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Memorize/ Learn Quran with Tajweed from Professional Quran Tutor
About Me: Asslam-o-Alaikum! I'm Muhammad, a Professional Quran Tutor, from Islamabad, Pakistan. I'm teaching, the Holy Quran for the last 10 years. عَنْ عُثْمَانَ رَضِيَ اللَّهُ عَنْهُ عَنْ النَّبِيِّ صَلَّى اللَّهُ عَلَيْهِ وَسَلَّمَ قَالَ خَيْرُكُمْ مَنْ تَعَلَّمَ الْقُرْآنَ وَعَلَّمَهُ Uthman bin Affan reported: The Prophet, peace, and blessings be upon him, said, “The best of you are those who learn the Quran and teach it.” (Source: Ṣaḥīḥ al-Bukhārī 4739) I Like & Love Teaching The Holy Quran. Because "A teacher is a man of obedience and respect." Also, Teachers have selflessly and courageously chosen the path where they will always be working for mankind and for its good. Imam Ghazali used to say “Teachers are not kings but they know how to make kings.” It’s only a teacher who can transform a simple boy into the likes of Pluto, Aristotle, Einstein, Wordsworth, and many more. Now, I have Great Teaching Skills, Good Communication Skills, Managerial Skills & Computer Skills. In Shaa Allah, Students will Enjoy Qura'anic Lessons with me, whatever their age. By the grace of Allah, I have memorized the whole Qur’an and learn Tajweed from Pakistan. I have been teaching Quran from my student life. I can teach Recitation and Tajweed in a Beautiful manner. I have taught many students all over the world online and face to face. I want to teach the Quran not only for the sake of Allah but I think it's my responsibility to teach people the Quran in the right way especially the non-Arabian people because the wrong pronunciation can change the meaning of words. It would be a pleasant and productive experience for both me and the student. I can easily communicate with students in English, Punjabi, Hindi, and Urdu Language.

English license student offers English courses for college students
Hello, Student in English LLCER license in Boulogne-sur-Mer, I give college level English courses in this city or in the Hesdin sector in person. However, I also provide video lessons (Zoom etc). During the first session, I get to know my student, and vice versa. We talk about his strengths, his weaknesses, what he wants to work, his interest in this subject, what interests him etc ... I try to establish an assessment of his skills through a mini test, in order to assess their progress over the course of the sessions. This allows me to know what could lead this student to progress and what techniques to use. I try to adapt as well as possible to the profile of my student. So, for example, last year, I used board games that I had slightly modified in order to allow a 5th year student to improve his vocabulary and his speaking skills. On the other hand, for a third year student, I had used the vacation notebooks offered by the National Education so that he had the level required to integrate a "Euro" class in second.

Singing lessons for all levels in Geneva. Online or in person.
I teach vocal techniques applied to classical repertoire as well as popular and traditional music. Each lesson continue for an hour and I can give it also in french, spanish or italian. With each lesson you will learn something new so don't doubt it and call me.

Learn Classical and Acoustic Guitar with DipABRSM Student!
I am a university student currently working towards my DipABRSM in classical guitar. I have been teaching students now for over a year, and provide a good quality service for students learning ABRSM grades1-5. Above this grade, I would be happy to consider teaching depending on the individual. I am also happy to teach pop/acoustic songs, which are more based on chords. The classes would be for as long as you wish, but the average of lessons I hold are about an hour. I will be working in London until July. Then, I will be working in Paris. I am also doing Zoom classes due to COVID, so this is also an option.

MAO (Computer Aided Music / Ableton Live)
This course is for people who want to learn the basics of music production on the Ableton Live program. Among other things, you'll learn how to create a rhythm using sound samples, how to record a voice, an electric or acoustic instrument, how to use instruments and effects built into the program, how to arrange and edit a song, and how in the musical style of your choice. Whether you are a confirmed musician or a total novice, this course requires no pre-requisites.

Maths Tutor for young children up to GCSE students
At GCSE, I scored 9 in mathematics and an A in additional mathematics. I am current taking standard mathematics in the International Baccalaureate which I am currently predicted to score an 7. I feel confident and competent to support any young person with their mathematical journey. Based on the fact that I currently support my classmates in IB course with their mathematics inquiries and students studying higher tier students at IB.

Shakespeare Comes to Life in this Dramatic Reading Class
Have you dreamt of reading Shakespeare and making sense of his words ? Did you know that some Shakespearian plays are easier to tackle than others ? In this class we will be looking at one of Shakespeare's comedies. We will read the play together and discuss the usage of words, as well as its historical contexts. We will also choose passages for you to memorize so we can perform them together. There are a number of famous monologues that will make you giddy with their poetry. Memorizing Shakespeare through the heart will stay with you forever. Truly a life long enriching experience.

Math, Physics, Science Tutoring that will help you succeed academically and in your future job.
I am an experienced Electrical Engineer with more than 20 years overseas experience in Middle East, Canada and United States of America. I have extensive experience in teaching Math, Science and Physics that would help you succeed in school or pass your GMAT, SAT, GRE and GED . My objective in tutoring is to build the strong confidence among students. I am a Canadian citizen residing in Asia.

Private lessons in SVT (Life and Earth Sciences) - Math,
I am a veterinarian, and I have just completed my doctorate. I would like to offer you my help for the primary classes. I am versatile and methodical, I have already given science and French lessons. I can teach all subjects. Thank you

Santiago Julian
Piano in Neuchâtel, music and theory lessons, all ages !
Bonjour ! Vous cherchez un professeur pour vous ou votre enfant ? Souhaitez-vous maîtriser cet instrument extraordinaire et impressionner votre famille et vos amis? Je propose des cours de piano et de solfège à des personnes de tous âges, dans le confort de ma maison à Cormondreche, Neuchâtel. Je peux également me rendre chez vous si vous posséder déjà un piano et que vous souhaitez élargir vos connaissances et vos compétences. Le piano est l'un des instruments les plus élégants et passionnants à apprendre et à jouer. Ce serait un plaisir pour moi de vous aider dans votre nouvelle experience musical, d'évoluer et de gagner en confiance. Ma façon d'enseigner est adaptable et flexible a chaque personne, en veillant à ce que l'étudiant soit toujours heureux et reste enthousiasme par le processus d'apprentissage. De la musique classique à la musique moderne, je vais vous montrer que les possibilités sont infinies.

Bratschen- und Geigenunterricht für Kinder und Erwachsene, alle Niveaus
Unterricht bedeutet für jede Musiklehrer * in die Weitergabe des Feuers, der eigenen Begeisterung für Musik. Mein Fokus für diese Weitergabe liegt auf dem gemeinsamen Erleben durch Zusammenspiel, Vorspielen, Erklären, Hören von Aufnahmen. Genauso wichtig ist mir, solid durch Technik eine Basis zu legen, auf die die musikalische Entdeckungsreise der Schüler * in nachhaltig bauen kann. Das Unterrichtsdiplom (Master Musikpädagogik) von der Musikhochschule Basel bescheinigt mein Wissen und meine Fähigkeiten im Vermitteln dieser komplexen Instrumente. Unterrichtserfahrungen sammle ich fortlaufend im Privatunterricht und als Vertretung an der Musikschule Basel.

Cours de Neérlandais, Anglais (cours particuliers pour enfants, ados, adults)
Bonjour, Je suis étudiant and chant classique dance Namur. Je suis flamand et parle le néerlandais comme langue maternelle. J'enseigne aux débutants ou aux plus avancés. You peux vous aider avec mon propre cours ou avec ce qua vous devez être capable de faire pour d'autre cours. Je suis également heureux de vous aider avec l'anglais. Envoyez - moi un message pour plus the questions.

Aaron Thomas
Guitar Lessons for Beginners/Intermediates/Children.
Hello my name is Aaron. I am from Manchester, England and I have lived in Zürich for over 2 years. I am offering guitar lessons and I would love to help anyone that is eager to improve. I have played guitar for over 10 years and my main influences are The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Paul Simon etc. I love to play finger-style guitar and I also write my own music. I am very approachable, supportive and passionate to help anyone improve. I have also worked in Golf in Switzerland and I have helped teach children and beginners. I look forward to hearing from you. Aaron

Improve your level of French for people who can speak French
I study to become a professor of French and CPC (philosophy and citizenship). I am currently in my first year at Condorcet. I wish to help people in difficulty, with methods adapted to the student. I wish to transmit my knowledge to facilitate the learning of French.

Argentine Tango lessons, for amateur or professional dancers
MATIAS Born in Buenos Aires in 1985, he is a multidisciplinary artist. Tango dancer, teacher and choreographer, Matias has traced an atypical course at the crossroads of disciplines. Matías has trained in traditional tango venues in Buenos Aires since the age of 17. With a degree in linguistics and literature at the University of Buenos Aires (2012), he nurtured an aesthetic curiosity inspired by tango which led him to question several disciplines such as writing, drawing, video and in particular contemporary dance. Her approach and her experiences have led her to specialize in the integration of tools and languages to solve, create or support various artistic projects. Since 2012 he has participated in contemporary dance projects. In 2011/2012, he provided tango workshops at the Tanztheater Pina Bausch (for the piece Nur Du), and in 2016 he participated in a tango intervention in the framework of the "PINA BAUSCH" exhibition in Bonn, Germany . Since 2012, he has particularly developed choreographic creations with an imaginary inspired by tango. In 2013 he spent a year in Marseille during the year "Marseille, the capital of European culture". From 2015 to 2017 he was an associate artist at Incidence Chorégraphique, composed with dancers from the Opéra national de Paris. Matias has followed the work of several companies, for example Les Choses de Rien, by Boris Gibé. In 2017 Matias began a series of collaborations with the Ballet of the Opéra national du Rhin: he participated in the Atelier (a week of research with others artists) and he designed the scenography of the program “Danser Bach au XXI” (choreography by Chaix, Bouché and Mercy). In April 2019, also with the Ballet de l'Opéra national du Rhin, he directed and choreographed the tango opera “MARIA DE BUENOS AIRES”, by Astor Piazzolla and Horacio Ferrer, as part of the ARSMONDO festival Currently, Matias is associate artist of LA FABRIQUE AUTONOME DES ACTEURS (Lorraine), for the 2019/2020 season. At the same time, and between dance and linguistics, Matias created his own movement notation system in 2013. Matias has published three books around this subject: in 2016 the Spanish version of the system, in 2017 the French version, and in 2018 a study around his analysis of movement for the tango. This approach feeds an important part of his questions in dance and the possibilities of transposing the constituent elements of tango to other areas. The imagination and the combination of tools, such as in language, give a unique profile to his way of facing complex artistic challenges.

Guitar lessons - electric and acoustic - at home and online
Hi, My name is Benjamin and I am 16 years old. I give guitar lessons and I really enjoy teaching people to play the guitar. I give you as a student the opportunity to choose songs yourself, but of course I also like to inspire my students. I enjoy learning everything from fingerstyle to hard rock. I myself am very much in the rock scene and love artists like The Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan. I would like it if you indicate where you want to grow yourself on the guitar. I teach acoustic and electric guitar, so fortunately you have complete freedom as a student. I teach my lessons physically and online (depends on what works better for you). If you want it at home, I agree. So have you always wanted to play the guitar, and you really can't pass it up? Let us know and become a real artist!

Chinese Class for all levels, taught in English/Chinese
Hey there, I'm Yan, a native Chinese speaker who just moved to Zurich from Beijing. I have personally tutored several foreign students in Beijing and I enjoy transcultural communication on a high level. Just contact me, let's hang out and learn some Chinese;)

Clarinet lessons for all levels and ages
My teaching method is adaptable according to the level of the student (beginner or more advanced). The lessons are dynamic and work on three aspects: technique, interpretation and musicality. But above all, the pleasure of learning to play a beautiful instrument like the clarinet. I approach with the student a varied repertoire that is close to his heart.

Plastic Art course and workshop (painting, drawing, sculpture, general culture)
Art is a good way to express yourself, to cultivate yourself but also to increase your imagination. I can offer drawing lessons for beginners, as well as painting lessons, but also sculpture and linocut type workshops.

MAO recording - production - arrangement. . .
Everyone is making music at home today. I propose to explain the processes from the beginning, by composition, arrangement, recording and post production. At home I have a studio based on Logic on a Macintosh. Is it something else for you on a PC? No problem, the procedures are the same. I can play guitar and keyboards. I understand music theory, harmony and audio, MIDI and electronics techniques.

Fun English lessons with an experienced native English speaker
I've always had a love for experiencing new things and seeing new places. Since a young age I have been travelling to Turkey with my family which is where I think my love for exploring the world began. Since then I've taken part in a course at Manchester University to study the Turkish language. I've also travelled to many countries in Europe as well as Asia/America and Oceania. I also have a strong passion for music and sport. I've been working as a Personal Trainer and musician for 5 years. I studied music and law at college, since then I've completed the 130 hour TEFL course and Beginner's Turkish at Manchester University. I've been teaching English one on one in and around Manchester since 2018. I've also been teaching sport and music (mainly guitar) for over 10 years.

Our students say it best about our teachers

Bijlessen Frans voor iedereen van elk niveau met Céline
Onze dochter voelde zich op haar gemak bij Celine. De ideale basis om Frans te leren.
Review by AN R.
Nederlandse, Spaanse en/ of Engelse les op elk gewenst niveau
Een aardige lerares die op een een duidelijke manier les uitleg geeft op al je vragen. Daarnaast is ze erg positief ingesteld waarbij ze mij vooral heeft gemotiveerd om mijn best te doen voor spaans. Een aanrader!
Review by MOUNA A.
Italian language and culture
Excellent, very polite, very organized and methodical. The course is very pleasant and fruitful.
Review by IOULIA T.

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