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353 piano teachers in The Netherlands

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Norica - The Hague42€
Piano · Music theory
(14 reviews)
Natalia - Soest60€
Trusted teacher: Piano lessons with Natalia offers you the varied and impressive program. Are you ready to take on the challenge of learning to play the piano! Do you like piano? Do you want to improve the technique of your piano playing? Do not hesitate to contact me. The lessons take place at my home in Erpe-Mere (Burst). As a professionally trained classical pianist you learn how to read / play notes, scales, arpeggio, chords, improvisation exercises and much more. Are you looking for online piano lessons in this corona crisis? Does piano seem to be more your thing? Canceling is always easy; you are not committed to anything. That is part of the philosophy of Piano Lessons with Natalia. Online piano lessons (usually) mean that you take piano lessons through video lessons via Skype, Viber or Messenger. I prepared my lessons in advance and prepared them for you in a clear and structured way, so that you learn the piano step by step. to master. Online piano lessons At Online piano I also focus specifically on technique, learning notes, playing exercises and much more. For this I developed a teaching method based on years of experience with teaching fortepiano. So I am a piano teacher of online piano lessons that offers multiple lessons. It is the combination of the varied program of theory and practice together, why Piano Lessons with Natalia say that “Everyone can learn to play the piano”. At Online Piano Lessons I make playing the piano accessible, easy and fun. Persist In this Corona crisis, force yourself to sit behind the piano every day. I do everything I can to make the lessons as fun and easy as possible. This way you can easily repeat the exercises and melody pieces with the help of my online piano lessons. You also learn to play a new practice tune in every lesson that you can play to your heart's content. You will discover that the motivation and discipline to learn to play the piano well is much more important than your capacity and experience. To get really good you will have to help yourself through difficult exercises. Fortunately, at the Online Piano Lessons you are not just there, but I give you Live advice, tips and intensive effort in your handover assignments.
Music theory · Piano
(3 reviews)
April - Amsterdam63€
Trusted teacher: Holding a Master of Music degree in Piano Performance from the University of Southern California and a Bachelor of Music degree from the Boston Conservatory at Berklee, I nurture your child's talent and polish your piano skills effectively. Most importantly, my lessons are fun! As both a pianist and composer, I can help you not only develop your pianist skills but also gain a comprehensive understanding from the composer's perspective. Here are things I can do for you 😉 1. Set up your learning plan with a well-constructed syllabus to achieve your short-term/long-term piano goals, including a one-time coaching lesson. 2. Polish up your piano skills. 3. Develop a 360-degree understanding of music and examine works from the perspectives of a Pianist, a composer, and an interpreter. 4. Help you with basic music theory, harmony and counterpoint, form analysis, ear training, Piano literature, and music history. 5. Expand your piano repertoire. 6. Design an efficient Piano practice method that suits you. 7. Complimentary unique music pieces/ arrangements tailored to suit your music level. 🎁 As for the little ones, everything above will be taught with a very fun, engaging teaching method. ✨ I enjoy teaching music and customizing music works tailored to suit students' needs. For the little ones, I also use my method book "The Enchanted Bells: Marco Piccolo's Musical Adventure," which is now available in most major online bookstores worldwide. Students of all ages are welcome, and the subjects range from piano playing to music Theory, Harmony, Counterpoint, Ear Training, Form and Analysis, as well as Music Appreciation. As a composer, I enjoy using unique harmonies to create a distinct 'April Color.' The style varies from classical to jazz, and my compositions are now available to stream on all major platforms (Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, Amazon Music, etc.) * Please feel free to book an appointment to get a personalized learning plan.
Piano · Keyboard (music)
(1 review)
Joana - The Hague48€
Children's music · Music theory · Piano
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Singing Lessons (Individual) - Pop, Jazz, Soul, Blues, Rock (Amsterdam)
Not just a singing teacher, but by the way also the best vocal coach you can get hold of at this moment and in this area of the Netherlands (so take your chance...;-)). For about 3 years I had a serious problem with my vocal chords (incomplete closure) and a dislocated larynx. I started to be in contact with Stefano by chance asking him to show me some (singing) exercises additionally to my treatment at the ENT-department of Martini Ziekenhuis Groningen as well as an ongoing therapy at a professional trained speech therapist. To cut a long story short: Within a couple of lessons and dedicated exercises he succeeded in re-positioning my larynx and got rid of my incomplete vocal cords closure, meanwhile the medical specialists had decided that the only cure could possibly be an operation... As a ‘side-effect’ I am now able to sing and control my voice like I have never been able before and could never have imagined that this was possible to achieve by just some simple but individually chosen exercises and practice. Grazie!
Review by JANA
Private piano lessons for anyone who loves music (Eindhoven)
Suzanne makes learning piano truly enjoyable. I’m a mature student with limited sight reading capabilities, little discipline and bad habits! And still she has managed to improve my playing and motivation enormously within a few lessons. I really appreciate her teaching me in English too, it helps overcome the language barrier so I can focus on learning piano. I like her teaching methodology, and her home is a comfortable environment to learn in, complete with 2 pianos so we can play along together. I really like this approach. I highly recommend Suzanne.
Review by LINDA
Piano Lessons with two Grand Pianos. Preparations for ABRSM and Competition. (The Hague)
“A great start with an amazing teacher in a inspirational studio. Miss Akane is very friendly and quickly made me feel at ease when we first introduced. Her professional level is astounding and I am looking forward to many more lessons with her..” -Nina “My partner came home from her first lesson with Akane today. I haven’t seen her quite as excited in a long while. She’s confident that with Akane as her supportive tutor, she’ll be back into playing in no time at all.” -Dimitri
Review by DIMITRI