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Trusted teacher: I introduce myself: Classical singer, professional soloist, good level pianist, graduated from conservatories - from Toulouse: 1st prize for singing / 2nd prize for music theory and sight reading - from Paris (CNSM) Certificates of musical and vocal culture and piano - singers On the sidelines, then after a career as an opera artist in Paris (Opéra comique / Théâtre Mogador / Espace Cardin, in RTLN theaters (including Capitole de Toulouse) and abroad (Switzerland / Belgium / Mauritius) have been working towards teaching (singing, beginners piano, music theory) for about 30 years I am currently resuming my music theory lessons only, because they allow distance. Experience with children / adults, amateurs / professionals, singers / instrumentalists I teach traditional music theory which differs from FM (Musical Training), I briefly explain here the differences, the interest and the advantages. It is based on tonal music, the progressive study of tones and not intervals outside tonal context. It recommends the separate acquisition of its various components: rhythm, reading notes, intonation it results in these well-integrated bases, sung sight reading and written dictation Why work on music theory as a subject in its own right? Because, in a course "piano / violin / vocals / clarinet ... + music theory", and as I myself have experienced, the pupil and the teacher, accomplices, always favor the instrument and the learning music theory is done in homeopathic doses. The study of the instrument is nevertheless also slowed down because of the multiple interruptions caused by ignorance of music theory. I am not suggesting that you "get rid" of music theory because its study, contrary to its reputation, is very interesting. But to diversify the difficulties that you encounter: those relating to the instrumental technique and those due to music theory. I accompany you on the piano and introduce you to the keyboard. A mini-keyboard allows you to work on your intonation at home also following my instructions. If the level allows it, I also do instrumental and vocal music theory: music theory applied to the study of your pieces, analyzed, deciphered and accompanied on the piano. Levels: for more precision, up to level "medium 2" I recommend a weekly frequency (except possibly school holidays), essential for the effectiveness of the course, as well as a minimum personal work at home.
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Benoit - Le Chesnay46€
Trusted teacher: Hello, my name is Benoit, I am a jazz & contemporary music guitarist and guitar teacher for more than 15 years in music schools, associations and at home. I studied Jazz at the Boulogne-Billancourt Conservatory and graduated from the American School Of Modern Music. I seek with my lessons to develop your desire to make music and your creativity. My courses and content will allow you to immerse yourself in an exciting practice. Pleasure and requirement are the keywords of my learning method. You will quickly be able to play a current, rich and varied repertoire. In addition to private lessons, I provide you with free videos, scores & tablatures. Who are the classes for? Children: From 7 years old, learning notes in a playful and progressive way. We explore music theory, tablatures, rhythm and melody thanks to card games specially developed for the youngest: recognition, 7 families, pair games, Memory, etc. Your child discovers the instrument and the technique while being able to quickly play familiar tunes! Classes usually last 30 minutes. Teen: The goal is not to spend too much time on the theoretical aspect of music theory (reading notes etc.) but to see the basic techniques of the instrument in order to be able to play and have fun quickly. From the first lessons you will play the pieces of your choice, I will guide you and accompany you. Pleasure and satisfaction guaranteed! Adults: Have you always dreamed of learning to play the guitar? You played when you were young and want to get back to it? Did the "conservatory" method disappoint you or does it not suit you? My approach and my experience will allow you to learn or deepen the instrument and your knowledge at your own pace thanks to a multitude of pieces, scores, playbacks and tutorials. This will help you to develop or perfect the essential techniques for playing the guitar and also to play a repertoire to your liking. Classes usually last 60 minutes. If you are self-employed or have flexible working hours during the day, I can come to your place of work. I can also give video lessons to coach you or if you are on the go. For what levels? Beginner: You quickly take the instrument in hand, I guide you to acquire in a few sessions the technical gestures and the basic notions in order to be autonomous with your guitar. Intermediate: You develop a repertoire in line with your tastes and desires. I advise you and challenge you to make you progress. Advanced: You improve your technique thanks to the study of statements of reference guitarists and different Jazz / Rock / Blues / Gypsy styles such as: John Scofield, Wes Montgomery, Peter Bernstein, George Benson, Django Reinhardt etc... Together we work on the writing and the balance of musical phrases, chord sequences, notions of tension and resolution, which will allow you to create your own music and refine your style. I advise you on the right software and musical software (writing/Sibelius, tabalture/Guitarpro, Recording/Ableton, creation/Reason etc...) How are the lessons going? Face to face, at your home, mine, or video, I adapt to your possibilities and your wishes. Those who wish to meet other musicians can join a group. I also organize courses (between 8 and 10 people) during school holidays, on various subjects: Deepening your repertoire, improvising with pentatonics, group games, picking techniques, etc. Do not hesitate to contact me if you want more information! Musically & see you soon! Benoît ♫
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