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Language lessons in Belgium.

Find your perfect private language tutor in Belgium. Learn language with our teachers at home or in their studio.

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Trusted teacher: My multidisciplinary training allowed me a wide opening on the Arabic language. I have a BA in Modern Arabic Literature, a MA in Political Science (in Arabic) and I have also obtained a Professional License as a Social Development Officer. During this training, I was able to acquire many knowledge and skills in grammar, conjugation, vocabulary, writing and animation training. My classes are personalized according to the need of the person / group, based on a participative method and practical exercises as well as the scenario to strengthen the capacities of dialogue in Arabic language. Various educational tools (Books, Video, Music) will be made available, as well as a continuous follow-up of the student. Training modules: * Module I and 2 Learning the alphabet, pronunciation and vocalization (sounds-vowels). The specialties of the oral and written Arabic language. Introduction to vocabulary, dialogues understanding and vocal correction, introduction to grammar and conjugation.Several topics are addressed as "everyday life, family, etc." At the end of this module the student must be able to write and read and begin to express himself in Arabic. * Modules 3 and 4 Use of utilitarian vocabulary, common phrases and simplified structures that are widely used in textbooks or in the media. Several themes are discussed as "teaching, work, etc." " At the end of these modules the student can understand and express himself in correct sentences in work, studies, ... Modules 5 and 6 In-depth grammar and conjugation rules. Enrichment of the vocabulary by addressing other themes according to the need and the profile of the student. At the end of these modules the student manages to master basic Arabic; so he becomes able to communicate, read and understand Arabic. Other modules can be developed according to the level and the need of the student.
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Trusted teacher: My courses are for: • to high school and high school students (preparation of the English tests of the patent / baccalaureate series L, ES, S ..) • to anyone who wants to resume studying English (professional use of English, expatriation, ...) • anyone who needs to acquire level B2 My priority is to unblock in my students a good expression and understanding written but mostly oral, which is too little practiced in group school education. I develop in my students autonomy and intuition in English by giving them many keys of understanding that they miss to find their way in the complex world of English. Whatever your level, I adapt to your situation and I suggest the method that best fits your goal. My teaching consists of: • Conversation exercises that concretely apply all the knowledge learned and practice English as a living language. • In-depth study of grammar points that must be better assimilated by the student (many exercises available from quality methods, Cambridge University Press beginner / intermediate level among others) • vocabulary exercises • Putting into practice new concepts around dialogues, texts, audio files or videos (I often adapt to my student's interests in order to facilitate his learning) • Pronunciation exercises to be more fluent in English (too often neglected in school due to lack of time) It is not a question of having the perfect accent, but of being understood by anglophones and of removing the ambiguities that bad pronunciation implies. English is a language where pronunciation is often crucial.
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Cours Italien (langue maternelle) vs français,anglais et espagnol. (Brussels)
On a juste commencé à apprendre l'Italien avec mon copain. Dès le premier cours, on s'est bien entendu avec Marella. Elle s'est bien adapté à notre façon d'apprendre. On avait des exercices très variés, pour apprendre à lire, écrire en Italien et également des bons exercices de compréhension. Je la recommande fortement.
Review by IRINA
Apprenez l'anglais de manière amusante et facile. Des cours qui vous donneront la confiance nécessaire pour parler couramment l'anglais (Liedekerke)
Professeur très sympathique, organisé et cultivé, il vous met à l'aise tout de suite dans une conversation immersive en anglais et met rapidement le doigt sur vos faiblesses afin de les travailler et de vous faire évoluer. Je recommande sans hésiter.
Review by AURÉLIE
Apprendre à maîtriser l'anglais (UK & USA) pour tous (Watermael-Boitsfort)
Gaiane is a very engaging and holds the attention in discussion, she is effective and an excellent communicator, she organises her schedule to meet our objectives, highly knowledgeable, in short, she has all the qualities of a great teacher.
Review by BIANCA