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282 piano teachers in Belgium

Trusted teacher: Hello, You are already an exceptional artist, a fantastic pianist, you just have to discover it. In any case, that's what I like to believe, and I will accompany you to develop your sensitivity, your curiosity, your passion, your artistic side, your autonomy, your musicality, as well as share moments, experiences and emotions with your close via music. Learning the piano is one of the greatest gifts you can make to yourself. I do not have a specific method, except that of accompanying you to build your own, in a musical introspection. I adapt to your requirements, aspirations, desires. You do and are the course, we will trade as equals. I will first try to make you feel the music, you will help to create a real contact between the instrument and your 5 senses, so that you can then love it, learn it, feel it, memorize it, and then to understand it, to analyze it, to read it. A little like a young child who learns his native language. With this method, I am confident that you will progress quickly, save time, take shortcuts, record a lot less defects. I teach at all levels, from beginner to the end of conservatory, from 7 to 77 years! I give lessons on a beautiful yamaha piano, I can also move to your home I already have a large repertoire of more than 150 beautiful works accessible from the first class. You will understand: A maximum of pleasure for a maximum of learning, a minimum of efforts for a maximum of results. A practice of 15 min / J will offer you great results and progress, my students can testify to you. Course in French, English. Thank you for reading my ad, See you soon, Corentin
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Wissem - Fléron25€
Trusted teacher: Methodology The courses I offer are aimed at anyone who meets one condition: envy! Whether it concerns a child, a teenager or an adult, nothing can prevent the learning of music. The course always adapts to the wishes and desires of the student, his particularities and his abilities, regardless of age. I am in favor of a practical pedagogy where the first thing we touch is the instrument, contrary to what is generally found in academy courses where a year of music theory is a prerequisite for learning the piano. Here, the practice of the instrument, the theoretical notions, the notes, the rhythms and the musical culture overlap together to form a whole that wants to be coherent. I am also very interested in music by ear and I propose to the students to approach songs, also without partitions, just by listening and reproducing the sounds heard. Over the years, I have worked a lot with the students to bring a method related to play to the ear. This completes the classical training by being more independent and being able to arrange yourself the music that you like and that you want to be able to play. Students decide for themselves what training they want from the start. Playing by ear is generally more affordable and attractive. Classical training is the most demanding but it makes it possible to approach a very broad repertoire. This requires learning to read a score and discover the notions of music that we approach in a fun way, using board games, card games to facilitate and accelerate assimilation. The combination of the different techniques is my favorite since the program offered is more complete and more varied. Anyway, all requests are considered and we build together a course that will allow you to reach your goals! Update: For the past year, I have been offering distance learning courses to my students, being abroad at the moment. In this period of epidemic, this solution is good and allows to learn music, while staying at home. The material required is not very important, a computer, a tablet or a webcam is more than enough. course I have lived with this passion for music and its power for 22 years. I completed this musical passion by sharing and transmitting that I offer and this, for 10 years. Pedagogy, the art of communicating knowledge, how to respond to a desire to learn, these are activities that I find as fascinating as the practice of music itself. I went to live in Quebec and New Zealand and with these trips, I developed with my students this possibility of accompanying them in their learning, even while being at a distance. I am developing this online training project and for the moment, the lessons are given live, like a normal course, with certain modifications. In parallel, with my wife, illustrator by training, we develop board games and educational games to learn music. This project has profoundly changed the way of teaching and we are constantly looking for new simpler, more fun ways to practice and assimilate knowledge of music.
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Kanako - Saint-Gilles44€
Trusted teacher: No obstacle to learn the piano! Currently the course is only online, I offer you the comprehensible course for all levels (from 10 years old) you just need a good internet connection, pc or tablet or your smartphone, and a passion for music. For the advanced level people I ask to send me your recording up to date and give you the online feedback. Kanako Japanese concert pianist, laureate of international competitions, graduated at the Paris Music School and Koninklijk conservatorium brussel, gives you piano lessons for all levels, at home (to be discussed) or at home in Saint-Gilles with a piano at tail. I propose a learning adopted to everyone, from beginner to competition preparation. Language: French, English, Japanese, Born in Chiba (Japan), Kanako took her first piano lesson at age 5. In 2004, she studied at Toho Gakuen high school of music. In 2008 she moved to Paris where she obtained her diploma in piano and chamber music at the Ecole Normale de Musique, and she perfected the Conservatoire regional radiation of Paris. After she moved to Brussels and she obtained her master's degree with great distinction. She studies the piano under the direction of Yoko Tokué, Yoko Nakano, Bruno Rigutto, Jean-Marie Cottet and Dominique Merlet, Aleksandar Madzar and Boyan Vodenitcharov, chamber music with Devy Erlih and Thomas Dieltjens. Kanako is the winner of several competitions: at the Piara Competition and the National Piano Competition in Chiba (Japan) special mention in the interpretation of modern work at the International Piano Competition "Claude Bonneton", 4th at the Brest Piano Competition (Chopin category) ) in 2013, she won the 2nd unanimously at the International Piano Competition "Teresa Llacuna" in France. In 2018-2019 she was a visiting professor (accompanist) at the Koninklijk Conservatorium Antwerpen, currently she lives in Brussels, and plays regularly in concert solo and chamber music, and participates in artistic projects.
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Vocal Coaching, Ear Training, Guitar / Piano - Singing (Watermael-Boitsfort)
My 8 year old daughter signed up for a singing contest at school with no experience or knowledge in music. We did get in touch with Pia and she was able to give a few singing lessons within a short period of time. Yesterday my daughter performed very successfully in the contest. Pia is not only able to teach singing, she also has the ability to motivate and inspire and she has definitely awaken the interest in music to our daughter. We are very happy that we have met Pia and hope to see her again.
Review by RALF
Piano Lessons for Levels Beginner-Advanced, Classical and Contemporary styles (Antwerp)
I had my first lesson today and I was immediately struck with the feeling that I am in the presence of a maestro in Piano playing, a professor in teaching and an extremely patient pedagogue. It was like Lydia knew me for years and instantaneously detected my strengths and my weaknesses in my piano playing and practice. I am an adult student and I highly recommend Lydia for all ages and all levels. An exceptional teacher that provides and exceptional lesson experience.
Review by CHAIM M. ZISHE
(Currently only the online course, details below) Piano lessons at home or Saint-Gilles with a grand piano (Saint-Gilles)
First piano lesson with Kanako was great. She is a very nice and conversational teacher. I've got lot of useful advice on the next pieces to play and help during the lesson. I recommend this teacher for anyone regardless of prior playing experience!
Review by WOJTEK