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Recently Posted Private Classes

Private Violin and Music Theory lessons - for enthusiastic people of all levels
Hello everyone! My name is Sofia Shin and I’m violin master at Gent Conservatorium. I have experience playing in Arte-Amanti festival, Amaj and Querchetto orchestras, solo projects etc. Also I have taught for 3 years in Russian music centrum. So I prepared to work with enthusiastic students of all ages. Violin course In my program you can learn basic/intermediate/advanced violin techniques and what is difference between performing barok, romantic, film and folk music. How to play ensembles, solo with CD treks and how to write down/read score of music which you like* *writing scores is music theory course Music theory course This course affords learn fluently read notes in different keys, improving your hearing, intonation and rythm, interval and chords interaction, tonality relations, harmony logic and ability to write down score of music which you just heard.

English, French, Czech lessons, help with translations
Bonjour! Jeune diplomée de Sorbonne Nouvelle-Paris III, je viens de revenir a Bruxelles apres un sejour a New York. Je parle parfaitement anglais, francais et tcheque. J'offre des cours des langues (anglais/tcheque/francais), l'aide avec des traductions, travaux scolaires etc. Hate de vous rencontrer! Sincerement, Jana Hello, my name is Jana Markova and I am a young Graduate from Sorbonne University in Paris that currenly came back from NYC. Thanks to my studies, I speak fluently French, English and Czech (as the academic level requires). I am offering English/Czech language lessons as well as help with homework or essay writings, translations. Looking forward to meet you. Kind regards, Jana Markova

I specialized in tutoring accountancy and finance in Italy. I am Italian my name is Fausto and I am 26 years old and I have a Master Degree in Management and 4 year of experience in tutoring. The focus of this course is to help you to learn Italian, ( conversation and written). Do not esitate to contact me even if you are beginner. We can also meet in Bar or public places. I work to provide the best service and to succeed.

Italian language and Japanese language and writing
Foreign languages are what I love most. I studied many languages during high school and university but one in particular followed me for all my life: Japanese. A country where tradition and modernity meets, where punctuality is the rule and whose people make you feel home. Japanese language is not easy at all but its writing and its construction are what makes it very attractive. My goal is to teach you what I learned at my university and in Japan, in a fun, interactive and as understandable as possible way. Not only, I will be happy to teach you my mother language: Italian! Sorry to say that it is not a very easy language as well but wouldn't you feel proud of yourself when during your next travel to Italy you are able to order a pizza in Italian?! Looking forward to help you!

GCSE & A-Level Tutor: English literature, Maths, French, Spanish, Geography
Tutor for GCSE and A-Level: can teach most subjects. French, English literature and Language, Maths, Geography, Religious Studies, Spanish, Fine Art. A-Level Subjects: French, English Literature can help with Fine Art project. Can also help with UCAS and university applications or Oxbridge Interviews or personal statements.

Cello and Music theory- guidance for beginners, medium and advanced students
Music is a very interesting, both as career and as a hobby, but at first we all encounter difficulties when it comes to playing an instrument. Though, with a bit of guidance, hard work and patience you can achieve the desired proven :) My name is Paula, I am 23 years old and I like teaching and working with enthusiastic people, because as is said, teaching others is in fact teaching yourself ;). My study direction is music interpretation (cello), at Conservatory of Gent. The way of teaching will suit the level of the student (for beginners, I split the lesson in two: one half basics of music theory and the other half cello), and I will always have my cello with me to exemplify. If you are interested in playing this beautiful instrument don't hesitate in writing to me. And never forget: Music is beautiful not difficult.

Percussion Lessons. All levels and all ages. Afro-Latin-Jazz
I am an experienced percussionist, specialized in various types of instruments as congas, bongos, cajon, berimbau, djembe, etc. I am also involved in various musical projects like duos, trios, cvintets, big bands. My interest broadened to include live sound effects, body percussion, music arrangeur.

English tutoring for children, students and adults alike
If you want to learn how to speak English for school and/or exams, I will help you learn in easy steps and give you plenty of professional practice to be able to speak, read and write fluently. From basic grammar to advanced proficiency, as well as technical writing, I would be your guide in mastering one of the most useful languages in the world.

Singing lessons / vocal technique / songwriting / interpretation work
Hi! I’m a singer who has been teaching professionally for five years, primarily in Norway and Denmark. I have a masters degree as a singer and music teacher from the Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen. In my classes you will get a chance to fully understand and explore your voice. We might try out different genres (pop, jazz, musicals, classical, free improvisation, etc), all depending on what you want or what we decide will be a fun challenge for you! I believe that there’s not one vocal technique that works for every voice, so together we will explore different approaches and techniques so that you get the sound you want and feel a freedom in your voice and singing. I've worked a lot as a vocal coach in theatre/musical productions and will be happy to assist in audition training/musical interpretation as well. I can also help you with songwriting/composing. Looking forward to hear from you! Schooling: Master of Music, Rhythmic Music Conservatory of Copenhagen Bachelor in Music Education, Rhythmic Music Conservatory of Copenhagen Complete Vocal Technique, Complete Vocal Institute w/Catrine Sadolin Estill Voice Training, w/Helga Westmark Classical technique, w/Kirsten Landmark Mæland

Languages: Spanish and Arabic. Test Prep Tutoring.
I am native in the Arabic and Spanish languages. I can correct homeworks or prepare it, review for an exam .... I am very flexible in my schedule. Do you go to class and u don´t understand what the teacher says? don't get down.No language is difficult to learn, you just have to be willing Do not hesitate to connect with me.

Interactive chinese class for adults with focuses on speaking and writing
Hi, My name is Jiawei. I was born and raised in Sichuan, southwest part of China. Yea, it's also where Panda is from. I've been living in Belgium from 4 years and now work in brussels. I would like to share everything about my culture and discuss the difference with you and most importantly to help you improve your chinese skills. Feel free to drop me a message here or write me via IG: lojiaweii. Looking forward to meeting you! ;)

Yoga and Meditation: Learn how to be at peace every moment
With a tremendous increase of the stress in the modern times, yoga has become an essential need for everyone to practice.Yoga works on the physical,mental, emotional and spiritual aspect of the person. I am an Indian Yoga teacher certified from International Sivananada Yoga Vedanta Centre, Kerala, India and also completed Masters in Yoga from UOU (Indian University) The class comprises of Asana, Pranayaam, Mudra, Bandh and Dhyan.

English Tutoring - For Secondary or Tertiary Students
Hi there! My name is Day and I've recently moved to Gent to study Secondary School Education. Before the semester begins in September, I have some extra time on my hands, hence it's a great time for me to do some tutoring on the side. I have a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration and Marketing from the McIntire School of Commerce at the University of Virginia (Ranked the #2 business school in America). I taught English as a second language to Japanese students when I lived in Fukuoka, and taught Japanese to school children in South Africa. I speak English, French, Japanese, and am working now to learn Dutch. As for the location, it would be great to meetup in the Gent city center (from, say, Post Plaza, down to Gent Vogelmarkt). We could work at a coffee shop or tea house, and since I'm keeping my price as low as possible, you could buy us both a coffee ;) My schedule might be able to open up in the early afternoon as well: let me know if there are certain times you would like to work that aren't listed as available on my calendar.

Basic knowledge of Russian, Cyrrilic alphabet, basic speaking
"Ja ne govorju po-russki"- if you wish to learn more Russian but has no clue where to start, I can help you. I'm a native speaker, however I did not grow up in Russia, so I know how to learn and teach Russian in a foreign country for people, who have limited access to Russian culture/media/books etc. If you wish to learn to read Cyrillic and/or to practice your basic/advanced skills, it's my pleasure to offer you classes. We can do grammar, writing, reading or speaking. I can adapt my classes to your needs.

Learn how to speak English, or improve your existing levels!
I am a certified TEFL(Teaching english as a Foreign language) instructor and I currently take english classes in two language schools. Language learning in my opinion, does not have to be a tedious task. Through my teaching practices I have learnt to adapt creativity to teaching methodology. I am highly motivated to ensure that my students achieve the language goals they hope to achieve and am willing to assist them throughout this journey. My classes are adapted to the student's level and needs; they focus on working with all the 4 skills while at the same time focusing on the ones that need more work.

International Business Culture, Spanish, Mexican History, Japanese
I have 19 years as a professor at Mexican university and right now I'm living in Brussels. I have a PhD. in education and for me it's essential to have dynamic classes that approach with the real life and communicative cases in order to improve the level of the language; the learning process is essential to do in different ways in order to find out which type of learner is the student. I'm very passionate and disciplinate about my teaching, trying also to use the TIC's as tool to support the knowledge received. I try always to be updated as a professor with new technologies, new materials and new techniques in order to give and provide the best class as possible.

Maths and physics tutoring for students who want to understand the concepts
I am a trained teacher of physics and mathematics who has been teaching and can easily help you master the concepts within a short time gaining great skills necessary to pass your examinations and prepare a future as an engineer, physicist or mathematician. I understand that during regular lectures in physics or mathematics, some concepts might not be clear, some exercises look difficult, students have often missed out on some basic but necessary concepts. Moreover, many are those that just desire better grades. I just want to help with the difficulties.

Kerttu Liisa
Piano, guitar (for beginners), music theory, music history, singing, solfege, general music knowledge
Thinking about developing your skills in music knowledge and piano playing? If not yourself, maybe your children? Experienced in working with children and adults I am looking for new students in Antwerp. Even though I'm focusing on piano lessons, people interested in guitar (for beginners), music theory, music history, singing or solfege are also welcomed. The lessons take place in Antwerp (Meir) starting from approximately 10-15th of January 2019. If you are interested, contact me :)

Learn Spanish or English with me independently from your level!
Hi! I am a native Spanish speaker with English as a second language. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced speaker, I can teach you both. Each course´s structure is adapted to the student´s needs same as the material provided. Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions!

Piano lessons for beginners / pianoles voor beginners
(Dutch below) For all ages, prior knowledge of music theory not required, at my place or at yours. About me: Classical piano, Conservatory Lemmensinstuut + Music Pedagogy. Contact me for more info! :-) (Dutch) Voor jong of oud, met of zonder voorkennis notenleer, bij mij of bij uw thuis. Profiel: Klassieke piano, Conservatorium Lemmensinstituut + Muziekpedagogie.

Cours d'allemand et anglais /English and German course
I do personal tutoring for students and adults. My goal is to help the student to improve, while demonstrating the advantages of learning a new language. I can help with homework or other assignments like translation. I like to work in a relaxed and easy-going environment,