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Private lessons in mathematics - English - French
Graduated with a Master's degree in management sciences, financial orientation, I have given many courses for several years. I adapt to the level of the student by taking the time to make the subject that is causing difficulties understood. I obviously help with the preparation of questions or exams. I also give exercises to prepare for the next course, so as to take stock of the material seen together during the course.

Tutor of French, Methodology, History, Geography, homework in general
Hello, I am a first year student at University College London (UCL) in Crime and Security Science. I speak fluently French Italian and English. I graduated from the Lycée Français Charles de Gaulle in London. I majored in Geopolitics in which I got a 15 and in English Language and Literature where I got a 19. I offer online courses. I have been giving private lessons in French, methodology and homework help for 2 years now! I am very organized which is an asset for UCAS applications and personal statement. I am available at specific times of the week and most of the time on weekends. Do not hesitate to contact me !

Bass & Music theory lessons (harmony, rhythm, composition, etc.) by a qualified teacher
Graduated from the American School of Modern Music, I offer bass lessons for beginners, intermediate or advanced levels looking for ways to work. I adapt to everyone's desires and favorite styles, whether it's Hip-hop, Jazz, Blues, Pop, City Pop, Rock, Punk, Funk, Metal, World, etc. . My goal is above all to accompany you in your musical adventure. Also I can help you prepare for auditions (for a group or a music school), improve your phrasing, develop your game or simply teach you your favorite songs. Classes can take place at my home, yours or via Skype. I offer lessons of 1h, 1h30 and 2 hours according to needs and desires. Having several basses (4 strings, 5 strings, acoustic, fretless) I gladly lend an instrument to students who come to my home, which can be practical if the lesson takes place after work or study hours. For lessons at home, I bring an ABY pedal that allows two people to play on the same amp, making the lesson more practical and more fun! Thank you for reading this announcement and have a nice day,

Italian and English Online Class by a native speaker with experience in teaching and tutoring.
If you want to learn a new language but you don`t know where to start, or you find it challenging and are looking for help, then I`m here for you! My name is Adele, I`m Italian and I would like to help you. With my help, you can develop oral and written comprehension of Italian and English. I will work with you to create your own study approach and provide you with the tools for a successful study path. In addition, you will have the chance to get to know the Italian culture and cuisine and practice your language skills with a native speaker. Moreover, thanks to years of study and internships around Europe, I now master English language at a C2 level, thus I am also available to help you improve your English. I am ready, and you?

Violin lessons and music theory for beginners and intermediates with the Suzuki method
This course is intended for people wishing to start the violin, or who already have some experience of the instrument. It is not necessary to have skills in music theory, nor to know how to read the notes, because I use the Suzuki method, which adapts to the youngest as well as to teenagers. You can now learn this marvelous instrument, both soloist and centerpiece of the orchestra and chamber music. Together, we can allow you to learn the techniques necessary to master this demanding instrument, around classical repertoires ranging from Bach to Vivaldi, even towards modern interpretations in which the violin continues to flourish.

Maths, physics, chemistry, French, English, Tutoring / homework help
Medical student / I give private lessons at my home to primary and secondary students (up to 6th). My goal is to advance the student so that he succeeds in his year and reaches his goals! I can teach in Brussels or La Louvière

Personalized and dynamic Korean lessons for all levels, Korean teacher with experience
Native Korean with a Seoul accent, I can help you to have a pronunciation without a French accent. Living and working in France since 2016, I have taught Korean to about twenty students since 2019, from different origins, with different goals and expectations. For each of your goals, I provide personalized teaching according to your criteria (Kpop lyrics, TOPIK test preparation, translations, travel, support, etc.) My experiences allow me to teach at all levels, on all projects. It is always a great pleasure to guide my students well so that they improve and flourish in their acquisitions. I spent a lot of time in foreign countries, I too had the experience of learning foreign languages on my own but it's not easy to improve while maintaining the same curiosity. I am a good guide on your learning path by correcting your mistakes and working together on topics that interest you in personalized lessons. I don't just offer grammar and vocabulary lessons. I provide documents and prepare my lessons in connection with Korean culture and always according to your interests. Example: Kpop, K-drama, Korean food, Korean culture, k-makeup, TOPIK test, etc. I help at all ages, all levels (Beginner, False beginner, Intermediate, Advanced). I remain available, do not hesitate to contact me, I will answer you with great pleasure;)

Saxophone lessons and/or musical training for all levels
I offer saxophone lessons at all levels, beginner or more advanced, in a classical, jazz or other style with music theory lessons if desired. Saxophonist and graduate pianist, I am finalizing my course at the Haute École de Musique de Genève. With a double jazz and classical training, plus piano skills, I am able to offer a varied musical education adapted to each student. I have been teaching for many years, in various music schools or in private lessons. Classes can be done at the student's home or at my home without worries. Hope to see you !

Figurative and Still Life Drawing, Observation and Memory
Drawing as the basic visual language is one of the most powerful ways to connect what you see and record through your body. This class is suitable for people who are applying for Bachelor and Master programs in Art. We will start with still life drawing and continue our observations with the human figure. Initially, I would suggest pencils, pastels, crayons, and charcoals to make the drawings on paper. After getting familiar with the human figure, I will ask you to alter the medium; i.e., the marker and the surface, to explore the visual language of the materials. Moving from observation to the materiality of our drawings, I will ask to draw and write from memory. This part of the class would enable us, to collect images and make narratives from our source materials that we have observed, recorded, and recalled.

Mr. Hamzah
Arabic Language in scientific method-Formal ,original and practical version for daily uses.
Master degree, Arabic teacher- (WE Shift you to another level in 45 day) Quick term plan-long term plan preparation-support-curriculum-evaluation Note: the lessons available in arabic and english.

Special drum course, theoretical and fun.
Drum lessons for beginner and intermediate students. Teacher who followed the curriculum of the Conservatory of the Broye with Professor Jean Luc Lavanchy for 8 years, I offer these services to discover or develop the passion of drums, the study of rhythm and musical composition. The course is intended primarily playful and interactive. We will therefore define together the objectives that YOU care about. (Ex: play a specific song, learn to play in a group, learn to write your own songs, etc.) The study of rhythm is via a course support (Syncopation for The Modern Drummer by Ted Reed) strongly recommended to have all the weapons to work efficiently at home! The course is held on electronic drum, which allows a detailed and precise listening. That's why, if you have a good headphone, you can take it with you. Otherwise, you will be loaned one for the duration of the course.

High school math and physics lessons. 3rd year student at the Polytechnic University of Brussels.
Private lesson lasting an hour or two. The course begins with a theoretical reminder followed by questions from the student on the subject. We then continue with exercises that we do together to fully integrate the subject. The student ends with exercises alone that I correct to verify the integration of the material.

Private lessons in math (secondary level to master's level) and physics (secondary level to gymnasium level).
I give math lessons at all levels from secondary (college) to master's (M2) and physics at all levels from secondary (college) to gymnasium (high school). I have 6 years of experience in the field of tutoring. I adapt to the needs of the students by listening to them and putting them in confidence. Holder of a Master's degree in Applied Mathematics specializing in Optimization from ENSTA Paris and ENS Paris Saclay. Before that, I did 3 years of preparatory class (CPGE) in Montpellier (Lycée Joffre) in Maths-Physics (MPSI-MP*). I have 6 years of experience in tutoring. I adapt to the needs of the students by listening to them and giving them confidence. I have just obtained my Master's degree in Applied Mathematics with a specialization in Optimization at ENSTA Paris and ENS Paris Saclay. Before that, I did 3 years of advanced preparatory classes for French Grandes Ecoles (CPGE) in Montpellier (Joffre High School) in Maths-Physics (MPSI-MP*).

Private language lessons (French, English and German)
French lessons for students from primary to higher education, English lessons from primary to secondary 6, German lessons for beginners. I can help your children and teenagers with the difficulties they encounter in French, English or German. I am a very calm person and I love to teach. I'm not here to make your children hate languages, but rather to give them a taste for them. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me on Apprentus.

Vocal coach / Baritone opera singer / Student at the Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussel, 7 years of vocal technique and professional experience
I propose a method from my professional experience but above all in the continuity of the teaching given to me by my teacher from the National Conservatory of Paris and the Royal Conservatory of Brussels, based on the methods and techniques of the greatest lyrical singers , in order to discover and develop your voice to sing with ease and pleasure! A typical course will be composed as follows: - breathing exercise - vocalize (which will thus make it possible to identify the tessitura, the vocal corrections to be made, etc.) - singing of a piece (correction of technical problems, identification of repertoire, genre, style; how to improve fluidity and ease in singing)! This course is mainly aimed at beginners from the age of 16, to be able to discover their lyrical voice and the joy of singing!

French and English lessons (mother and father tongues)
remotivation of students against a loss of confidence, - the course evolves according to the profile of the student. The student chooses what he wants to improve, and I supervise him with kindness. English speaking, I can help at all levels, without limits.

Français Langue étrangère. Je peux enseigner tout ce que tu veux, je m'adapte et personnalise mon cours en fonction de tes besoins.
FR Je suis un amoureux des langues et on m'a toujours aider dans les langues que j'ai apprises. À mon tour d'aider les autres ! :) Je m'adapterai à ton rhytme et niveau. Je te tirer vers le haut jusqu'à ce que tu atteignes tes objectifs en Français! EN I'm really passionated about languages and I have always been supported when I learned other languages. It is now my turn to guide others. I'll adapt to your rhythm and level. I will help you as much as needed to reach your goals in French and make you proud of yourself ! IT Sono appassionato di lingue e sono sempre stato aiutato quando imparavo altre lingue. Ora tocca a me essere una guida. Mi adatterò al tuo ritmo e livello. Ti aiuterò a sviluppare il tuo francese finchè tu sia soddisfatto ! NL Ik ben echt gepassioneerd met talen en ik ben altijd geholpen geweest wanneer ik andere talen leerde. Het is nu mijn beurt om anderen te helpen. Ik pas me aan aan jouw tempo en nivel. Ik zal je omhoog trekken om jouw doelen te bereiken!

English or French private lessons, at home or by webcam
Whether you are a beginner or already a little experienced in French or English, a student or an adult, these courses will help you improve. This course is for anyone who wants to learn. Classes are given at home or by webcam, at choice.

Introduction to 2D and 3D Geomteric Patterns and Proportionality from Alhambra
Basic geometric pattern is for anyone from any field of art. The pre-req that is required for the course is patience and resutltantly it will teach you versatile language of visual proportionality which will any art practiioner who is either working on 2D or 3D space or any kind of visual art. Geometry is not an art form it is tool to develop visual to understand art or space which we are enclosed around. Particularly in this we focus on Mughal and Alhambra's visual asthetics just to make the students to be focused. But will definitely understand in the initial classes that they will absorb lots different visuals which they are regularly around them. It is a tool to understand frames, depths and differents tillings. Students will learn the following via Demonstrations/ practical, Lectures: 1. Fundamental use of compass /Polygons and their jorgans 2. Drawing six-fold & four-fold geometric patterns, which have been used throughout Muslim traditional art; Use of isometric grids in Islamic geometric design/patterns 3. Understanding of different proportionalities of tessellations. 4. Learn to construct Platonic and Archmedian solids

Music Theory - Learn the Rudiments of Music Online
Learn the rudiments of music theory. Learning music theory is an essential part of your musical development. Understanding how the language of music is written provides the foundation for growing your theory knowledge. Music theory is how musicians explain and describe the phenomena heard in a musical composition. Music theory defines the core aspects of music and provides a system for musicians to communicate their ideas to one another.

Learn the guitar starting on reinforced concrete bases
You will learn how to play the guitar from the beginning, the position of the body, the hands, how to use the thumb, the arpeggios. Exercises and fun songs on the program. Bonus: study of flamenco techniques Video lessons if you prefer

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Bijlessen Frans voor iedereen van elk niveau met Céline
Onze dochter voelde zich op haar gemak bij Celine. De ideale basis om Frans te leren.
Review by AN R.
Nederlandse, Spaanse en/ of Engelse les op elk gewenst niveau
Een aardige lerares die op een een duidelijke manier les uitleg geeft op al je vragen. Daarnaast is ze erg positief ingesteld waarbij ze mij vooral heeft gemotiveerd om mijn best te doen voor spaans. Een aanrader!
Review by MOUNA A.
Italian language and culture
Excellent, very polite, very organized and methodical. The course is very pleasant and fruitful.
Review by IOULIA T.

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