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Basic English Tutoring for Children (non-native speakers)
I specialize in tutoring non-native speakers of English who have a beginner level. I assign homework after every lesson and provide perioding progress reports. My class will focus on the basics of English - developing speaking, pronunciation, reading, listening, writing and basic grammar. At the end of my class students will be able to ask and give information about a place of origin, nationality, language and age.

English Language Classes with Native Speaker - Conversational, Listening, Written
Learning a foreign language is an intellectually-challenging and extremely enjoyable and fulfilling endeavor. It is also increasingly important in today's globalized world of work. I am a native English speaker, having grown up in Kent, England. I have a diverse experience teaching languages - teaching young Colombian offenders English in Bogotá, teaching English to Colombian students prior to a year abroad, and teaching Spanish to young professionals in London. Throughout all of my teaching, I try to ensure the lessons are ultimately enjoyable (as this is the most effective way to learn!) and tailor the lesson to the individual needs of the students. Happy to adapt the lessons and style of teaching to the needs and desires of the student; I will be available to teach at the house of my student, at my house, or in a café - wherever is most convenient! I am studying a postgraduate Masters in International Conflict and Security and will be in Brussels throughout the Summer, the remainder of 2018 and the entirety of 2019. Please free feel to contact if you have any questions :)

Swedish teacher teaching in Brussels and surroundings
Former Berlitz teacher offers classes in Swedish. All levels. Each course is tailor-made and adapted to the needs of the student. Individual classes or classes in small groups. Do not hesitate to contact me for more information. Schedule and location can be discussed.

English Tutoring, Proof reading, Conversational skill etc
Traduction Français en bas! I am a 21 year old British/Italian Student studying computer science. Every summer I decide to teach students (this summer adults too!) a certain subject. It is normally English, but I have also taught programming languages. I have a passion for languages, and want to share that passion with others! I speak English, French and Italian fluently, and I know a little Spanish. Being in Belgium for the Summer, I need a job to support myself, so I decided to do this! I feel the fact that I speak French and Italian allow me to better train the person I am tutoring to learn English faster and more efficiently. I can also travel to whoever requires it! Je suis un jeune étudiant de 21 ans Italo-Britannique qui est actuellement dans ma dernière année d’université. Chaque année pour l’été je fais le tuteur d'Anglais, normalement destinée a des enfants mais cette fois je vais m'ouvrir vers les plus anciens, grace a l'experience que j'ai maintenant. Je suis un passionné des langues: Je parle anglais, italien et français. Cet aspect me donne d'avantage sur les autres tuteur/trice. Essayez-moi!

Finance de marché, finance d'entreprise / Corporate Finance, Investment solution
Finance de marché / Financial markets Finance d'entreprise / Coporate finance Produits dérivés / Derivatives Produits structurés / Structured Products Options exotiques / Exotic options Greeks and book management Simulation and case studies

SAT Math Tutoring for the new SAT by an American College Student
I am a current student at Pomona College, the #1 Liberal Arts college in the United States, and I specialize in tutoring the math section of the new SAT, and have two years of experience in doing so. My previous students have made significant gains in their final score. I hope to make practicing the SAT not too dull, and to make you feel comfortable taking the test. I am a current student at Pomona College, the #1 Liberal Arts college in the United States

Science Technology Engineering and Maths Tutoring to Prepare Students for GCSE, SAT
I have special skills in teaching Maths, Physics and Chemistry for students preparing for school exams and various entrance exams to colleges and universities. I have a track record in helping students overcome their fear for these subjects starting with the "why" before demonstrating the "how". I am gifted in keeping the students engaged with the subjects while helping them through a self discovery process on how to tackle each subject area.

Lorena Vidal
English and Spanish lessons. 1 to 1 lessons or groups.
Languages are very useful, specially if we talk about English and Spanish. I can help you with anything you need related with this languages. Maybe write a formal email? Or preparing yourself for a better future? Try one of my lessons and if you like them take advantage of the promos. Better prices for a package of lessons or if you bring more students with you. Thanks

Private English Lessons + Correction of essays + Translation
Holding a Master degree in Modern Languages and Literature and another one in European Affairs completed at the University College of London, I offer my help for the ones who want to learn/improve their English! I'm flexible and I adapt to your passions and aspirations. Even if I could be an English teacher, I have decided to work for the European institutions. Yet, I have gained teaching experience while I was traveling for a few months. I did some volunteering in Nepal and Vietnam teaching English to students.

Learn Italian easy and fast. I am Filomena, an Italian violinist. I can teach you Italian in English, French or Spanish.
Hi, I am Filomena, an Italian violinist of 21 years old and I speak fluently French, Spanish and English. Do you have the dream to speak the beautiful Italian language? Make it possible now! I live in Gent and I am available all days of the week. I am available to give a lesson in my place, or I can come to you. It is also possible to do lesson via Skype.

Cours de guitare par professeur diplômé (tous niveaux, tous styles)
Prêts à devenir un meilleur guitariste? Professeur expérimenté diplômé du conservatoire de l'ArtEZ (Enschede, NL) et guitariste professionnel, je donne des cours de guitare sur Saint-Gilles. Possibilité de déplacement chez vous dans la région de Bruxelles Capitale moyennant une petite compensation, en fonction de mes disponibilités. Les cours peuvent être donnés en Français, Anglais ou Néerlandais. Aucun prérequis théorique n'est nécessaire. Les cours sont accessibles aux élèves de tout niveau et tout style. Le contenu du cours est donné dans une atmosphère détendue et désigné en adéquation avec le professeur et l'élève. Il varie en fonction du niveau, des affinités et ambitions de chacun. Orienté processus, les cours s'articulent aux travers du développement de 6 grands points: - répertoire - technique - théorie - oreille - improvisation - développement de la personnalité musicale (son, style, etc) Pour plus d'informations, n'hésitez pas à copier les liens suivants dans votre explorateur ou à me joindre par mail: Are you ready to become a better guitarist Graduated from ArtEZ conservatory (Enschede, nl), an experienced teacher and a professional guitarist, I give lessons in Saint-Gilles. However, I can also give lessons at your home in Brussels with an extra traveling fee. Lessons are meant to be fun and relaxed and can be given in either French, English or Dutch. No background is necessary. Lessons are accessible to aspiring guitarists of all age and level. The content and orientation of the lessons are designed depending on the taste, level and ambitions of the student. My lessons are process oriented and tend to articulate around the development of 6 main topics: - repertoire - technique - theory - hearing abilities - Improvisation - musical choices (sound, style, etc ) For more information about my rates or for any query please do not hesitate to get in touch to know more:

Classic guitar teacher (Classic/flamenco/electric)
I have been studying guitar since 1999. During these years I have played different guitar styles and guitar types. (classical, flamenco, electric, bass, ukulele). I studied at music conservatory until 2009 and then continued learning on my own. I have my own learning method adapted to the objectives of each person. I have been a teacher in Barcelona and people have always been satisfied with their achievements. I speak English, French, Italian and Spanish although music is a universal language :)

Russian language for all levels, purposes and ages
My courses are aimed to help students, adults and children learn Russian at any level and for any purpose: hobby or professional. I will help you develop all needed skills to feel at comfort in the Russian speaking community: listening, writing, speaking and reading. Generally, I first listen to what a person needs and then we will together work on our studying plan.

Latin dances (salsa, bachata, mambo, tango, waltz, cha cha, etc)
Certified/Experienced dance teacher of latin and ballroom dances. Do you want to learn salsa, bachata, cha cha, rumba, mambo, tango, waltz, rock n' roll and many more? Here is your chance! I have been teaching for many years abroad in all levels and ages and I have a competitive background as a dancer. Private lessons, group classes and wedding choreographies! Dancing is for everyone, so do not hesitate to contact me!

Private tutoring (primary & secondary school; general courses)
As a graduated primary school teacher currently studying for a master's degree educational sciences I'm the ideal person to help with the school needs of children in primary and secondary school (except some specialty courses). Some options in higher education are possible as well if I have enough knowledge in the subject. I focus mostly on understanding of the course material and ways for the student to become more independent. I adapt my working method to each individual to accommodate every need. This includes the working methods and pace of the lessons. Traveling to the student's location might depend upon public transport. Additional moments during the week might be possible depending on university classes. If you're unsure about anything, feel free to contact me.

Join me to learn or improve your Dutch, English or French!
(Français/Nederlands ci-dessous/onderaan) If you feel the need to freshen up your French, Dutch or English, feel free to get in touch with me and we can arrange a first class! I will adapt to your needs, whether that means reading children stories, watching YouTube videos, analysing newspaper articles, blogs, advertisements, podcasts, audiobooks or helping out with administrative documents or homework. It is all up to you! We can shape the class according to your wishes. The content of the class can be vocabulary oriented or more grammar or spelling oriented. I enjoy teaching to beginner's as well as intermediates, everyone with an open mind is welcome to join me! I grew up in Brussels speaking both French and Dutch at home. I just completed my Bachelor's in the Netherlands in an international environment, which makes me now perfectly trilingual. Besides this I have also had the opportunity to travel and live in several countries over the past years such as Denmark, Australia, Germany and Portugal. I enjoy meeting new people and am always ready to help out! During our first class we can set the agenda, get to know each other a little better and break the ice. From there onwards, classes should be relaxed, but nevertheless thoughtful and critical. I'm looking forward to meet you! ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Si vous ressentez le besoin de rafraîchir votre français, néerlandais ou anglais, n'hésitez pas à me contacter et nous fixerons un rendez-vous pour un premier cours! Je m'adapte selon vos besoins, que ce soit lire des histoires d'enfants, regarder des vidéos YouTube, analyser des articles de journaux, des blogs, des publicités, des podcasts, des livres audio ou vous aider avec des documents administratifs ou des devoirs. Tout dépend de vous! Le contenu dépendra de vos souhaits. Il peut être axé sur le vocabulaire, tout comme la grammaire ou l'orthographe. J'apprécie enseigner aux débutants aussi bien que les intermédiaires. Tout esprit curieux et ouvert est la bienvenue! J'ai moi-même grandi à Bruxelles en parlant français et néerlandais à la maison. Je viens de terminer mon bachelier aux Pays-Bas en anglais ce qui me rend parfaitement trilingue. J'ai également eu l'occasion de voyager et de vivre dans plusieurs pays au cours des dernières années, comme le Danemark, l'Australie, l'Allemagne et le Portugal. J'aime rencontrer de nouvelles personnes et suis toujours prêt à aider! Pendant notre premier cours ensemble nous pouvons établir apprendre à se connaître et voir ce que vous voulez apprendre exactement. J'ai hâte de faire votre connaissance! A bientôt! Céline

Voice, piano, stage performing, baroque/ chamber music/musical
The lesson will be given with piano :) No matter you want voice training or stage performing. Depends on your current level, I’ll massively “upgrade” your skill and try to find the best ways of getting progress in future. If you want intensively to learn a piece, that’s no problem, we will work on “short term - high quality” mode; but if you want deep diving in the music world, welcome to join me!

Math, Physics, Computer Science for IB, MYP Student and Bachelor
My name is Mohammed, I have studied Physics and Math as a major at Faculty of Science and I got my degree with accumulative grade 85% (Excellent with honor) then studied Computer Science and combined the two major in my postgraduate study (Theoretical & Computational Physics). I have very high skills in Physics and Math, and I have more than 3 years experience in teaching, I speak super fluent English, I teach now as tutor for Physics, Math and IT for International Baccalaureate Students. I am very hard worker and have a great passion for physics and math and teaching, I practice teaching since I was primary school student for my classmates, and during my bachelor I used to review my professors notes and making notes for my classmates too. I got skilled in instruction and explaining and teaching, adapting to my students, and creative about the way to teach based on every students needs, finding a way to deliver the lesson in easy, interesting, exiting way. I teach now to IB students in Belgium Looking forward to hear from you.

RUSSIAN language with native speaker. EASY, INTERESTING and QUICKLY
The best and the easiest way to learn language to do it with professional and with a native speaker. With me you can combine it, because: 1) this is my native language: 2) i have master degree in philology (it means that i can not just speek, but also can EXPLAINE everything). Forget about boring and unclear lessons, i will do everything to make every lesson INTERESTING and full of really USEFUL information. INDIVIDUAL APPROACH Every student is SPECIAL and IMPORTANT, that's why i use different methods of teaching (interactive, active etc), and always pay attention on the goals and interests of students. Moreover, i always use presentation in power point, intersting cards, organise LINQUISTIC GAMES to make learning more interesting and easier! I also pay attention on balance between GRAMMAR and LEXICON, writing and speeking, can also help with syntax, phonetics,morphology. I will help to improve your COMMUNICATIVE SKILLS and PRONUNCIATION. If you want to learn russian, but don't want to waste your time, my lessons will help you to succeed without any stress and boring studing. Only positive mood, interesting tasks and really useful information. QUICKLY, EASY and INTERESTING!

Italian for Opera Singer and Beginners / Maths for students
I am an italian artist and theater director with a bachelor and master in environmental engineering up my sleeve. I am based in Saint Gilles, but previously I lived in Bristol (UK) where I taught private italian lessons to students of different levels that needed the language for peculiar reasons. Among my students I had: BBC' reporters who had to make documentaries in Italy, young entrepreneurs who wanted to buy properties in Italy -and so needed italian to negotiate- opera singers and aspiring actors. The private tutoring would consist of any material requested or can even be simply for checking or proof reading. I will teach one to one and lesson can be in english on only in Italian based on the student preference and level. I have a very flexible timetable and I can adapt to different skill levels and ability. In my teaching method I try to focus on the strong points and qualities of student in order to build up technical skills which will help the student to overcome difficulties in a simple and natural way. For curios or/and advanced learner reading and discussion classes can focus on history of theatre and Italian literature. Being an engineer, I also offer math classes for students.

Solfege,Ear Training, Music Theory, Piano, Piano Accompaniments
*I specialize in preparing students for Conservatory Ear Training, Solfege and Ear Training. I also give piano lessons in all levels. *Coaching musical theatre repertoire and preparing for entrance examinations/auditions.

Our students in Belgium say it best about our teachers

French tuitions for expats
Laureline is well organized, experienced tutor. I like her teaching style. I would recommend her highly !
Review by KIHONG J.
Italian language and culture
Excellent, very polite, very organized and methodical. The course is very pleasant and fruitful.
Review by IOULIA T.
Cécile is a professional teacher with a personal approach. Besides being a very friendly person, her teaching is absolutely worth recommending.
Review by TIMON R.

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