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Recently Posted Private Classes

Guitar lessons, private lessons in Wilrijk Antwerp
Tailor-made guitar lessons for the acoustic and electric guitarist, from absolute beginners to advanced of all ages. Register for a lesson or give someone one or more lessons as a gift. Multiple courses are combined to bring your game to the highest level.

Discovering the beauty of music!:) learning about life view!
I am willing to teach to search your own comfort position for playing a cello, learning about technique, and knowledge of music. From the beginner - Professional level of teaching. Learning different techniques with a big range of music of great composers.

Beginner and intermediate guitar lessons in rock, pop and jazz style
Hi! My name is Temuulen and I am a student at the ULB. Having started the guitar 5 years ago, it became my passion and it enriched me a lot (playing develops a certain curiosity). I hope to be able to learn not only the practice of the guitar, but also to be able to share and make discover the world of music. I do not provide theoretical lessons (no music theory) but practical instruction. I offer personalized follow-up according to the objectives pursued. I can learn to jam, play singing or even just some music and melodies to impress the gallery.

English as a foreign language - Conversation, reading and writing
Currently stay at home mother of 3 children with several years experience in teaching English as a foreign language from lower intermediate to advanced level, both as a private tutor and within a language school setting. Flexible and able to adapt to student's needs.

Private lessons in Latin language and literature
Specific analysis of the texts seen at school with a constant revision of the grammar. French-Latin translations to better understand the specificities of the language and enhanced reading (texts in prose) and explanation of metrics (texts in poetry)

Private lessons in Mathematics-Physics / Science
Graduated from CESS Science / Math strong and ex-student in Bachelor of Physical-Mathematical Science at UCL for 3 years, I offer private lessons in these branches for all students from primary to secondary level whatever the year. My educational approach aims to assimilate the fundamental concepts and tools in the most optimal way possible without wasting time. Once the theory has been acquired, the student is drawn to the point of permeating the most effective resolution methods, regardless of the situation or the problem. He is trained and ready to face any type of test: homework, questions or exams.

Private lessons in mathematics and physical sciences
Hello, I am Julien, a graduate of the university teacher training institute in Montpellier. I taught mathematics and physical sciences for almost 10 years in various schools in France. I have always had good reviews from my hierarchy. Now in Brussels, I would like to help the pupils (from the Belgian or French curriculum) who need it. Feel free to contact me for more information. Hope to meet you, Julian.

Remedial course / tutoring in languages (FR - NL - ENG)
I am a translator by training and by profession and I give your children remedial and / or tutoring courses at my home (Brussels) in French, Dutch and English after my working hours and on Saturday afternoon. My goal is to upgrade them and allow them to progress.

English tutoring and conversation for young English speakers.
My goal is to help young students that want to improve their English level, both spoken and written. I will teach them how to use the proper words in the right sentences and have a correct accent wich is becoming more and more important to teachers these days. My experience: I lived and went to school three years in the US where I became fluent in English. I then studied at St Jan Berchmanscollege and I am currently a student at KAE so I know very well what teachers are expecting from their students.

Sharing the pleasure of words - private lessons in French and literature
Just graduated from the National School of Visual Arts of La Cambre with great distinction after a master's in scenography (September 2019), I continue my artistic activity today by collaborating with several directors, while developing my practice of the writing (prose mixed with the tone of the essay, theatrical monologue, short story…) in various forms, ranging from books to installations. Attached to the musicality of the French language and the imaginations of literature, I am committed to transmitting this pleasure of words to others, in an instinctive, hybrid, nourishing and joyful approach. On the program: reading and study of literary works freely chosen, grammar and spelling points adapted to needs, homework help, pronunciation and expression work. I am sensitive to the idea of rewarding learning where knowledge is transmitted horizontally, no longer from teacher to student, but from one potential to another potential. Sharing knowledge is for me a fundamental point in opening up to the world, and it is with attention, curiosity and enthusiasm that I intend to help.

Dharm Jeet
Basic and professional training in English, Math, Chemistry and Physics
I am a PhD research engineer working for the research company in Liege, Belgium. Basic and professional English. I can help with speaking and writing in English. I can also help to improve presentation skills. Based on the student need I can adapt the level of classes to deliver the best personal coaching.

Learn at my own pace! English and Dutch courses
I give English and Dutch lessons ranging from 1st primary to 6th secondary. At home or in a studious place. Classes are given at the student's own pace. Until: UE4 level in Dutch UE8 level in English

Private lessons in Maths, Physics and / or Chemistry
I am a 2nd year Master Polytechnique student. I will soon graduate as an aeronautical mechanical engineer. I have always been passionate about science. I participated in many math / logic contests. I love teaching and especially helping students find their own way of working. My goal is of course to help students understand and find solutions to the problems they face. However, I try to help them develop their own working method by giving them different elements and guiding them in the way that suits them best.

Drum, Rhythmics, Music theory and note theory (mainly Jazz / Pop), Sibelius (transcriptions & scoring).
I am a jazz drum student at the Lemmens Institute. Lessons are therefore perfectly possible there. In addition to technique and attitude, we mainly discuss playing the drums as an instrument. Learn phrasing, learn to tell something and most importantly: get to know the sound of groove and feel. In addition to my instrument, I also specialize in music theory and everything related to jazz music. You can certainly find me for theoretical, harmonic and rhythmic lessons. A little extra: learning digital music notation and making scores using the Sibelius computer program (beginner / average level). - Had lessons from: Dré Pallemaerts, Frank Vaganée, Peter Hertmans, Bart van Caenegem, Raf Helsen, Toni Vitacolonna, Lieven Venken, Ewout Pierreux, Jos Machtel, Chris Mentens, Piet Verbist, etc ... A lot of experience!

Improve your Spanish in a fun easy way, be ready for your next adventure!
I was born and raised in Guatemala, so my Spanish is quite neutral and not to difficult to follow on a regular conversation. Currently studying my master in Sustainable Development in Belgium. I teach Spanish: language, oral and writing skills. More than happy to share some culture while learning the language.

Python: Zero to Hero Series. Learn python from scratch in a few hours!
Python is a very powerful language with the potential of being implemented in every domain imaginable. I have designed this course in a way that will assist any beginner to grasp the necessary concepts of Python. One can start writing complex python codes in no time and if you are someone who knows nothing about Python but wants to have the skills to build something with Python and doesn’t want to invest too much time or effort into learning the language, this course is what you need!!!

Italian classes and conversation / Italian classes and conversation
Ciao! My name is Francesco and I have been living in Mechelen for almost 2 years. I am from Liguria (Italy) and I am currently studying philosophy at the KU Leuven. In the past year I gave private Italian lessons to people who wanted to learn Italian for pleasure and for professional reasons. I mainly have experience in giving Italian conversation lessons. Depending on your level, we can get to know each other for an hour, talk about our lives, hobbies, experiences, everything we want! I am flexible and I am willing to come to people's homes. My Dutch is not perfect, but I can easily use English if you cannot speak Italian directly. We can decide together how we organize ourselves. Leave a message if you are interested! A presto! :) Ciao! I'm Francesco, I've been living in Mechelen for almost 2 years. I am from Liguria (Italy) and I am currently studying philosophy at KU Leuven. This past year I've given private classes to people who needed to learn Italian for professional reasons or simply for fun. I especially have experience in giving conversation classes in Italian. Depending on your level, we can spend an hour getting to know each other, talking about our lives, hobbies, experiences, anything we want! I'm quite flexible and I'm available to come to people's house for the classes. We can choose how to proceed together. Let me know if you're interested! A presto! :)

Bilingual medical student teaches French (easy + average)
I was raised bilingually (French-Dutch) and completed my entire schooling in Dutch. Now I study medicine at the University. I can practice grammar, vocabulary and fluency with the student. The lesson will be in French as much as possible in order to get used to the language and to motivate the student to speak as often as possible. I offer enthusiastic lessons in which I adapt to the student en his/her level. I enjoy studying and certainly want to help if any additional motivation is needed, specific goals have to be set or if there is need of a new structure.

Languages: French, Dutch and English; Sciences: Math, Biology, Chemistry
I am a bioscience engineering student (masters) and fluent in French, Dutch and English. In my language classes, I combine written and verbal aspects of the language and focus on the difficulties of the student to make sure the student feels comfortable with the language. I prepare my class beforehand according to the needs of the student and the content of his/her course. In my science classes, I start with a general overview of the matter to make sure the basics are understood. Furthermore, I will make sure the student feels comfortable solving problems or understanding pathways and mechanisms. I prepare my class beforehand according to the needs of the student and the content of his/her course.

Wiksunde tutoring (and optionally also English and French) for secondary school students.
Hey! I am Arno, a young employee of 23 years and last summer (2019) graduated as a Master in Commercial Engineering at the KULeuven. In my spare time I would like to earn a little more by supporting other students with difficulties for Maths and others. With my solid mathematical background and my youthful enthusiasm I am convinced that I can help others. I am currently teaching extra to two boys of 14 and 16 years old and that is going very well.

Computer programming support/ Computer Science courses.
I offer support courses in Computer Science suitable for students or professionals. Having a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and a first professional experience in Company, I put my know-how and knowledge at your service to help you, in particular, in learning computer programming, carrying out your IT projects, whether as part of your study or job. Subjects : - Algorithms - Principles of Object Oriented Programming - Modeling UML, Merise. - Analysis and design of relational databases. - SQL data query language - Programming languages: Java, C #, SAS.