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Recently Posted Private Classes

French conversation avec Gilles: don't be lost in translation!
Do you want to practice more spoken French with a native speaker? I'm here to help! You have some basic French skills but feel lost in translation when it comes to everyday life? Having experience in teaching conversational French for more than two years, I have developed more than 50 topics in everyday life for discussion that suit from beginners to advanced level. Throughout the course, you will expand new vocabularies for working and living in Belgium, learn common phrases in different situation and deepen your knowledge of Belgian culture. At the end of each sessions, I will show you where to improve on lexis or pronunciations and explain grammar points if necessary. Disclaimer: my conversation class being based on talking, if you're a true beginner, I would recommend you to start with a dedicated teacher who will start from zero with you.

Maths, sciences and Italian lessons for 5 to 12 years old
I'm a patient and successful student at collège Saint Michel who would like to help others in fields where they miss some ability and practice. Math and Science are my strengths, I like the understanding of the world, in the field of the physics and maths, and so would I like to transfer this knowledge to those who struggle with the logic behind it. I think that a qualitative approach to those branches in an early age would ease the future understanding. I seek for the logical reasoning behind everything and the deep understanding so that it can be transferred to children that do not find that logic.

School support/Private lessons for primary and secondary schools - French - Humanities / Economic and social sciences / Maths
Many students need personalized help to make progress in certain subjects. I have the knowledge as well as the teaching skills to enable your child to progress and even, yes it is possible, to enjoy learning. I know how to talk to young people, I am very patient and I have a real desire to help children and young people progress. I can help with the preparation of exams up to the rhetoric level in French and economic and social sciences. For mathematics, I can help up to secondary school. I can also support your child in other subjects since I have followed multidisciplinary studies and have mastered a large number of subjects. I adapt to the needs of each student and offer personalized support to monitor the work carried out and check that the results agree with the educational objectives set at the start of the support work. For each lesson or academic support session I allow one hour of preparation, which explains the hourly rate.

All types of Saxophone / violin learning all levels
A la carte learning! Classical, Jazz, improvisation, for all ages! All types of saxophone. Baritone specialist. Learn to read a chord chart. Contemporary music technique (reed snapping, circular breathing, overtone, etc.) Violin for young and old!!

Private guitar lessons, beginner and intermediate level.
Guitar lessons are aimed at beginners and intermediate levels, and are designed to meet your musical desires, whether you want to explore jazz, blues, rock or world music. Together we will explore harmony, rhythm, improvisation, and much more. Discover how to approach guitar technique while associating it with pleasure, discovery and curiosity. With a long musical career on stage and as a composer, I am passionate about transmitting this universal language that is music. Although music transcends borders, it has its own codes and traditions, varying according to style. It brings together, it shares, and is transmitted as much orally as in writing. As an eclectic musician, I express myself in both modern and traditional music. I am enthusiastic about the idea of sharing and transmitting what fascinates me above all else.

Cours de Néerlandais, Français et Anglais pour jeunes / Dutch, French and English lessons for young people
Bonjour! You are my wife Axelle, you are 23 years old and you are passionate about language and language. Your parle quatre langues et je propose principalement des cours de français, Nederlandais et englais pour les jeunes. More than one year of experience in the sense of the word, one can learn more about progress and learn more about linguistic objects. And in addition to the language course, you are more likely to be happy with your partner. Please do not hesitate to contact me for more information or to plan your session. Be sure to add a touch of added value and grandeur! Hello! My name is Axelle, I am 23 years old and I am passionate about languages and teaching. I speak four languages and I mainly offer French, Dutch and English lessons for young people. With several years of experience in education, I am committed to helping my students progress and achieve their language goals. In addition to language lessons, I can also provide support in other subjects, depending on the needs of your children. Please do not hesitate to contact me for more information or to schedule a session. I look forward to helping you learn and grow!

Guitar lessons acoustic or electric. Customized private lessons.
Tailor-made guitar lessons for acoustic and electric guitarists, from absolute beginners to advanced of all ages. Register for a lesson or give someone one or more lessons as a gift. Multiple courses are combined to bring your game to the highest level.

Private cello lessons for all levels in Brussels
Student at the Royal Conservatory of Mons, I offer cello lessons for beginners and intermediate level. My classes are aimed at anyone who wants to start learning this art, or for children who are curious and interested in this art. I find great pleasure in transmitting my passion, which is music, while making people discover that we can appreciate the rigor and seriousness that we must apply to it.

English for high primary and secondary school Children
Hello everyone, I'm an experienced kind English teacher for children aged mostly 8-15 years old. I can help the kids prepare for their school exams and develop their knowledge of spoken and written language. We can do grammar material together, their homework and exercises for school. Best regards, Assia

Italian language for children and adults. Conversation and grammar.
Hello. My name is Lana. I speak Italian, English, Polish, Russian and a little Dutch. I am a teacher by profession and by vocation, and I will be happy to help you learn the language in a non-boring way both with spoken language and grammar.

Vous souhaitez apprendre l'anglais auprès d'une personne qui parle anglais tous les jours? N'hésitez pas à me contacter!
Depuis mon expérience universitaire aux Etats-Unis pendant 4 ans, l'anglais est devenu encore meilleur que ma langue maternelle, le français. J’aime le parler et j’aime vraiment l’enseigner aux autres. Si vous souhaitez apprendre l'anglais, si vous avez besoin d'aide ou si vous souhaitez le parler de temps en temps, n'hésitez pas à me contacter.

Private lessons: revise the French baccalaureate and the patent successfully!
Are you looking to prepare for the Bac or Brevet in French? Do not search anymore! With my French courses, you will benefit from solid and proven expertise. Having obtained excellent results with a 20 in the Brevet and an 18/20 in the Bac, I will guide you towards success. My courses focus on methodology, consolidation of acquired knowledge, and stress management. Whether in person in Brussels or via Teams, I am committed to giving you confidence and preparing you effectively for these crucial exams.

Piano and/or music theory lessons for every level and age! (NL/EN/FR)
Hey! Have you always wanted to learn to play the piano but aren't sure where to start? Or maybe you just want to take your piano playing to the next level? In either case, you can come to me for piano and theory lessons tailored to your needs! Are you a fan of pop/jazz music rather than classical? We can easily take care of this too! As a young student, I am often closer to the practice of teaching and can sense where the student's goals lie. Very flexible throughout the week and weekends, either at the student's home, at my grand piano, or possibly online (especially music theory).

Academic support (French, English, Dutch, German)
My name is Steve, I'm 47 years old. I have a degree in translation from UMONS and have worked in intellectual property and internet services since 1999. I speak English and German fluently and have a good command of Dutch. I offer you personalized help wherever you need it (French lessons, language lessons, homework help, exam preparation, memory revision, etc.).

Cours de saxophone classique et jazz: Alto / Sop / Ten
Cours de saxophone classique et jazz: My motivation in teaching is to help a student learn the fundamental technique of saxophone performance so they can develop their ow creativity, voice and passion on the saxophone. My hope is to start a student on a life long journey exploring music as art in all its different manifestations, whether performance, composition, etc. I have specialised in classical/contemporary saxophone, however I am still a student myself pursing learning jazz. I am open to all types of musical styles and will adapt my teaching and lessons to what you as a student are interested in. I have a passion for improvising and unleashing a students own creativity.

Private lessons in English, Dutch or French
A graduate of the School of International Interpreters, I started my career as a teacher of English and Dutch, then moved into translation and am now a consultant. I have several hours in my schedule to help beginners or more experienced students.

Modular synthesis: from your first patch to a live performance
Modular synthesis is the place to be when it comes to new electronic music technologies. The cool thing about working with eurorack (modular synthesis) is that you can build your own electronic music system as you go. In this series of lessons you will learn the ins and outs of a number of essential Eurorack modules, VCOs, VCFs, VCAs, etc., and you will get started with them. You don't have to pay anything at all, because VCV rack, a software program, is free.

Customized guitar lessons by trained guitarist with more than 10 years of experience (acoustic or electric)
Dear student, Do you want to learn to play guitar at my house, at your house, or online, without having to be able to read notes? Want to learn your favorite solos, master the chords of your favorite songs, understand which chords sound good and why? Do you want to take your passion for music to the next level? Then you've come to the right place! I strongly believe in the importance of customization. No set pattern or rigid lesson plan - every lesson is designed around what you would like to learn and achieve on the guitar. Whether you dream of playing your favorite songs, developing your own compositions, or perfecting specific techniques, I am ready to guide you on your unique musical journey. I am a trained musician with over 10 years of experience both teaching and playing at a professional level, and I am happy to share my knowledge with you to help you achieve your musical goals. Whether you are a beginner or have been playing the guitar for years, I ensure that you can play and understand your favorite songs, without focusing too much on (boring) theory, but on achieving realistic goals, so that you can play the guitar becomes your new passion. Hope to see you soon!

Classical Piano, Harmony analysis, Composition and music theory all in one lesson! (How it should be)
I’ve been studying classical Piano since I was 9 years old, At the age of 16 I was accepted in the Exceptional Young Talent program at the Vienna Konservatorium Budapest, after studying for 4 years and finishing the program, I moved to Belgium and I obtained my Bachelor at Royal Conservatory of Ghent and I’m pursuing my career here ever since, I have won International Piano Competitions, I have played solo concerts in Paris, Poland, Budapest, Vienna, Mallorca. I teach with different methods depending the person’s age, and personality.

Gitaarlessen voor beginners en gevorderden in Gent
Ik ben Jess, een muzikant en producer uit Gent, afgestudeerd als bachelor in de muziek aan PXL Hasselt. Ondertussen geef ik al 10 jaar gitaarles op muziekateliers en in de vorm van privélessen thuis. Naast het lesgeven heb ik een eigen project genaamd Monagi en schrijf/produce ik voor bands zoals Tout Va Bien en Patches. daarnaast speel ik nog gitaar bij TheShadow Machine. Al mijn lessen gaan door in een ontspannen sfeer in mijn muziekstudio in Gent op jouw eigen tempo. Voor beginners: Tijdens onze gitaarles mag je zelf nummers meenemen waar je aan wil werken of we bekijken samen wat de beste nummers voor jou zijn en waar je het meeste uit kan leren. Dit gaat van de basis akkoorden waaruit de meeste pop/rock-nummers bestaan tot de melodie meespelen of jezelf begeleiden tijdens het zingen. Zodat je in een mum van tijd kan spelen waar je altijd al van droomde! Voor gevorderden: We bekijken samen waar je aan wil werken op het vlak van ritme, soleren of improviseren. Welke stijlen je bekend zijn of welke je zou willen leren spelen. Deze lessen zijn ideaal voor jou als je je kennis over de gitaar wil verbreden of wanneer het aanvoelt alsof je een plateau hebt bereikt waar je niet voorbij kan.

Fun piano lessons with a Japanese pianist studying at the Conservatory
I started teaching piano 6 years ago and have experience teaching students of different levels. I would like to share the joy of music and help students improve their skills and solve their problems.