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Recently Posted Private Classes

Do you want to learn English, French, German or Arabic? I am the teacher for you! (Brussels, all levels)
My name is Lara. I am a young psychologist who already has a few years of experience in the field of tutoring for primary and secondary school children. I offer language courses (French, English, German, Arabic) to children, teenagers but also adults! Everyone learns in their own way. This is the reason why I adapt to the specificities of each student. I give my course according to the strengths, the possible weaknesses and the level of the student. My priority is: to give the student confidence! See you soon!

Initiation or improvement in piano (with or without knowledge of music theory)
40 years of piano practice - academic and self-taught course. With or without music theory, I accompany you with passion and patience in your initiation or progression to the piano (classical / others). It is the student who suggests the pieces he wants to learn. The explanations and technical exercises are based on these chosen pieces and can be completed by other exercises that I suggest. Any age, beginner level to average academic level. I practice French, Dutch and English.

Dressage and jumping lessons horseback riding in the Antwerp North region
I myself am a certified instructor for dressage and jumping lessons through the Flemish Trainers School. This for riders who have their own horse or a care horse. I will come to your location. Posture and sitting lessons are also possible as I am also a certified instructor with Franklin balls. The lessons are tailored to the physical and mental state of both rider and horse and the goals that the rider has. I personally attach great importance to the correct use of the body of both in order to relax and strengthen the horse in a relaxed way.

Violin lessons for young & old! Violin lessons for young & old!
Through conscious use of the body you learn to play the violin in a healthy way! From playfully learning to play the violin for young children to professional guidance for (young) adults. As an avid violin student, I look forward to expanding my teaching experience!

Private lessons for primary education (homework help + preparation of assessments)
As a psychologist for children and adolescents, I also offer academic support for primary school students. We will rely on homework and the preparation of assessments to review the material together. I can help with all subjects of primary education. Feel free to contact me for more information.

Guitar lessons in the region of Gent Nevele, all levels / ages.
All Levels / Ages! For beginners, I work with Scott Tenant's book - Pumping Nylon and Julio Sagreras.

Professional Violinist offers Lessons for all levels of students
I am a professional violinist that will focus on your technique and musical abilities. Each lesson will be tailored for each student, creating an interesting and challenging program. For more advanced students, a more focused program can be discussed, such as preparing for auditions, exams, etc.

FRENCH: Written / oral language / grammar / spelling.
I offer my help in oral French, spelling and grammar mainly. Gaps in your written or spoken French? Need a little help with revising a test or exam? You can count on me to make it happen! My goal is to make you flawless in terms of your spelling and your oral practice if necessary.

Piano lessons for beginners
Hello everyone, My name is Fanny, I am 31, I am a music teacher in specialized education. I have always made music out of passion. I also did my 10 years of conservatory, and did pedagogical studies to be able to teach. I love to transmit, I am reliable, patient and in school. The lessons can be given at my home or at your place. For me, there are two methods of learning the piano. The traditional method where I start with the panorama book for beginners. It is about learning to read a score with both hands. Or the simple method, where you learn quickly not to read notes but chords, so that your child quickly plays all his favorite music.

Guitar and / or music theory Ghent and surroundings. Flexible teacher.
I give guitar lessons Jazz / Funk / Blues / Rock / Fingerstyle etc. in Ghent and surroundings. Music theory lessons are also possible. Both for beginners and for people who have been playing the guitar for years but want to work on their technique or improvisation skills. Learn to play the songs / genres that you want. My lessons are adjusted to the individual needs of each student, we decide together what we want! Being able to read notes is certainly not a condition. Skilled and motivated teacher!

Horse lessons and work with a philosophy based on Natural Horsemanship (ethological riding) and human psychology
After having trained for 4 with recognized instructors (Parelli) in Belgium, England and France and after having studied human psychology, I offer my services for: - Give you lessons (on foot / on horseback). - Help you solve a daily problem with your horse. - Your horse's work. My perspective is to support anyone wishing to evolve in their practice of riding, through a calm practice that respects the needs of the rider and his horse, on the basis of a relationship and solid connection between the two, in a objective of leisure, competition or to overcome a problem that you might encounter. I agree to transfer to another professional in my network any request that is beyond my abilities. Do not hesitate to contact me to have more information about me!

Music Production: How to write a hit on your computer
From recording a simple melody to making a Tomorrowland hit, I''l teach you how it works. You'll learn how to make interesting arrangements, prepare a good mix and get a song ready for release. There are many different aspects to music production, you choose where the focus during my lessons lies: - Analyse songs in your genre - Write arrangements for your own tracks - Music theory - Use of different audio effects - Basics to sound design - How to prepare your track for a mixdown - Mixing techniques - Mastering your track - Insight in the musicbusiness - Promotion techniques: how to get your music heard I can teach in different software such as: Ableton, Logic Pro X, ProTools... The software I use most of the time and know best is Ableton.

Learning general and business English through practice
The key to learning a language is repetition through constant use through reading, listening, speaking and writing, and therefore requires endeavour, perseverance and patience. This course promotes fluency in both oral and written communications. The course activities includes: a.) general/business topic discussions based on events, articles from the web, and written materials, b.) listening and reading activities, and c.) in-class/homework written/oral exercises. These activities are selected to tailor to the needs of the participant. They help to improve pronunciation, enhance vocabulary and expressions and create simple to complex structures following correct grammatical syntax, usage and rules.

Graduated from a master's degree in translation, I give private English lessons at all levels
With a master's degree in translation from the University of Liège, I give private English lessons at all levels. I adapt my lessons to the level of the student. From the first session, I target his difficulties so that I can develop a program that will allow him to fill his gaps and improve. Understanding, but rigorous, I encourage the student to understand his mistakes and to correct himself.

Dance classes at home (20 years of experience at your service)
With more than 20 years of experience as a professional dancer and teacher, I bring my passion and expertise to the dance world. My career is very diversified in Europe and USA: competitions, shows, Top teacher in many events, participation in dance with the stars in Florida, Director of dance at FADS Boca in Florida, ... With an average of 40 hours of private lessons per week in the US, taught to both beginners and experienced dancers, I am able to offer you a global approach to dance in two in more than 26 disciplines. I easily identify the goals of my students. The dance for two is a real passion ...

English and Spanish won't a challenge anymore 👍 I assure you
The classes are adapted to the student, although, in general, I prefer them to be completely in English (or Spanish) since it allows working on all aspects of the language: both oral comprehension and speaking skills as well as vocabulary and improvement of language. expression. Of course, I take into account the level of the student and his confidence when launching. My classes are usually quite interactive to awaken the spirits and progress day by day unconsciously.

Gentle flow yoga and meditation (FR/ENG), at your home/ via webcam
Hatha Flow Yoga: this class is ideal for beginners and intermediate students. The class focuses on combining the physical postures (asanas) with the breath (pranayama) as we move from one posture to the next. The class is brought to a close with a guided relaxation.

Personal trainer/Animal Flow Mobility /stability/movement fluidity
Would you like to gain mobility power, stability, strength and coordination and all this with a fun and creative way? Yes it is possible and I am here to help you achieve this. Animal Flow is a body-weight,ground-based movement that combines different training disciplines like yoga, dance or gymnastics to create a fun and challenging workout. Does it sounds very challenging for you? No worries Animal Flow can be adapted to any level of fitness and certainly to beginners too! So take the challenge and try something new today!

Private lessons in English, Italian and French
A graduate in languages from the Université Libre de Bruxelles, I offer English, French and Italian courses to students who wish to deepen their knowledge of languages or fill in certain gaps. My goal is to help you improve your skills while enjoying learning. I respect the desires, the level and the rhythm of each one.

Classical Piano for all levels and ages, Improvisation.
I’ve been studying classical Piano since I was 9 years old, At the age of 16 I studied in at Vienna Konservatorium, then I got accepted to Royal Conservatory of Ghent and I’m pursuing my Education and Career in Belgium, I have won International Piano Competitions, I teach with different methods depending the person’s age, and personality

Maria Torres
Would you like to learn Spanish? Private Spanish classes at home or via Skype by a native speaker
Hello I am Maria! I am a primary and early childhood education teacher living in Antwerp. My mother tongue is Spanish and I have no problem speaking English. This class is aimed at children / adults who want to improve their grammar, vocabulary or even for conversation classes. The methodology used is flexible and adapts to the student's needs, knowledge and learning rite to make it easier for them to learn. These classes are ideal for children aged 4-17, since an early age is ideal to begin in one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, because as they say "children are like sponges" and thus they will achieve a total understanding in the future. If you want to learn Spanish from a native person and improve your language skills, I am perfect for you!