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Recently Posted Private Classes

Learn how to speak English/Russian. Preparation for the exams
I specialize in teaching English, preparing students for the international exams (IELTS, FCE, CAE, CPE). My aim is to motivate people, to make them love the language, to be able to express their opinions, to communicate. Every lesson is different and full of fun. As for the Russian language,I try to improve speaking and listening skills.

BATTERY class for all levels, ages and styles (solfège, percussion)
Home course (battery required) for all levels, from 6 to 96 years With or without solfeggio (learning in all cases necessary basics reading) For all styles, all requests (initiation to improvisation, playing on audio tapes, learning or development in a musical genre, rhythm solfeggio), even without specific request, for learning the essentials of the drums. Possibility of percussion lessons according to the profile Teacher profile: - Bachelor of Musicology in France in Lyon - 3rd cycle of Jazz drums at CRR Lyon - DEM of Music Training at CRR Lyon - 1st year of Bachelor in Jazz drums at CRB Very many experiences in groups and on stage (Jazz à Viennes, Jazz in Bièvre, Periscope, ...) in all styles (post hardcore, reggae, zouk, jazz, hip-hop, rock, pop, big band, ...). Also in classes of classical writing, musical training (graduate), composition, arrangement jazz, harmony, piano.

English as a Second Language Tutoring or Test Preparation
I specialize in ESL tutoring for the purposes of work, school, or exam preparation (IELTS and Cambridge). My classes are individually designed to help my students reach their language learning goals. Our first class we will do a needs analysis to determine your strengths and weaknesses and then create a program based on your needs. I believe learning should be fun and interesting, so I keep my classes engaging with a wide array of material. I also ask my students to be active participants in the lesson, so you'll get lots of opportunities to speak!

Chinese (Mandarin) lessons for everyone - all levels
Hello, I am Mengyuan. Would you like to learn Chinese? It is never too late to start! I was born in China and I studied in China until high school. When I was 13 years old, I moved to Belgium. I now study applied English-Chinese linguistics at the University of Antwerp.

Learning the Spanish language and culture
My name is Paola and I have just moved to Charleroi. I was born in Spain, where I lived all my life. This year, I finished my university studies in Modern Languages and Literature, with which I specialized in the French and Arabic languages. Since a few years, I learn Spanish to foreigners and English too. What I like to do is to teach languages in an original way, with activities tailored to each student. In addition, I learn a lot of students, which I find very rewarding. Do not hesitate to contact me, whether you want to learn grammar better or prefer a focus on the conversation. Everything is possible!

Private Russian Tutoring Cours Privés Russe Brussels Bruxelles
I’m a freelance stylist & designer Originally from Russia, I live in Belgium for over ten years I also teach English & French. Je suis une styliste & designer freelance D'origine russe, j'habite à Bruxelles depuis plus de dix ans J'enseigne également l'anglais & le français J'aime aborder la matière d’une façon assez libre tout en ayant un support. Je travaille beaucoup sur la conversation car pour moi c’est une des choses les plus importantes dans l’apprentissage d’une langue. Cours maximum 3 fois par semaine.

Private lessons of violin, solfege and musical culture
Student in violin and baroque violin at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels, I teach violin, solfege and I can also teach music history lessons. The goal is to give personalized lessons according to the age, level, time the student wants to devote to the violin and the goal for each student. I can very well help students in addition to the teacher, to help them work alone and to progress or to be directly the teacher. I have been passionate about Violin for 14 years, and I love to pass on my knowledge. See you soon, I hope !

Learn or improve your Spanish with a Spanish native student! All levels and exmans preparation
Hi! I'd love to help you get started or improve your Spanish! I'm a student coming from Spain currently studying at the Royal Conservatory of Ghent. I speak Spanish, French, English and Dutch, so whatever your level is, teaching you won't be a problem. I will adapt the lessons to any level, needs and goals. They can be individual or grupal lessons. We can work on improving all of your language skills in an amusing way as well as focus on your conversational skills.

Graduate in translation gives courses in German (grammar, vocabulary, listening comprehension, discussion, ...)
My courses are for beginners in German (high school) or for those who simply want to improve their German (grammar, vocabulary, conversation). After taking several language courses in Germany, I found that the best method was to read and discuss in German. I will adapt courses according to the specific needs of the student (improve vocabulary, enrich vocabulary, improve pronunciation, etc.)

English Language Essay/Research Paper/Dissertation — Drafting and Proofreading
Assistance drafting and proofreading essays/research papers/theses. Particularly useful for non-native English speakers. All educational backgrounds and ages welcome. We can either work together in person or you will submit documents for proofreading and online feedback sessions. Together we will make your work the very best it can be.

English Classes with a Native Speaker - No French!
I’m from NYC and grew up speaking English. I don’t know any French! I’ve helped my colleagues edit formal documents, and non-native speakers with grammar, essays, etc. I’ve studied Spanish, Japanese, and Mandarin, and I know what goes into learning!

Course of Sevillanas / Flamenco for beginners taught in English
Sevillanas is the folkloric and most popular dance of Spain. It's a dance specially danced in couples, which you can also learn individually. Sevillanas combine a lot of flamenco steps with an special rhythm. The classes will be divided in 3 parts: warming up the feet and hands, learning little by little the main steps addapting to the different levels, and putting it in practice both individually and grupally. The studio for the classes is still to be confirmed and it will depend on the students.

NAMUR - Private lessons in mathematics, logic, entrance examination
Young graduate of a master's degree in applied mathematics, I propose to give courses in mathematics, logic or preparation for an entrance exam. I am dynamic and smiling, and prefer to work in a good mood! I do not have a ready-made pedagogical method: I adapt to each student.

Ney (Reed Flute) Course for beginners (Turkish and English)
Are you interested in Sufi music? Do you want to learn the ney instrument which is a must of Sufi music. with Turkish maqams and solfege! Who am I? I started to play ney in Turkey to learn from my master. I have played ney in many maqams in many concerts and commemorative ceremony for Mevlana until now.

Special piano lessons - beginners / intermediate
I started in the music world when I was 5 years old. I first started with guitar and then I went to the piano with music theory courses in parallel. I followed 10 years at the Welkenraedt Music Academy and received my qualification in piano and solfège. I still practice regularly and have not lost my level. I do not pretend to be a professional and I like to have fun playing the piano. I play songs that I like most of all. My teaching method is based on relaxation and fun before the results. I am also very flexible according to the needs and tastes of my students. I can teach music theory as needed although it is not my specialty.

Learn Spanish with a native in interactive lessons
I'm an architecture student from Zaragoza (Spain) and I have experience in teaching both school and adult level. Spanish is my mother tongue so I am able to teach it quickly to other people. I can move to your location or even meet at any library we could speak out loud.

Italian modern language and culture class in Brussels
To teach Italian is a passion for me. I really love to transmit the current language and especially the cultural aspects of my country to my students. At the same time, I love to learn from my students their own language and culture. I specialized in tutoring Italian as a foreign language to children, adolescents, adults and senior. My lessons are mostly based on communicative methods with full immersion in the current language through a lot of moment of conversations and debates. Classes are provided with a variety of audio and visuals materials and input text. Periodically are also assigned writing task also to develop the writing skills. The presentation of the grammar structures will be introduced with inductive methods: the student will discover step by step the grammar rules and how they work in the communicative context. The classes are personal based and measured on the communicative needs of the students. For those students interested i am also available to organize some atelier di "cucina tipica Italiana". IF are you interested to come to some lessons do not hesitate to contact me! =)

Charlotte April
ENGLISH Tutoring, Test preparation exam tutoring, Learn to speak, write and understand English grammar
Your child or you as an adult will able to communicate in English Will able to learn English in a fastest and easiest way and able to understand, write and speak a Clear English grammar. Use a variety of activities and instructional methods (songs, stories, media, structured games, art, outdoor activities etc) to motivate and stimulate abilities Maintain an open line of communication with parents and provide appropriate information Excellent knowledge of child development and latest education theories and practices Assess students performance and progress to ensure they are mastering the skills on regular basis. Monitor students interactions and nurture cooperation and sharing Patience and flexibility Strong communication skills

Music Piano Lessons in Brussels for all ages and levels
I am a 24-year-old Spanish master student at the Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussel. I come from Barcelona, where I graduated at the Conservatori Superior del Liceu, and also did a Master degree. I have been teaching for the last 5 years: Piano, Harmony, Basic music theory... Children from 5-6 to seniors, every level is welcome, from begginers to advanced students. I adapt myself to the needs of each student. Please, feel free to ask for any info you might need!

English and Italian classes for all ages and levels (specialized in stress management)
Do you want to boost your language learning? Would you like to take a language test (TOEFL, IELTS...)? Perfect! I am a native Italian speaker, I hold a Master's Degree in Literature and a Bachelor's Degree in Translation and Interpreting. Languages are my life! I provide Italian and English lessons for all ages and levels. Each lesson will be prepared according to your needs and interests. Private lessons are an excellent tool to boost your language acquisition, and develop your language skills in a calm, friendly environment. I specialize in tutoring students who tend to stress out or are really nervous when it comes to taking language exams or speaking in front of a crowd. We've all been there! If you have temporarily quit your studies, postponed an exam or if you simply find it hard to cope, I am here to help! Do not hesitate to contact me for further information. I am looking forward to meeting you!

Custom guitar lessons in the heart of Mechelen, near the Grote Markt!
Day, I recently moved to Mechelen, here too I want to inspire and stimulate people to take their instrument every week and get as much out of it as possible! I am 28 years old and have already swam some musical waters. I have (had) bands in quite a few music styles (from Metal to Funk to Hard Rock to Blues to Classical to Soul to Jazz, ...). Because I also did music school, I also had the theoretical background that I could link to the rock content I had at the time. An interesting combination that has given me the opportunity to study music at PXL-Music in Hasselt. That has immersed me very deeply in the music scene, which now allows me to do all this. I am currently active in 4-5 bands and individual projects and I teach guitar at the Ekeren Academy. Imagery: / YOr97by4jUo / watch? v = hEpFjpt2CKs (soloist) / watch? v = NSz8tuJvUaI (soloist) / watch? v = zxsdD20Jgf4 (soloist) / watch? v = i7YSk1eSrJk (bass player) / watch? v = N8TKAtvo4_k (guitarist) / watch? v = tfAdPcqdS0Q (guitarist, own work) / watch? v = Exy1KACSckg (guitarist, own work) Both weekly and bi-weekly and on request. Musical greetings, David