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Mathematics tuition ranging from KS3 to KS4 all aptitudes
I am a A-level student studying both Maths and Further Maths who is passionate about mathematics and attending one of the best maths schools in the country (King's Maths School). I have qualified for numerous Olympiads in mathematics and have great experience in the subject from a young age. I can teach students from KS3 to KS4 in mathematics and work with them on any doubts or queries that they have from school, alongside sharing some of my own experiences. I have an idea of the new 9-1 GCSE style as I have sat the first paper myself.

Science course for high school and chemistry students for the Superior
Graduate of a Master in Chemistry of the ULG I give courses of catch-up / refreshing in chemistry-physics, biochemistry (+ method of work). My teaching method is to make a first contact with the student in order to take stock of the knowledge and the gaps, then to meet the needs of the student in a targeted and effective way. In addition to answering questions I like to approach the working method, because according to my student experience it is a key element of success. At the end of each session I usually summarize the lesson, emphasizing the important points of the topic.

singing lessons: learn breathing techniques and singing
counter-tenor of formation I have a real passion for the song that I like to transmit, I also teach the different breathing techniques necessary for the practice of the song, to learn the musical pulsation to integrate it, as well as the rhythmic music theory are part also from my teaching. Patience and pedagogy are qualities that I think I possess and that allow a relaxed course necessary for singing. Thanks to a work done during 2 years in neurophyscology and speech therapy. It is also possible for me to intervene on blockages created by bad habits installed without our knowledge either by the body or by the mind.

Special mathematics course-science-physics-chemistry-mechanics-drawing technique-french-biology ...
Trainee at EPFL, I am an engineering student and master student in bioengineering. During my studies, I often had to accompany students who are younger than me with difficulties in their studies. This support is particularly important to me because, during my studies, I benefited from this type of support and helped me better understand my classes. Also, it is important for me to perpetuate this dynamic of transmission and sharing.

Qualified Math, Physics and Programming Teacher here to help!
Do you need Maths, Physics or Programming help? I am a qualified science and maths teacher from the UK, trained at UCL's highly selective Institute of Education (ranked number one in the world for teacher training) who has taught privately and in two schools. If you're getting stuck with homework, or exam preparation I am here to help you. Programming wise I am a Javascript specialist, and can help you learn to use some cutting edge tools and technologies such as ES6, React, Node.js, and Ruby on Rails. Let me know if there is something I can do for you.

Private lessons in English physical math at home or at home
I give very detailed and simplified lessons for all categories, I help students do their homework, and I organize small exams to know the level of the students and the good course and learning of the course

Learning the basics of classical singing technique
This class is suitable for anyone wishing to learn about the voice. I teach people that already sing and want to develop further their technique and repertoire but also people who have never sang before and who want to learn how to use their voice for the first time. I am a very passionate teacher who enjoys finding the right tools to make each person enjoy more their singing. We will focus a lot on connecting the voice with the breath and the body and on releasing tension from all the muscles that work together to create the sound. You might think that you will have to sing all kinds of high opera aria's during this class. Don't worry, this is not true of course! You can sing any music you like, including other music styles. You will learn to use your voice from a classical approach, but this will help you develop your voice for any kind of genre. You are very welcome to do a try-out lesson. During this lesson we can experiment with all kind of easygoing exercises and you can see if my way of teaching is what you are looking for and what you feel comfortable with!

Learn the delightful play of the transverse flute at home!
Flexibility and adaptation to the my pupil are fundamental for me. I am here to pass my knowledge and my skills to you so that you can reach your own goals. You will learn basics on the instrument, discover different styles and periods with techniques specific to each of them, and be able to express yourself in a musical way... ;)

Professional english lessons on speaking reading and writing
You will learn to speak, read and write English depending on your level of learning. As a tutor I will provide activities with a variety of teaching and learning methods. Lessons will be fun, creative and relevant to each student. Lessons will be based on each students needs and requirements. I also give support to students who are studying GCSE's. I can travel to the students home around the Dudley and Sandwell area. Lessons can also be via Web Cam.

math class and help with homework, primary or secondary level
From the moment in teaching where I could choose an option, I chose strong maths. Now again I have a fairly high level in maths, having studied architecture engineer at VUB. I could probably help students in primary and secondary school. In French for pupils in primary and in Dutch for those in secondary school.

Native American English Tutoring for people of all Ages
I specialize in teaching the English Language to students. I Am a native speaker and will be teaching formal, and casual English depending on what the student requests to learn. The goal is to really work on the Vocabulary, writing, and accent is very important.

English, IELTS/TOEFL, Academic writing, French, Urdu
Hi, I am Aisha, I would like to help you learn/practice English. I am a very friendly person and like to make learning as much fun as possible. I believe we can achieve a lot in a short time if we work with dedication and confidence. I am a qualified TEFL teacher. I have a diploma in teaching primary and secondary school learners. I speak several languages myself (English, French, Urdu/Hindi, Punjabi, and a little bit German now). I know language learning can be hard. I would gladly assist you in this process and make language learning easier for you!

Basic or Advanced Physics for High School or University Students
PhD who specialise in tutoring Physics. Mechanics or Electromagnetism. My goal is to provide students a top-level tutoring only experience and academic success can provide. This class applies not only to students who are struggling with the subject but also to ones who want to become top students too. I have all the necessary books. Student must bring calculator.

Learn English with a native, qualified and experienced landlord
I am a qualified teacher of English and native speaker who offers courses for beginners as well as those of an advanced level. Having three years of experience in teaching and having learned French myself, I know how to meet your needs. Thanks to my experience and the wide variety of materials I have accumulated, you will benefit from clearly structured lessons but at the same time personalized and based on your personal passions. The basic principles of English are treated: lexical, grammatical, pronunciation, intonation, vocabulary, expressions and essential formulas, as well as a lot of communication: the various subjects are examined through exchanges, scenarios and games of role. In any case, error correction takes up a lot of the lessons. During the lesson, I will correct your mistakes and explain the reason for your mistakes, and after the lesson, I will give you the answer that you can assimilate this new knowledge.

School support in French - German - English!
I offer tutoring classes by helping with the preparation / application of homework and assessments. I would like to pass on my knowledge to children / teens in order for your child to progress with better results! Having already been put in contact with children during discovery courses, I am a patient person who respects the rhythm of the child while stimulating it.

German course for each level, quality course by a passionate teacher
Personalized, effective and quality courses I adapt my courses and method to the student level. And my method depends on what you need: you want to practice your oral German? Let's talk! Want to improve your writing? Can I help you. Do you want to understand German grammar? I can explain it to you and excercise. I am 28 years old, I come from Germany, I am in very good listening accompanied by a great critical and constructive spirit. Eager for knowledge, ambitious and creative.

Cours de Français, Grammaire, Orthographe, Littérature ou écriture française
Je suis actuellement étudiante en 2ème année de Lettres Modernes à Rennes. Ayant effectué un BAC L et étudiant dans l'enseignement, je propose des cours de Français axés au choix sur l'Orthographe, la Grammaire, la Littérature ou encore l'écriture française.

Learn a New Language with Stimulating and Tailor-made Spanish & Italian Lessons
I am an experienced, qualified, native Spanish and Italian teacher with a BA Degree in "Foreign Languages, Literatures and Cultures” and Master's Degree in "Translation for special purposes". Starting during my undergrad years as private tutor, I have been teaching Spanish and Italian for eight years. I can prepare students for their GCSEs, A levels, University exams, revision and DELE exams. I am very enthusiastic, passionate and creative person so I always find ways to make my tutoring sessions as productive as possible, tailor-made to the student's personality and needs. I also include some fun activities like videos, games, songs, according to their interests and level. I like also offering creative programmes, according to their personal needs and curiosities (e.g. fashion, weddings, italian or spanish cooking, history, tourism, culture, etc). My Method is: -instill the love for the language you are studying -encourage and inspire you to reach your potential and find out your goals -give to you my best knowledge, tips and tricks in order to excel in speaking and writing Spanish and/or Italian

Russian cuisine by a Russian! (min 2 services per course)
You do not know what to cook for lunch or dinner? Tired of monotonous meals? Want to try something new? Do you like vegetable salads, soups and dietary desserts? So, you must learn how to cook Russian dishes! And I, (Elena) Elena, I'll be very happy to help you get there. I know a lot of Russian recipes, but with the secrets of my mother and my grandmothers bonus! I will also be happy to talk about Russian culture, the specificities of its cuisine and food principles. Diversify your cuisine and adopt Russian cuisine !!!

Former student of ES (mention very good in the baccalaureate) gives course of SES, English or history in Marseille
Currently studying political science in Lille, I want to find a job using my achievements of high school according to the method taught in preparatory class for examinations of IEP. The pupil is initially aware of his difficulties and misunderstanding. Then, tasks and recitations are realized to improve the level of the student in the subject. The principle is to fill the gaps of the student according to a logic of interaction with the teacher. To avoid getting close to formal schooling, visual aids can be used. The student may also be encouraged to write lesson cards and to synthesize the course given by the high school teacher.

French courses (language, grammar, culture) and test prep tutoring
Private lessons I offer private lessons in French, all levels. I am a private teacher with a seven-year experience with kids, students, adults, and professionals. After 3 years of studies in the preparatory class for the Grandes Ecoles in Paris, I have a BA in philosophy and an MA in comparative literature. I offer lessons tailored to your needs, pace, and objectives

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Bijlessen Frans voor iedereen van elk niveau met Céline
Onze dochter voelde zich op haar gemak bij Celine. De ideale basis om Frans te leren.
Review by AN R.
Italian language and culture
Excellent, very polite, very organized and methodical. The course is very pleasant and fruitful.
Review by IOULIA T.
Cécile is a professional teacher with a personal approach. Besides being a very friendly person, her teaching is absolutely worth recommending.
Review by TIMON R.

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