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Private lessons in Mathematics (Arithmetic) for everyone
Do you hate math or do complex mathematical formulas make no sense to you? No worries, that is what I am for. I hated math when I was a teenager, considered it a boring subject of numbers. When I learnt mathematics, I discovered that it is a language of nature that most of school teachers fail to demonstrate. So, I am not only going to teach you mathematics, but will also make you love the subject. The class will be tailored to the need of a student.

Private Yoga Classes in Leuven (Dutch or English).
Hi there! I've been teaching Yoga for 2 years. I mostly teach Vinyasa Yoga but am also skilled in Hatha Yoga (traditional Yoga) & Yoga Nidra, and I am also a Reiki practitioner. I will prepare your sessions based on your personal preference, body type and level of experience. The beauty of private Yoga is that I can easily tailor it to your specific needs. So if you have a certain goal, illness/injury,... Private yoga could be the perfect fit for you. We can also discuss the length of the class if you wish. Classes can take place in my home or in yours, around the Leuven area. Classes can be in Dutch or in English, I am fluent in both. If you are interested in having a session with me or if you have any questions, please contact me at olivia.dotremont@hotmail.be. PRICES: - At my location: €50 per session - At your location: €55 per session * The available times provided are incorrect. I am on holiday June 26th - July 2nd and only available afterwards. I will update my schedule then!

German Language for beginners or for refreshing your language and Arabic Language
Learning a language can sometimes be a challenging and frustrating experience. At times you might feel that you have reached a dead-end (or hit a brick wall) and motivating yourself can become difficult. Don’t forget that speaking a second language, not only opens new doors but also has numerous other advantages. "A different language is a different vision of life."😉 Federico Fellini

Mathematics for primary and secondary school children
Mathematics is an essential subject for kids to catch a grasp of, and I hope to help them learn and understand it from a younger age. I can help with completing practice books, homework, tests and anything the student doesn’t understand from school. I can also follow and teach from the curriculum if I am given it.

Mathematics: Learning for all ages. Basic to Advanced
TRUSTED TEACHER: Love it or hate it you'll need Mathematics in some form and point in your life! I can help build your confidence to learn. In person or on-line. I have Mathematics First Class Honors and Postgraduate degrees (MSc, DPhil) from Oxford University, and am experienced in tutoring students of all ages.

English courses for all levels and ages
English is an important language. Whether it is to work, travel or even to understand the world around us. I have a C1 level in English. I followed the “English LLCE” course in high school which allowed me to have 8 hours of English per week. In addition, my methodology is based on oral with discussions, music, films, ... I have already given English lessons to college students and adults.

Taichi Chen Instructor Riccardo / Geneva left bank / Disciple of Master Nang / Taijiquan Chen Association
My method is based on relaxation the sagging of the whole body. Exercises in flexibility and without strength. After a simple and relaxing warm-up, we'll do Shape 12, a simplified shape, for quick practice. The form helps lower your center of gravity and improves your sense of balance and coordination. The practice of Tai chi develops deep breathing, provides muscle relaxation, while stimulating vital functions. Because it is practiced in the great outdoors and in a group, tai chi helps to put things into perspective. During the sessions, you feel that you are part of the cosmos. I have been practicing martial arts since 2005. I am a 3 dang black belt from Vovinam viet Vo dao. I have been practicing Chen Stylish Taijiquan since 2017 and have become Master Nang's disciple. Master Nang has over 35 years of Taichi practice. He practices Chinese medicine and masters energies

Primary- Highschool (Year 4-13) Mathematics ,English
I am an enthusiastic and experienced teacher who has excelled in teaching English language and math for both local and international curriculum. Because of the high degree of professionalism I exercise while teaching and handling students it has earned my much respect and fame,not only among my students but also parents. I hold a degree in education and several certificates and therefore, I competent enough to handle learners.

Maths, English, AQE Prep tuition for primary pupils
1 to 1 tuition for all primary level subjects from experience primary school teacher. I have 15 years experience teaching at primary level in classes ranging from Year 2 - Year7, with a particular expertise in pupils who struggle with numeracy. I also have many years experience helping prepare pupils for AQE testing.

Voice and Song / Technique / Popular, traditional, lyrical song
A graduate of the Royal Conservatory of Brussels and the Flanders Operastudio, I am a lyrical artist and dancer (free dance, Argentine tango). Initially a lyrical singer, I then moved towards popular and improvised music. I have been teaching since 2005, in music academies and in private, I trained in theatrical techniques and I worked as a director with singers from 2009. Also trained in art therapy (Rhapsodie, Brussels), I specialize in dance, voice and rhythms and I am currently training in psychomotricity. My work with the voice is based on my practice of both singing and movement, and the contributions of my various formations. I work on the technique and the re-education of the voice, and cross different repertoires: popular and traditional song, jazz, French song, lyric. Hope to meet you, Good day to you!

Cours de maths pour collège/lycée
Je propose des cours de maths pour collégiens et lycéens

practice conversational English with a native speaker and review work in English
Hi, my name is Juliette and I am an American student here in Geneva for a master's program at UNIGe. English is my mother tongue and during my education I wrote a lot of professional essays and papers, and also I have experience in reviewing and reviewing other papers. I am originally from Florida, and my friends say I am fun, easy going and easy to talk to. If you want to improve your conversational English, become more confident and be more like an English speaker, drop me a line! Hello, my name is Juliette and I'm an American student here in Geneva for a Master's program at UNIGe. English is my first language and during my education, I've written many papers and essays and I also have experience in editing and critiquing other people's papers. I'm originally from Florida, and my friends say I'm fun, easy-going, and easy to talk to. If you want to improve your English, become more sure of yourself, and sound more like a native speaker, write to me!

Private lessons in languages (English / French) and homework help
English is one of the most important languages in globalization, you will learn to speak this language in writing as well as orally (lessons up to level B1). Work on grammar, conjugation and spelling of the French language, for people in difficulty or wanting to learn the language. Homework help in all subjects up to 5th grade, then in English and French up to 3rd grade.

Victor & Paulina
Kizomba, cuban salsa, bachata classes - professional and fun!
We are Paulina and Victor- a Polish-Cuban couple specialized in kizomba traditional, kizomba fusion, semba,cuban salsa and bachata. We can give classes in English, Spanish, Polish, Italian and Portuguese. Victor is a Cuban dance teacher from Havana, Cuba since 9 years with a lot of experiance in all kind of latin and african dance adored by students at all ages who year by year comes to Havana just to take classes with him:) Paulina, his partner is the best prove of this because after 2 years of learning she started to give classes herself:) Since 2018 we have been teaching together in dance schools, privately and also during RitmoCuba 2019 Festival in Havana. Keep calm and dance!:) Our goal is to make the people feel comfortable in their own skin and teach them how to really feel more so they can be able to dance with anyone they meet on the dancefloor. We focus on delivering a solid base of how to lead and follow your partner instead of just learning choreographies (unless you ask for them). We are very patient and we believe that anybody CAN DANCE and enjoy it:) You just need to find your style:)

Programming and Mathematics at university or secondary level
Graduated from a Master with Distinction in Computer Sciences from the University of Liège, I teach computer science and mathematics. I already have a lot of experience in the field because I gave exercises at the university for 2 years and have already assisted many students as a private teacher. I give lessons at home or remotely. :-) Mathematics (up to higher level), various programming languages: C, Java, C ++, Python, Golang and other languages like HTML, SQL, ....

Hanna teaches violin, viola, solfeggio and chamber music in Basel.
In my career as a teacher, I have learned that a lot can be achieved with pleasure, mutual motivation and targeted advice. I adapt my teaching style individually to the needs and personalities of my students by creating a personalized program with them. Depuis que j'enseigne le violon et la musique, il n'y a pas un jour sans que je me dise que la motivation et le plaisir sont les plus grands moteurs de l 'apprentissage. C'est pourquoi je privilégie toujours lors de mes cours une atmosphere détendue et propice au travail. La technique a bien sûr une grande importance pour moi, mais elle n'est pas J'enseigne l'initiation musicale, la théorie de la musique et l'alto que j'ai pratiqué en musique de chambre et bien sûr le violon, mon instrument principal avec lequel je me produis dans plusieurs orchestres et ensembles.

Chinese Mandarin classes and Chinese traditional culture
This class is composed of two parts. 1. Chinese Mandarin. In this class, you will learn Chinese listening and speaking. Do not worry about your current level, because I will give you a tailored plan according to your own situation. A few lessons later, you will be able to use Chinese to learn courses taught in Chinese and communicate with others in life. Or if you are preparing for your Chinese Proficiency Test(HSK), I can help you with some targeted training, such as grammar mistake or writing. 2. Chinese traditional culture. In this part, you will have a chance to explore the magical world of Chinese traditional culture. Do you know the importance of the 24 Solar Terms? Do you want to know the origin of the Spring Festival? After learning this course, your Chinese will become much better especially your understanding of this language and this country.

French PhD Student at IMPERIAL COLLEGE gives MATH/PHYSICS tutoring
FRENCH VERSION BELOW ↧ ↧ Hello ! My name is Gabriel, I’m 23 years old and I’m a PhD Student in Artificial Intelligence and Neurosciences at Imperial College. I am offering private classes of Math and Physics for high school students and eventually undergrads. I can provide classes in both French and English. After obtaining my degree in engineering in one of the top French ‘Grandes Ecoles’, I started my PhD at Imperial in January 2021. I have a very solid background in Math, Physics and Computer Science. I can adapt to every student’s needs: strengthening and deepening of knowledge or reinforcement of the basics, help to homework and assignments or classes and methods. I have a strong experience in tutoring, I have been giving classes for the past 7 years during my studies in France, both as a tutor and a teaching assistant. I have always received amazing feedback and witnessed real progressions in my students. Due to the pandemic, I can give classes remotely . I do however feel like this may weaken a bit my abilities as a teacher and constitutes more of the same remote teaching that already poses so many troubles to kids during these times. I am open to giving classes in person if that is OK for you (I undergo regular testing as part of Imperial’s test scheme) I can come in person in the areas around South Kensington, Hammersmith and Fulham, and even further if the offer is adequate. Hope to see you very soon! Gabriel B. Bonjour! Je m’appelle Gabriel, j’ai 23 ans et je suis étudiant en thèse à Imperial College en Intelligence Artificielle et Neurosciences. Je propose des cours particuliers de Maths et Physique pour des élèves de collège, lycée et éventuellement en premières années d’études supérieures. Je peux donner des cours en Français ou en Anglais. J'ai obtenu un Bac S mention très bien puis effectué une classe préparatoire MPSI puis MP* au lycée Henri 4 avant d'intégrer l'école de Supaero. Je suis finalement venu à Londres pour commencer ma thèse en Janvier 2021 Je peux m'adapter à tous les besoins: approfondissement ou travail des bases du cours, aide aux devoirs et aux exercices ou cours et méthodes. Je possède une solide expérience dans le domaine car je donne des cours régulièrement depuis mes classes prépa. J’ai toujours reçu de très bons retours de mes élèves et pu constater de grandes améliorations dans leurs résultats scolaires. J'aide également mes frères et sœurs en classe de terminale et 3ème depuis longtemps. Avec la situation sanitaire actuelle, les cours peuvent être donnés à distance. Je craint cependant que cela ne diminue légèrement mes capacités d’enseignant. De plus de nombreux élèves se trouvent en difficulté actuellement à cause de l’absence d’enseignement présentiel et des cours en ligne pourraient renforcer ce constat. Je suis ouvert à la possibilité de venir en personne si cela vous convient (j’ai déjà eu la Covid il y a quelques mois à Paris et me fais tester régulièrement selon la politique d' Imperial) Les tarifs sont à pondérer en fonction de votre niveau et de votre situation géographique. Je peux me déplacer autour de South Kensington, Hammersmith and Fulham et éventuellement plus loin si l’offre est adéquate. A très bientôt j’espère ! Gabriel B.

Math for high school (or lower classes) students, a a
Hello! In this class, you will learn how to think on your own and adapt to different scenarios when working on Math problems. You will not just know how to solve questions, but you'll begin to understand why each question is solved in its own way. You will be taught by a very friendly and approachable tutor, and you can also consider me your friend. I will push you past your limits and bring out the best out of you.

French and Portuguese Tutoring with an experienced tutor.
I am a French and Brazilian tutor, specialised in tutoring students French and Portuguese and helping them prepare for exams such as the DELF/ DALF (in French) and the CIPLE/DAPLE (Portuguese). I have tutored several adults and young professionals in Portuguese and French, for the past 5 years. My classes are really dynamic and I can easily adapt to what the student is looking for (improving grammar, vocabulary, written skills, conversations). I see language as something very stimulating and playful to learn. It is truly helpful to learn new communication skills, for the everyday life but also for improving new connections, professional opportunities and travels around the world. I am very patient and always strive for improvement. I am looking forward to hearing from you, and do not hesitate if you have any questions. I am here for you!

Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics Tutoring for Anyone up to A-Level
I can tutor Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics all up to the A-Level standards. My mentoring sessions are carried out in innovative ways to find the best route for my mentees. My teaching methodology is flexible to efficiently carry tutoring session for each individual. I collate useful resources in the most appropriate way for individual's own learning styles, and I deliver contents with tolerance and patience all the time. However, my teaching always involves asking about and going through the struggling content clearly then is based on factual or application questionnaires to check upon the students' understanding then involves various interactive activities such as quiz, mix-match to engage the learning. Through my tutor sessions, my tutees always develop their confidence, self-esteem and their competencies. I have taught various age groups from 5 to 18 from when I was in GCSE. I have conducted my past tutor sessions based on creativity of my hobbies such as art, which always worked absolutely well. I tutored GCSE students who lacked motivation as well as very young children. I introduce new ideas carefully, ensuring that they understood all aspects of the content by embedding simple terminologies and associating alike example situations for comparison to ease the hard contents and to attract their attentions.

Our students say it best about our teachers

Bijlessen Frans voor iedereen van elk niveau met Céline
Onze dochter voelde zich op haar gemak bij Celine. De ideale basis om Frans te leren.
Review by AN R.
Nederlandse, Spaanse en/ of Engelse les op elk gewenst niveau
Een aardige lerares die op een een duidelijke manier les uitleg geeft op al je vragen. Daarnaast is ze erg positief ingesteld waarbij ze mij vooral heeft gemotiveerd om mijn best te doen voor spaans. Een aanrader!
Review by MOUNA A.
Italian language and culture
Excellent, very polite, very organized and methodical. The course is very pleasant and fruitful.
Review by IOULIA T.

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