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Trusted teacher: Professional saxophonist eager to teach and work to bring out the best version of yourself! The lessons are intended for all levels, children or adults. We follow a working method where you will continuously and deeply develop your musicality, way of playing, expressiveness and technique. -------------------------------------------------- ---------------------- Raúl is a Spanish saxophonist who finished his MASTER DIDACTIC in 2018 in the Ecole Supérieure des Arts in Mons. Before, he also followed a MASTER of INTERPRETATION at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels (2015-2017) in the class of Alain Crepin and Simon Diricq. He studied at the "Musikene" (Higher Conservatory of Music of the Basque Country) with Eric Devallon, Tomás Jérez, Antonio Felipe Belijar and Miguel Ángel Lorente. Passionate about multidisciplinary artistic creation, he thinks of mixing all the arts in the same show as an aesthetic finality. We could observe this type of research in his project for his final master's recital in Brussels where he created a project based on Maslow's hierarchy of human needs theory where he mixes live, recorded, music and music. dance, play of light and effects under the name of: “according to Maslow…” In his career as a concert artist, he has played in different ensembles (solo, duo, trio, quartet, orchestra performances, etc.) and in different countries such as Japan (Artisanal music fair “Suono Italia” 2010), Belgium (Festival Musiq3 2016 ), Artonov Festival at BOZAR in 2016…), France (Dax chamber music festival 2011) or Spain (“Quincena Musical” music festival 2015, Aste Nagusia 2015, Heineken Jazzaldia 2014, Kutxa Festival 2015, Intercentros Melómano 2010).
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Ewa - Rome, Italy$43
Trusted teacher: Ciao, my name is Ewa Anna and as you can read in my biography I have been playing the violin for more than 30 years. I have more than 20 years of experience in teaching the violin to beginners, intermediate and advanced students of any age. I offer online /webcam violin classes for kids, teenagers, and adults of any level. You can choose between modern and baroque violin. So if you would like to get a new approach and a new point of view on how to study the instrument? Then this is the right place for you! What do you need is to have the instrument, music stand, good internet connection, and one of the following programs to communicate online: SKYPE, ZOOM, MESSENGER, WHATSUP. Of course, I speak English but also Polish, German and Italian. In the future, you can think of joining my summer academy classes in Italy in Rome or close to Rome and this might also be a good opportunity for an interesting educational vacation in the country of history, art, and music. If you are a beginner, I will provide you with the info on how and where to buy the violin (all online) and if you have your own then it’s even better! I provide you with the scores and necessary materials for the study process! Twice a year I organize workshops in Rome (Italy) to meet you in person and study directly! You are most welcome to participate in these workshops. If there are more students in one country I can travel to your place and teach for a weekend workshop (a few times a year) for the group of students at the same location. Once a year we organize a summer school in warm and beautiful Italy (Rome and surroundings) to study with you: violin solo program, chamber music, and Ear Training. The summer school finishes with a concert of all the students and teachers. Your questions are more than welcome. So feel free to write me for any info you might need. Ewa
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Trusted teacher: Whatever you want to play or sing, be a musician worthy of the name! Music theory is not an abstract, boring subject disconnected from the music you love! Certainly it has been for many, but it should not. Music theory is understanding the music you love, and so it's your musical wings. ◾Methodology: The course adapts to the artistic and psychological profile of the student, to the objectives and tastes of each repertoire. Objectives: Sense of rhythm, accuracy, but we can go deeper into musical training with a more analytical understanding of a score, harmony, musical culture. I will adapt to your wishes, no obligation! But know that the so-called "music theory" is the great gateway to the wonderful world of music. Children or adults, welcome and without fear. It will always be a pleasure to share with you :-). Goodbye. ◾Course: *Professional musician and teacher for 15 years. *Diploma of Musical Studies from the conservatories of Nice and Perpignan. * Gold medals for violin with unanimous honors, chamber music, and specialization in musical training. *Some experiences: substitute violinist of the Philharmonic Orchestras of Nice and Cannes, music theory teacher (group lessons), violin teacher at the Cultural Center, violin, piano and chamber music at the Academy of Music, violin, piano and training music at Art, violin and piano at Mimet (13), violin at the Arpeggione school in Marseille. * Violin, piano and music theory teacher at home since 2003. *I have played in various departmental orchestras such as the Chamber Orchestra.
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Humans have invented three ways of exploring life: philosophy, religion and art. For me, music is the most effective one, as it works in time and it is in time how we perceive life. As a musician or a young composer you will need to equip yourself with the right tools in order to explore the world of music. I have designed my courses as a practical and deep guide made for young composers and musicians. Except from regular music lessons, I teach to people who they wish to study in Dutch Conservatories or in Music Academies and/or Universities abroad. Courses: - Music Composition Are you a creative mind? Are you ready to implement your musical ideas? In this course you will learn how to compose for instruments of you preference, composition techniques and basic rules of orchestration and instrumentation. I will guide you based on your compositional ideas and concepts in order to materialise the music that you have imagined. - Music Theory The focus of this course is to learn how theory and harmony function through a musical piece. Whatever your instrument is, having knowledge on classical harmony, will give you much more confidence in your performance. - Music History Learning the historic background of our musical legacy helps us to understand more in depth the musical languages and aesthetics of the past decades/centuries. In this course we will focus on important historic moments when important composers formed significant changes through the centuries. We will discuss what were these changes were about and what impact had for the next generations. - Orchestration - Instrumentation In this course you will learn how the notes work together. During our lessons you will be aware on how the great masters like Beethoven or Mozart created the masterpieces that we are still listening in concert halls.
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Baroque Violin Lessons Online via Skype, Zoom and Messenger. (Santa Marinella)
Ewa is an excellent violin teacher, I would highly recommend her to anyone who may wish to learn the violin. I have studied a number of musical instruments, first at High School, and then as an extra-mural during University with a variety of teachers. I decided to take up violin as an adult. Ewa is, by far, one of the best music teachers I have worked with. She is patient, and has been excellent in explaining the importance of fundamentals. While I may be an absolute beginner it is easy to see how the fundamentals being taught will assist when more complex repertoire is attempted. She is also phenomenal at identifying which aspects of playing need focus an attention. It is evident that Ewa is a consummate professional and her wealth of experience is an asset to anyone trying to learn this notoriously complex instrument. I can also say that there is no issue in working by way of an online learning platform.
Review by MUHAMMAD
Result-oriented professional cello instructor with 11+ years of experience (Opole)
This was my first , online lesson with Ilona and she was ...Brilliant ! Generous, warm friendly and yet highly professional. she was perceptive, with attention to detail. All my concerns and insecurites were replaced with intelligent skill and confidence building advice. I am so excited about the journey of learning a new instrument and looking forward to a strong, long and productive journey.
Review by AQUILA
Music Theory, Music History, Music Composition, and Recorder
My 5yo daughter was so excited. As soon as I came home, she wanted me to immediately sit and watch what music she had learned that day. She has been practicing and watching videos anticipating this week's class with Leila. She's super fond of Leila after just 1 online meeting.