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Recently Posted Private Classes

Singing Lessons (for people of all levels and songs of all styles)!
Hello!! My name is Nina and I am a Greek soprano and teacher. If you are looking for a fun and relaxed, yet scientific and goal-oriented way to sing, then I am the teacher for you!! I specialize in helping people of all ages and levels achieve vocal freedom and enjoy singing their favorite songs of all styles!!

Private Pilates classes for curious and motivated people
I am a Pilates Mat teacher certified by the legendary Linda Farrell from Broadway Dance Center in NYC, currently also enrolled in a world-famous BASI Comprehensive training for Pilates Apparatus. I am also a dancer and a train in Dance Movement Therapy - I try to implement all the knowledge about the body and the movement in my Pilates practice. I am offering Pilates classes for any levels and any public - great for sedetary individuals as well as for active people that need to cross train. My classes are focused on correcting muscle imbalances, strengthening of the whole body and work with breath to relax muscle tensions. The work is deep and meticulous, for people interested more in understanding and feel their body rather than just workout. As only if we understand and feel ourselves, we can attain a long-lasting change.

Learn French or English language tutoring
Bachelor of Arts, I offer courses in French as a foreign language and English. I offer a lot of written and audio material as well as dozens of exercises that will allow you to progress on all levels: written expression, oral expression, written and oral comprehension. We also emphasize grammar remediation and the development of a richer vocabulary. (I lived 4 months in the United States and one year in England and I have many books that I will share).

Juan Pedro
Guitar lessons. Harmony. Musical reading. Lets go!
Titled guitar teacher, with professional experience in classical, jazz, fusion, flamenco, accompaniment ... More than 20 years of teaching experience with children from 7/8 years old and people of all ages. Amateurs who begin to practice a hobby, or conservatory students who want to improve their interpretation or technique. Specialized in baroque articulation. Guaranteed instrumental technique provided that the student follows the guidelines indicated. You can also take solfeggio and / or harmony classes.

Private lessons in mathematics, English and dance
Whether English, mathematics or dance, each course is personalized, depending on the needs and abilities of my student. The first lesson is always an assessment of the student level and the discussion of the main concentration points, particular problems, expectations etc. to benefit the most from the following course. For mathematics and English courses, I first explain the general concepts and the theory, after which we work together on the examples. Whenever possible, I try to give students a small homework assignment. As for the dance, the class starts with the warming up of the body, which depends on the personal predispositions of the pupil-one practices special steps, choreographs, improvises, stretches, etc. As a dancer, I am professionally doing contemporary dance but I mix different styles: I also dance hip-hop and breakdance, I train in ballet to always keep, I have experience in oriental dance , which interests me a lot: I am then at your disposal if it is the choice of style!

Private lessons in French / French as a foreign language / Literature / Help with homework
Graduate student of La Sorbonne in Modern Literature / French as a foreign language offers academic support throughout the year or more punctually (exam preparation, upgrading). The goal is to evolve at your own pace, in a good mood and the joy of learning. I like to convey my passion for the French language and its literature. I will work with pleasure both with someone whose mother tongue is not French, with someone who wants to go further in knowledge of French and its culture but also with children who discover all the nuances subtle.

Cristina Gonzalez
Private Spanish lessons with native Spanish for all levels
Would you like to learn Spanish from the beginig? Do you already have some knowledge and would you like to improve it? Do you speak Spanish and do you want to get fluent and improve your pronunciation? As a native speaker or Spanish and with teaching experience I can help you, whatever your level is Do not hesitate in contact me for more info

I strongly encourage the student because the state of mind and morale have a direct influence on school results. I am someone understandable and I always try to take each one in his own way. I always start by clarifying the course after giving an example then give an example to the student more to do a complete exercise and finally correct a review together generally it's that methodology but it can change from one case to another courses studied in class. give remarks that makes the job easier. give the tips and tricks you need to get a good rating. try to make the student fast in these calculations and these demonstrations and give the way with which he has to manage his duty.

Saxophone Course and / or Music Training for All
I offer classes at your home for all levels and all ages: Whether to start the music and the saxophone, to deepen your knowledge or to develop your game, I will adapt to your needs and accompany you according to your musical project.

Mathematics (primary and first, secondary second)
I am a young high school student who is looking for young students who are in difficulty in mathematics (students in primary and first, second secondary), I am a motivated student and I want to transmit my knowledge to the youngest.

One-to-one English lessons with a native English speaker
English language teacher with a CELTA certification and several years experience in private tutoring and in a language school (International House Budapest). • One-to-one tuition • English conversation and grammar • Exam preparation • Revision and editing of articles, papers, theses • Business English • Interview preparation

Arabic Language Classes on all skills for all levels
This class can be given to any student willing to learn the language, regardless of their level. It can consist of grammer, writing, speaking, listening and street language. It mostly depends on what the student needs. It will improve the side that we will work on, especially being given by an experienced teacher, master degree holder and native speaker.

Private Cello and piano lessons, notes reading, basic, advanced harmony
There is never too early or too late to learn to play cello. Instrument that sounds closest to human voice. I'm professional cello player for already 24 years (started from 7) with teaching experience of 9 years. I hace 2 bachelor degrees - in Lithuanian music and Theater academy and Royal conservatory of Brussels. Master in Royal conservatory of Antwerp. Any age is welcome. Please don't hesitate to contact, sharing music knowledge with people is always a pleasure.

Private lessons in Maths and Physics-Chemistry.
I teach courses in math and physics-chemistry from college to Tle. Student in 5th year at the INSA Lyon in Mechanical Engineering, I got my baccalaureate in 2013 in S path spe Maths with the mention very well (19 in math, 18 in physics and 19 in SVT). I give private lessons for more than 4 years during which I had twenty students of all levels. During these courses the key-words will be: SUCCESS: The purpose of these sessions will be to prepare students in difficulty and average students to put the ideas in place and install a rigor of writing for the end of the year and the years that follow. BUT ALSO THE EXCEEDING: to succeed is good but to surpass is better. Whether for students in difficulty or seeking a deepening, during these sessions it will give tips and automatisms to gain maximum points during the tests. AND ESPECIALLY THE INTERESTS: The purpose of these sessions is also to interest the student in scientific subjects, through concrete example of use of the concepts studied in reality. The goal for me is also to pass on my passion for hard science so that the student becomes independent and does his own research afterwards without needing a teacher. Feel free to contact me for more information via my Apprentice profile.

Dutch-English tutor (tutoring)
Former student in Dutch immersion, returning from an Erasmus in the Netherlands and 3rd year of Germanic languages, I give classes at 2 steps from the Christ-Roi College in Ottignies and around Ottignies-LLN. Feel free to contact me on Apprentus

Experienced Native English Tutoring, Conversational for any Level
I am a native English speaker from England with a wealth of English teaching experience - I've worked in China and the Republic of Georgia for almost 2 years in total teaching classes, and I have around 4 years tutoring experience. I have taught everyone from 3 year olds to professionals. My favourite classes are conversational classes with intermediate-advanced students and I am happy to tailor the classes to whatever you want them to be (focusing on informal conversation, current events or business or legal English). I want to provide a friendly and engaging class for my students that they will not only learn from but enjoy.

Laura Jane
English language/literature tuition for adults & children
If you are wanting to improve your English or are struggling with your exams/coursework. I am a qualified TEFL teacher and also a native English speaker. My knowledge is vast and can help with any English related struggles you may have. I can adapt the lessons to focus on the topics you need to improve or want to work on.

English with University Teacher: Interviews, Reports, Theses
I am a university teacher with more than ten years experience working at the University of Melbourne (Australia). I can help you with: • Improving conversation and fluency. • Improving your grammar. • Preparing for work interviews and meetings including tips and dry-runs. • Preparing for tests (TOEFL, Cambridge, IELTS, GRE). • Preparing thesis, essays, etc. • Editing and proof-reading. • Translation and interpretation. One-to-one or small group lessons. At your place or mine near the Grote Markt in Leuven I design my classes and choose my materials according to the specific needs, level and interests of each student. In every case I try to create a fun and stimulating class environment. The truth is, I love English and I like sharing this enthusiasm with my students!

High School Math Teacher in Brussels. I am a civil engineer in last year and 2 years of private tutoring.
My engagement : ● I will always be reachable by phone (whatsapp) for any student problem. ● Classes will usually last 2 hours (I can overflow on time). ● Professional work and with a smile ● I can move to Brussels or receive the home course in Etterbeek My methodology is as follows: 1) I ask the student to send me the type of exercise or subject that they would like to discuss with me during the class. So, I can prepare myself. 2) During the course, we review the theory together and then, for the exercises I identify the problems he encounters and try to explain the problem with simpler words. I explain the reasoning to follow to solve the exercises. 3) After doing some typical exercises, I summarize what we learned during the class and ask him to do some exercises again for the next class with the help of the synthesis. I started teaching Maths two years ago to my little brother, then to my little sister, then to my cousins, my friends and so on. Their grades have improved significantly and I felt a great help for their understanding of Math. It started as a volunteer, I now give classes on a regular basis. I am a student Civil Engineer in Louvain-La-Neuve in the last year.

Cours particuliers de piano et apprendre à lire les notes en même temps que vous jouez du piano
Professeur de musique diplômée du Conservatoire donne cours de piano à Bruxelles. Méthodologie: Je base mes cours sur l'école musicale russe mais je peux adapter ma méthodologie avec les besoins de chaque élève. Je vous apprends à lire les notes en même temps que vous jouez du piano . Je donne cours de piano et de solfège depuis 23 ans. Je donne cours à mon domicile ou je me déplace au domicile de l'élève.

cours particuliers en Mathématiques, Français et Anglais
Etudiante en 2ème année en commerce extérieure à la Haute Ecole, j'aide à la préparation des interrogations ou des examens. Mon but principal est d'aider tous les élèves en difficulté et de les faire progresser sans toutefois les surcharger. A chaque fin de séance je donne les devoirs pour me rassurer si l'élève à bien compris mes explications.