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Experienced native French teacher provides online or in class tutoring (Ho Chi Minh city/ Vietnam)
I used to provide French tutoring at school as well as online, one on one or small classes up to 3 students only. Tutoting at all levels: beginners, intermediates or advanced, please provide in advance teaching material in order to ensure best suitable tutoring.

Private Italian lessons for all levels
Hello! I am an italian girl and i love learning new languages. That's why I always helped foreigners who came to Florence to learn Italian, my mother tongue! I offer Italian courses in Lausanne, so if you want to learn Italian do not hesitate to contact me. Nothing is impossible to learn with good mentors and a little willpower;)

Private French lessons for students from primary to preparatory class
I help students on points of method that they would not have understood, on text commentary and the essay, but also to come back to rules of grammar and conjugation that will help them to express themselves better. I did two years of preparatory literary class at the Lycée Henri IV, in Paris, and gave many private lessons: I will therefore be able to make you understand and progress.

Piano lessons: classical, jazz / pop, music theory and composition for all ages.
Private piano lessons in Ghent for adults and children from 4 years old. Engaging and efficient music lessons, with an individual program tailored to each student. Your level does not matter. I will teach you to read notes and rhythm in a few lessons, even if you are sitting behind the instrument for the first time in your life.

Classical Singing Lessons for beginners and advanced students
In the singing lesson we look at breathing, vocal technique, language, expression and interpretation. I take much pleasure in watching a student grow and facilitating their development and helping them on their own path. The most important thing to me is that they enjoy using their voice and telling a story through music. I have recently graduated from Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance with a Master of Music degree with distinction. Through the developing of my private practice, I am becoming increasingly interested and deeply passionate about teaching singing and singing pedagogy. For me, music – and especially singing – is all about communication, between performer and audience, between composer and performer/audience, between teacher and student; it is about conveying a story and human emotions that people can relate to and that give us a sense of connection and belonging. This requires not only a deep understanding of technical skills, but also a sensitivity to the text and the way it is set into music, both melodically and harmonically.

Piano lessons / Piano lessons
IN: Professional Pianist with extended teaching experience and private lessons of Piano and Solfege. All ages and all levels, from classic to pop music EN: Professional pianist with long teaching experience offers private lessons at home of Piano and Solfege. Any age and any level, from classical music to pop. Classes are given in English, French or Russian.

Piano, Guitar, Singing, and Music production Lessons
Playing an instrument isn't a gift or a natural talent, it's a skill, like anything else. Anyone can learn to play an instrument, just as long as its something they really want to do! Whatever pathway you want to go down, whether it be taking the grade exams and learning complex, elegant classical pieces, or if you're put off by the idea of having to read notation and would just like to to learn how to play/ the songs you love, and understand the inner workings of music, then I would love to help! In my lessons, as well as going through how to actually play, I cover a variety of areas such as: - Improvisation - Playing by ear - Ear Training & Aural skills - Composition - Harmony & Theory Some of my favourite artists include Jimi Hendrix, D'angelo, Erykah Badu, John Mayer, Royal Blood, James Blake, Lianne La Havas, etc. A lot of soul music mixed with jazz, hip hop, funk etc. But generally I enjoy almost everything, from Rock to Rap to classical.

Spanish course for high school students
I am a student in translation and interpretation at the University of Liège. I have a C1 level in Spanish and I lived in Valencia for five months. I offer Spanish courses to college or high school students who have difficulties in learning this language. I offer interactive classes where students can express their doubts and improve their language skills. Students will also have the opportunity to enrich their vocabulary and to be able to express themselves in different contexts.

English rhyme,math, social studies are very easy you need only proper guide.i can help
Classes are now open for primary students please join and enjoy your primary class with me. I can help you nicely in all subjects. Including Bengali I teach all subject Like English s.s.t, math.

Klavier und QuerFlöte Unterrichten für Anfänger, Arbeit mit Solfege und Rhythmus
Ich möchte Ihnen Klavier- und QuerFlötenkurse anbieten. Wenn Ihre Kinder oder Sie selbst ein großartiges Abenteuer mit Musik beginnen möchten, bin ich die richtige Wahl für Sie. Die ersten Schritte auf jedem Instrument sind sehr wichtig, und die Geduld, die man jedem Schüler geben muss, ist ebenfalls sehr sehr wichtig, damit Sie oder Ihre Kinder mit der Zeit die Musik und das ausgewählte Instrument schätzen und sich in sie verlieben. Also, wenn Sie ein wahres Talent in Ihnen oder Ihren Kindern entdecken möchten, zögern Sie nicht,mich zu kontaktieren, lassen Sie uns gemeinsam die magische Musikreise zu beginnen.

Homework help in all subjects (kindergarten to baccalaureate)
Currently a student in French and Spanish Law, I am available to give homework help classes to your children in June and July. I also offer to give French or Spanish lessons! Do not hesitate to contact me.

Math Tutoring for all abilities (Native English Speaker)
Offering help to prepare for a forthcoming Mathematics exam or maybe you have missed some classes and fallen behind in particular areas of your Mathematics study. I have many years coaching adults and teaching children from age 12. I work closely with students to gain a full understanding of their needs and help them with their specific maths requirements. I am passionate about Mathematics and my teaching style and methods help my students to understand the particular concepts they are struggling to grasp. I look forward to hearing from you!

Fun & Sweaty Outdoor Group Bootcamp. Saturdays/Sundays
Summer is coming and it is time to MOVE! Find the motivation and energy to get back on track or improve your personal fitness level, by joining a group outdoor bootcamp! Alone or with a family member, your room mate or a friend, join us Saturdays or Sundays morning for a fun and sweaty outdoor workout.

Guitar lessons at your home or online, with Native English speaker!
Are you interested in taking your playing to the next level or simply want to bring some music into your life? My name is Morgan, I am qualified classical guitarist originally from Australia and am new to the city of Basel! I am excited to share with you my teaching experience accumulated over more than 10 years in Australia, the United states and Europe! I am interested in working with my students to meet their individual learning needs and goals, and am eager to work with students' in order to develop the technical and musical requirements necessary to share and enjoy music. All styles and levels are welcome! ===NEW ONLINE FORMULA=== In light of the difficult lockdown restrictions, I now offer the option to join my online academy of students. These lessons consist of: - live video lessons, which correspond to the usual face-to-face lesson fee. -Within this format, I am interested in offering 24 hour support, in response to my students questions via text, recorded material or additional exercises. If you're interested in joining my online academy of students, please send me a message or write me an email so we can discuss a suitable strategy for your personal needs! I look forward to meeting and hearing from you all!

Photography and photo editing course (Adobe Photoshop)
Graduated from a BTS audiovisual option image, I have been practicing photography for several years now. Approach photography through first the sensitivity and inspiration of the student. Pooling and transmission of iconographic references. Teaching of the rules and main principles of photography (composition of an image, framing.) Approach to the technical aspect (operation of the camera, exposure settings, etc.) Teaching photo editing, to know how to control your shot throughout the process. Discovery of Photoshop (retouching, photo editing, tips ...)

Plastic arts and applied arts, preparation for competition by artist graduated Beaux-Arts de Paris
The skype (caroart) courses are optimized thanks to the fiber and by a high definition web camera, which allows a course in optimal conditions, the price applies only for the courses via skype and of a minimum duration 1:30. Plastic arts course, college and high school, plastic arts baccalaureate file. ST2A applied arts course, pre-competition by skype: caroart Initiation or improvement in the different techniques of drawing and painting, observation drawing, portrait, study of perspective followed by urban sketches outside, travel diary and watercolor. Portrait technique, sketches of characters, perspective, using the various drawing tools pencil, charcoal, red chalk, markers and watercolors. The basics and improvement of oil painting. The basics of fundamental drawing adapted to children and adolescents with pedagogy, adapted to the rhythms and to the sensitivity of each one. Experience with children from 6 years old and adolescents in private lessons and for institutions. Applied arts course, preparation for the applied arts baccalaureate and preparation, plastic arts baccalaureate file. MANA from applied arts schools, professional bac. The courses are adapted according to the levels and the expectations of the pupils, a pedagogical progression will be developed. Professional artist, with 20 years of experience, exhibition in Parisian galleries. 17 years of experience in teaching adults within a works council of a large company. Preparation for competitions: Fine arts, Applied arts. Applied Arts upgrade. Follow-up in bac ST2A, preparation for competitions: Gobelins, Max. Vox ... School of Fine Arts in Paris. Plastic arts option tray folder

Arabic song or variety song for all levels
This Arabic singing or variety lesson is for all levels. You will learn to use your breath to sing well and not to strain your vocal cords, to improve the texture of the voice and its extent ... This course consists of warming up the voice first, doing breathing exercises and then vocal technique exercises (vocalizations), finally choosing a song and being able to sing it with accuracy and ease.

Math Courses and Exercices , Programming Languiges,Matlab
Bonjour, Étant lauréat des classes préparatoires et étudiant en dernière année à l'Ecole Mohammadia d'Ingénieurs ,j'aimerais donner des cours de soutien en Math pour tous les niveaux à domicile ou dans un espace calme. Je signale que je ne manque pas de passion pour l'enseignement et que je prépare actuellement une agrégation en Mathématiques. Qualité et méthodes pédagogiques adéquates seront au Rendez-vous. Merci

Soutien scolaire toute matière primaire/ collège/ lycée
Étudiant en droit, et ayant un bac S en poche, je souhaiterai aider les élèves collégiens et/ ou lycéens avec des matières telles que l’anglais, les maths, les sciences... d’autant plus que la situation actuelle peut être déstabilisante pour eux et que je comprend les difficultés qui sont celles des lycéens et collégiens ayant moi même quitté le lycée l’année dernière.

English Language and Literature, Mathematics International Baccalaureate, History International Baccalaureate
Hi I recently completed the International Baccalaureate program and I am off to university at Williams College in the United States in the upcoming fall. I would like to tutor over the summer. I have extensive experience in teaching IB Mathematics Applications and Interpretations HL or SL. Likewise, I can teach English and History at any level. My classes will be tailored to the needs of the student. It will likely involve tasks and discussions about the work, as well as the opportunity to ask questions based on what is being done in the student's class at school. I look forward to working with you on developing a plan that will suit your needs and interests.

Biological Sciences - Physics and Chemistry - Mathematics
As a student in Biological Sciences studying at the Imperial College of London, I am well aware of how scientific fields can both be fascinating yet sometimes opaque to one. Having years of experience in both personal tutoring as well as making popular science videos for all, I am now at your disposal to both help you improve your academic levels, as well as renew your interest in the mechanisms of life and the universe. In this class, we will cover everything from basic to advanced levels in biology, physics and chemistry as well as mathematics to provide any student with solid basics to tackle any science course or examination.

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Bijlessen Frans voor iedereen van elk niveau met Céline
Onze dochter voelde zich op haar gemak bij Celine. De ideale basis om Frans te leren.
Review by AN R.
Nederlandse, Spaanse en/ of Engelse les op elk gewenst niveau
Een aardige lerares die op een een duidelijke manier les uitleg geeft op al je vragen. Daarnaast is ze erg positief ingesteld waarbij ze mij vooral heeft gemotiveerd om mijn best te doen voor spaans. Een aanrader!
Review by MOUNA A.
Italian language and culture
Excellent, very polite, very organized and methodical. The course is very pleasant and fruitful.
Review by IOULIA T.

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