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Professor of Oud (Arabic Lute) Gives Oud lessons and Arabic music
professional musician and experienced teacher of Oud (Oriental Lute) graduated in Arabic music and oriental lute from the Public Tunisian Conservatory in 2003 and 2005, teaches in Tunis conservatories since 2005 .. has led several masterclasses and workshops in Tunisia and abroad

Young Frenchwoman in London gives interactive French course
The course is immersive. An exchange mainly in French, pedagogical. We will play board games which will put us in context to use certain terms. We will read books. I will be there to help with homework by helping when necessary. From my point of view the best way to learn a language is when speaking with someone. I study music, I can also make a musical awakening for the child.

English, Italian, Math, Economy, Psychology, Communication Skills, Public Speaking, Test Prep Tutoring
I specialize in tutoring English, Italian, French, Spanish, Math, Economy, Psychology and Test Prep Tutoring. Some of these tests being the TOEFL, SAT, GRE and GMAT. My goal is to help students maximise their potential and achieve the goals they set for themselves. I also offer performance coaching packages. These have been carefully developped with the aim to maximise students performance in any field of their life (academic,sports, psychological) in a challening yet safe environment.

English on a conversational basis - Being able to communicate expressively and confidently
I specialise in tutoring English on a one to one basis. I have obtained a BA in English from the University of Hull at a 2:1 level. I would like my students to learn English on a conversational basis. My goals as a tutor are to keep my students challenged but not overburdened. I would like to start off with very basic forms of communication and then progress into longer forms of conversation. This class is specialised for those looking to learn English on a conversational basis as opposed to the intricacies of the language. I want to be able to help a student engage with another English speaker confidently and expressively as a product of my teachings.

Math, English, French Tutoring by a Qualified Professional
I have been a professional tutor for over 15 years, with 10 000+ hours of tutoring experience in math, French and English. I focus on strategies for time management, note-taking, efficient test-writing and most importantly, I help build confidence. I have a wide array of materials and I use online resources to share notes and practice to help support my students. I believe it's important to like your teacher in order to maximize the learning experience, so I create a comfortable environment with openness and creativity to adapt to each student.

Mathematics for 11 Plus and Secondary Students and GCSE
I'm an Undergraduate student at Kingston University. I'd like to share my knowledge with a group of young people who is willing to broaden their knowledge. I would be able to help them with the stuff they need. So Feel free to contact me. Thank you.

Chinese (Cantonese and Mandarin) for Adult / Teenager
I’m from Hong Kong that Cantonese is my mother tongue. I can also speak fluent Mandarin. I have 9 years experience in private tutoring that my teaching is flexible and goal-oriented. One-to-one or small group (up to 4 students) can be provided. Notes is included in the lesson.

Mathematics, Physics, and Environmental Science Tutoring (English)
I specialize in tutoring mathematics, physics, and environmental science in English for teenagers, adults, and seniors. I can help you with: - exam preparation (e.g. GCSEs, IB, A-level, introductory undergraduate courses) - difficult problem sheets, exercises, or lab work - improving your confidence in math, physics, and environmental science - other technical skills, like programming! Depending on the student's wishes, we can arrange structured tutoring with regular assignments and progress reports, or I can provide a more flexible structure, helping with whatever is needed on the particular week. My core approach is to build a student's confidence with regular exercises, and gradually working towards tougher exercises in a relaxed and motivated environment. A little bit more about me: - I hold a PhD in meteorology, a Master's in meteorology, a Master's in materials science, and a bachelor's degree in physics. - I've tutored a wide range of students, from high-school students to Master's students. - I've lived in many countries around the world, and have an international background.

Math and Physics (basics up to IGCSE and University)
I teach math/physics to highschool/University students in English. I hold Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering and Masters degree in Chemical Engineering. Currently, I'm doing my second Masters in Systems and Control Engineering at Eindhoven Technical University. I was a PhD reseacher at Unviersity of Leeds in the UK for 1.5 years, I used to give math tutorials to bachelor students at the University.

Private lessons Math / Physics College and High School!
Do you or your child no longer feel at the level of math or physics? Whether it is a refresher before the start of the school year, the preparation of an exam, or simply a chapter of the program that you find it more difficult to assimilate, I support you to define your objectives and adapt my pedagogy to your level and your ambitions!

Special courses in Spanish (Latin) and English all levels plus SMS follow up. I adapt to your needs
I adapt to your needs, speak, write, read, formal and informal. I speak Latin Spanish. We will speak in English or Spanish and out of the course we will follow up on whats app to always practice and answer questions if necessary. The duration of the session will depend on the student

Tutoring course for primary and secondary school students 1
I can offer your child lessons in two different subjects, as an aid for his primary or secondary education 1. I am a second year student in the gymnasium, with a corresponding level in the following categories: Mathematics, French, and English. I also have knowledge for the Maths and Physics option. I could of course help with homework support in general.

English,test preparation and IELTS, speaking practice
Language is key to explore new opportunities, English is second language in almost every country as it connects the whole world. I am practicing English since my childhood, I finish all studies in English and currently, I am a student of a master's in business engineering at KEDGE business school. You can enjoy different culture and food with me too as I come from India. I will teach English in very interactive ways to my students and flexible to students learning methods.

Composer / Sound-Designer gives MAO courses in Paris on: Logic Pro / Cubase / Pro Tools
The content of this MAO course will help you understand what type of configuration is suitable for your profile and will guide you in the search and acquisition of the equipment adapted to your needs. By following these courses, step by step, you will approach: the basics of music computing the choice of a configuration understanding the connections of a sound card types of mixing consoles and audio interfaces the role of master keyboards and MIDI controllers Through the different progressive steps of this module you will approach the main features of Pro-Tools LE: understanding of the Mix and Edit environments mastering the essential parameters of the Mix window mastery of the tools in the Edit window audio recording modes audio export possibilities for CD burning

Professional storyboarder gives 2D animation courses, drawing, portfolio, cinema and storyboard / preparation for animation schools
Hello, I present myself, Marylène, professional storyboarder, graduated in animation cinema. I offer serious drawing lessons adapted to the level of the student, from the beginner to the young professional through the animation student. During the first course, free, we will talk about the student's expectations and set the artistic objectives by defining a personalized program. I would assess the level of the student, his strengths and weaknesses for a tailor-made course, taking into account to nourish his universe and his sensitivities with a background both cultural and technical. I teach both the basics of solid drawing to beginners (perspective, proportion, composition, volume, anatomy, gesture, posing, principles of animation ...) as well as to students / future students in animation cinema, to young professionals who want to specialize in storyboard or who have questions about how to develop a TV pitch. For the storyboard part, my specialty, I will teach the basics of cinematographic language (types of framing, transitions, camera movement ...) and I will follow with basic exercises to be able to make parts of portfolio. Indeed, I can also support the student for the realization of a portfolio / demoreel for animation schools. I could guide him to feed and build his book taking into account the expectations of schools and studios. ________________________________________________________________________ My rates: 25 € / 1h lesson 110 € / 5h lesson 220 € / 10h lesson I travel to Lyon for a travel fee of 5 euros, and also give online lessons via webcam and screen sharing on Skype. Students will have free follow-up by phone, email, whatapps or facebook as well as personalized feedback on the exercises. ________________________________________________________________________ My teaching areas: - Academic drawing - Preparation for entry to art schools - Dynamic Posing / Gesture - Storyboard - 2D animation - Pitch TV series - Integration into the professional world (portfolio / demoreel / CV) French and English ________________________________________________________________________ FIRST ONE HOUR LESSON to get to know each other, set goals and program together

Private Tutoring Mathematics & Test Prep from a PhD (7+ - 13+, GCSEs, A-Levels, IB, University) Online/At home
I am currently a Teaching Associate for Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) and an Application Consultant for the University of London(UOL). My expertise lies into tutoring mathematics for school for ages between 7+, 11+, 13+, GCSEs, A-Levels as well as UG/University. I am familiar with most of the exam boards (AQA, Edexcel, OCR etc) and I have worked with students undergoing the IB Curriculum. While I try to provide a fun and interesting lesson, to keep my students stimulated, I have also extensive experience into exams preparation for my students to achieve their goals. My steps towards a complete and successful tuition period with a student include quickly building rapport, assigning homework after each lesson, keeping track of the student's progress and establishing a good connection with the parents. Through academic applications as well as my employment in the consultancy career, I have become adept in formulating proper university proposals as well as providing targeted advice and interview preparation. Moreover, I currently work as a Subject Specialist with private education agencies in London, where I tutor and consult students for their Oxbridge, London and Greater London area academic applications (reviews of personal statements, delivering mock interviews, tutoring modules).

Support courses from the College to the Terminale in French and English
Second year student at UCL, I offer a support course service in French and English for students from college to Terminale. I can also help with scientific subjects if necessary, since I study cell biology and organic chemistry. Living for 12 years in Anglo-Saxon countries and educated in the bilingual system, I master both English and French. In 2018, I obtained a high school diploma, option OIB (international option of the baccalaureate which made it possible to pass the history-geo in English and to make English literature). I passed my French baccalaureate with a 20/20 in writing, and my OIB English baccalaureate with a 17/20. In addition, I gave private lessons in French and English during my Terminale year. Since the age of 15 I babysit and I am gentle and patient with children. I am able to move easily in the Central North-East region of London, living in Kentish Town.

English tutoring - ESL, exam prep or Business English
English is a valuable language for both study and business. Private tutoring can give you the advantage of lessons uniquely focussed on your needs as a student, with a personalised study plan that you help to decide. This class is for helping students identify and meet a specific goal for their language learning, either in their personal or professional life. Maybe your company expects you to work with international clients in English? Are you struggling with academic exams where English is the language of study? Or perhaps you just want to socialise and don’t feel confident discussing a particular interest or subject in English? As a language student myself now in Sweden, I understand the limitations of studying alone, and the frustration that can come from working in larger classes. Working together I can help you with key language, expressions and grammar at any level that you know you can keep using outside of lessons - language for your real life! Working for years as a senior teacher and study director in London, I specialised in ESL grammar and IELTS examination prep classes. I also have extensive experience teaching one-to-one students ranging from doctors, to engineers, critics and even athletes. Available around Lund, Eslöv, Höör. Lessons via webcam are also available. Contact me to arrange an initial class and identify your needs.

Physics Mathematics and Programming Entry to Intermediate level Tutoring
I specialize in tutoring introductory to advanced physics, high school and undergraduate mathematics, and introductory programming. Physics -- From the high school level, (kinematics) to undergraduate (advanced kinematics, mechanics, classical electricity and magnetism, introductory quantum mechanics). Mathematics -- From high school pre-calculus, to multi-variable calculus, and linear algebra. Programming -- Advanced knowledge of Python, intermediate knowledge in Java, introductory knowledge in C++ and Fortran90. My tutoring services are for anyone seeking to learn or improve their knowledge of mathematics physics or programming. Whether or not you are failing a class or simply seeking to improve your grades - I can help. I have a natural ability of explanation, and will be able to find the gaps in your understanding and design lessons to improve such areas.

Private piano lessons to students of all ages and stages + Italian Language
I took my first piano lesson at the age of 5, and now I am a MA student at KASK Conservatory in Ghent. Studying with numerous professors made me realize a significant impact one can have on your future development. This inspired me to start teaching. My aim is to motivate students, dare them to be creative and help them express their own personality through music. Since I studied in Italy for 4 years, I can also teach Italian language.

Guitar Lessons for beginners and intermidiate in Amsterdam
Im giving private classes in the Amsterdam area, it can be both acoustic or electric guitar. Student does not need to have their guitar although it is recommended. Im currently a college student and 18 years old, I have been playing since the age of 7. This class is for anyone from beginners to intermediate players who wish to have fun learning to play the guitar. No prior musical knowledge is necessary. I DO NOT SPEAK DUTCH. The languages that I do speak are English and Portuguese fluently and Spanish at a conversational level.

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Bijlessen Frans voor iedereen van elk niveau met Céline
Onze dochter voelde zich op haar gemak bij Celine. De ideale basis om Frans te leren.
Review by AN R.
Italian language and culture
Excellent, very polite, very organized and methodical. The course is very pleasant and fruitful.
Review by IOULIA T.
Cécile is a professional teacher with a personal approach. Besides being a very friendly person, her teaching is absolutely worth recommending.
Review by TIMON R.

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