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Biology, Environmental Science, Plant Biology/Botany, & English Language Tuition
I am a bio-environmental scientist (Ph.D.) with over 12 years' experience teaching secondary school and university courses in biology (AP Biology, Introductory Biology for majors and non-majors, Environmental Science, Plant Biology/Botany, and Marine Biology). I am also experienced teaching high school French and English as a Second Language. I take a multi-media approach at interactive education, using personalised presentations, critical thinking assignments, and student-led discussions to convey complex topics through enjoyable exercises. My teaching philosophy is centred on tying educational topics to real-life experiences. The more we understand about the word around us, the more fun we have through life! Please feel free to contact me if you'd like to chat about my services.

Spanish and English Lessons - Tutoring and Prep of TOEFL exams
¡Hola! - Hi! ¡Así es!, tu puedes aprender Tambien español. Yes, that's right! you can learn Spanish too! Do you need to get ready for a nice holiday to Spain or Latin-America country? Let me guide you through your journey! or maybe you need to improve your conversation level? Do you want to grow in your workplace or pass your English/Spanish course at school? Do you have to prepare for a TOEFL exam? I can help you! I have five years experience and my knowledge as Language Teacher I am more than capable to teach you Spanish or English and reach your desired level! I know the hardship of Learning a new Language and adapting to a new culture and how challenging the whole process is but I am here to help you and guide you through your journey!

How to learn proper English fun and easy or as an second language
Hi, guys if you are interested in learning to speak, pronounce and write the english language well then I am your guy with over 10 years of teaching english I would make learning english fun ,exciting, and easy for you to learn english is only hard if you make it hard.

English, Spanish and German classes offered in Maastricht!
I am willing to help you improve your language skills. As my nationality is German, I speak this language fluently. I used to live in Spain for nine years, that is why the Spanish language is no problem either. I am an International Business Student at Maastricht University, so my studies are constantly in English and it is the language I mostly use during my daily life.

Erika Ming
Learning Chinese/Mandarin for all levels with a Native speaker!
I am an outgoing and communicative native Chinese speaker living in Groningen and I have experience teaching Chinese to Dutch people. Feel free to send me a message to ask about the class and discuss the outcome that you'd like to achieve so that I could make the customized classes based on your level and your learning goals, for instance, the practical conversational Chinese or formal professional working level. Depending on your preference, the class can be held both online or offline!

Violin lessons to become more free with the body for all ages
The violin is a sensitive instrument. To feel closer to the instrument many years of thought and practice are needed. I have made research about how physical modifications can affect performance and also participated in a course for better teaching methods. I can teach beginners to advanced conservatory students. With beginners, I have an excellent book to start with which will be studied with the other common violin books (such as Suzuki, Schradiek, Kaiser, and so on...). For amateurs and violin majoring students who might have pain while practicing and discomfort with the violin, I am specialized in finding what the reason for the discomfort/pain is, what modifications can be performed, how to find the most comfortable and efficient posture, and explain all these changes with logical explanations.

Vocal Coach for Private Singing and Vocal lessons.
My teaching encourages a classical vocal technique that caters to all genres of music such as Musical Theatre, Folk, and Traditional. It specializes in developing a safe and healthy vocal technique that ensures maximum enjoyment and vocal longevity and brings a great sense of progression and achievement. I teach all levels of singers from beginner to advanced, including exam preparation. Lessons continue all year round (unless there are other professional engagements).

Horse training/Jumping lessons, private lessons on your or my horse
I have a long history working with horses - mostly youngsters. For 4 years now I've been working with green horses to prepare them to their first competition and for sale. I started a lot of horses and I can help you to start your horse regardless of whether you like to compete or just enjoy galloping on the field. I offer private lessons on your horse and, depending on your level, on my own horse - he is a 7 yo gelding after dressage and jumping (to 110) competitions. In my training I emphasis good dressage baseline and communication with your horse. I'm a instructor for a relatively short time, but I'm flexible in my methods and very keen to learn. My purpose is to make you feel comfortable and help you bond with your horse. Feel free to contact me!

Dutch and English tutoring or homework guidance
I am a teacher at an international school and I am developing a method of Dutch for primary and secondary school. Can supervise primary and secondary school students. I have a lot of experience in guiding students 1-on-1 to master the material. It is my passion to help and guide students so that they realize their potential.

Quetzalli Yael
Piano classes for all ages, I also like to work with youngsters and beginners. I have just graduated with a master's at Utrecht Conservatory
I am looking for piano students; I am passionate about teaching. I like children to advance and to be able to contribute something in their life. All ages are suitable to start playing this beautiful instrument. I am very flexible with schedules, and I always try to discipline them. Feel free to write to me, and I can teach at all levels even if you start from scratch.Even if you play different genres, I can help you with it.

Voce d'Aquila - studio practice for holistic vocal coaching
I provide vocal coaching on a holistic basis from my inspiring and fully equipped music studio in the heart of Laren, where you can sing and perform wonderfully. Whether you are an experienced, advanced or starting singer, there is still so much to learn and discover about your own instrument, the voice! I teach you both a piece of theory: ear training (with fun exercises - not boring!) as well as breathing and sound technique so that you can sing in any desired repertoire and develop further. Pop, musical, classical and multilingual singing; learn to perform and sing with a microphone; polyphonic and duet singing are important items for me that recur in every lesson; super fun to do with you! If desired, you can expand/combine your singing lessons with composing, writing, producing, drum and/or guitar lessons. In addition, I give added value to coaching based on holism: the overall picture that makes you as a person who you are at the moment and how you feel and function. After all, your voice works at its best when you are in balance.

Biology crash course (from an Oxford biomedical sciences student)
A crash course for Biology over the summer, designed to prepare you/your child for the next school year. This class be crafted according to your personal needs and Biology level, whether that is Grade 7 or you wish to catch up on everything the summer before graduation. I can do however many sessions you need to be ready for the next year, very flexible in timings as well!

Subha Nivedha
English classes for beginners, spoken and written, IELTS/TOEFL preparation
Due to COVID, all my classes are conducted online! English has become a common business language and knowing it will open a number of opportunities for you. Learning with me will be fun, relaxed and the goal is to communicate and express effortlessly in English. You can learn new words, phrases and communicate at ease. Having been through IELTS myself for University admissions, I can help to prepare for such exams.

Immersive Chinese learning method applied course and customized study plans
I'm currently a second year interaction design student from the Hague university. I'm a strong believer that learning shouldn't be torturously boring. Therefore, I make sure my classes are lively and rewarding. I've always integrated my hobbies into learning a language, such as singing, watching clips, making friends from other countries, and more.  HOW CAN I HELP? * Introduce you to Mandarin language and Chinese culture * Provide a fun & stress-free environment * Customizable plans to help you achieve your goals * Be your Chinese tutor & friend In the lesson: --teach you authentic Chinese you can hear and use in real life. -Learn pinyin system and tones of Chinese -I will be able to explain everything about Chinese in English to you clearly and this saves you a lot of money and time -common words and phrases used in daily conversation -learn the grammar and sentence structure with my own method you can't find from others and this will make you able to make your own sentence and speak in 3 months -I will provide and design the teaching material for you and you can also discuss with me what and how you like to learn if you have some specific needs. -Enjoy the class and my class is always filled with laughter

Violin School Maastricht
Learning to play the violin is a fun hobby that you will enjoy. With pleasure, step by step and patiently, I will teach you the secrets of violin playing. Dennis strives to create a fun, open atmosphere, where making mistakes is part of the learning process. Lessons from an enthusiastic and certified teacher, the latest teaching methods and a lot of attention for teamwork. You can follow our lessons at our location in Maastricht or I will just come to your home (see map, inquire). You can also follow our lessons online via video calling. We also have a lot of experience with that. Standard 30 minutes of lessons per week, but there are also other options. We also give piano lessons and online live lessons, see our other ads. Check out our website for more information or feel free to contact us.

English, Mathematics and Science for Children and Adults
Hi All, I am an experienced tutor and a chemical engineer by background. I teach English as a second language for children, teenagers and adults. I can also teach Maths and Science for middle and high school. I hold a Masters Degree, am accredited engineer and a published author. I would like to be a part of your learning journey and tailor the education to your needs.

Personal finance coaching - investing, budgeting, accounting
I am offering coaching sessions to help you take control of your personal finances and learn to budget and invest independently. *My motivation* I have been working in the finance industry for 4 years as a business analyst and investor and for the last 2 years have been offering personal finance coaching. I believe financial knowledge should be for everyone, not just the 1% in the know. I aim to provide affordable sessions to empower you to take control of your finances and invest sustainably, for yourself, the community, and the planet. However, I understand the financial world can be daunting and feel closed off. So, I aim to demystify finance by going through the basics and explaining concepts in a relatable way, *Our sessions* It depends on your intentions and experience – I tailor our sessions so you get out of them what you want, starting from the basics to more complex subjects. Some of the topics include: - pensions (particularly for self-employed) - budgeting and saving - the different forms of investing (stocks, bonds, funds, etc.) - how to invest (including finance apps) - strategies to invest ethically and sustainably - the financial system (economies, interest rates, inflation, etc.) - how to value companies - how to read balance sheets, cash flow statements, and statements of profit and loss Please let me know if you have any questions.

Ukulele Lessons ENGLISH from Irish Musician & Teacher
Lessons available online or in person for ages 5-95 through English Qualified music teacher with 4 years of experience No grades or tests just learning and enjoying playing your new instrument. Can also do group classes for siblings or friends etc

CELLO & MUSIC THEORY - From CLASSICAL to MODERN - from an Expert Educator/Performer
Are you here to discover a new passion for a magnificent discipline like music? Or maybe to improve your cello playing? Or even more, to start exploring improvisation/creative music-making on strings? In that case, I am here for you! Whatever genres you want to study, I am ready to start and to bring you around the incredible universe of music. The lessons will be completely shaped by your needs and expectations, and everything will always refer to your personality and passions! I am an expert teacher/coach, since I graduated in a Master in MUSIC EDUCATION from the Royal Conservatory of Den Haag. This, in addition to my previous diploma in Classical Cello, creates the opportunity for you to receive the best quality for your training, by working in a fun, stimulating, and respectful environment. If you feel ready to embrace this journey, don't hesitate to contact me!

Double Bass and Bass Guitar Lessons for all levels. Discover the Bass world with private lessons!
My name is Andrea , I am a professional double bass player who obtained the Master Degree in classical Double Bass at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague. I am active as a Double Bass player in different orchestras and ensembles, having the chance to perform in the most famous theathers of The Netherlands. Active not only as a Double Bass player but also really strong preparation with bass guitar, recently I published my research "The bass guitar in the contemporary music" for the Society of Artistic Research. The lessons are open for all levels. The priorities are the goals and desires of the students, shaping my teaching attitude based to their human sensitivity and musical characteristics. About Double Bass lessons: Having Fun with the Double Bass! You will be able to achieve a strong technical preparation for both hands ( Bow, Pizzicato, strong left hand) Rhythm and Intonation. Develop your own Musicality. Learn how to enjoy practice! About the Bass Guitar: Together we are gonna prepare your favorite tunes and styles. Left and right hands technique (Scales, Tecnique exercises for both hands, Slap, Tapping etc..) Preparation to be a good bass player in a band, ready to play!

Mathematics tutoring for secondary school students (VMBO/HAVO/VWO)
Hi! Are you in secondary school and are you looking for support with mathematics? Or do you want to brush up on your math during the holidays? Then you've come to the right place! My name is Roy and I offer math tutoring for secondary school students (VMBO/HAVO/VWO). Roy in short: - 30 years old - Lives in Utrecht - Tutors since 2009 - VWO N&T and N&G well rounded - Graduated cum laude from beta WO program in 2016 in which the focus was on mathematics and geography - Has a passion for learning and tutoring - Flexible About the tutoring: - Tailor-made tutoring, because every student has a different learning need - We will discuss location as soon as we can start the tutoring, I am flexible in this too If you have any questions, feel free to contact me!

Our students in The Netherlands say it best about our teachers

Leer Duits van een echte Duitse leraar! Grammatica, spelling, gesprek en cultuur, zoals jij het wilt.
Goede eerste indruk van Rafael. Hij geeft ons veel en nuttig huiswerk (dat vinden we prettig). Kijkt het goed en duidelijk na. Investeert veel tijd in de voorbereiding. Is heel toegankelijk. En we hopen dat dankzij Rafael grote stappen kunnen zetten om de Duitse taal snel eigen te maken!
Review by ANNEMIEKE W.
Italian language and culture
Excellent, very polite, very organized and methodical. The course is very pleasant and fruitful.
Review by IOULIA T.
Cécile is a professional teacher with a personal approach. Besides being a very friendly person, her teaching is absolutely worth recommending.
Review by TIMON R.

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