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17 music history teachers in The Netherlands

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Petra - The Hague30€
Trusted teacher: Dear friend, I would like to help you or your child to realize the creativity and beauty of music through instrumental music lessons. I like to integrate my lessons with a holistic approach to learning an instrument, with a focus on establishing a solid technique and facility on the instrument through the lessons without letting the mechanical technicalities of an instrument eclipse the musicality of playing an instrument and therefore the enjoyment of it. I can also teach music theory, history, and aural (ear) training. I am happy to teach any age, I have 6 years of teaching at Forres Preparatory school in Cape Town as well as teaching a couple of adults. Most of my experience is with children, however, I encourage adults to learn as learning an instrument for an adult is one of the most rewarding activities. Currently, I am studying towards my Masters in Music Education at the Royal Conservatoire of The Hague (2019-2021) with Liesbeth as my violin teacher. In terms of my own experience in music, I have performed as a solo violinist with the orchestra as well as being an ad hoc tutti violinist for the Cape Town Philharmonic Orchestra, and with the baroque violin for the Camerata Tinta Barocca and Cape Consort. I have a great interest in world music, folk or ethnic music from all over the world as well as different approaches to teaching music (for instance Dalcroze eurhythmics) and performing. Because of the styles of music I have and I have performed with traditional African musicians and ensembles, performed with MusicDance021 interdisciplinary real-time composition project and attended a summer school in Dalcroze Eurhythmics. I seem to have a bit of a global approach to music, perhaps as I have received tuition in music for short or long periods of time in South Africa, Europe, California, China, and Australia.
Music history · Piano · Violin
Trusted teacher: The present course is tutored by a Classical Singer and a Classical Pianist, both study connected to the Royal Conservatory Den Haag. It is preferred to work weekly to optimize results. The singing, and main teacher, is always present to assure the vocal progression. The piano coach will be present every other week (twice a month). The pupils will then have the best piano accompaniment. The main objective of the course is to work accordingly with the student's goals. Professional questions and advice will be an important part of the lessons to give a well-driven direction. The course it's thought with classic technical basics, familiar with the healthy vocal benefits, but other styles can be added like the musical, jazz, cabaret, etc... Each case will have a personalized answer. The teachers' connection to the Royal Conservatory also ensures that complex problems can be solved by asking the highest experts. > Lesson structure: ✓ The lessons start with body/posture awareness, movement and breathing exercises followed by an individual set of vocalizes that may incorporate some scales, cords and/or improvisation. ✓ After the warm-up, depending on the student's level and goals, some song methods may fallow and/or the repertoire on which we decided to work. ✓ While working on the pieces several kinds of information will be provided: • The Anatomy of the Voice (body, breathing, vocal cord, resonances, prevention and counseling about vocal disorders); • Language and Phonetic knowledge of Italian, French, German, English, Spanish and Portuguese (+ strategies to enable singing in other languages). • Vocal Interpretation, phrase, prosody, colors, coordination with the piano and tools how to personalize the 'message', among others based on appropriate bibliography; • Drama basics, stage preparation, and fright avoidance strategies. • Music Theory and History in order to understand the pieces more deeply through a quick analysis, period and style. ✓ At the end of each season (non-mandatory) public auditions can be arranged whenever an artistic space would be willing to receive great voices and repertoire. This works as progressive training for students individually and/or coupled - ensemble skills. The lessons can be given in English, Spanish and Portuguese. They can be held at the teacher's location or at the student's address. If you would like to have more information please do not hesitate to contact me!
Voice (music) · Singing · Music history
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Piano lessons for children/adults, beginner/intermediate (The Hague)
What a warm welcome by Lisse in her studio. We brought our daughter to her first piano lesson. She is just four but wants to play the piano and sing. Lisse understands the teaching very well and in a playful way she already learned some keynotes (and made her own composition). Lisse is well organised and that you see in the lesson. Our daughter is very excited about her next lesson!
Review by JOS
Piano Lessons for beginners and intermediate. All styles and genres (Groningen)
Alan is a great teacher and super nice guy. He pay extra attention to your problems with piano and try to fix them using smart and innovative methods. I like the fact that he sometimes doesn't stick to the 60 mins and ask to extend it if he feels something is missing or incomplete. I already had 7 lessons with him and looking for more. Highly recommended.
Review by FAISAL
Violin or Piano lessons for all ages in The Hague. (The Hague)
Fantastic teacher. Really engaged with our son. She quickly discovered he loved animals and so made the music about animal sounds, which he loved!
Review by NICOLA