pas J'enseigne l'initiation musicale, la théorie de la musique et l'alto que j'ai pratiqué en musique de chambre et bien sûr le violon, mon instrument principal avec lequel je me produis dans plusieurs orchestres et ensembles.

Private lessons in languages (English / French) and homework help
English is one of the most important languages in globalization, you will learn to speak this language in writing as well as orally (lessons up to level B1). Work on grammar, conjugation and spelling of the French language, for people in difficulty or wanting to learn the language. Homework help in all subjects up to 5th grade, then in English and French up to 3rd grade.

Maths, English, AQE Prep tuition for primary pupils
1 to 1 tuition for all primary level subjects from experience primary school teacher. I have 15 years experience teaching at primary level in classes ranging from Year 2 - Year7, with a particular expertise in pupils who struggle with numeracy. I also have many years experience helping prepare pupils for AQE testing.

English Tutoring for Beginner to Intermediate Learners
I am currently learning to be a Kindergarten - year 12 (last year of highschool) teacher. Teaching English is a passion of mine. This class is for all age groups wanting to either learn English, reading and/or writing. In my class you can learn anything from the basic alphabet, to how to write an essay. I hope to make it fun and easy for you to learn.

Student at SciencesPo gives tutoring lessons
Second year student at SciencesPo Paris and holder of an ES euro English baccalaureate with honors, I am available to give tutoring courses to primary, secondary or high school children, especially in languages (B2 German and C1 English) , in SES, in History-Geography, in French & Methodology and in Maths.

History / geography / social sciences courses for secondary school pupils or students
Hello ! If you are a high school student looking for a helping hand to pass your exams or improve your assignments, I would be happy to help! If you are a bachelor student wishing to train in the humanities, I can also provide you with theoretical and practical support to better prepare your exam sessions!

Mathematics and other scientific subjects for young students
Mathematics is a good exercise for logical reasoning and intuition. I always put the student self reliance as my first goal, teaching ways and tools to find help even when studying alone. Usually many courses in math are poorly thought by regular teachers, I am certain that one to one tutorship could make the difference to overcome stress and frustration in learning challenges.

Piano lessons in Geneva - Repertoire - Theory - Composition
Concert pianist with more than ten years of professional experience, holder of a Masters in Jazz Performance from the Manhattan School of Music in New York, I offer piano lessons for all ages and all levels. My pedagogy is based on understanding the instrument and the musical language: - Solid classical background which allows me to meet the needs of pianists targeting the conservatory or a high school. - Experience in preparing for auditions or recitals - Experience as a church pianist in New York; I therefore also have basics of gospel and blues - Jazz harmony / classical music theory lessons - Composition -> I specialize in composition for solo piano - Jazz pianist by training: I specialize in the Jazz repertoire and therefore improvisation - Patient and passionate teacher, I will offer a program adapted to the desires, level and needs of the student.

Singing lessons in Delémont, for all levels !.
My singing lessons are for everyone! Children, adolescents, adults or seniors, regardless of your level, whether you are a beginner who has never taken singing lessons or you already have a certain mastery of your voice, the main thing is that you want to discover and develop your voice! The one-hour lessons generally take place according to the following scheme: 1. About 10 minutes of physical warm-up: Warm up physically to sing? Yes it is very important, because you do not sing only with your voice, you use your whole body! In this part you will learn how to wake up your body so that you are ready to release your voice. 2. About 30 minutes of warm-up and vocal work: Singing is like playing sports, when you want to run a sprint you warm up first, otherwise you may injure yourself. It is exactly the same for your voice! In this part, we work on everything related to accuracy, breathing and all the technical aspects to be acquired. 3. About 20 minutes of song work: In this last part, we will work on the songs you have chosen. We will analyze and improve your way of interpreting them while trying to put into practice the techniques learned. I will also sometimes allow myself to make suggestions for songs to acquire certain technical aspects, but these are only proposals and there is no obligation, it depends on your expectations. The courses are however quite adaptable according to your needs! If you have an audition, a competition, etc ... we adapt the content of the course so that it is as prolific as possible for you!

Private lessons in English, development of language skills.
French Version: Emphasizing the fundamental language skills: 1. Thinking 2. Reading 3. Writing ➢ Communicating ➢ Active listening ➢ Thinking ➢ Viewing ➢ Presenting Implementing exact fundamentals needed for a smooth learning process. With good will and motivation, learning a new language becomes fun. Join me in an unforgettable learning journey, boost your confidence and get ready to speak ENGLISH! -------------------------------------- French version: Fundamental language skills: 1. Think 2. Read 3. Write ➢ Communicate ➢ Active listening ➢ Reflection ➢ Watch ➢ Present Implement the fundamentals necessary for the smooth running of learning. With good will and motivation, learning a new language becomes fun. Join me on an unforgettable learning experience, build your confidence and get ready to speak English!

TFE and Internship Reports - Proofreading and correction
Hello, I proofread TFE, dissertations and internship reports. This includes correcting spelling and grammar mistakes, reformulating sentences and structuring words. I do not do total writing of a TFE. By that I mean that I am not writing a TFE for someone from A to Z. For the short presentation, I have a master's degree in law, with an economic and social purpose, which I obtained 5 years ago and I am currently working in the field of social action. I guarantee to return the work no later than three days before the due date.

Experienced Teacher/Tutor: fostering a love of learning in a calm, stress-free way!
I am an experienced teacher and primary school with a wealth of knowledge about the British Education System and about teaching English, underpinned by an in-depth understanding of the ways children learn. I can offer the following: • Individual/small group English lessons. • Individual/small group support and preparation for the British school state SATS examinations at primary level. • Specialized advice on supportive approaches for children with special educational needs. • Tutoring and support for parents to help their children’s learning. All lessons are interactive, fun, and tailored to the learner's needs and preferred learning style and ability.

Math for high school (or lower classes) students, a a
Hello! In this class, you will learn how to think on your own and adapt to different scenarios when working on Math problems. You will not just know how to solve questions, but you'll begin to understand why each question is solved in its own way. You will be taught by a very friendly and approachable tutor, and you can also consider me your friend. I will push you past your limits and bring out the best out of you.

Violin-Viola - Chamber music - Musical education
Hello, I offer violin-viola, music theory, chamber music and musical education lessons for all levels (beginners, intermediates, advanced). I am 25 years old and I graduated from the music conservatories of Brussels and Cologne (Germany) with a specialized master's degree with great distinction. I am currently continuing my training in chamber music in Ghent as well as a master's degree in pedagogy at the Royal Conservatory of Mons. I trained with big names such as Paul de Clerck, Peijun Xu, Veit Hertenstein and Nobuko Imai. Viola solo in several orchestras in Belgium (notably the Young Belgium Strings) and supplement to the orchestra of the Opéra de la Monnaie, I am also currently in the process of finalizing a didactic master's degree in music.

Private lessons in French for students from 6th to 1st year
Student at Sciences PO Toulouse, I want to give private lessons. After having obtained a bac ES mention TB in a French high school abroad, I want to help students who need it. Thus, I offer tutoring courses as well as private lessons in French, English and History-geography. My goal is to make the student progress at his own pace and to prepare him as well as possible for the tests and assessments without rushing him. I am able to provide lessons from the 6th to the Terminale. I am there to transmit to him the methods which have been effective for me throughout my schooling. It is of course possible to continue the private lessons during the holidays.

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Bijlessen Frans voor iedereen van elk niveau met Céline
Onze dochter voelde zich op haar gemak bij Celine. De ideale basis om Frans te leren.
Review by AN R.
Nederlandse, Spaanse en/ of Engelse les op elk gewenst niveau
Een aardige lerares die op een een duidelijke manier les uitleg geeft op al je vragen. Daarnaast is ze erg positief ingesteld waarbij ze mij vooral heeft gemotiveerd om mijn best te doen voor spaans. Een aanrader!
Review by MOUNA A.
Italian language and culture
Excellent, very polite, very organized and methodical. The course is very pleasant and fruitful.
Review by IOULIA T.

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