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French, Portuguese and Spanish Tutoring with an experienced tutor
I am a French and Brazilian tutor and specialise in tutoring students French and Spanish and helping them prepare for exams such as the DELF/ DALF (in French) and the DELE (Spanish). I have also tutored several adults and young professionals in Portuguese. I have been tutoring French, Portuguese and Spanish for the past 5 years. My classes are really dynamic and I can easily adapt to what the student is looking for (improving grammar, vocabulary, written skills, conversations)

Classical Singing Lessons for All Abilities and Ages
My name is Polly and I am a professional opera singer. I am currently performing as a Young Artist with Dutch National Opera in Amsterdam as part of their brand new Studio Programme. Alongside performing, I have a passion for teaching classical singing to students of all ages and abilities. As a newcomer to Amsterdam, I am looking to build my teaching studio and to share my love of singing! Whether you sing purely for your own enjoyment, are preparing for a big audition or performance, or simply just want to know more about how the human voice works, I am here to help! I previously trained at the Royal College of Music (MPerf, Distinction) and the National Opera Studio in London, as well as working for opera companies including Opera Holland Park, Royal Opera House, Pop-Up Opera, Charles Court Opera, and British Youth Opera. I also achieved ABRSM Grade 8 Piano and Voice (both Distinction), so I am able to provide piano accompaniment in lessons. Prior to my Masters training at the RCM, I studied Molecular Biology and Biochemistry (BSc Hons) at Durham University, which included modules in Animal Physiology. I am therefore fascinated by and have a deep understanding of how the human voice functions. I teach using the SATS model devised by my teacher Janice Chapman, which uses evidence-based science to teach the fundamentals of classical singing. So, no matter what stage you are in your vocal training, I will be able to help to build and strengthen your vocal technique and help you towards vocal freedom and experience true joy in your singing! Languages I sing in include English, Italian, German, French, and, to a lesser extent, Czech and Russian. I have received the input of many world-class language coaches over the years, so I am happy to coach you through the sounds and meaning of texts in these languages.

Spanish classes with a native: conversation, grammar, vocabulary. Adapted classes
Spanish is one of the most spread languages in the world. Master it allow you to find new opportunities in your future. The best way to learn it it is throughout a native speaker like me. The classes mainly focus on speaking but they will be adapted to the student needs. Personalize classes that will permit you to learn well and fast. Do not hesitate in contact me for any matter.

IELTS / TOEFL Prep Tutoring, Skills and Techniques.
TOEFL & IELTS are the world’s most popular English language tests. Some people find the IELTS test easier than the TOEFL and others find the opposite. My job is to help you choose the right test for your level and the easier for you to succeed. During this process, I will consider many aspects in order to draw the final conclusion: your abilities in the four different skills (reading, listening, speaking and writing), your mother language and many other aspects. After selecting the appropriate test IELTS or TOEFl, we will begin to prepare together for the exam. First of all, I will help you to identify or diagnose your weakness which makes you lose a lot of points and then we will work on your concentration. After that, I will help you improve these points in order to get the desired result. On the other hand, I will guide you to know your strengths and use them to get the required score.

English language lessons. Including accent and writing skills.
I am a native English speaker from Cambridge. All abilities are accommodated. Teaching can include help with your accent, understanding and making use of unique English phrases, concepts and grammar as well as tutoring in writing in complex and professional English. I can teach at my house, at a desired location or via webcam.

Italian Language, Spoken and Written. Communication
Looking for expanding your language skills? Then I am the right person to help you with. Italian mother language speaker, patient, approachable and positive thinking I am very excited to teach and achieve goals together with you. I don`t quit until the goal is not reached.

Native speaking English teacher available to teach English
I am native English teacher with over 10 years experience. I am TEFL certified and have an English degree. I have taught all ages, levels and abilities. I can help you improve your spoken or written English, help you prepare for an exam or teach general conversational English. I can teach 1:1 or in a group situation. I make English fun, engage the learner and help you improve your language skills quickly!

Learn french in a playful way with a native speaker
You want to improve your French or start a new language? I am the right person! Originally from the French Alps, I have been living in the Netherlands to complete a bachelor degree in human sciences. As a young and enthusiastic person, I am willing to adapt my lessons to your own requirements and level. I truly believe that learning a language could be something enjoyable if it is related to your field of interest. That is why my lessons aim to teach french language through various cultural approaches. If you have a particular interest in movies, music, literature or art, my role is to build lessons around this topic to make you feel even more interested in learning french. An emphasis will be put on oral conversations even tough some grammatical and writing structures need a written explanation. I can give adapted lessons from beginners to advanced. I already have previous experience in teaching french and would be glad to share again my knowledge and my culture. I have taught french to a Dutch woman,weekly, during one year and it was a real pleasure to help her to improve her french. I am very interested in helping you out and sharing my language & culture, so don’t hesitate to contact me to have a first contact ! À bientôt !

English for All - Tailored Lessons in Writing, Reading, Speaking and Listening
I am a native English speaker with UK Qualified Teacher Status and more than three years’ experience teaching English. I am experienced in teaching pupils whose second language is English, and I adapt lessons for your personal strengths and needs. My first lesson will focus on finding what the you are good at and how you can improve your English, and I will plan all future lessons based on what you need to learn. With my help, you or your child can learn to speak, write, listen and read English like a native!

Biology lessons - IB Biology HL, IB Biology SL, Science
During my Diploma, I tutored my friends in my strongest subjects (Biology and Maths), the positive feedback encouraged me to continue. Since then I have been teaching intensive pre-exam classes, preparing students with a thorough revision of each topic. I believe that to learn you need to understand, which is why I always teach using useful analogies and interesting real-life examples. While extensively knowing the syllabus, I can also offer useful tips and tricks to help you ace your exams.

Private Violin lessons for all ages and abilities in Rotterdam
I am an experienced violin teacher recently arrived in the Netherlands from Hungary. I have a Bachelor of Music diploma from the University of Pécs and am currently studying my Masters Degree in Rotterdam at Codarts University. I love teaching and consider it one of my main passions. I enjoy working with students of all ages. I aim for my lessons to be enjoyable, inspirational and systematic (covering many different musical aspects and skills in one lesson). I am a friendly and patient teacher who believes in all my students and helps them be the best they can be.

Learn Brazilian Portuguese in 9 weeks - Beginners Level - Group starts on Wednesday September 12th 2018
Oi Tudo bem ? My name is Marcelo Guimaraes and I am from São Paulo. I live in The Hague where I teach Portuguese. As a very experienced teacher of Brazilian Portuguese, working for two well known language institutes and with 17 years of teaching experience, I have still some free places in a group beginners level A-1 starting September 12 in the Centre of Rotterdam, in a cozy classroom. This special group I organize myself as I would like to branch out my activities, so you will get a first class training at a very attractive rate. My goal is to teach a small group of trainees the basics (A-1) of our beautiful language, with English or Dutch as a channel for explanation of the grammar. The course consists of 9 lessons of 2 hours (18 hours) with a small group of six trainees, so it is quite intensive. The 18 hours of lessons are enough to reach the next level (A-2). I assign homework after every lesson and provide periodic progress reports. Lessons are once a week on a fixed evening, from 19.00 to 21.00 hours. This can be on Wednesday or Thursday. The intention is to start on Wednesday 12.09 or Thursday 13.09.18 The group course consists of an attractive structured explanation of grammar and a part of the lesson where they put this immediately into practice. Already after two lessons the students are challenged to respond to questions (Q & A) in Portuguese in the present tense. I have an enormous passion to teach, and in 17 years it still feels like brand new (with all the experience now..) so students can feel this. Give it a try, you will learn Portuguese much faster than you expected. Abraços (kind regards) Marcelo

French courses with native French speaker: adapted to all levels
Salut! I am a native French speaker with a 2 year experience in teaching french to children and adults. I can help you or your children improve your French skills whatever your level is. The course can be adapted to your ambitions depending on the skills you want to develop. I am a young bachelor student in Media and Communication in Rotterdam who like sharing my knowledge. My goal is to provide an entertaining and interactive approach to learn French. I passed my French baccalaureate with a high honors degree, and at school I was taught 4 languages (German, English, Arabic and French) and so I can say that I am pretty familiar with learning a foreign language. Feel free to contact me for more information. A bientôt j'espère!

Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Access
Hello there, Thank you for clicking here! During my last couple of years I have taught different students who passed their ICDL/ECDL exams with flying colors. During these classes I'll give you everything you need to pass your exams even if you never used any of these programs, I am a certified ICDL instructor. Even if you dont need to take any ICDL/ECDL exams, maybe you just want to be comfortable using these programs. I mainly specialize in Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Access and advanced, if you need other modules it can be arranged as well such as Security, Online Collaboration and other ones as well.

Math, Physics, Art, Architecture, Adobe, AutoCAD, Urbanism
I am an architect and Urbanist working in Amsterdam.I specialize in softwares like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign. I have also tutored kids in the past in Maths, Physics, English , Geography and Biology. My Education Background: MSc in Architecture, Urbanism & Building Sciences from TU Delft Thesis Grade- 9.0/10 Overall Grade- 8.0/10 Bachelor of Architecture (Honours) Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh India Overall Grade - 8.61/10.0 I have been a socially active student and appreciate the knowledge and imparting the same as well to others by the means I can. It gives a brief overview of my interests, skills and motivation to assist students with an open-minded brainwork, tolerance towards other cultures, languages and ethnicity. In the past, I have worked as a part-time teacher for Savio Navjeevan Bal Bhawan, Aligarh in India. I used to teach in an orphanage as a volunteer and controlled a group of students with a much flexible and new approach to the job expected of me. I self-organized camps and workshops for early learning during that time. After my graduation, I have been involved with guiding the new students to the path of their graduation through assisting the professor for the course Theory & Methodology. I understand the significance of instilling integrity & enjoyment in the life of students and really looking forward to do it with some young people to increase my learning experience as well. My expertise includes being the self-motivation and team player in the due course of my life.

Russian language lessons for beginners, intermediate and advanced learners
If you are willing to learn Russian - as a hobby or for serious purposes - the lessons I offer are for you. I am a native speaker with two years of experience in teaching the language to foreign students throughout which I developed a programme for beginner learners that will allow you to study the language in an interesting and fun way and achieve significant results in a relatively short period of time. Apart from the written material containing boring grammar rules I like to engage various other materials including films, songs, etc. that will help to really get the feel of the language, the “real” language spoken in Russia and not its textbook version. Through the lessons I am aiming at helping you to gradually develop speaking and listening skills. Within two months of learning you can expect pre-intermediate level.

Native, certified English teacher offering in-person and virtual classes
Hello, my name is Hannah and I'm a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language)-certified teacher. No matter how hard I try, I keep coming back to languages. Although I have a master's in public health and have a variety of professional experiences, languages have always been my true passion. From my bachelor's degree in French to the time I spent teaching English in Argentina, to my TEFL certification in Chicago, to the time I spent teaching English in Germany, to my current home in the Netherlands, I have always been motivated by learning foreign languages and speaking them with native speakers. Although I have had many positions as a teacher, mentor, and tutor, I decided to return to teaching about two years ago after spending time in a corporate job and have been teaching full-time since. I am very happy with my decision and hope to continue passing on my love of languages to my students for years to come. As a student of foreign language learning myself, I know which strategies work and which don't. I believe that all students should feel comfortable in the classroom and shouldn't be afraid to make mistakes, because that's the best way to learn! I encourage exploration while also having a solid knowledge of the language background of my students to aid in times of confusion. I have seen first-hand the value of having a native teacher for language courses, and through taking courses on my own, know what works and doesn't work for students.

Violin Lessons for all levels in English, Dutch and Spanish
"I deeply believe in the greater importance of Music and in its ability to influence and shape who we are as human beings." -Daniel Barenboim In my classes, the student will grow his/her love for Music and violin playing by a very conscious work on technique and musicality. As a student, I started through Suzuki Method, which I followed for many years as a child, kept growing illustrated by the Franco-Belgian players, and discovered the importance of physical observation and technical accuracy from the Russian playing. Far to often I have seen young talents spoiled by physical tensions and also technical perfection with lack of musicality. It is my main objective to grow this two aspects in balance and combine a beautiful and encouraging repertoire with the necessary efficient exercises to free the body. I have a Master of Music degree from the Conservatorium van Amsterdam. I have students of all ages and they can tell their experience on their own.

Personnal Trainning, Fitness and/or Bodybuilding pro
Hi. I have 11 years experience in trainning, i am bodybuilder, studying personal coach and already have some student, i ll can help you to reach you're goal in fitness, bodybuilding with professional skills..and get the body that you ever wanted. Motivation and focus will be one important element in our session, i ll be here to listen, motivate you and help you any time needed . I guaranty you that you ll never loose you're time as is my passion and profession

speak in Persian and read its beutifu poetries and texts
Many people specialty who study language or linguistics at the university wants to know Persian. We have a long history, literature, poetry and so on in Farsi language. I am a native Persian teacher with more than 10 years teaching. We want to taste the pleasure of learning the language.

DEVELOPING POTENTIAL AND PERSONALITY During the years Roberto has learned modern techniques such as the Slech (Speech Level Singing), VoiceCraft and CvT (Complete Vocal Technique). Roberto: “I strongly believe that a good teacher is the one who can bring out and develop the potential and personality of the student without locking him in books, notions and unnecessary mental cages, traps in which it is very easy to fall”. Graduated in classical music as bass-baritone, he worked for 10 years as a soloist and chorister in many productions and with internationally renowned conductors. He attended the last year in vocal jazz at the Royal Conservatoire of Den Haag and regularly performed with Big bands as a crooner and in parallel, as a singer-songwriter, in his Italian pop-swing project. He has an album published in 2018 “Senza Troppo Rumore” and a long experience as a teacher of singing (opera, jazz, pop), solfeggio, harmony, ear training, music theory and guitar. Google him to check more about his work, style and the long artistic collaborations he had.

Our students in The Netherlands say it best about our teachers

Italian language and culture
Excellent, very polite, very organized and methodical. The course is very pleasant and fruitful.
Review by IOULIA T.
Cécile is a professional teacher with a personal approach. Besides being a very friendly person, her teaching is absolutely worth recommending.
Review by TIMON R.
French tuitions for expats
Laureline is well organized, experienced tutor. I like her teaching style. I would recommend her highly !
Review by KIHONG J.

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