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German/English/Russian At home or Online Tutoring or translating!
I'm a German native speaker who has lived in Russia. I can do online classes and in person (Antwerp) I can teach English to German speaking. I can translate documents or be a translator for anyone who needs translations from German to Russian/German to Russian.

Biology and Chemistry for 3rd and 4th secondary (CE2-D) and 5th e6 6th secondary (CESS)
Preparation for Biology and Chemistry exams in secondary school, all levels by a Doctor of Science with five years of experience in preparing students for central jury exams in the French community. Courses given in French or English. "Straight to the point" method compatible with the widespread opinion among students that school is a prison from which you have to get out as quickly as possible by passing your exams. Nothing revolutionary, no great psycho-sociological ambitions: we start from the questions asked to the students during their interrogations and exams, we recall the theoretical bases necessary and sufficient to pass these tests. We systematically test learning to measure progress and assess the chances of passing future exams.

Recorder lessons for all levels: beginners to advanced
Hello! I am Lieve, professional recorder player based in Brussels. With great passion and pleasure I teach everyone who wants to learn how to play the recorder, whether you are just starting out or already have experience. This can be done in Dutch or in English. Making music is central to my lessons and other aspects are also discussed from there: breathing support, ensemble playing, sound development, technique, ear training... Always tailored to your wishes and interests. We explore various musical styles to discover the different possibilities of this versatile instrument. I myself have several years of experience in giving individual lessons, group lessons and workshops and I am also active as a musician in various projects, including the Delle Donne Consort. Curious? Be sure to send me a message and we will make a schedule based on your wishes, agenda and interests! Being able to read music is not a requirement, we can also start this during the lessons.

I give tutoring or homework guidance to children from 1st to 4th grade
I would like to give tutoring or homework assistance to primary school students from the first grade to the fourth grade. I am a primary school teacher with a big heart for children. I make the subject matter understandable for every child in a playful, clear and structured way. I come to your home after school to do homework together or to give tutoring for a specific subject. I provide step-by-step plans and visual support if necessary. I also prepare preschoolers for the transition to first grade. I work in the vicinity of Ekeren, Kapellen, Stabroek, Hoevenen, Berendrecht, Brasschaat, Merksem.

Dutch for foreigners. All levels. Feel free to call!
Tailor-made Dutch lessons for children and adults. I taught Dutch in companies for two years through a professional language institute in Liège. Pupils from primary to university or adults for private or professional purposes. Focus o speaking but if desired extra attention to grammar can also. General course or specifically tailored, for beginners to advanced speakers. Contact me without obligation for more information and we will agree together what type of lesson you would like.

Music Lessons for Beginners! Piano lessons in English!
Is your child interested in learning to play the piano? Would you like them to pick up a new hobby? It's always great to start young! Helping them to invest time and effort into skills for a lifetime for them and others to enjoy! I started learning when I was 4 years old. It made me resilient and self-driven to learning. It also gave me a chance to express myself in my own time, thank you Beethoven for all the times when I was frustrated and I took it out on the piano. Double bonus! Your child can learn the piano at the same time learning and improving their English Or, are you a self taught pianist and need a little guidance making your learning curve a little quicker, don't want dedicated lessons for a long period of time but here and there for some support? I'm here for you.

Support courses: French, Arabic, Math, physics, computer science, electronics
Hello I offer lessons with a native French-Arab, engineer in electronics, computer science and physical mathematics, no secrets for me either. Do not hesitate to contact me in order to develop a program adapted to your level and your background. . Yours truly

Guitar lessons for beginner-intermediate-pro
Hello and welcome , If you want to evolve in a well-supported educational setting, then stop scrolling! No matter your level! Accompaniments, solos, everything is possible! - You want to learn how to make your first love song with Ed Sheeran? - Or maybe improvise freely like Polyphia? - Become a pro session guitarist? - Or know how to work guitar tracks in software in a professional way? I have everything you need for you! 1) We start by evaluating your level 2) We define an objective by adapting to your needs in order to be able to reach your goal as quickly as possible. 3) We put into practice with the most educational follow-up possible. Travel or at my home in Auderghem, see you soon.

Tailor-made lessons: flute and music theory. For all ages and all levels.
Are you looking for someone who can guide you in the magical world of flute playing? I have been playing the flute for 24 years and obtained my Master's degree with highest distinction in 2012. I have 13 years of teaching experience and love to share everything I know about the flute. Young or old, beginner or advanced, classical or pop, I adapt completely. Would you like to learn to read music, but don't know where to start? You can also contact me for this. For many years I have been teaching music theory to children from 8 years old, to young adults and to adults.

Private lessons in piano interpretation
My teaching method is based on the novelty of methods that will stimulate motivation in the student and guarantee meaningful learning. I address my lessons to all and all people who want to start with this practice or who already have some basics on the instrument.

Learn to play the trumpet and read music
The trumpet is a wonderful instrument. I therefore propose to initiate those who would be interested as well as to help people who are already familiar with this instrument. I've been playing this instrument for 14 years, 10 of which in a conservatory, and I never got tired of it. My way of teaching is mainly based on the management of one's breath and the development of one's musical ear, with breathing exercises, listening, technique etc. Thus, my method is just as suitable for young children who want to learn this instrument, as for older people. My goal is to advance the student without discouraging or overloading with work. That the desire to learn continues. In support, I can lend manuals and sheet music (although I strongly recommend having your own) as well as teach music reading.

Private lessons Historical and geographical training -French-Methodology
Oral and written French: grammar-conjugation-spelling (children and adults) Historical and geographical training: 4th to 6th secondary Work methodology: acquire work autonomy and learn to memorize. Preparation for the Central Jury

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga classes. Primary and Half primary series
I’m a professional musician - a classically educated pianist who has completed the 200h Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Training in Mexico and became a certified yoga teacher this year. My teaching is focused on helping students to develop their physical & mental well-being. That in ashtanga yoga tradition can be achieved through the connection between asanas ( physical postures) with proper breathing. I believe Yoga is a shared experience that requires equal commitment from the teacher as well as the student. I make sure that students have a solid understanding of the postures and their benefits. I adapt the Asthanga sequence to students' needs but I’m always ready to challenge them if I feel like it’s the right time. I hope to see you on the mat :)

Student at the Brussels Conservatory gives bass lessons
Hello, my name is Victor and I am 23 years old. I am currently a student at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels in jazz and before that I was 2 years at the Regional Conservatory of Lille in jazz bass / double bass and classical double bass. I also graduated from the EF2M in Tourcoing. I started music at the age of 8 with the piano, then I turned to the guitar at 12 and then to the electric bass at 16. When I entered the Lille Conservatory, I also took up the double bass. I practiced several styles: jazz, rock, blues, metal, classical, soul, funk, etc... and the fact of having played several instruments helps me to have a more global vision of music, and to find what is interesting in each of the styles. This openness I want to pass on in my classes. I have several years of stage experience with different projects, and I have also worked in the studio, notably with the house music artist Bellaire. My pedagogy focuses on spontaneous and mainly oral learning of music. There is no need to know music theory. I would approach some theoretical notions according to what we work together, and your curiosity on this subject. I would emphasize listening, rhythm and playing together. There will be part of the work devoted to instrumental technique (how to get a beautiful sound out of the instrument, how to play without getting tired and without hurting yourself, what are the different ways of making a bass sound depending on the style), and the the rest of the time we can work on pieces, approach improvisation, group play, composition, or other subjects according to your requests.

Cours particulier de Français langue étrangère / soutien scolaire
Bonjour (EN below) Passionnée de langues étrangères, je peux dispenser à votre enfant ou à vous même des cours particuliers, que ce soit dans le cadre d'un apprentissage personnel ou d'aide aux devoirs / soutien scolaire. Le français est ma langue maternelle. Profil: J'ai une formation de sciences politiques, j'ai fait mes études en France et en Allemagne. Après mes études, j'ai travaillé dans les institutions européennes. Expérience en pédagogie: Pour financer mes études, je donnais des cours particuliers à des élèves de secondaires dans différentes matières, dont les langues. J'ai énormément de goût pour le partage des savoirs et l'interaction. J'ai notamment été professeure de français en Allemagne dans une école de langues étrangères, pour des débutants. J'ai donc de l'expérience dans la vulgarisation de ma langue maternelle pour la rendre accessible à un public. Je m'adapte aux besoins de l'élève, tant dans les sujets abordés que dans les exercices et la méthode. Nous pouvons ainsi travailler la compréhension écrite / orale, l'expression écrite / orale. Je varie les méthodes en fonction de ce qui plaît à l'élève pour un meilleur apprentissage, en passant du ludique aux méthodes plus scolaire. Je peux suivre votre enfant ou votre évolution de façon ponctuelle ou bien sur plusieurs mois. Je me déplace volontiers au domicile de l'élève ou bien cours par vidéoconférence. N'hésitez pas à me contacter ! EN Hello, As I am passionate about foreign languages, I can provide your child or yourself with private lessons or school tutoring. French is my mother tongue and the lesson could be given either in French, in English or in German. Profile: I studied political sciences in France and in Germany and after being graduated, I started my career in Brussels in the European institutions. Pedagogical experience: In order to finance my studies, I was giving several lessons and tutoring in various subjects. More specifically, I used to be French teacher in Germany within a school for foreign languages. The audience was womposed of German adults, clueless about French. There, I have learned how to make French accessible for non-french speaking people (even though this is my mother tongue). Therefore, I can provide you with grammar inputs or conversation in French. I adapt myself to the need of the pupil / participant, either on the topics discussed or on the method used for learning. We can work on speaking, listening, writting and reading. I can happily come at the participant's place or the lesson can also be given by visioconference. Do not hesitate to contact me !

Personalized piano lessons at home for all levels
Piano lessons are made for anyone who wants to start, improve and have fun in music! I offer a personalized course according to the desires and objectives of each one. From classical to variety, I adapt and arrange scores so that everyone can play and have fun at their level. I have been teaching for four years now to students of all ages, putting priority on the pleasure of playing and transmitting music. Having worked in various ASBLs, I learned and applied many different methods, in order to maximize learning at the student's pace, based in particular on Suzuki and Montessori. I wish to be able to share my passion for this magnificent instrument with all music lovers, and deepen it for those who already know it!

Understand the background of science by combining theory and practice.
I offer students methods to better understand and approach scientific subjects as a whole. To this end, the course is based on a reminder and possibly a supplement of what has been seen in the course and then comes the exercise phase. An exam-type test is composed every two weeks to allow the student to confront the exam.

Joseph William
Français, anglais, néerlandais, orthographe, grammaire, vocabulaire
Le français est ma langue maternelle ; j'aime beaucoup donner des cours pour tous les niveaux. C'est une langue exceptionnelle, et riche dans tous les domaines comme l'orthographe et la grammaire. Mes cours sont ludiques, et adaptés aux élèves quelque soit leur âge. Je suis impatient de vous faire partager ma passion...

Piano and Music Theory Classes for students of all levels
I offer classical piano and music theory classes in which my aim is to transmit my great passion and love for music, helping students to reach their full potential. I have been a passionate teacher in Italy for six years and I have now moved to Brussels to pursue a Postgraduate Course in Piano Accompaniment at Koninklijk Conservatorium.

The Art of Building through drawing, painting and engraving
During the classes you will learn about the art of building through drawing, painting, engraving and sculpting. By drawing you will learn the effect of a monument according to its place, for drawing appears to be the best means of developing intelligence and judgment. You will also learn about orientation, light and shade. You will inscribe in your mind the methods used by the masters to produce the desired effect on a given place under particular conditions. You will analyse the fundamental principles, the rules of proportion, those gentle relationships between the parts and the whole, which the ancients gave to the orders in ancient buildings, to those of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. To communicate your thoughts clearly, to record your observations and to find the reason for all things, you will draw, paint and engrave from nature. Drawing is a language, a means of expression and communication, an art that complements and is indispensable to all professions, such as speaking and writing. COURSE CONTENT Subjects: Architecture, urban planning, nature, history of architecture, history of cities, building techniques, natural materials, sacred geometry, decoration, ornamentation and many more! Techniques: Creation of natural paints (watercolour and gouache - access to a kitchen), sketching, perspective, sacred geometry, measured drawing, watercolour, gouache, charcoal and engraving on stoneware or wood.

Piano teacher gives piano and music theory lessons
Complete piano lessons for all levels: children and adults. I build a specific path for each student who will have the opportunity to learn in their own way. The study load will be different depending on your goals. The technique and the choice of repertoire will be carefully studied.

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French tuitions for expats
Laureline is well organized, experienced tutor. I like her teaching style. I would recommend her highly !
Review by KIHONG J.
Violin lessons and tutorials Online! Learn without any risk! ☺️🎻🎉
Gabriele Filiberto
Gabriele is a good violin teacher who can explain the concepts very precisely and do demonstrations, and he also gave me some useful tips for practice.
Review by XIN G.
Italian language and culture
Excellent, very polite, very organized and methodical. The course is very pleasant and fruitful.
Review by IOULIA T.

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