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327 music theory lessons teachers in The Netherlands

Trusted teacher: Private guitar lessons offered! You like music and you have taken the step to learn how to play the guitar? You are already familiar with the instrument but want to improve your technique? You want to accompany your favourite songs? Maybe you would like to learn nice pieces for classical guitar? If the answer is yes, contact me! We can have lessons either at your place or mine. About me: My name is Carolina and I am a classical guitarist. I am from Spain and currently based in The Hague. In 2022 I obtained my Masters degree in Classical Guitar Soloist Performance at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague. During my career, I have performed concerts as a soloist and in ensembles in several venues in Europe. In parallel to my career as a performer, I have been giving private lessons to children and adults for 5 years. As a teacher, I always adapt to the needs and demands of each student. My priority is that, at the same time as they learn and get the necessary tools to understand music, they have a pleasant and enjoyable time. About the lessons: My approach to teaching depends on each student's preference. Thus, depending on the style they want to learn, I prepare the appropriate material (classical pieces, popular pieces and/or songs) based on the student's skills. Offered courses: • Guitar (classical and modern) • Music Theory (rhythm, solfège, etc.) Education: • Master of Classical Guitar Soloist Performance at the Koninklijk Conservatorium Den Haag (2020-2022). • Bachelor of Classical Guitar Soloist Performance at the Madrid Royal Conservatory (2016-2020). • "Digital competence in teaching: creating interactive multimedia didactic content for the classroom with Mac and iPad" training course at the Camilo José Cela University (25/10/2021 – 14/11/2021). • "Prevention of occupational risks in educational centres" training course at the Camilo José Cela University (04/10/2021 – 24/10/2021). • "Attention to diversity in the framework of competency-based programming" training course at the Camilo José Cela University (13/09/2021 – 03/10/2021). If you are interested, don't hesitate in sending me a message! Good luck with your new guitar player path!
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Looking for a passionate and professional Drum and Transverse Flute instructor for yourself or your child? Look no further! My lessons are carefully designed to not only ignite a love for music and nurture creativity but also to systematically enhance skills based on age and individual abilities. As a dedicated and experienced teacher with a Master's Degree in Drum and Transverse Flute Performance, I take a committed approach to teaching, ensuring each student's needs are met effectively. I offer a range of teaching methods, all tailored to the unique goals and needs of each student. My philosophy is that playing a musical instrument should be an enjoyable and fulfilling experience, and my lessons embody precisely that spirit. **For Preschool Children (Ages 3+):** Are you a parent eager to introduce your little one to the magical world of music? My lessons are designed to be fun and engaging. Through specially adapted piano books, I'll guide your child on an exciting musical adventure, complete with stories and new songs to learn. We'll explore music through singing, movement, and rhythm, fostering a deep and lasting love for music. **For School-Aged Children:** Unlock your child's full potential by teaching them how to read musical notes! Learning to read sheet music not only allows your child to pick up new songs more quickly but also empowers them to play whenever they wish, without waiting for their teacher. In my lessons, your child will discover the wonder of musical notes through a fun and interactive story that introduces each character as a tangible musical note. Carefully selected piano books and additional repertoire ensure progressive improvement in piano skills, all while allowing your child to choose their favorite pieces. **For Teenagers:** Are you in search of a Drum and Transverse Flute instructor who will nurture and support your teenager's passion for music? I offer an accelerated piano book specially designed for this age group, enabling your child to make rapid progress in their piano skills. For students with prior piano experience, I build upon their existing knowledge, further expanding their abilities and creativity. I understand that each student has their own objectives, whether playing for enjoyment or aspiring to be a professional musician. That's why I adapt my lessons to align with your child's intentions. By offering a variety of musical pieces for them to select from and being open to their input, I believe that playing a piece they genuinely enjoy is more effective in maintaining their motivation. **For Adults:** Worried that you might be too old to start learning the Drum and Transverse Flute? Put your worries aside! It's never too late to embark on a new learning journey. As an adult, you bring unique advantages to the table, including greater focus, a solid grasp of music theory, and a strong motivation to succeed. Do you have a favorite song you've always wanted to play but thought it was too challenging? There are plenty of classical and popular melodies adapted for beginners, allowing you to start playing them right away. I'll also recommend a piano book specifically designed for adult learners, helping you build your skills at a comfortable pace.
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Berklee Graduate offers private lessons of Composition, Orchestration, Arranging, Ear Training, Harmony & Counterpoint in Utrecht (Utrecht)
Hernan is not just a good teacher but an exceptional one. I have had only one lesson with him so far, but I got so much from it, that I am looking forward to the next one. He went above and beyond from the beginning. He is very modest and professional in his teaching style, which makes it easy to absorb what he teaches. I would say I am an advanced composition and intermediate orchestration student with decades studying and composing by myself. I had been thinking about taking some advanced online courses available on the internet, but almost all such courses are really work-on-your-own courses. They might have Facebook groups available at best, where you can post questions. But they cannot compare to having a real teacher with the hands-on knowledge guiding you one on one. That one session was packed with so many great insights which I could have never gotten out of any video course or book. Only an insider of orchestration craft and the music composition industry could have such insights. I am looking forward to what I can learn in future lessons. UPDATE AFTER 15 LESSONS: I stopped after 15 lessons because honestly it will take me a long time to process and apply everything Hernan has given me. I will be applying it to my large portfolio of compositions, and I know my compositions are going to be much more mature and well-crafted after I apply what I have learnt to them. I have a completely tranformed attitude and understanding of music composition and orchestration craft. I thought it was simply a matter of learning additional material to get me to the advanced level of the masters. But I have learnt it is a whole world of nuances, subtleties and experience that the masters had a grasp of that allowed them to create at that level. Hernan has given me a good initiation into that world. I have also acquired tools and skills that will allow me to continue the journey on my own. Thank you Hernan.
Review by IBRAHIM
Singing Lessons (Individual) - Pop, Jazz, Soul, Blues, Rock (Amsterdam)
Not just a singing teacher, but by the way also the best vocal coach you can get hold of at this moment and in this area of the Netherlands (so take your chance...;-)). For about 3 years I had a serious problem with my vocal chords (incomplete closure) and a dislocated larynx. I started to be in contact with Stefano by chance asking him to show me some (singing) exercises additionally to my treatment at the ENT-department of Martini Ziekenhuis Groningen as well as an ongoing therapy at a professional trained speech therapist. To cut a long story short: Within a couple of lessons and dedicated exercises he succeeded in re-positioning my larynx and got rid of my incomplete vocal cords closure, meanwhile the medical specialists had decided that the only cure could possibly be an operation... As a ‘side-effect’ I am now able to sing and control my voice like I have never been able before and could never have imagined that this was possible to achieve by just some simple but individually chosen exercises and practice. Grazie!
Review by JANA
Violin and Viola lessons 🎻 with a professional teacher for all ages and levels (Amsterdam)
I studied the violin for about 2 months with Fermin and I have grown much in my knowledge of not just how to play but how to think when playing. Fermin has also helped a lot with technical struggles allowing me to break through some of the challenges that were bothering me for a long time. He is a very patient teacher but he will not hesitate to stop you and correct you (as any good teacher would) if you are not playing correctly. I personally requested that he gives me honest feedback which really helped me play better tecnically and musically. I believe he will be open to adapting his strictness upon specific requests. The time difference (Fermin being in Spain and I being in the US) has not been easy but Fermin was very willing to bend his schedule and provided several time slots to accommodate my availability. To sum up, if you are looking for a teacher that is patient in character yet unrelenting toward the goal of fully tapping your potential both musically and tecnically, I would recommend you take a lesson with Fermin.