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Recently Posted Private Classes

MUSIC / FLUTE / PICCOLO lessons for beginners and advanced students
A RELIABLE TEACHER: Hello everyone! If you love music and want to learn while having fun, you've come to the right place. I am an active professional flautist. I am currently studying for a Masters in Flute Performance. I have more than 15 years of studies and more than 6 years of experience in teaching music (introduction to music, music theory, music theory, intonation, listening, chamber music ...) and more particularly flute and piccolo. I also prepare for conservatory and / or academy exams. I have also played in many orchestras such as the "Orquesta Sinfónica de España". All ages and levels are welcome. Great availability of schedules. You choose the type of class, and your goals will be mine. Quality education assured. My main goal is to learn while enjoying the great pleasure of music. Together, we will find out what you are capable of and go as far as possible while having fun! Do not hesitate to contact me! I will wait for you!

the art of painting within the reach of all interested
I offer artistic painting lessons for all ages and all levels. Graduated from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels in 2006, I have a total of 37 years of professionalism in this area. You can trust me completely. for you to see!

Learning by Doing - Math , Chemical Engineering and Italian Language Experienced Private Tutor
Every people have a unique way to learn effectively , lessons will aim to adapt completely at your needs ! The only real constant will be the active and partecipative way of teaching : from the very beginning , each session will focus mainly on practical exercises and case studies . A Learning-by-Doing approach is higly promoted and adopted , and your intellectual curiosity shall be tested and encouraged . I am a master degree chemical engineer , I successfully give private tutoring sessions since 2013 and I've worked as a professional in the chemical sector for some years . I believe my working experience sets a real advantage between others more academic ways of teaching . No useless theoretical aspects will be treated during sessions , every lesson will be purpously created in order to provide most hands-on insights and to reach students' expectations . I remain extremely flexible in terms of : - Scheduling date and time for every session - Adapting the content of the lesson around student interests and expectations - Willingness for group lessons and more suitable organizational aspects Feel free to ask for any possible question ! Are you interested more about my career ?

Classical Piano Lessons for All Levels and All Ages
Looking for a new hobby? Did you always want to learn piano but never took the time? Or have you played before and want to refresh your skills? It's never too late to follow your dreams ;) I would be happy to explore the world of music with you!

Saxophone, flute, improvisation, composition, theory
If you're interested in learning saxophone, flute, and/or music theory, improvisation, musical composition, I'm offering private lessons. I've been working as a professional musician for over 20 years. My specialties include free improvisation and jazz but I've performed in everything ranging from symphony orchestra's to DJs at venues including the Lincoln Center in NYC, North Sea Jazz Festival and the London Jazz Festival to name just a few. I've also taught at international schools and have successfully helped students progress through the Trinity music system. I have a studio in my backyard and a car so there are options to study at my studio or at your home. All ages and levels are welcome!

I teach the piano to beginner students as well as to more advanced pianists.
My working method consists of a transversal approach to the practice of the piano in the classical register. I resume with the student 6 essential points (musicality, posture, technique, memory, reading and ear) so that he can familiarize himself with the instrument and deepen his knowledge. To this, can be added optionally the practical harmony, the work of composition and improvisation. I will explain in more detail the ins and outs of these different learning tools.

Custom Japanese course given by a Japanese woman in Arlon
I am Japanese from Tokyo. I have a license to teach Japanese to non-natives which I studied in Tokyo. My classes are geared towards beginners and intermediates, face to face in Arlon. Depending on your goals, I can adapt the course to focus on the skills you want to improve: reading, listening, speaking and / or writing. Want to improve your spoken Japanese without taking a specific course? It is also possible, face to face or online, at a reduced price! The course will be in the style of "conversation tables". I have been learning French since last year (B1.1). I will do my best to communicate in French, but it will be easier in English or Spanish (I lived part of my childhood in Latin America). During the course we will speak in Japanese :)

English courses (all levels) given by a master's student in journalism
I am studying for a master's degree in journalism and communication at IHECS. I have always practiced English, and I had many opportunities to improve it during my year of volunteering in Anglo-Saxon countries such as New Zealand or Australia. I now have several years of experience to my credit; During this troubled period, I decided to put my skills at the service of the greatest number. My classes are aimed at young and old alike, ranging from the basics of Shakespeare's language to its many little subtleties. Great traveler, New Zealand at heart, I have many years of practice behind me and I am inclined to share them!

Private Hatha Yoga lessons at home, at home!
My name is Eva, I am 33 years old and have been practicing yoga for 8 years. I am in the second year of training to be a certified teacher. and it is Hatha Yoga that I share with you during my sessions. Based on the teaching of Patanjali, Hatha yoga invites us to reconnect with our body and mind. All levels are welcome. Listening to your body, kindness, and harmony within the group are the key words. Content: pranayama (breathing), meditation, asanas (postures) and relaxation. The content of the session is prepared in advance according to your needs and desires. The session lasts 1h15 Hardware is included.

Conversación en Español classes / Private Spanish lessons
¿Tienes ganas de practicar tu español hablando con un nativo? ¡No lo pienses más! Enviame un mensaje y our ponemos de acuerdo. Doy clases para todos los niveles. También me puedo centrar en la gramática si crees que lo necesitas. Aunque, en mi opinión, lo mejor para aprender un idioma es de hacerlo de manera natural, ¡hablando con un amigo. También hablo francés e inglés. Face-to-face or online lessons. We can give the course at my place or I can come at your convenience.

Italian and English teacher available for both children and adults
Hi everyone, I am Elisa. I am an italian 25 y/o girl who just moved to Belgium. I have graduated in July 2021 with a Master in Clinical Psychology and I am available to teach English and Italian. Considering that I come from Italy, Italian is my mother tongue. Additionally, I had two study experiences abroad (Malta and Belgium) and a lot of private English lessons, which let me reach a certified C1 level in this language. I am available to tech these languages to both children and adults. Don't hesitate to contact me!

Learn how to sing and improvise jazz and pop, basic music theory and pop piano
Is your dream playing pop or jazz? Do you want to sing like Ella Fitzgerald or Sarah Vaughan? Do you want to learn how to improvise in jazz? Maybe learn how to play the piano while singing? Or do you simply want to learn how to sing in tune? Play some tunes on the piano? Together we can find your intrests and get started!

Learn to play a stringed instrument (guitar, bass or ukulele)
My name is Lieven, guitarist for more than 35 years, classically trained and I have been playing live in bands, duos, trios, etc. Do you want to learn to master your stringed instrument or do you want to learn to play a stringed instrument, then you have come to the right place. All lessons are tailor-made so that you can follow and take home the necessary documents to practice.

Learn Chinese in a fun and interactive way! flexible and exclusive
I was born in China, recently moved to Belgium for my master degree·, in the past four years I have lots of experience teaching Chinese to kids and adults. Learn Chinese with me in a fun way! For daily communication, school or work, any level is welcome.

Italian lesson - The best way to learn a language is in a fun informal way.
Nice to meet you! My name is Toon and I live in Berchem. Why am I a good Italian teacher? 1 - I graduated as (among other things) a teacher at the UA. Teaching has long been a passion, now also a certified passion! 2 - I have been a private language teacher in Italy for 4 years. Giving private lessons is now in my blood. 3 - I am passionate about language and culture. I bring this passion for language and culture into every class I teach. 4 - My mother tongue is Dutch, but I speak Italian fluently. So I know perfectly where the difficulties lie for Dutch speakers like you.

Private lessons of Porto-Rican Salsa (Brussels)
We teach you the basics of salsa, the techniques of guiding and following, the different basic turns, developing the musical ear and dancing in harmony with the rhythm. The lessons are given by appointment at my place or at your place of residence if you live in Brussels.

Classical guitar lessons for all types of levels
Graduated from various Conservatories in France and the Netherlands and rich in several years of teaching, I offer classical guitar lessons for all levels. My objective is to establish an exchange with the student, to seek with him the technical, musical, physical means, to develop a coherent musical discourse. My lessons are also a way for the student to conceive and then fully express all his musical abilities. I adapt to all types of repertoire depending on the choice of the student: South American music, classical, variety etc. Working mainly with scores, it also seems essential to me to introduce notions of musical training during lessons. I offer lessons at my home but can also come to the student's home.

Singing lessons from experienced opera singer (EN-FR)
Hi, I am a French opera singer with a Master’s Degree in lyrical singing. I have performed in France, UK, and Switzerland and have taught dozens of beginners. I use my knowledge in Linguistics (I have a Bachelor of Linguistics too!) as well as my years of developing my own voice to international standards to help you master yours. Singing well is a lot of things: it's singing in tune, dosing the subglottic and supraglottic pressures, not constricting the sound during the phonation… But enough of big words, I’m into doing. So come and sing with me, we’ll make you feel comfortable with your own voice and proud of it. As our body is our instruments, each voice is different, and I, therefore, adapt my teaching technique to every student in order to make him or her feel comfortable and confident and maximize progression while keeping an open eye on the voice’s health. All levels welcome – Wednesday afternoons, evenings, and weekends. See you soon! Manon (she/her)

SAXOPHONE: learn how to play and enjoy the saxophone, for students of all levels
Saxophone is one of the world's most beloved instruments. Learning to play the saxophone is incredibly rewarding, but getting started might be a bit of a challenge. As an experienced classically trained saxophonist I can help you make the most of your practice. During our saxophone lessons students can learn all the aspects of the saxophone playing: from the technique to master an instrument to the different musical genres and on the way also learn music theory and musicianship skills. The lessons are tailored to the needs of each student according to the musical interests and objectives in music of each individual. Therefore we can work on specific music, work on the basics or just learn about the instrument and its history. The course is available for all levels - from beginners to advanced students. What you can expect to learn from our lessons: Saxophone technique Sound development Breath control Reading Music Improvisation Music Theory Rhythm Reading Ear Training and much more! I hope you will join and take this musical adventure with me!

learn math and science especially physics and chemistry and others
I am a student in high school Galileo I am a bachelor to become a primary school teacher. I have notes in method of learning and pedagogy. I am soon to graduate. I offer both individual and collective pedagogy, assistance in the preparation of juries and exams. My goal is to help the student, I do not do it for the money but to improve myself in my training. I give homework after each lesson so that the student can learn to work independently and I often give reports to parents. They can thus verify my accomplished work.

Flamenco Dance, footwork, bodywork, hand and arm coordination.
Flamenco dance is a powerful dance that brings together percussion, ballet, modern dancing, body drum. It's one of the most interesting dance styles. The dancer is also part of the connection between the singer and guitarist. Other musicians can take part, like the palmero ( handclapping) and the cajonist ( kind of percussion instrument. In class we will work on every part. How to react to the music but also technique, footwork combinations and arm and hand coordination.