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Homework help / French lessons for primary, secondary, adult and FLE students
I base myself on the student's course to offer him fun exercises and a review of the points discussed in class. All the techniques are in place to facilitate the understanding of the subject, acquire better self-confidence and thus succeed in the year. In addition to basing myself on his lessons, I analyze the problems of spelling, vocabularies, sentence constructions, conjugations and grammars and I give several exercises to overcome their difficulties. I teach at home and by webcam.

Student at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels, I will be delighted to give you violin or music theory lessons
My courses adapt above all to your level, your desires and your motivation. I work in particular on listening and musicality by adapting to each person's personality. I combine technique and music to balance learning the instrument and so that it remains above all a pleasure. Passionate about the history of music, I will also be delighted to introduce you to the repertoire to broaden your knowledge. I can teach in French, English or German.

Privé bokslessen met focus op een juiste techniek.
Lessen die zeer gericht zijn op de juiste techniek van het engels boksen.te starten vanaf januari 2022.enkel techniek of de combinatie met conditieworkout is mogelijk. Zeer handige lessen als je graag vanaf 0 wilt beginnen.of meer aan de juiste techniek wilt werken.

English Classes with a fun and bubbly native speaker!
English is the world's lingua franca so I believe it is a vital life skill for everyone to have. Being a native speaker I can provide you with unique insights into British life and culture, but within a relaxed and informal environment where the focus is on chatting and conversation. Having been an English teacher for two years already, I know how to make a class enjoyable and engaging, whilst making sure the student retains key information for them to practice in the real world!

Greek courses for Kids/Adults (Live/online via Teams/Zoom)
My name is Alexandros, from Thessaloniki, Greece. I was born and raised in Thessaloniki, and completed my studies in Education at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. I am a Greek native speaker and I've been teaching Greek as a first but also as a foreign/secondary language to adults and kids. I have an educational background that allows me to create tailored lesson plans for my students, while it also enables an appropriate teacher-student interaction. I'd be glad to further describe myself και στα Ελληνικά :)

Jazz piano and classical piano in IXELLES by PIANIST / COMPOSER / PEDAGOGUE professional graduate
MY METHOD Depending on your musical desire, your request, your theoretical or technical needs, together we will establish a learning method that suits you, at the pace that suits you. I can advise you on jazz piano, classical piano, and other styles (variety, rock, Latin), in individual or group play. Improvisation, theory, harmony, learning by ear. I can also help you with musical composition (instrumental music or song), and the basics of mao (Sibelius, Finale, Cubase, Logic). I teach at my home located in Ixelles, Porte de Namur district (easy access via public transport). MY JOURNEY Professional musician and piano teacher for 15 years. Professor of jazz piano in academy and classical harmony at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels. Graduated from the Royal Conservatory of Brussels (great distinction) for piano and pedagogy. Experienced with all kinds of profiles. Also composer / arranger (Jazz quintet, arrangements of French songs, film music, orchestra, Mao). I can teach in English too

Music lessons, on BASS GUITAR, CONTRABBASS, jazz, modern and pop music, theory class
ENGLISH Musician since 15 years, graduated in electricbass and doublebass at Padova and Bruxelles concervatory, teachers since 5 years. -In the lessons you will learn: technique (scale, arpeggios), groove (sense of rythm), music theory, music reading, learning songs and ensemble music I will focus on personal learning approach, playing togheter and building the students musicality. FRENCH Musicien depuis 15 ans, diplômé en basse électrique et contrebasse aux conservatoires de Padoue et de Bruxelles, professeur depuis 5 ans. -Dans les cours, vous apprendrez la technique (gamme, arpèges), le groove (sens du rythme), le solfège, la lecture musicale, l'apprentissage des chansons et de la musique d'ensemble. Je me concentrerai sur le désir des étudiants et l'approche d'apprentissage personnelle, en jouant ensemble et en développant la musicalité des étudiants.

Student at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels gives saxophone and music theory lessons for all levels.
My name is Pierre and I am a saxophonist at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels. I can help you start and progress on your instrument at any age and at any level. My method will first be yours since I build it on your affinities, your tastes and your musical choices. The technique will be a big priority of the lessons (mouthpiece, sound, digital agility ...), particularly for those who would like to start. My goal is to allow you to acquire at your own pace and as easily as possible a great ease of play thanks to a fun method.

Classical Piano Lessons with Progress and Fun Guaranteed
Dear Piano teacher searchers ! The most important element of my lesson is playfulness. Playing the piano will be more important than talking about technique. I love to see technique as a gateway to playing or a reflection of it. But the central focus of my lesson is exploring yourself what you can do with the instrument, I am only there to give you tools to explore with. For me it is important that there is a long-term benefit so that at one point you can take a sheet of music and play without a teacher. I want to give my students tools for independent learning which includes effective methods of reading notes and understanding the rhetoric and structure of the music so that at the end you have the freedom of interpreting your own way. There will not be “You have to play it like that” without any explanation. I did my bachelor in music education in Germany and now I finished my bachelor in piano performance in the Conservatory of Antwerp. I have had many great teachers on the way, and everybody gave me another focus in music. That's why it depends completely on the students needs what my lesson focuses on. It can be hand, finger and body movement so you don't injure yourself/ how to get a juicer sound/ understanding the principles of music/ why it's written like that/ how to listen etc., but of course, all lessons are a mix and match of different aspects! I wish you all the best for your music interest! If you are interested in a lesson or have any further questions write me a message! Simone

Electric or acoustic guitar lessons Leuven (jazz, rock, pop)
Very welcome if you want to learn how to play the guitar. We'll cover the basics, or for more advanced players we can work on improvisation and play some iconic guitar solos. After the lessons you get the necessary pdfs/scores, so you know what you can practice at home. If you like jazz music and want to learn all about swing and playing through changes, we can work on this too! Ask away if you have any questions.

Private English lessons: All levels Student in International Business School in Bac +3
Student in international business school, Gives English lessons for academic support and learning at all levels, I adapt to all types of students to offer them the most suitable education. I have level C1 written English and C2 English speaking as well as IELTS obtained with a score of eight. Have a good day,

Cours de musique (formation musicale, harmonie classique jazz et pop/rock, histoire de la musique)
(FR au dessous) Music is universal. It's a truth we accepted, but we don't figure out how far it can go. After years of studying and professional activity linked to music, I discovered that the limits among different music genres is a mirage: there are more things in common between hip-hop, for example, and classical music than differences. That's why I offer lessons of harmony, music structure and forms and composition adapted to any concerns and interests. All levels. All ages. - (FR) La musique est universelle. C'est une vérité qu'on accepte, mais on ne peut pas s'imaginer jusqu'a quel point elle l'est. Après des années d'études et d'activité professionnelle dans la musique (classique, avantgarde et jazz) j'ai découvert que les limites entre les différents styles de musique ne sont qu'un mirage: Il y a beaucoup plus de ressemblances entre le hip-hop et la musique classique que de différences. C'est pour cela que j'offre des cours d'harmonie, structure et composition de musique pour tous les niveaux et complètement adaptées aux inquiétudes de l'élève. Si vous cherchez à avoir une visión unifié de la musique et comment être versatile en plusieurs styles, ne doutez pas à me contacter.

Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, English, Health, DAES, CESS
4th year student researcher in pharmacy, I have more than 3 years of experience in the field of student support, tutoring and teaching. I will be able to ensure a remarkable progression in scientific subjects whatever the initial level of the student through a methodology and a safe and effective monitoring system. I worked in French high schools and I was part of the training team at the International Mathematical Olympiad where I trained a lot of students to be the best in their fields. My goal is to ensure quality academic support in all scientific subjects up to the point where the student becomes autonomous and capable of scientifically thinking critically and correctly.

Flexible Spanish lessons for you! Conversation, vocabulary, grammar, Spanish for real situations.
¡Hola! ¿Qué tal estás? :) Te gustaría aprender o practicar tu español? Yo puedo ayudarte. Soy española, y tengo experiencia como profesora de español. He aprendido 5 idiomas y he desarrollado mi propio método que puedo compartir contigo. Mis clases son muy flexibles y me adapto a tus necesidades. Hello! Would you like to learn/practise your Spanish? I can help you with that. I'm from Spain and I have experience as Spanish teacher. I've learnt 5 languages and I've developed my own method that I can share with you. My lessons are very flexible and I adapt to your learning needs.

Drum lessons in FR and ENG for all levels and all styles
Lessons at home (battery required) or at my local in Anderlecht, for all levels, from 6 to 96 years old The music theory comes gradually and logically (listening, initiation to reading and writing), no 100% theoretical course Adaptation to all student profiles, with the construction of a solid base to become a versatile musician. Possibility of additional percussion lessons. Teacher profile: - Bachelor of Musicology in France in Lyon - 3rd cycle of Jazz drums at CRR Lyon - DEM of Music Training at CRR Lyon - 3rd year of Bachelor in Jazz Drums at CRB Many experiences in groups and on stage (Jazz à Viennes, Jazz en Bièvre, the Periscope, ...) in all styles (post hardcore, reggea, zouk, jazz, hip-hop, rock, pop, big band, free jazz ...). Also in classes of classical writing, musical training (graduate), composition, arrangement jazz, harmony, piano.

Private Saxophone lessons for beginner or intermediate players.
I am a saxophonist from Hungary. I am currently doing a postgraduate in saxophone at the Conservatoire in Antwerp. I have been playing the saxophone for 18 years. I have a bachelors degree from the University of Debrecen in Hungary and finished my masters degree in saxophone at the Conservatory of Antwerp with great distinction. I can help you whether you are a total beginner in either music or the saxophone or if you already have some experience in learning music.

Private lessons in mathematics from the second to the third year of the license by experienced teacher currently in post
Hello, my name is Nicolas, I am 35 years old and the public to which I am the most accustomed is that of preparatory classes for the grandes écoles, for mathematics lessons in general. However, I also have experience in preparing students from the second to the third year of the license because of the large number of hours of lessons that I have given as well as the many students followed. My teaching method consists of clarifying the course first, making sure that each definition and theorem is well understood. We then discuss the basic exercises and techniques, and finally, if the course followed is demanding, tackle more complicated exercises or even competition subjects. I have just arrived in Brussels as part of a job at the University and look forward to communicating my interest in science to as many people as possible.

Outdoor boxing lessons in Antwerp. Private lessons solo and duo.
Are you looking for a cool way to work on your fitness and feel empowered? Then come and train at Coach Tee! With a personal approach we learn the beautiful sport of boxing. You learn to have control over your body and you can enjoy yourself. Boxing and kickboxing is so much more than hitting and kicking hard. They are sports that challenge you physically and sharpen your mind. You work on your fitness, strength, speed and coordination. The focus required by a lesson makes boxing and kickboxing the equivalent of meditation for those who cannot sit still. Coach Tee's classes are definitely suitable for those who never thought of touching a boxing glove. Or for those who think they have zero fitness, you will be amazed by yourself! It's a fun and intense way to work on your fitness without noticing that you're working out. To be clear, Coach Tee's classes don't really fight: you learn the technique by shadow boxing or hitting and kicking pads.

Math / physics / chemistry / English as well as other secondary or elementary courses
Hello, I offer my help for all the courses you have in secondary or primary. I graduated from high school in Belgium. I am in computer science at ulb. I know how to help you because I went through the same education system. Do not hesitate to contact me

Everyday English and Basic Tutoring (General Subjects)
English is a language which is universally spoken in all continents. It is this reason that I truly believe that if English is taught in an everyday stand point, people will be able to apply the language naturally and more so habitually, with practice. I will also approach this classes based on the student's level and will be practicing in all skills, speaking, writing and comprehension. I would like to be able to share my knowledge in English and help other people to have the confidence to speak and comprehend the language. My promise is that after each session, I want my student to learn something new, because I also believe that there is no big or small learnings - learning, however big or small it may be, IS LEARNING. Finally, aside from teaching language, I offer personalised tutoring on basic subjects and I can help with homework and day to day schoolwork. Send me a message and we can talk about it.

cello lessons for those who wish to know the beautiful and deep world of music
For beginners, a form of instrument approach is used in a natural way, body / instrument relationship, the basic technique is worked a lot, always with a focus on the sensitivity of the music and in a creative way. the goal of mastering a work that is musically and technically correct For intermediaries, the technique has been perfected and any bad habits have been corrected. and the musical potential begins to be exploited, the technique is worked on with an interpretive approach. start preparing the directory For the advanced, the musicality and the search for their own musical discourse are worked on, the technical details continue to be worked on but more centered on their own musical idea. always with a concert repertoire approach

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French tuitions for expats
Laureline is well organized, experienced tutor. I like her teaching style. I would recommend her highly !
Review by KIHONG J.
Violin lessons and tutorials Online! Learn without any risk! ☺️🎻🎉
Gabriele Filiberto
Gabriele is a good violin teacher who can explain the concepts very precisely and do demonstrations, and he also gave me some useful tips for practice.
Review by XIN G.
Italian language and culture
Excellent, very polite, very organized and methodical. The course is very pleasant and fruitful.
Review by IOULIA T.

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