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Cello Lesson and Music theory lesson in English or in French
Cello and/or Music theory lesson for children, adolescent and adult of any level, from beginner to advanced level. The lesson will be in English or in French. The most important things to me is to combined pleasure, hard working and sharing. I will try to make my student playing with each other as more as possible and try to organized some small project like student concert with maybe some rhythmical workshop, solo pieces one ensemble pieces.

SKVR student (10 years) Rotterdam-centre gives piano (and keyboard) for beginners. Kids and adults.
I have been a student at the SKVR for 10 years. I performed in those years at concerts in SKVR (Oostzeedijk), De Doelen and de Watertoren (the Esch, Kralingen) in Rotterdam. I also have been part of the orchestra of the SKVR. I would like to teach beginners which can be kids or adults. This class is for you if you have never played before, but also if you have some background already.

Drawing, Sketching and Photoshop Rendering lessons 😙
--> I am a Product Engineer & Designer Student, finishing my 5 years study in the design agency based at Eindhoven named Vanberlo. I draw for my work, but also on my spare time since I'm a child. --> My main goal is simple, make you able to do a quick rendering of anything on paper, by using sketching tips, and understand the shapes and some lightning rules. I will teach you to let go on paper and be more confident with your lines. Objective : Have a result that looks good without spending hours on it. Markers and BIC will be your weapons 😉 Besides that, I can teach you how to use Photoshop and the graphic tablet to enhance your drawings, as well as some more advance marker technics. Drawing subjects : Depends on you ! Cars, Character, Manga, landscape, classical naked bodys etc.. Feel free to ask me for any question ! Here is my work : https://romaricdelahaie.artstation.com

Music lessons ( piano, clarinet, saxophone, theory, ear training...)
Hi everybody, I'm a jazz clarinetist, saxophonist and pianist finishing my studies at Royal Conservatoire. I started with classical music this is why I can give classical lessons and jazz lessons. I have my method but I always adapt it to the motivations and skills of every student. I'm working with kids and adults on any level. First lesson is free.

Brazilian Portuguese - All Levels - Trips, Life and Culture
Portuguese is not just my native language: is my work tool as well. Despite needing the language to live as any other citizen in the world, I graduated in Advertisement and spent the lasts 8 years as a creator and editor of digital content, so I kept going over and over deep into the rules of my own idiom. Living abroad for the second time, I know every person has a unique reason and motivation to learn other language and that's my mission in here: help you to learn Brazilian Portuguese according to your goals.

Ace your TOEFL, IELTS, and SATs with English Tutor Diego!
I specialize preparing young adults for their Standardized English tests. If you're a highschooler who wishes to go to the United States, you will need to present both the TOEFL and the SATs. These tests are often daunting, but I can help you master their inner workings. If you're a Dutch student that wishes to apply to any English-teaching university in Europe, you will have to certify your English through the TOEFL or the IELTS. I have many exercises for both, and together we can polish your English to ensure you get the best grade. I use a mixture of books, exercises, and online tools. Also, I tend to leave homework to help build your vocabulary and inference skills (things that are very important for the test preparation). The classes always go at the student's speed, so don't worry if you feel like your English is not up to par, I would be there to help you improve it and then we would move on to the tests. Let me know if you're up for test prep! Diego

Alfonso González
Classical piano, improvisation, accompanying, music theory and harmony.
I am a professional pianist who has recently completed his master´s degree last year but, don´t be overwhelmed!! The point of becoming a musician is to share feelings and experiences through this lovely art, and... which better way to do so than teaching and sharing my knowledge and background about the matter? Since I have worked for many years with students ranging different levels (from beginners to other professional pianists) I will do my best to inspire you and show you the hidden treasures of piano playing and music theory.

Italian, French, Spanish, English classes for adults and children
My name is Chiara, I'm a native Italian speaker and I work as a freelance translator and interpreter. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Translation and Interpreting, and a Master's Degree in Specialised Translation. I have been teaching Italian, French, Spanish and English for over 5 years, to both adults and children. I worked as an Italian and Spanish teacher at an Agency of the European Union while I was living in Strasbourg, France. I fluently speak all four languages and I use them in my everyday life since my clients come from all over Europe. Of all the work experiences I have had, teaching to children is definitely the one that satisfied me the most. I ejoy teaching to bilingual children and help them overcome the challenges of having a bilingual developing brain. Since I am a freelancer, I am very flexible in terms of working hours, and I can adapt to the student's needs and requests. I look forward to hearing from you! Chiara

English Development with Native Speaker (Pronunciation, ESL, Business, TOIEC/TOEFL/IELTS Prep)
I am a New Yorker living and teaching in Morocco for 2+ years. I am a relatable, experienced and professional English trainer. I'm based in Casablanca and offer training-packages in Casablanca, throughout the Mediterranean and the European Union. I provide Immersion Courses, American English adaptation/translation services, career-building tools and documents and have a niche for pronunciation correction and TOEIC Preparation. I teach general ESL (English as a Second Language), business and industry-specific English and all-purpose English too! This is also a communicative English class for developing speech. Here we will explore, vocabulary with nuances in meanings, synonyms, idioms, proverbs, some phrasal verb and prepositional verbs and all-around social English. The possibilities are endless for focusing on Public Speaking, Intonation and Voice Projection as well. This may be stimulated by interesting audios, short readers or videos. If there are topics you have in mind, we can additionally explore and incorporate this into your lessons. If you need to start speaking English, this class is for you. **NOTE: This class can also be offered and adjusted to accommodate multiple teenagers, adults or professionals as a group session, to make it more economical for you. It is advised that groups not exceed more than 5 persons per session. Charges apply to distances teacher must travel; especially, if out of standard office hours or on bank holidays!!

Saxophone (soprano, alto, tenor) and jazz theory lessons
I have experience in teaching different levels and age groups, from beginner children and grown-ups to advanced youngsters, age 6-60. I teach both soprano, tenor and alto saxophone. In my lessons beside the technical aspects of the saxophone playing I work a lot with improvisation, ear training, theory and history to give my students a broad view. Please feel free to contact me for any further information! References are available!

Nederlandse les NT2 groepsles privéles niveau Alfa 0 tot C2 Conversatie
Leer Nederlands met een professionele NT2-docent. Al 25 jaar geef ik les met veel plezier! Ik heb een master in Nederlands als Tweede Taal en een HBO-diploma docent NT2. Leer voor het inburgeringsexamen of staatsexamen. Conversatielessen, beter schrijven of lezen. Lessen zijn mogelijk voor alle niveaus: van alfa tot C2. Ook voor vertaal-of correctiewerk kunt u bij mij terecht. De intake is gratis. Zie voor meer informatie:

Learn how to read, write essays and speak English.
I am a native English speaker as I come from South Africa. I studied English at University. I am patient with others and willing to help. English can be a tough language to learn and understand, but I believe that learning to speak the language correctly is the best place to start. Afterwards, comes practice and understanding.

Learning how to speak Italian as a Native Speaker!
This class is for people who wish to learn Italian. As a native Italian speaker, I can teach grammar, but also the Italian culture (cuisine, festivities, history...) The teaching language is going to be in English (keep in mind that I can also speak Spanish and French)

Classical Piano & Music Theory lessons for all levels
The focus of this class is to learn how to play the piano but most important how to make music. Music is a language that expresses our feelings & ideas and connects us with other people but also with ourselves. Together we will can work on the basic principles and tools to play the piano, setting a healthy technique but also cultivate your personal sense of music. Further on, we can explore new repertoire and unknown composers, refine your playing and learn how to deal with difficulties, discuss about interpretation issues and even work on your performance on stage. With music theory, we can dive into the alphabet and syntactic of music: the world harmony, rhythm, solfege and analysis.

French classes with an enthusiastic native from your home
Hello, I am a French native online teacher and recently moved to Utrecht. I am now aiming to give French classes one-to-one. I now have more than 10 students online from any level (beginners to advanced), any corner of the world and any age (from 6 to 72 years old) I am an enthusiastic, fun and cool but also serious and professional. I give importance to my relationship with the student since I believe that having a good connection with the teacher helps the student to feel more comfortable and ask any concern. I can focus my teaching on writing, speaking or understanding or mix all this in order to respond to the student's needs. I am very flexible.

Guitar lessons in Groningen. Become familiar with Classical, Rock, Blues or Folk guitar
My name is João, I am a professional classical guitar player with more than 15 years of experience. Currently I am finishing my masters in guitar performance at the Prince Claus Conservatory in Groningen. Apart from classical music I also have a considerable amount of experience in others genres such has blues folk and rock music. I am currently looking for new students that want to develop in guitar with a professional player. Contact me for more informations :)

History, Philosophy, Politics, English, and Italian
I have studied History, Philosophy, Italian (literature and language) and English (literature and language) all at an advanced level. I am currently studying International Relations at university, so I will also be able to help with tutoring on subjects such as Politics, Political Philosophy, etc. My goal is to help students understand these subjects more deeply. I acknowledge that all student learn and study differently, so I am willing to adapt my teaching methods to best suit the academic needs of the student.

French courses by native speaker, for all levels and needs
Hello! I give French courses for all levels. I have a great experience with kids, students and adults, from complete beginners to advanced speakers. Courses can have a linear form or be structured around specific needs. It can be done sitting on chairs or cooking crêpes, drawing or doing anything else that would serve the interest of the lesson and make you memorize this language in a smooth way (no one wants a headache at the end of the class...). In any case, the aim of my classes is of course to learn but also to make you enjoy this process, which makes it easier and more efficient. We will work on oral expression, comprehension and grammar. It is also possible to work on specific topics to prepare exams, interviews, homeworks, etc. Courses are built according to your needs.

Francisco Jose Lopez
Spanish Lessons by Native Speaker - Clases de Español - For Children, Teenagers and Adults
Hola! Do you want to learn Spanish? Do you need help with your Spanish courses for school? Wanna practice and/or develop your Spanish language skills? I offer private Spanish lessons for beginners to advanced level students. I am Spanish native speaker, doing a BA at Leiden University, and working as a student assistant, who has taught language lessons for one year. I’m willing to organize fun and useful lessons for you! Contáctame!

French Tutoring Class. For all levels and all situations, with a French native.
I offer lessons of French for all levels, to provide the students with personalised exercises and content, to match the level and the goals. The different area of the language will be engaged: speaking, listening, writing and reading. I am a native french speaker so the student will be subjected to a real french atmosphere, and with my previous experiences in teaching French, I know how to adapt the language while still remaining authentic. The class can be adapted to the special needs of the student: learning french for school or for the workplace, or just developing the language skills for informal settings.

Learn the SPANISH grammar, vocabulary and speaking easy peasy!
Are you interested in learning a new language? Then Spanish may be your best option! Being the second most spoken language in the whole world, you'll get to travel anywhere without any problem when communicating with the locals. My name is Jorge, I'm a native Spanish speaker since I was born there and been living there for almost my whole life. In my classes you'll be able to learn about the grammar, the vocabulary, the accents and speaking, and any other trouble that comes up with your Spanish. You'll be provided with exercises and I'll mark them later! I have experience at imparting classes of English and Maths back home, and Spanish when I spent a year abroad in Sydney.

Our students in The Netherlands say it best about our teachers

Italian language and culture
Excellent, very polite, very organized and methodical. The course is very pleasant and fruitful.
Review by IOULIA T.
Cécile is a professional teacher with a personal approach. Besides being a very friendly person, her teaching is absolutely worth recommending.
Review by TIMON R.
French tuitions for expats
Laureline is well organized, experienced tutor. I like her teaching style. I would recommend her highly !
Review by KIHONG J.

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