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334 music theory lessons teachers in Belgium

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Tine - Ghent29€
Trusted teacher: PIANO Foundation First we start with the music theory, melody and chords. These are the essential building blocks for making music. Style Next we apply stylistic tools to bring the music to life. This could include jazz chords, blues riffs, walking bass lines, and more. skills We learn the skills (soloing, ear training, accompaniment, improvisation, lead sheets, analysis...) Following this approach, you will finally understand the music that you are playing, and you will be able to apply the techniques to hundreds of other songs. CVT COACHING Hi! I am Tine, a singer, voice teacher and vocal coach. I am passionate about helping singers to make the most of their singing practice so they can thrive, grow, and become the powerful performers and communicators the world needs today. I can help you train your voice and keep it healthy, develop your own unique sound, sing across different styles, manage performance anxiety, be authentic on stage, deliver powerful presentations, make more efficient goals and help you reach them. It is possible to create all the sounds from all the styles / genres in a healthy way! CVT METHOD? Singing is not that difficult and everybody can learn to sing. CVT divideds the singing techniques into four main subjects. By combining elements of these four subjects, you can produce precisely the sounds you want. You will also be able to pinpoint your specific problems and mistakes, and you can focus on which techniques you wish to work on. The four main subjects are: The three overall principles – to ensure healthy sound production The four vocal modes – to choose the 'gear' you want to sing in. Sound colors – to make the sound lighter or darker. Effects – to achieve specific sound effects.
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Ik bied notenleerbijlessen aan die gericht op het verbeteren van de kennis en vaardigheden van muzikanten in het begrijpen van muzieknotatie en -theorie. De les is bedoeld voor iedereen die moeite heeft met notenleer, of je nu beginner of gevorderd bent. Tijdens de les worden de basisprincipes van muzieknotatie behandeld, inclusief het herkennen en spelen van noten, het begrijpen van toonsoorten en maatsoorten, en het toepassen van deze kennis in de praktijk. De les is flexibel en kan worden aangepast aan de behoeften en het niveau van de student. Le cours de solfège que je propose vise à améliorer les connaissances et les compétences des musiciens en matière de notation musicale et de théorie. Le cours s'adresse à tous ceux qui ont des difficultés avec la théorie musicale, qu'ils soient débutants ou avancés. Pendant le cours, nous aborderons les principes de base de la notation musicale, y compris la reconnaissance et la lecture des notes, la compréhension des tonalités et des mesures, ainsi que l'application de ces connaissances dans la pratique. Le cours est flexible et peut être adapté aux besoins et au niveau de l'élève. The music theory lesson I offer is aimed at improving the knowledge and skills of musicians in understanding music notation and theory. The lesson is intended for anyone who struggles with music theory, whether they are a beginner or advanced musician. During the lesson, we will cover the basics of music notation, including recognizing and playing notes, understanding key signatures and time signatures, and applying this knowledge in practice. The lesson is flexible and can be tailored to the needs and level of the student.
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I'm a professional classical guitarist, student at the Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussels, and i give guitar, theory and solfege lessons (Brussels)
Giorgos has continually shown in every class I've taken with him to have a very good rapport with students and great teaching competence, showing the ability to explain topics, questions and mistakes in a way that the student understands and learns from. He's supportive of the level of knowledge, goals and the different musical tastes of students, allowing the diversification of the topics and repertoire studied in class, thus creating an excellent learning environment. In short simply 10/10. Excellent professor! Definitely recommend him to those who want to learn or/and better their skills at the instrument.
Would you like to learn to play the violin? Violin lessons for everyone! (Ixelles-Elsene)
I am extremely pleased with the lessons Paula gaves. I feel extremely lucky to have met her and to be able to be taught by her. She is a very nice and kind person, very open and knows how to communicate well. She gives great advice, is really attentive, plays amazingly and every lesson with her is just pure joy. She really makes it easy and very understandable for everyone, even someone like me, who didn't know how to play violin at all.
Review by RAFAELA
Piano lessons for all ages and levels in Dutch,English.Always wanted to learn the piano but never got the chance?No worries, I can help you! (Antwerp)
We booked and experienced a trial lesson at few days ago. She is an experienced teacher with excellent teaching experience. She is willing to communicate and is willing to teach with different level of children. She explores the children's talents and also wiling to set learning goals with the children’s & parents. She uses her own teach way to arouse children's interest into music. My daughter likes Sana very much.
Review by MIA